Bailey O’Neill, 12, Dead Weeks After School Bullying

Kevin Dolak, ABC News, March 4, 2013

A 12-year-old boy has died after being placed in a medically induced coma following an alleged bullying incident at his suburban Philadelphia school.

Bailey O’Neill died Sunday, his father confirmed to Bailey turned 12 on Saturday. He was taken off life support Sunday morning.

On Jan. 10, Bailey was involved in a fight at Darby Township School in Upper Darby, Pa., west of Philadelphia. The boy was allegedly jumped by two classmates, one of whom hit him in the face several times fracturing his nose, his father Rob O’Neill told

“It was an altercation in the schoolyard where kid wanted to fight my son, and my son wanted to walk away,” Rob O’Neill said. “One boy pushed Bailey into the kid [who wanted to fight him]. That kid then hit him in the face, then he hit his head on the ground. One pushed him into the kid, then the other kid did the rest of the work.”

Bailey was knocked on his head in the incident, his father said, which caused a concussion. From then on, something with the 6th grader wasn’t right, his father said.


O’Neill added that Bailey was sent back to class with an icepack after the incident. He said the two boys were briefly suspended from school after the incident.

Soon Bailey, who was living primarily in the custody of his mother Jina, wasn’t the same, his dad said.

“He wasn’t feeling good, he was tired and irritable, and then we had him checked in. They found out he had a concussion,” he said.

A week and a half later, Bailey began having seizures, his dad said. A friend of his parents told that Bailey was having refractory status epilepsies, a condition in which the brain is in a state of persistent seizure. O’Neill said they’d happen about every three seconds.

Bailey had to have a blood transfusion after getting pneumonia, the family friend confirmed, and doctors at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children put Bailey in a medically induced coma.



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  • Daisy

    About 1 1/2 years ago in Morris County, NJ, a white (around) 15 yr old boy had been beaten up by two black seniors. The boy reported it to a black principal, then the black bully threatened to beat him up again unless the victim said that it was all a joke. The white kid then committed suicide, the black principle got moved, with same salary and pension, then got the NAACP to sue. I protested the same county’s gay organization that had the nerve to partner with the NAACP for an event.

  • anarchyst

    It was a “hate-crime” committed by two black “students”. Of course, black-on-white violence is NEVER a “hate-crime. Jut think of the media circus if the situation had been reversed. . .

    • AutomaticSlim

      Forget “hate crime”.

      It was an animalistic violent crime committed by animalistic violent criminals.
      And they should be punished accordingly.

      “Hate Crime” is an invention by liberals such as the Clintons and Schumer to violate the constitutional rights of White Americans.

      • StillModerated

        What do you recomment? Killadelphia is only 2 hours away, and I have 100′ of rope in the pick-up truck.

    • John

      The media are always “silent about race” when the victims are White, which is the vast majority of the time as everyone knows and the FBI UCR data clearly shows. Thank Heavens for the AMREN and COFCC websites! Both are my primary sources of news each day, and I provide the links to both sites to anyone who will listen.

    • refocus

      Ok, look, lets get real…

      Just how many innocent blacks did Bailey’s ancestors brutally murder, enslave and rape for tens of thousands of years ?

      Wasn’t this payback expected?

      • AutomaticSlim

        Of course I realize the sarcasm in your response, but for the record, there was probably almost no “rape” of slave women in the old south.
        I have to believe those slaves were throwing themselves at the slave owners, and most likely saw it as a prize to be considered a concubine of the plantation master.
        I do have a serious issue with the owners however…not sure how they could ever have viewed those females as being attractive in the least bit. Most likely it was the “Halle Berry” type mulatto girls, but still…

        • MikeofAges

          Probably there were prearranged liaisons and long-term affairs. Maybe there were some small number whites who hooted it up in the slave quarters on Saturday night. We don’t know what happened. We only know what can happen in this world, and all of it probably did. But in what proportion, we don’t know. Not really. The only plantation I have ever visited was Berkeley Plantation near Richmond. This was slavery at its good-hearted best (I’m being a little sarcastic, I’m not a fan of the institution.).

          The “big house” looked bigger on the outside than it was on the inside. There was a central staircase going up to the second floor where the bedrooms were, and four not extremely large rooms on the first floor, two in front and two in back. What seemed to me the likely location of the slave quarters was no more than a hundred feet from the door. In front of the house there was a tree-lined parkway, a little wider than the house, going down to the James River. I thought the slave quarters must have been to the left of the parkway as you stood at the front door and looked toward the river at the edge of a field. To the right of the front door, as you faced the river, was huge field, probably at least close to 500 acres. I saw the plantation in the winter, but in the summer, crops are still grown there. One thing I walked away wondering was whether anyone in the South, before the Civil War, had run a large plantation without using chattel slaves. Obviously, it proved possible afterward, and remains possible today.

      • eduard

        You watch too many movies made by Spielberg.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I will kill you tomorrow if you come to my home with that mouth.

        • refocus

          Sarcasm just does not work around here does it?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        How far back do we go, if you are right?

        • refocus

          Its not how far back… its how far into the future… forever … like the Holocaust. The Whites / Germans will never ever be able to walk upright again. (Because of their foes vicious propaganda / psychological warfare.)

          Do you get it now?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I get it, but I have worked with Germans. Some of them were really unpleasant while remaining politically moderate. One was ex-Bundeswehr, far-right and a great guy to work for. There was also a complete sissy who was happy he was from West Berlin so he didn’t have to serve his nation at all. The running joke about him in the lab was “Who will do Andreas’s job after Leong (a Chinese from Fiji) quits?” Andreas was a bully in public and petrified of me in private.

            They’re just like other people. If Germans are a bit shy of war, perhaps it is because their political leadership terribly mismanaged things for them in this respect. “Let’s see: we aren’t beating Britain, and Russia is tougher than imagined, but Japan has bombed Pearl Harbor. I know: I’ll declare war on the United States.” Nobody will do that twice.

            Plenty of Germans have served with NATO forces in Afghanistan, and a few have been KIA there. One of their “Fennec” armored cars was hit with an RPG, but the spall liner inside saved the crew. They just don’t want to do anything alone anymore, because it has cost them too much.

            I suspect I get it.

  • SargeInCharge

    Why does neither the article nor the reporter mention that at least one of the attackers (presumably both) are black? That would be the absolute focus of the news if the races were reversed. The whites selling the rest of us down the river because they are too afraid to report truths are sick people.

    • On the video, the babydaddy says his young thug beez a good boy. Yeah, right.

      Unfortunately for him, young Bailey decided not to fight back, as he knew that he would get in trouble for attacking an “innocent” Zulu.

      • Slav

        He dint do nuffins!

        • And I’m sure he was turning his life around, it would be a real shame if we let a misunderstanding like this interrupt the process, right?

  • PBL

    This should send a message to us. The message? Tough up whitey!

    • Puggg

      How is a 12-year old boy supposed to “toughen up” in the face of a gang of blacks bigger and stronger than himself?

      • Tom_in_Miami

        Did the article state the age of the blacks?

        • StillModerated

          They were 16 years old in the 7th grade.

          • 16? really? the difference between a 16yo and a 12 yo is a lot of testosterone, it’s man vs. boy.

          • Tom_in_Miami

            Can you provide a link on that? The MSM crowd have the perps ages pretty much hidden.

