Poll Highlights Swedes’ Immigration Concerns

The Local, January 31, 2013

Immigration is growing in importance to Swedish voters, according to a new study that revealed most voters think the far-right Sweden Democrats are the party with the best immigration policies.

Last year, immigration ranked eleventh among the most important issues for Swedish voters.

But the results of a new survey published on Thursday by polling firm Novus reveal that immigration is now the sixth most important political issue in the eyes of voters.

The poll allowed respondents to mark several policy areas as “the most important” and 43 percent indicated that immigration is the most important issue.

Healthcare, schools, and education topped the list, with roughly 70 percent of voters marking those issues as most important.

The poll also found that the highest percentage of Swedish voters, 20 percent, believe the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have the best immigration policy.

Last year, 11 percent thought the party had the best immigration policy, while 14 percent thought the Social Democrats were best equipped to handle the issue, the same figure the party received in this year’s Novus poll.

Meanwhile, 39 percent of respondents said they couldn’t answer the question.

The survey was carried out from January 10th to 16th and consisted of interviews with 1,000 people randomly selected people aged 18 to 79.

“The numbers show that immigration has become more important at the same time as other issues, such as law and order, have become less important,” Novus CEO Torbjörn Sjöström told the TT news agency.

“That the Sweden Democrats are seen as having the best policy is a failure for the other parties.”

Overall, the Social Democrats were seen as being best in 13 policy areas, the most among Sweden’s political parties.

According to the poll, the Social Democrats are best at employment, social insurance, education, retirement, and childcare, among others.

The Moderates, meanwhile, were ranked best in ten policy areas, including law and order, entrepreneurship and business, taxes, defence, and the national economy.

Dagens Nyheter (DN) political commentator Ewa Stenberg attributed voters’ increased emphasis on immigration policy tp the arrival of more refugees.

“The arrival of refugees has created concern in certain municipalities that lack housing and places in schools,” she said.

She pointed out that another recent survey carried out by Gothenburg University indicates that Swedes have become more positive in their views about immigration.

Stenberg added, however, that the Sweden Democrats’ recent rise in opinion polls likely has a connection to Swedes’ concerns about immigration.

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  • Puggg

    I remember reading a comment from a Swedish AmRen reader here awhile back that the “far right Sweden Democrats” are barely a little more conservative than the typical American Republican in real terms. If they are the party who did the famous “Statsbudget” ad a few years ago, I have to admit, it is a good ad.


    • Fredrik_H

      That is indeed the 2010 election ad from the Sweden Democrats. On immigration I would say that SD is more conservative than what current Republican Party seem to be with all the talk of winning the latino vote. On other issues they are more liberal.

      • Puggg

        Perhaps they are “far right” by Sweden’s impossible standards. They can be anything they want on the other issues, but any party that wants to keep Sweden Swedish is fine by me.

    • Reminds me of another great game-changing political media buy:


  • MikeS

    The best immigration is no immigration.

    • NYB

      Immigration is rising in importance because the electorate are realizing immigration impacts all other political and social issues: jobs, housing, education, healthcare, defense, language, culture, sovereignty, finance, and national destiny.
      You can have immigration, but it must be of a sort which does not alter the national character.

      • MikeS

        The type of immigration of which you speak is as dead as Ted Kennedy.

      • MikeofAges

        The eye that alters, alters all.

    • Garrett Brown

      It is the death of all white nations.

  • David Ashton

    “Close to the center of Malmo….over 80% of its population are immigrants….Angry youths have taken to rioting, torching bicycle sheds and recycling centers as well as cars…. Per Brinkemo [points out] that politicians have little sense of how difficult it is to integrate Somalis into Swedish society. They hail from nomadic societies where trust is reserved for the clan, literacy is rare and timekeeping is rudimentary. Three quarters of Somali children drop out of school…
    “Mass immigration is posing serious problems for the region. For the Nordic countries to be able to afford their welfare states they need to have 80% of their adults in the workforce, but labor-force participation among non-European immigrants is lower than that….mass immigration is creating a class of people who are permanently dependent on the state…. In Sweden 26% of all prisoners, and 50% of prisoners serving more than five years, are foreigners…. Immigration is also causing culture clashes….” – The Economist, February 2.

    • The__Bobster

      Per Brinkemo [points out] that politicians have little sense of how difficult it is to integrate Somalis into Swedish society.

      Yet without having any real knowledge of these Stone Age people, they thought it would be fine and dandy to import massive quantities of them? Get out the tar and feathers.

