Could West Africa Be the Next Big Source of American Immigrants?

Joshua Keating, Foreign Policy, March 21, 2013

new Gallup poll, taken in 154 countries, finds that around 13 percent of the world’s adults say they would like to move to another country–the United States is the top desired destination with a projected 138 million people willing to move to the country. Britain, Canada, France, and Saudi Arabia come next.

The survey also ranks countries by percentage of population who would like to move to the United States, finding extraordinarily high numbers from Liberia and Sierra Leone. Guinea also cracks the top 11. Along with Cambodia, these are the only non-Latin American countries on the list:


Of course, these are relatively small countries. The estimated 1.5 million or so Liberians who would want to move to the United States if they could are dwarfed by the 19 million Chinese who want to. But when you look at the raw numbers, Nigeria comes out extremely high, along with Ghana:



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  • Puggg

    Sure, because we’re suffering for a lack of Africans.

    • sbuffalonative

      We need to put together videos exposing how racist America really is. A compilation video of black leaders, blacks complaining about the police, and blacks being oppressed by whites. Put it on youtube, send the DVDs to Africa. Make sure it’s well circulated. Make sure Africans know how racist America really is so they won’t want to come here.

      • crystalevans

        Also include footage of the Rodney King beating to show how the police beat up a “defenseless” citizen who happened to be black.

    • anonymous

      Yeah, man, I hear ya. I’m really dying for more dark-skinned looking primates to beat me, attack me, kill me, rob me and then have the legal system take their side. Oh, and sleep with the pretty white females while they’re at it! (Sarcasm off)

  • Richard from Vancouver

    China for the Chinese; Japan for the Japanese; Africa for the Africans; The United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for everyone. North America needs 13 million Nigerians and 19 million Chinese like we need the plague. Cultural marxism hard at work again.

    • newscomments70

      Japanese liberals want to bring in African immigrants, as well. I get into arguments with them on blogs (I always win!)

      • a multiracial individual

        The HELL YOU SAY!

        Japanese racial liberals?

        • newscomments70

          Oh yes, they exist. You will find them on the internet if you look.

          • liberalsuck

            Wow. it shows that as a society gets more first-world, it always makes the segment more liberal. The reason why, is the liberals don’t know what it took to build those first-world civilizations they love so much. They either don’t know or are unwilling to do what it takes to make the nice things they have.

      • crystalevans

        I highly doubt that Japanese will allow Africans to immigrate to their country.

        • newscomments70

          I hope you’re right, but there is a left wing faction that wants to bring them in.

        • guest

          Unfortunately there are Africans (Nigerians mainly?) showing up in Tokyo these days. I told my Japanese friend they should deport all of them, 100%, every single one. I then took her on a tour of Skid Row, Los Angeles, and she agreed with me.

          The only occupation of these Africans is crime. This is especially true of the Africans who show up in Asia. Video attached:

          Watch that video, and notice these young unemployed Nigerian guys going around Malaysia in new designer sneakers. Did anyone wonder where they got the money for that? Gott im Himmel, why does Malaysia give them visas? They should not be given visas, ever, and they should be arrested and deported instantly if they are found there.

          • David Ashton

            Singapore has been protesting against immigrants.

        • evilsandmich

          I used to follow a blog of with a white American woman expat in Japan who married a Nigerian while in Japan. She would post pictures of her new ‘family’ all the time.

    • Mainlander

      Truer words never said. Canada for one, doesn’t need even ONE more Chinese immigrant ever again. In fact they need a 25 year moratorium on ANY kind of immigration in order to assimilate the ones already there.

      • george00

        Why would any white person in their right mind want nonwhites to assimilate with them?

        • Tucker

          Exactly. ‘Assimilate’, carried to its logical conclusion – means miscegenation, and miscegenation with Whites, who are down to 10 percent or so of the entire World’s population means Whites are genocided into extinction.

    • GM (Australia)

      You mentioned the plague, they will probably bring that with them also with them also.

      • GM (Australia)

        Oops, sorry about the typo/grammar error in the above comment. But seriously, TB has made an unwelcome reappearance here since the influx of 3rd world immigrants to this country.

