Many L.A. Latinos Live in Neighborhoods with Few Whites, Study Says

Los Angeles Times, March 19, 2013

Many Latinos in the Los Angeles area continue to live in ethnic enclaves with few whites as neighbors, according to a study by Brown University researchers.

Latinos in other metropolitan areas are more likely than Southern California Latinos to live in integrated neighborhoods. Nationwide, residential integration has increased significantly in the last decade for Puerto Ricans and South Americans, with lesser increases for Cubans, Central Americans and Mexicans.

The study by John Logan and Richard Turner, called “Hispanics in America: Not Only Mexicans,” used census data to track Latino populations from 1990 to 2010.

For Latinos in Southern California, it is easy to find clusters of fellow Mexicans, Salvadorans or Guatemalans. The Los Angeles area continues to lead the nation in residents of Mexican and Central American origin, though its relative share of those ethnic groups has declined.


In 2010, according to the study, the average Los Angeles-area resident of Mexican origin lived in a neighborhood that was 18% white, compared to a national metropolitan average of 35% white. The average Los Angeles-area Central American also lived in a predominantly Latino neighborhood with about 16% white residents.

The degree of ethnic isolation among Latinos in Los Angeles is seen in only one other city, Logan said: New York.


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  • Bill

    Fine with me. They shouldn’t be here at all, but if they are, segregation works for me.
    Pity we don’t have the old type of segregation, whereby if one of them were seen in our neighborhood, they’d be stopped and questioned and encouraged to remain in their own.

    • The__Bobster

      The problem is the once their barrios get overcrowded, the roaches look for new White areas to colonize, and the process repeats itself.

  • Maybe the reason that Latinos in southern California live in neighborhoods with few whites is because there aren’t that many whites left in southern California.

    • The__Bobster

      You mean Whites are fleeing “natural Republicans with great family values”?

      • When the last white person to leave California finally does, she’ll turn the lights out. Bon has assured me that she will.

        • Angry White Woman

          No. The last white people in California will be the aged, like my aunt and uncle who moved to a lovely Calif suburb in the 50’s, bought their ranch house and a station wagon, raised 2 kids and had a dog. Now the rest of the whites have sold their houses to slum-lords who rent them to Mexicans, and my elderly relatives are afraid to go outside after dark and hear gunfire every night in the neighborhood. They are just hoping they won’t get killed before they can sell their house for less than half what it’s worth and move to a retirement home.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Sad, but very true.

          • Shattered

            Last time I went to visit my grandfather (retired auto worker in his 90’s) in Los Angeles after dark without calling first, I heard a voice behind the locked door that asked me if I wanted one barrel or two. Lololol…

          • Bobby

            This story is accurate, and is happeing to the elderly that once lived in safe, clean California suburbs, when they were raising their families in the 50’s,60’s and 70’s, occasionaly into the 80’s in some neighborhoods. Then, the so called great communicator, Ronald Reagan, that Republican icon and holy figure, became the usual European-American traitor so common in U.S.politicis, and allowed an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, mainly from Mexico, around the mid 80’s.
            All communities in California have gone downhill since, and California is broke now. Yes, gunshots are heard in almost every city in Southern Calfiornia, nighty. The fact is, the children of the so called greatest generation, abandoned one of the most beautiful states in the U.S.for places, half as nice. All of them arre eligible for the Forrest Gump medal, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

      • prolific breeding does not equal family values

        • Johnny Clay

          A good number of teenage Mestizo girls I see are pregnant.

          • America First

            Try Puerto Rican girls in New York State: many have a couple of kids before they are out of their teens. No husbands, of course.

        • Felix_M

          Prolific breeding does not equal family values.

          That’s something even a smart 16 year old could see with just a 30′ walk through “da’ ‘hood.” Pity the clowns in congress and in the White House can’t see it.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Right, out of 18 million or so people in Southern California there are no Whites. The thing you are missing about the Latino invasion is that they for the most part are low earners with low education and low expectations for progress. They will never run anything. Not even Mexico.

      There are plenty of us here. And yes, there are way too many non-Whites, but they are largely idiots that think the modern, technological first world is just magic.

      Certain areas in SoCal are lost yes but there are many White areas, many.

