Ben Shapiro Demolishes Ivy League Professor on Ethnic Studies

Breitbart, March 13, 2013

Since a federal judge has upheld most of an Arizona law banning ethnic studies, Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly did a segment featuring Breitbart News’ Ben Shapiro and Camille Charles, a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.


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  • Triarius

    My brother’s dog could tear apart a sociology professor in a debate, Harvard or otherwise. These people are either complete idtiots or traitors.

    • MekongDelta69

      These people are either complete idiots or traitors.

      I’m gonna go with Both for a $1,000 Alex.

    • Topper

      Triarius is So Right there are just too many (idtiots) out there.

  • Grim

    I will take a pass on holding up Shapiro as being any type of legitimate spokesman for real Americans. Yeah, call me a meanie.

    All I know that as long as people like Shapiro are in the lead all we do is to continue to lose ground. Maybe it’s time to find someone who has been baptized, if you get my drift.

  • Greg Thomas

    Notice the bewildered smirk on the “professor’s” face. I suppose this is the result of
    Shapiro having at least 30 IQ points on this dolt.

    • ArmenianWN

      I doubt that it would take much to win against an anti-white race traitor professor like this guy in a debate. I’m pretty sure that any of us here at AmRen could do it.

      • liberalsuck

        The anti-white people have only one thing, our money, which is drying up and so is our guilt and so is our silence. Our silence has been hiding our anger and frustration and it is coming out more and more. Whites don’t even realize it, but it is coming out.

      • Son of Abraham

        You have your facts wrong. The professor is woman. The man is a writer. It is he who challenging the anit-White programs. He is not advocating them.

        • Son of Abraham

          Sorry for the typos. It should have read: The professor is a woman. And It is he who is challenging the anti-White porgrams.

          • Moses

            Son Of A., maybe the professor is a woman who used to be a man?
            That would be my guess.

        • ArmenianWN

          yeah that was a typo, it should have said that: “I doubt that it would take much to win against an anti-white race traitor professor like this woman in a debate. I’m pretty sure that any of us here at AmRen could do it.”

    • Felix_M

      My daughter’s dead hamster has at least 30 IQ points on this guy.

    • Luca

      That bewildered look, is simply her trying to remember the talking points from the Liberal, socialist playbook on how to conduct yourself in a debate.

      It goes something like this: When you can’t rely on facts common sense or logic and you are losing the argument you can a.) change the subject, b.) recite slogans, c.) raise your voice, d.) feign outrage or when all else fails, e.) name call.

    • Willie Drinks

      They don’t like numbers or maf.

      • Joseph


  • IstvanIN

    I am sick of Latino everything. OK, the US had black slaves, that is true, but why all this [email protected] about Latinos? They have most of the new world, this country isn’t theirs, they didn’t build it, if they don’t like it they can leave, they came here voluntarily. Precious few of the Spanish speaking inhabitants of the southwest looked anything like the current crop of Mexican invaders, and there were few of those.

    • The__Bobster

      I remember when Mestizos were less than 2% of our population. Then 1965 happened….

      • Liberalsuck

        The only time you saw Mexicans was when you went to the Southwest. The only time you saw blacks was when you went to certain parts of big cities, or on tv. I miss those days.

        • IstvanIN

          When the only black on TV was Danny Thomas’ maid and Rochester. Those were the days.

          • Jerrybear

            I love Rochester. Why can’t more blacks act like him?

            ‘Yes, Boss!’

      • Felix_M

        Those were better times. Even Kwantareefius and Shaqwana were less likely to get iced back in those bad old days.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Haven’t you heard? Whites are responsible for all the ills of every society on the planet Earth.

      Well, societies that are not doing so hot anyway.

      If Japan was a low IQ country like Africa we would be having these professors tell us of the horrific destruction we caused by dropping atomic weapons on Japan and how they never fully recovered because of it.

      Oh and they blame the U.S. for Mexico invading the U.S. then the U.S. winning and buying land from Mexico. Cry more Mexicans.

  • bigone4u

    Many young Mexicans hate this country. The vid shows that hatred clearly. Forewarned is forearmed.