      • Yes, it’s called AIDS.

    • crystalevans

      The Japanese allowed Brazilians of Japanese descent to immigrate to Japan then paid them to leave when the economy improved. Brazil has the largest number of Japanese residents outside of Japan.

    • Major Nidal Malik Hassan

      The US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have ALWAYS been for EVERYONE. They are countries that were set up by IMMIGRANTS for IMMIGRANTS. Japan, China and Africa are not. Why don’t white racists understand this simple fact ?? America belongs to white people like a the Statue of Liberty belongs to France… Just coz they made it doesn’t mean they own it. Just coz America was 80% white when it was made doesn’t mean it always has to stay that way. America was also an indian-killing, slave-owning, wife-beating, woman-oppressing nation at the time. Europeans exterminated the indigenous people of the new world (The Americas, Australia and New Zealand) out of greed. Now their greed has now infected the Asians and the Africans. Just like europeans spread capitalism and pornography, they’ve spread to the East the thirst for adventure. Now sit back and watch it wow you. Immigrants and their children are the reason the New World has been able to keep costs down while creating a large consumer base. If the immigrant mexican farm worker doesn’t pick vegetables for 2c/hour or work in a meat processing plant for $1/hr, your Big Mac would cost $20 and the average middle class white american would not have been able to feed himself or support a family. White americans today owe oppressed minorities a great debt. They will pay it in full the day the minorities wrest the demographic majority from whites. Just wait another 30 years.

      • SargeInCharge

        Well, you’re wrong on a few levels.

        First, the United States was established  as a white nation.  If you look at the wording of the Constitution it’s evident that it was to apply to the white people who established the nation and not others who fell outside that jurisdiction. This was reaffirmed with America’s first immigration act, The Immigration Act of 1790, which specifically limited immigration to free white men.  While some non-white immigrants did come, the Congressional exclusionary acts that followed showed that America’s leaders, supported by it’s populace, intended America to remain a white nation.  

        The seismic shift in policy came only fairly recently (1965) and without the consent of the people (the foundation of Constitutional principle).  That such a short time after opening up immigration to immigrants from Third World nations we are seeing rising crime, declining schools, a growing welfare state, and a growing police state to enforce diversity is evidence of the adverse effects of 1965’s seismic shift.  

        You are correct, however, that no nation has a right to hold their territory ad finitum.  Historically, nations (as in a defined group of people) have had to hold their land through force.  That is coming.

        Second, you’re wrong that mass immigration has had a net positive effect on lower and middle class whites.  Not even the Liberal hero, Paul Krugman, would say something so unfounded.  Krugman notes, “My second negative point is that immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. That’s just supply and demand: we’re talking about large increases in the number of low-skill workers relative to other inputs into production, so it’s inevitable that this means a fall in wages.” 

        So while many of our poor white brethren are losing jobs because unscrupulous businessmen are hiring immigrants who will work for pennies on the dollar, even those lower class whites who are still working are having their wages driven down.  Many of these poorer whites also don’t have the money to move from areas that have been overtaken by immigrants and bring with them — higher crime and worse schools.

        There isn’t any advantage for middle class whites either.  Many incur considerable expenses relocating to further out suburbs to escape the crime and worsening schools, while others incur expenses sending their kids to private schools.  And once out of school, their white children will often get overlooked by admission boards because the color of their skin, even though their GPA and SAT scores were significantly higher than the darker hued applicant who was accepted.

        If immigrants do prevent a Big Mac from becoming $20 (as you say), that savings to the white middle class is lost in a number of ways:  Products are marked up due to a higher rate of shoplifting among certain immigrant groups; taxes must be raised to fund the growing welfare state to support immigrants who rely on welfare programs at a higher rate than white natives; taxes must be raised to fund the growing police state to police immigrants who commit crime at a higher rate than white natives.  