          • StillModerated

            No. Sarc on. But I’ll bet they were older than 12. The MSM will never let us know, and I don’t know any court workers up there, but I’ll bet some AmRen reader can find out. Try the school custodian, they talk for a bottle of Tito’s vodka. Heck, they might drop the names, too.

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        I’ve known 11-year-old White girls who were very good at martial arts…and good with the use of weapons in those arts.

    • Sloppo

      Not only that. We must anticipate the manner in which bantus often attack their victims. They normally choose victims who are smaller than themselves, do it with at least a 2 on 1 numerical advantage, and they often initiate the attack with an unexpected sucker punch. When they knock someone down, it is normal for them to start kicking the downed individual in the head and body causing serious injuries. That’s why bantu-attack-victims often suffer permanent or fatal damage as did Bailey O”Neill. The European custom of stopping a fight when the loser gives up or becomes incapacitated means nothing to a normal bantu. They fight to maim or kill.

      • ms_anthro

        This is true. Blacks attack whites like wild animals. A pack of jackals won’t show restraint when attacking weaker prey, and so it is for blacks.

        • freespeechzone

          Time for Whites to respond to this violence in kind….NO MERCY.

          Unless blacks understand that their violence will be returned back on them ten-fold—they will become more embolden to accelerate violence against Whites.

        • Guest

          The killer bees of world civilization? And when not, either “queen” bees or drones.

      • edie

        most older white males are more of the loner type which makes them more vulnerable.

    • whiteuncleruckus

      I have twin boys in 6th grade. If anything like this happened to either one of them, I would take matters into my own hands. I would execute the nigglets and I would also execute their mothers for giving birth to them. Then I would patiently wait for White police officers to arrest me. If one or both of my kids were murdered I wouldn’t care about my freedom or my life anymore. All I would or could think about is revenge until I got it.

  • Paleoconn

    May the earth rest lightly on you, little man.

    Question: how did they find the bully’s father? Joking aside, I am amused by his ‘I’m not a doctor’ Really?! You don’t say, coulda fooled me.

    ‘It couldn’t be bullying because after all the school has an anti-bullying policy’. Oh, well, if it had a policy, then bullying is impossible at this school.

    Btw, don’t expect to see any tribute to the murdered kid before any Flyers game, the way the endless Sandy Hook spectacle precedes the Super Bowl, Boston Bruins games, college games, talk shows, White House photo ops, etc ad nauseam.

    • Beetlejuice

      The school didn’t have an anti-murder plan either. So in blacks minds this is 100% justified. That plus the schools teach blacks that they are ongoing victims of whites.

      • Paleoconn

        Good point, when all these kids are learning (from Whites no less) is that Whites have always oppressed blacks, then should we be surprised they hate us so much and wish us harm. You can be sure they learn the bulk of this identity politics from Whites and not from their often absent daddies.

        On that note, may the victims of these hate crimes be heretofore limited to the liberal fold. You reap what you sow, self-hating bastards.

  • Ronald

    The corrupt juvenile “justice” system teaches “Black” children that beyond a possible rap on the knuckles – they face no effective penalty for their actions. It should come as no surprise that once these children become adult “youth”, they feel they can get away with anything.


    • Jedi Mind Tricks

      When I was 14, 3 blacks jumped me(not the first time), my first year(first month, third week) of high school(Belleville West HS), I split one kids head open with a lock on the end of a chain, got a misdemeanor assault charge and 6 months probation, compared to his 17 staples. Even though it was on video, when the boys said I made racial slurs at them(witch I did after they sucker punched me) I got expelled and charged, and arrested. I went to a “special” school for “troubled” youths for two years before I dropped out.

      • How was it that you were able to last two years in the “special” jungle in the Belleville district? I would think it would be worse than the “normal” jungle that is West High.

        • Jedi Mind Tricks

          No it wasn’t as bad, but that was due to the fact the classes are a third the size of a normal class, 10 or so, not 30, and each class has 3 instructors who are all male. At West there was about 2,500 students. In the “Last Chance” program there was only about 300.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Lock on the end of a chain?

        Reminds me of myself and I was also 14. Glad you made it, but I wasn’t even suspended, let alone expelled or charged.

  • Luca

    I saw this story before the boy died and I could tell by the carefully crafted words of the media that the bullies were black. It only takes a minimum of commonsense to recognize what they are doing.

    Without further knowledge and only common sense I can also tell you that while the cause of the beating could have been anything that sets off a normal schoolyard fracas, the severity of the beating has all the markings of a hate crime (think Knoxville).

    When I was a kid a white-on-white bloody nose or a black eye was enough to give or get respect and walk away. Within a day or two you were friends or avoided each other. Not so with black on white. They take a special kind of sadistic pleasure in beating down any man woman or child of any age as long as they are white. If you beat them one-on-one they come out with their cousins, brothers and half-brothers and hunt you down like a pack of wolves.

    The worst part of this story is the “two day suspension” the punks got. Two days for willful maliciousness in starting a fight with a kid who didn’t want to fight and then the two of them ganging up on him. Two days in return for a murdered child.

    • Beetlejuice

      Two day in return for a murdered white child.

      That’s why it was only two days. Meanwhile, the Travon Martin case is stirring up in the NATIONAL, always national media. Black thug rightfully dead through his own actions = murder. Innocent white child killed by black thugs? Well,it shows what the national media think of whites, doesn’t it?

      • Joseph

        If the white kid had an “L” shaped Pop-Tart and pointed it at the others he’d have been handcuffed and bullied by the police also and be out for the semester for having a dangerous weapon.

    • freespeechzone

      One could only imagine the response of the media and the community—IF the races were reversed and a 12 year-old black kid had died at the hands of 2 White kids…

      No doubt, Obama & Holder would weigh in……

      It’s fair game for minorities to kill Whites… forewarned…

  • David Brims

    Another racist attack by blacks against whites, but it wont get attention because it doesn’t fit the Cultural Marxist narrative, which is, whites = evil racists, blacks = noble stoical victims.

    • guest

      That’s why I don’t trust these anti-bullying campaigns. Because they’re really selective on who they want to help. They’ll help out any non-white victim of bullying without question, but the only way they would help a white victim of bullying would be if he or she was gay.

      • StillModerated

        Or Jewish.

        • StillModerated

          Every time I mention the J word I get a thumbs down. Is that you John Engleman, you crypto-gentile, you? See you in April!

      • Daisy

        Not true. I’ve claimed that to fight off black violence and aggression and it does very little if anything, particularly if you’re a woman. Authority will just say you’re gay but racist, or crazy or both. A gay white man might stand some chance but I wouldn’t count on it; white skin is the root of all evils. Playing the lesbian card is kind of like throwing down the joker; all it does is shock and bemuse for about five seconds.

        • edie

          sometimes it just comes down to defending yourself the best you can.
          a pencil the eye, or whatever you have, in a bad situation.

          • 2craig22

            Or in the ear

      • newscomments70

        White gays and Jews might receive some assistance, but only if the attackers were white.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          This. Blacks are at the top of the liberal totem pole, followed by American Indians, Hispanics, Arabs, Asians, Jews, white LGBTs, and white women, in that order. Whenever there is any type of conflict between a person of a lower totem pole group and a person of a higher totem pole group, the higher one will get liberals’ sympathy virtually every time, regardless of actual guilt.

          Needless to say, straight white men aren’t on the totem pole at all.

