Hiring Should Favour Male, Minority Teachers: Toronto School Board

Kate Hammer and Caroline Alphonso, Globe and Mail, February 19, 2013

A Toronto District School Board memo to staff that included gender and race among qualifications that could win a candidate an interview for a teaching position has outraged some female teachers.

The memo, which was received by principals and teachers and obtained by The Globe and Mail, says that the qualities that could get a candidate an interview include being male or from a racial minority.

“The first round of TDSB interviews will be granted to teachers candidates that meet one or more of the following criteria in addition to being an outstanding teacher: Male, racial minority, French, Music, Aboriginal,” the memo reads.

Competition for teaching jobs at Canada’s largest school board is stiff.

Many teachers college graduates spend years competing just to get onto the call list for substitute teachers.

Educators who mentor teachers-college students for the school board were surprised when they received an e-mail earlier this month, laying out race and gender-specific criteria for interview candidates.

“We were shocked,” said one TDSB teacher, who requested anonymity. “They’re not willing to look at anyone who is white and female, but it should go to the person who is best for the job.”

TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird said that more than half of the board’s teachers are female, and there is a need in many parts of the province, not just the TDSB, for more male teachers or aboriginal teachers, for example, to better represent the school community. Mr. Bird said the first consideration when hiring an educator is competency. He stressed that the memo does not mean other groups would be excluded from the interviewing process.

“Through our employment equity policy, there are designated group that we’re looking for. But it’s absolutely not to the exclusion of other groups,” Mr. Bird said.

It is unclear how widely the memo was distributed, Mr. Bird said.

The board’s teaching staff does not match the diversity of its student body, raising concerns over whether students are being introduced to relatable role models. About 22 per cent of elementary and 23 per cent of high-school teachers at the board are visible minorities, according to the latest staff census published by the TDSB in 2007, while 72 per cent of students are visible minorities.

About 77 per cent of elementary teachers and 59 per cent of high-school teachers are female. Many experts blame a shortage of role models for the fact that boys and some minority groups lag behind girls on standardized tests and postsecondary achievement.

The board has been working to build a staff that more accurately reflects its students’ diversity. Its employment equity policy states that, “Outreach activities and affirmative action strategies (e.g., encouragement, mentoring, training and staff development) shall focus on designated groups in order to ensure that all levels of occupations groups with the board achieve equitable representation.”

Experts on discrimination reached by The Globe said the memo met proper hiring practices.

“Giving preference to designated groups who are underrepresented in the TDSB teacher complement could not only be non-discriminatory and legal but could also be part of an effort to stay within the law in terms of their staffing and hiring,” said Sonia Lawrence, an associate professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. “If groups—those named in the Federal Employment Equity Act, and those protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code—are underrepresented, the TDSB could be called to account for that, and to rebut the possibility of systemic or direct discrimination.”

But Brett Cumberbatch, an education consultant who has worked closely with disadvantaged youth, called the memo ineffective and clumsy. He believes that the TDSB badly needs to build a more diverse teaching force. The memo, he said, represents the kind of “shotgun” strategies that fail to recruit top candidates and create resentment toward minority groups.

“You do a disservice to minority groups when you take an approach like this instead of a long-term one,” he said.

Mr. Cumberbatch believes that teachers colleges and school boards are equally to blame for the lack of diversity in the teaching force, and that better recruitment and alternative licensing strategies are needed.

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  • JackKrak

    “Through our employment equity policy, there are designated groups that we’re looking for. But it’s absolutely not to the exclusion of other groups,” Mr. Bird said.

    Maybe the Toronto school system can provide someone to teach Mr. Bird the basics of logic.

    • bigone4u

      I hope they’re looking for Hispanic teachers. There’s a bunch of illegal immigrants who could just keep heading north to Canada and out of the USA.

  • Kiss

    I have to admit I find it sort of humorous to liberal women being discriminated against based on sex. I hope in the future Canada uses this formula to hire airline pilots and surgeons. Why not.

  • jambi19

    Remember this the next time a black politician or white liberal apologists regurgitates their favorite rebuttal about racial quotas, “white women benefit the most from affirmative action.”

    • Robert

      In the United States they do.