        And is a cheaper Big Mac really that important?  I’d venture to guess that if you presented your argument and my argument to the white lower and middle classes, and we hooked them up to a lie detector so that we got their real answer and not a PC answer — more would agree with my position that widespread non-white immigration has a net negative effect on their lives.  It’s only the upper, upper class whites who can sell their goods to a larger consumer base while employing cheaper labor, all while living comfortably in their exclusive all-white community, who favor the madness of mass Third World immigration.  Well, them and the “intelligentsia” (media, college professors), and the unfortunate souls who have been brainwashed by them.

        • Tucker

          If I had a choice between a Big Mac priced at $3.50 or an all White homeland, it would take me exactly 1 millionth of a microsecond to make my decision.

          • What took you so long? I hate it when people are so indecisive.

            All kidding aside, a Big Mac by itself isn’t quite $3.50 yet, but it’s getting close to that. The “value meal” that includes a Big Mac is obviously more. At least from what I saw the last time I was in the 365Black fast feeder, and that was more than two months ago. So we might soon have $3.50 Big Macs and no white homeland.

            They say we need to let our country become Guadeltombiexico in order to have cheap lettuce. But where is lettuce so cheap?

      • ConcernedYoungAmerican

        Sarge said a lot of what I wanted to say via how our nation(s) were founded and how our immigration laws were structured until a *CERTAIN* ethnic group that controls the Western world began to wage war on us in the 1960s (judging by your username, we have the same enemy but for different reasons), so I’ll keep my response brief:

        1. Minorities live like kings throughout the Western world. The white gravy train has helped to bankrupt us, in fact.

        2. Your sick fantasies of oppressing white children in the future will never come to fruition because there won’t be an America within ten years–you have no idea what’s coming.
        3. We’re in no way responsible for what’s “infected” Asia and Africa: Their elites are kowtowing to China which seeks hegemony over both continents.
        Take your brown drivel someplace else and remember that we whites dragged you all out of the stone age and we can send you back with the push of a button just as easily.

        • saxonsun

          Hard to believe that someone as intelligent as you would believe that crap about the Jews.

          • ConcernedYoungAmerican

            I had trouble accepting it at first because most individual Jews are pretty good people, but their elite have a stunning track record of hostility towards white gentiles and have been at the forefront of our multicultural dispossession.


            Look at the history of the 1965 Immigration Act as well; Ted Kennedy was just a stooge.

          • David Ashton

            The Jewish press in Britain often makes the point that Jews (outside Israel) can and should sympathize with immigrants because they too were once immigrants and even earlier “strangers in Egypt” etc. The problem for them today is that immigrants, especially Muslims, do not like them.

          • dongding

            Too bad. They (The Jews) brought this on themselves by flooding Europe with muslims and other nonwhites who don’t like Jews either. They brought in the nonwhites to fight with the native white population to distract them from what they (The Jews) were doing to their governments and economies there. even Malcolm X once said Jews pit whites against blacks so ‘the white man’ doesn’t notice what ‘the jew’ is doing. Jews have been kicked out of 100 countries throughout history. To quote Tommy Boy, “Hello, I’m Earth. Have we met?”

          • I agree. Jews were instumental in the big change of the 1965 immigration act. I am so sick to death of the filthy jews.

          • ATBOTL

            Of course, that doesn’t apply to non-Jewish immigrants to Israel.

  • Bull Connor

    OMG, think of the enrichment!

    • ken

      Think of more crime !

      • 13% of the population committing 85% of violent crime…and turning every city into Sub Saharan Africa….Look at Detroit, Chicago, Philly…anywhere with a large % of “African” Americans.

        • MBlanc46

          Fortunately, only certain neighborhoods and suburbs have been turned into sub-Saharan Africa. Most of the metropolitan area is very liveable. Well, except for the weather, which is nothing like sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Of course they all want to come here. One member of the tribe emigrates to the US and then writes home about the EBT card, free housing, and not having to work; every African’s dream.

  • what a shocker

    Big shocker. Not They just want to move to a white nation and America is where their peeps are living like kings and queens off whites as they have been for 500 yrs. These are the ones left behind during slavery as their ancestors were not taken slaves. Blacks in America need to be reminded of this 24/7 although everybody knows they have been conning and lying their their teeth complaining about slavery and racism.