      • Don’t let my snark fool you. Not only do I know that there are plenty of whites left in SoCal and in California in general, I know that if the white vote was anything close to unified, that it could by itself determine who wins elections in California, even now still.

        Romney carried California’s white men voters, even. Which Romney did NOT do in Washington State and Oregon. (MA, VT and ME were the only other “blue” states for white men voters).

        • Eagle_Eyed

          This is why I want the 15th and 19th amendments repealed.

        • guest

          Proximity usually results in race realism. I have nothing against gays, in general. I never use the homophobic word, that begins with an “f”, unless I am referring to white, male liberals. That word actually belongs to them. Ann Coulter used that word to describe John Edwards. She was lambasted by the press, and neo-conservatives got in line to denounce her…but was she wrong? I could use that word all day to describe white male liberals. That word really belongs to them. Some people scream when I do that…but am I wrong?

      • Luca

        The Whites left in California (like me) are becoming like modern day jews in 1933 Germany. The difference being that right now the Liberals want to keep the Whites here and not deport them because Whites have wealth that needs to be spread around to the needy unfortunate mestizos. While we are here they are free to come with as many cockamamie tax and spend schemes they can possibly dream up for us to pay for. We no longer have a vote other than in regional enclaves.

        If not for elderly parents, I’d have left a few years ago.

      • Beetlejuice

        Which “many” areas in So Cal are White? Where can a White family settle where the schools, parks and neighborhoods are safe for their White children? Where can a White family settle where they won’t have to pay $1 million + for a home in a safe gated neighborhood? Or the breadwinner won’t have to drive 90 minutes or more each way to work through heavily gridlocked traffic?

        Which “White” areas are you talking about because frankly, I can’t think of a single one.

        • newscomments70

          Laguna Beach is mostly white. White families cram into small apartments, paying $3000 per month so that their children can escape the inner city schools…the “inner city” is now most of the state. 30 years ago, normal families could actually afford homes on the coast. The liberals “improved” everything so that we are an exepnsive, anti-white, third world, hell hole.

          • Bobby

            Ahhh, a real Californian who understands what’s really going on. Peace!!

        • DudeWheresMyCountry?

          Sure, in the LA area there are the communities of Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks, Southern Orange County, West San Fernando Valley to name a few. Are there non-Whites in these areas? Yes but they are still White majority and Mexicans and Blacks don’t run these areas and frankly never will.

          Many of you want to pretend California is void of White people. It isn’t. Are we facing a demographic crisis? Yes. Are we Californians going to cry about it and run off into the hills like many of you prefer to act… no.

          • PGC301

            Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Newport Beach, Seal Beach, Malibu, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, San Clemente, Santa Monica, Rancho Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, Pacific Palisades, etc.

            Whites pretty much have a monopoly on coastal cities in the LA metro area. Oceanfront communities are too valuable to walk away from.

          • Bobby

            Please read my post above, as to why, because of government mandated mass employment of “minorities”, at every level,it will not matter much longer, what communities whites are still a majority in. They won’t be for long, nor whill they have any say if they remain. That has been the pattern in Calfornia, and with the white hating democrat party now joined by the worthless white hating Republican party, I can’t see any thing changing soon.I have lived in California for most of my life and this has been the pattern since the late 70’s PEACE. BROTHER.,

        • Bobby

          I can’t think of many either. Besides, one thing not mentioned by Dude. Those so-called low education mestizos, have after Reagans Amnesty and with the coming NEW BETRAYAL. by people that supposedly represent us, and will continue to be put into government positions, city, county, state, federal, further dooming any European-American plans for California. Oh, well, European-AMericans, will just run from one place to the next, never really taking a stand by uniting and taking back their nation. Count on it, it’s the way they are.

        • William_Barue

          Manhattan Beach, La Canada, San Marino, oh wait you said below $1million. Sorry you’re out of luck.

  • SargeInCharge

    Self-segregation is human nature.

    • John

      You’re absolutely right, my friend.
      I would only add that any elected official who condones anything less than deporting all illegals, including their anchor-babies and anchor-descendants, is a traitor to the United States of America, the Constitution, and the solemn vows and oaths they’ve taken to protect both.

