Christie to Announce State Takeover of Camden Schools

Matt Katz and Claudia Vargas, Philly, March 25, 2013

Gov. Christie plans to announce Monday that he is taking the extraordinary step of putting the educational and fiscal management of the Camden School District under state control, The Inquirer has learned.

As part of the takeover of what the state considers the worst-performing district in New Jersey, Christie will appoint a new superintendent and leadership team, shifting the school board to an advisory role, according to Christie administration officials briefed on the plan.

The Republican governor’s move nonetheless has support from at least a few school board members and key Democratic leaders in the South Jersey political establishment, some of whom are expected to join Christie at the takeover announcement Monday in the city, officials said.

Camden will become the fourth urban district under state control, after Paterson, Newark, and Jersey City. This is the first takeover initiated by Christie, who will add the severely challenged district to his education portfolio less than eight months before his reelection bid.

Though the news will likely be greeted with relief by those who believe the district is permanently broken, critics will cite the state’s previous–and largely unsuccessful–interventions in Camden schools, government, and law enforcement.


Officials said a national search would be conducted to find a leader for the district, which has a 49 percent graduation rate, second-worst in New Jersey.

Three of the district’s schools are the lowest-performing in the state, and 90 percent are in the bottom 5 percent. Less than 20 percent of fourth graders are proficient in language arts literacy, and just 28 percent of 11th graders are proficient in math.


The state has long had some degree of control over the school system. Most recently, a state-appointed monitor has been empowered to veto questionable spending.

In addition, since the start of the school year, 12 state-appointed, state-paid employees have been assigned to a Camden Regional Achievement Center to oversee and improve 23 of the district’s 26 schools considered among the lowest-performing in the state.


The state funds 86 percent of the district’s $327 million budget to educate 12,000 district and 4,000 charter students. The governor’s proposed budget would increase funding next year by $3.6 million.

The district spends $23,709 per student, more than $5,000 more than the per-student average in the state. The 9-1 student-teacher ratio is the lowest of large districts.

“The problem isn’t a lack of funding,” an administration official said. “The system is broken, and it’s clear that additional state involvement is necessary to truly address the systemic problems and get the Camden School District on the right track.”


Takeovers do not come without controversy. Earlier this month, leaders in the Paterson and Jersey City School Districts called for an end to what they described as unsuccessful takeovers of their districts.

Christie has spent considerable time working in conjunction with Democratic Mayor Cory Booker on the state-run Newark schools, having joined him on The Oprah Winfrey Show to accept a $100 million matching grant for the district from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He also was involved in hiring the district’s superintendent and making changes in collective bargaining in the Newark teacher contract to include higher pay for better performance.

In Camden, which has had state involvement in its schools and local government in one form or another for decades, some community dissent over the loss of self-governance is likely.

In 2002, New Jersey took control of Camden’s municipal government in what was believed to be the largest municipal takeover in U.S. history. In exchange for $175 million in grants and loans that to this day have yet to be fully spent, Camden’s mayor and council answered to a state-appointed chief operating officer.

The takeover, though, failed to reduce Camden’s dependency on state aid, and its homicide and poverty rates remain as high as they have ever been. On his last day in office in 2010, Gov. Jon S. Corzine handed power back to city officials. Elected officials of both parties concluded the takeover was a failure.

The school takeover comes as Camden County is replacing the city Police Department with a county-run force.


[Editor’s Note: According to the 2010 US Census, Camden is 47 percent Hispanic, 44 percent black, and 5 percent white.]

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  • PBL

    Is this a case of monkey-see-monkey-do? After all, Michigan just took over Detroit’s schools.

    And since leading Democrats approve the move, should Gov. Christie just make it official and switch parties?

    • I wonder when Sharpton and Jessie James will show up. Let me go get my 3rd job I might need some money for my self. Christie dear leader of the Democratic Republic of NJ, where EVERYTHING is illegal good bye.

  • The__Bobster

    Camden will become the fourth urban district under state control, after Paterson, Newark, and Jersey City.

    Let’s see. What do these four cities have in common?

    BTW, I just heard some Camden coonmunity organizers say the skoos must remain under local coontrol “fo’ da chillens”.

    • Paleoconn

      Large Amish communities in all of them.

    • APaige

      Let me try to answer please.
      1. Black leadership plus Black ‘students’. OR
      2.They are just the victims of systematic racism built within the structure of white privilege.

