Police Arrest 2 Brothers for Murders of 4 Women at Fairmont Terrace Apartments

Tami Beyerdoerfer, News On 6 (Tulsa), February 6, 2013

Two arrests have been made in the murders of four women at Fairmont Terrace Apartments last month, police announced Wednesday afternoon.

Brothers, James Stanford Poore, 32, and Cedric Dwayne Poore, 39, were arrested and booked on four complaints each of first degree murder, Chief Chuck Jordan said.

On Monday, January 7, 2013, twin sisters Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Powell-Melchor, 23; Misty Nunley, 33, and Julie Jackson, 55 were found shot in the head, with their hands tied behind their backs inside a south Tulsa apartment, police say. A 3-year-old boy was also found inside the apartment, unharmed.

{snip} According to arrest reports, witnesses told investigators that the brothers left an apartment in the same building at Fairmont Terrace Apartments, near 61st and Peoria, saying they were going to pull a “lick” at the victims’ apartment.

Witnesses told police the brothers returned about 20 minutes later with a bag full of drugs, cash, and jewelry. According to the report, James Poore told the witnesses that he shot one of the victims because she could identify him and that Cedric shot the other three. {snip}

When he was interviewed Wednesday, James Poore confirmed to investigators that he knew one of the victims and that he was in the apartment where the witnesses placed him. Before invoking his right to remain silent, he told investigators he knew one of the victims had used and sold illegal drugs and that Cedric drove a black van to the apartment the day of the murders.


{snip} Department of Corrections records show both James and Cedric have been previously convicted and incarcerated for robbery with a firearm.


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  • MekongDelta69

    Department of Corrections records show both James and Cedric have been previously convicted and incarcerated for robbery with a firearm.

    Oh c’mon now. This must have been a case of mistaken identity. These two ‘youfs of color’ could NEVER have done a thing like that, much less murder four innocent people.

    Soon to be a feature on “The First 48”.

  • HadEnough

    Amren edited out the the most appalling bit of this story, for which click the link to the original article. Note the quote from the mayor at the end: “We can now get to the essence of this issue and that is much bigger than crime, it’s about poverty. We’re moving forward on our mission to establish a method to hold out-of-state apartment owners accountable for safe, secure and peaceful places to live.” That’s right, two blacks slaughter four white woman, and the mayor’s blaming “poverty” and out-of-state apartment owners, if you please! Sometimes I find myself completely dizzy, what with all the liberal idiocy that abounds, particularly when it comes to Job 1 — protecting the Negro.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Want to know the easy monkey wrench to the poverty argument? West Virginia. That state is full of poor whites, yet barely a peep crime wise. Also Chinatown in major cities where there are poor asians…barely any crime committed by them. Arkansas has a ton of poor whites…virtually no crime in their neighborhoods.

      This is a black problem, not a poverty problem.

      • Exactly! If ‘racism’ and ‘poverty’ was the source of crime, then Indians, Native Americans, Middle Easterners and whites (due to affirmative action) would all be living an amoral, lawless life while being on welfare. Furthermore: why was the black family intact and less crime ridden back in the Jim Crow days? Modern negroes have an 80% illegitimate birth rate. One in three black males are in prison, parole or probation. This country needs to start to strip career criminals of their citizenship and deport them to their ancestral land.

        • Joseph

          Paks, Sudanese, Somalis, and various middle-eastern vagrants are the major source of violent crime and welfare parasites in Europe -coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

          Amerindians are also overrepresented (here) even adjusting for income.

          What the hell is it with people from warm regions?

          • joesolargenius

            White people evolved in cold climate areas where all the stupid people whom were unable to plan ahead failed to survive and therefore phased out which caused the I Q level of this race to rise.The same thing can be said about some of the Asian Races whom hail from cold climates , it seems living on the beach may have long term side effects !

    • NorthernWind

      The poverty excuse is very tiring. Poverty might make you steal some food from the super market or commit other forms of robbery however the idea that poverty makes Blacks rape and murder disproportionately is ridiculous. The current definition of poverty isn’t even real poverty anyway.

      They have no excuses.

      • Dutchman

        You’re absolutely correct. A few years ago my employer at the time sent me on a business trip to the Philippines. The poverty there was real poverty. People lived in squatters camps built on stilts over rivers of sewage. I saw landfills where the lowest classes were scavenging for a living. Small kids begging in the streets. It was a real eye-opener. Now I live a near a block of Section 8 housing and see blacks walking around with iPhones and $200.00 sneakers.

    • So CAL Snowman

      How does being poor make you want to rape someone?

