George Zimmerman’s brother has sparked outrage after tweeting a picture comparing Trayvon Martin to the teenager accused of shooting a 13-month-old baby in the head.

Robert Zimmerman Jr, who has been his brother’s most outspoken advocate, also railed against the ‘dangers’ of black teenagers during an extended online rant.

He claimed the picture was meant to compare media coverage of the shooting last February of Trayvon Martin to the reporting on little Antonio Santiago’s murder last week in Georgia.


Robert Zimmerman has appeared on CNN, Fox News and numerous other media outlets to speak about the shooting, self defense issues and gun laws.

The image, which Zimmerman sent out to his 2,500 followers on Sunday, shows a photo of De’Marquise Elkins, 17, flashing gang signs next to a picture of Martin holding up two middle fingers.

The text on the picture reads ‘A picture speaks a thousand words… any questions?’

‘Alleged FBpics of 13mo. old Antonio Santiago’s alleged killer & #TrayvonMartin #uncanny,’ Zimmerman tweeted.

Later, Zimmerman posted: ‘Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman&baby is the reason ppl think blacks mightB risky.’

He added: ‘Trayvon Martin story exploded in media. White baby shot in face by black teenager —— not so much. We all understand why.’


The response from Twitter users was swift.

One user said the picture was ‘perpetuating the theory that all black people look alike.’

In response to Zimmerman’s second tweet, Twitter user Jeff Fecke wrote: ‘You stay classy, @rzimmermanjr – can’t imagine why people think your brother’s a racist murderer.’

George Zimmerman’s shooting of unarmed teen Martin in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, sparked protests across the country and resulted in a nation discussion about race and gun control.

Zimmerman, who is half white, was not initially arrested after killing Martin, who is black, because he claimed he was defending himself.

An independent prosecutor charged Zimmerman with second-degree murder after a public outcry. He is currently out on bail pending trial.

Robert Zimmerman says the ‘mainstream media’ has hidden photos of the ‘real’ Trayvon Martin – including pictures of him flashing the middle finger.

‘At issue isn’t the “existence” of “middle-finger” pics – it’s their suppression by the media. Suppression needed2 succeed in demonizing GZ,’ he tweeted.

He also claimed that he was not racist, but simply trying to show that the ‘real’ story about the shooting had been covered up.

‘I realize many will call anything I say/tweet “racist” -they do it everyday..I hope1 day UR Just as fervent calling the pplWho lied “Liars,”‘ he wrote.

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  • pcmustgo

    Interesting. At first I thought this was a little over the top, but the gang signal thing really makes you think. Danger of Black Teen Gangbangers would have been better.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Yes; just what is with the gang signals? If you want folks to think you’re a moronic ghetto goon, by all means post pictures of yourself to Facebook throwing gang signs. If you do that, however, you don’t get to whine later about how unfair it is that most of the country thinks you shot a baby. My Facebook picture shows me in jeans and a “Putnam Financial” t-shirt in the hills above town, looking pleased to be hiking in nice weather. No gang signs, and for some oddball reason, I don’t look like a baby shooter.

      One wouldn’t think this should be such a complicated issue, but they really are that stupid.

      • zimriel

        When I was on a dating site (yeah I know) one of my pics had me in glasses looking sternly at the camera. I looked like an English schoolmaster – think “Young Derbyshire”.

        I didn’t get much love from the black chicks – or the white ones, honestly – but the Asians seemed to like it. . .

        • betsy

          Asians understand the value of true education and learning, something many whites have lost in these bleak last several decades.

      • Theron

        Using logic???? Logic be raciss!!!!!

      • Who Me?

        I use Facebook mostly for playing odd games on occasion. My avatar is a picture of my dog as a puppy. Most of my game-playing neighbors use something similarly non-identifying.

      • evanwaters

        People going by evidence instead of impressions of your “character”? No, that would just be silly.

  • pcmustgo

    The Zimmerman brothers are part black. They’re probably Quadroons or Octoroons genetically, like most Latinos.