      • Mithras88

        Very eloquently stated.

    • Johnny Clay

      Darn those Irish!! LOL!

    • Tyrone Ooks

      Inbred mutated apes that can’t control their emotions.

    • Funny, they never care about their kids or the states of their schools and communities until somebody actually tries to intervene and make a difference, however futile those efforts may be. Blacks – God’s eternally ungrateful children.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Somebody’s, but God’s?


  • timtom

    the problem is no parental supervision, no guidance, no support and bad examples set by parents. Lyndon Johnson and Dwight David Eisenhower would roll over in their graves if they could see the ruin they have wrought upon this nation.

    • So CAL Snowman

      um no, the problem is that Camden is full of blacks and mexicans/hispanics/whatever

      • zimriel

        You’re both right. There are two problems: lots of “NAMs”, *and* lack of discipline.

        Put an outsider in charge, and tell the locals that their votes aren’t going to matter. Then and only then the place will turn around.

        • So CAL Snowman

          lack of discipline defines NAMs, if they had discipline they wouldn’t be NAMs

    • IstvanIN

      Eisenhower, maybe. Johnson, he is probably grinning over his success at starting the wholesale destruction of the US. Another example of a truly evil man.

    • Don in PA

      Okay, then HOW do explain that this same exact pattern of behavior is found EVERYWHERE where blacks are found?. Be it Haiti, Jamaica, London, Paris, ALL of subsaharan afreaka & any city where there are found in America?.. The only conclusion one can come to is that these patterns of behavior (depraved violence, no impulse control, sexual deviancy, pitifully low I.Q.’s, no family structure.. Etc, etc) HAVE to be inborn, innate?. I wish this where not true. I too dream of Gene Roddenberrys vision of the future where all of humanity will someday come together in a utopian future?. But alas, it will NEVER happen. The differences to vast, the chasm to great between us…

      It goes way, WAY beyond just a lack of parental guidance!..

    • mobilebay

      Eisenhower did his part in getting illegals back across the border. Johnson was formost in handing out the goodies to minorities and causing a steady stream to drop in and stay.

    • Karen Frances

      No, they would be glad because they increased the size of government as a means to control the populace. IOW, the people they served are doing very well off all of this.

  • Butch

    Is Christie a Jew? I’ll bet he is a Jew.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I bet your comment gets moderated

      • Butch

        And rightly so. I was being facitious. We’ve been getting lots of those comments lately. Jared never allowed it before.

    • IstvanIN


    • The Last White Man Standing

      According to wikipedia, his ethnic background is Scottish, Irish, and Sicilian. It doesn’t say anything about his religion, but I doubt if he is Jewish.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““The problem isn’t a lack of funding,” an administration official said. “The system is broken . .

    Those darn systems always breaking in the winter when the pipes freeze. It couldn’t possibly be that cats and dogs are more intelligent than most of the kids attending school in Camden. What “system” are these people using that is allegedly broken? In my grade school the teacher would do math problems on the board from the chapter and then assign classwork from the chapter based on the examples. It worked.

    • SargeInCharge

      Exactly. Somebody should have asked, “Why is the system only broken in these four school districts, Chris? Why does the system work throughout suburban New Jersey?”

    • dukem1

      Yeah. Sure. But you’re probably some white dude or something.

  • Tom Iron

    Here in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey, the cities are more or less done and the politicians are caught between a rock and a hard place. So, I guess the only thing Christie could do was take over the schools. I bet the alternative was to take over the entire city govt. again.

    • Karen Frances

      Right. School spending in Camden is $19,000/per year per child. Its a fortune. I bet they have computers in unopened boxes stacked some where.

      One thing I never want to see is a state takeover of all of education funded with the income tax. Here in New Jersey, we have huge immigrant populations that do not assimilate. They do not pay income taxes commensurate with their income under the tax code. At all levels, immigrants use cash. They buy houses all cash. At least we are getting them to fund most of their education with property taxes or they would stick the rest of us with the entire cost if it was only funded with income taxes.

  • Viking_61

    States taking over bankrupt minority cities is a huge mistake. They should be left to implode, that way they don’t ever burden white taxpayers to the extent they would under state control.

  • The Last White Man Standing

    For those of you who are not familiar with Camden N.J., it is basically Detroit on the Delaware river. The only difference is Camden probably has an equal number of blacks and puerto ricans, whereas Detroit has a majority of blacks. Either way, I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for either city.