      • jambi19

        Do they? How do you know? Is there a Bureau of Affirmative Action that has percentages you could cite? No of course there isn’t. You don’t have proof because the premise of your argument doesn’t even exist. Your claim is beyond rationality. It is laughable to say that ww are given preference over minorities. Look at university scores/applications and see who gets rejected and who doesn’t. You are just thinking what the television has told you to think.

        • Big Steve

          Stop playing idiot when there are demographically more White women than any other single minority group. That simple fact is proof that White women as a group benefit the most from affirmative action than anybody else.

          It’s also a well known fact that there are now more women (to which White women are the majority) in college than men, and that White women have the lowest unemployment rate of any other demographic (6.6%):

          Leaving Men Behind: Women Go to College in
          Ever-Greater Numbers:

          Bureau of Labor Statistics:


          Sorry, but let’s not pretend that this has nothing to do with AA which should not exist for ANYONE period.

          • jambi19

            Maybe it is because white women do better in school. You ever think of that? No smarter, just do better in school.

          • Daisy

            The big myth about AA is that universities lowered standards to admit women when in fact admitting women only served to raise the test scores, grades, etc. of the student body! Many colleges were forced to admit women in order to REMAIN COMPETITIVE. And, the men demanded it anyway and wouldn’t attend all-male colleges once certain schools went co-ed.

          • Daisy

            Stop playing idiot when there are demographically more White women than any other single minority group. That simple fact is proof that White women as a group benefit the most from affirmative action than anybody else.

            You would need to prove that they were less-qualified than a non-‘minority’ applicant.

            White women have the lowest unemployment rate of any other demographic (6.6%):

            The income disparity is what you’re not mentioning. Many of the unemployed men are simply refusing to take lower-paying jobs. Also, women are employed in far greater numbers at part-time positions.

          • Daisy

            Tried to italicize the quoted passages above but it didn’t get posted that way. Is there an edit mode?

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            “The income disparity is what you’re not mentioning.”

            I hope you don’t seriously believe women are paid less for equal work. I’m a woman, and even I know how ridiculous that feminist-claptrap line is.

          • Daisy

            Because you’re a woman you somehow can in one line analyze and summarize the employment statistics? Income disparity referred to the amount of money women are making at a range of lower paid jobs not the comparative amounts for the same ones, although I will say I have seen even in recent years women get paid less for the same job even though that wasn’t the disparity to which I referred to. Up until the Great Recession women made up 90% of the poor and I’d suspect they’re still the significant majority; is that ‘feminist claptrap?’ Should we be taking into account the sex slave trade to consider ’employment’ and wages…oh wait, they don’t make any…and if you think that isn’t booming in the US read up on it.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            Women who work the same job, with the same amount of experience as their male counterparts, get paid the same amount. Total female income is only lower than total male income because of a few simple reasons:

            1. Women are more likely to work part time, for a multitude of reasons. Some do it because they cannot find a better job, usually because they are unskilled workers. Others do it because they prefer to spend time with their children and family, and do not want to work 40 hours a week.

            2. Women do not work overtime nearly as often as men. This is generally for the same reason as the above: they would rather be home than make more money. Women also tend to be less driven and ambitious; they seek a comfortable life, but they do not generally wish to put in the work it takes to make vast wealth.

            3. Many women take years off their careers to have and raise children. This is quite typical for any woman who can afford to (generally married women). Men very rarely take more than a month or two off at the most for the birth of their child. Often they do not take any time off. Once the woman goes back to work, she now has years less experience than the men she was previously the equal of, and will thus be making less than them.

            4. Women tend to choose careers that pay less than typical male careers. An engineer is going to make more than a nurse or elementary school teacher, even if the nurse/teacher is very good at her job. This happens because of sex differences in job preferences. Women, on average, prefer to work in empathizing, “people” professions, whereas men are more systematizing and like to work with their hands to build and make things.

          • The official stats show something along the lines of a woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. AR story several weeks ago shows that, at least from Chicago, that a black woman make 65 cents for a dollar that a white man makes. Logical deduction: A lot of the “gender pay gap” is really a disguised race gap. I’d like to compare white men to white women and black men to black women. I bet that WW are probably 85-90 cents for $1 for a WM, and that can be explained by the factors you just described in your excellent post above. I also tend to think that BW actually out-earn BM, at least in the “above board” metrics, which these are supposed to be.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            “Logical deduction: A lot of the “gender pay gap” is really a disguised race gap.”

