Lawrence Auster: January 26, 1949 – March 29, 2013

Laura Wood, View from the Right, March 29, 2013

Lawrence Auster died today at 3:56 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, at a hospice in West Chester, Pennsylvania. His death came after more than a week of rapidly worsening distress and physical collapse caused by the pancreatic cancer he endured for almost three years.

On Monday evening, after arriving at the hospice in the late afternoon, Mr. Auster read and responded to a few emails. He then closed his battered and medicine-stained Lenovo laptop for the last time. “That’s enough for now,” he said, holding his hands over the computer as if sated by an unfinished meal.

He did not expect that to be the last.

But the blogging career that stands out on the Internet and in the history of American letters as a tour de force of philosophical and cultural insight is over. Mr. Auster entered a state of sedated and sometimes pained sleep the next day, after a night of agony. He spoke no more than a few words during the next two days and died peacefully this morning after about ten hours of unusually quiet and mostly undisturbed rest.

Only extreme incapacitation could have brought that career to a close. For many of us, it was a marvel, a form of essential daily food. No man gave more to his readers. No writer responded more energetically to the people who took in his words and either approved or rejected them. No thinker, except perhaps Plato, jousted more ably with his students or left such an elegant and finished record of philosophical conflict and resolution. He was philosopher, journalist, guru and cultural psychoanalyst in one. And no writer on culture and politics had sounder judgment about the world around us, or more brilliant observations.

The relationship between Mr. Auster and the hundreds of often-anonymous correspondents who wrote to him over the years was like that between a boxing coach and his fighters. He trained his followers in the art of intellectual combat — and the price was a staggering workload as he edited the debates that have appeared here over the years. He paid tireless tribute to the fight for truth. But, as he insisted, he wasn’t a hero. He was just doing what came naturally. He was doing what he had to do.

Sadly, as of today, View from the Right, except for an entry about his funeral and possibly more on his death, will become inactive. He wanted it that way. VFR could not continue beyond Mr. Auster’s death because it is the creation of an utterly unique personality and mind.

The site will, however, remain online permanently, as long as the Internet exists. There are also plans to collect his writings, both those found here and those unpublished, in book form. At the time of his final siege of illness, he was working hard to make that happen.

His work will continue to be read and appreciated. The number of “vile sycophants” will grow. Falsehoods will for many years more be overturned by those who have come in contact, directly or indirectly, with Mr. Auster. I am certain of that.

Readers will note the synchronicity of Mr. Auster’s death. He died on Good Friday. He said repeatedly that becoming a Christian believer was the most important event of his life. Born a Jew, he was baptized as an Anglican on Holy Thursday 15 years ago. And, he was received into the Catholic Church and took the sacraments, including Holy Unction, in his hospital room on Monday.

There is much more to be said — about the man and the ideas. But today is a day for grief, as well as for gratitude. His almost unimaginable suffering is ended.

Soon we can feel wonder too. We can sit back and marvel at what we had — and still have. The loss of this great fighter invites us to love even more the ideas, principles and heritage that Lawrence Auster loved. It behooves us to love America, even a deceased America, as much as he did; to love Western civilization; to love the written word and unfettered intellectual discourse. His combativeness sprang in part from an internal wellspring of affection.

But we cannot help but also love less. For the world is less without him.

Laura Wood

The Thinking Housewife

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  • SargeInCharge

    RIP Lawrence Auster. You brought a distinguished voice to the cause.

    For those who have never read Auster’s, “Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism” (1990), it’s a great read and sounded the alarm while many were still asleep. Here it’s in its entirety…

    • Oil Can Harry

      Auster, Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen dead. John Derbyshire overcoming cancer, for now.

      It’s been a brutal year.

      • Paleoconn

        I remember hearing of Auster’s illness in one of Derb’s podcasts. A bad year indeed.

        RIP Mr. Auster.

      • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

        It is our duty to carry on their work…

  • bigone4u

    By coincidence I suppose, I was thinking of Mr. Auster this afternoon. I discovered him recently through this web site or Lew Rockwell’s and was concerned that the end was near. What he gave me was this: Upon reading a selection of his writings on VFR, I not only came to know with certainty that I was not alone in my views, but also that those views are correct. If you have not read any of his writings, make it a priority to discover a great thinker. RIP.

  • RJSNS16

    For anyone who is interested, google an article Auster wrote an article entitled, “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America” on the negatives of so-called “diversity” and so-called “multiculturalism”..

    It has been years since I first read it. One of the best articles I have ever read.

    I recommend that fellow Amren’ers recommend it to their friends.

    Spread the message – it is a real eye-opener !

    • bigone4u

      Since so many posts are being voted down, it appears there is someone who hated Mr. Auster who is visiting this web site today as we pay tribute. Ignore them and let your tributes flow from the heart.

      • He didn’t allow comments, which kept the trolls nonexistent. If you wanted to respond to him, you had to write him and tell him cogently what you thought. He had no patience for badly crafted opinion and would let you know. I cherish the correspondence we had. I will miss him greatly.

        • I am sure he received a lot of uncivilized emails but he didn’t allow the content of to be honored by re-posting.

          He chastised me once a couple of years ago for my use of uncivilized language in response to a post. Every bit of correspondence after that was crafted with the utmost care, and almost every single one was posted to the thread in which I was replying.

        • Epiminondas

          “He didn’t allow comments…”

          He did in the beginning. But he was a control freak, and didn’t want anything to do with race realism. He was paranoid about what Jews might think of him if he aligned himself with the gentile. Many of his faithful followers were neo-con types who didn’t really care about the issues that were of urgent importance to Anglo-Saxons. Auster was almost schizophrenic in his approach. Finally, he decided to stop allowing unfettered comments and started filtering all comments. I stopped going there after that, because what is the point of a blog site if you can’t say what you want? And one never knew from then on how the conversation was being manipulated. You can learn a lot on a blog site like this one by the responses to “trolls” or ignoramuses. Auster possessed a streak of semitic intolerance to dissent, and when I realized this, I lost interest in his blog. However, his published works are a treasure and should be diligently studied in the future. It’s valuable to the race realist cause.

          • Tucker

            I find it almost unbelievable to see so many clueless White reader comments which are showering misguided praise upon Lawrence Auster.

            May I recommend an excellent podcast that was done recently by Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl on the White Network and which did an outstanding and refreshingly honest job of analyzing Lawrence Auster?


            Scroll down to the show for 3-16-13 to read the show topic description. The mp3 can be downloaded from this link:


            Incidentally, I think Tanstaafl’s analysis of Auster was far more accurate than the sugary sounding gloss over that appears both here and also over on

            Here is Tanstaafl’s website, which I also encourage you to visit. He has a new article up today about the late Mr. Auster.


            Incidentally, for those readers of this website who are motivated to accept my recommendations and who listen to the mp3 archive linked above – I am fairly confident that you will subsequently realize how and why Whites have managed to have their nation stolen away from them by these hostile and alien, virulently anti-white Cultural Marxists.

            In short, lacking the insight and the necessary intelligence to see through phonies like Auster and accurately recognize what he and a number of other members of his affiliation, who pretend that they are on ‘our side’ are really up to, is the reason why we are getting our clocks cleaned by the Cultural Marxist crowd, folks.