    More and more the ignorance of the white elite slave owners shows through including the Founders like Jefferson and Madison who must have lived in a fantasy world and should have been shot or hanged.

    • Svigor

      It was the ignorance of the white elite Yankees that created the problem you describe.

  • You know what?
    I think Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts could use some African immigrants in the most whitest areas. They like diversity and voting democrat so much, it’s past time to let them experience it first hand. I would also suggest raising gas prices an extra two dollars a gallon, and an additional $2,000 on property taxes so these new immigrants can quickly be integrated into society.

    • crystalevans

      I thought Minnesota was flooded with Somalis. Some of the young Somali men went back to their homeland to fight in the war there.

  • obama the 3rd world magnet

    Banana Republic socialist Obama would love to oblige them all if he could get 3 terms and go for a lifetime regime. Instead of a 16 trillion debt giving away welfare and food stamps it would be 500 trillion or more.

  • SargeInCharge

    But I’ve constantly been told that America is a racist white society that oppresses black people. Why would West Africans want to be around evil oppressors?

    • The__Bobster

      We sent a lot of ex-slaves to Liberia with “do not return” notes stapled on their asses. Yet large numbers of them are now returning because they miss their old cruel White massahs so much.

    • They expect to be paid by the ‘racist’ Whites….

      • liberalsuck

        And kill us and rape our women while they’re at it…

    • StillModerated

      Better off here than surrounded by spoonies!

    • It’s the same reason why blacks headed for South Africa, because blacks cannot create a good society. It’s impossible for them to do so.

  • Bill

    If Obama, the Dems and the neo-cons have their way, then yes. Anything to import a voting block that forever keeps Dems in power, and makes us a third world nation.

  • Young Man

    It’s no longer socially acceptable to say that America is a country created by Europeans for Europeans. Eventually it won’t be acceptable to say America is part of Western Civilization. Demography is destiny…

  • bigone4u

    When the hoards arrive at the border and begin to settle in, all 100+ million of them, we’ll need to rename the country. It already is not “United,” but will become even less so. How about DSA–the Die-versity States of Amerika? Or to reflect the massive crime rate that will result, the GSA–Gangland States of Amerika? Or my favorite, reflecting the socialism sure to follow, the ASS–Accomdating Socialist States. Yep, if our politicians have their way, we’ll just accomodate everyone who seeks a piece of us, slicing and dicing our culture and values into a million bits and pieces.

    • StillModerated

      Peoples’ Repubic of dem Untied Snakes of KwaMeriKwa

  • libertarian 1234

    “Could West Africa Be the Next Big Source of American Immigrants?”

    Well, we certainly hope so. If not where are we going to get all our doctors, space engineers, high tech grads and brilliant scientests?

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Rand Paul should have been using stories like this instead of his groveling before hispanics. Hey, if we’re going to keep having these amnesties, or even de facto amnesties, why not just open the borders? We could get another 50-100 million from Mexico and points south, another 100 million from South Asia, another 100 million from East Asia, and another 100 million or more from Africa. We could just double or triple our population in a couple of decades, What would that mean for our housing stock, our infrastructure, our educational system, our medical system, our welfare sytem, because anyone who is not a pie in the sky libertarian (I suspect you are not one of them, unlike the Pauls) will see that these people will be taking a lot more than they’ll even be able to give. Is that what hispanics really want? The hispanics certainly do not want that, and only want immigration to be free into the U.S. for their own hispanics, no one else. That’s what Paul should have said, and pulled the issue out of the hispanics/no hispanics slot. Hey, get the hispanics trying to stop immigration from other areas of the world , and we can work from there.

      • Great segue. I was looking for a good place to post this OT:

        Paul: We Already Have ‘De Facto’ Amnesty for Immigrants

        Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday that current U.S. immigration policy amounts to “de facto amnesty,” as he responded to conservative criticism against amnesty for illegal immigrants. “I’ve got a news flash for those who want to call people names on amnesty. What we have now is de facto amnesty,” Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, told Fox News Thursday.

