Searches Turn Up No Sign of Ex-Officer as Southern California Waits on Edge

Adam Nagourney and Ian Lovett, New York Times, February 9, 2013

The search for Christopher J. Dorner in the snowy valley around Big Bear Lake, high in the San Bernardino Mountains, continued into Friday morning with absolutely no sign of the fugitive.

The police had tried to bottle up the suspect in the resort area, which has only a handful of access roads, and they were confident that they had him trapped. But as Thursday pushed into Friday, with no sign of Mr. Dorner, the authorities were wondering whether he had somehow managed to slip the dragnet.

Mr. Dorner, 33, a former Navy reservist and Los Angeles police officer, has been the target of a huge manhunt since Thursday morning, sought in connection with the shooting deaths of three people and the attempted shootings of several other police officials. A steady snowfall in the resort region about 100 miles each of Los Angeles, was slowing the search Friday morning, with more in the forecast.

Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner

Sheriff John McMahon of San Bernardino County said the police had spent the night scouring the area around Mr. Dorner’s burned-out car, which had been discovered Thursday afternoon, and trying to follow a set of tracks in the snow that the authorities believe were made by the suspect.


For the second day in a row, local schoolchildren were getting a day off school, keeping them and their yellow buses off the mountain roads in the midst of the search, and the Big Bear ski resort was also closed again.


The police said that Mr. Dorner was traveling with multiple weapons, including an assault weapon.


The rampage began with a double homicide in Orange County on Sunday. One of the victims, Monica Quan, 28, was the daughter of a former Los Angeles police captain who had defended Mr. Dorner in his disciplinary proceedings.

On Wednesday, Chief Beck said, Mr. Dorner tried to hijack a boat in San Diego. Early Thursday morning, police officers assigned to protect an officer named by Mr. Dorner were alerted by a civilian who spotted a man resembling the suspect. As they followed him, Mr. Dorner opened fire as they approached him — grazing one in the head — before he fled, Chief Beck said.

Less than an hour later, the suspect approached two Riverside police officers parked at a traffic light in a patrol car and opened fire, killing one and seriously wounding the second.


Mr. Dorner was dismissed after being charged with making false statements about his training officer, who he alleged had kicked a suspect. A review board ultimately found Mr. Dorner guilty. Mr. Dorner sued the department, but both the trial court and an appellate court upheld his termination.



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  • a multiracial individual

    The police are not going to take this fellow alive. He has posted sizable amounts of police dirt on the web. Gangs usually kill the snitches. So do the police it seems.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Who knows?

      By the way, what do you mean by your moniker? Just curious. I’m obviously a race realist, but have no problem when I meet a mixed person or minority who really wants a “discussion on race” rather than a chance to browbeat evil whitey.

      I’ll take you on your word for the sake of argument, by the way, but it is the internet, eh?

      • a multiracial individual

        I possess multiracial ancestry.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Many do. I personally apply the “look white, act white, live white” rule when deciding who is white and who not. The look part is important but not the whole picture.

          May I ask what races/ethnicities, how much? Where do you think you would fall on the spectrum vis-a-vis my criteria, above? I have a tiny trace of Amerind and Semitic (Sephardic Jew) but consider myself (proudly) white. As I’ve pointed out here, all white populations, even before the floodgates were thrown open, have arguably to obviously non-white substratas which do not, in my opinion, make them non-white.

          Even the most dullardly and self-control challenged groups sometimes spit out an exceptional individual at the far right of the bell curve and if the genes of such sneak into that of the New White, well…who knows? I got neanderthal DNA, you know?

          But I heartily detest the glorification of stupidity and folly inherent in the excusing of black pathology and street “culture”. Cult of stupidity. And the foisting of intermarriage upon me by my evil do gooder government.

          • a multiracial individual

            I would rather not say exactly. I am of three major racial categories. I was raised in a White and Asian suburb. I have friends of all racial/ethnic/religious backgrounds. I am perfectly amiable to most people (as long as they are civil). I attended a “West Coast Ivy” for my undergraduate education. I am currently in a Ph.D program that is almost exclusively: White, Male, and Upper Middle-Class.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I don’t hate you.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            In fact, you know what kind of society I’d like to live in? Something resembling a meritocracy. As close as we can get. Good business, good government, protection of all constitutional rights for all.

            I dream of a society where the darkest son or daughter of Africa can make his or her way to the highest level he or she can achieve. Furthermore I believe in freedom of association as well as dissociation. I also believe in REAL science.

            I bought into the whole evil whitey thing long ago. Indeed some white people did some pretty nasty, inexcusable things. Many were rude and demeaning, arrogant and cruel. Many injustices occurred for a long time.

            But I didn’t do that stuff. Neither I nor my people are all evil. All races have done deplorable things over history. To single out mine sounds pretty “racist” to me.

            What I don’t want is to be blamed for all the problems. What I don’t want is to become “the new Jews”, no offense to the Jews. What kind of masochist would that make me? What I want is the right to speak freely, to associate as I please, and to honor my heritage.

            I hate the word “pride”, consider it more vice than virtue, but as it seems to connote more and less than it once did, I must say I have the right to be proud of my and some part of your heritage.

            I don’t like insulting people. I hate the hate. I have no desire to harm anyone.

            But I love myself, my white skin, my people, and my heritage. I love these things, good, bad, and all in between. And I hate the way we are depicted, disrespected, denigrated, scapegoated – and worse. I feel that if I have any shred of self respect, I must somehow make some kind of stand. Even if in the form of pathetic pseudo-rants on a supposed “hate” site. Wow.

            But I don’t hate you. Understand?

          • BannerRWB

            “I dream of a society where the darkest son or daughter of Africa can make his or her way to the highest level he or she can achieve.” – I too believe in having such a society, as long as I don’t have to be in it. Likewise, I want a society in which I can live and where they (the darkest sons of Africa) can not enter. I don’t wish them ill, and in their society they would be able to reach whatever heights of civilization they can reach. So, would you say we are in agreement, or not? Thanks for any reply you may have.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Sure, perhaps in the Last White Refuge I envision, stretching from somewhere in central Europe over the Bering Strait, down into somewhere in the current US.

            What I describe is my most rosy yet realistic concept of these United States remaining what they are, or were envisioned to be. Sort of. Understand? Honestly I get along fine with non-whites on many levels, have known many I respect. Even among the sons and daughters of deepest darkest…

            But it’s all poisoned by the big Lie.

            I think you and I are quite in agreement. But we and those like us must be careful to help craft a movement that will be able to take seed in our oppressive society.

            Hell, you know there are blacks who other blacks will label “Uncle Toms” or “Uncle Ruckus’s” and others who are truly OK with their color and living in a FAIR meritocracy. How many? Dunno, but if they are truly OK with a meritocracy…politics makes interesting…uh…alliances, yuk yuk. Hey, proud Asians who like being Asian and living in a true meritocracy, you guys ARE the next “Jews” should we cease to exist…hmmm…. Hey white Jews, I think yer white. Look what happened to Hitler when he booted ol Einstein? Hey stormfronters, why not be real white men and rethink old beliefs based on white science and the needs of the moment. Hey anyone who eschews anything but the search for Truth, come on over and have some bar-b-que and soda.

            No need to be uncivil. Unless forced to. That’s where the stormfronter types come in handy. Just the opposite, in fact.

            The ideology must be non-racial, based on Truth, the propaganda of Truth. The racial aspect is a function of our belief in the right of free association and dissociation, a natural result of our belief in, as the French said, the right to fraternity…

            This is not inherently a white right, any more than racism is inherently a white affliction. It applies to all. In the context of our current system, certainly whites will find a friendly home where we can be “proud” of ourselves and our heritage. I call it “Phalangism” or “New Phalangism” and discuss some ruminations on it in nauseating detail in a pseudo-rant over on the “failure of head start” thread, I believe.


          • Jackryanvb

            OK, just don’t let any idiot, know it all Libertarians in to your last last White refuge, or they will be opening the gates, letting in the dark hordes, coming up with all kinds of free market theories that we should give the dark hordes vouchers to go to our White private schools, legalize hard porn, inter racial hard porn, legalized crack cocaine, welcome the for movement of capital, goods and services, free movement of PEOPLE, “There shall be open borders”

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I dream of a society in which white men are not wrongfully held back. Fortunately, when we have our next civil war, we’ll get to use nukes. I dream of a day in which Washington DC and Mexico City are deep, radioactive lakes.

          • concernedcollegekid

            Great comment.

            I struggle with being a race realist and agreeing with the message of this site and having one good black friend who means a lot to me and who I think is an asset to this country. I had enough bad experiences with black kids in high school to believe as deeply as I believe anything that we as a society need to stop pretending that anything at all can be done to change the fact that blacks have lower average intelligence than whites, and higher average criminal inclinations. I think a lot of black people simply aren’t fit to succeed in a Western society (which is not their fault; it’s that evolution tailored them to the African environment) and my heart kind of bleeds for those who are, because they must feel an obligation to help the rest of their race even though in many cases it’s futile.

            I love this site because the discussion is truly and deeply open-minded. We have John Engleman, we have a multiracial individual, we have IQ elitists and white nationalists unconcerned with IQ and we have people who probably also go on Stormfront. But everyone who’s on here at least has TRIED to think about race objectively. Everyone is genuinely open to discussion and learning. Leaving this site and comparing it to the “discourse” that goes on in the actual mainstream media couldn’t possibly be any more depressing.

          • IstvanIN

            You can visit your black friend after he is relocated to the black nation that is founded after the break-up. YOUR black friend is no reason my grandson can not have a safe nation to live.

          • concernedcollegekid

            If my black friend got relocated to a black nation, I would visit him there, yes.

          • Tucker

            Don’t forget your body armor.

          • concernedcollegekid

            He would make sure I was safe.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            If my Japanese wife was relocated, we’d find each other eventually. Sayaka would know by the way I play the steel guitar. There’s a black guy across the street from us. He’s married to a white woman, which I suppose I should dislike, but he’s a good person. I was once warned by one of the neighbors about a “Mr. Scott” and I explained that was me, so we are friends now. He’s Thai and looks like an old American Indian.

            We reinstalled the tailgate to his Ford pickup Saturday afternoon. Nick said I’m amazingly strong.

          • WandaBloom

            I bet you’re good in bed,too!

          • Michael_C_Scott

            A tongue is often best used for something other than talking, yes?

          • LeroyJones

            IWhats wrong wit yo DICK??

          • Joseph

            Maybe the three/four of you can take it to a motel with a network connection to some swingers websites.


          • Michael_C_Scott

            That is for seconds.

          • Guest

            you can stay there too

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Well I guess that’s part of what it’s all about, and it’s a credit to Amren and Jared Taylor.

            Hard to find folks who like to discuss more than inanities, which is not unwise of them, by the way…

            What depresses me is the lack of a non-Naziesque alternative. Don’t get me wrong, coolest uniforms ever, and sometimes you gotta be fierce to be respected, but if that’s the only alternative things are gonna have to get really bad before they could truly thrive.

