CPAC’s Race Panel “Gone Wild” Attendee says GOP Needs More Whites!

YouTube, March 19, 2013

Matt Heimbach of the Towson University White Student Union joins Thom Hartmann. Thanks to Republican-backed voter suppression ID laws–minorities all across America are being disenfranchised. Our guest thinks “young Southern white men” are being disenfranchised and oppressed in America too.

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  • a multiracial individual

    They all know how to secure more white votes. They just don’t want to.

    • The__Bobster

      Romney did everything he could to piss off his White base. Yet the lesson he learned was that he didn’t reach out to minorities enough?

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        Yeah, for such a smart, hypercapable guy, there’s a lot that Mitt either doesn’t get or gets but thinks he has to fake that he does not get it. It makes you wonder how he made so much money. Do Mormons have that good an internal network going on?

        • White Mom in WDC

          Yes. They want to conquer the world, much like Islam.

        • Pelagian

          Obviously not a good enough network to get someone elected President.

          But, yeah, they support each other and their strategic allies, big time.

        • BonusGift

          Mormons to some extent act like the tribe; except they don’t obviously want to genocide all white Christians.

  • robin

    I refuse to accept any guilt from slavery…………
    perhaps if they would peddle that in mideast countries they would have better luck.
    and to expand on that, I feel no guilt for any black problems. I had nothing to do with any of their handicaps, persecutions, beliefs, opinions etc etc

    • +
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      I refuse to accept any guilt from slavery…………
      For me the same goes for Indians I never done any thing wrong by one and I think they have been well paid for any wrong done to them, time for them to start making their own way……

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      Historically, the guilt for black slavery all lies on the black chiefs who captured and sold their own people into slavery. There was a time when Angles from beyond the northern imperial limes were marched as slaves through the streets of Rome and mistaken by early Christians in that Italian city for Angels…. Today everyone who works for the government or a government sponsored corporation is to some degree a slave, a slave of the “voluntary” income tax and a slave to communistic “social security” and all doctrines of state-sponsored “public health and welfare.” I suppose it is possible that slavery is an endemic aspect and characteristic of civilization—only true Barbarians like the Teutons, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Highland Scots really live free—and even then the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons held white slaves of their own….as did the Greeks and Romans throughout their barbaric and civilized histories, for that matter…. as did even the Jews and the Chinese, if you want to look at the panorama of Asian history….. slavery has existed EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD—just most recently, and most commonly in recent times, among the Africans of Africa…..even into the 20th century.

      • Wayne

        All of you need to stop even talking about who did what to who. Slavery is a human condition like war, it exists today and always will exist.
        Understand this first and foremost: ALWAYS be proud of your ancestors and respect them and do not let them be run down. Once you start criticizing your ancestors, you acknowledge some evil they supposedly did and you supposedly benefited from and your children will be expected to surrender.

  • Point D’Appui

    I admire Mr. Heimbach’s youth and courage, but this performance is simply painful to watch. The flaccid ectomorph host walks all over him with easily refutable points about immigration, voting, etc. Someone needs to coach this kid.

    Racist? “Racism” is just a HATE-WORD designed to demoralize White-Men, especially White-Children. It’s disgusting how this word is used and we shouldn’t put up with it any longer.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      He should start listening to James Edwards for examples in flip comebacks, if he is not doing so already. Still, some people are not made for spinning their positions, especially in the face of a hostile questioner.

    • The Thinking Atheist

      Heimbach, maybe a brave man with good intentions, but, c’mon, when confronted with a liberal, someone smarter than his ilk, this little round amateurish fat comical oaf comes across as the retarded lost twin brother of Peter Griffin.

      LOL, seriously my white racial conservative folks, is this the best clown of an icon you could come up with? Sheesh, he looks, sounds and thinks like a goofy cartoon character. For his imbecility, I shall now re-Christian Matthew Heimbach as Peter Griffin, the man who sells butt-scratchers for a living! Hah, no wonder you clowns are losing and the multicultural left WINS!

      Okay, now go ahead and delete my post, lest my opinions gets the better of your fragile conservative egos resulting in months of rigorous psychotherapy to get you back in normal mental shape. Oooh, offended? Shalom & Good Luck!

    • White Mom in WDC

      These elitist white Repubs are at their core sociopaths and sociopaths eat their young so to speak. This party has not done squat in mentoring younger whites and mentoring is in fact a lost art across the board in society. Those of us who are white and who ate not connected/ elite will need to mentor each other and unify. It is imperative that we do this our and our progeny’s survival.

    • bluffcreek1967

      That’s partly why Thom Hartman likes having Matt on – he’s an easy victory for him. Still, Matt generally does a good job, but I agree he needs to learn how to articulate his comebacka a little better and challenge some of the basic assumptions of Thom.

      • Tucker

        A few years ago, before I even knew who Thom Hartman was – I came across a podcast interview that he had done with Peter Brimelow, so I downloaded it and gave it a listen.

        Hartman was insufferably rude, condescending, obnoxious, belligerent, and clearly seething with raw, festering, psychopathic and vitriolic hatred for Brimelow and for every point that he was trying to make in defense of the perfectly legitimate, perfectly justified, and entirely moral ethnic specific interests of White European Americans. That behavior revealed to me Mr. Hartman’s probable ethnic lineage.

        This is the mistake that pro-White spokesmen keep making. Naively assuming that our mortal enemies are going to allow us to express our points of view and while we do so, treat us with respect and cordiality. News Flash: They won’t. This enemy within our midst is consumed with raw, radioactive, 3-Mile-Island meltdown caliber of hatred for our race and they fully intend to GENOCIDE US into extinction – and they are not the least bit concerned with any sense of fair play or sportsmanship while they are pursuing this objective.