        QD reacts:

        And that’s literally correct. We’ve had de facto amnesty by means of non-enforcement of immigration law almost continuously since 1965. But his solution is to turn the de facto amnesty into de jure amnesty.

        “We have 11 million people here that have been here, some of them for a decade or more. No one is telling them to go home. No one is sending them home.”

        QD reacts:

        And that’s why they’re coming and not going home, because of the de facto amnesty that you want to become de jure amnesty means that nobody is preventing them from coming and nobody is making them go home.

        So what would Paul tell illegal immigrants? “I would say if you want to work, we’ll find a place for you, but that doesn’t mean that you get special privileges,” the potential presidential candidate said. “It just means we’ll get you a work visa. Work visas, really, we have plenty of work visas to give every year. We’re not giving them out because the process is too onerous. So we need to make the facility of getting a work visa much easier.” Paul said Wednesday that his immigration plan consists of conferring work visas on illegal immigrants and that he is “open to debate” about what comes next, Politico reports.

        QD reacts:

        Bingo. Smoking gun. He wants work permits granted immediately. “What comes next” if anything comes next won’t matter, because, once again, repeating V-Dare’s excellent mantra, the work permit is the amnesty.

        And what’s this business about “we have plenty of work visas to give every year?” As if the wage-salary scale isn’t low enough?

      • MBlanc46

        Rand Paul wants to be president.

        • To the extent that he had any chance to do so, he just threw that down the drain. We don’t want anything to do with him anymore, Hispanic voters will vote Democrat, and the blue blooded Republican establishment to whom he is pandering to partially will tell him to flip off, because they don’t need to settle for the “half loaf” of an open borders semi-libertarian semi-isolationist in him when they can have the “whole loaf” of open borders invade the world invite the world neo-con in Jeb Bush or others.

        • Felix_M

          With his support for amnesty Rand Paul flushed his presidential aspirations down the crapper. There is no reason to have two left-wing political parties in this country. In the attempt to win over minorities and militant gays, the GOP is going to make itself into the democrat-lite party. When it does that, it has no reason to even exist. Their erstwhile base will take their political support elsewhere.

          • liberalsuck

            I’m really not that excited about anymore Republicans they throw out. Seriously, I’m not. Even the A3P and other third party non-liberal parties are sounding like neocons and Democrats anymore, all avoiding the race issue. I’m frankly sick of it. The only change that will come for our race is going to be from a collective will and not from the people in office, just like all the other great changes and upheavals throughout history.

        • Not quite. He wants the fame and fortune of being presented as a main contender to run for President same as his father. This is how the terrible Libertarian cult goes on.

          • MBlanc46

            He doesn’t share his inner thoughts with me, so I don’t know for certain what his plans are. But he sure seems to be acting like a pres candidate. The trimming on a number of issues (immigration, Israel) appear to me to be moves to make him more acceptable to the center without, he might hope, burning his bridges with the libertarian right. I’d be surprised if we don’t see a lot more candidate-like behavior from him.

  • Bernie

    Every time you think it can’t get any worse …

    • GM (Australia)

      Yes exactly, a report such as this could just be the thin edge of the wedge to soften us all up to accept unbelievably awful immigration policies in the not so distant future. Just who really is behind all of this? After all, reports such as this are not exactly self generating, someone had to come up with the idea.

  • Things have not worked very well for us with the first wave of w. african “immigrants”, who thinks a second one would be any better?

  • Old Right

    There’s a reason why the Immigration Act of 1792 restricted immigration to white Europeans.

  • Fed Up

    Why not. Like it matters now?

    • Svigor

      Because TPTB probably don’t want it. They want to boil the frog just slowly enough that it doesn’t hop out…

  • Old Right

    Well, the current world population is about 7.1 billion. Subtracting out the United States, that leaves about 6.8 billion overseas, and 13% of that is about 885 million. Assuming adults comprise 70% of that total means that there are approximately 620 million adults who would like to come here, which if they succeed in doing so means that our total population will rise to approximately 920 million – not counting the kids, of course, who will then bring our population up to at least a par with China’s. Goodbye, America as we have known her.