            This enemy we are fighting seems to always be two or three steps ahead of us, and I, for one, am convinced that it is not all that difficult to catch up and surpass this gang and retake our position of being the rightful heirs to this nation – but doing so is going to require our best brains to flex more than a couple of their brain cells.

            Listen to the podcast and you will see exactly what I mean.

          • Epiminondas


            That’s a good description. He liked to channel all discussions.

          • kerrysmith

            Well, it was his website.

          • kerrysmith

            If I remember right, Tanstaafl initially held Auster in very high esteem, but did a 180-degree turn that went far beyond disagreement into real ugliness, which I see he is indulging fully now that Auster has passed. Sounds like Tanstaafl has unresolved daddy issues.

          • yyy

            Some say Tanstaafl is just another “WN” jew owned site…

          • kerrysmith

            That’s hilarious. What are the others?

          • Cherry Bomb

            Who are “some” and what other WN site do you think is jew owned?

          • yyy

            poster Apollonian in his reply to “Lawrence Auster Gets Unhinged,” dated Apr 26,2010–by Kevin MacDonald…

            Did i not say,””some say” ….i have never said that although i would have to agree some sites who promote or support the idea that there is similarity between Christianity and Judaism is suspect. Such is heresy-hereticalism.There is no Judeo-Christian relationship.

          • Tucker

            Tanstaafl has openly admitted that his wife’s father was jewish. He has also stated that his long term desire is to see the creation of an exclusively White European homeland somewhere inside the continental USA, and his website blog and radio podcast efforts are geared towards helping his fellow Whites understand that such an objective is the only guaranteed path to their long term racial survival.

            And, here is the most courageous and unselfish aspect to Tanstaafl: He has recently stated that such a White Ethnostate should exclude both he and his family, as a consequence of what he has described as the irreconcilable conflict that has historically existed and which he believes will never be resolved – between White Europeans and his wife’s ethnic lineage.

            How can anyone in the AmRen community not admire a White guy who would be willing to make such a sacrifice?

          • kerrysmith

            The ‘sacrifice’ is purely theoretical, since he’ll be long dead before any ‘exclusively White European homeland somewhere inside the continental USA’ is ever established. Otherwise, on his own principles you’d think he’d leave his racially unacceptable wife, move to the new homeland, and establish a new White family. But what your anecdote really suggests is that he’s a fanatic who would submit everyone without exception to a racial purity/geneological screening before admitting them to his pet Utopia. As I said, he’s got issues.

          • Tucker

            Tanstaafl has explained his initial appreciation of some of the material that was written by Auster, but, unlike those AmRen posters here today who seemed to be content with only shifting their brains into first gear, Tanstaafl was intelligent enough to shift his brain into overdrive.

            This is the reason why Tanstaafl began to see the “whole” picture of what Auster was doing, and once he recognized the deception – his opinion of Auster then changed. Oh, and if my memory serves me correctly – a number of years ago, I seem to recall a similar ‘falling out’ between Jared Taylor and Lawrence Auster that was also related the the hypocritical, deceitful and dishonest ‘double standard’ that Auster applied to his protective attitude about the State of Israel being an exclusive homeland for his fellow ethnic kin – but, at the same time, objecting to the equivalent right of White Europeans to have their own exclusive homeland.

            Incidentally, the word ‘exclusive’ – when applied to a White European homeland, would naturally exclude Lawrence Auster and his extended family, which Auster and his clan tend to be especially worried about for reasons that are clearly self-centered.

            At any rate, let me repeat my earlier admonition to my fellow White Nationalists and/or White race realists. The idea that we can do battle with these Cultural Marxists and only think it is necessary to engage half of our brains is the main reason why we are getting our tails whipped. This foe is extremely adept at using trickery, dishonesty, subterfuge, and misdirection and their fined honed skills in these areas requires that our best brains must ratchet up their analytical and critical thinking skills. In other words, we need to stop allowing ourselves to be deceived by only studying the words or deeds of our competition in a superficial manner.

            That is what Tanstaafl excels at – peeling back the superficial layers of our competition’s prose or behavior and then examining the agenda that lies just beneath the surface.

            Full brain engagement, folks. This is no lightweight opponent we are battling, and this fight is for all the marbles.

          • kerrysmith

            The fact that this thread exists is proof enough that there is no parallel between the Taylor-Auster relationship (despite their disagreement on such matters as whether David Duke should be admitted to AmRen conferences) and the tanstaffl-Auster relationship. Jared Taylor shows his respect for Lawrence Auster, while tanstaffl does the online equivalent of boorishly disrupting the funeral.

          • Smitty

            I am more interested if a favorable or critical eulogy for Auster will be given by J.T…

            Only a real revival of true Christianity will give us back our Nation.In the 4th century it was St. Constantine who showed us the way and the hostile jewish elite have never forgotten it. Too many gentiles have forgotten that real Christianity is anti-semitic.Hatred of Talmudic jews is obedience to God.Christ was anti-semitic-anti-talmud…another good read on Auster is Lawrence Auster Gets Unhinged– by K.M…comments section of same makes good reading as well…Thanks for the links.

          • kerrysmith

            “There is neither Jew nor Greek: there is neither bond nor free: there is neither male nor female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus”–Galatians 3:28 (Douay-Rheims translation). Hey, but why take St. Paul’s word for it when we have “Smitty”‘s?

          • Smitty

            You need to differentiate between “genes” and “spiritual,” unless you believe ST.Paul was a flaming liberal and believed that race didnt exist either.Wake up call…those who accept Christ(GOD) as their Lord and personal Savior are one in Christ Jesus, his “chosen people.” Christ was never a jew.

          • kerrysmith

            “Christ was never a Jew”. As they say, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but you’re not entitled to your own facts.

          • Smitty

            You are woefully ignorant of the facts…the latin inscription that Pontius Pilate had inscribed(latin) on the cross Jesus was crucified on “Jesus,Ruler of the Judeans” was later translated into the 2nd version of King James in the 18th century to read,”Jesus,King of the Jews.”…Jews wasnt even a term ever used in the original Biblical story and wasnt a term until it was created by self-styled jews(Khazars) to to make the Bible more jew freindly,especially the new testament.Later on after subverting the Bible to a more friendly jew version they used the term Judeo-Christian to subvert organized Christianity.Those who know this truth also know why it is Sephardics despise the so-called Ashkenazi “jews” who are mostly of turkish-mongoloid descent.
            Google Facts are Facts by Benjamin Freedman and then read Mohr.Go ahead and get in the last word…this is my last reply to you.

          • Epiminondas

            St. Paul was a Jew, first and foremost. Essentially, he was involved in a Jewish civil war within the Jewish community. (Early Christians were Jews.) That war blazed out of control soon after his death. You might want to read Josephus some time. Jews of various sects hated each other and I have no doubt that invidious Jews were part and parcel of Paul’s being imprisoned and put to death by Nero. Nero surrounded himself with corrupt, sycophantic Jews. Read Gibbon on that.

          • Epiminondas

            Don’t be silly, Smitty. Those are the words of a Christian, not of a Jew. Certainly a Muslim would never say such a thing. You’re still seeing the world through your own dream bubble.