            Yes, this is definitely a part of it. Minority women tend to make much less than white women, because they are usually less skilled and more likely to be single mothers. And, of course, because of their lower average IQ.

            But I too would not be surprised to find that black women make more than black men. Considering the fact that a massive percentage of their men spend their most productive years in prison, it wouldn’t be difficult for black women as a group to out-earn black men.

            It may also have something to do with the traditional African matricentric family pattern. African men in Africa tend to leave the bulk of the work to the females to do.

          • GeneticsareDestiny

            “Up until the Great Recession women made up 90% of the poor and I’d suspect they’re still the significant majority; is that ‘feminist claptrap?'”

            Women make up a majority of the poor because of two biological facts:
            1. Women are the ones who carry children and are the primary caregivers for children. This has been true since humans first evolved and it continues to be true today.

            This means that when a woman gets pregnant by accident, if she is unmarried and has no way of getting the father of the child to contribute, she is much more likely to be poor than he is, even though they both made the same mistake of having unprotected sex.

            2. Women are weaker than men. We are physically less strong than they are. We have lower muscle mass and lower stamina. This means that when a woman is an unskilled worker, she will not be capable of performing the same higher-paying physical labor jobs as a man could, and will instead have to work in retail, cashiering, etc. This also contributes to women being more likely to be poor.

            From what I have seen of poverty in the United States (which is a great deal) these two events coincide more often than not. Most single mothers also happen to be unskilled laborers, and thus drag down the average female wage and make us more likely to be in poverty.

            There is an easy way to avoid this though: do not have babies out of wedlock, and try to attain skill in some area, whatever it may be. Marriage is also a good anti-poverty tool.

      • Daisy


        • bigone4u

          Not Robert here; no proof, but an anecdote. The universities I’ve worked at constantly emphasize in faculty meetings how much work the administrators have done to “recruit more women and _______ (fill in name of your favorite minority). Getting more women faculty is pretty explicit. Also, when promotions come, they emphasize the same thing, percent of women among those promoted. I would call that women benefiting from affirmative action.

          • Daisy

            I would have to ask why aren’t women equally represented among the faculty at the various levels, and if standards are being lowered for *white* women who are hired or promoted. Women are only benefiting if standards are being lowered, which I highly doubt is the case for white females. I have a friend who is on the faculty and received a promotion at a public univ. in Pa, and he noticed it was a constant struggle for his female colleague to negotiate her away amidst the sexism in the math dept, I’ve also heard and read that the stats for women in the faculties and upper echelons in universities within the sciences are dismal, although the causes of that are likely complex.

          • Tom Iron

            The causes aren’t complex at all. Women don’t think the same as men and have difficulty with the concept of basic logic. Obviously, their not going to do well in the sciences and math areas. Seems plain enough to me.

          • Daisy

            I scored the highest on a Stevens Institute of Technology’s three-day career and aptitude test for…logic! and lawyering! Big surprise there, high verbal IQ and two attorneys for parents. I find the vast majority of people, male and female, utterly illogical. I’m sorry but your assertion is just wrong and the world is brimming with proofs thereof.

          • Tom Iron

            That doesn’t negate what I said in the least. It’s just an anamoly. No big deal. But men and women are just different when it comes to certain abilities. That doesn’t really amount to a hill of beans in relationships between men and women. That’s not why a man will marry a woman. There’s far more important things that make us one that have nothing to do with this type of thing.
            We will not argue over this, or at least I won’t.

          • jambi19

            Women now outnumber men in medical school. Yes white women. Minorities and femininazis have difficulty with basic concepts of logic. Why would you profile our women with that?

          • Tom Iron

            That’s only because men’ve had enough of the stupidity of “higher ed.” When things are finally set right in our world (after the fighting is over), the numbers will go back to being as they should be.