    • newscomments70

      Im not saying good bye, I’ve only begun to fight back.

      • Check out the NorthWestFront dot org and the Northwest migration. The whole United States might not be salvageable , some of our best are working to find a new White country in the Pacific Northwest.

        • anonymous

          I keep hearing this “Pacific Northwest” thing. Oregon and Washington are 70% nonwhite. They voted for pot and more gun control. Maybe Wyoming or Montana or Idaho and probably some Midwestern states, but Oregon and Washington? Even if whites take back that land, what about the Chinese? They have their sights set on the West Coast. What about a military? What about currency? What will you do to get whites to move there and have large white families?

          • “I keep hearing this “Pacific Northwest” thing. Oregon and Washington are 70% nonwhite”…

            Ridiculous nonsense. Oregon is very White, even Oregon cities like Portland are White.

  • Luca

    Liberia? Well yes, because we simply don’t have enough cases of cannibalism, AIDS, open warfare and human sacrifice.

    Actually, Liberia was set up to receive freed American blacks, what do you say we bring back that program instead?

    • Svigor

      I was trying to think up ways to get them ALL here, and have whites take over Liberia, preferably formally.

      • GM (Australia)

        That part of the world is the white man’s graveyard, but even if whites could establish a successful prosperous society there just who do you think would want to come and invade us?

        A bit more seriously, Liberia is a resource rich country, surely there must be some way of giving lots of blacks incentives to return to their ancestral homeland. Perhaps if they took some of their acquired in the USA know-how with them they may actually succeed in creating a prosperous society for themselves. (perhaps not)

    • crystalevans

      One thing I never understood was that Marcus Garvey led a back to Africa movement but with no white support. I would think that the whites would support the former slaves return to Africa.

      • Luca

        Garvey had lofty ideas but was mired in charges of fraud, corruption and incompetence. I assume he was a good orator but a complete buffoon when it came to organization.

        The repatriation should have taken place in the 19th century. Lincoln wanted to do it on a gradual basis as a form of phasing out slavery. It could never get proper political funding or backing.

        Many “Back to Africa” movements turned out to be nothing more than hoaxes or schemes that swindled investors and freed slaves out of their deposits or investments.

        Imagine what a different country we would be today if politicians could have united around this common cause which would have been both humane and a logical solution for all parties involved.

        • David Ashton

          Garvey had a lot of black support. He did have white support, but not enough.

      • ATBOTL

        The white establishment wanted blacks to stay for cheap labor.

  • Felix_M

    Look at those numbers and then you recognize how irresponsibly foolish and dangerous to the nation’s well-being a 2nd amnesty is going to be.

    The 1st amnesty, in 1986, made a bad situation worse. A 2nd amnesty will only make a terrible situation worse still.

    When our “leaders” pass their 2nd amnesty, they say to the entire planet, billions of poor people who would love to come here, “You all come on down! We’re America and we talk a good game but sneak in and wait for the next round of amnesty, and we’ll give it to you. Because we American leaders don’t believe in doing our jobs and protecting our country. We only care about looking good and getting our fat paychecks.”

    The 1st amnesty has made this 2nd amnesty irresistible to the cowards and traitor in the congress and Senate. A 2nd amnesty will guarantee that there will be a 3rd and then a 4th, and each time, the number of people to be amnestied will be greater and greater.

    Bet on it.

    • There was actually an amnesty affixed to the 1990 immigration bill signed by Bush 41 that created the H-xB/J-x/O-x visa programs. I have also heard that the 1965 doozy that started this ball of wax rolling also had an amnesty. This means if we get another one, it would be the fourth.

    • bob1313

      no doubt its time to make some Mississippi wind chimes out of our spineless representatives in congress, possibly tar and feather them first, this country needs a french revolution for all politicans, I’m voting out every damn incumbent regardless of party, views etc… they’re all to blame and they all should swing

  • Andy

    *Who* wants to move to Saudi Arabia?