          • Tucker

            Too late, Smitty. The Cultural Marxists have poisoned the Christian Church and I believe, in a chess match, the correct word to describe the situation today would be:


          • Epiminondas

            Those are good points. At its core, Christianity is anti-Semitic. And when Christians disavowed this truth, they began the slow spiral into irrelevance. And Jews are doing everything in their power to grease the skids. .

          • Cherry Bomb

            Thank your for the most sane post on the entire thread. You, OBSERVER and a scant few others are the only ones here who have any insight into Auster and who and what he was: a phony and cultural Marxist.

            Here is where he revealed himself:

            And the response:

            The tactics Auster used were the same ones the neo-cons used; pretending to be ‘conservatives’ and act ‘in our best interests’ while we fought Israel’s many enemies and THEY continued to push multiculturalism and open borders in white homelands, but not Jewish homelands.

            Auster was for his own people, the Jews, and ONLY his people, not ours. Those who look up to Auster are not only misguided, they are foolish.

          • kerrysmith

            Anyone who wants to see how wildly off the mark Cherry Bomb is is welcome to check out the following, which Mr. Auster posted only weeks before his death:

          • Cherry Bomb

            Read this after Auster’s 1998 article and then tell me how “wildly off the mark” I am.


            Go ahead and get the last word in. I won’t read your reply. Any WN who worships Auster is a fool.

          • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

            Can’t you take this kind of stuff over to Stormfront instead?

          • kerrysmith

            Well put!

          • ricpic

            Control freak. That’s one way of describing Auster. Another would be that he didn’t suffer fools lightly.

          • Epiminondas

            And in his eyes, anyone he disagreed with was a fool.

      • wattylersrevolt

        He didn’t allow comments because he was very insecure man. He was trying to set himself up as the voice of respectable opinion on the race replacement issie…and this corresponded with nasty attacks on Whole Advocates…Jared and Peter are very honorable men…I on the other hand am intolerant of scoundrels…Auster wasn’t about creating A White resistance Movement. he was trust fund kid trying to subvert it..

        • Earl

          He wasn’t “with” anyone, which is why many dislike him and bad-mouth him. He was the kind of person you probably can’t have around too much, even as a friend, or else his gaze, his ever seeing eye, like something from LOTR, turn upon you, and pierce into your cowardly little soul. Most of the time he was spot on, and sometimes he was full of crap. The kind of man who bad-mouths him for his occasional full-of-crap comment is a rather effeminate, petty man.

        • Epiminondas

          I’m not sure he was insecure. But he could be prickly and arrogant. He was very self-conscious about being partly Jewish and was very keenly vigilant to keep anti-semitic remarks off his blog. I remember a thread in which for some reason he was obsessing about Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” and had decided that Shakespeare was anti-semitic. It almost seemed as if he were fishing for our sympathy. Very strange. Although he wanted Europeans to regain their self-confidence and stick up for western civilization, he was utterly opposed to almost every race-realist, white power group out there. I never could figure out how he expected to resist the anti-European forces, what kind of resistance to form, or how to go about organizing a political force to oppose multiculturalism. I wonder if he ever had plan. His professorial approach has definitely left us with the ammunition to use against our foes. But how to use that ammunition? He never said.

          • kerrysmith

            I believe his position was that nothing could be done (except to search for the truth and keep it alive) until liberal society collapsed under the weight of its internal stresses and contradiction. “It’s their country now”, he wrote. This was not defeatism; he was a long-term optimist, but in the short term he rightly found the solutions proposed by others (emigrate to Europe! establish a secessionist movement in America! vote for the Constitution Party! etc.) facile and unhelpful.

          • Epiminondas

            You mean like American Renaissance? He never wanted anything to do with AR and Jared Taylor, nor would he ever submit articles to Vdare. The only publisher who ever had him on a payroll was neo-con David Horowitz, who later fired him from Front Page, saying, “Laurence, you’re a pain in the ass.” Horowitz was uncomfortable with the truth, I guess. Auster was simply too Jewish to trust gentiles and too Christian to be liked by Jews. It’s a pity he didn’t reach a larger audience by working with all three of the above mentioned organizations.

          • wattylersrevolt

            You nailed it. Ultimately for Auster, it was about loyalty to Israel. By the way, was he ever attacked by the SPLC? You should read what he wrote about Richard Spencer and Alternative Right. He also threatened to sue Thomas Flemming for plagairism. Really crazy streak in him.

          • Gottfried_Gundisalvus


            Auster spoke at the first AR conference in 1994!

            ‘The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) implied that Auster was a racist because he spoke at an American Renaissance conference, delivering a speech entitled “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America.”[14][15] He was one of ten speakers to address the magazine’s first conference in 1994, but did not speak there since.


            Auster had some pretty poor inter-personal/ political skills, but he also had an interesting mind and I enjoyed reading his blog (in fact I am glad it is going to be archived for future perusal)

            I think the world is a poorer place now without Lawrence Auster in it.

          • Epiminondas

            I stand corrected. But Auster broke with AR and Vdare and would not espouse the cause of white nationalism, which is the only antidote to multiculturalism. He just couldn’t make the last step, which is a shame. Instead of white traitors, we need Jewish ones. Where are they? According to Dr. McDonald, it’s not in their DNA to go against their own. Apparently, northern European whites are the only ones who can perform that sort of altruistic self-destruction.

      • kerrysmith

        Well said. He was a great man whose influence can only grow with the passing of time.

    • Glickstein44

      This is one of the better articles i have read on Lawrence Auster by Kevin MacDonald,and the most recent,dated Dec 13.I posted the link here a couple days ago to another thread but unfortunately it was removed…perhaps out of due respect this time it will remain…Auster was one of the good jews…R.I.P.

    • Glickstein44


  • Rest in peace my friend.

  • bluffcreek1967

    I too am saddened by Lawrence Auster’s passing. He contributed greatly to helping others in understanding the growing threat of Islam as well as the problems with massive third-world immigration. He always had salient and insightful things to say on his ‘View from the Right’ blog, the sort of things you rarely read in today’s politically-correct climate. I am grateful for all he’s done. May he rest in peace.

    • wattylersrevolt

      Islam is only a threat if you bomb and maime muslim children on behalf of a certain ethnic state and then let very pissed off young mulsim men into America. Auster was very intolerant of critics of Israel. Just look a the way the turned on Dennis Mangan. So don’t overdue it in the Eulogy.

      • Sure, the Muslims are causing trouble in The Philippines because the government based in Manlia is bombing and maiming Muslim children on behalf of Israel.

        • wattylersrevolt

          What exactly is your point? Are you lost in in neocon treason? The whole world know whats going on in the middle east. Bomb and evicerate muslim children..which the US does…allow very angry young muslim men to come to America…1=1=2…bingo 9/11.

          • Muslims cause problems wherever they are for non-Muslims, only because the non-Muslims are non-Muslims.

          • Paleoconn

            I know but let’s leave the Muslims alone, and let’s not import them here.

          • Room101

            Post of the decade, if not the new century.

          • Paleoconn

            Thanks, I just think it’s common sense. Fighting Israel’s wars, which involves beating up on Muslims just isn’t making us very liked in the world.