            We DESPERATELY need an alternative though. You know, the more I think of my political philosophy the more I feel it’s not really a third way after all, but more like a fourth way, you know?

            Hey, I’m one of the evilest whiteys there is – a SOUTHERN white man. As such I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had many good experiences and interactions with black people and know many I’d go to bat for. Done right by me, would be pretty “niggardly” to not return the favor. I’ve taught some of the sweetest, kindest, most well mannered little black kids imaginable, as well as others who…were what they were, but not bad people or bad kids. I’ve watched those little dark faces cringe in the corner in humiliation, not at being black, but at the stupidity and nastiness of their “fellow” blacks. A few of them.

            A lack of human decency, compassion, and fairness is NOT what I advocate.

            I harp, but what I advocate is the Truth, which I do not believe has ever been more earnestly and nobly followed than in the Western, largely white, nations. 4th way, 4th position. Has there ever been a ideology, a movement based on Truth? A propaganda of Truth? A final ideology that is the end of ideology?

            Again, with a respectful nod to the Buddha (Gnosticism in the West) and Zarathustra, we evil whiteys know how to think. It’s called the scientific method and we figured it out ourselves.

            Bedtime for Bonzo. Keep thinking – it’s subversive!

          • Tucker

            I too, have known adult age blacks, who by and large, are decent people.

            However, many blacks seem to have an instinctive understanding that when they are in a majority white dominated environment – say, in the work place for example, that they learn to suppress any black behavior that they sense would offend the whites they come into regular contact with. This effort to conform to white standards varies somewhat, and some blacks put more effort into it than others – and in many cases, it depends upon how many other blacks are also present – since blacks tend to fear being labeled by their fellow blacks as being an Uncle Tom.

            This is why, one on one, most Whites who are racially healthy AmRen regulars would have very little difficulty inter-acting with, and associating with most blacks who are not of the hard core inner city variety.

            However, even these relatively decent blacks cannot be considered exceptions to the rule and allowed to take up residence within our eventual White Ethnostate. They will be the much needed elite class who will be the foundation from which the leadership class will spring in the new Black Ethnostate.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Wait until the economy collapses and the EBT cards won’t load and see what happens. All alignment will be along racial/ethnic lines under times of extreme duress like food or water shortages. This is what is normal and natural in all of nature. Mistrust of others unlike oneself is hardwired into our DNA. Wait until the inevitable riots start and blacks target whites. Their masters have been priming them for this for decades. Diversity has been shoved down our throats. As Jared Taylor has written, if diversity were so great people would be rushing toward it instead of spending everything they have to get away from it.

            Besides that, I couldn’t care less what happens to blacks or any other nonwhites and won’t be wringing my hands over them. Let them turn to their leaders for guidance, the ones that told them that whites were the cause of their failures and problems. But, I will be ready to defend whites and only whites when the time comes.

            Jared Taylor is right when he says that diversity is a weakness, not a strength, and that will become glaringly obvious when the socialists can no longer print worthless dollars and have run out of “other people’s money.”

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Food and water shortages? Stockpile dry non-perishables. Beans, rice, lentils, split peas, pasta and the like can be stored in empty, clean 1.75 L wide-mouth juice bottles. Drinking water can be stored in the same, or empty plastic liquor bottles. The narrow mouth on these latter don’t matter as much with liquids. The advantage to storing in plastic is that mice and bugs can’t smell the food inside them, the way they could with paper or cardboard. Sure, a mouse can gnaw through plastic, but if it doesn’t know there’s anything good inside, it won’t go to the trouble. A good read on preparation is Claire Wolf’s “101 Things To Do Before The Revolution”. It’s mostly common-sense about living inexpensively.

            We have a year’s worth of dry food, even though we are not Mormons, and a month’s worth of drinking water. It doesn’t take much to bugger up a municipal water supply, and I figure as soon as the Muzzies get over their infantile obsession with airplanes, they’ll jack with water. Or food. I expressed concerns in this respect to my old probation officer back in 2003, but I won’t say here how it would happen, except that it was accidentally done once before. I told her in express detail in writing, so the feds know about the potential.

            Another “must have” goodie I would suggest is a Belgian-style bullet bow. This is a crossbow in which the cable travels down a slot machined through a thick-walled pipe most of its length. I made mine in 10mm caliber so it could use 3/8″ steel slingshot pellets. The steel tubing I bought from McMaster & Carr – I think the metric pattern stuff is made in Germany, the bow is automobile leaf spring, and the cable is automobile brake material. I inletted a strong magnet into the rear of the barrel so it could be aimed down without the pellet rolling out the muzzle. Draw weight is right around 300 pounds, so I can only cock it laying down. The major advantage is that the ammo is reuseable. The original stock was pine, which predictably cracked, so it’s currently got cedar. Lockplates and bow irons are 1/8″ steel and the buttplate is 1/4″ brass. The material I used for the rotary nut was also from McMaster & Carr, and that was two-inch diameter steel rod. The steel parts I blued. I derived my plans from “The Crossbow” by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey.

            Get a good air rifle as well. The Beeman RS-2 is an outstanding value at $96 from Wal Mart, and comes with two rifled barrels: one in .177″ and one in .22″, plus a good telescopic sight. I made a third smoothbore barrel in .25″ caliber so as to use No. 3 buckshot pellets as if they were large BBs. Small game can be taken quite easily with this. You might not think about the rabbits in your back yard as a valuable source of food, but it may well come to that. I wanted to make a fourth barrel in .300″ caliber to use larger buckshot balls. I was going to use a surplus 7.35mm Mannlicher Carcano barrel, but realized that my machine work would leave the metal at the breech end paper thin. Measure twice!

            Get your house and cars paid off. The first step if you’re married is to get a house you and your spouse can afford on only one income, and then make accelerated payments on the principal of that mortgage. I turned a 20 year fixed-rate mortgage into eight years this way. I wanted to do this because I knew I was getting married, and I wanted my house to be unequivocally a pre-marital asset so it couldn’t be taken from me in a divorce. Don’t buy overly expensive vehicles. Eat out only on special occasions. Hobbies like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing that cost nothing after one has the gear – no need for lift tickets – are good, and keep one fit. I like woodworking. Have you ever seen a crazy old man stop his car when he sees plywood on the road, and go out and get it? One of those is probably me. If you’re in your basement building something, you’re not out partying and getting into trouble with other women or the police. Staying out of trouble also saves money.

          • I have found that among many blacks, perhaps the average-ish and high average-ish IQ among them, they have a residual fear, either real or imagined, of white people, and they possess at least a bare minimum of the higher order frontal lobe emotion of shame, that they know they have to behave (sorta) around white people. But then they know they can let their guard down and “keep it real” when they’re only among their own.

            I could cite many examples to demonstrate this axiom, but I know many of you could too, so it’s unnecessary.

            This is what fools some white people about blacks, and makes too many of our own people think that real social integration is more possible than it actually is. That’s because we generally don’t go to the places where they go to hang out and let their guard down. It’s the whole deal with Heisenberg’s Microscope. Should we go to those places, our observing will change the nature of the blacks we’re observing.

          • Daisy

            I’m curious about how you define ‘Naziesque.’ For whatever it’s worth, I don’t engage with Stormfront. I don’t like the technical set up of the forum and cannot seem to relate to the simplistic parochialism most on there seem to ground the struggle in. I may be a bit of an intellectual snob, who knows; much of what they say makes common sense but grappling with complexity often takes a back seat to unfettered emotionalism and reactionary desultoriness. BTW, I’ve been deleted when I merely mentioned books, websites and authors challenging the Israeli Lobby in posts that contained nothing vitriolic or vituperative at all. It’s a shame more AmRen’ers don’t more fully educate themselves on that critical topic; understanding it is integral to arming oneself against liberal racism and the various forces oppressing whites.

            I do not dislike all black people nor invest very much in the ‘science of race.’ I invest everything in the survival of my white people and their well-being, and know fully that to do so is the only way to achieve meritocracy and optimum happiness for all. But my and my own people’s survival is of course paramount to me personally. That is why I come here. I have always loved my white people and think it beyond tragic that so many whites are denied their basic dignity; I’ve thought of starting a ‘White Revivalist’ movement to resurrect the truth and pride of white people and their history. In my heart, though, ‘white’ means the european-through-americanized experience of the northwestern and mainland european peoples. When white and black were assigned as categories in the US, the former really meant the celtic and germanic people. Maybe a larger umbrella of pro-‘caucasian’ interest groups would better serve to benefit the larger spectrum of US census-designated whites.

          • Daisy

            Don’t know if any of the posters I’ve sensed would be interested are tuning in, but I’ll add for whatever posterity: Stormfront doesn’t represent nazism in any authentic or historically accurate way. Jonah Goldberg in Liberal Fascism reprints the Nazi Party platform in his references; it outlines an agenda for fascist socialism and only mentions jewish people in maybe 10% of their manifest. The references to jews only state that the party forbids jewish participation in the governing process.

            Historians are increasingly discerning between Nazism and Hitlerism as they were in concrete reality two totally different movements. Hitler used the Nazi party and they may have thought they could use him. He won. Very quickly upon taking hold of the german government as the reigning plurality, Hitler annihilated the heart of the Nazi movement in his scourge of its true leaders; read up on The Night of the Long Knives which took place only one year after the Nazi party won its dominant position in the government. From thereon Nazism made the gradual transition into Hitlerism; it’s adherents took an oath of loyalty to Hitler, not the party. The SA also transitioned into the SS but only after its initial leader was murdered by Hitler during his coup. The Nazi party advocated land redistribution and other reforms designed at relieving the burdens of the working man, however lacking in pragmatism it’s design was. Since jews were not the landowners generally, one could say that Hitler’s need to scapegoat jewish people was part of nazism for a time but in no way defined it. This is where Stormfront distorts history regarding nazism and the truth of contemporaneous dynamics. Nazism promoted a class-based revolution; Hitler merely used it as a vehicle to advance his own tyrannical, ultra-fascist agenda.

          • josh

            You’re obviously a troll,probably paid by the Israeli Internet Defence Force or whatever that cockamamie outfit is called. Hitler hated Jews because they destroyed his country by using their power to bring America into the war. It was a perfectly rational response. Look at OUR country and what the jews have done to US.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            While Daisy and have quarreled, I think she’s absolutely right here.

            As an aside, why the fuss over neo-this or nazi-that? It was never an American movement. Hitler directly involved us in his war only because he declared war on the United States. Left to our own devices, we’d have much rather left him alone while beating Japan to ruin.

            The United States is a constitutional republic, and dictatorship is the opposite of what we are. When we defeated Germany, Japan and Italy, we reestablished democratic governments. Hitler wanted Poles and Ukrainians enslaved. We refused to help Britain and France reestablish their empires, and in fact the Philippines were supposed to be independent in 1943. We let Cuba go almost right away.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I have dived down some rabbit holes in my time, understand how that goes.