      Over 40 million Mestizos must be apprehended and sent south of the border as soon as possible. I cannot accept that it is logistically impossible to do that, as many politicians claim. I’m calling BS!
      For five days a week, approximately 26 million children take the bus to and from school. Imagine that! 26 million!!! — and it happens twice with each of them; every weekday, plus up to 5 million more bus trips for extracurricular activities and field days!
      Let us assume 57 million total school bus trips per day across America. That includes the ride to school, the ride home, and extracurricular trips. With over 180 school days in a school year, that is the same as moving 10.26 BILLION people over the roughly nine-month period of school! If we assume 40 million illegals must be deported, that is only 0.39% of what the total school busing program accomplishes annually! The lying politicians claim that deporting illegals is logistically impossible! What a lie!

      Moreover, the government could greatly reduce the number of illegals simply by arresting a couple of thousand high-profile illegals, confiscating all of their assets on this side of the border, and deporting them penniless back to Mexico. Next, announce that more asset confiscations and deportations are forthcoming around the clock!

      As a result, the Department of Transportation would likely have to affect major repairs on all south bound highways and roads across the nation, due to sudden and extreme usage by illegals high-tailing it back to their native countries. As for the remainder who choose to stay illegally, they would be easier to identify, arrest, punish, and deport.

      Agents along the southern border should also be given orders to shoot to kill all invaders! None of this “catch and release” nonsense. The policy should be “locate and shoot”! Defend the sovereignty of the United States first, then ask questions later if necessary.

      As for businesses in the United States that harbor illegals, including mayors who designate their cities as “sanctuary cities”, they should face very heavy fines and many years in prison.

      None of that will happen, of course. Rand Paul and friends will continue to work with Democrats to kiss the arses of everyone in the entire Mestizo community. No surprise there, but still, it is very disturbing to see the law so willfully ignored and violated by the entire Congress! Of course, they are paid off by the banksters to betray us. Again, no surprise at all!

      • mobilebay

        John, you’ve stated exactly what I’ve thought for years, but done it so much better. I find myself spending too much time thinking of ways to conteract the oft-repeated phrase, “We can’t deport 11 million people.” In the first place, there are probably triple that figure here. If the problem is logistics, why not fleets of C130s, or the many school buses you mention that sit idle in the summertime? Or, how about Christmas time? I know many Mexicans would take the free ride. They love to go back across the border during the holidays. Just don’t tell them it’s a one-way trip. The cost to send the lawbreakers home would be nothing compared to keeping them here. We might allow enough to remain to build a fortress across our southern border, then off they go too. These are my thoughts sitting here before dawn’s early light. I know, however, in the cold light of day, that the traitors you mention will do everything within their power to keep themselves bellying up to the public trough. And, if they get enough impressionable people who are grateful for the many handouts, they can do just that. Thanks for your insight.

    • sbuffalonative

      Also be aware of my multiCULTural maxim: ‘That which is historically minority must remain minority. That which is historically white must be destroyed’.
      Self-segregation is a one-way street. Minorities are free to live in minority neighborhoods and those neighborhoods are to be respected and protected. The same can not be said of white neighborhoods.

    • Felix_M

      Self-segregation is human nature.

      Yet the hypocrisy is that so many of those trying to foist integration on everyone else are among the biggest self-segragators.

  • “Many Latinos in the Los Angeles area continue to live in ethnic enclaves with few whites as neighbors, ”

    And that’s the way they like it, just ask their black ex-neighbors.

    • joesolargenius

      I worked security in a hostel in Inglewood California back in the nineties and would have to carry an icepick when I walked to the corner store. The Hispanics would watch me from behind a curtain when they saw me on their street but would walk outside on the front porch when ever they saw a black man pass by their house . They wanted the blacks to know that they were watching them !

  • pcmustgo

    “The degree of ethnic isolation among Latinos in Los Angeles is seen in only one other city, Logan said: New York.”

    That being said, studies also show that Latinos are more likely to fluidly be able to live in white neighborhoods than Blacks…

    Here in Brooklyn, what’s so incredibly odd is that the (very right wing) white working class neighborhoods wind up being the most ethnically diverse in terms of having SOME blacks, latinos and asians and all kinds of immigrants present.