          • Room101

            Israel has more than enough firepower (e.g. Dimona) to defend herself if necessary.

            Israel has enough nukes to finally get the so-called “middle-East peace process” out of the media and out of Congress. If those New York Bloomberg ‘republicans’

            All leeches really care about is leeching off the guy that goes to work every day and

          • Islam means submission. Being nice and meek to Muslims, well that’s pretty much submission.

          • Paleoconn

            I never said be nice to them. I said leave them alone in their 3rd world hellholes. Let each sect kill each other. But also, let’s not piss them off by being led by the nose by the Likudniks. In fact, let’s just break off with Israel, clean, like ripping off a bandaid, because the dollars we give them is reason enough for their enemies to hate us.

          • Lots of those 3rd world Muslim hell holes were once prosperous White areas like Algeria, Greek parts of Asia Minor /Turkey. Where Whites go to live they build prosperous White civilizations. Where nasty NW Muslims go they destroy our civilization rape and enslave our people. NW Muslims are destroying large parts of England, France Sweden, Australia.

          • Paleoconn

            Actually all of Asia Minor was Greek, but it was lost when Byzantium fell. Greece fought a war to reclaim it in 1922 and if not for Soviet support of Ataturk, it would be part of Greece today.

            As far as England, France, Sweden, Australia and others, they should have never accepted these immigrants to begin with. Western countries should not accept non-European immigration period.

          • Neither your suggestions has any remote chance of happening.

          • kerrysmith

            And while we’re at it, let’s shut down foreign aid altogether. If someone wants to feed Ethiopians, let him do it out of his disposable personal income.

          • Paleoconn

            Absolutely. We also give aid to Palestine, probably to alleviate the guilt. No aid to any of these basketcases. And no American soldiers dying in somebody else’s fight. But I agree with Jack Ryan, none of this is likely to happen anytime soon.

          • Earl

            They bomb their own children often enough, how do you compute that?

          • wattylersrevolt

            The Christians in American send off their teenage sons and daughters for slaughter in Muslim nations….for no good reason…….how do you compute that? Have you and blue creek every picked up a book on European history? Over a thousand years of fratricide. What is really shocking is that fans of Auster apparently are enthusiasts for the Kenyan Foreigners drone war which has caused the deaths of dozens of Muslim children and their parents. You should look at some of the photos..Google them…of Afghanistan kids running around screaming after seeing their parents obliterated by Obama’s drone strikes Auster had nasty encounters with White advocates Dennis Mangan and Richard Spencer because the aren’t enthusiats for Neocon wars of aggression.

          • Got it half right.. Allowing young Muslim men to come to the USA. Holland makes the same mistake, Holland does’t invade Muslim countries, not that it does the Dutch any good with domestic Muslim men raping Dutch girls, trashing Dutch cities.

        • Also, Muslims are understandably insulted at us because Saudi Arabia didn’t win many medals at the London Olympics. SA ‘s poor showing must have been caused by our RACISM… That and the fact that SA doesn’t send female athletes and SA male athletes aren’t any good.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Nonsense! Regardless of what you think of his views of Israel, he had many good things to say and was an important figure in our cause. Moreover, Islam didn’t currently become a threat to America and the world because of recent bombings or even solely because the U.S. supported Israel – although it’s fair to say these contributed to it. The truth is, Islam has ALWAYS been a threat to the West and freedom-loving people.

        As far as Lawrence Auster being “intolerant of critics of Israel,” I guess that all depends where you stand on the issue and how you interpret his words. I won’t defend everything he’s written, but I’ve generally found him to stick to the issues and not engage in ad-hominem polemics. He was indeed a forceful and precise writer and I appreciated this about him.

        • wattylersrevolt

          What about the threat Israel poses to America and Europe? There is no Muslim nuclear Sampson option. The Israeli’s have well over 400 nukes. They stole hundreds of pounds of plutonium from the US. Slaughtered nearly 60 American Teenagers in 1967. Israel is way bigger threat to America than any Muslim nation. If you don’t want to be harmed by Muslims…..don’t let them in. Auster was not a friend of our movement…he was very petty man….you would know that if you paid close attentipn to what he wrote. Why did he threaten to Thomas Flemming?

          • Earl

            What a baby. He was a genius, but he didn’t carry water for your favorite heroes and causes. Boo freaking hoo.

          • bluffcreek1967

            “Israel is way bigger threat to America than any Muslim nation.” – If that’s truly what you think, then it’s senseless to reason with you any further.

            And contrary to what you may think, I have paid close attention to his writings and I’m familiar with the various controversies he’s engaged in. As I noted before, I won’t defend all that he’s said or done, but overall he has been in the right. I don’t feel the need to agree with a writer on everything he may write if, for the most part, he is saying things truthfully as best as possible. Even the best minds have shortcomings and do not always see things the way they should, but we can still appreciate their contributions.

            Your view of the Muslim menace is much too simplistic. I wish it was as you say, but that’s not reality.

          • mike

            I agree with you but think you are off on your numbers. Best I can tell Israel has about 200 nukes and in the 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty killed 34 US sailors as well as wounding approximately 173, an incident never investigated officially by our government. Otherwise you are dead on. Had we not striped the Fulda Gap of our best armament during the 1973 Israeli Egyptian war Israel would have suffered a fairly serious defeat. We have of course forgot that fact but the Muslim world certainly has not. Nor does anyone ever mention it was the Arab hatred of the West at that time that brought the full force of OPEC on our heads. Cost to us for supporting Israel? Trillions of dollars in energy costs out of our pockets to build all those glimmering cities in the Middle East. Cost to Israel? Hmm. Don’t think they ever paid a dime for even the weapons we sent them in 1973. And the 40 years subsequent to 1973? Israel has continued to recieve 3-4 billion a year in “aid” from the US, US weapons and unstinting US support in the UN and Congress while looting the West Bank and generating support from the US via AIPAC for unending wars to support Israel. Things Muslims are not fond of. Not to mention trying to get us into a war with Iran on a daily basis. Can’t think of anyone but Israel tyring to get us into a war on their behalf. I think all of this is more of a threat to us than any Muslim country I can think of, at least at the present time, with the possible exception of Pakistan which has nuclear weapons although no delivery system. Of course I am open to anyone actually proposing the name of some country more of a menace than Israel to our economic and military security.

          • kerrysmith

            “It was the Arab hatred of the West at that time that brought the full force of OPEC on our heads”. Not quite – it was the realization, on the part of OPEC’s chiefs, that we were paying a lot less for oil than we could afford to pay, so being good cartel-running business people, they jacked up the price. Probably kicked themselves for not doing it sooner.

          • robinbishop34

            They’ve also run a pretty lucrative reparations racket on Germany for the past 60 years.

        • Wayne

          I don’t believe Islam is a threat in historically Muslim lands. It gave rise to one of the greatest civilizations. It is only a danger INSIDE the West, and it is only inside the West because of our own imbecilic and or genocidal people.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Islam IS in fact a threat in its own lands. Observe the internal religious conflicts, religious wars, and Islamic factions that constantly fight each other. These lands have no peace because of the very nature of the Muslim religion. So, I would respectfully disagree with you.