    • freespeechzone

      These savage attacks on Whites will continue and escalate until or unless we force it to stop–it is obvious that LE, the DOJ and Obama will do nothing.

      They have validated that they support violence against Whites…

  • If this is the school:

    Pennsylvania > Glenolden > Southeast Delco School District > Darby Township School
    Public | K-5 | 618 students

    Black, not Hispanic 56%
    White, not Hispanic 43%
    Asian 1%

    Greatschools says it is K-5 though.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Schooldigger says its 1st-8th grade. The demographics chart on Schooldigger shows that up until 2006, blacks were 25% or less of the school’s population. In 2007, for some reason (some new bussing plan?), the proportion of blacks shot up to more than 50%.

  • Phineas

    Without consequences, nothing changes.

    • edie

      which is a huge part of the problem.
      when blacks were held more accountable, up into the 1960’s, they were a bit more under control. Now, they are out of control in many instances.

  • Uh-Oh

    Several years ago in Seattle there was this white street musician affectionately known as the “Tuba Man” becuase that’s what he played — often to crowds leaving sporting events. He had some kind of mental challenge — retardation or something. But anyway, one night three black youths beat him to death and, when they were finally arrested, were given the usual slap on the wrist on account of their age and a lack of witnesses. A few years went by, they got out, and one of them shot and killed a black man at a local sports bar during a brawl — last CHRISTMAS EVE, no less — and was arrested days or weeks after, in a stolen car and accompanied by his girlfriend, by local police. I don’t know why he stayed in the area. Even liberal, white Seattelites were outraged. Excusing murderers because they’re under 18 isn’t enough, anymore.

    • HamletsGhost

      Maybe they were outraged because he killed a black man.

    • MikeofAges

      Not to be overlooked. Many of the black youth who commit serious crimes against whites are simply seriously violent young men. Their next victim might well be, and often is, another black.

      Consider the case of Damien “Hotdog” Williams, the L.A. rioter who bashed in white trucker Reginal Denny’s head with a chunk of concrete during the Rodney King riots. Williams served five years for the crime. A couple of years after being released he murdered a 47-year-old black man described as a “drug dealer”. I doubt this victim was much of a dealer. Probably just a neighborhood loser who supplied a few people to pay for his own habit. The media would make you think Williams was God’s instrument of vengeance, but he wasn’t. He was just a murderer.

      • edie

        ah yes, good ol’ football williams…………
        didn’t he get killed or was it that I just heard he was back in prison?

        • MikeofAges

          Originally, he was referred to as “Hotdog” Williams, but later became “Football” Williams. After killing his so-called drug dealer, he was sentenced to life in prison in 2003. What the actual relationship between himself and the victim was we have never been told. I suspect the victim was merely a user who was supplying a few other people. Reportedly, Williams, now 38, has acknowledged and sought to atone for his violent past.

  • JoePatriot12345

    If the school disciplines this black beast, Obama’s anti racism team will brand the school as ‘racist’ against the poor blacks…

  • Pennsylvania went democrat last fall. I’m finding it a little hard to feel sorry for people who should know better. This kid is dead, there will be another, and it will probably happen tomorrow. If you don’t care, Quakers then why should we? Are you guys too busy debating if the Steelers or the Eagles are the better team?

    • And what does a 12-year old, who can’t vote, have to do with how a state’s electoral college votes went?

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Pennsylvania went Democrat last fall. I’m finding it a little hard to feel sorry for people who should know better. And I find it hard to take seriously a poster who also wrote this: Seriously, people. STOP voting for these fools [the GOP]! Vote for the liberal democrat if you must.

      • yes They voted Democrat, for all the wrong reasons

      • edie

        are we sure that the massive vote fraud in Philly didn’t sway the state vote……
        add Pittsburg possibly too

      • For BOTH of you guys. The people of Pennsylvania voted for this diversity, and there were probably more racial incidents like this one today. The boys parents put him in this school, and they either voted for the democrats, or the do-nothing republicans. They endangered their kidwhi, le the guilty party goes free pretty soon.
        Meanwhile, there were more candlelight vigils for Trayvon.

  • Athling

    Keep your children as far away from Africans as possible. They have an undesirable cultural effect at the least and can prove lethal as in this case. Since the child was white this will get little if any national attention.

    • The Final Solution

      It’s actually been all over the media in the associated press. An NFL football player who is known for standing up against bullying (black no less) called the family as one report mentioned.

      • SargeInCharge

        But were the races of the attacker and attacked revealed and discussed nationally? No, no they weren’t.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          Nor are the ages of the killers being revealed. Someone told me they were sixteen, but I haven’t been able to find anything in the media to confirm this. I would appreciate any input on this that you might care to share.

        • slavery was never needed

          But now that “they” are in charge with their media libs you know this prized moment cannot be disturbed by mentioning the race since isn’t that the way things have been in all the media for the past how many years anyway? Since when is race mentioned a million times a day in the tens of thousands of media outlets that involve black on white violent crime? Since when do they mention race if the desired result is politically incorrect since its always politically incorrect? Its always black on white and never white on black as is well known.

          The only time race will be mentioned is when that extremely rare situation when the the national media circus gleefully and self assuredly “rushes to judment” can falsely blame whites and of course the only 2 large caes are the Duke Lacrosse scandal and the Zimmerman case that we know now were both a total farce not to mention the FL case did not even involve a white other than the newfound white hispanic according to the NY Times switcharoo notwithstanding the trick editing the media brushed off and ignored.

    • ncpride

      On that article ‘Being White in Philly’, the conversation is still going on. There is a guy who posted his experience about being one of a few White kids in a majority black school. It’s ugly and heart wrenching, especially since he thought he was the only one this has happened to. I assured him he was not alone. However, the fact that his comments are the top rated out of the hundreds there speaks volumes. People know what he says is true, even if they don’t want to admit it. Yes, keep your White children as far away from ‘diversity’ as possible.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      Agreed. Blacks have no qualms about murdering white and non-black kids. But this has always been the case. Why did this guy send his kid to a mostly black school?

      • Epiminondas

        He was probably just another brainwashed liberal sitting around getting his news from the MSM.

    • Hdjfff

      That is sOoo ignorant &rascist i have no respect for you

  • brengunn

    Individually, it’s a tragic accident. But if these bullying incidents are prevalent across many schools, it’s an inevitability. Poor kid.

    • Beetlejuice

      Do NOT call this an “accident” — or a “fight” for that matter. Those are the weasel words the media use to placate the white public.
      This was NO accident. It was an attack on a white child who ended up dead.

      • freespeechzone

        Maybe the Biblical precept of ‘an eye for an eye’ needs to be considered…

        Failure to respond, which has been the case for YEARS, will embolden Blacks to escalate their violent assaults on Whites.

        It’s not about equality, it’s about retribution, payback and punishment for slavery—which was abolished 150 years ago. Nobody alive today had anything to to with slavery….

    • Daisy

      Two boys ganging up on one passive one does not qualify as an accident in my book. When I was a kid and two boys decided to go at it, both were a party to an otherwise fair-ish fight. When one got knocked down it was over. period. Some kid stuck his foot on a boy’s face who was downed in 8th grade and my upper middle class school expelled him, which I guess was proper.