    • liberalsuck

      They hate whites, they hate blacks, they hate everything. Blacks hate whites, blacks hate Mexicans, blacks hate Asians. Asians hate blacks and whites (though not as much). Point? We are racial and think racially and we are better off living apart. I wish all the groups could get along and be a functional, successful society, but it’s a pipedream. Multiculturalism is as much a failure as communism.

      • Jenna Kerr

        Mexicans really hate Asians too. Mexicans are too dumb to realize they are part Asian.

        • Djangotamer

          Technically speaking, yes. Mexicans are also too dumb to realize that they’re part white. They can thank the white Spaniards for their language, religion, culture, and some of their DNA.

        • Pete

          Part Asian and Part Taco?

  • StillModerated

    Professor Charles, how does Mexico feel about illegal Guatemalans, Salvadorenos, and Hondurans?

  • The Final Solution

    “Gringo” is not even the Spanish derogatory word for white people. Nobody says gringo. The word is “gabacho”.

    • liberalsuck

      “Gringo” came from a song the Anglos were singing while inside the Alamo. It was “Green go the lilies go.” The Mexicans heard “Gringo.”

      • Son of Abraham

        Interestiing. I never heard that before.

      • StillModerated

        Green grow the lilacs dates back to 1930. Green Grow the Rushes, Oh is much older.

      • Old Pete

        My dictionary gives the etymology of gringo as being derived from the Greek word griego meaning stranger.

    • Sailorant7

      I’m a retired American Merchant Seaman living in Costa Rica. “Gringo” is commonly used down here to refer to North Americans, It is not derogatory, we call ourselves “Gringo”
      Even some the newspapers use the term “Gringo.” If you google “Gringo” you will get many versions of where it derived from.

    • That’s kind of like saying that calling someone a Jew at a Hitler birthday party isn’t derogatory, because there are other pejoratives for Jewish people that sound more harsh. Taken in the proper context(White people are racist, White people stole this land, White people oppressed black and brown people, etc.), it sure sounds pretty derogatory to me.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    If these students really wanted to learn about “Ethnic Studies,” they could just set up a time after school to learn about it. I’m sure at least one teacher would be willing to teach it for free, unconnected from the school.

    But, of course, that would take genuine interest and effort. These students don’t want to learn anything. They just want to have a chunk of their school day filled with “whitey’s the reason you’re poor,” and “everything bad that happens to you is whitey’s fault.”

  • pcmustgo

    This woman is half black and half mexican, right?

    • MikeS

      Sort of. She’s 50% idiot and 50% moron and 100% pathetic.

  • Gerjen

    I don’t have a problem with these ethnic resentment courses as long as white students aren’t forced to take them. In fact, I see some benefit in them to our cause. First, these courses are a joke. They don’t teach any real history or sociology or philosophy. Any student who majors in any of the versions of ethnic studies is wasting their time and tuition dollars. The majority are nonwhites but there are a few brainwashed whites who do major in one of these fields (and I feel sorry for them). But mostly it just means one less competition in the job market from nonwhites after graduation. The one caveat to this is when these radicals go into civil service jobs and this is a real threat to the well-being of our country.

    When I was in college all of the English majors were forced to take two semesters of these types of classes. And what they are talking about in this segment is true. My experience is that these professors are racists and the focus of the class is on demonizing white people and promoting sedition against America. But I think that fostering a resentful and separatists mentality among the dark people is preferable to “the melting pot” that Establishment Conservatives like Ben Shapiro are trying to promote.

    • liberalsuck

      Here’s the problem with all these ethnic courses. They teach the nonwhites to hate whites and view themselves as victims. They teach whites to view themselves as oppressors. Eventually all this does is promote further division in colleges and the kids are learning this BS instead of learning real unPC American history, they graduate with lots of debt and can’t find a good paying job.

      • Gerjen

        Yes. But that was my argument for why these courses serve their purpose. By promoting division it goes against “the melting pot” ideology which seeks to destroy all human diversity. On the hand I agree with you that it is harmful to whites when they buy into the propaganda taught in these courses. But I think most whites who take these classes are smart enough to see them for what they are. Maybe it will even wake some whites up when they realize how much we are despised. As for the racial masochists, they probably already thought that way before they went into these classes.