            I know many Jews are left of center (most?) but I think much of this is a direct result of Hitlerian attitudes and actions, of long term anti-semitism. For many years a stateless people, seems rather natural to drift leftward.

            2 points though…

            1. Numbers: I’m most concerned with the survival of my race. It just seems that looking at numbers, too exclusive a definition of “white” is fraught with the same kind of disaster the Nazis encountered – alienation and opposition from intelligent people (Caucasians). My indictment of Hitler includes his treatment of Poles and Russians, which in retrospect was not only tragic and opportunistic, but supported by the worst of science. Russians may even be closer to the “Aryan ideal” than Germans (especially linguistically speaking – I believe some of the Indo-European Baltic tongues come closest to PIE reconstructions of the mother tongue).

            2. Although I intensely dislike the level of influence of Israel and the Israeli lobby, I cannot deny an admiration for Israel itself, struggling to exist in a sea of hostile Islamic barbarity. Despite differences Israel is the only outpost of Western Civilization in that corner of the world and her struggle presages ours, is essentially the same. In many ways I see US assistance to Israel as a form of fighting the conflict over there rather than here.

          • Daisy

            Jews don’t really add that much numerically and what they bring or promote is disastrous. I do not think that any pro-white movement which ignores classism, or even fails to take it’s moral imperative from a critique of it, has any chance of succeeding. If one were to use that as a point of departure and define white as all who check the white box, a merit-based pro-white movement could indeed triumph but it would need to activate soon. There is so much talking on here and much of it is interesting, entertaining and gratifying but at the end of the day it accomplishes little. I for one am growing truly weary of all talk, no action, and further, feel that there would be less in-fighting if people were to focus on some method of wreaking change. Sure that would entail argument and disagreement but at least it would unite some or many behind a common concrete goal. I’ve gone through a couple of phases in my participation here, but all come back to the question of what am I accomplishing? Have I made my struggle to survive as a white person any easier in any way or degree? So far I don’t see any progress in that vein. I get the sense more AmRen’ers come to vent and simply imagine a more pro-white world than to actually try to make one and there’s nothing wrong with that, it just doesn’t do much for me. If anything I just get upset by confronting the anti-white female violence especially while failing to develop effective strategies to combat it. I don’t live in the privelege many on here seem to have of worrying what they’ll do once the war breaks out. I’d say my life has been something of bloody war to survive anti-white attacks since I was a young girl.

            You seem like one of few who comes to *do something* as opposed to just chat and I deeply respect the spirit of pragmatism and compromise you cultivate. It just doesn’t appear that making change is a commonly held value here, so asking how to effect it simultaneously tantalizes and depresses me. ;(

          • Daisy

            Whiteness is more than a numerical equation or the sum of it’s fractionalized parts; it is the soul that lies within.

            That’s a comment I made to another poster questioning how I defined ‘white’ so I’m adding it here. I still maintain that having the technical means to personally connect with like-minded or even common-goal-oriented posters would make this site an agent of change rather than just a chat room, but apparently disqus doesn’t allow for this.

          • Tucker

            A very insightful comment. I am impressed by your ability to analyze, think, and reflect upon the world around you. Far too few Whites have this talent and in my view, this ability is essential to our survival.

            Your reflections upon the quirks of evolution are very well stated. It has long been my belief that the source of the enormous and seemingly bottomless reservoir of black rage is directly related to their presence inside a first world nation that is a product of White Western European ingenuity and civilization building talents. Perhaps this is a subliminal, subconscious emotion that simmers inside blacks – and most of them would probably deny its existence, but I believe that it is most certainly there. Each and every day, millions of blacks wake up inside a world that they subconsciously realize could have never been invented or created by their race of people. They leave their homes and climb into automobiles that were invented by White men, drive to work or to enormous sports stadiums on roads that were built and designed by White architects and engineers. They cannot carry out any daily function in their lives without using technology or mechanical or scientific inventions that have the White man’s fingerprints on them.

            The Cultural Marxist left seems to have some faint grasp of this situation, which is why they are constantly cooking up one scheme after another that is designed to boost the self-esteem of blacks, which always includes trying to remove anything that blacks cannot master and which might lower their self-esteem.

            So, you are right. What we have here is a situation where social engineers decided to enter a Model-T Ford into the Daytona 500 to compete against the most sophisticated and modernized race cars.

            And, to make the contest ‘fair’ – the modern race cars are required to never exceed 20 mph or else they will be disqualified.

          • Cherry Bomb

            Blacks are egged on by the media to hate and despise whites. Black music is anti-white, BET is anti-white, academia is permeated with anti-white memes that teach blacks from the second they’re born they’re victims of a racist, oppressive society, especially a justice system that throws young black men in jail “for no reason.” Blacks are explicitly taught from birth to hate whites and view them as the cause of all of their problems.Black Poverty? due to white oppression. Black Failure? due to racist whites who want to put them back in chains. Blacks can rob, attack, assault and even murder whites with near-impunity and the media won’t report a damn thing if it’s black-on-white crime. If it weren’t for the Internet we wouldn’t even know about atrocities such as the Knoxville Horror or Wichita Massacre. Trayvon Martin who got what he deserved? Headline news for weeks on end with calls for the “white” Zimmerman’s head.

            But, there is a bright spot. As blacks are overtaken in numbers by, latinos, they are being cast aside by their manipulators and left for prey for America’s new latino voting bloc and latest victim-of-white-oppression. Blacks won’t find any sympathy from the white population, at least not from me.

            Blacks aren’t our main enemy and never have been, they are only a smoke screen for those hiding behind them and who urge non-white populations to look at whites as inhuman monsters good for nothing but extermination like rats, insects or other worthless vermin.

          • concernedcollegekid

            I agree with this. I like how it emphasizes how blacks aren’t actually trying to be malevolent and evil. They are acting exactly how you would expect a group of African tribespeople to act if thrust into a white-created society, with the whites taking increasingly desperate measures to make them act like whites when the tribespeople know they CAN’T act like whites.

            Our enemy isn’t really blacks; it’s whites who will not give up on trying to turn blacks into whites. Making blacks think like whites is as futile as trying to make African couples give birth to children who look Nordic or Japanese. It’s literally impossible.

            The tragedy of blacks who actually were born suited to thrive in this society is something I don’t even want to ponder. I don’t know what it’s like to be them; I don’t know if they would ultimately choose to live in a black nation with their race or if they would choose a high standard of living in a white society and maybe never seeing another black person again, if they had to choose between the two. I just don’t know. I have no idea what most of the probably couple-thousand U.S. blacks with 120+ IQs would choose, if given a choice between those things.

            Race and racial differences are one of the main reasons I don’t believe in God. It’s all so awful, so pointless, so stupid, so tragic, and all could have been avoided if God had just existed and created everyone equal.

          • Tucker

            God did not see any reason to create all races of humans to be perfectly equal in every measurable way, just as He also did not create all other forms of animal life to have the exact same levels of intelligence. After all, the different species of humans were deliberately placed in separate and distinct parts of the world, right? Were it not for the seemingly endless list of vices of mankind, blacks in Africa would have never been imported into White nations and this rule also would apply to allowing our other racial competitors to move into our homelands and to displace our own people in so many critical areas of our society.

            Its my sense that each race was given the talents, fitness and intelligence necessary for their survival in the habitat that was intended to be their permanent home. Liberals and egalitarians, unfortunately, have the false and ridiculous notion that if they can just manage to sprinkle a sufficient amount of holy water on the heads of non-whites – they can turn them into White Europeans.

            When this experiment, which is doomed to fail from the beginning, finally does fail – we have blow-back occurrences like this black ex-cop going ballistic.

          • Joseph

            *God* did not thrust these very different peoples together. If fact, the story of the “Tower of Babel” is the narrative of the mischief of the powerful trying to merge all peoples together motivated by humanistic designs who were then intentionally thwarted in the attempt, by God.

            The conclusion that racial differences somehow disallow the existence of God is to me no more valid than “natural selection makes no logical sense because over time there should be fewer and fewer species as the most perfect form of life becomes dominant over all others”. It just isn’t that simple in either case. People from certain areas are suited to those environs but trouble ensues when they are imported to others where they may not be so fit cp. -an invasive species. God didn’t bring to America Snakehead fish, Kudzu, Zebra Mussels or Africanized bees any more than he did Africanized humans. We did this to ourselves and now have to live with the consequences.

            These are humans, like us, and we may bear some moral responsibility to aid them in *their own* development in *their own* lands but like rendering aid to an injured whale, we cannot haul it into the boat *with us* for danger of capsizing. Right now, we are going down.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            What God wants, God gets.

            God wasn’t looking after Channon Christian or Rhonda Maloney.

          • Joseph

            There may be some (blacks) with the latent perspicacity which you suggest but I think that for the huge majority, they look around and see disturbing, unaccountable differences in lifestyles overall. The thinking goes like: “Whites get attention from important people, own big houses, and have money; I don’t. They system is unfair and helps whitey own everything. Why should I try to play in a game where I’m made to lose?” -if they give it any consideration at all.

            The few blacks with whom I have had any exchange at depth, even the well educated (i.e. grad. school) STILL ascribe all kinds of personal failures like debt, divorce, their criminal/addicted children, etc. to “bad luck”, “Republicans”, “bad schools”, “racist police”, and “crooked bankers” (over wage garnishment for student loan default) and telling this to a *white guy*. It is NEVER because they made a bad or selfish choice and got burned. This is pervasive with these people beyond ordinary self-pity which most people sometimes engage in.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I know a black guy with his own perspective on the tragedy you mention.

            I am a 46 year-old 3/16 Amerind stroke survivor and a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List. That black guy said he wished he was me.

            I had to tell him it wasn’t racist police who landed me in the hoosgow, but my own lack of patience. It was my fault. My ex-father was careful, and I was not. He’ll not only ever get to meet his granddaughter, but he’ll probably never know Ariadne Elizabeth Scott’s name unless he reads here. I’d forgive him if I had my money and my gun rights back.

            When a black dude says he wishes he was a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, just if he was white, or at least not black, it makes a fellow think a bit.

          • For sure. I don’t think that I’d be able to survive prison, but if I were White I’d be having a great time in Japan or Taiwan right now. I’ve lived a mundane life, but my prospects are nil being what I am. Makes me wonder if there is even a point.

            Well, with all due respect, if I have to be Black, at the very least I’d like to retain my freedom and gun rights…

          • Alex

            You make excellent points. This truly is a very open-minded forum and generally we all have some pretty strong beliefs, but are pretty interested in seeing things from another’s perspective, Honestly, it’s in our culture. I knew some blacks who I felt compassion for, but in my experiences very few actually wanted to conform and adapt to our European-based society and instead always had an inherent hostility towards us that would eventually come out no matter how much they tried to hide it.