  • bigone4u

    The Zimmerman family’s lives are FUBAR because of the vile anti-white media and it’s lies about the sweet, innocent Trayvon. As far as I am concerned Zimmerman’s brother is simply telling the truth about black thuggery, a truth that many do not want told. Screw them and the system that could put Zimmerman in prison for much longer than the evil baby killers.

    • i am no saint

      I have prayed for them many a night. They are in hell of Trayvon’s making.

  • SargeInCharge

    I commend both Robert Zimmerman’s honesty and his backbone. The truth is that most people (including Jesse Jackson by his own statements) are weary of young black men because they commit so much crime. And heinous crime at that. It’s human nature to fear that which you know can and will hurt you. If black men want to change the image they have then yell at the black men committing so much crime. Don’t yell at the people who notice and act accordingly for their safety.

    • Johnny Clay

      The black community has to clean up its act, or else someone else will, and it won’t be pretty.

      • zimriel

        Happening right now in LA.

        • Ronald


          It is a shame that “the cleanup” has to be done by non-“Black” “Hispanics” after most of their Anglo cousins have fled the area.


          • JohnEngelman

            I admire the way Hispanics stand up to blacks.

          • SargeInCharge

            Hispanics don’t have a white guilt complex, and are more realistic about black behavior. That “white” baby that was just shot was named Antonio Santiago, and he has a Mestizo dad. The dad is furious at the mom for her walking the baby close to the projects. It sounds like he’s more realistic about what blacks can and likely will do.

            I’m assuming that Hispanics are also disgusted by Antonio’s murder at the hands of De’Marquise. Perhaps we may see upset Hispanics even more inspired to stand up to blacks.

          • Who Me?

            “The dad is furious at the mom for her walking the baby close to the projects.”
            Where did you see this? The articles I read all said the mother had only walked to the neighborhood post office, and the attack took place when they were nearly home. (One said “yards from her door”, and another said “less than a block”.)

          • SargeInCharge

            I originally saw the father’s comments in the Daily Mail, but here’s an AJC article with his comments:

            “I’m not upset with the boys,” Santiago said Saturday of the two teenagers charged with killing his son. “They didn’t have a good upbringing.”

            He has lots of questions, but they are mostly for West. “Why did you go that way?” Santiago asked. He said he frequently told her to take another route when she walked their son in a neighborhood that has public housing projects on each end of the street.

            Does he blame West? “Hell, yes, I do,” Santiago said.


          • saxonsun

            He’s not upset with “the boys!” Truly insane. Instead he blames his white wife!!!

          • It’s amazing the circumstances that will make anti-white allies. His boy is dead, and he’ll blame his baby’s silly white mother over two murderous black savages.

          • Who Me?

            Maybe Mr. Santiago needs to ask himself why he had his family living on a block that has public housing projects on each end of the street.

          • Bill

            I DON’T. They are merely clearing out the territory they have stolen through illegal invasion. They will just as heartily treat you the same way if you tried to take back their conquered territory. We need Jim Crow for the blacks, and a campaign of ridding ourselves of the Mexicans among us. All of them. Legal or not. We don’t need them, and we darn should not need them to do our house cleaning for us – figuratively and literally.

          • JohnEngelman

            All immigrant groups learn to dislike blacks. Unlike white liberals, they do not feel guilty about black poverty. They do not understand why it is their fault that blacks have such high crime rates.

            When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area I had a Chinese girl friend who lived in Oakland’s Chinatown. When riding in her car if she saw a young black man on the sidewalk she would push buttons to roll up the windows of her car and lock the doors.

            If a black person entered the Chinese gift and book store that her family owned she would watch that black person closely until he or she left.

            I promise I did not teach her to do that.

          • Hal K

            Unlike white liberals, they do not feel guilty about black poverty.
            White liberals blame black poverty on white conservatives. White conservatives blame black poverty on white liberals. They both believe in white guilt and excuse themselves by scapegoating their political opponents.

          • I was riding a bus a long University Ave. in St. Paul one time and the bus was full of noisy groids and hounding at the white female bus driver after she asked they not eat their fast food on the bus. They were so obnoxious these blacks towards her, both males and females, and the older asian woman was (who sat behind me), I could tell, was near convulsions seething in rage at the behavior she was seeing. I know she did not feel any white guilt, and so white people should feel NO guilt, what-so-ever.