      • TiredOfTheWhining

        It doesn’t. They have nothing in common. So tell me why black men rape white woman at over 4000 times the rate of a white male raping a black?

    • bigone4u

      “… hold … apartment owners accountable for safe, … peaceful places to live.”

      Mr. Mayor, the ONLY way to ensure the safety of white female tenants is for you to order apartment owners to refuse to rent to blacks. Are you prepared to do that, sir? No? Then shut your piehole.

      • This is easier than one may think. All a landlord has to do is ask for a credit report and charge the renter the filing fee. This will weed out 90% of the blacks.

        • Joseph

          Never rent to Sec.8 renters is another filter but it really isn’t the owner’s fault that the jungle is full of predators. Besides, blacks who don’t even live there will venture to adjacent areas to work their charm.

    • Luca

      My comeback is: “If poverty causes crime, than half the United States would have killed the other half during the Great Depression.”

    • Triarius

      The poverty excuse is easily deflected. Just mention that the poorest part of the U.S. is white, rural, Eastern Kentucky. When they agree ask them how many times they’ve heard of gang shootings, drive-by’s, and home invasion/rapes. When they say nothing, just remind them that they haven’t had one original thought in their head and need to learn to think for themselves. Calling them an idiot will make them defensive and put them on the attack against you. Let them soak in what you said without the insults.

    • 48224

      Well said. People are not dumb or violent because they are poor. They are poor because they are dumb and/or violent.

    • Xerxes22

      It seems that the Fairview Terrace Apartments were not a good place to live. I wonder why?

    • Joseph

      It is always the gospel of class-struggle with liberals. Somewhere, there is a ultimately a privileged white to blame in the background.

      They are actively doing the same sort of blaming in this city. They blame “absentee landlords” for the crime. This must be some national or U.N. agenda.

  • The__Bobster

    Spoonies aren’t too bright.


    Aside from the racist general character of this mass murder, two statements
    from the report below stand out:

    “According to the report, James Poore told the witnesses that he shot one of
    the victims because she could identify him and that Cedric shot the other

    If you plan on robbing people in their apartment in the building where you
    live, and you’re worried about being identified, you wear a mask. These guys are
    just into murdering people, or at least murdering whites.


  • Room101

    In a few years at most, governments at all levels will no longer refer to the extermination of whites as a chargeable “crime” that need be prosecuted. At least not the killings of whites who aren’t politically connected to the Left in some way.

  • Tyrone Ooks

    The things never should have been provided welfare assistance. After one child the states should stop offering any more benefits. If a black wants to have eight children than they should be held accountable for their welfare. If they fail at taking care of them, then they should be locked up. They won’t be having anymore in prison.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      “They won’t be having anymore children in prison.”

      No, they still will.


      A Hispanic female security guard at a men’s prison in New York is pregnant with the child of a black man who murdered two police officers. She got pregnant on purpose, because he said he wanted a child.

      This is the future of law enforcement in the United States.

      • Ed_NY

        The NY State Dept. of Corrections has conjugal visits. There are many female inmates that have had multiple children while incarcerated. They get to raise their kids behind bars until the kids turn 3. Of course the taxpayers support mom and kids. There are also many male prisoners who have concieved many children behind bars. In all cases, they are proud of their jail babies and again, the taxpayer pays.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I really wonder how much more crime it will possibly take being committed by ONE group that makes up only 14% of the population before we declare a black problem in the US. How much longer until people realize it’s not poverty or environment, but rather black culture and genetic predisposition to aggression? If we can prove they are more predisposed to being violent, that gives a legitimate argument for bringing back Jim Crow. Not to oppress blacks, but to separate our race from them to be safe. It’s the same concept as a family of bunnies wanting to get out of a lion’s den. They aren’t being racist towards the lions, they just want to separate themselves because lions are vicious and violent.

    I truly wonder if we will EVER be able to admit as a country that there is a real black problem.

    • Ed_NY

      Haven’t you heard, this country has admitted there is a White problem. White racism and sexism has caused all of this country’s problems………SARCASM INTENDED!

      • LastBastionOfHope

        We live in an era of anti-white and anti-male philosophy. If you are a white male, you learn quickly that you are not welcome.

    • Bill

      And that is exactly why the media, elites, blacks, psychologists, social engineers, cop unions, etc etc etc will NEVER admit this segment of the population is predisposed toward aggression, murder and mayhem. It would bring back Jim Crow laws. They don’t want that. Jim Crow laws would be sensible and WERE sensible when they were on the books. No, they’d rather use the problem as an excuse for taking more money from the law abiding EMPLOYED white man, for giving more power to all levels of government, and for taking away the 2nd Amendment while establishing a tyranny.
      That’s what it’s been all about for at least three decades.