        So, stop trying to reason with these genocidists. Learn to play hardball, folks. Go for their jugulars and put these evil rats on the defensive.

        • David Ashton

          The patriots interviewed need to turn towards the camera and as the audience to observe the psychopathic rage of such interviewers. This response can work wonders, like Reagan’s “There you go again.”

    • Nathanwartooth

      Yes, I agree. Matthew let the host walk all over him and control the conversation completely.

      When Matthew didn’t respond to what the host said about Amnesty hurting businesses Matthew should have interrupted before he could change the subject.

      There are multiple things he could have said in response:

      1. Amnesty guarantees more illegal labor by looking at what happened during previous amnesties which is what certain agricultural businesses want.

      2. By flooding the labor market with cheap legal Mexicans you can drive down the cost of labor.

      Come on Matthew! Be more aggressive!

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I think he did fine. Very young, very in control, lot’s to learn, but…

        Very good face for the movement. Lot’s of potential. I think he did fine – can’t be too confrontational and get invited to real interviews – whatever the ideology of the interviewer. Kid has to walk a fine line and seems to get it.

        In fact, I think the lamestream PC media wishes the kid was the racist stereotype evil white ignoramus, would love a “sieg heil” moment. Kid’s not giving it too them.

        I like this.

        • Nathanwartooth

          But when the interviewer makes a rebuttal and Matt doesn’t say anything, to the audience it looks like the interviewer is just smashing him in the “debate”.

          He doesn’t have to be aggressive, just more assertive.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Gotcha. Look forward to seeing more of him, seeing how he evolves. Remember, he’s an obscure college kid being grilled by a professional twice his age. On said professional’s show. In this subtly dangerous context I still think the Kid did well. I also think I noticed Hartmann grimace when confronted with the kid’s undeniable decency and intelligence. Like “Aw crap, I can’t bait this little fascist into self immolation. Uh oh…”

            Perhaps I over impute? But then I was once a petty Thom Hartmann myself so I understand how the process works…

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        I think Matthew Heimbach shows exceptionally good sense by NOT fighting too hard when he know he would just be classified as a radical and rejected if he did. Matthew Heimbach is trying to reach out to the wishy-washy majority and gain a footing in that immense population. He does not need to please US—everyone who reads Am-Ren is in some sense and to some degree already part of the “White Choir”—and we can’t win by preaching to each other. We have to speak softly and keep our big sticks hidden until we are in a position to use them—and even then, we should only use them fairly and equitably, in accordance with due process of common and constitutional law….

    • Bobby

      It won’t matter a single bit what bonehead traitor ectomorphs say ,like the clown in the video once European-American youths find out how badly the phony Republican establishment is scr-wing them. That’s when the Republican Party goes down, and I might add,so richly deserves to. In a time of crisis, when people see clearly and feel the effects of their non-representation, they will find a group to represent them. It’s happened in other places at other times in history, recent history in fact.

    • Ralph

      Heimbach did a fine job. Instead of shouting or looking angry, he just calmly kept on message. Lefty interviewers always want to get people on our side to shout and contort their faces in anger. Then, the interviews are edited to show our people as cartoonish.

      There is a time and place for shouting and looking angry, but media interviews are not the right place for that. It is better to calmly present our positions as the high moral positions that they are, instead of playing into the hands of the haters and bigots who want all Whites to die off directly or blend themselves away via miscegenation.

      The old saying is true: You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. And, we need to awaken more of our White cousins who may be put off by false images of us as always being angry and over the top.

    • Paleoconn

      It’s hard against a hostile debater like the slimy, weaselly Hartman. But he should be more assertive and talk over him when being interrupted, and not let him change the subject before Matthew says everything he needs to say about it. Hartman escapes too easily.

      • bluffcreek1967

        I think that’s the key: Being polite, but also being assertive and not allowing the interviewer to lead you on every intellectual bunny trail. Guys like Hartmann are not looking for a reasoned dialogue, but for a ‘gotcha’ moment. They ask a series of questions knowing you will never have enough time to answer them thoroughly, and then quickly move on to something. The audience tends to remember only the questions, never the answers. Asking a question is easy, but answering one takes time, reflection and articulation.

        Last but not least, some of these issues are complex and one cannot properly or thoroughly answer such questions in a 30 second soundbite. Self-hating whites and DWLs like simplistic and bumper sticker slogans to convey their message, but those of us who have to deal with issues of race in the light of facts, human nature and history cannot give such simplistic replies in many instances.

        • Paleoconn

          Excellent analysis. When interrupted by a ‘we have to move on’, a ‘let me finish’ or ‘this subject is a lot more complex and you’d have to invite me back for a longer period for me to demolish your argument, but by all means, for now, let’s move on’. This would definitely stagger him a bit. A confidence exhibited by the likes of a quick-talking Ben Shapiro is perfect in this sort of debate. Shapiro is a neocon but I like his debates on 2A and other social issues. He demolishes Piers Morgan for instance.

  • cecilhenry

    Good effort.

    However, we all know what a straw man is.

    The MSM would not want to let someone on who argued the position for whites persuasively.

    They let him speak to be able to knock him down.

    Get Bob Whitaker on…. that would be a show.


    • Wayne

      Great comment. The media is the gatekeeper. They only let those they see as useful pass. They see Matt as an easy target for ridicule. That said, he can learn from Bob Whitaker and Bugs and squash these cockroaches—but the interview would never see the light of day and he would never be invited back.