      I got hassled for months by a bully click of girls in 6th grade and being that within a year I would be ranked #1 in the state in 1-3 swimming events I decked one of the leaders after she grabbed me. Even as a girl I knew when the other kid falls it’s over and this situation had gotten so bad the guidance counselor had called me to his office and screamed at me that I had to do something.

      The black kids were just bullies plain and simple. I had the ability to injure that girl who more than asked for it but I was taught self control even under severe stress, and to not use my physical might to abuse no matter how angered I was. This innocent boy did absolutely nothing and was shown no mercy.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I used a bit of heavy chain, also in middle school, though it was called “junior high school” then. I went after adult men on occasion, only after being smart-mouthed by strange adults, and never women or near school or home. There were plenty of bullies in my junior high, always rather stupid whites. While the high school was 100 yards away, there was never any of that in high school. In my 1984 graduating class of 600, there were two blacks, and I don’t know how many Hispanics because ours spoke English even at home back then.

        It was a multi-track high school, with something for everyone, so I no longer had exposure to the stupid guys who had tried being problematical in previous years.

        • a multiracial individual

          Hey Michael, what does an Asian do when he goes to prison? There can’t be that many of them.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I knew a fairly decent Chinese-Vietnamese in Texas. He continued doing professional illustrations while he was locked up.

          • a multiracial individual

            Yea, but how does an Asian inmate avoid the violence?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            He hangs out with a few folks he can trust. One of the Jicarilla Apaches and I would never have let anything bad happen to our friend. He didn’t even have to pay us. His artwork was beautiful, and we wanted him out ASAP; he looked like a deer in the headlights.

            I also hung out with some really nice bikers. I helped them with their GED work. My file says I taught a guy to read, but it was more the difference between “Tip and Mitten” and “Aviation Week & Space Technology”.

  • StillModerated

    Darby township looks to be 95% White, I’ll bet the school busing has ruined the education system.

    Q. How many Africans does it take to make Pennsylvania a better place to live?

    • Zimriel

      It’s not 95%.

      Wikipedia says Darby Township was 62.29% W, 36.35% B, in the 2000 census. UPPER Darby was 2010 56.6% W, 27.5% B; shift from 59.1% W; 20.5% B in 2000.

      And you can bet that there are more B kids than that, and further factor in that a lot of the W kids will be going to private school.

      What’s that word? Oh yeah. “Undertow”.

    • MekongDelta69

      A. My calculator started smoking and eventually blew up because it couldn’t handle that large of a negative number.

  • Fed Up

    The liberals, especially the liberal media, are only interested in crimes where the race issue plays in THEIR FAVOR. Taken to mean if a victim is White, attackers are Black or Latino — it is glossed over, if such a crime is even mentioned.

  • libertarian 1234

    “On Jan. 10, Bailey was involved in a fight at Darby Township School in Upper Darby, Pa., west of Philadelphia. ”

    “Involved in a fight?”

    Being jumped by two blacks and beaten doesn’t amount to a fight. It’s an attack and this little kid was the victim. They murdered this little guy. They’re murderers, plain and simple.

    God help the kids whose parents can’t home school them and have to send them off to a school filled with black savages.

    I’m thinking the parents might have a winnable civil suit against the school and possibly the state.

    Any white kids that survive I hope will get a concealed carry as soon as they’re old enough and the first time they’re confronted again I’m hoping they’ll Zimmerize savages like these.

    • ms_anthro

      Exactly right. We need to start calling out these dishonest media scum on their lies. This child wasn’t “involved in a fight”. He was set upon by two black animals who beat him to death for no reason, and were given a two-day suspension after murdering their classmate. That is what happened. Don’t let them weasel out of the truth.

      Those black boys MURDERED that little white boy. His only involvement was as yet another white victim of black homicidal violence. Do not let this story go away!

      • Uh-Oh

        I studied journalism in school, but this is probably the last time I’ll admit it. I’ve been ashamed of the news media even before the Rodney King miscarriage.

        • edie

          cronkite did it for me

      • NYB

        They used the word ‘fight’ more than three times, as if to drive the narrative home.

        It was a premeditated, racially-motivated assault on an innocent victim.

  • Scott

    Your typical black 6th grader may be 12 years old or he may be 17, depending on how many times he’s been held back. For whites, this age gap can prove lethal.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      And even when they’re of equal age, the black kids are usually more physically developed than the white kids, because they begin puberty earlier. This just makes the odds even worse than they already were.

    • MikeofAges

      That’s part of the reason why social promotion is necessary.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I wonder if the media realizes that their silence on race only makes it more obvious who’s really committing the crimes. If it was a black victim they would have his baby picture with big puppy eyes and a big innocent smile on his face. They would probably photoshop a white hood on the white aggressor.

    The media teaches us that black on white = acceptable, time to pay for sins of 150 yrs ago
    White on black = not acceptable, how could they do that? He just wanted skittles! 🙁

    • Maybe the TV station went out of the way to interview the father as a way to expose the race of the attacker without having to actually say it and get called on the carpet.

    • MikeofAges

      The media gets mileage out of a lot topics by leaving the subject of race out. Voting, for example. You will hear all the time how the “youth” vote and the “women’s” vote went for the Democratic candidate, for Obama specifically in the last two presidential elections. What they don’t tell is how the weight of the numbers is skewed by the minority and immigrant vote. Actually, the Republican carry white young adult voters under 30 by a decent margin and carry white women as well. In fact, in the so-called “bluest of the blue” mega-states, white voted by a clear majority for Romney in 2012. Even in New York. Even in California. Even in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Michigan. Even in Obama’s home state of Illinois. Only in New England and Northwest did the Obama-Biden ticket carry the white vote.

      There are lies, damn lies and statistics. You often can lie with statistics simply by rearranging the numbers to support whatever non-statistical idea you wish to move forward. Same with polling on the issues. All depends on what question you ask sometimes.

      • edie

        I suspect Romney actually won the election if only legitimate votes were counted.

        • MikeofAges

          I doubt that, but a lot of things are fake or fixed. Professional wrestling is not one of them, by the way. Professional wrestling is an admitted scripted athletic exhibition.

          If only politics were as honest. Heard a wiseacre caller on a radio note that the last time a Republican ticket was elected without a Nixon or a Bush on it was 1928. Well, the last time a Democrat was elected president, other than Carter, who had not first succeeded to the office who was not either an Ivy League alum was in 1892. What does that tell you? I’ll give it way. There are limited entities in control of the machinery necessary to elevate someone to the presidency. There are the “sunbelt” cabals in both parties (think Nixon, Carter, Reagan, George Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush). Then there is the Irish-Kennedy political machine and its ethnic allies. The Irish machine made Kennedy president, but it also made Barack Obama president. The Republican party also has an Eastern Establishment wing potentially capable of making a president. Their last success was electing Eisenhower in 1952. Truman and Johnson were on the ticket in large part due to pressure from the big city political machines and “Sunbelt” wing respectively.

  • Lygeia

    We cannot live side-by-side with these people.

    • But idealistic liberals dream that we can and will do everything possible to force whites to live with blacks, no matter how many whites die in the process.

      • Beetlejuice

        As long as it’s YOUR child that dies, not theirs.

      • newscomments70

        I spoke with a Hollywood liberal about this once. He responded, “We have to accept that there will be casualties if we wish to achieve equality”

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I’m willing at accept – or even cause – 100% casualties on their side.

          Any questions?