          • bigone4u

            Today, female college students make up some 60 percent of the student body. Twenty five years ago the numbers were reversed. In the case of some departments favored by women the majority of faculty are women. Since most female students are open about their distaste for, say economics, majority female economics departments are nonexistent as far as I know. BUT, when a female doctoral economist is graduated, the bidding war for her services can go well into the six figure range because all universities are trying to turn their economics departments 50-50. When I worked in higher ed as a prof, ALL the profs toiling away in their offices late at night and on Saturday and Sunday were men. Not a single woman prof around. When the men don’t get tenure and are thus released, they have to change careers. The competition for women means they move to another school and start again. AA in action, benefiting women.

          • Daisy

            Some departments doesn’t mean most even including the humanities. My major, history, was still dominated by men although they were cool enough I couldn’t have cared. Up until maybe the last ten years girls were still being actively discouraged from math and sciences so explaining their absence from, say, economics, as women’s ‘distaste’ is a role reversal to at least some significant degree. I was told by a geometry teacher that I wasn’t supposed to be learning math in high school even when I stopped after school to inquire about a solution I had come up with to a problem. He told me he “loved redheads and [I] should be going out and having fun with the boys.”

            The women ‘benefiting’ in math and science departments aren’t less qualified, they just aren’t as represented demographically.

          • jambi19

            I will never consider white women as a minority. They are my equal. They are biologically different than me. They are hormonally inclined to think and act differently from me. Intellectually they are my equal. Socially they are my equal. There is nothing more valuable/important than white feminine (not feminist) women.

        • Big Steve

          Hello ? White women are the largest single minority group and have the largest minority enrollment in college as well as the lowest unemployment rate. If you can’t put 2 and 2 together, that’s your problem. And no, that’s not “anti-female”, but a statement of FACTS.


          http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t02.htm And no

  • anmpr1

    Many experts blame a shortage of role models for the fact that boys and some minority groups lag behind girls on standardized tests and postsecondary achievement.

    Many experts are morons if they believe that. This is obviously a ploy to get more black men into the classroom as teachers. These people are truly insane.

  • The__Bobster

    I love it. Feminists sold out the White male to get quotas for themselves. Now it’s time for them to set how it feels to be excluded.

    • Cato

      No. Black males have always been pushed ahead of white females in receiving political rights/privileges (who got the vote first?). The only way that could happen is that white males acquiesced in the prioritization. Which shows, I think, that the anti-female undercurrent on this site is a real problem.

      • Daisy

        I think it’s an undercurrent that surfaces at inopportune times but overall I was just concluding that the moderators have a slight tendency to favor women, or that women on here get away in general with more perhaps because of the prevalent anti-female attitudes. I also notice that while it’s ever-present in the backdrop, some of the men try to make up for it. Further, the men bicker more with one another than the women do so far as I’ve seen and I don’t know why…more of them? Too much testosterone flying around…who knows…

        • 1. We are instructed to be neutral, and in fact, as much as we can, pour cold water all over the Battle of the Sexes

          2. Sometimes, doing #1 means exactly what you have picked up on, keeping the buckets of cold water we pour on men a little colder

          3. “The men bicker with each each other more than they bicker with the women” — Yes, AR is mostly men, ergo there would be more man-on-man bickering. But most of us have the long inculcated notion from boyhood of “never hit the girl.” We sort of take that as a verbal imperative as much as we take it as a physical imperative.

          4. Women can and do bicker with each other…and can get rather vicious. If the gender ratio on AR flipped for, say, a month or so, I could only imagine…not only reading it, but trying to moderate it.

          • Daisy

            I wasn’t suggesting that women can’t or don’t bicker viciously with one another, just that they for some reason don’t seem to do it as much here. One theory holds that we/they might hold back a bit just because of the imbalanced gender ratio, but that’s pure conjecture.

        • Big Steve

          It’s not “anti-female”, but anti-feminist which you just exemplified with that same ol’ “testosterone” cliché. Sorry to burst your bubble, but most White women have allied themselves with minorities (ie. the last presential election) and thrown White men under the bus to get preferential treatment just the same. Some of the biggest advocates for multiculturalism are also White women, and you really ought to point the finger at your own sisters instead of whining about “anti-female attitudes”. I mean what do you expect here, DUH !