            Ultimately, we live in a hierarchy and our culture is inherently superior to theirs and everyone deep down knows this, but we go on with the charade. Eventually when the government stops paying the tribute to them (EBT, Section 8 vouchers, etc.) they will get extremely violent and those who have facilitated this (i.e. White liberals) will be the first to feel the wraith of the unfed, angrily entitled black, urban masses and ultimately this will end in mass violence towards the blacks once the real sleeping giant of White America is truly awoken. I doubt most are too keen on this, but it seems that ultimately it will be worse for them if we keep any around.

          • Lygeia

            When you write, “I dream of a society where the darkest son or daughter of Africa can
            make his or her way to the highest level he or she can achieve” I think you are forgetting something.

            What you are forgetting is that they never think of us this way. They never care about us achieving anything — and certainly not to our highest level unless it benefits them in some way — but we are expected to care about them.

          • Joseph

            I have really come to the sinking conclusion that this is a zero-sum system. Anything these other races achieve or gain WILL be at the expense of whites.

            This bs about “a rising tide raises all ships” simply does not apply where you have swarms of stowaways and pirates who did not build the ship, will not pull the oars, and are actively working to drown the crew and drilling holes in the hull.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, I wonder the same thing often, but what is the resolution? Suggestions of mass deportations and worse sound…a little far off and/or a bit far fetched. Not sure going to happen and at any near future point – just not the support.

            I think that before any other options need be considered, a realistic approach must be taken in which a non-racial party/organization supporting the right of free association and truly anti-“racist” ( i.e. including anti-white racism) takes action. Very few of the goals of white racial identitists cannot be stated in race neutral terminology.

            “Meritocracy”, for example. A true meritocracy would solve many problems without wholesale deportations and worse. Certainly a meritocracy may be impossible considering the current political/social soup and who knows whether anything non-dire is possible.

            Worth a try, though. Rough. Non-Truth must be filtered out while Truth is propaganda. And yes, starting to sound hypocritical and sleazy, but must be presented penultimately to general public as non-racial, non race specific…with generous helpings of respect for inalienable rights of association and dissociation. Not afraid to defend whites, but not specifically or rather exclusively “Pro-white” – rather obviously beneficial to whites de facto.

            This was what I thought was the original goal of the big, ugly, experiment but events have shown otherwise (are ideologically determined in light of the failure of lib-lefty race ideology).

            But as I’ve stated before my dad was there in WW2 and holocaust denial simply flicks off too many potentially sympathetic ears and minds if nothing else. A Hitlerian definition of acceptable whiteness simply cannot achieve anything lasting and positive prior to complete collapse and free-for-all, at least not for whites, and furthermore a basic acceptance of good science seems to open new possibilities and approaches.

          • Guest

            you are more than likely a liberal being a “multiracial” pretender

          • a multiracial individual

            I am certainly liberal on some things (marriage equality) and more conservative on others (immigration). I am more of a libertarian. I am 25% White American.

          • C_C_Conrad

            Our watch word for the future well being of our race should be – reason, logic & eugenics.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            A meritocracy IS eugenics. Looks like how the Ashkenaz got so smart.

            Doesn’t have to be Hitlerian nightmare. Just has to be FAIR. As fair as we can realistically make it, a point upon which all Western political development has rightly fixated. Some so much they create injustices.

            But that’s the nature of this imperfect world.

            Regardless, I have compassion. I believe in charity, caring for the ill, helping the truly down-and-out, treating all with dignity and compassion.

            But these things have been perverted and warped to disguise a gentle genocidal scapegoating, the results of which are anything but gentle.

            Such a pity.

          • a multiracial individual

            Uh oh. You mentioned that high IQ minority that Engleman cannot mention without being attacked. I hope you fare better .

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Ha ha! Poor Engelman. He catches the flak here doesn’t he? Smart guy, well within the bounds of the Ideology of Truth. This debate is great, even when it turns a little snarky. Reminds me of the best of the British Parliament, a snarling, snipping mass of free thinking, civic minded, rational people. Beautiful.

            I don’t mean to insult our stormfronter posters here, not at all. Yes, I disagree with them, find some of their opinions objectionable, suspect the potential for them to form a real mass movement. But here they are, and that’s fine by me, because they are here and they are talking. (Except for those whose lack of self control gets them moderated and that’s fine by me. What real white person cannot exert the self control to participate in constructive, purposeful, discourse anyway?).

            But…if things do go to worse from bad, and I have to choose my with whom I stand…who knows, eh? Ever has polite society needed hard men willing to break heads. Hopefully some kind of ideological understanding can be reached or perhaps with a strong and popular movement, many of our white brethren who live on the fringe could be persuaded to shimmy back out of certain intellectual rabbit holes…if “allowed” to love themselves, their heritage, their people, without being belittled or attacked.

            Come on, there’s gotta be Hope, right? We whiteys can be almost as depressio as those East Asians. No time for that. No room for defeatism and despair. Time only for action.

          • Guest

            Engleman says he’s not Jewish himself, he says he’s of nordic extraction. I think his profile name means he’s of English ancestry– or an Angle-man or an Anglo-Saxon man. Yes, he is always telling us how superior jews are and seems to imply that he is also superior by association.

          • a multiracial individual

            The reason Engleman is treated with such disdain is because he is an honest race realist. He is bitterly attacked for pointing out that White gentiles have the 3rd highest median IQ in the world (Ashkenazi 112-115, East Asians 105, Whites 100). Much of the envious scorn heaped upon the Jews from White Gentiles sounds eerily similar to the scorn heaped upon Whites from Blacks and Hispanics. These achievement conspiracy theories are becoming quite tiresome. Until some compelling evidence is presented, there is no reason to tihnk that any explanation beyond IQ differences is necessary.

          • Joseph

            No, Engelman, the other half of your mutual admiration tag-team is not engaged by dissenters because of IQ arguments; it is because of his unswerving acclaim at every opportunity of non-white racial interests which are anathema to Americans of Anglo/Euro descent.

            This is a false argument -or you have just picked up what piques your
            interest since you have several times alluded to your education and by extension, intellect.

            Plenty of folks, me included, have agreed with both Engelman and you on a good many posts but we are going to disagree on some and you two are the most frequent apologists for non-white interests so you get the most guff. It’s really pretty simple.

            Reminder: this isn’t “Asian Renaissance” nor “Ashkenazi Renaissance”.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, I’ve pointed out such before as well.

            Them Jews MUST be evil if they do better than we poor good whites (basically what I get from the worst anti-Jew propaganda). Must be plottin’ and schemin’ and sneakin’ about, puttin’ us poor good gentile whites down. Stab in the back!

            Compare to crazy black “big whitey conspiracy” – sounds fishy and familiar.

          • Daisy

            Them jews don’t, and furthermore, well-educated whites are actually quite capable of articulating the connection between the black notion of ‘big whitey conspiracy’ to it’s ideological root in jewish plotting and scheming.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Culturally, Jews value education – I think – to a greater extent than us gentiles, and they’re a bit close-knit. Aside from rarities like Bernie Madoff, who specialized in cheating other Jews, one doesn’t see them selling each other down the river for a percentage. Who does anyone imagine is hiring illegal aliens and putting English-speaking whites out of work? It’s usually not Jews, but rich white gentiles. Exactly 100% of the people who have cheated me have been Catholic, and all but one of them ethnically Scot. People who stick together – as Jews do – will create prosperity for themselves. Based on personal experiences, I should hate Scottish Catholics and not Manuel or N’DeShawntavious. I certainly have major trust issues, and it isn’t Jews that are my problem. My old gun show partner was a retired Jewish CIA agent, and he was compulsively honest about money.

            Prosperity is a game of inches, and you’ve forgotten the cultural aspect about Jews. Culture is important, and there are differences. Whites in the northeast, the southeast and the mountain west have different cultures, though they’re biologically indistinguishable. Some neighbors were stationed on Okinawa and were hated by the locals just for being white Yanks, but when I was loaned to a Japanese chemical company in Saitama (near Tokyo) in 1994, they were so nice to me it was actually embarrassing. A bunch of them took a company vacation and came to visit me in Sydney a few years later when I was in grad school there. French and English aren’t much different, but the French eat much better while the English have markedly nicer homes. Culture again. Germans and Dutch are much akin, but it requires little imagination to understand that a German battalion would need more shells on its position to force it back, compared with a Dutch one. The Russians certainly understood this during the cold war. According to military writer Trevor N. DePuy (“Numbers, Predictions and War”), Germans were consistently 25% more effective soldiers than French, English and Americans. Since most white Americans are partly German, the only rational explanation for this disparity is culture.

            Culture is the “default setting” for human behavior; it’s how we behave when we’re not thinking about how to act. IQ is an important aspect, but once you have that, culture still matters. When Europe temporarily descended into barbarism, it was the Arabs who preserved Greek and Roman knowledge. When Japan was forced out of hibernation by Commodore Perry, they decided to become a Western country, and while their intellect made it theoretically possible, their culture made it happen.

          • IstvanIN

            A meritocracy IS eugenics. Looks like how the Ashkenaz got so smart.
            Smart, or cunning?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            What’s the difference?

          • Triarius

            One reaches the top because they are the smartest. Another reaches the top because they only do business and hire their own kind. Look at Hollywood. They are smart, but more cunning and ethnocentric, the IQ is Israel is not that high.

          • josh

            Or NUTS?

    • GoodCitizen

      The police shot up a couple of Asian ladies delivering newspapers in a
      blue pickup truck they felt looked like his (It was a different model) and there was another similar incident as well. Imagine when they come to enforce Obama’s push to undermine the 2nd amendment how crazy it’s going to get. I imagine they’ll be taking out law abiding citizens left and right.

      • Joseph

        Remember the 9 bystanders who were shot last year in New York with Bloomberg’s full approval? “Ya hafta break a few eggs to make a police-state omelet”.

        But when you sleep with dogs…fleas may be a problem.

      • C_C_Conrad

        If it comes to that – DO NOT sit in your home waiting for them to show up.

        • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

          This…and don’t drive around weekly on a 1/4 tank of gas.

  • [Guest]

    Let’s hope it all ends with Dorner’s death and no one else’s.

  • StillModerated

    The USA was a better country when the Irish ran the police force, and the Dorners picked cotton, sang gospel, and tap danced.

    • Garrett Brown

      I miss those southern Irish accented police chiefs from the films haha. Wish we still had them. “On your way laddy!”

      • The__Bobster

        A deleted comment? I guess our half-caste troll went too far.

  • falsedawn

    He’s just laying low with some other black/s for a bit. Hopefully, he has the decency to go down shooting or he kills himself. I hate to think of the circus that will ensue if he’s captured.

    • C_C_Conrad

      I think that the circus would be fun, … & educational.

    • StillModerated

      You got that right. He’s hanging loose in Coompton with his homeys, playing video games, and swigging malt liquor. He could remain unmolested there for weeks.