      • Gerjen

        Personally, I could care less if white-hating foreigners get duped into spending thousands of dollars for a junk education and a useless degree. It serves them right. If there were any whites who major in ethnic studies instead of something substantial then shame on them too.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      The majority are nonwhites but there are a few brainwashed whites who do major in one of these fields (and I feel sorry for them).

      I met a few of those Whites in college (mid-80s), and I must admit I found them to be fascinating studies in masochism. I was relatively more liberal at that point and not yet willing to admit to myself the truth of race realism, but even then I had a morbid fascination with Whites who could willingly and eagerly subject themselves to such abuse. They received no brownie-points or begrudging acceptance as “one of the good Whites”, but rather were treated like human Charmin.

      • Gerjen

        “…but rather were treated like human Charmin.” As well they should be.

      • 1stGenerationMick

        Like the white folks who are at minority “majority” protests. Dummies. They are nothing but “future victims” when the crowd starts chimping out…

        • Gerjen

          the dark people these useful idiots are protesting for don’t respect them any more than we do. nobody likes a traitor.

  • HadEnough

    As far as I’m concerned, the Mexicans can have all the ethnic studies classes they want — in Mexico.

  • prettycelticwarrior

    well, why don’t they just build a school in their homeland of Mexico and have the Mexicans fund it. Problem solved!

  • Whirlwinder

    That black woman did not have any facts, and she was so obtuse. Just like a socialist.

    • How could you tell the mystery meat was black?

  • MekongDelta69

    I love the clueless, deer in the headlights look on Mzzz. Ethnic Studies!

    Actually, Ben’s EXACTLY right. My story’s too long to tell here, but when this nonsense started a million years ago (yes, I’m THAT old!), the reasons you attended a class like this were to meet girls and get an easy A.
    Ok – I can’t help myself. The highly edited and extremely shortened version of my story (and it’s true). When I got out of the Service, I went back to college. My majors were in Computer Science and Math. Somehow, I wound up with an intersession (1/2 a summer session) and I needed 3 credits in anything. (I don’t remember how or why, but it doesn’t matter.)

    Since I grew up in the Projects, and knew lots of Puerto Ricans, and they had (literally) just started a Puerto Rican Studies program, so I said, wth. There were about 25 P.R.’s in the class and maybe 5 white people (no blacks). The P.R.’s were there b/c they figured they’d ace the course just for being P.R.

    In walks the ‘teacher’. I don’t know if any of you know what the ‘ghetto shuffle’ is, but it’s a fat black or brown woman, wearing flip-flops and dragging her feet along the floor, instead of walking (b/c that would require actual effort, you see). So in shuffles this semi-fat, P.R. women, maybe a year or two older (or younger) than I was. She was like every Project P.R. ‘ghetto shuffler’ I knew.

    The first thing she said was, “The highest grade you can get in here is a C+.” I immediately said, “Why?” She said, “Because we’re just starting this program and we want to make it seem as if it’s tough, so we can continue to get funding for it to continue.” I said, “Wait a minute. What’s the point of me taking this class, if I have a 3.75 and the best I can get is a 2.25, no matter how hard I work?” She was stumped – and then agreed.

    Bottom line. We split into pairs for the 1/2 term. This white girl and I did an amazing project, while the 25 P.R.’s barely showed up at all. The two of us both got an A+ (yes – A Plus!), while she flunked most of the 25 P.R.’s. (The other 3 white kids did ok too – A or B or whatever.) The ‘teacher’ (*cough*) praised us to the heavens to her Dep’t. Chief, or whatever they were called and was embarassed that most of her ‘own’ flunked, or got a D.

    This story just got waaaay too long! Anyway, it’s all true – and I learned never to take any nonsense from any leftist.

    If I had to do it all over again NOW, the way things have devolved all these decades, I’d be posting on here from jail, accused of assault and battery…

    • On several occasions, I’ve read stories from AR commenters about how they as white students in (fill in the blank) studies courses which are taught by professors of the same (fill in the blank) racial persuasion, actually did the course work and studied for and did well in the tests and projects and papers, while the (fill in the blank) students in the class, who constitute a majority of the class thinking it would be an easy A, didn’t do any work. And predictably, the prof got mad at his or her co-racial students for slacking off.