      • Tom Iron

        They can’t, what you see is what you got. They’re days in this society are numbered. The Southerners used to say they should be kept in their place. Well, anymore, blacks don’t have a place.

    • racismschmacism

      Even without thinking I am uncomfortable around young blacks, even young black males. There’s something about that I’m not comfortable with. They’re loud, they’re vulgar, they’re aggressive, etc. I’ve not discovered this group behavior with young Hispanic males where I lived as I’ve walked by a group of young Hispanic teens and didn’t get scared or nervous, and this was in a so-so area where I used to live. Even rowdy white jocks don’t give me that “I need to get away from them” feeling when I’m around them. It’s always usually a group of young black males. I wasn’t even taught to think this way or feel this way. Even other whites i know who privately tell me they have lived around blacks and said they used to be ‘anti racist’ and hated Southerners until they lived around diversity. Now they understood it.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Yeah it’s called “instinct.” Both man and animal have used it to survive since our inception. The liberals are literally trying to “re-wire” our physiology by teaching us that we should ignore our natural, “racist” instinct to avoid danger.

        • My racist dog

          Regarding animal instinct…..flipping thru channels i stopped on BET for a moment tonight to show my wife the gangsta video playing on TV to make fun of it.My dog started going nuts at the sound and tone of the music, i muted it and he would stop.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Dogs are very discerning creatures.

          • purestocles

            One of the best insights I ever gleaned from an esteemed dog trainer is that dogs have a terrific ability to perceive and register “what is normal” or the normal state of affairs. When they perceive something or someone acting out of place or abnormally, they react by barking or whatever it takes to draw your attention to what it is they perceive that you don’t . When they have succeeded in bringing your attention to the matter they await your response to see how they should behave.

            We’re all familiar with the black person walking through a white neighborhood with every dog barking and the guy pinching his buns together and trying to get down the road with that kind of prancing gait they adopt when they’re caught out. The dogs pick up on his alien vibration and honestly shout it out to the world. Black men hate dogs because dogs can’t be fooled the way a liberal male can. Bull Conner knew of and exploited black men’s fear of dogs which is why dogs still play a mythical role in Civil Rights hoopla.

            You don’t need to own a mean dog to protect yourself from black men. Any good herding dog will do. A dog that has a well developed sense of loyalty to its charges is ideal. Black men can’t wrap their minds around the concept of group loyalty displayed by a good dog and its human family.

          • I got two dogs, neither of which has ever been taught to fear blacks. They’re not crazy about Mexicans, but man alive they don’t care for a black not one bit. Good instinct on these two.

        • aaron

          right on target

      • betsy

        if you’re white you can never know, being around a group of black males, whether one or all of them will attack you or not, on a dare or to impress or whatever…….

        • LaSantaHermandad

          I challenge anyone here to name one Country, province, state , city or section of a city, that is predominantly Black or the contains a substantial number of Blacks that has improved over what it was before their arrival. The last person to whom I posed that question asked me if he could get back to me in six months with the answer.

          • Nate

            Prince George’s County, Maryland

          • LOL! You’re joking, right?

          • watling

            Bear in mind that taxpayers’ money is likely to be thrown at black areas so one or two might get shiny new leisure centres or other similar facilities for the “teens”.

            Here in the UK areas affected by the 2011 riots have had extra funds allocated to them. So the message to the (predominantly) black rioters is: if you smash it up we’ll rebuild it good as new for you. See:


          • If “leisure centers” is Britspeak for what we call “recreation centers,” then the dork politicians in London should realize this: These centers breed violent crime, not deter it. For those who can see and who pay attention have long realized that anything which brings young blacks together winds up breeding and promoting violent crime. The trick with young blacks is to try to keep them as separated from each other and detached from each other as possible.

          • OH MY DIDDAY

            Uniondale and Hillcrest, New York.
            Friendly & Woodmore Also Kettering & Fort Washington and Mitchellville all in Maryland.
            Ladera Heights & Baldwin Hills, California.
            View Park-Windsor Hill, also in California.
            Don’t forget Oakland and North Carolinas Black wall streets…..

