Postman Jailed for Burying 30,000 Letters in Garden

Telegraph (London), February 18, 2013

Jabur Hissan buried more than 29,000 letters in his garden and on wasteland, burned 400 more and dumped nearly 200 on a canal towpath.

Some of the post should have been delivered to houses the father-of-two walked past on his way back to his home in Birmingham.

The 32-year-old was told he had created a “devastating security risk” and was jailed for eight months.

“There is a serious risk, there were bills in the mail and people were not able to meet their responsibilities, letters to loved ones and more,” District Judge Jack McGarthar said.

“This has a devastating effect on anybody affected by it.

“Postmen are in a position of very high trust and you have seriously breached that position.”

Hissan admitted charges of arson, criminal damage to property worth more than £5,000 and delaying post.

The offences covered a total of 29,178 items.

John Dove, prosecuting, told Birmingham Magistrates’ Court that some of the dumped letters had turned to ‘pulp’.

He said: “Most of the items were in very poor condition as they had been exposed to the elements and left rotting.

“Some of the packets had been dumped in vegetation and trampled into the ground, suggesting an attempt had been made to bury them, and some were mere pulp.”

Robert Skinner, defending, said Hissan believed he was ditching junk mail.

Mr Skinner said: “He was at the bottom of the rung and, I suspect, on the bottom pay package offered by the Royal Mail.

“He was finding it difficult to keep up with his rounds and he was struggling at home to bring up a young family, one of whom was requiring regular medical treatment for eczema.

“It was of his view that it was junk mail that he was not delivering.”

But the judge said to Hissan: “The items described as junk mail by your solicitor are certainly not junk to the people who pay for them to be delivered.

“The Royal Mail depend entirely in postmen to act faithfully and deliver items placed into their trust.”

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  • “Postmen are in a position of very high trust and you have seriously breached that position.”

    I know this is about England, but still I have to laugh. Considering what I see delivering mail for the USPS. The kind of people who are surely the paragon of virtue and pristine purity. You know where the sarcasm tags should go in that one.

    • steve7789

      We English can be quite sentimental about our postmen. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the cartoon Postman Pat?

      • David Ashton

        Mail delivery was appalling when we lived in Chingford (London E4) and was just as bad when moved to a small town in Norfolk. White post-persons in both cases.

    • Pelagian

      Congressman Bill Clay, ex-chair of the House Committee on the Post Office and Civil Service, must have taken a junket to the UK at some point to give the Royal Mail the benefit of his vast knowledge and experience. (-: That’s why 90% of the mail carriers in St. Louis are blacks to this day.

      • St. Louis invented Knockout Martin Luther King, and we have to apologize to the country for it.

        The USPS is an affirmative action circus, and we St. Louisans have to apologize for that, too. You just stated his name. It’s not just St. Louis.

    • Barrack Osama

      The USPS is little more than a job program for blacks.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I know several White postmen from my Post Office nearby. They say the blacks play the race card in their office. The black guy who retired two years ago couldn’t write, couldn’t spell or punctuate in his farewell card to residents in my building. Mail was constantly being put in the wrong boxes. Now we get get our mail earlier and it’s delivered to the proper boxes.

  • Wow eight months, what a stiff penalty. Way to go UK your transformation into a third world crap hole is complete.

  • fakee

    Jabur Hissan seems to be the arab version of one postal employee Newman.

  • Mr Skinner said: “He was at the bottom of the rung and, I suspect, on the bottom pay package offered by the Royal Mail.”

    That is always a good excuse for not doing your job.

    • NYB

      I don’t reside in England, but I would guess that letter carrying is a coveted job that many unemployed white British would do in a heartbeat.

      This man probably didn’t appreciate it because he was an affirmative action hire. Like many others from the Third World, he probably wanted to live on the dole and get his money for nothing.

      Sadly, he will probably be replaced by another non-white.

      • SintiriNikos

        In every western country, it’s among the cushiest of state jobs, with generous benefits and pensions. The Telegraph reporter attempts to let the poor guy off the hook, after all his kid had eczema. How about the people who never got their bills? Are we to assume all of them were well off and could afford to have a check get lost in the post here and there? Always an excuse by the lefty media for inexcusable incompetence and willful, malicious misconduct.

      • SintiriNikos

        I don’t recall reading anything about him being fired. But then I didn’t read the original article. Unless of course you meant who replaces during his jail time. I tell ya, it would not surprise me one bit, if he has a job waiting for him at the RM after his sentence.

    • Yorkshireman.

      Of course it was all junk mail. Well, once he had removed everything of value and probably sold credit cards and bank statements to his kith and kin ‘back home’ to aid their scamming rings.

  • The__Bobster

    Why is the UK government giving these jobs to towel heads?

    • Pelagian

      To sort the Royal Mail from the Towel Mail.

      • Robert Binion

        And to deliver that mailed “parcel (com)post.”

  • Pelagian

    Not getting your mail is definitely in the category of WPP: “White People’s Problems”.

  • bigone4u

    The first black I ever remember seeing was in New Orleans as a child. He walked around in a uniform with a big leather sack on his back, dropping things off in the small mailboxes attached to the wall next to people’s front door. This was long before affirmative action officially began. BTW, seeing my first black was a bit traumatizing to my 4 or 5 year old mind.

  • IstvanIN

    Delivering the mail, something no Brit will do, right? Just like in the US, why do we need someone from the Philippines or South America to sell stamps? You mean to tell me an American won’t do that job? Come on, I would rather see an American black work at the post office than some Hindu, at least they were born here. No foreign born person, even if a citizen, should be allowed to have any civil service job, even if granted citizenship. Government jobs, generally, do not contribute to the economy, and since we are all told how we need immigrants to help the economy at least keep them out of the public sector.

    • The__Bobster

      My local office is full of Hindus. We have to import postal workers? Does selling stamps require a special talent?

    • Pelagian

      Great points. And we’ll said.

  • sbuffalonative

    Sounds like a new screenplay, ‘The Postman Never Rings Once’. The lead to be played by a white man.

    • libertarian 1234

      Funny, and clever. LOL!

    • SintiriNikos

      Very funny!

  • StillModerated

    The Asian halfwit is most likely illiterate, but Royal Mail did not bother to test him, because that would have been deemed racist, and they had quotas to keep.

  • libertarian 1234

    “He was finding it difficult to keep up with his rounds and he was struggling at home to bring up a young family, one of whom was requiring regular medical treatment for eczema.”

    Yes, and everybody knows that putting cream on eczema is a full time job.

  • odious liberal

    No Mr. Skinner he did it because he had negro work ethic. A white man would have taken a second job.

  • IKantunderstand

    Of course, the first breakdown of society. WTF? The mail person, gets to decide the mail that is delivered? Are you kidding me? Now, let us consider the fact that every mail person is allowed to decide what piece of mail gets delivered based on their whatever, Are u kidding me? Our rights are constantly being eroded. MOLON LABE.

  • [Guest]

    The bright side is that, at least for now, a postman can be held accountable even if his name is Jabur Hissan and his child has eczema.