          • newscomments70

            I have no interest in greed, money, sex, dugs, etc…none of that. I live for the day when sniveling liberals finally get what they deserve. I want that more than anything.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I will die happy after that.

      • freespeechzone

        Notice that liberals NEVER live in the black areas…look at Hollywood liberals; NONE live in Compton, Watts or South LA….

        Why is that? They should be forced to ’embrace diversity’.

        • MikeofAges

          They’re adequate and you are inadequate. That’s why you have to be forced to do things they do not have to do themselves.

      • edie

        the liberal hope is to breed us all together until there is little to no difference.
        I suspect this is a losing proposition.

        • It is certainly a losing proposition for human civilization, all evidence of the white race will be bred out after a few generations

    • StillModerated

      We cannot even live on the same continent with these savage pets because they bite the hand that feeds them. They are unable to assimilate.

  • Robert Binion

    Infer the future, contemplate the past. I, who make brakes burn in the frantic stop to miss a rabbit, am losing the capacity to show mercy to humans. It is being taken from me. For complicit media, I have only metaphor which unbidden comes–one silent lamb.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Humans? I think the word is spelled b-l-a-c-k-s.

  • prettycelticwarrior

    I cried reading this story. What this poor little one suffered we can only imagine. Another innocent and beautiful white child murdered at the hands of angry blacks. We all know it was a racially motivated hate attack. They attackers won’t be punished. I am waiting for the day when whites have had enough and gather together and speak out.
    Many poor whites living in predominantly black areas are pushed into Nazi / skin head groups for protection, because their cries for help are ignored. I don’t condone or judge them for it, but I understand. How about equal rights not special rights.

    Rest in peace darling,Bailey. Little angel, we will not forget you.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      How about color-blind justice?

  • Warren

    I am Black and I am incensed by this! When will this madness of students harrassing students ever end!?

    • No, when will this madness of blacks attacking whites stop. Don’t paint all students with the same brush when to problem lies with one race.

    • SmithandSmith

      “harassing”? I find this to much more than just simple harassment. This was an all-out Racist Attack resulting in Murder on a Purely Innocent Beautiful White Child simply because he’s White.

      We don’t see the black community up in arms over the death of any White Person let alone this Purely Innocent White Child like they do whenever it’s a black being killed regardless of their guilt or innocence so you can surely understand why we feel the way we do can’t you?

      Every time a black gets killed by anyone of a different race, it’s automatically “racism” but it’s never racism when it’s done to us. We get charged with Hate Crime even when it’s not and y’all don’t even when it is.

      Warren, if you want the “harassment” to end, the first thing that needs to happen is segregation. I know people hate that word but there’s just no other word to describe what is so desperately needed. I don’t suppose you’d help me get everyone on board with it would ya? If ya do, I’ll help you with the clean-up of your broken down communities.

  • a multiracial individual

    Lady gaga is an anti-bullying advocate, she will talk about this right?

    • PesachPatriot

      I’m not a big lady gaga fan but even though anti-bullying is a noble cause it is futile….bullying has been part of the american school system since the days of the one room school house….if kids can’t learn to handle schoolyard bullies they won’t last long out in the real world as adults….I’m not saying its good to be a bully or pick on others but everyone needs to learn to deal with challenges….the bullying of today seems to be far crueler than that of pre-digital yesteryear when all bullying ended at 3 pm on friday and did not resume until monday. Its terrible what happened to this boy and in a northern state no less….maybe the 6th grader will be charged as an adult.

      • MikeofAges

        The bullying of today is different than the schoolyard scuffles of the past because many kids today have adult athlete bodies at the age of 15. You cannot send a scrawny, average or even athletic kid out with instructions to “stand up to the bully”. Bullies, especially when they are racially motivated, are a serious danger. Not to mention, when racially motivated bullying occurs, if the victims organize to stand up to it, all you will hear about is “tensions” between students of different groups. Saw an instance of some of these kind of “tensions” once, not in a school context but in the neighborhood.

        There was a small area in the town where low income Hispanics, immigrant Asians and whites lived together in relative peace and with good relations with law enforcement considering the circumstances. With the arrival of a major employer, there occurred a noticeable increase in black residents. Well, in this little neighborhood I personally saw a police officer who was attempting to contact a black subject surrounded by a small mob of young black men who actually were threatening him. The Hispanic guys were standing around carefully watching the proceedings, and I think would have acted to protect the officer had these guys assaulted the officer. As it was, the officer had to poke at the black guys with his nightstick to keep a safe distance away.

        If fighting broken out, the incident would have made the 10 O’clock news as “a riot caused by tensions between Hispanics and newly arrived black residents.”

        When you see it first hand, you get a different story. Another sidelight. Once the black residents arrived, I sometime heard while I was on the street men who were inside their apartments shouting at and lecturing their wives, girlfriends and children in threatening and intimidating tones that could be heard even through closed doors and windows. From the deep voices and accents and from what was being said, I knew these were black men.

        The people who lived in this neighborhood, I do not think worked for this major employer. They may have been relatives of the actual employees who had relocated for their jobs. Or friends who followed friends. Or people who had just heard that there was a new place where they could settle.

        In the world of today, there is a reason why everyone would just rather stay away from blacks. The connection between their presence and the frequent occurrence of other ugly problems is just too evident in most people’s experience.

        • PesachPatriot

          Wow….i’m pretty anti-bullying because I was a recipient of a decent amount of it as a youngster….in my school system the jocks on the soccer, football and baseball teams could do no wrong….I think the difference between modern and vintage school system bullying is the presence of technology…in the old days(pre-2000) bullying ended when you got off the school bus in the afternoon and over the weekends, holidays and summer breaks…now there is cyber bullying, text bullying, and it never stops…a kid can even move to a different state or the other side of the country and still be tormented.

          I think a lot of it happens because kids see how cruel adults can be to each other and think it is simply the natural order of things….the strong do what they want and the weak do what they can….this is why you have things like the columbine incident….smaller, weaker, kids can be picked on or bullied by the more popular kids for years until they finally snap, grab a gun and shoot up the school…then the administrators are shocked that something like that happened….

          When I was younger my dad said it was better to stand up to bullies and lose then to let them walk all over you….I think the best way to cut down on bullying is to make it uncool and socially negative….in the older grades when kids are hitting puberty I think some of the more alpha males use bullying of the smaller, physically weaker guys as a way to impress the girls….

  • 1776is1984

    this is why homeschooling is needed! away from the so called toliet ‘public schools’.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Moloch (a semetic deity who demanded child sacrifice) is the name of the modern public school system.

      • Jedi Mind Tricks

        The sad part…Lucifer is god in the public school system. Most people will ignore your comment, some will like it, even fewer will look at who Moloch was, and why children are being sacrificed to him through the public school system.

  • I’m betting on the “he called me the “nword” excuse. The blacks cheering them on will no doubt corroborate this.

  • Libori

    Isn’t it time we stand up for our kids and tell the media and the black community that we will hold personally responsible for the actions of their offspring?

  • MobyWhite

    “Under the circumstances, racism really is the best option.”


    • edie

      of course, it’s the truth

  • bigone4u

    Out of my sorrow and sadness I’ll set aside commenting on race for now. I’ll just say that my sympathies go to the family and my prayer is that others learn from this tragedy what needs to be learned.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    Another terrible aspect to this case is the fact that other White kids did not help him. White people have been stripped of their racial idenity and have to live with blacks who have a very strong racial idenity. It’s likely that other White kids saw what was happening but did not feel any responsiblity to help. They also may have been terrified out of their minds about what the wild, savage, african beasts would do to them if they did help.