        • OH MY DIDDAY

          im sure black people in racist white communities feel the same

      • guest

        They do this intentionally. They win by making everyone afraid while at the same time everyone is afraid to appear racist by acting upon the fear in any way. A woman walking along is afraid to avoid the group of hostile young black males, and she’s terrified to not avoid them. They know all this and they love it. They also get the exclude people from their territory this way, which is also something they love.

        This is why black leaders are so hostile to the idea of CCW. It puts a lid on the intimidation that their constituents enjoy so much.

        Look them in the eyes. They are basically cowards.

        • Cato

          “Look them in the eyes”
          Not good advice. Unless you are armed and can vanish afterwards (God help you if you are ever taken to trial for killing poor sweet little DeJuan).

      • JohnEngelman

        Avoid the approach of young black men you don’t know, unless they are wearing suits, employee uniforms, or employee badges. Cross the street, or change direction.

        When walking in or near a black neighborhood look behind you from time to time to make sure you are not being followed. Look at your reflection in windows to see if someone is behind you. Muggers come up from behind you and push you to the ground.

        When in or near a black neighborhood you should always carry a weapon. Ideally this should be a small hand gun if you can get a permit to carry a concealed handgun. At least it should be pepper spray.

        Do not have anything else important in the pocket that carries the pepper spray of the small handgun. If you reach for it, you will grab it quickly, and anything else you have will probably come out too. You don’t want to be going back to that area to look for your keys.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          You also don’t want someone who has taken your wallet to also have your keys. At that point, he can see where you live on your driver’s license, and with keys to your house, you and your family will probably have another run-in with the perp.

        • Avoid the approach of young black men you don’t know, unless they are wearing suits, employee uniforms, or employee badges. Cross the street, or change direction.

          Wrong. Employee uniforms mean nothing. They steal them. I was about to be jumped by a “FedEx” employee on my walk home one day. I about faced and he and his co-hort went scurrying across the street through traffic just like I expected they would when I detroyed their plans.

          • Good point: always keep the negro’s inherent laziness in mind as a factor. They won’t go to much trouble for anything–not their job or a crime.

      • saxonsun

        It’s instinctual.

    • CaptainCroMag

      More and more people are coming out and being open and straight forward about the realities of Black crime. That in itself is a good sign, but what where the real change has come is in the general population’s threshold for racial discourse. People are not only more open to discussing race issues, but there is also a good number that seem to be eager for a more realistic and honest perspective about race.

      • JohnEngelman

        American Renaissance is a valuable medium in discussing the reality of black crime, and of racial differences in general.

    • saxonsun

      Jackson himself admitted it. He said it hurt to realize that he was relieved when he turned around on a dark street and saw whites behind him, not blacks.

  • Daisy

    I was recently banned from for commenting under Jennifer Valenti’s (pre-eminent pop feminist du jour) article about rape culture; I asserted that the endemic problem was a function of male and female orchestration which might shock many Amren posters. Today Valenti tweeted that Z’s brother was racist as per usual lefty projection. I actually think it auspicious that Valenti and her minions will be seen as the righteous hypocrites and hucksters they are, both in terms of the welfare of whites and of women and our sexual-assault plagued nation. Both the central lies of the left and feminists – that all women are victims and all whites are victors – need to be exposed.

  • sbuffalonative

    “One user said the picture was ‘perpetuating the theory that all black people look alike.’”

    If you act like a gansta and flash gansta finger signs like a gansta, it means you are either a gansta or you want to be thought of as a gansta.

    Don’t act like a gansta and people won’t think of you as a gangsta.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Whoever tweeted that showed their ignorance since every race has trouble identifying the races of others. It’s not a ‘theory’ it’s a fact that races can tell apart their own much more easily than others.

    • Token Finn

      Pure blacks do look alike. They tend to have the same dulled out look. Just like arabs all have the same swarthy grin and asians the full hive look.

    • nBmnp

      Does that mean that if Obama had a son, he would look like this baby-killer?

  • Nathanwartooth

    “Zimmerman, who is half white…” I love how he is no longer a “White Hispanic”. They just make this up as they go along.

    It’s obviously important to the author that he point out that he is half White. How about his other half? Is that not relevant?

