Anti-Immigration Firebrand to Contest Australia Polls

France 24, March 7, 2013

Australian anti-immigration firebrand Pauline Hanson said Thursday she plans to run in this year’s general election, saying politicians were out of touch with how ordinary Australians feel.

The controversial former One Nation leader, who once warned Australia was in danger of being swamped by Asians, made the announcement on Channel Seven television, although it was not clear in what capacity she would stand.

Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson

“I’m seriously thinking about it and the possibility is yes, I will give it a go. The passion is still there and I’m very concerned about my country.

“I just don’t think that there are people there who really understand how Australians are feeling. I don’t think there is a representation for our culture, our way of life, our standard of living.”

Hanson, 58, shot to fame in the 1990s when she ditched her fish and chip shop to represent a Queensland state electorate in the national parliament, forming the anti-immigration and trade protectionist One Nation party.

She lost her seat in 1998 and subsequent attempts to win office failed, including a 2007 run for a national Senate seat in which she campaigned for an end to immigration by Muslims to protect “Australian culture”.

In 2011, another comeback bid failed when she lost the race for an upper house seat in the New South Wales parliament.


Hanson, who spent several weeks in jail in 2003 for fraudulently spending electoral funds before the judgement was quashed, said her political comeback was about standing up for her beliefs.

“I went to jail, it took me over two years to get over that, and it’s that determination that I feel can keep me going,” she said.

Gillard announced last month that an election will be held on September 14.

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  • IstvanIN

    God bless her!

  • Triarius

    Like looking back in time to the UK 20 years ago and the US 40 years ago. The problem with democracy is that politicians can import their voters.

    • bigone4u

      And buy their votes with entitlements too.

      • Bantu_Education

        And, in order to compete for the votes, “conservative” parties in all democracies have had to swing to the left. The entire political spectrum has swung to the left, because that’s where the majority – the “feeders at the trough” – the ever-growing stupid vote – can be found. The only way out of this blind alley is a return to some form of qualified vote, but thats not going to happen since Turkeys won’t vote for Christmas. Its Catch-22 with a vengeance.

  • I’ll be keeping an eye out for the results. Why does she keep losing, shooting for too high an office?

    • NYB

      The political weathervane is still to the left of center in most Western countries, so results are slow in coming.
      It will be a long struggle, but the efforts of leaders like Pauline Hanson and Jared Taylor to revive nationalism are invaluable.

    • GM (Australia)

      I voted for her party at one stage, so did many others. However she is generally regarded as too “fringe” for most voters and the once very successful One Nation Party party that she founded destroyed itself by lack of political skills, leadership tensions and disunity. It should also be noted that our present opposition leader Mr Tony Abbot (Conservative side of politics) was instrumental in having her jailed.

      If Ms Hanson could get One Nation established again and run in an orderly manner she would get up to 25 – 30% of the Australian vote. The momentum is there and most Australians would be quite happy to express their concerns about non-white immigration via the privacy of the ballot box.

      Slightly related, one TV channel here ran a doco on the rise of Golden dawn in Greece, they described GD as extreme right wing Nazis! (The same description they gave to One Nation)

      • george00

        “If Ms Hanson could get One Nation established again and run in an
        orderly manner she would get up to 25 – 30% of the Australian vote.”

        Is that all? In a country that supposably has at least the majority of the people against nonwhite immigration it should be at least 50%.

        “The momentum is there and most Australians would be quite happy to
        express their concerns about non-white immigration via the privacy of
        the ballot box.”

        They already did and apparenty they are OK with it or Ms Hanson would have won.

        “Slightly related, one TV channel here ran a doco on the rise of Golden
        dawn in Greece, they described GD as extreme right wing Nazis! (The same
        description they gave to One Nation)”

        Until we can reach the Lemmings with our message a political party is a waste of time.

    • george00

      “Why does she keep losing, shooting for too high an office?” No. Apparently the people like nonwhite immigration or there’s voter fraud. The polls say the people are against nonwhite immigration so that leaves voter fraud. So who is doing this voter fraud or are the people so stupid that they are voting for what they don’t want. It’s so stupid.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I hope she does well. I doubt ordinary white Australians are too pleased with the liberal push for all white countries to take in massive amounts of third world immigrants.