    • edie

      50-100 years of government programming at work

    • MikeofAges

      Or, more likely, that the true nature of the events would have been “whitewashed” not only in the media but in the legal system. Just, you know, “tensions” between two elements of the student body. Never mind that the cause was a helpless white kid being gratuitously assaulted by a gang of older black kids. Never mind that the cause of the “tension” was the incessant misery the black students, with some individual exceptions, suffered due to not being able to perform even up to the level of a euphemistically “average” white student, due to being a bunch of oversized, overage, non-achieving failures held in zero esteem by everyone else.

  • IstvanIN

    And no one has been charged with a crime. If the victim had been black and the perps white, well we all know the story. And the white politicians are all complicit.

    • Sloppo

      I understand that the two perpetrators received a two day suspension from school for the murder. That should teach them a lesson, right?

  • Public schools are little more than minimum security prisons. Children are forced by the state to attend school. They are wrenched from the parents, who have the greatest natural responsibility for their children, and are placed in a state institution. Never give public schools any credit and KEEP YOUR CHILDREN OUT OF THEM. If this means a life of poverty, or a reduction in lifestyle, then do it. Bullying and crime, which is mainly committed by blacks and “minorities”, is grossly underreported in school systems in order to not have the respective school system”s image tarnished. Also to prevent being penalized = money.

    • And on top of that, oppose voucher programs.

      Read this, especially the first sentence:

      Incidentally, this is why proper libertarians oppose voucher programs. Those “libertarian” outfits that support vouchers probably have some “curious” funding sources.

      • MikeofAges

        Notice, please, how the right of the child to an education is made subservient to the perceived interest of the state. Cleverly subservient in this case. The point of the voucher system is that if your kid ends up in a school where his or her needs are not being served, then the kid can change schools. There is a market mechanism that will give the schools themselves an incentive to maintain order.

        • The problem is, if the state is going to make rules conditional to the schools getting vouchers, then you really don’t have a choice, and you’re right back to square one. If they’re going to hammer the private schools into being de facto public schools if they take students with vouchers, then what “competition” is there, really?

          • MikeofAges

            None. It’s not really school choice. Not the mention, the rule voucher programs have to operate under is “best interest of the child”. Not the state. Not the teacher’s union and the teacher credentialing system. The child.

    • edie

      even the mostly white schools are dragging down to the hellish norm.

  • Krn

    The black newscaster is the wife of a Pennsylvania State Senator and always mis-characterizes these type of incidents as “fights” and usually will add a comment such as, “We don’t know what provoked the fight.”

    • JoePatriot12345

      Its just black kids being black kids…

      • StillModerated


  • The Philadelphia Inquirer reported this story for two days without opening it up for comments. It has not mentioned the races involved. Strongly leftist rag.

  • SmithandSmith

    Saw this on the news yesterday and all I can say is (without being deleted that is), I sure hope the Prosecutor follows through and actually does charge the black murderer with Murder plus Hate Crime since that’s what it really is. I hope the Parents never let this go until that happens too.

    • edie

      I think they will. More people are seeing that that is are best hope in this hellhole we call american cities and diversity. We must be realistic and not succumb to PC bs that hides these problems.

      • SmithandSmith

        I call Police Stations/Prosecutor’s Offices all the time over stuff like this asking if they’re gonna press Hate Crime and I get the same response every time, ‘it’s still being investigated but thank you for calling’ and when I call back once the investigation is over, I get, ‘there wasn’t any evidence of that’.

        I would love it if we could organize and flood their offices with calls demanding Hate Crime Charges be pressed along with the charge of whatever crime they committed.

        • Daisy

          I would love that too. Until we start pressing for our rights, they’ll continue to be trampled.

          • SmithandSmith

            Yes ma’am. I’m sorry but I can’t help but feel disheartened and it’s because of the same response I get every single time. They just refuse to admit the truth and sometimes, it makes me feel like it’s all just a bit too late for us.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            It’s 13 o’clock sometimes. I used to blast troop carriers in the streets outside Vincovci in 1991 with an 84mm Carl Gustav recoilless rifle. What was left inside looked like beef Stroganoff after a side armor kill.

            One of my first APC kills was from a pile of rubble, and I got a BTR-60. The insides of the front wheel wells on these are unhardened steel. They were working us over with their 14.5 mm KPV, and I worked into position and let them have it from about 30 yards with my G-43. I changed magazines to use Stahlkern ammo, I gave them all ten into the left front wheel well, and the BTR caught on fire right away. Nobody got out of it.

            During World War Two, that would have resulted my being awarded a Tank Destruction Badge in the Wehrmacht.

          • SmithandSmith

            You remind me of why I’m always harping on Illegal Search and Seizure and your Right to be Free of Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

            Cruel and Unusual doesn’t mean whippings and hangings, it means, the Government has No Right to Forever Punish you for anything. Your Rights, all of them are to be restored the very second you get done paying for whatever you did wrong but that’s not what’s happening as you well know.

            As for the “law enforcement”, I agree with ya.

            By the way, while you and I stand on opposites sides of the fence (you’re an atheist and I am not), I do feel very bad for ya and the extra and illegal, trouble they’ve put you through. It sure doesn’t help someone want to do right when all they get for their good effort is grief.

          • Daisy

            I completely agree.

  • nick68


    • robinbishop34

      They own the joint. Let them burn the place to the ground. Then you can go pet your rabbits and sh*t

    • robinbishop34
    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Gosh, white people are dangerous. Please make sure that you and your kinsmen stay as far away from them as possible — for your own safety, of course.

    • edie

      I would think a lot more than that if you add the disease that came with the ships from Europe……. on the other hand, there are no races blameless so like MScott told you, it’s time to get past that and fix the problems of today which are what the article above is about.

  • nick68


    • Jerrybear

      Sorry pal. Your people lost. Now they live on welfare and get drunk at their reservations. But hey, at least you have tax free casinos.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        He also has all-caps posts.

        I’m 3/16 Native American: Cherokee and Tuscarora instead of one the less functional combinations. Perhaps if Nick68 read a bit here instead of just slinging insults, he might feel happier.

        That said, Jerry, we can’t fix the world.

        • Jerrybear

          People such as yourself are evidence that whites didn’t wipe out all natives like the lunatic Nick68 claims. Many interbred with whites. They just appear white. My brother in law looks like a Nordic Viking but his mother grew up on a reservation. And he’s the first one to claim that most Indians living on reservations are drunken welfare queens.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            As for Nick68, if I hated him, I would leave him just the way he is.

            We don’t hate you, though, Nick,or at least I do not. White Australian police were amazed that I could run very quickly, unheard on hard ground to help them catch someone who had tried to drag a young woman out of her car. We’re not genocidal, and probably never were. Even the first Australian policeman didn’t hear anyone near him until I was passing him, and only later, when he could see I had taken my mocs off after he had his perp, he understood why I could run so silently. They’re practical footwear, don’t you know, but in a hard chase on summer pavement, bare feet are better.

            While drunkenness among Amerinds is sometimes problematical, they have inflicted tobacco smoking on the rest of the world.