    Both are prime examples of what happens when blacks, hispanics, or both, become the majority race in a once vibrant White city. Both Camden and Detroit were industrial cities that were safe to live in, and affordable for Whites. Once the black and brown plagues rolled through, both cities became economic basket cases, and are now unfit for human habitation. So goes nearly all big cities in these United States.

    • IstvanIN

      Pre-1960 Camden had many beautiful neighborhoods. The RCA and Campbell Soup factories and offices. Major department stores. All gone.

      • The Last WhiteMan Standing

        Camden is sort of a mini version of Philly. Both are waterfront cities that provided great blue collar jobs back in the day. Like Camden, those jobs are gone with the wind. Camden is also home to Rutgers University. I can only imagine what it must be like to live on campus.

        • IstvanIN

          It is a largely commuter school. And not a very safe one at that. At night the cops (unofficially) recommend stopping only briefly at red lights and not wait for the light to change.

          • Karen Frances

            Its an outrage that the state put Rutgers undergrad and Rutgers Law in Camden. This is a huge disservice to the students. There are so many nice places in New Jersey where they could put a university campus but they have to put them in the s__tholes like Newark, Camden, New Brunswick.

          • MikeofAges

            Rutgers in Camden was founded in 1946. I am sure in the 1940s and 50s, Camden was safe community. The street thugs then were white “greaser” types. They were prone sometimes to gratuitous street violence and inter-ethnic violence, and absurd thug activity such as roughing someone up for wearing the wrong color socks. But in general, the greasers were just blowfish and paper tigers. They were just unorganized streetcorner gangs of kids who lived within a couple of blocks of the corner where they hung out, along their friends who might live further away. Like all lower strata youth or those from higher economic levels who affiliated with them, they found novel ways to become self-destructive.

            “Greaser” types as they got older began to roam wider, of course. Often, they became involved in some serious social pathologies. Self destructive modes included driving recklessly, alcohol abuse, amphetamine and barbituate use, serious fighting, sometime over girls or women and sometimes due to other rivalry issues, and, for some I am sure, going on the “down low”.

          • IstvanIN

            The College of South Jersey and the South Jersey School of Law were founded 1926/27 and incorporated into Rutgers in 1950. They existed long before Camden went to hell. Actually Camden was quite a nice city prior to 1960.

          • MikeofAges

            This is an example of the mental world ghetto thugs live in. They see someone who is not assertive and who dutifully and meekly follows the rules as a “rube” who deserves to destroyed. The person who drives up to the light, stops and takes off immediately is acting correctly, and so is someone of no concern to them. This is the workings of the primitive mind on display, a mind that sees someone behaving in an unwary manner as a threat to its sense of order. This kind of primitivism has just about died out among whites in the modern world. The “greaser” was one of the last manifestations of mental primitivism among whites in urbanized America. See my post right below for more about the “greaser”.

    • Paleoconn

      Nowadays, ‘vibrant’ has a different meaning than the one you imply.

    • Anon

      There are no puerto ricans in camden. They were ethnically cleansed over twenty years ago. Those are columbians, brazilians, haitians and a few black dominicans all engaged in identity theft.

      Actually almost all puerto ricans have left the tri-state area for similar reasons……actually a HUGE chunk of those who chose to reside on the island have been ethnically cleansed as well.

      The truly stupid hear spanish and think anyone speaking spanish is the same….which has aided GREATLY the illegal immigration tidlewave through the island. Actual puerto ricans are easily distinguishable though. For 90%+ you would not be able to tell they were different than any other white American unless they told you.

      It used to be, just like any other white immigrants…Italian, Polish, Russian, whatever, they formed ethnic enclaves. Lol, but just like almost none of those other enclaves exists anymore, except a few quaint holdouts (ie Little Italy in Chicago), none of them exist in the US anymore. There are NO “puerto rican” neighborhoods anymore. And if you think there are, I can guarantee you that NONE, of the people you are talking about came from there, although they claim to.

      How bad is the identity theft thing? Recently, Puerto Rico literally cancelled all birth certificates attempting to force every single holder of one to come back and prove they were actually who they said they were. It worked! For like a month. It’s simply too easy in the US to get forged identity documents, pretend you are a citizen and steal all sorts of welfare.

      And you guys are worried about amnesty? Please. Amnesty is completely irrelevant. Anyone who wants to pretend to be a citizen and get every single entitlement, freebie and gimme, can do so with impunity already. If anything, a “path to citizenship” puts these people at risk for getting caught.

