Philadelphia Magazine Story Discussed with Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists

Robert Moran, Philly, March 20, 2013

For the second night in a row, the editor of Philadelphia Magazine and the author of its “Being White in Philly” cover story willingly endured a barrage of criticism and some harsh accusations about the controversial piece.

Round Two delivered more punishment for editor Tom McGrath and writer Robert Huber as they faced the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists at a meeting Tuesday at the offices of The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and

A vice president of the association accused both men of being racists. They were subjected to mockery from some of the questioners and threatened with a boycott of the magazine’s advertisers.

As they did Monday at the National Constitution Center, McGrath and Huber responded politely to questions and criticisms. Their answers often did not satisfy the audience.

Some speakers accused the magazine of long-standing racial insensitivity while others demanded that it hire more minorities.

McGrath said more diversity on the editorial staff, which is all-white, “would bring a richer experience to the magazine.”


Huber said he pitched his story around September and did some interviews with white people around the city before realizing he wanted to focus on the Fairmount neighborhood.

He said he visited Fairmount about 15 to 18 times during six weeks and interviewed 50 to 60 people.


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  • The__Bobster

    A win-win for the natives. They got to trash YT and get some of their own bongo-beaters hired in make-work AA positions.

    Frankly, it was foolish for the executives of this magazine to even hold a shoutfest with these savages. There was no way they’d come out looking good.

    • rebellisMMXII

      For sure!

    • sbuffalonative

      There’s no apology they will accept so why bother. All they want to do is fling their feces in the faces of white people.

      • Tom Iron

        Well said. No use talking to these characters.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Wake up brutha Bobsta!

      This is how it has to be. What if these fellas may have fished around this place a little? Maybe dropped in, checked things out. Maybe even dropped a little guest comment here or there?

      What if they want to really do something but don’t want to be pilloried too badly? You know, keep their jobs, feed their families? So they publish this wicked little gem of Truth, and politely walk into the lion’s den, into the arena. Answer the questions politely, do their jobs. No racism, no evil assertions or questions. Play the noble victims, the humble, wrongly accused and slandered victims, which they are. Play the part of the honest journalist – which they are. What else can they do? It’s the Truth. And it looks good.

      I can’t read their minds, but the situation for our folk has gotten so bad, so dangerous for the dissenter, these guys must adopt that very common sense strategy first championed by the Muslims, later by the socialists – ketman.

      The struggle begins with honest, decent, folk making little stands here and there. Making decisions about how to fight back, how far they are prepared to go and if this is some private motivation for these guys, kudos to them. Furthermore notice what I said – the struggle BEGINS this way. Let them hurt us. Let them oppress us and let their hatred and rage be seen by all. Bullies.

      It will take some more White martyrs before the next phase of the struggle begins. At least these are high profile. God bless ’em.

  • 48224

    “They were subjected to mockery from some of the questioners and threatened with a boycott of the magazine’s advertisers.” Who are the advertisers, I want to buy their products! Unlike the “smart” liberals and leftists I support those who tell the truth.

  • SargeInCharge

    Why weren’t there numerous formal inquisitions… err… gatherings after the numerous black mob attacks in Philly the past couple years? Call me crazy, but people getting actually physically harmed by mobs of blacks is a far greater problem and sign of racism than blacks hearing the truth from a white author.

    • liberalsuck

      That’s just it. Blacks aren’t mad at the bad behavior of other blacks. They just don’t want whites talking about it.

  • GB101

    I wonder what the reaction will be when the magazine’s people meet with the the Philadelphia Association of White Journalists.

  • guest

    The advertisers in that magazine are all upscale SWPL products and services that no black people use. The chances of a boycott are zero.

    • IstvanIN

      Ain’t that the truth, nothing in their I can a afford, and I have quite a bit of white privilege! Not the really good white privilege that comes with blue eyes and blond hair, but close!

  • black radio spy

    blacks always threaten boycott. i listen to black radio and they CONSTANTLY urge listeners to only patronize black owned businesses( if there is such an animal), since hearing this last year i vowed likewise never to patronize any black business even gas stations which are the only black run shops i have ever seen and i urge other whites to do the same.

  • sbuffalonative

    Their response to the article certainly does confirm black stereotypes.

  • guest

    It’s ironic that the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists are going after both the editor and author of this story.

    • SargeInCharge

      For black journalists race trumps protecting both fellow journalists and the freedom of speech. For blacks, race trumps all.

  • Tom Iron

    “Black journalists” – I’d love to be a fly on the wall listening to that discussion. I’m sure it’d be as funny as a barrel full of monkeys.

  • If blacks boycott a business, I’d definitely patronize it. You know you’d be pretty safe, if they would also boycott robbing White owned businesses.

    • StillModerated

      They can be forced to boycott businesses when the owners audio-stream Mozart and Telemann music.

  • “McGrath and Huber responded politely to questions and criticisms. Their answers often did not satisfy the audience.”