    • zimriel

      You have a point. If the Narrative was about antiblack prejudice, his Mestizo half would be at least as relevant as the white half – maybe even more so, given the gang wars in LA.

      The Narrative isn’t for protecting blacks from threats, real or imagined. It’s for beating down whites and making them feel inferior.

    • Daisy

      I have come to sense that it is exactly Z’s half white/half hispanic make up that made this case. If he had been just white and attempting to defend the neighborhood, it would only have been an opportunity for him to confront society about black-on-white crime, particularly that of black-on-white rape. That possibility might have scared the MSM from lying and sensationalizing as the truth of the stats are undeniable, and further, whites in general are sick of ‘diversity’ and might have identified with and rallied behind Z. But as an involuntary shapeshifter Z becomes an easier target for a moving artillery. Last, the hispanics are for winning the war, not the battle, of demographics, and will abide any black attacks against them as long as they know it’s merely collateral damage.

    • boboadobo

      just remember if george zimmerman found a cure for cancer the headline would be hispanic finds cure for cancer. he did something that does not sit in the correct column with the liberal media he becomes white or white hispanic or 1/2 white. obama is the first africian american president according to the media not the first half white president. what gives??

      • George

        Are you meaning to disrespect our Mulatto-in-Chief?

        Your point is valid. How the media labels a person is a clear indicator of the bias of the reporter or the outlet. When a news article is meant to be positive, race (for non-whites) becomes an issue, and there will be a paragraph or two dedicated to how the individual ‘overcame adversity and/or racism and/or sexism and/or . When the news is negative (e.g. shootings, rape, rampages, riots, insurrection, general failure to function as a normal person would), then race for must be left off the table.

  • Anybody who thinks black teen males aren’t criminal in nature and dangerous need to spend one day riding the L in Chicago. Every line, all the way to the end and back. No cherry picking and just taking it from the Fullerton stop to Belmont. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink and Purple. All of them. Enjoy the trip on the Red Line south to 95th/Dan Ryan, you’ll be the only white person on it.

  • Paleoconn

    If Obama had twin sons…

    • boboadobo

      so funny and so true…in the words of the clown odumbo himself!

  • The__Bobster

    Robert seems to be the Whiter and more intelligent of the Zimmermen.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Are they half White or half Jew?

  • I have to give him credit for going on the offensive. He’s not afraid of the name calling, and that’s one obstacle the typical white needs to get past.
    I would like to go after the jobs of the liberal white reporter who sensationalizes a perceived white on black hate crime, yet ignores black on white.

  • Der Typ

    figured it out! The Jewish-Peruvian-Aryan Brotherhood is behind this!
    I’m waiting for my phone call Rachel Maddow! Huffpo should be emailing
    me about any moment now.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Black teens fear nothing today. Many are grossly overweight and/or lazy. They have been programmed to hate whitey. They have no empathy. Gads of these wastes ride the metro in DC and just raise hell and terrorize riders. They congregate in doorways of libraries and in cages and just heckle people. They need their arces kicked. Their parents are just as bad or worse. The black community should be outraged but it doesn’t do a damn thing. So much for the commuuuuuuuunity

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      You mean dah KO-MOOINTEE!

      • Geróimo Anónimo

        SHEET! I be misepellin’ dat!

    • Dave4088

      You are absolutely correct. I recently spoke with a brother of a police sergeant in my town and he confirmed that young black males fear absolutely nothing, not even the police or prison, and are basically wild animals who prey on innocent people. It is getting out of control, but don’t forget to hand in your firearms as Obozo says law abiding white Americans are the problem.

  • Make NO mistake, black thugs are embolden to perpetrate attacks on Whites and others, knowing that the media, LE, the DOJ and even Obama will turn a blind eye to it and try to justify or diminish the incident…

    If George Zimmerman is convicted and punished for self-protection; the fallout against Whites by black teens and thugs WILL escalate….mark my words…

    Be prepared and armed.

  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    ¡Vaya puta sorpresa!– A Mestizo peckerwood. Who’d have thunk it possible?