  • IstvanIN

    The problems with the schools in Camden are due to:
    1) Democrats: lack of funding, old facilities, segregation.
    2) Republicans: Bad teachers, teacher’s unions, tenure.

    3) The truth: we all know the truth.

  • bigone4u

    Black-run schools are are going to be as successful as a black-run plan to colonize Mars. White-run schools where black students are the majority aren’t going to be any great shakes either. Some ethnic groups value education and are able to absorb ideas and facts. Other ethnic groups are less able. Then there are blacks, who are on average incapable of much beyond the abc’s and 123s. The waste of money trying to educate the uneducatable is enormous and unacceptable. Give the blacks 40 acres and a mule and let them grow and pick cotton. If they can do that without the help of whites.

    • IstvanIN
    • dukem1

      40 acres and a mule just don’t git it theez dayz.
      I suggest 40 inches of flat screen and a baby mama.
      (Edited by author to provide more screwed-up spelling.)

  • Good! I want you people of New Jersey to pay for it! You did, after all, gave your electoral votes to Obama! PAY UP!

  • Drew

    Consolidating schools in urban areas appears to be a concern as it will mix together different gangs. Some people are saying that putting these school children together will cause a total meltdown.

    • jane johnson

      maybe they should just divide the schools up based on gang affiliation, form the All- Camden Conference, and let them play to the death every year a la the hunger games.

      • Drew

        Having seen the movie, every time I think of Washington D.C. I think of the capitol in The Hunger Games.

        • a multiracial individual

          The capital in the Hunger Games was a beautiful metropolis. Conversely, here are the 2010 crime rates for the capital city of the greatest nation to ever exist on this planet:

          Homicide: 21.9 per 100,000
          Rape: 30.6 per 100,000
          Robbery: 650.5 per 100,000
          Ag. Assault: 538.1 per 100,000

          DC politicians should be forced to work in DC proper and send their kids to the public school.

  • JackKrak

    “The system is broken, and it’s clear that additional state involvement is necessary to truly address the systemic problems….”
    Yeah – it’s the “system”………… Keep repeating that, maybe it will come true.

  • Luca

    Sadly, this is becoming a game of falling dominoes. Take a once great city, just add Liberal politicians who will bring in Section 8 housing, Affirmative Action, unconscionable union pensions, black and brown voters and politicians, then stand back to watch the inevitable. One by one by one they fall or are about to fall. Los Angeles, NYC, Stockton, Newark, Compton, Detroit, Baltimore, San Francisco, Paterson, New Orleans, Pontiac, Flint, Harrisburg and Cincinnati. When will they see the obvious? Unfortunately, some people never see or never care to see.

    • SargeInCharge

      People are in a state of denial. Minorities are in denial because of what they would have to admit about their peope, and whites are in denial because the truth is “racist”. Even if everyone suddenly accepted the truth, minorities would still vote Democrat because that party represents colored people and will give them handouts, and even if awakened whites supported the Republicans longterm demographics favor the minorities and Democrats.

      • BonusGift

        Bingo, bingo, and double bingo! You are exactly right. By the state taking over they are just going to “redistribute” more money from whites to the parasites, thus speeding the descent into hell for all. Just as in Detroit, it should be recognized that the failure is not one of politics per say but the nature of the people that reside there, and in Newark, and in Camden, and in East St. Louis, and in Haiti, and in … See a pattern? In fact, I wonder how those Democrats and Republicans are doing in Haiti or South Africa? Oh wait, if it’s not the party of evil and stupid whatever could be causing the poor blacks and “hispanics” all their problems. How about the people themselves and not what you or I label their political affiliations? If you can’t even maintain a modern western society (i.e., even if you inherit one or steal one) you will always vote for the guy who promises you the most gibsmedat regardless of what the party is called.

    • saxonsun

      They do see the obvious; that’s what makes this so insidious.

  • Paleoconn

    It’s clear that the 5% Whites have ruined the wonderful place that was Camden.

    I wonder if Suckerberg really believes his grant will do any good, or whether he is merely doing this for his own ego. Yup, the last one.

  • Tyrone Ooks

    They should close all of the urban schools. Koko the gorilla could probably outscore all of them and would be the valedictorian. We all know where 90% of these black children will end up.