    • Svigor

      South Asians

    • crystalevans

      I guess devout Muslims because they are closer to Mecca and can make the Haj every year. What they do not realize is that the Saudi’s hate Blacks, I have heard that they will pay for poor African Muslims to go to Mecca to make their Haj but once it is over, they are sent back home.

  • 48224

    God help us.

  • The__Bobster

    Could West Africa Be the Next Big Source of American Immigrants?

    Someone should should tell the author that we are already admitting 100,000 Afreakan bluegums every year. Philly is loaded with them.

    • crystalevans

      What I would love to see is that instead of West Africans, what about the White South Africans who would be able to assimilate into our society and be an asset to any community that they live in.

  • Mainlander

    As 46 of 50 states are on the verge of bankruptcy, cities are going dark, asphalt roads are returning to the stone age, and nationwide budget cuts are leaving students without teachers, supplies, or a full-time education. These are common features one will see as they travel through the poorest of Third World countries.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Really would love to see Africa’s reaction with 12 million white Americans moving in, sexually assaulting their women, shooting people every day, stealing their jobs, and calling them racist if they oppose it.

    • liberalsucl

      Um, whites don’t do that. It’s not in our nature. Even the (poor) white minority in South Africa is well behaved and civilized, despite all the hardship there.

  • Barrack Osama

    19 million Chinese and all male due to gender biased abortion in China. There are some black women I’m sure they’re dying to meet.

    • crystalevans

      Who knows? Some might make a love connection.

    • Felix_M

      It wouldn’t work. Chinese men are small and most black women so overridden you could park a small car in ’em and still have room for a home workshop.

      • Liberalsuck

        Eeeeew. Gross. Now I have a bad visual about that.

  • dj2

    Why America would admit even one immigrant of African descent is beyond me.

    But then again I’m just a peon, a useful servant of empire. Surely those Harvard Jews know what they’re doing.

  • ken

    I guess America is not being destroyed fast enough huh.

  • IKantunderstand

    When are they going to do a Gallup poll of Whites and where they want to move to? Oh, what’s that you say? Where are they going to move to? Hmmm, good point, where would Whites move, if they wanted to exit the hellholes their countries are becoming? Maybe if we hadn’t accepted the so-called “White Man’s Burden”, we would have had enough money to invest in a real space program. We don’t even have enough to buy our country back. Everything we own, have worked for, died for, has either been taken from us, or will soon be. It is time to fall back on the fervor of our “stuffy old white men” forefathers. Let’s start dumping some tea.

    • Kblankenship7

      A poll of Europeans who want to move to USA would be great!

  • crystalevans

    From what I understand, a number of Africans have come in under the Diversity lottery because not very many African countries have more than 50k people applying to immigrate to the US using the traditional route.

    • rick

      Yes that’s correct. Black congressman John Conyers doesn’t want to end the Diversity visa lottery since most Africans wouldn’t be able to immigrate anymore. I’d say that alone is a good enough reason the kill the program. We need more Africans like someone needs a hole in the head.

  • Gereng

    God help us, if this happens. I spent 30 months working in Liberia. These are animals, NOT human beings. Human flesh is still being sold openly. Every vice, every criminal instinct is given full rein in West Africa. It is beyond belief. Most Americans would not live among those savages for a single day. So why in the name of sweet reason would anyone want to see West Africans migrating to the US?

  • Bobby

    “Could West Africa Be the Next Big Source of American Immigrants”
    ANSWER: It sure could, If the United States of America is still governed by Democ-RAT and Republ-CON Party traitors..

  • Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but White countries for EVERYBODY!??

    That’s genocide!

  • KenelmDigby

    In the words of Oliver Cromwell:
    “I beseech you in the bowels of Christ not to do this.”

  • Anarchist

    This ain’t gonna end well…

  • why don’t we just trade? In 5 years they’ll want to move where ever white went

  • Felix_M

    Enough already. America has enough problems as it is.
    I’m sick to death of the sons of b*tches in Washington working overtime to deliberately f*ck over America. I dread the 3rd world sh*thole we’re going to be leaving to future generations.

  • Anonymous

    If this stuff really happens, Nigerian scamsters will not just send emails, but literally knock on your door.