            I certainly don’t hate Amerinds.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Then please make sure all white people know your reasoned lefty viewpoint, that everytime a 12-year old white boy dies at the hands of a nonwhite justice is being done. Please let all whites no that white suffering, revenge, is what motivates these black and brown villains.

      Your honesty in this will make my job (waking up whites) much easier.

    • Vyncennt

      You are quite correct. Of course we’re apparently genocidal to ourselves, which may temper your theory a bit….

    • edie

      some of my forefathers served with George Rogers Clark and others like him.

      We made mincemeat of your forefathers. Took care of the french and english at the same time. Google Vincennes hiawatha

  • DronesTodayAreBritNavyOf1700s

    Dad did the interview behind/through a screen door.

    If you were going to proclaim your son’s innocence, would that be your positioning?

  • Pan_Europa

    “…So far, the Liberal media has been able to lie about the rampant, ethnic crime, which for years has been a systematic campain of racist violence against Whites. The media has been active in hiding this ethnic cleansing that is targeting White people; but it`s impossible for the Liberal Media to deny the massive terrorist attacks and the growing support for these attacks in the Muslim community in Europe.

    So far, the Liberals see the situation as manageable as long as it is they that are on the rampage. The real problems begin when we get mad. That is what the Liberals should be really be afraid of. But, it seems that think that won`t ever happen. So far, the strategy of the Muslim roughians, be they ordinary street thugs or terrorists, seem to work, for the Liberal media, and sytem in general, can only appease the seemingly rage of them.

    This of course, means that their appetite only grows, and they feel that they can do anything—until they go too far. So as you can see, no matter whom we ar dealing with, no matter who is our enemy, the Left, the Liberals, the Neo Cons; the corporate world, the Islamic radicals, thugs from the Third World; they`re all preparing their own downfall. We couldn`t do a better job ourselves. Our enemies are doing it themselves, and that`s historical dialectics in action.”

    –Kai Murros

  • nick68


    • robinbishop34

      You’re adorable.

    • ConcernedYoungAmerican


  • nick68



    • robinbishop34

      You have a very tenuous understanding of history my friend. There is genocide and slavery going on right now. Take your selective outrage elsewhere before you have your ass handed to you.

      • nick68


        • robinbishop34

          Yeah probably. You’re drunk and stupid. Or should I say your stupid and drunk. Either way, go to bed. You will be carved up in here.

          • nick68


          • Vyncennt

            I knew something was missing from my life. Thank you. Thank you.

          • edie

            I’m white and have never tried meth and never will……..
            stupid argument on your part……. I’m sure there are plenty of people like you that suck it up though..

        • Michael_C_Scott

          OK,I will threaten you with ridicule. You will stop posting in all caps right away, or we will make fun of you. I don’t make mistakes with punks.

        • Vyncennt

          Who are you kidding….white men haven’t been “threatening” in years….

          • saxonsun

            Why are you all answering this swine? How is he worthy of your attention?

          • Vyncennt

            He amuses me. Like a Slinky.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Because he is a human being.

    • Jerrybear

      Why don’t you go whine with all the other professional victims and self hating whites at Huffington Post?

      • nick68


        • robinbishop34

          That would mean you wouldn’t be able to use the white man’s inventions like the computer you’re using now. Without the white man you would live in a thatched hut and pour cow piss over your god forsaken brood to keep the insects away.

          • Jerrybear

            LOL. They’d have to give up everything including the wheel.

          • robinbishop34

            The truth hurts.

        • Vyncennt

          If we leave, how exactly do you plan to deal with the blacks and Hispanics that are here? You do realize that, unlike the whites, they will have no love nor loyalty to your people whatsoever.

          Just food for thought….

    • Vyncennt

      No whites here killed the Native Americans, nor plan to in the future I’d guess.
      No whites here killed the African Bush people, nor plan to in the future I’d guess.
      No whites here killed the Jews, nor plan to in the future I’d guess.

      Most whites here have learned the location and purpose of the CAPS LOCK key. If you ask politely, most will pass this information on to you.

  • nick68


    • robinbishop34

      You probably don’t realize this but you actually cement the ever growing feelings that are expressed on this site. Also, I doubt that you’re black, you’re probably a jew or a gentile wimp.

      • nick68


        • robinbishop34

          Maybe you can conjure up Billy Jack? I can hear “One Tin Soldier” in the background as we speak.

        • Vyncennt

          There are 2.9 million Native Americans living in the United States. There are 8.2 million people living in New York City alone.

          Do you really believe that Native Americans, who would all fit easy into 1/2 of one American city, are entitled to 3.8 million square miles? About 36,250,000 square feet per Native American.

          Don’t be silly.

          • edie

            I met 20 million in college and afterwards that claimed partial native american heritage.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            You met 20 million people? In “college”? Which university, assuming a 4 year-plan has 5 million new students each year?

            I once wished I could meet so many. How do you meet “20 million” people? If that was a dating site, you would make serious money.

            Perhaps you met 20 people, and one of them was partly Amerind.

          • Daisy

            Who is ‘amerind’ in your family? Seems to me that a lot of white people in the US have some small admixture but don’t make such a big deal out of it. Technically I’m some small part, I dunno, Moorish or something based on what one of my irish grandparents looked like but you wouldn’t know it to look at me and I could care less about it. I guess they’d been already europeanized in Spain and maybe even celtified before even being absorbed into Ireland.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Both parents.

            My mother once told my ex-father that she would have never married him if she had known, except decades later, her father told her when he was dying that she was partly N.C. Cherokee.

          • MikeofAges

            Even at a density of 50 per square mile, about 60,000 square miles would do. Native American probably have that much reserved for them. certainly that much when you count rights on public lands that do not exist for other people.

        • Sure. But we’ll take our technology with us. How does that hole in the ground look now, cochise?

        • edie

          goodness nick, did you find an indian ancestor in the woodshed?

        • libertarian 1234

          The old “native American” claim is being exposed as incorrect with new discoveries in archeology.

          Kennewick man and Solutreans…probably Caucasoids….. preceded indians by many years.

          Sorry, but Indians were illegal aliens.

          Also if we went back to Europe you would only follow us over there with your hand out, because you can’t provide for yourself.

          Wouldn’t you be happier in Africa?

    • robinbishop34

      It’s called natural selection.

      • nick68


      • edie

        no it isn’t, this is murder.
        natural selection is when minorities starve because whites don’t save them.

        • robinbishop34

          Ain’t it cool?

      • robinbishop34

        I believe those who have thumbed me down fail to see my sarcasm.

  • Anonymous

    A nice looking kid like Bailey would have been a magnet to black
    bullies. Another sacrificial lamb for forced integration. A few blacks
    here and there are just a few disasters that can be swept under the
    rug, but another question is how many white kids have ever actually

    to see high school graduation as minorities among black
    majorities. Among those few who have, I can probably show you mostly
    scarred individuals.

  • Zackers

    And yet every educator at every level of instruction teaches that hate crimes are something that only whites do, and that we should be concerned about this hatred above all else. Or should I say, at the exclusion of all else. This is also the opinion of government and most large companies that have diversity statements and tolerance training. Racism, hatred, violence, discrimination: we’re taught these are things only whites do, even while we’re spreading the opposite.