    Black neighborhoods are usually 100% Black. Gentrifying hipster neighborhoods are either 50/50 white/puerto rican or 50/50 white/black or some kind of duality like that.

    • sbuffalonative

      NY and LA. Two progressive, liberal Democrat strong holds.

    • Here in Brooklyn, what’s so incredibly odd is that the (very right wing) white working class neighborhoods wind up being the most ethnically diverse in terms of having SOME blacks, latinos and asians and all kinds of immigrants present.

      It’s not incredibly odd, it’s Patterson’s First Axiom.

  • sbuffalonative

    And what did they think was going to happen?

    Flood the country with non-whites making non-whites the majority and then complain there around enough whites to live with?

    How many whites are there to go around?
    I joke that one day all whites are going to be assigned a black person to care for thought their life. Maybe it isn’t a joke.

  • crystalevans

    Hispanics have also moved to neighborhoods that were traditionally black such as Watts, Compton and South LA.

  • MekongDelta69

    Another useless faux ‘study’ by leftist college sociologists. What a job! Produce one useless ‘study’ a year condemning whites and collect a six figure salary.

    I guess I made the ‘wrong’ choice of vocations in life.

  • Shattered

    Who wants to live around a people obsessed with gangsterism. Smart people don’t want the assaults, murder, drugs, extortion, theft, vandalism, etc… to them, their loved ones, their property, and their community. It is called white flight for a reason.

    I explained this to an African-American once and he said he wanted to kill me. I just laughed and told him to take a number and get in line.

    • Make NO mistake….MILLIONS of blacks, if they could get away with it….would more than love to exterminate Whites…to eliminate ‘White Privilege’…

      • America First

        Then they’d end up with Zimbabwe. How do they like that now?

        • benvad

          The saying “cutting off the nose to spite one’s face”, was invented by the Bantus. They want instant gratification, at all costs.

  • This story fails to mention property values as the likely cause of segregation. Uneducated, low
    IQ whites have long since left the LA area – unable to compete with the more entrepreneurial Asians and Jews. Only the well to do remain, and Hispanics just don’t make enough to live beside them.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      This. It’s turning into something like Brazil down there. Rich whites, Asians, and Jews live in expensive gated communities, some with private security contractors, while the brown and black masses live everywhere else in extreme poverty.

      Meanwhile, middle class whites, who can’t afford to live near the rich whites but don’t want to be murdered by living near the Hispanics end up moving to a different state, leaving a further eroded tax base behind them.

  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    In Southern small to medium sized cities many Hispanics will cluster in apartment complexes that have peaked out in desirability to what free market White renters who can pass a traditional tenant vetting process are willing to pay, but whose landlords aren’t ready yet to convert to Section 8. These urban apartment complexes are easy to identify by the numerous satellite dishes all aimed in the same direction. Most of the remainder become scattered urban homesteaders in Black ‘hoods or live in run down urban and rural trailer parks. A few Mexican restuarante operators and dope dealers make it to the Country Club but eventually wind up in the news with tax or Fed Cop problems.

  • LHathaway

    dudewhere’smycountry has declared himself to be an idiot. . but we need idiots too

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      I challenge you to state anything I have said to be idiotic. You, like many here want to run off into the hills with your tail between your legs because “America is lost forever just like California where there are no more White people.” In case you never visited and actually knew anyone here, we Whites in California will not be weak at the hands of the brown pigmie hordes… we will stay and fight for what is ours. It is people like you with weak outlooks that bring nothing but defeatism to our collective feet.

      We will stand our ground. Go feel weak and defeated somewhere else.

      We don’t need idiots, we have plenty of them already. Just stay home and keep your mouth shut while the real Americans fight for what is ours.

      • anonymous

        I do agree with you that we can’t keep running forever. Whites in South African are even willing to fight, and they are unarmed many of them. If we run to another state and the blacks and browns turn it into a cesspool, they’ll follow us somewhere else. It’s time whites get back their old tribal instincts and assert them.

  • Mindy Lee

    This is what white people do to blacks…

    Truly bestial… Proud day to be white in America.

    • sbuffalonative

      Degenerate low-life scum.
      Notice how unlike blacks, there are no whites making excuses for their behavior.

    • MBlanc46

      Talk about a dog bites man story.