          • zimriel

            “his hand against every man, and every man’s hand against him”

          • OBSERVER

            Jews and Muslims are both a direct threat to us Whites since neither is of our race. They developed in the Middle East, we developed in the cold of Europe. WE have no business dealing with them and they have no business living among us.

          • Read up on the sack of Constantinople, enslavement of Greece and the Balkans.

          • Pat

            Have to disagree with your second sentence. From what I have read Islam has been the very thing that stops Islamic countries from developing. Agree it is a danger inside the west because they demand and our governments give in – Sharia law, polygamy, halal slaughter, under-age arranged marriages, sharia mortgages, etc.

            Of all immigrants I fear these are the worst and most dangerous, they never change or adapt to a modern state.

        • Well said. But vicious, anti White Jewish pols in the USA, Europe strongly support mass NW Muslim immigration in to White communities. Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 in large part for taking the Muslim Moor side against White Spanish Catholics.

      • Wrong and very naive. Sweden has been the most Liberal, Leftist Western nation since the 1960s. Swedes bash Israel, champion the Palestinians as another ANC, victims of White South Africa Apartheid. Swedes don’t bomb and maim Muslim children.

        So by your reasoning Muslims should be nice and peaceful to Swedes in Sweden….

        Yeah right.

        Muslim rape Swedish girls, Sweden now has the second highest rape rate in the world after South Africa. Lower class Muslims are filthy, barbaric scum, liberalism doesn’t work with these types.

        • OBSERVER

          Sweden thinks Blacks, Asians and Arabs are equal to Whites. They are getting the punishment they deserve.

          • kerrysmith

            Unfortunately, their young daughters are sharing in the punishment.

        • wattylersrevolt

          I have no idea what your point is..and as a consequence, 100 percent irrelevant to mine. You still have an opportunity to make an intelligent response.

          • My point is pretty simple: Whites who whine that Muslims, Blacks and other brutal non Whites are only violent and hateful towards us because we did something bad and we some how… deserve it this is just the same old Liberal nonsense that made excuses for the Black race riots of the 1960s.

            Hey everybody, I have a beautiful, intelligent, 23 year old White daughter. No Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans have any rights to rape, murder or just insult my daughter because of some historical insult some White nation supposedly did to some of their people.

            I have no White guilt. Just White anger at so many contemporary Whites who are punking out on us. The Muslims have plenty of their own countries, let them stay there. Muslims have their own ugly Muslim women, they can’t seem to look at these ugly Muslim women not covered up in a Black tent, can’t refrain from raping these women, that’s the way they are.

            They have their ways, we have ours. Nothing we have especially our women is going to be given to them without an all out fight.

          • wattylersrevolt

            OK, so you are basically agreeing with me…don’t bomb them in their own country…but don’t import them into America..and the ones that are here in our America…kick them all out. America most definitley must be cleansed of Muslims.

          • Agreed. But just be on guard against Ron Paul types who can, will and have taken the Muslim immigrant, invader’s side when they mass murder us in our countries. And these idiot/traitor Libertarian, Constitutionalists accept birth right US citizenship for some nasty Afro-Arab Muslim terrorist leader in Yemen.

          • We’re lucky, though — We won’t need to be that on-guard against those types anymore, because no person with the surname Paul will ever be President of the United States. What we have to be on guard against now are the usual suspects, the left-right Republocrat lamestreamers who almost to a man and woman want to let as many of these terrorist or proto-terrorist types as possible in country.

            Plain words, Ron Paul doesn’t worry me anymore. Grover Norquist and Dianne Feinstein still do.

          • wattylersrevolt

            Ron and Rand Paul will never be POTUS..the nonwhites they want to import by the Continents will make certain of that. The Liberty Movement is a Confederacy of ‘Tards…R followed E for the cognitively deficient.

          • kerrysmith

            I agree with what you wrote except for the last sentence. Sadly, young white women ARE being given to them without any fight.

        • Twice since the birth of identifiably Occidental civilization, the Muslim megalith tried to conquer wholesale the Occidental world, and in neither instance did an indentifiably Jewish state called Israel or something else even exist.

        • rollo clevich

          I basically agree, but it should be pointed out that Swedish armed forces have been in Afghanistan since 2002..


          “Sweden has contributed to ISAF since the beginning of 2002. Originally, ISAF was tasked with assisting in maintaining security in the region around Kabul, the capital. At the end of March 2003 the UN mandate on which ISAF ’s operations are based was altered. A new UN resolution (1510) gives ISAF a greater role and its mandate was enlarged to apply to all of Afghanistan. ISAF then established Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) in various areas. Initially Sweden contributed personnel to the British PRT in Mazar-e-Sharif.”


  • Pat

    Fascinating to read his articles. A truly brave man who continued right to the end even through most awful suffering. His insight will live on.

  • MekongDelta69

    Although I only knew him via email, I’ve been reading his writings for over 20 years (about the same time as I came across Jared Taylor and American Renaissance).

    He seemed to be in agony most of the last few months, so now you can Rest In Peace Lawrence and thank you for all you’ve contributed.

  • IKantunderstand

    Mr. Auster’s view of the interplay of Western civilization and Christianity was inspirational. I was intrigued by his conversion. The bottom line is this: there would not have been the great flowering of Western civilization without Christianity. They are eternally and irrevocably entwined. Mr. Auster knew this, and felt it within every cell of his breathing, impassioned living, and seeker of the truth being that he was. A very bright light dimmed, perhaps, but never hidden under a bushel. I am referring to both Mr. Auster and Christianity.

  • Athling

    The world was a better place with you in it. You are in a better place now. Farewell Lawrence, ’til we meet again.

  • KittyAmerica

    Now he sleeps in the arms of The Lord. Rest In Peace Lawrence Auster.

  • Wayne

    We should all remember, when we are spitting nails mad at our present situation, that men like Auster were for us, though they were Jews. Liberal Jews merit our disdain, but no more than Quakers, Methodists, Presbyterians and Atheists. There have been Jews like Mr. Auster that have warned us of the wiles of Communism. Them we must honor.

    • zimriel

      Auster apostasised and became Episcopalian, and finally Catholic.

      I do agree with you, but Auster is a special case.

      • jeffaral

        He didn’t apostasised; he just moved from an Abrahamic sect to another Abrahamic sect.

      • kerrysmith

        He never practiced Judaism, I gather, so he couldn’t apostasize.

    • wattylersrevolt

      Why use the word communism and socialism in such stupid way. The mega-corporations are running the show. Are they the communists? This is Tea Partier pinheadery.

      • Wayne

        The end state of both are pretty much the same–a raceless, nationless, multicultural, rootless lump of humanity for exploitation by a small powerful elite. Globalism by capitalism or communism, different paths, same destination.
        I’ve dove into the source of communism expecting it to be a completely kosher creation, but was surprised to find as much of it’s origins in do-gooder puritanical equality worshipping Chtistian sects.

        • wattylersrevolt

          Wayne you need to be precise in your use of these terms…I know how your using these terms. But I have seen on several occasions how the Tea Partiers look very foolish in public by making across-the-board-statements against socialism. But late brother was quadraplegic..he was taken care of by Medicare and SSD. The crazy free marke enthusiasts would have taken that away from him.