    • you know the school admin is doing intensive racial harmony damage control at the school, trying to save the years of brainwashing from going down the drain

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Perhaps it even is 300 million. I look white: I have brown hair and grey eyes, so I could “pass”. But…

    Lots of innocent people have been killed or had their lands changed by other folks as well. The Mongols killed a quarter of the population of the world while they were busy doing their thing, mostly killing Chinese, Turkics and Persians. Europe is ours by any right, but the Mongols drove Chuvaks and Magyars westward, and they are now our friends, the Hungarians. The English have repopulated their land with Pakistanis, and they will not be my friends again.

    We were forced a bit west into North America, and the Mongols here either assimilated. left, were killed or died of disease.

    That said, I am 3/16 Native, and my wife is Japanese, so the North American circle is complete: Siberia – Central Asia – Europe – North America – Japan.

    It only took about 60,000 years.


    • Vyncennt


      I’m a bit confused…was this is response to another post? The original story? Your post seems to meander a bit and I’m having trouble relating it to the story….

      • Michael_C_Scott

        A self-described 100% Native American was obnoxious here, so I responded politely.

  • cockroach lives

    The key words by the white DA are “rush to judgement” and of course this was the infamous line of the black OJ Simpson lead attorney Johnnie “cockroach” Cochran who drilled this BS over and over in the courtroom and of course due to an all black jury his ex-white wife Nicole had her head cut off with his butcher knife along with white male Ron Goldman. ( What about a “rush to acquittal” for a double racist murder? )Obviously the black reporter would have mentioned race had this been a white bully and a black youth death and clearly they stick up for each other in solidarity while pretending to be concerned but this is how your typical liberal one track pc media scammers operate.
    Was this some sort of payback for the slavery and injustice? Where is the rationale or was this just a typical brutal black genetic animal behavior dispensed upon a white kid to show superiority since it has nothing to with any type sexual perversion or other pc causes?”

  • Felix_M

    When I first heard this story, I thought the same thing: What is the race of the kids who killed him?

    Racial harmony? Bull**it, and civil rights “leaders” only covering up for these porch monkeys does nothing to improve a damn thing and succeeds only in compromising their legitimacy and moral standing, such as they are.

  • Vyncennt

    Although I hate to say it, the little white boy should not have tried to walk away. That, above all else, was the mistake that lead to his death.

    Black youth that have decided to cause harm will almost always carry through with it. They rarely back out of a confrontation where they believe they will succeed. Reducing hostility towards them has little effect at this point. Any efforts to remove yourself from such a situation will be immediately misconstrued as weakness which seems to only further escalate that hostility.

    I teach my daughter to strike immediately. I tell her not to talk back or threaten violence….just deliver violence and deliver it immediately, quietly, and brutally. It is not the lessons I would ever have imagined having to teach her, and goes against every value I was taught as a child, but it is necessary where I live. I have personally observed the results of hesitation and deference. Neither hold any value in any situation not involving whites or Asians.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Sayaka is teaching Ariadne to use her naginata, which is a sort of short glaive Japanese women used to protect their homes. We go to a Korean martial arts school in an old fire station near here. I practice with either a clipped-head German falchion and a claymore, both “boken” versions, or a long staff.

      I prefer the staff, as one can parry with it, and then use it to trip and throw an opponent.

      My wife and I spar sometimes, but I use a bamboo staff, as I do not want to cause her injury. She chalks the edge of her boken naginata red. If her hit on me scores red anywhere, she wins. I need three uninterrupted strikes on her helmet or body armor to win, or one throw followed by an immediate strike to the same areas.

      As Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez once said, “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I am very interested in the punk who down-votes everything I and a few other people say on every subject.

  • I grew up in Central Islip, NY. Most people who can afford to move to get better, safer environments for their children. (See “President Obama sends his kids to private schools.”) Some pay outrageous property taxes yet still send their children to expensive private schools in another town. If-emphasis on “If”–we truly wanted social justice–at least we’d address this criminal behavior. When we fail to confront unpleasant truths, we get unpleasant outcomes.

  • rightrightright
  • saxonsun

    Just saw on Daily Mail UK that a white girl was stabbed to death by a black.

    • i read that story, naturally they gave no hint that it was a black, but common sense tells you that it had to be

    • Daisy

      Last week I think it was an Australian tourist got in a fight with a cab driver, got out around 58th Street, don’t know west or east, at 3:30am and within minutes was dragged into an alley and raped by a black man. They won’t say her race but I’d bet it’s white.

  • anarchyst

    My “fantasy punishment” for bullies and their dysfunctional parents would be permanent paralysis. Let’s see how much “bullying” could be done by someone in a wheelchair. Maybe paraplegia would be a more fitting punishment. Just sayin’ . . .

  • But, when actor Forest Whitaker was frisked at a NYC deli, the media couldn’t keep quiet about the indignities suffered by a black man, in spite of his wealth and success.

    I wonder if Bailey O’Neill will get a statue next to Rosa Parks.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The self-described 100% Amerind here has accused white people of “genocide”.

    This is a term white people invented and a crime of which he accuses of via computer, another white invention, and in the English language, using the Roman alphabet, still more white inventions.

    Leaving this hypocrisy aside, whites with consensual governments attempt to avoid genocide. The United States constructively destroyed the Japanese armed forces during World War Two, and while we had the capability to racially exterminate their civilian population, we did not, though we did use extreme force to make them surrender. They now have a parliamentary democracy with their emperor as only a figurehead. Their current emperor has married a commoner of lesser lineage than my own wife.

    We didn’t annihilate the population of South Korea. It had a nasty military dictatorship for some decades, but is now a democracy, in which nobody starves to death, quite unlike the “other” Korea. South Vietnam would be the same today if it had survived.

    The last “genocide” of people related to me was mainly geographical displacement: the Highland Clearances in Scotland by the English. Scotland would have suffered a “potato famine” like that in Ireland if not for this, so I am glad we were relocated.

    • Johnwharl

      I guess all those millions of Native Americans who died committed suicide,not
      slaughtered by whites.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Diseases for which they had no resistance did most of the work. Please read “Man and Microbes”, by Aarno Kaarlen. They also fought each other without mercy when displaced.

        One of my great-grandmothers was a Cherokee girl who was sold to a white child-molester when she was 12. He was faithful to her, at least, and a good provider for their family until he was thrown in front of a train and run over by it. She was pure Injun and lived until the late 1940s.

  • Johnwharl

    Killed ? More like getting whupped.The little white boy started something he couldn’t
    finish and got his pale ass whupped.

  • Shattered

    He’s not “the bad guy” for beating a kid who tried to walk away to death? Obviously a good logic 101 class would help him find a different conclusion.

    • blak folks have their own special brand of logic

  • 2craig22

    Diversity is sick

  • Dave4088

    In the early 1990’s in my medium sized, Northern city, there was an incident at on of the city’s integrated high schools where a large black “student” picked up a smallish 14yr old white student and threw him down several rows of bleachers. This was totally without provocation and the white student sustained serious injuries and brain and neck trauma, but miraculously recovered (although not fully) to where he could function as a human being and live a decent life.

    Some white kids aren’t so lucky and the black thugs in this article should be charged with first degree murder.

  • Can we please get a huge movement going on this? I mean what is going on here? Why haven’t these boys who did this to him been charged yet? This is NOT RIGHT. Please, someone, anyone, create a movement on this. No way this boy’s brutal death should go unpunished. I am so mad I am seeing red here folks and I am not exaggerating.

  • Athling is rascist

    That is soooo ignorant what you just said