  • White Mom in WDC

    I was doing research on Utah, specifically SLC, which I thought to be mostly white. Well the wealthy mormons there don’t any to scrub their own toilets do guess who they hire, their beloved Latinos. Look, rich white Repubs don’t care about middle class and worki g class whites. To them the equation works out that you are white so you must be rich, if you are not rich and white well then you must be 1) a loser not worthy of time or b) a redneck racist or 3) both. They don’t care about the US anymore than the Dems or liberals. My kids will not be demoralized by these sociopaths

    • So whom do us non-rich whites vote for??!!??

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        I think Matthew Heimbach is a rising star, possibly the next George Corley Wallace with better sensitivity to the current establishment and hence better chances to succeed on a nationwide stage. I hope Matthew will enter politics and commit himself not merely to protecting white interests, but to carrying the White Man’s Burden of maintaining civilization based on common and constitutional law, equity, and ordinary concepts of decency, due process, and fair play.

        • CrowBoi1977

          Go Matt Go!

      • White Mom in WDC

        We start our own party

        • NeanderthalDNA

          We need two things, I think…

          1. A white NAACP like front. Not a party, but a lobbying and advocacy group that pressures pols on both sides and mobilizes/educates whites about our situation. This is our right. But not fielding candidates as a party.

          2. An inherently non-racial political party, a sort of “4th way” approach to the beast that advocates for all sorts of policies that are in fact truly beyond race but which will benefit our people, like…

          a. Support meritocracy – what ever happened to civil service exams? Are we getting the best and brightest, the most motivated, to serve in our governments? We need to compete and we cannot do so if the most qualified, regardless of race, lose jobs to others hired based on their ethnicity.

          b. Welfare reform – Plenty to criticize here without ever mentioning race. A sick, broken system which rewards the worst behaviors and enables social destruction. We could even advocate for not doing away with welfare but really fixing it so it encourages good behavior and self sufficiency and dignity for all.

          c. Oops, look at the time…regardless, Such a party would be open to any who agree with us, even some “Ruckuses” and reps of various minorities who do not fear meritocracy. Again, the political party must be a-racial in essence and rhetoric, but support a philosophy/set of policies that will benefit us without specifically intending to.

          The white advocacy and social group specifically for whites, the 4th way party for all who agree.

          In the big picIi have a hard time seeing any third party making much of an impact considering the two headed demiurge that runs things now, but…if a third party could siphon off enough votes from BOTH parties (hence beware assuming Libertarian ideology is the answer), who knows what such a monkey wrench flung into the gears could accomplish?

          • The “fourth way” implicitly but not openly racial political party should consider adopting the ideology of Phalangism you suggested awhile back. Big accomplishments can help unify people, and even if it’s done in a not explicitly racial way, it just might dawn on enough people when thousands upon thousands if not more white people are gathered together to celebrate each new “phalange.”

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, thanks.

            After rumination I wonder if “Phalangism”, as much as I like the word and concept, may be too evocative of Spanish “fascism” under Franco (a fella I’ve come to admire more and more as I evolve). Perhaps more appropriate for the white NAACP? Still milling this over.

            I admit to a fascination with ideas from the 30’s (originally) regarding “technocracy”, which seems to evoke a modern, scientific version of Plato’s theses in many ways.

            But people need great projects, great national and regional engineering feats, SPACE EXPLORATION AND COLONIZATION (realistic, as per gigantic self contained orbital colonies – google “space colonies” and check out 40 year old concept art – cool stuff). Depending on how fast/far sea levels rise, mega-engineering, sci fi cum sci reality is a realistic, perhaps necessary, option.

            Without these great works we devolve I think. We devolve into inertial militarism, waste our resources fixing all the symptoms while ignoring the real root cause of most problems – lack of any purpose beyond self gratification and self aggrandizement. Don’t get me wrong, I love individualism and all, but I believe the individual’s opportunity for self fulfillment and realization of potential often suffers within the suffocating context of pointless stasis that I call “Democratic Totalitarianism” our system, lol…

            Don’t you love this here interwebbytubey? Where would we meet and exchange ideas otherwise? The new anti-ideology of the Truth will be born here, the brainchild of millions.

            Optimism good, eh?

          • After rumination I wonder if “Phalangism”, as much as I like the word
            and concept, may be too evocative of Spanish “fascism” under Franco (a
            fella I’ve come to admire more and more as I evolve).

            That means all we have to do is come up with a different name for the same concept.

            Don’t get me wrong, I love individualism and all

            I don’t think there’s any inconsistency between individualism and phalangism. When our Federal government was much smaller and much less involved in the lives of the average person, we still engaged in a form of phalangism, at both public expense and private expense and sometimes a mix of the two. Transcontinental railroad? Hoover Dam? Golden Gate Bridge? Erie Canal? Panama Canal? The height of the manned space program? Major skyscrapers galore? If anything, as government has gotten bigger and more intrusive, the number and quality of “phalanges” have gotten fewer.

            Don’t you love this here interwebbytubey?

            Ironically, pervasive wireless connectivity everywhere in the country could be a phalange in our world of Phalangism.

            But people need great projects, great national and regional engineering feats, SPACE EXPLORATION AND COLONIZATION (realistic, as per gigantic self contained orbital colonies – google “space colonies” and check out 40 year old concept art – cool stuff).

            Yes, “big” phalanges are necessary, but they need not all be big. Like I said, universal national WiFi/xG is a “little” or “invisible” phalange. Or, some dramatic breakthrough in photovoltaic and/or nuclear fusion.