      I remember doing one of these quiz bowl events in high school, and there were blacks from other schools in it. I never won these kinds of events outright, but I kind of embarrassed the blacks in one section when all the questions was about 1950s black music and I ran the table. God, I know more about Nat King Cole and The Mills Brothers than I ought to.

    • SyriaIranFlushEmDownTheCan

      LOL. I have a similar story, see above. 100% truth…

  • MBlanc46

    Neither of the two debaters was particularly sharp. Not much of significance could have been said in seven or eight minutes, in any case. What I’m unclear about is whether these were high school or undergraduate courses. In either case, it’s a bit dodgy to have the state legislature involved. Surely the people of Arizona have the right to decide what’s taught in their publicly funded schools (however they exercise that authority), and apparently the federal courts agree. When this sort of thing comes to light, citizens ought to be exposing it.

  • As she continued to talk I could actually see the hamster wheel in her head slowly wind down as the hamster began to take large, panicked breaths.

    • StillModerated

      Based on IQ, it’s only natural that White leftists, as wrong as they are, will be smarter than the tawny ones.

    • Joseph

      I think it is because the left, to their defeat, are intent on proving themselves by promoting more and more of these false erudite “people of color” who are simply so stupid that they should not be taking up space in college. They make up some puff academic discipline and hand them a Ph.D. or Ed. D. and then the shows like this become inevitable.

    • a multiracial individual

      I think that deep down inside they know the truth. The discomfort you see in their faces is the visceral reaction one has when they lie (both to themselves and others). Dr. Charles probably lives no where near Blacks and Hispanics.

  • Spencer E

    finally a Jew on the logical side of the multiculturalism

    • Son of Abraham

      There are more than you think.

      • Medman

        Very true. Unfortunately, the liberals always screech over the sane ones.

    • If he’s on mission to destroy the foundations of deceit and hypocrisy that the Leftists build their houses on, he can be as Jewish as he wants as far as I’m concerned.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Yes, Ben Shapiro is good on domestic politics. However, I prefer Glenn Greenwald’s foreign policy views.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        Glenn Greenwald is a very strong supporter of the Constitution and Civil Rights. I follow his writings on with great enthusiasm. He is a first rate civil libertarian…. whatever his ethnicity and other views on race may be…

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    I can envision a kind of “critical studies” that would argue and show that the greatest catastrophic mistake in North American history was for the United States to abandon Mexico City, Monterrey, Tampico, and Veracruz when we occupied all these cities in 1847-48, and that the second greatest mistake was for the United States to pressure the French to abandon Emperor Maximilian of Austria. Several states of Mexico had actively applied for admission to the United States, even aside from Texas and California, most notably Yucatan and Campeche. It was radical Yankee “liberals” from Massachusetts who opposed the annexation of Mexico when Robert E. Lee had already set up military headquarters in Chapultepec Castle. If Mexico had become part of the United States in 1848, there would be no ethnic problems. The descendants of the Aztec, Maya, Mixtec, Otomi, Tarascans, and Zapotecs would all be Native Americans protected by Title 25 of the United States Code and the Creole White European population would have merged with Anglo Whites just as well in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz as they did in California, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas. I still think it is possible to achieve a North American Union as a matter of Manifest Destiny. The only problem that has evolved since 1848 is the huge mixed race population of Mexico, the New Mestizo “race of Aztlan” or “Race of Tlatelolco” (the Plaza of the Three Cultures in Mexico City, site of major leftist (Communist Mestizo) rioting in 1968, efficiently suppressed by Creole White President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and (future President) Creole White (at that time) Secretary of State Luis Echeveria Alvarez. Echeveria Alvarez later took the world stage to denounce Zionism as the most virulent form of racism and the only variety of National Socialism to succeed and endure (seemingly) forever. New Orleans, Louisiana, in the early 19th Century, even before California and Texas, provided the perfect model of what Mexico would have been like as part of the United States. Now we have to take charge of our destiny again, the essentially treat the Mestizo population as a third (very large) group of Native Americans. They should have their own land and internal laws just as the Indian Tribes do. Aztlan was the ancestral land of the Aztec in Precolumbian mythology. There is no reason it should not be taught in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Comparative Religion Courses. Sir James G. Frazer in the Golden Bough showed how Aztec religion had so very many important and real parallels with Christianity, a fact recognized even by the early Spanish Conquistadors. Critical studies are necessary from ALL perspectives, and I see no reason why a Critical Studies program could not be introduced which would show the world from an evolutionary realist standpoint showing that Mexico was properly ruled and needed to be ruled by White Creoles in the 19th Century, and should have been integrated into the United States at that most appropriate moment in history, with all due respect for true Native American rights and traditions, and that Mexico still needs to be ruled today by Anglo-American and Creole Spanish Elites. Likewise, Cuba should have been permanently annexed as part of the United States in the Mid-19th Century, even urgently than Puerto Rico.