    • liberalsuck

      I love how liberals think most whites shares their deluded, leftist views. Liberal whites see another white person and assume we share their anti-Republican views or that we feel sorry for illegals or that we have white guilt or that we are in favor of gun control, etc.

  • crystalevans

    Pauline is interesting. At one point and time, she was actually going to leave Australia and move to the UK. She had her house on the market and said that she was not going to sell to a Muslim. She changed her mind and stayed in Australia. I read something about her today where she was interviewed by a couple of radio jocks and told them that she was against gay marriage and one of them asked her if she ever had a lesbian affair. She then said why would you ask me such a question? There was no answer to that.

  • brengunn

    She looks like a cheap tart, for a start. She’ll never be elected as long as she looks like a faded 80’s porno star who works in a chippy. Far right politicians that look like they’re part of the underclass do not play well with the electorate as it confirms people’s suspicions that far right politics are for morons.

    • Paul

      Pauline Hanson does not look like a cheap tart you imbecile. Before you make stupid comments at least have a look at a couple of pictures of her. She always dresses very classy. Ans she has gone to jail for her beliefs. What have you done?

      • They say politics are Hollywood for the ugly, and I can also add that they in their more idiotically partisan form can be team athletics for the clumsy. However, there is a certain virtue in physically attractive political candidates.

    • Martyn

      Your country could do well to have someone like Pauline standing up for what we believe in. She may not, in your opinion look the business but she means business. Clearly looks are what gets the job done though, just look at the wonderful “difference” some of the polished turds you have as a national voice have made.

  • SargeInCharge

    The media will go into overdrive to destroy her, and she will receive death threats. Such is the totalitarian nature of the multi-cultis.

  • The__Bobster

    Oz need more candidates like her,,,,,and an enraged electorate to do the right thing and vote for them.

  • IKantunderstand

    They need a Wizard of Oz. Not a Wizardess, or wizette, or whatever. Hello, is there any man behind the curtain? Step forward please. Your country needs you.

  • dondiego

    This is good news. I am a Kiwi exiled in Australia and actual real Australians that I have spoken to support her ideas.

    I have, on this trip, driven 13000 kilometers and am yet to find a capital city(one to go)- or even large productive town un-tainted by the multicult.

    The people who built her country were NOT asked if they wanted this change foisted upon them.
    There is, at least among those I have spoken with, growing disquiet.

    Apparently there is/was a bumper sticker proclaiming “Pauline says what we’re thinking”. I am yet to see one. (I have seen “Love It-Or Leave” and “F- Off-We’re Full” stickers).

    • GM (Australia)

      Exactly, the Australian people have never been consulted on immigration matters but are continually brainwashed about the benefits and joys of diversity and multiculturalism and we have draconian racial vilification laws which prevent any open discussion on the matter.Our kids are further brainwashed into believing how evil the White Australia Policy was and they all have to attend “Harmony” days at their schools.

      The authorities are still trying to enforce a collective “guilt trip” over the 2005 Cronulla Beach riots where a re lot of real Australians made it quite clear what they thought of the Islamic Invasion of this country.

      • liberalsuck

        Not ONE white country was consulted on letting in millions of nonwhites into their country, not England, not Australia, not America, not Canada, not Sweden, not Germany, etc. The only white country is very white and not at all PC is Russia and some Eastern Europe countries, but I hope to God they stay white and non PC!

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Exactly! White America was sold a bill of goods in 1965 by the Royal Swine-ness Ted Kennedy. No white American was asked if they wanted to be swamped with unskilled, swarthy Southrons because they were told this would never happen. Just like we were told Obamacare wouldn’t raise our taxes “one single cent”. And still they hear and obey Glorious Leader, waiting with baited breath for every utterance from his golden mulatto tongue. When they aren’t sitting rapt before a Bantu Sports Display. Disgusted? …doesn’t even begin to describe the way I feel about my fellow Yanks More like – contemptuous.