          • Daisy

            My ‘cliche’ was a throwaway concluding in a question. So you don’t think that men like to fight with one another just because sometimes? Same goes for women. If you think my post was ‘whining’ you’re a) Exhibit A for ‘anti-female’ b) make that B for the Moderator’s response c) too beyond reason to debate with and d) Exhibits C-Z for why “women have allied themselves with minorities.”

          • Will White

            White feminist women want the white race to die.just listen to the language so many of them use.plus all the race mixing that white women do.i know white men do too,but the numbers are just not close.how does the white race come back from this self genocide?but I love white women who care about our race!

          • Katherine McChesney

            ‘…most White women…’

            Prove it.

          • The__Bobster
      • Big Steve

        Please. This article is about teachers and the overwhelming majority of teachers are women, not black males. This simply goes to show the typical hypocrisy of many White women (and female minorities) when it comes to sharing and giving “equal rights” to men. But we already knew that anyway….

      • Katherine McChesney

        ‘Which shows,I think, that the anti-female undercurrent on this site is a real problem.’

        Thank you for recognizing that. There are also men who dislike White women. It’s uncomfortable to read through certain comments, i.e. like John Engleman’s incessant crowing about E. Asians. And btw, he calls them ‘oriental’s’. It’s really confusing that in the same breath he touts them while using the insulting label of ‘oriental’.

      • The__Bobster

        In the 80’s, my company was forced to hire nothing but women for engineering jobs, which was difficult to do at the time. We had to pass over more-qualified men to do so. When I spoke to women about it, they were elated as they said, “Poor babies, men should suck it up and move on.”

        The situation in government was even worse. They hired less-qualified women by writing job descriptions to fit them exactly.

    • Daisy

      I wouldn’t assume that the excluded female teachers are all or were feminists. Elementary school teaching has always been dominated by women. I actually think it’s a good thing for kids to have male teachers for role models. That’s probably what *some* of the feminists would say. It could also save them some money, as a number of female teachers I’ve known time their pregnancies/maternity leaves right around the beginning of the school year so they can take the work time off.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Yep. That sh*tbird has certainly come home to roost.

    • Daisy

      I’d love it if for one day white males benefited from the same ‘affirmative action’ quotas for rape, including black on white. Maybe then there would be some meaningful dialogue on here on gender issues.

      • Katherine McChesney

        We shouldn’t be here for gender issues. We’re here because we support our White race of people.

        • Daisy

          I agree that we should be here to support other whites but it seems as if discussing gender is an unavoidable and necessary topic in the service of that aim. There’s also just too much other-sex-bashing on here and the men are the guiltier party by far, perhaps even the sole offenders. I tried to start this thread out optimistically but things change slowly I guess.

      • The__Bobster

        More men are raped every day than women. The difference is that it happens in prison.

        • Daisy

          Your stats for this? The FBI stats on how many women experience molestation and rape during their lifetime reveal an epidemic; worse, an institution.

    • Shattered

      Hehehe… the wheel is finally coming around.

  • Pelagian

    We live under a gyno-melano tyranny.

    • bigone4u

      Agreed, but you left out the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Universities emphasize these groups’ demands as much as any other. Can’t wait for first graders to be taught by Miss Rodriguez, who was born Mr. Rodriguez. That’ll wake some people up.

      • Daisy

        “Gyno-tyranny?” Give me a break both of you. Maybe I should start referencing ‘The Patriarchy’…a term that even when I was *feminist-leaning* I rejected.

        • bigone4u

          There is a great deal of argument that the USA is a matriarchial society. Some of it is weak, but a case can be made for that perspective.


          • Katherine McChesney

            Blacks are a matriarchial society.

        • Pelagian

          And why does every board I sit on that contains women, do the women always want to have a “Board retreat”? I have retreated until Im blue in the face. Women will have retreats for Boards that have been doing nothing for years. And then if I stand up and say, “Nah, I dont think we really need a retreat”, I’m accused of “not wanting to talk”. Sheesh.

  • Even better than Male Minority Teachers: Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Male Minority Teachers!

  • 8uhb

    “When I am weak, I ask you for equality and justice
    because those are your principles.
    When I am strong, I deny equality and justice to you
    because those are my principles.”

    • Daisy

      Coming right back at ya.