          • White Mom in WDC


    • a multiracial individual

      Rich Republicans are very shortsighted. Sure they can get some cheap illegals to mow their lawn. Of course, the children of those illegals are citizens, and they will be more than happy to raise taxes on the wealthy (the middle class). Now that cheap labor that person wanted ends up costing them a few more % points in taxes. That’s some expensive yardwork. They could have just hired an American for 1/100th the cost. Insane.

      • White Mom in WDC

        They don’t care. They see they just dont care. They look down on middle class whites. They wan the damn beaners, have em! We need to start our own part

  • guest

    If this guy is really pro-white, then best of luck to him. He’ll need it once the MSM begins their usual slandering and attacks on anyone who works for the best interests of white people.

    • Paleoconn

      Do you doubt that Mr. Heimbach labors for White interests?

      • guest

        Well to be fair, Matthew is a fat, stupid, sloppy and oafish version of Peter Griffin. How can you seriously call this fat clown pro-white?

      • guest

        I’m just saying that some of these activists and groups who seem pro-white turn out to be not so pro-white at all.

        • Paleoconn

          Gotcha. Fair enough.

  • 1776is1984

    big eyed hartmann still looks like a libtard creep…even with the new haircut, from before. go matt!

  • bluffcreek1967

    Often, people are so stupid that they think the person who is the most articulate and animated during a debate is the winner of the debate. Someone like Thom Hartmann, who is smooth, articulate and seemingly fair-minded (on the surface) will be seen as the one who has the facts on his side – but in reality doesn’t. Yet, an opponent who might be less articulate and not as animated will be perceived by the ill-informed listener as the loser – even though his views are fully supported by the facts and reality.

    For most people, I presume, substance or content-based debate is not important. Because Americans are so entertainment oriented, they tend to value personality, speaking style and animation more important than actual content. I understand the importance of delivery and passion in what one communicates, but this should never take the place of truth.

    Can you imagine most Americans today standing up (not sitting) and intently listening the entire time during the 4 to 6 hour debates between Lincoln and Douglas during their Presidential runs in the 1860s? Such a different era and such a different people than ours.

    • Wheatlover

      No need to try to spin anything bluffcreek, the fact is that Matt was out of his league here. In fact, the questions that Mr. libtard Hartmann posed to Mr. Heimbach were actually softballs that any seasoned person would have been able to either crush or knock out of the park.

      Mr. Heimbach needs to step up his game or find a more capable spokesperson for the cause.

      • sbuffalonative

        I applaud Mr. Heimbach for putting himself on the line. I certainly wasn’t aware of such issues at his age and even if I was, I don’t believe I would have the guts to do what he does. Mr. Heimbach deserves our support and encouragement with every appearance he makes.
        Hopefully, Mr. Heimbach will study his own performance and the questions and techniques used by his opponent.
        I always say it’s important to know what your enemy is saying and thinking so you can be ready with facts and figures.

      • bluffcreek1967

        I wasn’t trying to “spin” anything. I was simply making an observation about the nature of modern debates and what constitutes a victorious debater. I had already agreed in one of my earlier posts that Matthew needed to step up his replies, etc. I’m not making apologies or spinning anything in regard to his performance with Hartmann. The point was only that most audiences at debates are entertainment oriented, not content of information oriented. This explains why the guy who is more animated or funny is often perceived to be the winner, although his opponent may have more of the truth on his side although he’s lacking in wit and charm.

    • Debates schemates. Formal debating skill is overrated. All you have to do is get your message out and not screw up too badly. Walter Mondale mostly out-debated Ronald Reagan in the Presidential debates in 1984. What good did that do Mondale?

      • Paleoconn

        Good point. Reagan looked more genuine and in touch with the common man. Matthew looks more likeable than Hartman who looks slimy and unshaven, and plain sickly without the sympathy that that usually elicits.

        • Ted


      • bluffcreek1967

        This is true but only to a point. When you are going to speak widely and publicly on such matters as race, you want to be as prepared as possible. You better know your opponents position better than even they do – and have ready answers to their rebuttals. You also want to be as succinct as possible (given most people’s attention span) and assertive when the host starts to dominate the discussion. In the end, though, I generally agree that one can be as prepared and charming as possible, and still be rejected by the audience – especially if their minds are already made up.

    • BonusGift

      On average people were smarter then and had a longer attention span. The tribe run media has had disastrous effects not just in the multicultopia barinwashing but also in things like attention span.

  • Dan

    That was a sad performance by Mr. Heimbach. Granted, he is much younger than Mr. Hartmann, but his repsonses clearly demonstrates the limited level of talent that young White separiatists groups have at the moment.

  • Bobby

    Good. Once young and bright folks like Matt Heimbach and so many other white kids catch on to the Republican Party scam, as far as their non-representation goes, that’s when the Republican Party goes. It can’t be soon enough, because European-Americans will find a poltical party that actually represents them, and puts them first, instead of ANYONE WHO ARRIVED IN THE U.S.YESTERDAY, AND ISN’T WHITE.

    • Nate Miller

      Hmm…young maybe, but smart? I doubt it. Heimbach’s arguments were weak and he does not appear to be a bright spark. Thom Hartmann basically owned him in this debate, yet again. Matt needs good coaching.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        Who among you has brought 1/10 as much attention to racially conscious issues
        as Matthew Heimbach has?

        I can think of no articulate racially conscious young person since David Duke in the 1970s who has attracted as much mainstream media focus as Matthew, and Matthew has avoided all the radical associations and resultant prejudice that David Duke had because of his Klan connexions.

        Now David Duke went on to garner more than 2/5 of the vote statewide in those elections (2/3 of the White Vote) and so to come frustratingly close to winning the governorship of Louisiana in 1991 and the U.S. Senator’s seat from this state in 1992 and I supported him both times.