      • Joseph

        What is the Swedish equivalent of the Klan? They need to get busy.

    • Triarius

      No different than the blacks in Detroit. The drop out rate can get over 70%, too. It’s a black thing, they cannot integrate and we don’t want them to.

      • David Ashton

        The Economist also described the Scandinavian countries as – presently – the “best governed” in the world, but ironically (as the mouthpiece of international finance-capitalism) it is all for cheap-labor immigration into Britain and investment in cheap-labor in China and Africa.

  • Luca

    The only cure for immigration, is to reverse immigration through wholesale deportation. No one has a right to another man’s country. It is a privilege that should be earned.

  • JackKrak

    “Meanwhile, 39 percent of respondents said they couldn’t answer the question”

    Most Swedes know that a lot of people make fun of them for their lefter-than-left views on everything. To finally admit that it was their own ultra-naive approach to immigration that got them in this mess is a bridge too far for a lot of them.
    About 39 percent of them, I think.

    • Triarius

      Agreed. I got into a big argument with a friend of a friend yesterday about stuff like this. He kept claiming it was the fault of poverty or culture, not black genetics. I showed him proof and numerous genetic studies and absolutely destroyed every point he tried to make. In the end, he just flew into flat out denial. I couldn’t convince him that the sky was blue by the end.

      That is how they are. They will never admit fault and go down with the ship. The problem is we are on the same boat.

      • liberalsuck

        You can’t argue with liberals on anything and I know the feeling. It’s very aggrevating how not only ignorant and delusional they are, but they are so arrogant about it, too. They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, they have no objective data to support why multiculturalism or communism or socialism works, but call you close minded when they are the ones who won’t consider anything you say. I think really their anger at us is because they are in denial. Deep down inside, they are angry that their delusional liberalism is flawed and that it will never work. I know, I had liberal views on race and homosexuality and other social liberal ills in my younger days.

        • David Ashton

          It is like dealing with the victims of a “religious” cult. Deprogramming of some sort is needed. Turn their guilt complex in the right direction – easier said than done.

      • Werdrix

        some facts people find so uncomforable that they dont even listen.

    • Fredrik_H

      We true right-wingers/nationalists were right about communism, we were right about the arab spring actually being an islamic winter and we will be right about that mass immigration will lead to the destruction of our western nations.

      The left has a proven record of being wrong again and again but they will rather ignore reality than admit we horrible racists/neonazis/whatever they chose to call us were right.

      • northwest thinker

        Hi Fredrik H, what does islamic winter mean? I am assuming arab spring was the arab uprising (still not quite sure that our plants didn’t have something to do with it). Totally agreed that mass immigration will lead to the destruction of our sestern nations. Geez, wish they would just stay home and perfect their own countries…

        • Fredrik_H

          I don’t know about how it was reported in the US, but here in Sweden the “arab spring” (the various recent uprisings in the arab world) was reported as the second coming by the liberal media. Now these countries would embark on a road towards western democracy, equality, LGBT rights and what-not.

          Then the egyptians elected the muslim brotherhood, I believe the tunisians did the same, Syria is in shambles and will probably turn muslim brotherhood style islamist government if Assad falls. etc, etc…

          • northwest thinker

            Now I understand. Thank you. Yes, over here in the US, the liberal media was slobbering all over how ‘democracy’ was taking hold in the middle east. I am all for a country deciding for themselves what kind of government they want – let them do what they want and let our people do what we want, free from any coercion from political correctness, UN nanny groups, etc. Best to you.

          • Joseph

            And of course, all of the usual suspects are all for arming these Moslem hordes of “freedom-fighters” in other countries while disarming the American white middle-class.

      • And we all know who dreamt up communism. Vanguard elite/chosen people mean the same thing.

      • Tucker

        The “left” isn’t simply incompetent or wrong, Fredrik_H. They are genetically programmed to destroy everything that is beautiful, everything that is functional, and everything that is moral or natural.

        They take enormous delight in being able to destroy institutions, traditions, and morality. Right now, they are pulling out all stops to coerce the Boy Scouts to repeal their ban on allowing homosexuals in their ranks. Mark my words, if the Boy Scouts of America cave in on this issue – within 2 years, if not sooner, there will be pedophile scandals rampant within this once noble and healthy organization.

        My advice to White parents – if this ban is removed, disassociate yourselves with this organization completely.