  • Zackers

    So, after 50 years of communism, now, when white students are a minority in Arizona, now ethnic studies are banned. . . ?

  • NorthernWind

    I don’t really like Shapiro however you have to admit that he is very aggressive when debating. Repubs should take note instead of being wussies.

    • Joseph

      The Republicans are too busy looking for a “Magic Hispanic” to defend them from the left, with a few exceptions.

  • Zackers

    very good point, or points Charles Lincoln.

  • OllieGark

    Ben Shapiro believes that America is a ‘melting point based on a similar set of ideas’. That is just wishful thinking on his part.

    • Wishful thinking or not, he shows that the Leftist dogmas of equality and ‘race is only a social construct’ are only ruses designed to single out and attack White people. I know plenty of racially aware people that started out believing the rhetoric of the anti-racist crowd, then made to understand the truth about Racism when that rhetoric was scrutinized and taken out of its sterile little environment.

    • Joseph

      I was doubtful that Shapiro even believes this noise about a “melting pot” rather, was using the liberal’s own words against them, demonstrating their hypocrisy. That’s what I do in such rhetorical engagements.

  • SyrianIranFlushEmDownTheCan

    I remember in college, I had 3 credits I had to take in history, was down to my last semester, and my luck… Only African History was available. On the first… THE FIRST DAY, the Liberal, female black professor sees me (and I am the ONLY white guy in that class) and pulls me aside and says “Are you sure this is the class you signed up for?”. I’m like “Yup”. Man, talk about an easy A. We went to the African Art Museum in NYC. It was fun. Gotta tell you, it was an interesting class. She never did warm up to me.. I could tell. I’m a pretty smart guy who applies himself, so I read all the course work, did my homework, and I would raise my hand every day to answer questions she asked, and she would NEVER pick me to answer a question. I would literally be the only one raising my hand and it was so uncomfortable for her. The lone white kid who knows the course material, studies it, and is proactive in class. Classic.

  • Joseph

    So, I guess our dusky professor would be fine with portraits of Klansmen and Confederate flags festooning the class of a blonde white teacher because it is a part of history and “tells us where we’ve come from”.


    The student reaction to this decision kinda supports the idea that the courses cause racial conflict. I live in AZ and am glad to see someone trying to enforce this law because, clearly, the educational establishment is defying it.

    • Shattered

      We really need to implement a voucher system that forces public schools to compete with private schools and home schooling. About 90% of this nonsense would quickly work itself out as the focus shifted from cultural Marxism indoctrination back to reading, writing, math, etc… putting education back into education.

      • We really need not to implement vouchers. All that would accomplish is to spread the same nonsense found in the public school system into private schools that accept voucher students. And the private schools would have to take in the same ghetto and barrio low IQ students that helped ruin the public schools.

        • Shattered

          I completely disagree with you. Most barrio moms would keep the voucher money for themselves and home school. Given the abject failure of public schools in these areas, they really can’t do any worse and they’ll finally have the responsibility of raising their children and dealing with the results of their choices 24/7 as the children will always be around them.