    There’s not a large mass of black people anywhere in the world where this quote can’t be used on a daily basis. Black people are born and bred to not be satisfied, always expecting things to be given to them, and then blaming everything under the sun for their own shortcomings.

    • Too many blacks are never satisfied—unless Whitey is kissing their rear ends and paying…

      The war is coming….be prepared…

      • SheikYerbouti

        The guerilla part of that “war” is underway. There will not likely be a genuine stand-up war. It would be a wash numerically. Blacks only pretend they don’t understand percentages, they know them all too well. Attacking the weakest whites is how they build fear of them and personal confidence. Just imagine if black grandparents were being robbed and killed by white hooligans.

    • 1gravity

      Simply put, to some degree, almost all blacks dislike whites. There is no changing that. Sorry.

      • In reality, blacks WILL ALWAYS side with their race–regardless of the situation.

        It’s time that more Whites take that position as well…and NOT pander to the BS of ‘diversity’ and guilt–and the war against us.

  • Conrad

    All one needs to do would be to look through past articles written by these “black journalist” and expose their racism etc. Really folks, let’s get OFF of the defensive. Tell them to go fly a kite – if ya know what I mean.

  • ViktorNN

    All these post-article meetings and tribunals are making for a good “Being White in Philly: Part 2.”

    Now the whole world is getting a chance to see what it’s like to be white in Philly.

  • Luca

    And I have noticed that Jet and Ebony are not inclusive either. So when does that boycott start?

    • Melvin

      Actually,Ebony is a very racially inclusive magazine. They have several White writers on their staff as well as editors and Whites involved in other aspects of the magazine. You need to do your research more throughly

      • jay11

        Someone has to do the real work.

        • jambi19

          Like syntax, spelling, alliteration and abstraction.

          • StillModerated

            Not to mention metonyms, bathos, hyperbole, synecdoche, and grammar!

      • Luca

        I was being sarcastic, sorry if it went over your head. Black run organizations like Ebony typically hire blacks in disproportionate numbers and that’s fine. But when Whites do it that’s considered racism or discrimination. People like Jesse Jackson make a living extorting jobs for his unqualified relatives. I don’t need to research anything, I was presenting a point of view not a research paper.

        • Paleoconn

          Plus the few Whites at Ebony, I’m guessing aren’t exactly looking out for White interests. Going out on a limb here.

  • NYB

    How does one begin to answer a charge of “racial insensitivity”? Without knowing what the Africans objected to, one cannot get a grasp of the merits of their criticism.

  • Flytrap

    If Philly Mag has any balls, they will write a scathing followup about their mistreatment and the onerous demands of the black audiences and mayor. Unfortunately, they are geldings and will apologize more, hire semi-literate blacks and turn Philly Mag into loss leader, hastening its demise.

  • KittyAmerica

    Did y’all see the photo? Big fat hideous woman sitting across from two normal looking white men in jackets. She’s wearing purple tights and a skirt up above her blubbery knees. She doesn’t belong in the same room with these men.

    • THAT is what is known as ‘diversity’….if the liberals and govt had their way–they would force all to experience that kind of ‘diversity’….

      Glad I live where I do…..not much ‘diversity’ to see or experience…let alone live next to..

  • MBlanc46

    Fortunately, a later post indicates that the editor, McGrath, is beginning to resist yet more bullying by the mayor. This controversy really needs to be brought into the public eye. It could occasion a real victory against political correctness.

  • Why would the editor and author bother to meet with the hostile, anti-White Phila Assn of Black Journalists anyway—who gives a damned what they think….

    Notice that blacks hate Whites even more when the truth is revealed that the black race is failing–so, why care anymore…

    The war against Whites has begun… prepared..

    • LAFCD

      Whites meeting with racist black groups to explain themselves would be like a Jewish person meeting with neo nazis or muslim radicals to explain why he supports the state of israel. Makes no sense to spend time with people who hate you and want you destroyed.

  • LHathaway

    A black journalists association, a group dedicated to getting the voices of blacks heard, in mostly racial terms, and in putting a positive spin on coverage of blacks, basically a group dedicated to ‘race’ is complaining that Other’s are racist and that an article may have a white perspective. I guess only they can be racist. Does the paper they are complaining about have a white journalist association, filled with members dedicated to whites? Does it matter that whites are a minority in Philadelphia? You really couldn’t make this stuff up but it’s real.

    • jambi19

      2 + 2 = 5

      • George

        To Room 101 with you!

        Good call on the Doublethink, though.