        Duke failed because he had NO appreciable minority (black) support at all. That is the flaw we have to cure, as I suggest in my reply to Matthew Heimbach above. Many black radicals in the past have supported segregation and we need to build common platforms and assert common foundational views with them when possible.

        We need to show that our stance is one of honesty, integrity, and fairness, and that SEPARATE BUT EQUAL development, IF HONESTLY EQUAL, is in the actual best interests of all races…. In other words, our platform must be economic and social and not merely racial.

        • Kathy M

          Sounds like a pipe dream. Blacks and virtually all nonwhites find themselves in a country in which they cant compete head to head with whites. They want every leftist welfare/big gubment program they can get their hooks on. Their views are diametrically opposed to ours. The two shall never meet. We’ve been in a “soft” race war for decades. A war waged by blacks on whites. Sorry you cant see that.

        • Nate Miller

          “Who among you has brought 1/10 as much attention to racially conscious issues as Matthew Heimbach has?”

          Two words Charles: WHO CARES?

          Just because the guy is on TV and brings some if not much attention in the media to the white racial cause does not make him a demigod! His amateurish behavior and I hate to have to say this but even his awkward unappealing physical appearance (fat, sloppy, boring, dorky look) as well as poor debating skills only brings negative publicity at best. When the world watches the little chubby man on TV all they see is another miserable conservative white nationalist clown messing up in front of a wise liberal.

          To gain popularity and prominence, the white nationalist movement needs a leader with the intelligence, oratory brilliance and charm of someone as eminent as the late Christopher Hitchens. Sir Salman Rushdie or Sam Harris.

          • Confederate Gentleman

            Sad to say, I have to agree with this assessment. This is not a personal attack against Mr. Heimbach. But the fact is that in our 24/7 media driven television age, impression and appearance is very, very, very important.

            Rightly or wrongly, Mr.Heimbach comes across as somewhat dour, nerdy, portly, smug , amateurish and country bumpkinish. These are exactly the type of qualities that are often red meat for smug, slick, self-righteous White liberals like Mr. Hartmann. They (White liberals) love to slowly and slickly push their opponents into a corner and then began to pummel at them unmercifully. In fact, even many White moderates (and some conservative Whites as was evident with the response to the guy who stated that Frederick Douglass should have appreciated his slave master for providing him with food and shelter) Whites are turned off by such an image and performance.

            Again, unfortunately, this is how Mr. Heimbach came across.This is not a recipe for success.

          • Nate Miller

            I agree. Look at the video again. What do you see? A little portly, dorky, bumbling country bumpkin conservative with eye glasses vs a clean cut, physically fit n’ trim, smart, articulate and smooth talking charming yet slimey liberal. And note that the liberal must be at least twice the age of the little chubby conservative man. Now in this day & age of media appeal and pressure to look appealing to the audience, who would the majority (yes that includes majority whites too) vote for?
            Answer: the guy who appears to be smart, witty, better looking and well spoken (in this case Thom Hartmann). Sadly our media is driven on the basis of appearance. If we need a mass movement, we need to build our PR value and appeal by encouraging leaders and front men for the white nationalist movement who are savvy, reasonably good looking, physically fit (athletic), well dressed, intelligent, witty, sophisticated, well traveled, charming, funny and articulate. Jared Taylor is a great example. Matthew Heimbach and Scott Terry are not. Always remember, what sells best, is what we need to emulate well!

            Plus it will ensure a steady entry of many impressionable white girls/ women & liberals into our movement. Most of our pretty white girls have bought into the Marxist ideology through media and academic indoctrination. They find black and brown or liberal white media icons to be fascinating & appealing while looking down on conservative white men as dimwitted, rustic, ignorant, hateful buffoons. The leftist stereotype through the mass media, institutions plus our federal government laws have propagated such negative stereotypes on native born white males for decades. Now, some of you may disagree or even ostracize me for my opinions, but, this is the sad reality. I’m being a realist here!

  • Towson WSU Treasurer

    Are you all watching the same video? Being a member of the WSU I must say that Mr. Heimbach always performs well in interviews and this probably was his best one yet. Not engaging over Hartmann’s talk on amnesty was to get back to the major discussion of Populist politics and the need for the GOP to focus on blue collar workers. To be honest I must say that many of us in the WSU grow weary of all the keyboard commandos who won’t ever use their real names when fighting for white interests, yet the WSU and Mr. Heimbach are out there on the front lines. Lead, follow, or get out of the way, comrades.

  • Everyone, I truly respect all of you and appreciate all of your comments. I am trying to be the best advocate for our Cause and our people as possible. The main point, as my Treasurer Kyle just posted, was the idea that we need to work a Populist approach to address blue collar white votes. To many this position I took in the interview was too moderate and to others it is too far, but to me this I feel is the base of our movement. For too long we have neglected the blue collar working class to groups like the Klan and looked down upon those who sweat and bleed for the folk. I will continue to pray to the Holy Spirit to bless me before every interview to give me the proper words to convey our message to the masses, and I pray that all of you will join us in the White Student Union in taking to the streets to fight back against our enemies. As college students, many of us from blue collar backgrounds, we do not have expansive financial resources; but what we do have is guts. Join us on the battlefield ,my friends, or support us to be able to be the vanguard of our struggle. While we may not be as polished as our heroes like Mr. Taylor, we have the drive and tenacity for victory, that is undeniable. I hope to see many of you at the conference in April and may God Almighty bless us in our struggle. -Towson White Student Union Commander Matthew Heimbach

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      Matthew Heimbach:

      I have to say my admiration for you and your work is absolute, unqualified, and unlimited. The only thing I would ask you to consider adding to your address and inventory of issues is how to sell the White side of the issues to the non-Whites. Honesty and fairness are always the best policies, and if we are advocates of integrity, we MUST offer the non-whites in our country something better than what they have right now if we are to win them (and doubtful whites) to our cause. As crazy as it may sound, I think that it IS possible to sell minorities on Segregation again if it means that there will really be separate but equal administration of justice and socio-economic governance and division of labor and competition in this country.