      • kerrysmith

        The corporations are filled with people whose minds were formed in universities staffed by cultural Marxists, who turned out to be much more dangerous than old-style economic communists.

      • josh

        Well,yes. The CEO’s happily work with Obama and his bunch. Obama is a dim-witted thick-skulled smiling clod,but he is a figurehead for the communists who run his administartion. How do YOU see it–the communists are heroes bravely taking on the corporations?? LOL! Or maybe its the other way around; The brave CEO’s arte fighting for us against the communists? Again:Ha ha ha !!

        • wattylersrevolt

          You are just using the word communist for anthing you don’t like…just like the way liberals use the word racist. Neither term means anything else. Though I suspect that you and others use the word communism to justify the extreme excesses of the Industrial Capitalism. I never use the word communist. I will use the word Socialist-ism. Is a piece of subhuman filth such as Jack Welch your hero? What is your alternative to an obvious psychopath such as Jack Welch? Who owns MSNBC…Obama Central? GE. Who was the head of GE for 28 years? Do you have a functioning brain?

          Cold War anti-commie hysteria post-WW2 is the main reason that Native Born White Americans are being race-replaced.
          It really is insane to say that an Adminisration in bed with Wall Street is infested with Communists.

    • kerrysmith

      Beautifully put.

  • I kept this VFR post open for some time because I felt it was a fitting testament to how many lives Lawrence Auster touched:

    LETTERS FROM READERS (to Lawrence Auster)

    I must I also enjoyed watching the thread grow as more and more people offered their respect.

  • libertarian 1234

    I’m sorry to see this man go. We’re losing too many excellent people these last few years.

  • jeffaral

    Overrated cosmopoliitan writer.

    • wattylersrevolt

      There is a lot of truth in what you write. Anyone here who thinks that Auster was a friend of Native Born White American Patriots..this is what we are…is very naive. Auster played the political triangulation game in an attempt to discredit our nascent movement. He was a very petty man.

      • Jaego

        That a Jew can convert to Christianity yet still keep his allegiance to the Jewish people is an ominous development. It used to be understood that these were incompatible. Auster sought to turn the young White Nationalist Movement into a servant of Zionism. Incredible? They’ve done it time and time again. Look at the Anti-Jihad movement in Europe.

        • Wayne

          Sir, nobody gets angrier a or more vengeful than I about immigration into the West for the purpose of making whites minorities. And much of the time, if not most of the time, there is a Jew in the woodpile. But on closer examination you will find that for every Jew there are 50 condescending, egomaniac whites.
          Jews generally are not our friends, but I have found that they are not the crux of our problem–that belongs to our “elites”.

        • kerrysmith

          I suppose this posting and wattylersrevolts, above, is what the moderator meant when he wrote “sometimes one simply has to get out of the way and let people make fools of themselves”.

          • OBSERVER

            Jews have a homeland. Good for you. Now, let us WHITE PEOPLE (non-Jews) have ours. Jews are not White. They are Jewish. I am not Jewish, I am White. Until I hear a Jewish person stand and fight for a WHITE RACIAL HOMELAND, then they are no supporter of my people.

          • kerrysmith

            It’s perhaps telling that you assumed (wrongly) that I’m Jewish. In the interests of accuracy: Auster was certainly a race realist, though he was clear that not everything could be reduced simply to race – that would be race reductionism rather than race realism. It was on that point that he differed from the white nationalists. And it’s a point on which reasonable people can disagree.
            As for Jews not being white, well, some are, some aren’t. When I hear sweeping declaractions like yours, I can do little but roll my eyes.

          • OBSERVER

            GIven a choice, and someday you may, which would you choose?

            1) Israel. Jews only.

            2) White America. Whties only (no Blacks, Asians, Africans, Muslims or Jews permitted)

            Would you claim to be Jewish and go reside in Israel or claim to be White (and NOT Jewish) and enter White America?

            The reason I ask is when/if we Whites get a home land there will be no Civil Rights protections. There will be no laws preventing my sign on my restaurant saying: NO BLACKS OR JEWS ALLOWED. Now, will you get upset that I discriminate (which is exactly what a White Homeland will do and premit) or will you smile and say that I have the RIGHT to deny Jews entrance to my business, my school, my housing project and my country club?

            When we were free to be free and White people didn’t want Jews or Blacks in their neighborhoods, WHO sued them? Jews. Jews didn’t join the clubs by denouncing their Jewishness. NO. They damaged and destroyed White society because they were/are Jews.

            Don’t you get it?

          • kerrysmith

            The logic is a little garbled. I would have no more reason to move to Israel than I would to Pakistan or Tonga. By all means you should be able to refuse to serve Jews or blacks in your own restaurant. If you’re not free to do that, it’s not your own restaurant. And — to be consistent here — if Jews build studios in Hollywood (as Leammle, Goldwyn, Lasky, the Warners and others did), you shouldn’t be one of those who whine endlessly about Jewish ownership. If Edison had had more faith than he did in the movie’s potential, he could have done it too. Like Disney.
            Your absolutism is also worth a comment. Israel is not 100% Jewish and doesn’t aim to be, whatever this or that nutbar rabbi may hope for. Nor would there be any need for a White Homeland to exclude non-whites entirely. The critical thing is: who would be the majority and would the majority have the guts to ACT like a majority (that is, setting the cultural norms and tone for the whole country, as it should).

          • OBSERVER

            A Majority needs to defend their Majority and that requires laws against all the rest. You must restrict those not of your Majority.

            Sure, there are Arabs “citizens” of Isreal but they are not regarded as such and Israel has a huge future problem and they are dealing with it by coming up with laws against Non-Jews.

            It can be no other way. If we let in Mexicans and they stay and they breed at a higher rate, then in time they will be the Majority and we are back where we started.

            A nation that does not have sealed borders and a racial definition (and common language) is not a nation.

            Israel will only survive if they remove or seriously limit the number of Arabs and add to their Jewish Law. To me, Israel should move all non-Jews out to the Palestinian state, by force, and then seal their borders and only allow JEWISH people residency, right to vote, right to own property, etc.

            IF not, Israel will no longer exist.

        • Martel

          The “anti-jihad” movement in Europe. There is no white nationalist with an obsession for jews who could handle the pressure of the extremely hostile and deceitful left wing media and the very real threat of violence the counter jihad in Europe faces. I always wonder, why would whites give their lives and all comfort you can imagine, while supposedly allowing jewish interests to subvert their cause?

          It is not money, because their is no money in the European counterjihad. No one is living comfortably because of it, no one is receiving any favourable press because of this supposed jewish influence.

          Several anti-jewish politicians and celebrities in my country have no issues at all with the media, while being against Islam could cost you your life..

          I am pro-Israel, because i recognize the tactics used by the Muslims are the same as used were in Serbia, and the same they employ throughout Europe. In Europe, being pro-Israel makes you an enemy of the left wing establishment. This is already true in some European countries since the seventies. The Swedish media establishment has always supported Hamas. The Norwegian youth camp attacked by Breivik was operated by the biggest left wing party in Norway and it was frequently attended by Hamas members. Hamas is a group which openly states it wants to eradicate jews, so where is this jewish elite in Europe?