  • Rational Being

    To call the criticism lobbed against Huber’s article the product of second-rate minds is to do an injustice to second-rate minds. The virtual fools who castigate McGrath and Huber for daring to air White opinions that are less-than-complimentary to blacks are ironically proving the truth of an implied theme of the article, which is that the experience of Whites has proven that many, if not most, blacks cannot be trusted to act reasonably in a modern society. When challenged with difficulty, the first reaction of blacks is often to find a coward’s way out — whether it is to slough off academics or avoid labor in the academic world. When criticized, the first instinct of black “culture” is to counter-attack. When others succeed, a black will most often tear down that success rather than learn to achieve it. The list of what blacks do in the face of modernity is virtually the same as a list of “don’ts” in any self-improvement book. And now, thanks to their own hysterical and misguided rage at Huber’s efforts, millions of Whites have the opportunity to see more proof of the black dysfunction at work. The poetic justice of this very fact doubtless escapes the African mind, as poetry and justice as concepts are so often alien to them.

  • LHathaway

    “Notice that blacks hate Whites even more when the truth is revealed that the black race is failing”

    The original article (and several posters called it something like ‘contrived’) is supposed to be about whites, yet, all that seems to be uncovered is that ‘the black race is failing’. So even an article about whites, on a site about whites, ends up having the focusing being on blacks. Subuffalo and other posters like him are right. We will never win. Even white racists are obsessed with blacks. . .

  • bubo

    The threat of black boycott is the biggest delusion I’ve ever heard. Blacks really don’t understand that they don’t matter in any way with the exception of pro-sports. The don’t matter economically, they don’t matter politically(even though the left tells them they do), they damn sure don’t matter culturally.

    It’s like a 8 year old marching around giving grown folks orders.

    • sickandtired

      A lot of store owners would PREFER they don’t come into their stores….
      Less shoplifting that way..

      • Katherine McChesney

        Dillards in Rivergate Mall in Nashville once refused to let blacks shop there because they slashed the clothing with knives and scissors, and shoplifted.

    • 1gravity

      Unfortunately, blacks do matter. Politically, their block voting is central to left / Demo electoral success. Most of our popular music is black inspired. And we are all terrified of offending.

    • LIMD

      I would love it if most blacks feared whites and avoided us. I would love it if nonwhites in general were too scared to live in Europe or visit it. Ah, the West would be so much better off.

  • Albert Schweitzer

    Look what white kids did to poor innocent black friends in Chicago….

    truly shows how bestial white people can be… They had sex on top of the corpses… Kudos !! What a proud day to be white in America !!!

    • evilsandmich

      Nice story; though I’ll point out, as has been done elsewhere, that the black underclass causes further rot to the other underclasses that they have proximity to.

  • rightrightright

    Huber interviewed 50-60 whites when researching his article and came across a community of interest in their responses. This is an outrage. Whites are not entitled to any expression of common ground among themselves. Where would such heresy end?

  • Sloppo

    “McGrath said more diversity on the editorial staff, which is all-white, “would bring a richer experience to the magazine.””

    richer = ghetto

    It’s important to understand the lingo.

  • shaunantijihad

    What does the Philadelphia Association of White Journalists say?

    Will “Ebony” magazine be re-staffing with Whites? Will “Ivory” magazine be commenting?

    No? Why?

  • Fed Up

    Responding to poster labeling himself “Albert Schweitzer”, look what five Black ex-cons did to Channon Chrisian and Christian Newsome in Knoxville on Jan. 7, 2007. The young co-ed couple, each gang-raped multiple times, tortured and murdered. What a proud day that was, to be a Black American.

    Have you an aversion to REALITY, Albert Schweitzer? Blacks do commit one hell of a lot of Black-on-White HATE CRIMES. Virtually any one in law enforcement is only too well aware of what TRUTH really is.

    • Sloppo

      Sometimes it’s better to ignore the trolls.

      • StillModerated

        Especially the Hillel trolls on the $PLC payroll.

    • anonymous

      “Albert Schweitzer” Look at the last name. Nuff’ said.

  • sickandtired

    Number one….i would refuse to meet with an all-black group of journalists, mainly because there is no all-white group of journalists.

    The man did nothing wrong, but he, his boss, and his magazine are being harrassed for it.

    I would let them take my advertisers, and then I would sue the hell out of them for slandering me and my business and interfering with my God given right to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    The constitution is supposed to insure domestic tranquility….for ALL of us, not just blacks.

    This is not South Africe and we have no apartheid in this country!

  • Paleoconn

    Whenever something like this happens, I think to the quote at the head of this great website, and realize how far we’ve strayed from the heroic Thomas Jefferson and his kind.

  • Eurobeing

    Donny Deutch the Jewish self proclaimed advertising expert led an advertiser boycott against Glen Beck once for telling the truth. These folks should stick to their guns and try to maintain their advertising base.
    Most small to middle sized retailers hate blacks and the trouble they cause.

  • liberalsuck

    All they want is money and to not have to follow the same rules at everyone else. That’s all their whining and ‘demands’ boil down to. Get use to it, blacks (and other anti-white people). We are here. We’re not going away. We whites are going to continue to speak out. You can threaten us with violence, job loss, and all that, but you eventually will lose and we will win.