  • weet

    It’s rather sad that they’re looking to teachers to fill the “daddy” role.. and this doesn’t exclude all women, just WHITE women, who in my opinion should be the ones taking on more careers in elementary education, just because they are naturally more nurturing and patient with younger children than men/minorities (in general). However, at 72% minority students, perhaps it’s better to have more men in the classroom to keep the monkeyshines down.
    Also, you just know that if a black guy & a white guy come in for an interview the black guy will be hired regardless of abilities.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I don’t see it that way. Boys and girls are obviously wrapped differently and I know that my son cuts up and plays class clown in front of a female teacher. But let the male director walk in and . . .

      I think segregated education is a terrific idea.

      • mobilebay

        I’ll second that motion. I am a product of a segregated education, not by race, but sex. I attended an all-girls high school and still think it’s the way to go. Boys would have been a great distraction.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I was product of a segregated education by race. I’m so grateful to have gone to White public schools all of my life. I graduated from a small high school in Alabama. We had an old but well-kept school. The blacks had a brand new school which they promptly destroyed. Once integration was implemented all the white families raised funds to build a private school for Whites. Now the town is over 80% black, and still the private school is 100% White.

          • mobilebay

            Katherine – You can probably tell by my sign in that I’m from Alabama too. Evidently a lot older because schools were still segregated by race even when I was in high school and remained so for several years after I graduated. Years later when I taught in Texas, my classes were primarily white, no African-Americans, and only a few Hispanics. I know that classrooms are much different now.

  • Many experts blame a shortage of role models for the fact that boys and
    some minority groups lag behind girls on standardized tests and
    postsecondary achievement.

    Just a hunch, but most of the “boys” that are “lagging behind” are black boys. I don’t think the white boys are suffering or “lagging behind” that much.

  • Ryan Kennedy

    “But Brett Cumberbatch, an education consultant who has worked closely with disadvantaged youth, called the memo ineffective and clumsy. He believes that the TDSB badly needs to build a more diverse teaching force. The memo, he said, represents the kind of “shotgun” strategies that fail to recruit top candidates and create resentment toward minority groups.”
    Translation, “you dummies!, just quietly put applications from whitey in shredder after they’ve safely left the building! And use a lot up euphemisms like “goals” and “outreach”.”

  • bigone4u

    When affirmative action works for someone, they’re for it. When it works against them, they’re against it. Except for those few people of principle who are always opposed to it. We need more people of high principle. And the principle is simple: Always pick the best and most qualified person for the job in your judgment, regardless of race or sex.

  • Unperson

    The reason Toronto’s schools “need” black male teachers is that Toronto now has a large contingent of black students, an alarming number of whom — the boys especially — are proving as ineducable as black students everywhere else on the globe. The ultraliberal ninnies at the School Board naturally attribute this to “a lack of teachers who look like them and who they can relate to” rather than to the fact that they’re cognitively limited and come from backwards black cultures (Jamaica mostly, though plenty of Africans now too) that are aggressively anti-intellectual. Sorry, ultraliberal ninnies, but the answer to your (self-inflicted) problems is NOT to hire an army of Sidney Poitiers from To Sir With Love. That wouldn’t be the answer even if such men existed in number. Which they don’t.

    Meanwhile, Toronto Life magazine has a cover story called “The End of White Toronto: How a new generation of mixed-race kids will transform the city.” Naturally, as with the End of White Anything, the brownout of Canada’s biggest city is treated not as something to mourn but as something to celebrate.

    The cover:


    The article:


    • jaundiced1

      The author of that article writes “Of all the many privileges that come with whiteness, being able to ignore race entirely is one of the most precious.”

      I experience no privileges having pale skin including being able to ignore race. If anything I experience resentment and discrimination.

  • Toronto District School Board (TDSB) appear to have a poor track record in seeking qualified candidates, and starting from the top down, as in this affirmative action (employment-equity) hire.

  • IstvanIN

    If English Canada had stayed white they wouldn’t have these problems. I read a quote from an Australian politician (don’t remember his name) during the white Australia period: “We do not have a race problem, nor are we desirous of importing one”. Simple, sound concept.