          The private schools have their standards and if a child doesn’t meet those standards, they are expelled. They work differently than the public school system.

          School vouchers are long overdue and the right way forward.

          • The private schools have their standards and if a child doesn’t meet those standards, they are expelled

            And once they start taking voucher students, they’ll have to disassemble those standards. If not at first, eventually.

          • Shattered

            That’s you guessing. We can get a whole generation untangled from the net in the meanwhile and then change up again in fifty years to something else if it becomes necessary. You don’t just toss your hands up in defeat and abandon a generation of children to hardcore cultural Marxist indoctrination, you change the system so they escape it and then change up again if it becomes necessary. You need to care about your nation’s young people THAT much.

          • It’s not just my guessing. There is plenty of existing legislation and proposed legislation in various states mandating that private schools that take voucher students ergo voucher money do or not do this or that.

          • Shattered

            Private schools don’t have to accept vouchers. If a religious private school wants to reject vouchers, they can.

            For those that do, the situation is much better for the young people than the current public school situation.

      • SFLBIB

        I used to support the idea of a voucher system, but am not so sure now because you will just move the trouble-making students and teachers from public to private schools. Nor will the unions go away. You will just be moving the problem.

        • Shattered

          Private schools are not held to the same criteria for expelling students or firing teachers that public schools do. If Hosea can’t control himself, he can be permanently expelled. Same for Joe the biology teacher gone wrong. There are no members of the public employee teachers union working in a private school or a home school. They don’t exist in those environments. The most that could happen, is some private schools might end up with a private teachers union which is very different than a public employee teachers union working under a government run public school system. And that’s a maybe for some private schools. You won’t be moving the problem, you will be dissolving it for parents who choose to use a private school or home school rather than continue sending their kids to public schools.

  • Shattered

    Love Ben. He has brilliance and courage and that’s always a great combination.

  • Bobby

    Traditional Americans, all those assimilated etc, are DEAD. You heard these Mexican “acitivists”. They said they won’t stop. And they won’t. I see the attitude in California and everywhere Mexicans are a majority. Notice the stupid smirk on the black womans face. She is anti-white hands down.You’d have to be blind not to see it.Keep taking this lightly and you will have to face what is coming down the road as sure as its warm in California in the summetime. REPLACE CONGRESS, THE SENATE,ETC.

  • There has been something that has been bothering me about this video.

    I finally figured it out:

    It’s the Overton Window.

    We have on one side someone arguing for anti-white racial particularism, and the other side arguing for raceless race-denying glorification of “Americanism.” White nationalism doesn’t seem to be an option here.

  • She’s right though. They are not stirring up anti american hatred because being an american is an abstract concept. It’s only relative to a persons citizenship and residence. They are stirring up anti white hatred. They are teaching a dogmatic anti white ideology. Of course a hispanic isn’t going to hate himself as an “american” he is going to hate whites.

  • Jim G

    This is the battle of minorities. Neither represents White America, in fact both oppose White America.

    The minority woman, Camille Charles, who many here think is wrong, is actually right. Non-Whites have it right; Americans throughout our history have been pro-White. This pro-White attitude is what is now called racism.

    The minority man, Ben Shapiro, is no friend of White America. He states more than once the deadly falsehood that America is a melting pot. He is the more dangerous of the two. People here think he is our side that is why he is dangerous.

    We can do one of two things.
    One, accept reality as pro-Latino / anti-White Camille Charles and all the rest of the minority racists have done. That is accept that racism is an attribute of the essence of mankind.

    Or, two, believe what pro-Jewish Shapiro claims, the lethal notion that America is a melting pot of a proposition notion.

  • josh

    I think Ben Shapiro is WRONG:America is not a melting pot with a common undergridding.Only by having an overwhelming white majority can OUR way of life be sustained ,and thats why it is breaking down now.

  • Zackersman

    At the state department of education headquarters, the highly paid task-masters working for the department of education, are all fully in support of the teachers unions. Come-on, have some respect for yourself, man! Most of the local shops downtown are posting a moderately large sign in their windows saying ‘they support the teachers union’. If I can avoid it, I don’t shop at the stores displaying this sign. I must just like being independent.