      • Tom Iron

        The reward is a million bucks. He’ll be turned in. They always turn on their own as well as anyone else.

  • dd121

    This is what can happen when a negro is “disrespected”. They have such an inflated sense of “self”. To put it another way, self esteem without substance.

  • tassilo

    “…police had spent the night scouring the area around Mr. Dorner’s burned-out car, which had been discovered Thursday afternoon, and trying to follow a set of tracks in the snow that the authorities believe were made by the suspect.”

    Or maybe the black thug has fooled them, the car and tracks serving as a decoy, while he is safe and warm, eating fried chicken at the home of one of his supporters. Hordes of blacks, and many Whites, will rush to the defense of this downtrodden victim of White racism and use any means necessary to help him escape and continue his war against those evil Whites who done him wrong. Yes, he might really be up in the mountains. but let’s hope the police are keeping open all possibilities.

    • Robert Binion

      Was the car torched so that hounds could take no scent? He must find a place where he can nap during the day and move at night. Police in the area should investigate imnmediately any missing person report.

      • Luca

        The torched car is a diversion. He either had a substitute vehicle nearby or had a friend drive it there and torch it for him. He’s trying to pretend he is smart. He wouldn’t be able to transport a sizable amount of weapons and ammo with just a backpack.

    • HenryHolliday

      That’s exactly what I’m thinking. He’s done too much planning to run up a mountain and freeze to death. He knows the game better than that.

  • The__Bobster

    It’s rather hard to hide when you’re a crazy 270-lb Bantu steroid freak.

    Question: What will this rabid Blame Righty mob do now that an alleged
    triple-murderer has singled out prominent lefties in the media and Hollywood for
    fawning praise as part of his crazed manifesto advocating cop-killing?

    Answer: Evade, deflect, ignore and whitewash.

    • ImTellinYa

      Absolutely. They’ll tiptoe around this lively, vibrant diverse as quietly as possible.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The mainstream media will refer to the deceased as “yet more victims of gun violence” and wonder aloud when Congress will finally stand up to the NRA.

      They’ll also call Dorner “another black eye for the LAPD” and note that the department must increase its diversity hiring in order to overcome the legacy of Daryl Gates.

    • rudeboi

      me thinks the cops will be doing the “evading, deflecting, ignoring and whitewashing.”

    • rudeboi

      AND!! Looking at your avatar you may be a bantu steroid freak yourself or jealous.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    A couple of days ago when this story broke the radio stations in Southern California were talking about it for hours, as if it were The Zodiac Killer.

    I listened while I was driving for about two hours and all they could talk about was this crazy, gun toting, disgruntled former cop who was angry at the world… from the way they spoke of him I assumed he was White. They never once mentioned his race, but they mentioned everything else they knew about him. I was surprised yesterday when I saw his face.

    They intentionally avoided mentioning he was Black, even though they were warning everyone of his unknown whereabouts and that he was obviously dangerous. Why warn anyone if your going to mislead about his appearance, his genes? The media from top to bottom is riddled with PC drones, leftists and sellouts who are afraid of the consequences of truth.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Turn on Larry Elder, 790 am. Ex and retired cops are calling to talk about this guy and Larry is giving a lot of info about how this guy was a f-up in the LAPD. The story is MUCH deeper than what the lame stream press is telling us — this guy shot himself in the hand with his own revolver while he was on LAPD probation and STILL was able to carry on. Cops said he should have washed out right there on the spot — also that he was belligerent during training and wouldn’t follow orders. BUT, the LAPD was under a consent decree and tremendous pressure to hire recruits “of color” — one retired cop who was part of the hiring process said a White recruit needed a score of 99 or 100 on the oral exam — blacks/hispanics needed only a 70-75.


      • StillModerated

        What are you saying? This affirmative action recruit has been a screw-up from day 1? Oh, the horror. It sort of reminds me about the joke: why can’t Stevie Wonder read? It’s not because he’s blind!

        • Why is Stevie Wonder always smiling?

          He doesn’t know he’s black.

      • I work for a company that does contract work, I have seen a black employee be late to every, and mean EVERY SINGLE job, perform at half the capacity of whites as far as numbers go while producing a product very much inferior, and they still are never fired. NEVER. They only have their job because the white workers are producing good product and good product volume. The white workers end up working for a company that gets a bad rap every time the mandatory, affirmative action creature is sent out. Who knows how much work that COSTS the white employees?

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Oh so true and I’ve heard this repeatedly!!

          I worked in a school where a number of black teachers were constantly and consistently late every single day and management (White at that time) never said a peep. I had 1st period free and had to cover for 2 black teachers every damn day — and nothing was done. One came in an hour late every day while I minded her students. I hated it.

          We teachers are supposed to be paid for covering for late and absent teachers but the district did everything it could NOT to pay me. I raised HELL finally in the office (didn’t care at that point) and was finally paid.

          Later, at the end of the year, the ONLY teachers EVER called out for awards, teacher of the year, honors (including cash and trophies), etc. were black. Not one White teacher — the backbone of the school – were ever singled out for teaching honors.

          I’m at a point now where I think White teachers should shun these types of schools — it is a NO win situation. Let the blacks and other non-Whites have them 100%. I was finally able to escape after a White principal came in and helped Whites like me escape to better schools. I’ve never forgotten this.

          There’s a lot of racism and discrimination going on in the workplace — and it’s against Whites!!


          • saxonsun

            “These types of schools.” What school isn’t like this nightmare today?

          • vladdy1

            It’s 50 times worse in the city than in a town of 15,000 mostly white kids.

          • vladdy1

            Can you imagine if teachers were paid on so-called “”merit”? We older, conservative and traditional teachers would never get a raise.
            And of course, for the black students, being late starts in school. By high school. they come in all through the period, stopping at different desks to say hello — or just wander. All of us know that the halls are full of black kids who have “lost their ID” and can’t identify themselves.
            This former cop has probably been given breaks his entire life.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            The state of California is doing everything in its power to implement so-called merit pay — based on students’ test scores, of course. What a nightmare!! We high school teachers are really screwed because so many of our students enter 9th grade with 3rd-grade skills, if that. And we are supposed to “pull them up?” Give me a break. The state is also attacking seniority which is the ONLY fair and just way to mete out assignments. They’ve lost in court so far, but not for long I think.

            Imagine the lefty teachers’ union in California fighting the lefty government.

            I wouldn’t recommend this career choice for ANYONE these days. Teaching has become thankless.


        • Joseph

          Whites working for the power company are altering the line frequency and voltage to residences of blacks. This makes their clocks and appliances operate incorrectly so blacks will be late for work and lose pay or be fired.

    • jtree

      I noticed that yesterday as well. The stations I was listening to would not release a full description of his race. I guess the television stations were showing his photo but as for radio reports it was political correctness as usual. I have to admit to breathing a sigh of relief when I finally saw his photo online. I can only imagine how awful this would be for us whites if he had been one of us. The media would be in a collective orgy of lecturing about white males and gun violence right now.

    • StillModerated

      That’s because the whimpering gauche de luxe in the media does not want to go on the air boldly proclaiming: beware of big, dangerous, disgruntled, black cops.

    • Nate

      “They intentionally avoided mentioning he was Black”, yes just like they avoided the race of Jared Loughtner, James Holmes and Adam Lanza. You ‘White Nationalists’ are a bunch of hypocrites and are just as bad as the black race obsessed individuals you happen to be critical towards.

  • MekongDelta69

    The original news stories about this lunatic did not mention his race. It was only when FNC (I think) flashed a picture of him on screen about a day later that I realized why.

    If it had been a white guy – forget it. He’d be a 24/7 story on every outlet in America.

  • SintiriNikos

    NBC News: no mention of race. Just ‘gunman’ cop-hunter. They get to have their anti-gun narrative perpetuated without talking race. Genius! They also had a story about an interracial couple getting a restaurant discount for well-behaved kids. they go out of their way to promote miscegenation.

  • ImTellinYa

    I love it that it’s just a wee tad difficult to figure out what race the guy is in the mainstream media. It’s such a big story that if you simply Google his name you get a bunch of pics, but you DO have to do that. Most mainstream media won’t mention race and will do everything they can to avoid showing a picture of the guy.

    I just looked for the story on my local newspaper’s website, the Sacramento Bee, and first of all, it’s really hard to find the story and they don’t have a picture of the murderer when you finally find the link. The only way I found the link was to click on the “Most Viewed” tab. It’s second on the list. People in California are extremely interested in this story, but our California newspaper, the Bee, doesn’t have a link on the “front page” of their website.

    You have to wade through a photo gallery of panicky cops violating search and seizure laws until finally after about 15 of those you see a little pic of the lively, vibrant offender. It’s amazing lol. They are actually trying to bury the picture of the guy.

    They also have the obligatory story about how the murderer felt he was a victim of racism. They quote all these people who knew him and there are all these comments about how the family was “admired” and were “nice people” and the guy was “liked a lot” and was “friendly.” On and on and on. Well den it mus uh been dem ol raciss White folks that druve him to do it. How could a “nice”, “friendly”, race obsessed, steroid freak, lively, vibrant diverse who had constant, “friendly debates” about race with his close personal friends of all hues and backgrounds commit such a crime unless he was driven to it by them ol raciss White folks?

    Of course if it was a White guy who felt he was a victim of racism then they would probably photoshop his picture with devil horns and fangs and have the picture take up the whole width of the page. It would be captioned; “WHITE FUGITIVE EX COP”. The very idea that a White guy might feel discriminated against is, to a Leftist pig, a sign of deep pathology.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Look, I live in the area, it has been 24/7 non-stop news here for 2 days now and it took me over an hour to find out the race of this looney ex-cop/murderer!! Race wasn’t brought up was while this guy was “at large” and apparently armed with a .50 cal rifle and on a killing mission- his race was revealed only because the cops need to get this idiot in custody ASAP — AND his manifesto says he’s targeting cops.


      • ImTellinYa

        It is a fact that the Leftist imbeciles would rather see White people dead than for us to have the information and/or the weapons we need to defend ourselves from diverses. Leftists are deeply frightened people and desperately need to deny the horrible reality that their policies have produced. Their denial of reality is quite literally a symptom of evil and mental illness.

        I look at the horrible, Leftist Sacramento Bee from time to time and it is a useless waste of resources if you want to know what is actually happening. Think about it, they have this huge building, printing presses, hundreds of people on staff, company cars, computers, furniture, etc. and ALL of it is wasted.

        • Try checking out the socialist Portland Oregonian newspaper….the dead fish wrapper….

        • Joseph

          It depends upon what you consider “useless”. If the purpose is the propagation of disinformation, many of these are still useful organs toward that end. The Bee is regularly quoted in other media so that there is a multiplier effect of their efforts. In that regard I’d say that they are pretty effectual in maintaining the preferred narrative.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        And as they avoided his appearance and repeatedly told the public how he is on the loose, armed and ready to kill… instead of mentioning his physical attributes yesterday they didn’t waste any time telling you he was driving a silver Nissan Titan truck (before they found it burned) in exacting detail. Ya, no race to be afraid to mention in a pickup truck I suppose.