  • Tom Iron

    “First. God created idiots. That was for pratice. Then he created school boards.” – Mark Twain

  • LastBastionOfHope

    It really is absurd when you consider the lengths our country has gone to cater to women and minorities. What about men? You walk into schools today and it’s a bunch of young white female teachers gossiping about their wedding and all the drama that comes with it. I worked in schools before and the women would try to draw me into the gossip until I told them I wasn’t into that and just wanted to be left alone. Men are so absent from our schools, it really is a catastrophe. But of course we will never hear the “Hire more men” movement.

    Men are absolutely vital to many professions. For example, in my grad program for Psychology, my female professors would teach us to sugar-coat reports and make the diagnosis seem as benign as possible. This is very dangerous because doing that can confuse patients and make them more optimistic than they should be. My male professor (only one) teaches us to be straight-shooters and tell it exactly like it is even if it upsets patients and their families. He is much more professional and thorough. He even asked me why I was afraid to diagnose people in my reports and I told him my previous female professors said to sugar-coat their outlook. He rolled his eyes and said that was a bunch of BS. There are big differences between men and women working.

    • ron cheaters

      I worked with a guy nice Scottish name, Pye.. gave it up for the womans name…. I’d understand, if it was a name like mine… really. She was so proud to show off his necklace too… but the truth is if it wasn’t for his love of fat, pasty girls.. dude would still be who he is.. and so he has great fear of me.. and so he shoud!

      • Katherine McChesney

        What does that mean?

  • 48224

    I was a teacher and a black male is golden. He will be hired on the spot for any teaching position.

  • cecilhenry

    Here’s an idea. Whatever ethnic, cultural or other group can make their own school, and hire who they want.

    People can choose what they want, include what they want, exclude what they want.

    That’s freedom.

    Blacks can have Detroit, I’ll take Minneapolis (minus the Somalis)

    There is no ‘discrimination’, only my right to choose.

    • IstvanIN

      …..may I add, they can chose who ever they want in THEIR countries. I don’t even want colonies of them here.

      • cecilhenry

        Exactly. That’s what countries are.

        Anyone who attacks that is trying to destroy a nation…..

  • LHathaway

    “The memo, he said, represents the kind of “shotgun” strategies that fail to recruit top candidates and create resentment toward minority groups”.

    This stuff get’s too weird to read. Whenever I read the terms ‘top candidates’ and ‘commitment to excellence’ I Know they are talking about people of color, I suppose and women too. .

  • IstvanIN

    With all do respect I had some good female teachers and some bad male teachers. The difference was most of the kids were white as were the teachers and we got in trouble if we gave any trouble to them. My grammar school principal, who was ancient and retired two years after I left grammar school, invoked terror in all the kids. A little old lady, but she was THE BOSS. I remember when she asked me to read the story behind the song Silent Night for the school (public) Christmas pageant, I was terrified when she came to talk to me but quite proud to be able to tell my mother that Miss Soandso picked me. It was an honor.

  • martin stuart

    they are like locusts destroyacademics.ing everything, the leftist that is. this is all nonsence and has been put ahead of

  • Barrack Osama

    I had a black female Phys Ed teacher in one of the highschools I attended. There were times when no one could even understand what she was saying with her strange accent, and she sure as hell wasn’t a role model for any of us. However the schools have gotten so streamlined it almost doesn’t matter. The “teacher” was little more than a bystander who occasionally handed out predesignated worksheets and whatnot to a bunch of obedient white kids. I spent most of the classroom portion of that class drawing.

    What’s amazing to me is how blacks can find a way to fail in such an environment. The tests are mostly obvious and mind-numbing multiple choice underachievement-fests.

  • Korean guy

    As a guy who lived in Toronto for quite a few years it indeed is very disturbing to hear. When choosing a teacher the first and foremost thing should be the ability to teach effectively and respect for each and every student, rather than the gender or race of the individual

  • odious liberal

    Throw in gay and you have the job.

    • Magician

      So the ideal teacher in politically correct people’s eyes is a gay African American male?

  • I don’t care about this idiocy. This is what should be addressed:…”while 72 per cent of students are visible minorities.”

  • SintiriNikos

    Feminists vs Minorities. Pass the popcorn.

    Coming soon: Homosexuals vs. Muslims.

    Disclaimer, there may be no sequel.

  • Token Finn

    Minority males to guide extremely young females. Someone is going to get their “muh organ” on.