          I’m in favour of speaking openly about the jewish origins of political correctness, and about other factual issues, but when white nationalists start to ridicule and attack whites who are risking all to expose anti-white racism and political correctness, because they associate with jews, it just makes me sick. And that is the reason why white nationalism isn’t spreading as fast as it should.

          • It’s a strange turn of events where PC, anti White forces in Europe and UK are pro Muslim and anti Israel. One cause is the reality that a large percentage of the non White invading immigrants are Muslims. In the US most of the NW invaders are not Muslim, simply hateful, unhealthy Mexicans, Central American Amer-indians, so the Tim Wise’s of the USA don’t have to mouth off about Islamaphobia. But in the end, it still comes down to supporting race replacement immigration, supporting White genocide. Anti White Jews and others like them can always find some new way to support the destruction of our people, destruction of our civilization.

          • the Tim Wise’s of the USA don’t have to mouth off about Islamaphobia

            They already are. Most of the “A” and “J” alphabet gang bangers have already passed resolutions in opposition to “Islamophobia,” many openly compare it to “anti-Semitism.” I say this because there’s this hobby horse floating out there among our people, (some of that is evident in this thread), that “the Jews” are “giving us permission” to “hate Muslims but not any other NW group.”

      • Earl

        Because he was no friend of your movement doesn’t mean he wasn’t extremely useful. Ayn Rand was useful- unmatched- in describing post modern relativist zombies, and the leftists who eventually usurp their power in Atlas Shrugged. Yet her stupid attack against Christianity, and her dismissal of Christian ethics/Natural Law in the founding of her beloved country, was something a person can just choose to ignore. Especially on the day that she died.

        • OBSERVER

          Christianity (basically any religion) and Rand’s explanation of life are totally incompatible. If one can’t see that then one neither understands religion or Rand.

    • White Warrior

      Closet gay Jewish neo- conservative. Enough said.

      • Frederick

        Was Mr. Auster a homosexual? This is news to me.

        • kerrysmith

          I believe White Warrior is simply speculating based on the fact that Mr. Auster never married.

          • Brent

            This means nothing. There are plenty of single people who never married and are heterosexual and many married people who are closet homosexuals and lesbians and vice versa.

          • kerrysmith

            Of course.

  • [Guest]

    Here’s saying a sad goodbye to the writer of “The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States.”

    Farewell, Mr. Auster.

  • RIP Larry. I’ll miss reading your blog every morning.

  • zimriel

    Requiescat in pace, Laurentie.

  • Room101

    VFR has always kept everyone updated, written by the late man himself as it was happening to him.
    God bless Lawrence Auster.

  • Saul

    RIP, Lawrence Auster.

    I found his writings many years ago through his contribution to the AR magazine. His uncompromising writing style appealed to me.

    On the other hand this uncompromising style also lead him to take a few extremist positions. I remember on one occasion replying to an article that he wrote on a website that was not his own saying that political support of Israel was and shouldn’t be a litmus test for white activism in the USA. His answer to that was to call anyone that didn’t want their tax dollars going to Israel and stirring up Arabs in the Middle East an anti-semite.

    Apart from that minor quibble he was a great advocate.


      One a Jew, always a Jew.

      This is why a White Homeland must be free of Jews. They are out enemies.

      • OBSERVER

        (I should proof read, duh)

        • Xanthippe2

          If you join Disqus you can edit your posts.

          • OBSERVER

            Then it will be easier for the Blacks and Mossad to track me down.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    I read the news this morning when I first got up. Even though it was not unexpected, that doesn’t make it any easier to bear. RIP Larry. Somehow I hoped you would recover, but it was not to be.

    Re: his disdain for anti-Semitism, this recent VFR posting clarified his position, and I personally think it is a fair one: This is not the place to discuss it however, so I will leave it at that.

  • “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

    • zimriel

      I just finished watching “The Book of Eli” which quotes exactly this. Auster would call this “synchronicity”.

  • Epiminondas

    A great culture warrior is dead. He was brilliant and will be missed.

  • jeffaral

    Will he be honoured with a state funeral in Israel?

  • Rest in peace, Mr. Auster.

  • LHathaway

    Just out of curiosity, what did Auster do for a living? One can’t support oneself for 60 years by writing a few pamphlets, can they?

  • Xanthippe2

    A thoughtful, alternative point of view is here:

    • kerrysmith

      Thoughtful? Well, maybe if your idea of thought is to crow that “Auster will finally take up residence in some circle of hell”. Stop wasting people’s time, and that’s the nicest thing I can say about your disgraceful post.

      • Xanthippe2

        The fellow (from Voice of Treason) might not be as respectful as is typical in traditional White society for the recently departed, but that is because he had some unpleasant personal run-ins with him. He is totally right about how Auster carefully crafted a guru like persona. He also seemed to have typed on his computer 24/7. Very typical of Jewish activists. And he has what made Auster tick totally down.

        Auster was very misleading when he said many or most Jews opposed non-White immigration. Sure this or that individual Jew may have private thoughts, but where do the powerful Jewish organizations stand? Pushing for non-White immigration every one.

  • Some of you who are observant may notice that in this thread, there are certain kinds of comments that seem out of place for AR. Ordinarily, we are supposed to delete them, but in this case, and considering the unfortunate circumstance of Mr. Auster’s passing, this particular moderator is letting them stay up for awhile, because sometimes one simply has to get out of the way and let people make fools of themselves if they want to do so that badly. I hope this is instructive to us all, that there is a reason why AR wants to avoid being host to such “commentary.”

    • Agreed. The disfunctional, counter productive people in the WN “Movement” are the main reason we have not progressed and secured the existence of our children.

      • Martel

        I have been a white nationalist since I became of ‘voting age’, but i always stayed clear of Jared Taylor because of the fact that he is surrounded by people who seem to hate jews more then they love whites. I’m glad i have found Amren now, but when i read comments like “The Swedish deserve what is happening to them” it just turns my stomach. In Europe some whites are risking their life battling anti-white racism and islam, but because they support or cooperate with jews who are anti-multiculturalism they are assaulted and ridiculed by white nationalists(from the safety of their homes) as viciously as they are assaulted day in day out by left wing media. I don’t fear jews because they will never be a demographic threat, and their elite clearly doesn’t even care about the jews getting their skulls bashed in by muslims in Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands and so on.

        Some here even complain about the jewish background of Auster.

        He wrote an article called “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America” with the subtitle;”What is it that prevents whites from protesting their own demographic and cultural dispossession?”
        How pro-white was he suppose to be?
        I’m glad to see Amren isn’t as paranoid and recognizes someone as a friend of our cause, someone who has had to defend himself against the left wing assault more then any anti-jew/pro-muslim white nationalist would ever have to.

        • I would agree with you to a point. But, I note with great sadness that the BNP’s pro Israel, anti Muslim program has not been successful. In the USA, Jewish Congressmen and Senators are simply terrible on immigration to the US, on immigration to Israel, they are solid, but immigration to the USA – terrible, murderous. We wrote about this sad fact at Occidental Dissent:

  • What would Lawrence Auster say (regarding some of the posts here)?