      • Jackryanvb

        Make your own flyers, e-mail attachments of this Black psycho,on the loose, send out to everyone in your area.

        “have you seen this man?”

        The plus side is that all big, ugly looking Black male perps will get the eye.

  • Jefferson

    The far left wing loons at The Huffington Post are coming out in full force to defend this uncivilized barbaric Bantu serial killer.

    And it is not just the darkies who are defending this POS, it is also guilt ridden White liberals at The Huffington Post who are defending this Negroid monster.

    It is sad knowing that there are millions of Whites out there who defend Black criminal behavior. Our own race is full of “Uncle Toms”. With “friends” like that, who needs enemies.

    • tickyul

      Same thing over at Democratic Underground…….the nut is an Urban American, of course they are going to make excuses for him.

    • In time, they minorities WILL turn on the self-hating, liberal Whites first…..

      • Johnny Clay

        The self-hating white liberals are what Trotsky called “useful idiots.”

        • vladdy1

          We need a name for them. There’s bananas (yellow on the outside, white on inside), coconuts (you know) and oreaos, so what can we call people who are white on the inside and black on the outside? (or white on the outside and “of color” on the inside.)

          • Luis

            I prefer the term “snowcoals” – white on the outside, black on the inside

  • Epiminondas

    The guy is an anti-European bigot. The left is full of these cretans. What white liberals don’t understand is that if they keep giving crazed minorities power, they will eventually be victims themselves.

    • Joseph

      They realize that the likelihood of blacks reaching their elite
      habitations is practically nil and that blacks are incapable of mounting
      any sort of organized program of resistance. The first shoe-store or
      liquor store they pass will distract them.

      Our millionaire collectivist rulers are playing the odds that they will keep their own gummint or gummint-protected jobs while disarming the entire white population who will go along with the program of their own extinction. The literate,white, armed masses are the threat they are trying to abate.

      • “They realize that the likelihood of blacks reaching their elite habitations”… you must be talking about places like Concord MA. It is not that far from the projects of Cambridge MA.

  • tickyul

    Just think how this country would crumble if we a had an incident similar to the Mumbai massacre!!!
    This is one guy……think of 10 cells of 3 persons each…spread out across the country doing much worse. The myth of the USA being a cohesive society would vanish in the blink of an eye.

    • Luis

      This country is really fragile when you think about it. If one ex-cop can have hundreds of other cops looking for him, tying up traffic and such; imagine what a coordinated, nationwide attack by a group of terrorist cells can do.

      • tickyul

        Or a gun-grab……that could create thousands of Tim M’s.
        It could get really sick and nasty…..government employees and their families would be legitimate targets.
        No, I do not endorse or condone such action……but I could see it a happening if things continue to degenerate.

  • The far left wing loons at The Huffington Post are coming out in full force to defend this uncivilized barbaric Bantu serial killer.

    And it is not just the darkies who are defending this POS, it is also guilt ridden White liberals at The Huffington Post who are defending this Negroid monster.

    It is sad knowing that there are millions of Whites out there who defend Black criminal behavior. Our own race is full of “Uncle Toms”. With “friends” like that, who needs enemies.

    see more20 Well he knock off another black and an asian. the excuse is because he dislike the police service.


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  • joesolargenius

    I have lived and played and fought for the right to exist in that part of southern cal.and still remember what happened to bring about the Rampart Scandal , that all started because an off duty black police officer named Kevin Gaines pointed his gun at the wrong white man Frank Lyga while driving in traffic. Just look up the name Frank lyga on the internet and if you searched hard enough you will find that most of the officers involved in that scandal were former gang bangers whom were recruited as part of an affirmative action program !

    • And that’s the unfortunate part about the whole affair. The scandal was originally the LAPD hiring known gang bangers as cops, but unfortunately it got diverted into the actual Rampart affair. The original scandal of gang bangers as LAPD cops was the real scandal, that got hidden quickly.

  • tassilo

    Sometimes we like to pretend that a race war would resemble the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, depicted in the 1964 movie “Zulu.” We imagine hordes of onrushing Bantu, presenting easy targets to be mowed down by our weapons. The present case should give us pause. Here we have one individual, acting out his anti-White revenge fantasies (I wonder if he got the idea from watching Django?). Fox reports that the entire LAPD is on alert. When one Bantu can tie down the entire police force of a major city that is cause for alarm, and it is not an isolated case. Remember Lovelle Mixon, who shot four Oakland cops, all White, in Oakland in March 2009? Then there was Maurice Clemmons, who shot four White cops in November 2009 in Parkland, Washington.
    In the present climate of anti-White violence, concealed and distorted by the media, aided by “our” government, such incidents will become more frequent. At least it is clear that with self-hating Whites on various sites cheering for the murderers, the battle lines have become clearly drawn. There his no longer any question as to who the enemy is. Vigilance and a good supply of ammunition is called for.

    • Tucker

      One can spend literally HOURS, if you can stomach it, on youtube and elsewhere – watching video after video after video of cops abusing average citizens, beating the snot out of people for the most trivial of excuses, tasering grannies in wheel-chairs, tasering motorists on the side of the road for committing the Ultimate Transgression of not being sufficiently subservient to these steroid charged, mentally insane, sadistic psychopaths with badges and guns.

      How many people who post here are aware that cops have killed over 500 people with these tasers?

      I’ve seen videos where these 230 lb, 6’4″ psychos will physically pick up 115lb teenage girls and body slam them against the wall in an ‘interrogation’ room, grab a fist full of their hair and then bang their heads against the wall. I saw one video where two cops yanked a guy out of a wheel-chair and then slammed him, face first, into a steel metal grating on the sidewalk and you could actually see the guy’s teeth flying out of his mouth like chic-lets. His offense? He said something that hurt the cop’s tender feelings.

      You see the ‘game’ here – is that these cops are egotistical, power-mad control freaks and they demand that you immediately submit and grovel on your knees and tremble in their presence. Failure to meekly genuflect at the feet of these ‘public servants’ throws them into a blind rage and, in their twisted minds, is justification for them to bash your brains out in order to force you to do the funky-chicken.

      And, if all this isn’t sick enough to see – what makes it even more disgusting and shameful, is that in at least 95% of these videos – these cops are WHITE MEN. Oh, but White female cops also like to get in on the fun – and I’ve seen videos where 5 White cops will be on top of someone on the ground and a White female cop will rush over to the pile and start trying to get in a few kicks with the point of her boot or try to snag a few good whacks with her nightstick.

      What decent, self-respecting, honorable White man or woman with an ounce of integrity and decency would engage in this kind of abusive behavior and hide behind a badge and position of authority?

      Hence, dating back to Ruby Ridge and Waco – I have zero sympathy and even less respect for cops and for law enforcement, in general. Frankly, I am surprised that we haven’t seen more of this kind of blowback – because from my perspective, I believe our hostile ruling elites have been deliberately recruiting the most violent, most sadistic, the most thuggish, most depraved sort of psychopaths they can find and then unleashing these monsters with badges upon the public in order to terrorize their ‘subjects’.

      Apparently, here we have a case of a psychopath who got flushed out of the pool of more polished psychopaths and now, his tender feelings are hurt and he wants to score some payback. Hey, LAPD? How’s it feel to get a taste of what your gang of monsters have been dishing out?

      Everyone ready for the solution to these kinds of problems? Simple. Return to the policy of testing candidates for cop jobs for psychopathic personality disorders and instead of hiring these dangerous people, go back to weeding them out. Oh, and lets also drug test these people and boot them out if they are using steroids.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        That’s what they’ve been going for since the Clinton administration, at least. They want people without morals and without integrity. They give new recruit evaluations to insure they are power-hungry simpletons who won’t hesitate is attack innocent people. These are the types of people who will fire on American citizens under martial law. All part of the master plan.

        • Strider73

          A few years ago a mini-furor erupted somewhere in NJ when it was revealed a local police department (or more than one) was giving intelligence tests to all applicants and automatically rejecting anyone who scored too high. It’s a cinch that was just the tip of the iceberg. The politicians (and police chiefs are just that, too) want unthinking Borg drones who will mindlessly do whatever the collective tells them to do.

          Another factor is that many cops are also in the National Guard or military reserves, and have been sent to Iraqistan multiple times. When they return, they bring their hair-trigger “anyone not wearing my uniform is the enemy” mindset back with them, if not full-blown PTSD.

          Note that it’s almost exclusively big-city cops that go wild. Cops in small towns have to behave more civilized for one big reason — the townsfolk know who they are and where they live.

          • Daisy

            Interestingly enough, I think city cops are somewhat less apt to abuse women, or at least they affect a veneer of professionalism alien to small town policemen. There is no unity in any of them towards white women; the boys in blue will take the side of a black colleague in two seconds against a white woman, I’ve seen it happen, although in the specific case I’m thinking of the whites were italians and not from my ethnicity.

          • Joseph

            “…rejecting anyone who scored too high.”

            I don’t know if it’s the same case but there was a case in the last couple of years in which an applicant was found to score the equivalent of a 125 IQ and was well qualified in every aspect of the testing. When rejected on this basis alone he sued, the court upheld the dept. refusal to hire and a state appeals court upheld the lower court stating that: “the rejection was based on a rational consideration that applicants with high IQ might become bored with police work and the great expense of training an applicant who might quickly resign was a reasonable concern since it was equally applied to all applicants” -or something very similar.

            Now *suppose* that a dept. rejected an applicant because of the “rational consideration that blacks have a demonstrated propensity to violent behavior and since the test for blackness is reasonable because it is equally applied to all applicants “.

            Now that would not be allowed though it is not even speculation as in the case of rejection for intelligence. It is complete PC madness.

          • Dave

            If you know where I can find an article or link to that information is be interested in it.

          • Joseph

            Obviously, the whole thing has taken a while to work through courts and news but here it is. With the names you could probably find the original documentation.This brief is from ABC News:

            Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, took the exam in 1996 and scored
            33 points, the equivalent of an IQ of 125. But New London police
            interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that
            those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave
            soon after undergoing costly training.

            Most Cops Just Above Normal
            The average score nationally for police officers is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average.

            Jordan alleged his rejection from the police force was discrimination.
            He sued the city, saying his civil rights were violated because he was
            denied equal protection under the law.

            But the U.S. District Court found that New London had “shown a rational
            basis for the policy.” In a ruling dated Aug. 23, the 2nd Circuit
            agreed. The court said the policy might be unwise but was a rational way
            to reduce job turnover.

            Jordan has worked as a prison guard since he took the test.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        There’s an old saying in LA that goes like this:

        “LA has three major gangs: The bloods ,the crips and the LAPD.”