      The only way we can restore the honor and integrity of our race is to show that segregation and majority rule without affirmative action benefit ALL races and not just white. Segregation as separate development will have to involve exchanges, FAIR EXCHANGES, of neighborhoods, cities, and wealth. Jails are filled with non-whites. Too many people, even on this fine American Renaissance Forum, think that result is just. Jail is part of the highly destructive Social Welfare system that you discuss.

      I have entered into discussions with some church community leaders in Watts and South Central LA about whether they would be willing to trade welfare for jails. In other words—if we cut off ALL welfare assistance, we will no longer be in the business of incarcerating a disproportionate number of blacks and hispanics.

      When they start thinking about it, they realize the cycles of welfare, unemployment, jails, fatherless families, and unemployment is endless, and if we can tear down the jailhouse walls, we can restore segregation AND eliminate welfare—because FREEDOM is what all people prize the most.

      If we cut of ALL welfare assistance, we will no longer be flooded by the WRONG (lazy) kind of immigrants to the United States. In fact, if we cut off CORPORATE Welfare, there will be only free-market “demand and supply, supply and demand” capitalism left, and there will be no need for massive immigration at all because there will be no “funny money” magnets such as now lure people for construction jobs (for purposeless construction without economic reason, supported only by fiat money rather than the marketplace).

      I believe that you are the brightest star I have seen on the horizon of American youth in a very long time. Congratulations on another outstanding presentations and best regards, always….

      • Wayne

        Can I have whatever you are smoking???

      • bluffcreek1967

        With all due respect, the things you say sound nice, but I can’t even begin to fathom how unlikely such a scenario would be successfully carried out.

        The non-whites you might talk to about this, will likely be confused or completely hostile to it. The minute you mention segregation, their minds will close. Besides, why should they be content with their little segregated places when, through mass immigration and completely taking over white nations, they can have it all? Many of your ideas also seem over the head of most blacks and hispanics. I can’t imagine that there would ever be a widespread acceptance and intellectual understanding of such things. Well, maybe if you sang it some sort of rap rhyme and a drum beat, it might catch on.

        As for the majority of the prison population being non-white, I have no problem with them rotting in there if in fact they earned such incarceration. Whether we cut off welfare payments to them or not, I want them in prison so they’re not free to roam in my neighborhood looking for people to rob or rape. Moreover, you can talk to all the church leaders in the world and, unless such changes occur on a legislative level and approved by Congress, it’s just a pipe dream.

        Even if we cut off all welfare payments to non-whites, they would STILL remain here because the U.S. is still a better place to reside in than in the third-world sewers they come from. Such ‘immigrants’ also know that there exists in America countless do-gooder, bleeding-heart groups who will feed, clothe and shelter them. They got it better here than they’ve ever had it.

        You seem to assume that there exists the collective will to do the things you suggested in your post. I don’t believe it for one minute. Whites in America have still not awakened to the danger of mass third-world immigration that’s occurring before us all. Whites will be the first to oppose any form of segregation or huge reductions in welfare toward ‘minorities.’ It will never happen because things have not become unbearable for whites yet. For whites to finally wake up and collectively fight for their racial interests, things have got to get really bad – much worse than we can even imagine at this point. But this only proves how deeply deceived we have become.

        Finally, whites will not restore their honor or dignity by working out some sort of ‘deal’ with non-whites. ‘Minorities’ will not somehow start liking or honoring the white man because he reasons with them or because he agrees to various concessions. They won’t like us regardless of what we do.

        So, let’s just start by doing what is best for our racial self-interests – just like they do! Whites need to stop fussing about what blacks or hispanics will think of us. This is the way a weak and defeated people think – but not those who are strong, focused and independent as whites have always been. Whites will only restore their honor and self-dignity when they begin to conduct their lives in the manner they have always historically done – namely, by being smarter, more industrious, more disciplined and by pursuing what is best for them as a people.

    • Is it hard to walk with those huge balls of steel?

    • Tucker

      While you’re praying to the ‘Holy Spirit’, Matthew – would you mind asking Him why every one of the major church leaders (Protestant, Catholic) have signed on to the Cultural Marxist’s diabolically evil and criminal agenda to get amnesty passed, and to bury White European people under an avalanche of endless incoming hordes of third world, non-White humanity, and why they promote and encourage race destroying miscegenation to their overwhelmingly White congregations and why they are engaging in efforts to reverse, overturn and combat the efforts that are being made by State legislatures to combat illegal immigration within their respective sovereign states?

      These treasonous efforts are reminiscent of the betrayal by the Church leadership in the former Rhodesia, when those church leaders assured their White congregations that they should surrender to black majority rule and that nothing of any negative significance would result from their decision to allow the Mugabe gang of blacks to place their boot on the back of their White necks.

      I suppose that the 3,797 Whites who have been murdered since 3/21/11 in South Africa and the thousands of White females who’ve been brutally gang raped by AIDS infected black savages are probably not causing any of those Church leaders to lose any winks of sleep, however.

      • Pastor Donovan

        Not many church leaders have signed on to the multicult. This is all part of the Leftist psyops to make us think how they wish us to. Yes, some blow hard media hounds who affiliate themselves with the Church have bought into the “Diversity good” tripe but they do not speak for the masses.