  • missre

    Ok this just made me so sad because I am raising a young black male and to think he can be targeted because of his skin upset me. He has never been in trouble and has 3.7 grade point average. So because he is black he looks scary. Its like we are not equal and that’s sad.

    • PesachPatriot

      Maybe if young black men weren’t constantly robbing liquor stores, harassing non-black women, abusing and fighting pitbulls, assaulting the elderly for petty cash, committing home invasions, sagging their pants in public, blasting rap music at 2am when working people are trying to sleep, shooting each other over sneakers and bling, flash mobbing malls and wal-marts, fighting in waffle houses, stealing cars and generally enriching everyone else maybe people wouldn’t be so suspicious….my guard is always up whenever I see two or more aspiring rappers coming in my direction, doubly so if I’m with my daughter….if trayvon martin, kimani gray and jordan davis hadn’t tried to be hard gangster thugs they might all still be alive today.

      When its safe for me to take my wife and daughter for a stroll down MLK boulevard after dark is the day we are equal….I’m pretty sure MLK didn’t take a bullet so that DeMarquise Elkins could go and shoot some baby dead at point blank range….stuff like that is what makes former liberals into fans of george wallace and bull connor. I used to believe we are all equal and even enjoyed some bob marley, jimi hendrix and old blues guys….seeing black behavior up close and personal in a warm weather state has driven me towards this website. Thank your lucky stars someone purchase one of your ancestors and you get to live here instead of some african hellhole….your son wouldn’t even make it to 30 there….he’s also statistically much more likely to be killed by one of his homies over bling, sneakers, baby mama drama or a drug debt of less than a $100 than by some backwoods klansman for the color of his skin.

    • boboadobo

      you sound kind of like your iq is low. are you some kind of do gooder liberal looking for valdation?

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      It’s not the color of his skin, it’s the typical behavior of those with the same pigmentation. In every country, anywhere in the world, blacks are known for being violent, impulsive rapists.

    • nBmnp

      Why is everybody so upset about the criminals and murderers?

      I am in fact raising a white male and I am much more concerned that any “robbery gone wrong” can result in him being shot into the head.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      “It’s like we are not equal…”

      You really want a response to that?


    • SargeInCharge

      “So because he is black he looks scary.” — No, people can generally tell the difference between a threatening black man and non-threatening black man by their dress, their speech, and the way they carry themselves. The truth is that nobody is getting freaked out if Carlton from the “Fresh Prince” is walking toward them, but they are getting freaked out if a black teen with a hoodie is walking toward them.

      And they should be. That’s the segment of the population that has the highest rate of violent crime. By a lot. White and Asian teens don’t regularly attack people, black teens with a thug look do. It’s natural for people to then associate that type with violence.

      If you don’t want your boy to have that association, then make damn well sure that he’s Carlton-like. Because if he’s even remotely close to thug looking then he won’t and shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt for safety reasons.

      Intuitively you understand this, but it makes you feel better to come here and yell at “evil white racists”. If you wanted to change the image young black men have you’d be far better served writing to the heads of Death Row and Def Jam records, or being vocal about derelict black dads, or going on World Star Hip- Hop and bitching at all those people to get their act together for the sake of your son’s image. You won’t do that though. It would require being openly critical of black people and black culture and that may be viewed as racist.

    • Who Me?

      Exactly why are you raising “a young black male”? You didn’t say your son, so unless you are a black female raising your own son, what kind of dysfunction is going on in your family? Is is just slightly possible that family dysfunction might lead him to actions that tend to “target him”?

    • robinbishop34

      “I am raising a young black male”

      I bet you wear him as a fashion accessory just as good as any Hollywood celebrity.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    One of the few honest quotes by Jesse Jackson

    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

    As we move closer to an economic reckoning; sooner or later white people are going to wake up and realize that we cannot afford a race full of people who have turned the safety net into a hammock. Congratulations to Mr. Zimmerman for offending the outdated farm equipment.

  • boboadobo

    liberals so wanted zimmerman to be white, crayon martin not to be a scummy thug..but the kid in his picture from when he was 9 . nbc even edited the 911 one recordings. sorry libs keep looking for the black victim of white people you can not find and keep ignoring all the white asian and latin victims of black racist attacks!