        • Werdrix

          Sweden was a very leftwing country and very nationalist up until the 1970s and 1980s. Nationalism is not a left or right issue even though this utopian talk about multiculturalism is more common among the left.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    As a person of Swedish ancestry the genetic pollution of the place really gets to me.

    • Werdrix

      Minnesota is probably more Swedish than Sweden nowdays.

      • Magician

        Sweden and Minnesota are more Somali than Mogadishu (capital of Somalia) nowadays

        • Tucker

          This is not coincidental, Werdrix. The hostile, anti-White, White genocide lusting Cultural Marxist ruling elites are consulting those nosy questions about race that were added to the census, pin-pointing the areas left in America which are too ‘white’ (white flight destinations) and then they are deliberately depositing the latest boat load of parasitic, violent prone, culture and community destroying non-white refugees into those specific locations.

          This will not stop until these monsters are physically stopped.

      • liberalsuck

        White Minnesotans and White Swedes are very ignorant liberals when it comes to the realities of race. They view their love of blacks or Mexicans from a predominately 95% white environment. if you say, “Well, but look how these people live where they are the majority” they will get mad at you, call you a white supremacist racist, call you ignorant (even if you tell them you have lived in a multicultural society), etc. Remember the whole ‘Unfair Campaign’ “it’s hard to see racism when you’re white” that was formed in Minnesota?

        • Werdrix

          In reality there are alot of ignnorant whites when it comes to race, even if Sweden and UK stand out as the worst PC countries.

    • concernedcollegekid

      As a person NOT of Swedish or Nordic ancestry the genetic pollution of the place really gets to me!! I think Scandinavians are so beautiful. I’m a girl and the most gorgeous (imo)guy I’ve ever seen in person was a full-blooded Norwegian. There’s something about Nordic bone structure – not just the coloring – that makes Scandinavians perhaps the most physically beautiful people in the world to me. I don’t even want to mate with one and muddy up their gene pool with my Euro-mutt genes.

      • I can’t imagine *shudder* what one would get with the cross of some attractive Swede with some thick-lipped, frizzy-haired Somali.

        • bigone4u

          What you get is a thick-lipped, frizzy-haired Somali, perhaps with a slightly lighter skin tone. I’ll second your “shudder.”

          • Tucker

            And, young white teenage girls – consumed with the egotistical, conceited and insecure desire to be ‘trendy’ and mimic what they see on MTV, will gleefully sign on to the gene destroying miscegenation express and will be seen cavorting with these thick-lipped, frizzy-haired, IQ of 60 Somalis down at the local shopping mall.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Hi, hows it going? Yuk yuk!

      • David Ashton

        In girls the delicacy, but not in men. There is something a bit effeminate about some northern white blond males. The ideal facial structure for men is “clean cut”, one that shows strength and intelligence, like some Roman busts, the English officer class in WW1 or the German military recruiting posters in WW2. Of course, most of us fall short (in my case literally).

    • Daisy

      Me too, except my scandinavian looks come from the Vikings either settling in Ireland or getting fresh with my irish ancestors. I resemble them more than I do the classic celt, although I’m also 1/8 german, 1/8 dutch, 1/8 scot. Mostly I just look at them and think of home but for how much longer is unclear.

  • jeffaral

    Like most other Whites, Swedes are self-centered, lazy, brain-washed,degenerated. They just don’t care. As a British politician said, they are busy heaping on their own funeral pyre.

    • Triarius

      There is something genetic with Northern Europeans and uber-altruism. Just an observation. They can’t give their lands away fast enough.

      • Werdrix

        Denmark and Iceland are doing fine. Denmark is still about 90% danish.

        • Triarius

          I did not mean just Scandinavian countries, and Denmark is slipping fast, I was there recently for work. The exception seems to be Baltics, Slavs, and Meds. I wish I was wrong. Sweden, Norway (best friend just moved there for work), Denmark, Netherlands (was just there for work, too), Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Germany (on its way), etc.

          Iceland is normal due to isolation, but has a tiny population.

  • Unperson

    First they tell us…

    She pointed out that another recent survey carried out by Gothenburg University indicates that Swedes have become more positive in their views about immigration.

    …and then in the very next sentence they turn around and tell us…

    Stenberg added, however, that the Sweden Democrats’ recent rise in opinion polls likely has a connection to Swedes’ concerns about immigration.

    So which is it? If Swedes have become more positive in their views about immigration then how did the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats recently rise in opinion polls?

    And how did immigration climb up the political-issues hit-parade from #11 to #6 in one year?