        • Tucker

          I do recognize that the Church leadership, here in America anyway, are not in step with a substantial percentage of their congregations on these issues.

          However, what worries me most, is that many Pastors and Preachers have finely tuned skills in the area of guilt-tripping – since, when one thinks about it, this practice is an essential part of preaching religion. Endlessly harping on the physical or spiritual weaknesses or deficiencies that exist in the common man or woman and threatening such wayward souls with a guaranteed trip to the unpleasant place down below if they do not ‘see the light’ (as defined by their influential preachers) – can serve to intimidate and browbeat church goers into repeating the fatal mistakes of our kinsmen and women in the former Rhodesia.

          Our Cultural Marxist enemies had a clear understanding of how deadly and effective a weapon such as the mainstream church would be in their arsenal to engineer the racial genocide of White Europeans, and this is why they have made such a concerted effort to infiltrate, subvert, and influence the Church leadership into adopting and promoting anti-White Cultural Marxist ideologies.

          To my way of thinking, if I were sitting in a church pew and the pastor began to preach race suicide, I would immediately stand up and leave the church and refuse to return. Sadly, most Whites would not follow this advice and would instead sit there and soak up the brainwashing.

          This is because they’ve been taught to revere their pastors and preachers, but not all such individuals deserve their reverence.

    • Point D’Appui

      Hi Matthew,

      First, I’d like to congratulate you for the great display of bravery and dedication on the Hartman show the other day. If you’ll allow me a friendly suggestion, I would highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with a group called “BUGS” and Bob Whitaker. I understand that there are aspects of this group that may be off-putting, but the fact is that they do have some excellent advice regarding “Practical Politics,” ——techniques that can be used to great effect the next time you’re granted an interview. I’m sure you know, it’s not about who is smarter (no one questions your smarts) or who is making the more logical or factually supported points. In the propaganda wars, its all about who has the more crisp message.

      “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYONE??”

      • Wayne

        Great point! They have awesome out of the box and irrefutable points, and sharp, short, deadly come-backs. Visit Bob Whitaker, Matt!

    • jeffaral

      I know that Americans are slow to understand, but I’d like to point out that we have to approach the struggle for our survival from a class war perspective; also primarily it isn’t we against the non-Whites, but we against the White elites.

      • Not Politcally Correct

        Exactly. The problem with the message and vision that Mr. Heimbach and others like him have is that they see the struggle in purely racial terms. Whites vs.Blacks all other non-Whites. It is much more complex that. There are many international, religious and class factors that are of potential danger to White survival. In fact, I would argue that Washington and the White elite (both left and right) pose much more of a danger to White survival than disenfranchised, largely uneducated and undereducated non-Whites

        • Sam


    • NeanderthalDNA

      Thank you, Matt.

      You are very brave. Continue to hone your message, your style, avoid being baited, control the tone.

      And re-read Rudyard Kipling’s “If”, lol…

  • LHathaway

    Actually, I’ve felt Mr. Heimbach has done poorly in the past. Here, he does very, very well. One thing I might try and suggest. . when the host turned things around saying voter ID is trying to disenfranchise voters, Mr. Heimbach could have claimed voter ID is a way to make sure voting rights are protected – maybe he coulda tried that – and opened up a new can of worms. I think he did very good this time.

    I don’t believe the hosts claim only 4 voters, in like forever, have ever been caught for voter fraud. The host tried to turn everything around – ‘Immigration will lead to higher wages. . .’

  • BonusGift

    Even if quasi-socialist in nature, I would suggest we can learn something from Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement in Italy. It is now virtually in charge (i.e., as much as you can be in Italy) of politics in Italy by virtue of garnering the most votes (roughly 1/4 of them, and more than either of the two traditional parties) in the last election. That’s right, in roughly one decade it has gone from virtually nothing to not just the largest vote getter but a movement. He has been vilified and derided as a ‘comedian’ (when in fact he is much more of a social commentator ala someone like George Carlin). He apparently has refused to engage the mainstream media on their terms and has largely done the opposite of what the RINOs have done and suggest (albeit more regarding economic policy). RINOs and the like keep repeating, as if it becomes truth after so much repetition, that we must somehow engage with the cultural Marxist media on their terms and be nice, blah, blah, blah, … That’s utter BS; if they want to tee us up as a people that deserve to be killed off and replaced (i.e., genocided) then they will need to sit through our real message. Enough of this let’s tailor the message so carefully that we have no message. We need to unapologetically lay out our position and do it like we mean it. After all, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Let’s take a page from Beppe Grillo and reverse the RINO insanity and just say the truth (especially is as it is on our side); let’s build a movement, and not try to rationalize our slow but sure displacement if we continue down the road of trying to get the cultural Marxist crocodile to eat us last. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (the one who wrote about Soviet concentration camps – Gulag Archipeligo) noted that gulag inmates would sit around and lament and regret that given what they knew (i.e., after the fact) they should have resisted with all their physical and mental power (i.e., with deadly force even it meant just taking out one KGB person per inmate); let’s try to learn and avoid that type of fate and really resist. This is no time to debate about debating, get the message out loud and clear.

  • Taylor

    White teens show their “true colors”…

    Proud day to be white beasts in America

    • Lenny

      No. That is sick. Surprised the moderator hasn’t seen your post yet. Your logic here is poison to our cause.

      • Kevin T

        The moderator approves. I flagged it for those at disqus. I am guessing Mr Taylor no longer reads the posts here?

      • Kevin T

        The moderator approves. I am going to call in about it with someone affiliated with Amren. Maybe the conference people.