  • MBlanc46

    The takeover might prevent the minority administrators from looting the district, but with demographics like that there’s no reason to expect any improvement in educational attainment. I can’t see that Christie will gain much from this.

    • Big Bill

      Sadly, Governor Christie is going to keep paying the pensions of the incompetent black teachers with state taxpayer money. They really don’t care if they educate their sprogs as long as they get a good salary and pension. The only answer is the Detroit solution: bankruptcy and cancellation of the pensions. They obviously have not been doing any actual teaching work for decades. Why pay their retirement?

      • Xerxes22

        You can’t assume it is the teachers fault . There may be a lot of good White teachers in those schools. You can have the best teachers in Whole the country but they can’t do the impossible. You can’t teach the unteachable. There is also a big difference between the adminstrators who are political appointees and the teachers who do the actual work.

  • tickyul

    My fellow Ameritards…..more and more of this country is going to resemble Camdencongo…………not a thing you can do about it

  • Big Bill

    Move out of New Jersey. As the state goes black and Mexican, more and more activities will be dumped on the state (i.e. white folks) to take care of. They are unable to take care of themselves. They cannot feed themselves, clothe themselves, educate themselves, police themselves, or medicate themselves. They will never be able to. And by 2060, white people will be a minority in this country. Find a safe place to move to. Encourage your children to move there. Avoid the Victims of The Legacy of Slavery at all costs.

    • Felix

      Hey Bill,

      I’m from Monmouth County New Jersey.

      40% of college bound students (almost all whites) leave this state, did you know that? Look up the state that exports the most college students. It’s NJ.

      All the major state universities here are majority non-white. Missing from them are probably the entire upper 25% of my graduating high school class who are now in other states including Penn, Virginia, and Delaware.

      I think that’s a sign that this generation is clearing out. I know I’m probably gonna be going to school in the Midwest soon. And eventually I hope to make my way to Europe via graduate school, work, or something.

      So no need to worry about us, just yet. We’re handling it.

  • Chris

    Whenever I argue with liberals about Brown v Board, I cite situations like this.

  • Anon

    The state funds 86 percent of the district’s $327 million budget to educate 12,000 district and 4,000 charter students.

    One of the things to understand about what is going on in New Jersey is that such funding is ILLEGAL. Long ago, it was universally understood that it was fundamentally inappropriate for one district to fund another and that corruption endemic to minority areas was a big part of the problem. Within the last couple of decades, corrupt democrats and the teachers unions colluded with corrupt judges to literally ignore the law. The issue is extrajudicial, lawless…..and routine.

    Minority areas steal ALL of the funds….not some, not alot, ALL of them. So you have the ridiculous situation of these “bad” schools being funded at 3, 4, 5, 10 times the amount per pupil….yet, when you show up at that school, the building is dilapidated, and none of the basic supplies (like, umm, desks) is present. A quick trip to the parking lot reveals where the money is going….wall to wall mercedez benz, and the like. There was actually documentary done on this recently, titled “The Cartel”. Twenty or thirty years ago, it would have been controversial. Today, a handful of concerned citizens watched it, said a few words and more people did what New Jersey residents have done for decades now….moved away. This is no small thing. There a MANY cities in the south where everyone speaks with a New Jersey accent. And most of the jobs in our industrial parks have disappeared as businesses flee New Jersey.

    And corrupt politicians involved are occasionally investigated, often sent to prison and always re-elected. Steal from whitey is the main political issue. And the non-whites don’t particularly care that those doing the stealing are so greedy they don’t even pretend to be involved in legitimate education. And those doing the theft openly brag about it. You see, among non-whites, getting away with crime builds huge status, even if they are also being victimized. It is not an issue of them getting a taste of the booty…..they don’t.

    State takeovers of school districts doesn’t help because the state government is in cahoots with them. If anything its a scam to steal yet more money.

    Christie was elected as a last gasp measure to try and stop the worst of the abuse by the few remaining normal people in New Jersey…..but increasingly he’s looking like a liberal infiltrator to the republican party. There is something like 76 outrageous, clearly illegal gun bills being rammed through at this moment. Even the most moderate conservative would veto most if not all of these. A conservative of the stripe Christie was supposed to be would veto ALL of them to send a message to the liberals and guarantee a high turnout for re-election. We will see. His silence on the issue makes me think he will rubber stamp that and a hell of alot of really sick stuff.