    Sounds like Swedes have become LESS positive in their views about immigration. But that’s an unacceptable narrative for the media, so they report the opposite and keep their fingers crossed that we won’t notice.

    • Fredrik_H

      That is exactly right. They try to put their spin on things whenever they can. Often shamelessly open, like in your example.

    • Kronolog

      It depends on where the studies are conducted: If you ask the educated, urban middle-class, they’ll tell you that they love immigration and multiculturalism; On the other hand, if you ask the “hicks” – that is, everyone who lacks an university-degree and lives outside Stockholm, Gothenburg or Uppsala proper – then, the answer is the opposite.

      However, because, on a national level, all political parties – with the exception of the Sweden Democrats – fill their ranks almost exclusively with people from the largest cities, the immigration problem persist. Despite there being seven, supposedly different parties ranging from old communists to “Christian conservatives”, there is little difference to be seen, because the politicians are all of the same stock, more or less.

  • bigone4u

    Swedish schools teach that all people are the same, with the same values, potential, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. When that lie is exposed, new lies are required to keep the masses silent. That lie is that all would be the same except for oppressive racism. At some point the lies won’t work anymore. Let us hasten the day.

    • Joseph

      Even this (popular) theory begs some explanation as to how, as they claim, whites are able to “oppress” all other peoples of the earth considering that “beneath the skin we are all the same”.

      How is that?

    • guest

      They seem to teach that everywhere these days. On the one hand, all races are equal. On the other hand, all whites are racist and oppressive and the non-white races are oppressed victims of racism who require government handouts and special treatment.

      It’s impossible for someone to be seen as equal and as a perpetually oppressed victim at the same time.

      • David Ashton

        This is an example of Orwell’s Newspeak whereby two opposite ideas can be held in the same brain, and bad thoughts can be blocked instantly as “crimethink”.

  • NorthernWind

    I wonder if any of the foreigners will leave when they eurozone falls out of orbit and crashes into the ocean. The welfare state will go away.

    When the taboo about discussing immigration and foreigners is killed, watch the floodgates open. I hope the torrent of anger washes away all traces of multiculturalism and related bs.

    We must pray that the taboo is killed before it’s too late. Sweden is teetering on the brink already. If it falls we can only hope that it serves as a warning message to those countries not as far along (Germany, UK excluding England, Italy, etc) or who haven’t yet accepted many immigrants (Poland, Hungary, Iceland, etc).

  • Barrack Osama

    Breaking news! Crazy, insane, maniacal, heretical Swedes, don’t want one of the most amazing countries in the world to become a third world Islamic hellhole for literally no reason other than the cheap platitudes of a few detached elites.

  • newscomments70

    The Algerians kicked the French out of their country to end colonization. I honestly don’t blame them. We need to do the same though. There cannot be a double standard. I’m sure the French pushed them to the brink and their anger finally exploded. I know I have reached this point.

  • Werdrix

    I believe that the problem for us (immigration-critics) in the west is that only bring up the economic on immigration. Its one of the reason that i oppose immigration from Iraq and Somalia. But even if we had high-educated japanese immigrants i would still oppose it because the primary reason I oppose immigration is that i want to live in a country with people that look like me and have the same culture. I dont want to live in Japan even if they are richer and more productive than us.

  • starlight

    It appears UK is receiving their share of immigrants

    “According to Statistics Sweden, there were 31,734 immigrants from Somalia in 2009.[15] Most arrived as asylum seekers and through family reunification services in the 1990s and the 2000s (decade). Since the mid-2000s (decade), there has been an increasing secondary migration of Somali immigrants and EU citizens from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries toward the United Kingdom. This exodus has been attributed to a desire to reunite with family members, to find work and to obtain international education in an environment that is perceived as friendlier.[16]”

    source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_to_Sweden

    • David Ashton

      Yes, our green and pleasant land is target No. 1.

  • Jackryanvb

    Mass immigration, being swamped by millions of “the other” that’s always our best issue, the issue that makes populist, nationalist parties competitive in Europe.

    In contrast, polical leaders, political movements that are supposed to be for “us” in the USA focus on economics, the money supply, gun rights and the Constitution.

    I still can’t get over Ron Paul taking the 10th anniversary of the 9-11-01 Muslim terrorist attack (bad immigration) to argue that the 9-11 attack was the fault of US foreign policy and Ron Paul supported the right of Muslim immigrants to build a mosque on Ground Zero to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Muslim’s attack.

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