    • newscomments70

      I remember travelling abroad and meeting Australians. It sounded so nice to live in a white country…well, much whiter than the US. It seemed like such a luxury to not live in a multicultural hell hole. I don’t understand why liberals want to destroy everything. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    When I was living in Sydney, I didn’t like what Mrs. Hansen was saying. I have never commented about politics in nations in which I have been a guest, such as Australia in 1997-98. She chewed out aboriginals as well as Chinese, and I wondered just where the aborigines were supposed to go.

    My best friend in Australia was also a quarter-breed native aborigine, Nobody else at UNSW even tried to understand him or the way feral cats at UNSW always ran to Daniel. I’m fairly sure I do, but he could use them as shark bait after petting a wild cat halfway to sleep and then breaking its neck. The cats still kept running to him after we had gone fishing quite a few times.

    The only time my friend went in the water, I went in straight after him. He had a boat but told me he couldn’t swim. I have an irrational fear of heights and deep water.

    If Pauline Hanson could tone it down just a wee but, she might win more votes.

    • SirMe

      Pauline Hanson is 10% Middle Eastern, I wouldn’t really call her white.

      • Bismark

        How so??

        • SirMe

          I actually do claim she is white, no doubt, it’s just last time she claimed to be pure Anglo-Celtic and she was a leader for the pure white Australians, only later to find out (by DNA) that she has 10% Middle Eastern and small percentage of Turkish blood. I’ve noticed lately that she has kept very quiet about Muslim immigration to Australia (compared to her attack on East Asians 15 years ago). I wonder if she has gone soft since her DNA check, her campaign will tell.

      • GM (Australia)

        If she looks white, acts white, stands up for whites that is all that matters!

        As to comments by M C Scott, Perhaps Ms Hanson is concerned at the billions of Dollars thrown at Aboriginals every year with no improvement of their sub-third world living conditions, they simply do not fit into a 21st century nation. perhaps we should let them continue to be Aboriginals but give them an equal chance to be part of our society for the few that may really want to be.

        As for Asians, Did you ever get off a train at say Strathfield (Suburban) train station, the crowd is 99% Asian, this is Sydney Australia, not Shanghai Central, it is all so totally wrong, Ms Hanson needs to speak out.long loud and clear.(Not tone things down)

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Of course letting them be content to be aboriginals is the correct solution, but actually doing this requires a thorough re-examination of Western society of which I also approve.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        That’s not necessarily a disqualifier. Remember that Asia Minor, the Levant and North Africa were once White. Islam created a swarthy barbarian influx.

    • george00

      “a quarter-breed native aborigine”

      This only goes to show that some white men will have sex with anything…anything.

      “he could use them as shark bait after petting a wild cat halfway to sleep and then breaking its neck.”

      What a disgusting piece of garbage.

      • bigone4u

        People who kill and torture dogs, cats, etc. deserve the old “eye for an eye” treatment as far as I am concerned. Whites are the only race that respect our animal friends.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      He would kill cats by tricking them? What a vile piece of human excrement he is. If I saw him doing that I would break his neck and feed him to the fishes. I hope he drowns.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    It really saddens me that the rest of the Western world has anti-immigrant and anti-multiculturalism centered political parties, which will only grow with time, but we Americans have none. It goes to show that cultural Marxism was most heavily focused on the leader of the Western world for the latter half of the twentieth century.

  • bigone4u

    Seems like the power elites in Australia have marginalized Ms. Hanson. Alternatively, the white voters have been brainwashed into the belief that multiculturalism is good for them. Whatever, I wish her good luck.

  • Paleoconn

    All the best to her. A working class woman too, former fish and chips restaurateur. And a redhead to boot, whom me must ensure never ever go extinct!

    Why don’t we have politicians like this here?

  • Paleoconn

    Somebody mentioned Jared Taylor in the same sentence as Pauline Hanson. I wish Mr. Taylor would run for office, and if he did, I would volunteer time and money to help run his campaign and I think many people here would do likewise. I think many readers here would be his entourage and spread his political beliefs and platform. Ditto somebody like Steve Sailer, Peter Brimelow, Nicholas Stix, Paul Kersey. Too late, I think for PJB.