        • 5Sardonicus

          This is like much of Latin America, where the police are just another corrupt criminal gang. Our culture is rapidly becoming like our neighbors to the South,

      • Tom_in_Miami

        “What decent, self-respecting, honorable White man or woman with an
        ounce of integrity and decency would engage in this kind of abusive
        behavior and hide behind a badge and position of authority?”

        Good post and good question with a simple answer: The ones we see every day on You Tube.

      • StillModerated

        A dead cop means much less to me, but the newspapers report a dead cop as the end of the world as we know it — committed by a super-criminal who is lower than dirt. A dead black cop is merely icing on the cake to me.

      • Lygeia

        Maybe these “white” cops aren’t so white.

        • josh

          Que pasa?

      • Jackryanvb

        This post has nothing to do with positive racial realism, with the goals of American Renaissance. Instead it’s the same old, same old conspiracy obsessed rants of the American drop out society. Not all White cops, whites in the military are abusive psychopaths. We don’t need to try to bond with Muslim terrorists in Yemen or make excuses for Black criminals o Al Quada mass murder of Americans on 9-11-01 under some strange argument that these ugly, hateful on Whites are resisting an oppressive system that oppresses us.

        This crazy, hateful Black murderer, ex cop is not on our side, never was.

        Come on folks, let’s get. Back on the White side.

        • Daisy

          I loved Tucker’s post. A dynamic movement requires self examination and even criticism. He did not denigrate the military. I have military friends
          who are fine, upstanding men but cops are a different breed altogether, and they serve a totally different function in society.

      • Joseph

        Hell, they caught police in some drug protection-racket including having a pet doctor prescribing androgens for them personally in New York. They suspected that many dozens were involved but only 6 were being charged with anything as I remember. I’d bet they never get any time either. It’ll get swept up like almost everything else.

        Let’s take egotistical bully personalities, filter for those with IQ of 105 or less, give preference to violence-tending minorities, more preference to those who have a record of killing people in the military -likely with some sort of physical traumatic neurological disorder or psychiatric issue, add synthetic androgenic steroids. Now you have the modern model “law enforcer”.


      • tassilo

        I have been aware for a long time that the police are out of control and a threat to law-abiding citizens, even in NYC. If the ruling elites are deliberately recruiting dangerous, possibly psychotic people as cops, that would fit in with the Marxist-Leninist concept of “intensifying the dialectical contradictions” to hasten the resolution/revolution. Turning such psychos loose on the population would naturally deepen the hostility which so many already feel toward authority, and that is the desired result for the Marxist rulers. The present case shows the fruits of such efforts.
        Yet I doubt whether a more gentle, sensitive police force conditioned by diversity training would fare much better in dealing with the restless masses. Those who benefit from the destruction of the established order have many methods, and it is time that all Race Realists get familiar with these methods. One might try reading Marcuse’s “One-Dimensional Man” or anything by Saul Alinsky. Then there are some newer efforts, such as “The Coming Insurrection” by The Invisible Committee. This little book will give some indication of how well-organized and determined the enemy is. The enemy does not mind that some psycho cops are breaking rules and breaking heads, in fact, they welcome the chaos and the animosity that such performances create.
        If one googles “Lovelle Mixon” one will find videos of “activists” organizing marches in support of the killer. The process of making heroes of cop killers did not begin with Dorner. Blacks have been indoctrinated for decades by Leftist propaganda, and this is the result. Throwing violent White psychos in uniform into the mix only accelerates the process whose beginnings can be traced back to the Enlightenment. It is all part of the plan by which our enemies plan to destroy Western civilization and subjugate the White race.
        As at least some people here seem to realize, the sons of Abraham are a far greater threat to our survival than the sons of Obama. Even so, the self-hatred of so many Whites is not entirely the fault of any particular race, ethnicity, or group. Reality can’t be encompassed in any single theory. I have spent many years studying philosophy. from Plato to Heidegger and beyond. That, I think, is one way to prepare oneself to understand the nature of the forces that threaten White civilization. Tai Chi and Buddhist meditation are other ways (Not everyone will agree with this, but there are many approaches). The important thing is to remain vigilant and prepare for what is coming.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The last time the cops were here was after the election, I ordered them away from my front door at full volume. They obeyed and ran right away. Sayaka had the coilgun aimed at the back of my head, with the selector set for “E”, which means “everything”. The selector settings are P, S, 1, 4, 10 and E. The cops knew exactly what was going to happen to them and I could see it in their faces. I think it is a given that I hate cops.

        I’m glad this perp has killed cops. I hope he kills more.

        • josh

          The back of YOUR head?

  • AB7

    Maybe they should stake out all the fried chicken places.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Just perused all my fifteen page madman babblings then noticed your advice. I think you might be onto something, har har!

    • Tucker

      That would not be very sportsmanlike.

      After all, its even illegal for deer hunters to hunt deer in the vicinity of salt licks.

      Shame on you for suggesting that. You get 5 demerits.

    • Cherry Bomb

      I think all Californians should have to turn in any and all weaponry immediately to make the state safer from Dorner and his missile launcher.

      Feinstein should be out there on foot tracking this guy down through the snow to get him to register his guns. Maybe if Dorner is offered a $50 Target card to turn in his weapons Holder can fly in to arrest him when he comes in to collect. Problem solved

  • bigone4u

    Below is a copy and paste of the comment I posted on Huffington Post, an anti-white website immersed in Cultural Marxism:

    It’s astonishing that anyone would believe a race-obsessed lunatic mass murderer and call for an investigation of the LAPD. This loon was hred because of affirmative action and could not perform at the level required by professional law enforcement. He nursed his grudge, worshipping every liberal TV commentor who whips up this nonsense, then he begins shooting.

    His writings are one level above ebonics, but they reveal a picture of someone who has been attacking whites since he was a first grader. I don’t care where he learned his race hatred; it’s common anyway, but now this Django 2013 (bet he saw the movie) has fans spurring him on to kill and kill again.

    What a sickness is multiculturalism and affirmtive action that the LAPD would hire him to begin with..

    • Now that you mention it, Dorner reminds me a lot of the Cookie Monster of Kirkwood (Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton), his rampage’s sixth anniversary was just observed here locally. He was a ticking time bomb all along, but the pseudo-“conservative” city fathers and mothers of Kirkwood did nothing but pander and grovel to him with his every nonsense racial complaint.

  • rudeboi

    you people are crazy. If this been some far right loon then he would be your hero, now he’s just a bantu freak.

  • AB7

    Looking at some of the comments on this thread, people should not think that this guy is typical of blacks who might be involved in any race war. Most blacks would be more like the type who hold their pistol sideways while they shoot erratically. Advanced tactical skills and preparation are just not that common among blacks, in fact, the Navy Seals have great trouble finding any blacks who can cut it with them raising the truly disturbing scenario of even using some sort of affirmative action for Seals. If at any point, whites do decide to directly confront blacks for the trouble they cause, rather than continue to allow delusional liberals to use government programs and rules and regulations in the private sector which merely make the problems worse eventually resulting in entire cities being destroyed such as Detroit, blacks will be rather easy to subdue and control. That part of this will involve forced work, often of a menial nature, will no doubt result in cries of renewed slavery, but nevertheless, the problem will need to be resolved at some point and making blacks work for whatever they get will be part of the solution.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      The struggle is to implement some form of umbrella organization for whites. As I harp on above, no propaganda is needed – only the Truth. Eventually we must figure out how to present this in as rational yet effective way as possible.

      Part of my solution is to propagate the idea of a non-racial meritocracy, and to eschew all “racism”, including anti-white racism. I believe a true meritocracy would be advantageous to whites and any truly qualified minorities. The reaction of the blame gamers? Histrionic, of course, racist condemnation of whites, the usual. Ultimately perhaps collapse and division of country, realigning of borders.

      That asteroid’s coming pretty close. Were it to slam into us, it would cause a Tunguska-like explosion which would be interesting should it blow up over a major population center. Don’t see the Al Sharpton types saving us.

      All true progress is retarded, sloughed away, because of this obsession with making all equal rather than providing fair and equal opportunity in a meritocracy. Unfortunately for whites, the only whites who are truly rewarded in our society are those who hide their true feelings or sell out their fellows and demonstrate to all how much they hate themselves.

      • Luca

        Outstanding concept. All politicians should be screened on merit and given background checks, aptitude tests, IQ tests, educational achievement, morality and work ethic. The society they produce should follow similar lines regardless of race. We would have a much better society if we could tear up the race card; we could tear up the race card if we could filter out the raging, liberal lunatics in schools and in politics.

  • shmo123

    By now there should be a bounty on his head, say 100k dead or alive. That should provide enough incentive for any mountain man with a high powered rifle to go and hunt.

    • Strider73

      Where’s Jango Fett when we really need him?

  • [Guest]

    I don’t see this posted here, so I’ll add it. Dorner is being turned into a sort of folk hero. The following is from a Southern California Public Radio website:

    “LAPD manhunt: Some cheer on fugitive Christopher Dorner with anti-cop, gun control, race agendas” (see here:

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Not surprising at all…

  • A Reader

    This case exposes so many absurdities of “Liberalism”.

    1. A thousand of unionized, heavily armed, and handsomely paid police can’t catch one suspect. The cost of this “manhunt” goes into millions of dollars, and we the People will foot the bill for this extravaganza.

    2. Notice how heavily armed police forces are, at the same time when our ruling “elites” consider bans on such things like “high capacity” magazines (more then 6 rounds) and “assault” rifles (any rifle of a caliber larger than .22 that resembles a military full-automatic rifle) for the rest of We the People. This is a perfect illustration of Orwell’s characterization of “Liberalism”:

    “All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others”.

    Certainly, police are “more equal” than the law-abiding citizens when it comes to “gun control”.

    3. The shooting of two innocent people by police just because they were in a similar truck that the suspect drove shows how incompetent police are when it comes to using the high-capacity assault weapons that we, the People, cannot even legally posses because of the draconian “gun-control” laws (police, as being the “more equal”, are exempt form most of the restrictions). And the “Liberal” agitators want to make us trust police with their deadly assault weapons while at the same claiming that law-abiding citizens must not be trusted with the same.

    4. The suspect was obviously a wrong guy to be trusted with a gun, yet he almost ended as a cop. Although he was fired from police, it was NOT because of his character but because he had a quarrel with another about how an arrest of a mentally-ill suspect was made. The governments of all levels will keep hiring this kind of risky individuals and arming them with assault weaponry, just because they do not want to discriminate against anyone.

    This is a glimpse into the creation of the new ruling class in America. How are we supposed to defend ourselves against them? Well, for starters, no police or other law-enforcement agent should ever be exempt from any “gun-control” law that the law-abiding Americans are bound to obey. Also, disbanding all police unions may help to take away some of the unconstitutional powers that the law enforcement managed to acquire.

    Let’s hope it’s not too late.

    • I don’t think Dorner is where they’re looking for him. They keep talking about mountains and big bear lakes. I think he’s somewhere in what remains of the ghettos in South Central. Some fans of Django Unchained who subscribe to The Final Call are probably hiding him, Abbottabad-style.