    That a man would come to what is in effect a funeral rite for another’s passing and make disparaging comments about that man speaks more of the quality of the man making the remarks than of the deceased.

    There is one place you do not go to sh*t on someone.

  • Isidore Kislev

    Another dead duck! Booohoooooooo cry me a river.

    LMFAO ok asshole moderators, now do ya job and take this down, schmucks!

    Shabbat Shalom :()

  • jeffaral

    No one doubts Mr Lawrence Auster’s commitment to his people. Yanuach Beshalom Mishkavo (Rest in peace).


    I have wondered about the Jewish control over White sits, like this one and SBPDL.. It appears we can trash and insult Mexicans and Blacks, but don’t go anywhere near the Jewish influence in this topic.

    Let me ask the question that can not be asked: Is there Jewish control over this and other sites and we are all just wasting our time. Nothing could be more smart than for Jewish groups to own and control White racial sites. Then they can block any posts like mine.

    Just wondering. Let’s see how long this stays up.

    • kerrysmith

      I’d say it’s about as likely as that you’re a Jewish agent provocateur who is trying to make race-realists look paranoid. If so, good job!

      • OBSERVER

        I am a non-believer. I have no religion what-so-ever. (They are all myths). i am just tired of being unable to discuss this topic in full. Sure, there are your “JEWS ARE THE TOTAL PROBLEM” folks and then those who “believe” the are GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE. I find both to be pathetic.

        But after being a student of this White extermination topic for all my adult life ( I am 60) there is considerable body of evidence showing above average involvement of Jewish people and Jewish organizations AGAINST a White Homeland.

        One called by labeled “anti-Semitic” and is supposed to be sorry for it, Well, actions against my race is “anti-White”.. If I don’t support Israel then I am anti-Semitic. So, Jews who don’t support my White Homeland are anti-White.

        That is only fair. By the way, I support 100% Israel. I just wish they would support 100$ my WHITE homeland too. Then, I would have ZERO problem with this topic.

        I say when we divide America, give the South West to Mexico, the South to Blacks and New York to the Jews. Then, have them LEAVE US WHITES 100% alone.

        • kerrysmith

          Well, your view is more complex than I first gave it credit for.

          • OBSERVER

            Complex? It is very simple. One is either White and supports a discriminatory White Only Nation (where there is NO law preventing discrimination according to race, religion, nationality, national origin, sexual behaviour, etc. etc.) and where one has to pass a test of “Whiteness” (just as one has to go before the proper committees in Israel to be judged as Jewish……).

            So, 2 things are required. You are White and you support a White Nation. say yes to both and you are in. Deny both and you are considered a tourist and may not reside, own property, etc. Exactly like Israel.

          • kerrysmith

            You are aware that there are non-Jews who live in Israel, own property there, even hold political office there?
            And again, some Jews are white, some aren’t.

          • OBSERVER

            When an Arab becomes Prime Minister of Israel, then I will accept your argument.

            I don’t like having an African as my President. How many Jewish people and organizations will agree with me? How many Jewish people and organizations fight against an Arab Prime Minister? Most likely it will be the exact same groups and that is the source of my disgust.

        • J?ws are not a homogeneous group. More than 90% would have ended with “real” Whites. And get over this obsession, J&ws are not nearly as fascinating subject as you would have it. Most are predictable & annoying with their infantile frustrations.

    • R.S. Williams

      Good points.

    • As far as I can tell, Jared Taylor controls AR, and a Hunter Wallace protege who writes under the pen name Paul Kersey (from the Death Wish movies) controls SBPDL.

    • jackryanvb

      Anti White Jewish powers do not control American Renaissance. Amren is not another “Neo Conservative” blog, magazine that supports:

      1) Invade the world for Israel, endless US wars against Iraq, Iran etd
      2) Invite the world – open borders non White immigration in to the USA/the White West
      3) In Hoc to the world to pay for #1, #2.

      That’s the very bad Neo Conservative program, Neo Cons are not exclusively Jewish, but it is a bad Jewish political/intellectual program.

      That said, American Renaissance does not allow ANY anti Semitic, Jew hatred posts. And this is a good policy. Our problems are not the all the fault of some Jewish conspiracy. There are many decent Jewish people and also so many, MANY traitorous White Gentiles who betray our people.

      Please be firm but fair on the J issue and on all issues. Consider trying to work with solid Jewish people who really are mostly on our side, let them discipline their own community, you will not get very far ranting and raving about THE JEWS. It’s been tried, didn’t work out well for our side.

    • Gottfried_Gundisalvus

      Dude if you are so worried about some phantom Jewish menace why not start your own Blog on the subject! Both Blogger and WordPress are free! There is no one stopping you from discussing what you want on the internets!

      (As for myself I happen to have a Jewish Uncle who married my Irish-descended Aunt. He is Zionist and I support his nationalism because I think he should have an ‘Old Country’ on the map just like I have an ‘Old Country’ on the map.)

  • Our side has to do more to promote the circulation of money. Offer products and services for sale, support them and circulate them. We need less free blogging and more low priced ebooks and physical books.

    Anyone who has not started a blog for our side, please don’t. Write an ebook and sell it instead.

    • kerrysmith

      That’s an interesting and imaginative suggestion.

    • Do you know of Mac software to publish high quality E-Books for Kindle? Pages doesn’t work well at all.

  • jackryanvb

    “Contemporary people living under liberalism have two idiot alternatives: either we’re liberal globalists or we’re Nazis. That’s the total universe of possibilities for modern liberal Westerners. And that limited view is killing us. Americans and other Westerners have to break out of that simplistic and false way of thinking and realize that the consciousness of differences, the desire to preserve our own distinctness, our uniqueness, is perfectly legitimate and moral.”

    Lawrence Auster

    This was very well said. Please spread this message far and wide.

  • pcmustgo

    Hear that, he was born a Jew- and didn’t hate white people, obviously…

  • Isuzu Buyer

    Strange contradiction amongst many her. You claim to have sound minds and see facts as facts are but then you go all stupid-stitiose and claim their is a god. You can’t have it both ways.

  • jeffaral

    Lawrence Auster is another boring, insipid Jewish intelectual. He is a waste of time and useless to our cause.

  • lily-white

    “The very manner in which the [immigration] issue is framed—as a matter of equal rights and the blessings of diversity on one side, versus “racism” on the other—tends to cut off all rational discourse on the subject. One can only wonder what would happen if the proponents of open immigration allowed the issue to be discussed, not as a moralistic dichotomy, but in terms of its real consequences. Instead of saying: “We believe in the equal and unlimited right of all people to immigrate to the U.S. and enrich our land with their diversity,” what if they said: “We believe in an immigration policy which must result in a staggering increase in our population, a revolution in our culture and way of life, and the gradual submergence of our current population by Hispanic and Caribbean and Asian peoples.” Such frankness would open up an honest debate between those who favor a radical change in America’s ethnic and cultural identity and those who think this nation should preserve its way of life and its predominant, European-American character. That is the actual choice—as distinct from the theoretical choice between “equality” and “racism”—that our nation faces.” – Lawrence Auster (The Path to National Suicide)

  • eunometic

    He attacked Professor Kevin MacDonald, therefore I shall not regret his passing