  • Igor Kolarov

    This abuse of people happens only to middle class Americans. You don’t see it in Chicago’s Polish, Russian or Italian neighborhoods. Consequences of antisocial behavior in the above mentioned neighborhoods are swift and tragic. Quick justice produces respect.

  • MobyWhite

    His failure to go far enough is a cry of help to Jared Taylor.

    JT should post a video of what he should have said.

    Should have said that the murder of the White baby puts the obligation on Jess, Al, Ben, Morris, Heidi, and Abe to proactively put a stop to the next possible black on White murder. Put it out there like that, and then when the murder happens, when, tomorrow?, the murder on the Civil Rights community, who then must “do some soul search” for their failures and lack of concern for victims of black crime.

    Stunts work, JT, you should know that by now. Look at what they got from the Edmund Pettus Bridge. We need our own Freedom Bus moment.

    Jared need to step it up and use his platform in ways that work better for us.

  • noneofyourdamnbusiness

    So…. Zimmerman is *half* white now. So is Barack Obama. So along those lines, if Lenny Kravitz shot a ghetto black thug in self-defense, would he also be an evil white racist black baby murderer?

    • noneofyourdamnbusiness

      I should add that it’s probably not a good idea to be tweeting all this stuff – no matter how true it may be, until after the trial. It can only serve to make GZ look like an “evil racist” in the minds of any potential jurors.

      • libertarian 1234

        I’m not sure I agree with that.

        Our side has always opted for the careful, safe procedure, and all it gets us is defeat after defeat.

        I think we need more people jumping up and screaming about every injustice coming from blacks. The left uses that tactic because they can’t make credible rebuttals and it has worked beautifully for them.

        An in-your-face approach is the only thing the left respects, besides the threat of imminent violence against them.


    If more people would refuse to back down after making un-PC comments, PC would lose it’s effectiveness. It’s incredibly frustrating that almost 100% of people who come under PC attack recant and beg for forgiveness. It would better if they said nothing.

  • Mindy Kaling

    If whites stopped taking from minorities and give them their fair share – money and land, there will be more peace and less crime among the oppressed minority communities. Whites need to cede land, money and power in proportion to the population of the minorities. Only then will minorities be able to succeed and reduce crime in their neighborhoods.

    • SargeInCharge

      I’ll assume that you’re post is sarcasm, but if it’s not, I’d like to point out that the areas that whites ceded to minorities (Detroit, Newark, Birmingham, LA, and so on) are doing far worse and are much more crime ridden than when they were white areas. Different people create different communities, and this is why white people are hesitant to cede anymore territory. Nor do white people have any obligation to.

  • brengunn

    Have ye seen the picture of the mom and aunty? Jesus, they are vile looking. I suppose they could be human but they don’t look it, to me. There are ugly white women, there are fat, toothless, smelly white women, but not like that, they are something else.

  • black panther white baby kill

    Why should he? This reality exact reversal of his volunteer gate keeper brothers Sanford Florida situation and Obama’s fantasy son is clear proof of not only what these thugs are capable of but of coming attractions. This was great timing for the half latino Zimmerman and the half latino baby shot in the face in cold blood and murdered with his unarmed white mother also shot after having no money to give the brazen new Black Panther party wantabe armed robber thugs and killer who was ironically 17 yrs old like Treyvon Martin..

    Most will say to cooperate with thugs and give them what they want but clearly its damn if you do and damn if you dont.

    What is being missed also is the 17 yr old Treyvon thug wantabe initially was going to kill both mother and baby and a bullet only grazed her head striking her in the ear but shot in the leg later before turning on the baby in the stroller and shooting him in the face point blank killing him and running off.

    Apparently the 17 yr old Treyvon-like pos knew he only had 3 bullets in the handgun. Cops have yet to say if the they found the gun spent of bullets but obviously it was.

    The state of Florida AG is obviously looking like idiots for following new Black Panthers Obama and Holder’s commands to charge Zimmerman and his brother fortunately took advantage of this thug murder of a baby only 125 miles north of Sanford in another small town in a southern state.

    We now know that Obama’s 17 yr old son is a cold blooded white baby killer just like the Black Panthers has been whining for their own to perform.

