French Police Raid Gabon Leader’s Nice Villa

Henry Samuel, Telegraph (London), February 14, 2013

Fraud officers have searched two valuable Nice villas thought to belong to the family of Gabon’s late president Omar Bongo and suspected of being purchased using state funds.

Inspectors from Nice judicial police and Paris serious fraud unit were seen entering the Riviera properties, which have large swimming pools and vast grounds.

The raid was part of a landmark investigation known as the “ill-gotten gains” inquiry. Since 2010, two French judges have been examining the source of money spent in France by the family of Mr Bongo, who died in 2009, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, and Congo-Brazzaville’s President, Denis Sassou Nguesso.

The leaders and their families have denied amassing personal wealth in France through embezzlement, money laundering and misuse of public funds.

The charges were brought by Transparency International, an anti-corruption campaign group which alleges that the leaders and their relations spent state funds on lavish purchases in France.

They had already listed 39 properties belonging to Mr Bongo worth tens of millions of pounds but neither of the villas searched this week were on the list. Campaigners say there is little point seeking to return the assets to the Gabonese government because the country’s current president is Ali Bongo, Omar’s son.

Last February, police seized tens of millions of pounds worth of art, furniture and cars from a Paris residence belonging to Mr Obiang’s son.

The Obiang family’s 101-room pied-à-terre boasted a disco, cinema, steam baths, sauna, hair salon, gold and jewel-encrusted taps, and a pink marble dining room with coral pillars and 20-yard glass table, all overlooking the Arc de Triomphe.


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  • You almost have to figure that blacks living in European houses like these is with nearly 100% certainty the result of some sort of fraud. Heck, I’m almost of the mindset, under the axiom that behind every great fortune is a great crime, (in reality, I don’t think it’s quite that bad), that a WHITE person who lives that extravagantly is better than even money odds involved in some sort of fraud or crime.

    • The__Bobster

      Not all, by the Russian Oligarchs are a good place to start, not that they’re exactly White.

      • Even if the person living that extravagantly in France is native born (real) French, there’s still a part of me that gets suspicious that some great crime or great fraud is behind it. Or, if not that, then a LOT of luck, and LOT of being in the right place at the right time, even if the means are 100% legal, moral and above board.

      • StillModerated

        Are you accusing marauding Khazars of being not White? Oh the horror!

    • Jss

      What’s really upsetting though is that there are surely plenty of French people who genuinely need help, but the state spends its money on treating Africans like royalty. The guys been dead for years and they are just now figuring out how bad he defrauded the French state? That’s hard to beleive.

      • NYB

        The frauds were committed mainly in Africa. Equatorial Guinea has oil, which is mostly managed by U.S. companies. It’s more of a kleptocracy along the lines of Saddam’s Iraq.

  • The__Bobster

    Omar Bongo? Any relation to Bareback Obongo?

    This is why no amount of aid can never help Afreaka. It just gets sucked up by all the corruption.

    • odious liberal


  • bigone4u

    101 rooms? Enough space for wives, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, grannies and granpas, witch doctors, and all the boxes of KFC and bottles of grape soda required to feed the brood. Just like in the US except on a bigger scale.

    • StillModerated

      Not to mention pigs, goats, chickens and slaves.

      Plenty of room for a “bongo party!”

    • Garrett Brown

      If he stayed there a few more years it would be destroyed and reek of drugs and BO.

    • If all his cousins and the people’s from his country came to live in Nice, it would no longer be so nice.

  • IKantunderstand

    I feel sorry for Black people, and Asian people , and ,well, everybody who is not White. Once again, I posit the concept, that Blacks are not capable of running a country. Or a company, or a government agency, or actually anything. Eg: Detroit, Birmingham, Gary, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Congo, Etc. Despite the racism that supposedly occurs on the part of White people: All African American stars prefer to go to Europe, than Africa. It’s amazing the racism they must endure. When in point of fact, they could show solidarity with their African brothers and sisters. They do not. They could care less. In fact, they hold themselves to be superior to their African relatives. In fact, American Negroes are full of sh8t. They only pretend to care about their African roots. In fact, those roots are a source of inferiority to them. however, this has nothing to do with us as White people. We have to stop affirmative action. And we have to stop race mixing. Or , shall I say: White recessive DNA being overpowered by African DNA. Or is this what Darwin had in mind?

  • SintiriNikos

    I wonder if the same fate awaits the lavish Riviera properties of the Russian oligarchs, also bought with ill-gotten gains. I just stopped wondering.

  • Unperson

    Here’s something else on which the late “El-Hadj (he was a Muslim convert since 1973) Omar Bongo” spent his ill-gotten gains: one of two Stutz Royale Limousines ever built. In the ’70s the gaudy pimpmobile called the Stutz Blackhawk was the most expensive US passenger car; presumably the even-costlier super-stretched Royale was the most expensive limo:

    The massive limousine was delivered to Gabon in 1977—to be promptly sent back. Why? Because according to Gabonese law, Bongo’s royal behind could not come in contact with leather. So Stutz redid the interior. Hence the velvet presidential throne.
    Ah, African blacks — as financially prudent and as rigorously logical as their American counterparts!

  • Europeans must come to understand that we should not go out and play and mingle with such types of people. It just will not work.