    • StillModerated

      I’ll invite them in for coffee, a lead shower, and a rigorous goodification.

  • Dude

    It’s hilarious that Liberia is top of the list, of all places.

  • Paleoconn

    Of course all the racial preferences would be open to them too, even though none of their ancestors ever saw a White man let alone get whipped by one.

    • IstvanIN

      Their ancestors are the reason we have the ones we have now!

      • Paleoconn

        Absolutely. Black slavers were the engine of the whole trade. YT didn’t need to go into deep, dark Africa to find the human merchandise. And black slavers petitioned Britain to not ban slavery.

  • StillModerated

    37% of Liberians wish to return to this White supremacist racist hell-hole. What the heck is the matter with Africans? James Monroe sent them back to build Paradise in West Africa, so what went wrong? Oh never mind.

  • this comment was deleted

    Like you didnt know this was coming under the Kenyan in the WH? This is Obama’s BIG dream. Why do you think he promoted revolution in N Africa controlled by white arab muslims other than to remove the old white arab racist leaders as he said and install the new pc arab muslims although that didn’t work out too well? He could obv care less about Syria or Iran or any muslims nations not in Africa. The way to the western white world is the eyes on the prize and everyone knows blacks in the west LOVED slavery getting them a one way ticket out of that wretched hellhole and into the future pro sports white advanced civilization.

  • Don’t show this article to Rand Paul or his idiot father or their Libertarian cult followers or Rand Paul will soon be making pandering speeches before these African groups expressing his deep faith that these new Black African Americans are natural Conservative Republican voters.

  • DelmarJackson

    Look at the facts.
    Approximately ten percent of central America and the Caribbean now live in the USA, brought on by immigration policies that are unchanged, and a lack of enforcement of immigration laws.
    Now, what is preventing ten percent of China ,India and Africa from coming here also?
    I will wait for your answer.
    The fastest growing group of immigrants are Indians and Chinese overstaying their visas.
    After 3000 Americans were slaughtered on 9/11, Washington spent billions to design and implement a system to track newly arrived immigrants with visas. It was sandbagged after billion spent and is a useless pile of sh*t.
    What you see now is your future.
    Do something about it or get used to it.
    Join numbersusa
    read vdare every day
    and throw the Washington weasels out.

  • potato78

    For liberals and conservatives, if you don’t like asians, you don’t have to import them into US.
    You have imported enough hispanics and Africans. You can keep importing them. very good job my white brothers have done for the country. Keep going.

    • ATBOTL

      Go back to China. Stop posting here.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Yes, they would LIKE to move to the US (and Canada, and Europe, etc).

    I would like to have a gryphon to fly around on.

    Just because people want something, doesn’t mean they should expect to get it.

  • white supreme race popularity

    That 168 million is a low count and more like triple. All of South America wants to be in America and half of Asia. America would give anything to unload all 35 million African reject duds back to Africa nd those African con artist tribal chiefs who along with all slaves were NEVER needed in a million years in the biggest mistake ever made by those who supposedly claim to represent the European American white race but in reality were all nothing but idiots and ignoramus morons. African slavery was needed like a hole in the head and led to the introduction of Marx socialism.

    Whites of the Virginia Company tried in vain to get freed slaves to all return to the newly bought Liberia in 1821 and only a few thosand volunteered to return. Even today Africans in America refuse to even go to Africa on vacation opting for white Europe only.

    Even Mohammed Ali in 1979 after his Zaire fight with Foreman he would return to visit ever again or even fly over Africa in a plane.

  • I don’t want this! What is it about the squids in power that celebrate all this crappy immigration. I cannot fathom it. You cannot sustain America with a bunch nigerians nor liberians, it is not possible. We have a lot of them in Minnesota now, and it is becoming less the nordic state than a third world $hlt on a stick.

    • JD176

      Terence Sommer likes to suck on African c*ck.

  • Fed Up

    If it happens, maybe the best thing would be for a dissolution of the Union. Let the liberals (blue states) take in those 138 million would-be immigrants. Let the Red states develop and survive without this cultural insanity we call liberal thinking.