      If he his made and arrested, some heroic private citizen (probably white, definitely not a “brutha”) will come across the crucial lead. But after it’s all over, the cops will get all the credit. Remember Michael Devlin? It wasn’t the cops that provided the final clue, it was some resident who noticed the white Mazda truck, after another farther away resident noticed a white Mazda truck speeding away. The real cops were buzzing by that apartment complex all day, full well knowing they were looking for that kind of truck, and it was staring them in the face yet it’s as if they had no eyes.

      From what I’ve seen, Tucker is right. In dumbing down the standards to hire more blacks, police departments and LEAs in general are allowing more oblivious and frankly dumb whites onto their forces.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I hope Dorner kills more cops.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Unbelievable. And you with your prison record. Are you the next serial killer?

        • Bartholomew_1

          Murder is evil. Full stop. If you align yourself with evil, you will reap its “rewards”.

      • Dave4088

        That’s very possible. Blacks are extremely reluctant to turn on and turn in one of their own, especially when the stated cause is fighting white racism. In the 1970’s “Zebra” killings some San Francisco black community suspected the local Nation of Islam chapter and/or had descriptions of some of the murderers, but none came forward to the police.

      • Joseph

        Yeah, but if the citizenry does everything but handcuff the guy, the police spokes”person” will make a statement that the capture was “aided by a tip from the public”. Every cop on duty that day from those 50 who haul him off to the ones checking the radar-guns in the police lot will receive “commendations for valor”. They are all “highly decorated veterans of the force”.

        Good, honest, functional police must be endlessly frustrated by the other 80%.

      • Guest

        blacks generally have a strong dislike of “the outdoors”, especially when it get’s dark, they all turn into Stepin Fetchit when they are in the woods at night. This guy is not in the mountains, he is not in the woods, he is in a hood somewhere, being hidden by his “bruthas”.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Killing all current cops would also help. After all, the police aren’t drafting farm boys from Nebraska.

    • StillModerated

      And the deprivation is done in the name of safety — theirs!

    • Joseph

      “…because he had a quarrel with another about how an arrest of a mentally-ill suspect was made”

      I still wait to hear what THIS deal was all about. “Mentally ill” may just be a euphemism for “another burnt-out black doing what they do” who and got bashed for it and Dorner didn’t like it. I would bet that race plays some key role in the incident but cannot be mentioned because it will further underscore BLACK racism.

      Does anyone know?

  • Bud

    An LA Times article on Dorner’s police career. Obviously an unqualified nut-job on the Affirmative Action treadmill:,0,3013535.story?page=1

    • Puggg

      Now, this might be a result of a media cover-up or just general media malfeasance. But it reads like Dorner had an easier and more successful and less troubled life in the military than he did on the LAPD. He probably should have stayed career military.

      Why the difference? From what I understand, military tends to more strictly and more highly controlled and defined roles and positions and jobs and duties, while you have to “think on your feet” a lot and make good decisions under pressure to be a good cop, especially on street patrol.

      It goes back to the Cross Fit article on SBPDL: Cross Fit is a white thing and hardly a black thing because of the deliberately psychologically and physically confusing nature of Cross Fit workouts. Whereas black athletic and workout pursuits are do one or few things, drill and focus on them constantly.

      Dorner could do okay and maybe well when it was all laid out for him (military), but requiring him to go out on his own, engage in common sense and mental flexibility for the much more highly adaptive variability he encounters in the civilian world, being mindful of domestic civil liberties and civil rights all the while (remember, this police work, not military work), and it made his brain melt down.

      • Daisy

        The cops’ inability to engage in common sense and mental flexibility, along with their abject refusal to apply those traits to the highly adaptive variability they encounter in the civilian world made Dorner’s brain melt down, along with his own latent issues and a period developmentally which inevitably reveals them.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Thanks for posting that great article from the LA Times. MSM reporting on this case has been extremely superficial and simplistic. Now, unsurprisingly, we are being subjected to morons who support Dorner– there is Jesse Jackson who posted an open letter to Dorner stating: “I understand your feelings of pain, hurt and fear,” Facebook pages promoting Dorner for president because he a man who could “no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent” — under the description, “We are all Chris Dorner!”

      There are a lot of morons here in LA and elsewhere. Murderers, crooks, thieves and deviants are popular with the low information “smart” phone types who vote for 0bama. Dorner is black. He hates The Man. He is one of them.

      There will be others after him.

      The LA Times article you reference gives the VERY valid reason Dorner was fired from the LAPD:

      In the article, Chief Beck states (about the case that led to Dorner’s firing):

      That case was thoroughly adjudicated, it was reviewed at multiple levels, it went to the ultimate form of review in the LAPD, a board of rights, where a two-command officer and a civilian representative hear the entirety of the case, as represented by an attorney, and make a judgment.

      The discipline board found that Dorner had lied about the incident and fired him…On the day Christopher Dorner was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department, officials took the unusual step of summoning armed guards to stand watch at his disciplinary hearing downtown.

      Also from the same LA Times article, some background on Dorner’s time with the LAPD:

      An officer in Dorner’s class who asked not to be identified because he is not authorized to discuss the case, recalled Dorner as ‘one of our problem children’ who frequently pushed the bounds of authority.

      A few days into training, the recruits were explicitly told to only wear white or black shoes for a conditioning run, the officer said. Dorner, however, showed up in bright neon sneakers. ‘He thought he knew it all, that rules just kind of didn’t apply to him,’ the officer said. ‘He was not a team player.’

      According to the officer, Dorner was kicked out of his academy class at least one time, when he accidentally shot himself in the hand. Internal disciplinary records show that Dorner was suspended for two days for an accidental discharge in 2005.

      Dorner was a punk and thug who should have washed out during training and probably wouldn’t have been hired except for LAPDs AA mandates.

      Can’t believe it. I’m actually agreeing with LAPD Chief Beck and quoting from the LA Times, two of my sworn enemies.

      Is the world ending??


  • IKantunderstand

    My friends, say hello to Tarantino’s next project: “Django Unchained, The Final Solution.”

  • American Patriot

    At the end of the day he will be killed while resisting arrest. That will be no great loss to society. Don’t forget though that the average LA cop who stays on task is really no improvement over this one who went rogue- aka attacked other cops rather than attacking mundanes (thats you and me)

    • Jackryanvb

      Ridiculous nonsense. the “average (White) LA Cop” is nothing like this crazed, homocidal Black man.

      I am requesting along with Courtney from Alabama that the moderators not post paranoid, conspiracy theory comments that have nothing to do with positive racial realism. These conspiracy theory types are always lurking around American racial realist places, they try to spread their paranoia that everything is controlled, that every (White) person working in any way for the government, law enforcement, the military is part of One giant conspiracy and nothing can be done to stop them, so it’s pointless to vote, keep a job our contest the racial displacement of our people.

  • coon hunt

    What a complete blown up media farce thinking it would aid and abet the ban of assault weapons but too bad it back fired. Must a slow news day. Just your typical coon killer on the loose plus he killed non-whites.

  • josh

    “If I had a son who was an LA cop…”

  • Stan D Mute

    This has become a diversity comedy. Much talk of how this African is “well trained” and a “Rambo type.”

    He is almost certainly already dead. Typically African, he washed out of the LAPD for his African intellect and behavior. Likely did the same from the Navy.

    In one day he want from trying to steal a BOAT in San Diego to breaking the axle on his truck in the frozen mountains. He didn’t plan for any of this. His plan was, “gonna go shoot me some dese muddas.” And off he went. Now he will be found in the Spring after we spend MILLIONS pretending he actually was as intelligent as a white special forces operative.


    • so you are saying he is a perp-sickle? I hope so. Hey, money wasted chasing this guy down is money not spent on welfare mothers and illegal immigrants. I say the sooner we hit the wall the better. I’m not going to fret about the money but I will get a chuckle over this self styled “Django” becoming “Da-icicle” Sounds like he played out the wrong script and ended up with “The Shining”, sure, he had his “Heeeeeeeeeeeer’s Johnny” moment, but what came after that for the Jack Nicholson character?

  • tarczan

    I feel a “thank chief Moose” moment is coming on.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Dorner is probably driving a white van to throw off Chief Moose.


  • Joseph

    You can be as certain as sunlight that if this guy were say, a white Romney supporter or worse- a Ron Paul supporter that the headlines would read: ” White supremacist with long, troubling history closely associated with Republican campaign and NRA wanted in nationwide manhunt for murdering multiple victims including police”.

  • Katherine McChesney

    “Our dedication to catch this killer remains steadfast,” Villaraigosa said. “We will not tolerate this reign of terror.”

    Wow! Villaraigosa isn’t being politically correct.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Dorner is probably hiding in Villar’s office. He’d never turn him in…but now that there is a one million dollar bounty for Dorner, maybe he would.

      Villar is an opportunist, nothing more. In LA, he’s known as “The Pothole King” because he swore he’d fill in “one million pot holes.” Bring out the network cameras and he’s there.


      • Joseph

        “one million pot holes.”

        Maybe he meant “bongs” for his people.

  • It sounds like he is a Barney Fife trapped in “The Rock”‘s body.

  • MRX

    Another psycho, by product of all these useless war’s in Afghanista, Iraq, etc.

  • If he has frozen to death then his body temp now matches his IQ

  • This Dornier is a viscious racist, the law enforcement peole need to have a ‘shoot on sight’ with this racist. We dont need haters and racists.

  • Luis

    Notice how silent the Obama regime is, regarding this Bantu ex-cop? It had no problem pushing forth gun-control schemes when white Adam Lanza shot and killed those 26 people at that mostly white school in Newtown, CT.

    But now, it finds itself in something of a pickle. An affirmative-action hire, a Bantu ex-cop goes on a rampage in a liberal, gun-control state, and suddenly it’s at a loss for words. There goes the mantra of how “only cops and the military should have guns”, right down the toilet.

    In a way, I’m glad this episode happened, not for the fatalities of course, because it underscores exactly why gun sales have been escalating since Obama became president. Whitey, don’t give up your guns.

  • Just me

    Read what the iccaz at grio have to say: . They are all for this guy, who did what they only dream of doing!

  • redfeathers

    The LAPD is going to reinvestigate his dismissal. Bending over backwards, even for a killer.

    • Joseph

      Maybe he’ll be reinstated with back pay. Cochrane and Kardashian won’t be able to help him but maybe Dershowitz can squeeze him in between TV appearances. All they need is an undersize glove.

  • George Costanza

    Ahh the joys of Affirmative Action. Wait until they certify Witch Doctors as legitimate medical care givers. Thank You Obama..

  • Joe Webb

    New York Times editorials are raking the coals of race conflict by “understanding” Dorner’s situation. This is race-baiting and reminicent of felon Rodney King. Only this time the New York Times seems to be saying that maybe we can’tall just get along, and it is all the White Man’s fault.