      • MerlinV

        The moderator approves. Call in at the conference phone number.

    • jeffaral

      Two less black criminals

      • Ed

        This comment is uncalled for.

    • Keefer

      Let’s analyze this. We have more of a mainstream white racial interest website here one that, unlike 99% of the other sites out there, tries to appeal to the majority of whites. A site that seeks to legitimately pursue white interests. A site that is visited by members of acadamia, the media, scientists, and so on. Now you have posted a link to two blacks who were murdered in some sick necrophilia ritual and you are glorifying the disgusting filth that did it. That is what you want everyone to see?

      • MerlinV

        The moderator approves. Call in to the conference phone number.

    • a multiracial individual

      Will the white community show up and “get these kids’ back?”

    • William

      These were obviously trashy, low class whites. They need to be in prison for life.

      • Pete


    • sbuffalonative

      Are you going to post the same post on every article under a different name?
      As I wrote before, these people are degenerate, low-life creeps who will be punished by law.
      The difference is that unlike blacks, there are no white people coming to their defense or making excuses for them.

  • Point D’Appui

    Hi Matthew,

    First, I’d like to congratulate you for the great display of bravery and dedication on the Hartman show the other day. If you’ll allow me a friendly suggestion, I would highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with a group called “BUGS” and Bob Whitaker. I understand that there are aspects of this group that may be off-putting, but the fact is that they do have some excellent advice regarding “Practical Politics,” ——techniques that can be used to great effect the next time you’re granted an interview. I’m sure you know, it’s not about who is smarter (no one questions your smarts) or who is making the more logical or factually supported points. In the propaganda wars, its all about who has the more crisp message.

    “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYONE??”

  • Point D’Appui

    Hi Matthew,

    First, I’d like to congratulate you for the great display of bravery and dedication on the Hartman show the other day. If you’ll allow me a friendly suggestion, I would highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with a group called “BUGS” and Bob Whitaker. I understand that there are aspects of this group that may be off-putting, but the fact is that they do have some excellent advice regarding “Practical Politics,” ——techniques that can be used to great effect the next time you’re granted an interview. I’m sure you know, it’s not about who is smarter (no one questions your smarts) or who is making the more logical or factually supported points. In the propaganda wars, its all about who has the more crisp message.

  • Gerónimo Anónimo

    There was an interesting video on FNC this morning. A little Black girl began to choke in a supermarket. A white guy runs over clears off the checkout belt, lays her on the belt and begins to administer CPR and mouth to mouth. He saved the little girl’s life and the parents both wound up hugging him.
    Had I been that guy I might have been tempted to say to the father and mother, “Remember this the next time that you hear Blacks calling for the killing of Whites and their little babies.
    I can imagine “Field Marshall” Shabazz chanting a celebratory “rap” if it were a little White girl choking.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      BTW did anyone else see that video on any of the MSM stations? Just curious.

      • Adam

        No. Could you post it if possible?

    • Gavin

      Oh please! How many Black people (or people of any race) do you know who call for the murder of little children and babies. Only the sickest of the sick do so.

  • Ralph

    Not only does the GOP need more Whites, the whole friggin’ planet needs more Whites.

    Hopefully, more of our kind will understand this and start having children by the score.

  • jake

    Heimbach really needs to work on his debate skills. If Jared Taylor was in here, he would bury the host.

    • Paleoconn

      I think he did fine, better than last time against this rude, interrupting, fact-distorting host.

      First: slavery was a holocaust. I would have denied that it’s a holocaust and thus fallen into Hartman’s trap. Mr. Heimbach did the right thing by saying nobody here, least of all Matthew, is going to defend slavery.

      One missed opportunity though: the Democratic party is the party of millionaires and billionaires.

      The whole thing was tedious, about which party was the party of freedom, and which the party of segregation/slavery. Not interested in that. Matthew did a good job I think on focusing the issue on where the Repugs need to concentrate, ie. their White base. Even though Hartman kept interrupting by saying the racist Whites, or the ones who are nervous that blacks will take their jobs. Matthew could have said well, both blacks and Whites are nervous about Mexicans taking their jobs.

      Anyway, overall well-done, especially versus a slickster like Hartman. I look forward to more debates. It’s easy for us to pick areas where we think the debater could have done better, but in the heat of the moment, not that easy.

  • 5n4k33y35

    That effing guy won’t STFU. Why do these people who are interviewing have to talk so much? STFU and quit editorializing you piece of crap! Ask a damned question and wait for the damned response!

  • Felix_M

    The guy’s right.

    The GOP will never recover if they try to do the shuck-and-jive. The democrats have that game locked up. They need to remember what they do well and then do it: Appeal to Americans who want the law followed. Appeal to Americans who love America and believe that a nation is more than just a conglomerate of individuals.

    When the GOP tries to reach out to minorities and to tone down its message, it doesn’t win over new voters. It only alienates their base.

  • Wayne

    Matt, be sure to always ask them how it is in the interest of whites to make their children minorities in the very country their fathers founded and defended for them. Always ask this. Make them come out against white children.

  • Bobby

    New official policy of Republican elite, GET DIVERSE OR FACE EXTINCITION.

  • LHathaway

    “If Jared Taylor was in here, he would bury the host”.

    Yes but would the host then invite him back onto the show! The host makes a few points, and our own Matt Heimbach makes a few points to think about. Very good for him.

    I thinking being argumentative, in this case, might have made Matt look bad. Plus he’s in a very hostile environment where the audience wouldn’t be expected to sympathize with his view, yet, I think he managed this near impossible task. He nicely represented the possibilities of a white student union in this case.