    What choice does that leave the remaining tax base? None. New Jersey is a third world banana republic just barely holding on to the rule of law. Perhaps it’s already lost hold of all pretense. There are literally hundreds of thousands of former residents and a huge amount of investment money and businesses from the very smallest to the Fortune 500 who have obviously already come to that conclusion.

    New Jersey is detroit writ large….even more than California is.

    • Felix

      The blacks at Neptune high school have their own indoor swimming pool.

      Meanwhile, in my all white school, we only get 1/3 the money per pupil that they do, yet my graduating class of a few hundred students sent someone to Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Brown.

      And they didn’t get in with affirmative action either. I never even heard about that till I got out of high school and went to a Marxist college with blacks and minorities.

  • blaize27

    “The district spends $23,709 per student, more than $5,000 more than the per-student average in the state. The 9-1 student-teacher ratio is the lowest of large districts.”

    The tuition at Rutgers University for a resident of New Jersey is $13,073 for a commuter student which includeds tuition and fees and $24,485 which includes tuition, fees, and room & board.
    So the Camden School District spends slightly less per student than what it would cost to send a student to Rutgers University for a full year including room & board. Perhaps Gov. Christie could partner with Rutgers to create a K-12 campus including room & board where the students could receive an education, would be housed and fed, and then he could save the New Jersey taxpayer money by cutting off the welfare payments to the parents of those children since the children are no longer in their care?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      That actually sounds like it would be a great idea. It would save the taxpayer money, and it would corral the “youths” in one area, keeping them off the streets and away from white neighborhoods.

      Dropout rates would probably lower too, since blacks and Hispanics would love living on a campus with all their friends where sex is easy and accessible and a person’s drug dealer lives just a few rooms down.

      The only problem that might occur is race riots between the blacks and Hispanics. But that’s going to happen anyway, so no sense worrying about it.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “The district spends $23,709 per student, more than $5,000 more than the per-student average in the state.”

    Wow, that’s astounding. Here in Minnesota there are plenty of religious private schools that can provide a superb education for $2,000-$4,000 per year, per student.

    Surely this has nothing to do with the fact that Minnesota is 90% white. No, that couldn’t possibly be it.

    • I’m from Minnesota and would love for the media to try and explain how expensive it is to send one student for a year in the Minneapolis Public Schools. I heard that it was $21.00 dollars where if someone went to Breck or the other fine private school in Minneapolis, it’s $10.00 dollars a year. Granted, it’ll be out of the pocket for that particular tax payer, the 10 grand that is. The high school in north Minneapolis has a 70% drop out rate and it’s black too. We should not be paying out this kind of money. I wish libturds would die off. I sence a very confusing future. I sense that when the other shoe falls off for the economy, a lot of people will wake up and see that the importation of negros, hispanics (for the most part), and muslims will NOT add to social cohesion. These lefties need to be brought to justice for what they have done to the USA. The USA is finished I’m afraid.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Minneapolis Public Schools are a complete and utter mess. They’ll filled with multiculti leftist Marxists who do everything in their power to raise property taxes a little higher on white homeowners.

        I remember an MPS teacher whining near me once to her friend about how “racist” it was that whites fled from North High School. She couldn’t seem to comprehend why whites might not want their children around criminals and future dropouts. “B-B-But dey’re gud kidz…!”

        And now they’re flooding South High School with Somali Muslims who can’t even get along with American blacks, much less with whites, and who utterly refuse to even attempt to assimilate.

        Minnesota liberal mentality is disgusting.

    • MikeofAges

      I’ve actually been poor, and I can tell you, if you had to spend money, increasing the family income of the poor and lower middle class students would help them more than would spending money on the school. Help them more for less, probably. One caveat, though. Make the mama, and the daddy if there is one to be seen, do something for that money. Even if it’s only turning over a shovel, do something for it.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I agree completely. If we’re going to be giving out welfare anyway, we should make people work for it. Even if the work is pointless, it creates positive habits and gives people something to put on their resume when looking for future jobs.

        And increasing family income would probably be a better use of the money than yet another increase in school funding, which will just go towards new Mercedes Benzes for the administration.

      • Wayne

        I hate to have to say it, but just remember this the next time you or someone around you starts lamenting Negro slavery in the South. They were taken care of at the owners expense, not the taxpayers, and they were required to work. Compare and contrast with today.

  • Room101

    Christie is a mere media creation. Christie is a “good Republican”, maybe not even a conventional Republican Racist, as most Republicans are.