  • Prof. Jon

    Jewish/Hispanic -> Zimmerman

    White/Black -> Obama

    Juuuuust clarifying things.

  • gemjunior

    The fact that Robert Z. did this is a real eye-opener. There is absolutely no doubt that this photo of the two young thugs next to each other is absolutely arresting. Short, sweet and to the point. It’s worth more than all the long, indepth explanations that people will tire of reading. I bet this tweet has woken up a good few whites.

    • libertarian 1234

      Yes, the pics were an excellent example. In fact all of his tweets say a lot in just a few words. He’s doing a good job so far.

  • Ralph

    Shun all Blacks. You have nothing to gain by being around them. They contribute nothing to Whites, so why would any White waste even one calorie or spend even one second of his or her time with Blacks? And, yes, thinking in economic terms about this, as I just did,helps one sort things out.

  • I hate the hate.

    Until the tweets of his brother I a half black/half puerto rican woman, thought that it wasn’t the following wasn’t racist it was ageist. I thought he would have followed every teen because he thought that bored teens equal mischief, because I actually got in trouble with the police because I took the teens that did cause problems onto my porch (where they could NOT talk about drugs or alcohol, I would NOT allow them to use any in my presence, the only thing they could do was smoke and I would NOT get them any. Why they kept coming back I don’t know, but their parents loved it.) because the neighborhood didn’t like it. BTW these kids were WHITE! The town discriminated because they were teens.

    I think that if my 34 year husband (who still looks like a teen and is WHITE), would have been followed as well. Zimmerman would have gotten the same response from my husband, who is a veteran in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But I guess only unarmed people should get shot if they defend themselves.

  • I was leaving the Target the other day and it was a bunch of black teenagers coming in the door and, I could see in the reflection of the glass doors in front of me, one exiting the store behind me. I reached in my purse and gripped my knife I keep in there. No guilt or regret in feeling safe.

  • anarchyst

    Zimmerman had to do what he did to defend his LIFE. If the situation had been reversed, with Zimmerman being murdered by “saint” trayvon”, it would not have made the local news, let alone waking up the poverty p!mps and race hustlers. Black-on-white crime is NEVER considered a “hate crime” while when a non-black successfully defends himself, it is ALWAYS considered “racial” by our biased media.
    For a sick black-imposed “hate crime” that was not reported as such, google Christian and Newsome murders. This white couple was tortured for DAYS and eventually murdered by 6 feral blacks. The woman was brutally raped, had bleach poured down her throat to “conceal evidence”. The male’s genitals were cut off while he was still alive.
    And were supposed to feel sorry for “poor little “saint” trayvon”. “saint” trayvon is in hell where he belongs.

  • Dave4088

    I applaud Robert Zimmerman and he is spot on with his assessment of left wing media hypocrisy when it comes to violent black crime in general and the handling of the cold blooded murder of 13 month old Antonio Santiago.

  • Ella

    The media can rant and rave all they want but Whites have FULL rights to avoid young Black males as some Blacks even avoid their own people looking ‘suspicious” or “aggressive.” I move some distant if Blacks approach me since people are being mugged/robbed in plain daylight. No one with common sense will risk being a “victim” of crime to avoid being labelled a “racist.” Let the Libs figure it out the hard way.

  • James

    Trayvon like most teenage males who come from a broken home searched for guidance thru Hip Hop culture and his peers. There for his thug mentality to do drugs, call women hoes and steal and vandalize. If George would’ve just left him alone he would’ve probably lived long enough to enjoy three meals and bed in a state penitentiary for B&E or murder on our tax dollars. Also the thing with black youth is they’re taught from and early age that they don’t have to or need to work cause they live of government to receive the pay their ancestors didn’t get for working as slaves. That’s a quote from several blacks that my wife sees everyday as a Social Services Employee who sees these 3rd to 4th generation lazy free loaders cheat the system to get a free ride so they can sleep all day and sell drugs at night in their own community to their own people. She catches those who she can in the past during Bush administration and got them busted for fraud. But Obama has made it so easy for them to cheat the system now she quit her job out of shame and anger of seeing this miscarriage of taxpayer dollars.