    The fat man himself doesn’t believe in anything more than ripping off the taxpayers for as much as he can get from the Federal Treasury to shore up his overspending, then prove he’s not “racist” by hugging Obama after grifting billions from the Federal Treasury in concert with Bloomberg and Cuomo.

    We have to make these East Coast fucks pay all their bills instead of running it through the federal treasury.
    Our Founding Fathers would never have agreed to become this sort of “government” we have now, a soft filthy corrupt tyranny run by cowards for a population of lazy helpless pussies/victims.

    • Mithras88

      You made some very succinct points about Christie, nicely stated. I would just add that all mainstream politicians, particularly those in America, are “mere media creations.” Modern politics amounts to little more than unmitigated demagoguery, fostered and perpetuated by the overly facile media and their plutocratic “big business” masters, who control popular opinion, and thus the populace, with their deep pockets.

      • MikeofAges

        He’s not a “beta” male. He’s a throwback to the days of earthy, corpulent political bosses. Better, I say, than the endless parade of “television” candidates and officeholders we have seen over the decades back to the 1950s. You can’t expect a “rock-ribbed” Republican to win in New Jersey.

        His corpulence will not be liability if he runs for president in 2016. Would have been in 2012. But people have gotten used to it, and it’s a non-subject now.

        • Mithras88

          Not a “beta” male? I’m not sure I agree with that assessment. In biology, specifically within the zoological study of social animals (ethology), with human beings of course being social animals, a “beta” male is defined as being “second in command,” a token figure, representing the hierarchical authority and interest of his master. A “beta” male supports and is subservient to his “alpha” master. Christie fits this set of criteria. Phenotypical properties, like morphology and skeletal-muscular structure, (i.e. in reference to Christie’s rotund figure) aren’t related, physiologically at least, to hierarchical position.

          Furthermore, I also think that people would be more likely to vote for Christie because he is so portly. He’s a “minority” of the obese persuasion. I would posit that the only reason so many people poked fun at his corpulence was because of his espoused “conservative” political beliefs. As you know, “conservatives,” or more aptly put, those who describe themselves as “conservatives” in this America are held to a double-standard when compared to their more “liberal” counterparts.

  • decorous

    Used to go to stock car races.
    are they still running?

  • evilsandmich

    “The district spends $23,709 per student” with ~90% of that coming from the state?

    Obviously only full colonization is the answer for the ungovernable morass.

    “which has a 49 percent graduation rate,”

    I know that doesn’t include the vast multitudes that never bothered to show up for high school at all, but still, it could be worse.

  • ViktorNN

    The district spends $23,709 per student, more than $5,000 more than the
    per-student average in the state. The 9-1 student-teacher ratio is the
    lowest of large districts.

    Camden Schools are actually BETTER than white majority school districts and look at the results.

    This is an example of blatant systemic institutional racism and discrimination against whites.

    When you factor in the use of social services by the larger community of Camden – food stamps, section 8 housing, and low income health care – you will see that the non-white community in this region are essentially practicing a form of wealth redistribution off the backs of the white middle class of NJ.

    As I’ve pointed out before, these white tax dollars could have gone toward improving infrastructure in white communities, improving white schools, or simply have been money not taxed at all and left in the pockets of young white entrepreneurs.

    Our enemies love to talk about “white privilege” – the white middle class of NJ certainly receives no “privilege” from a significant amount of their income going into non-white pockets. They are, in effect, being taxed for being white.

  • I wonder what Camden would look like with out black people or the hispanics.

    • chuck_2012

      it would be a place of hope and opportunity for those looking for a place to live. They would begin to repair the streets and buildings and encourage businesses to locate in the city. once the recovery had begun more business would come along with people willing to work.

  • Fed Up

    Camden’s population is virtually all Black and/or Latino. So seriously speaking, how can anything help Camden’s school problem?

    The vast number of unemployed Blacks date back to when Campbell Soup moved out of Camden. (Most likely, the perpetual crime and vandalism by Blacks, the reality that hiring Blacks simply equates to paying them — without getting anything remotely like a fair day’s work out of the Blacks.

  • Wait a minute, arent they are all honor students with impeccable scholarly achievements at impressive academies?

  • Whirlwinder

    Well, I read the entire article and got absolutely no information as to why the abysmal conditions obtained in Camden. The editors note cleared up the mystery. The black undertow.