      • Ed_NY

        And there is a movement to destroy the 2nd ammendment and disarm White people.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        I’m a psychologist and I agree they are predisposed. All the IQ research shows they are at the bottom in terms of cognitive ability among all races consistently. Professors will tell you it’s because of discrimination and poverty, but trust me…smart people can read through the lines…we know it’s nature not nurture.

    • redfeathers

      It’s even worse when you take into account that black men are not more than 7% of the population and even less if you only consider those of prime crime age.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        Very good point. I mean the statistics are so overwhelming, it makes you wonder how it’s not front page breaking news the second the numbers are discovered. We are told to accept black behavior because it’s “justified” from what happened 150 yrs ago. We are supposed to let them jump us and shoot us to repent for nonexistent sins.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    By the way, another point against the “poverty causes violence” argument: take some time to google pictures of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan back in the 1930’s-1950’s. These have been areas with lots of poverty for a long time including back in those days. In that time period minorities did not live in those areas…Italian, Irish, German, etc. immigrants moved in. Those European immigrants arrived with nothing but a suitcase and the clothes on their bodies. They were flat out poor. Yet, crime was not a big issue. Maybe the occasional stolen candy bar from a 10 yr old kid, but you never heard about gang warfare and tons of murders and stabbings or pushing people on subway tracks. They were poor, but the neighborhoods were relatively safe.

    Don’t believe me? Talk to anyone 70 years old and above who lived in one of those areas back then. So many older folks have fond memories growing up in Brooklyn and the Bronx back when they were predominantly Italian. Lots of mom and pop markets, everyone knew each other, block parties, and the neighborhood kids all grew up together. It actually used to be a decent place to raise a family. After the minorities moved in and took over, they moved to the surrounding suburbs of Long Island, Westchester, and Northern NJ. Now those same areas they grew up in within city limits are crime-ridden and very dangerous while Long Island, Westchester, and NJ is extremely safe the whiter the areas are. Basically if you live in a town 95% white or more, you won’t be able to remember when the last major crime was committed there. If you live in East New York, Brooklyn however, you won’t be able to remember when the last period of no major crimes was.

    • Ed_NY

      Back in those days there was no need to lock the doors. My, how times and demographics have changed.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        And people would ask their neighbors for sugar or flour…without being raped or murdered. Amazing!

    • Joseph Irving

      You’re telling the story of my dad.

      My dad was the son of immigrants from Czechoslovakia in the period between 1890-1920.

      His family lived in New York. He was born and lived in the Bronx in the early 1950s.

      He saw the shift first person.

      He remembers being able to leave his door unlocked in his neighborhood. He remembers the police being involved with the kids in the community, walking the beat, making sure they aren’t out after dark.

      Then came the Blacks and Puerto Ricans …

      Trash. Murder. Robbery. Drugs.

      In fact, 1/8 of my dad’s life story includes his early adulthood (starting at 18) when the only goal he had in life at the time was to escape the city.

      Now I live in New Jersey, 93% white town.

      And my ghetto-born dad never got arrested or caused trouble.

      Amazing, isn’t it?

    • brengunn

      I’ve lived in an all white town and country and I can assure you there is still plenty of crime to go round. Just, it’s a fraction of black neighbourhoods.

      • LastBastionOfHope

        Where is this? Where whites go, crime does NOT follow. That is a global rule, not a statewide or national one. Where blacks go, crime DOES follow. Again, a global rule. In fact, the best predictor of violent crime in a given city is the percentage of its black population. Name ONE city or town that is predominantly white and has a major crime problem. IN THE NATION! Just one. My town is 96% white and kids play in the street, the local pizzeria owners know people by name, neighbors help each other out, and you don’t have to worry about leaving your car running to warm up while you go inside.

        • brengunn

          Well, I congratulate you on finding such a safe place to live, it sounds very nice. But, in my experience, living in different ‘all white’ parts of Europe, there was plenty of dysfunction, crime and worklessness. They certainly weren’t utopias.

          I’m not disagreeing that blacks are more violent, cause more crime and are more dysfunctional, that is all self-evident. All I’m saying is that we ain’t perfect, either and when I read how great and pure we are it sticks in my craw because it’s not my personal experience.

          I favour a more truthful approach, where black doesn’t necessarily mean bad and white doesn’t always mean good even though there is some correlation in those statements.

        • Daisy

          I’m guessing you’re italian; how do you explain the Steubenville, Ohio rape scandal? From all that I can glean from living in NJ italian-dominated areas are considered undesirable places to live and especially dangerous to northwestern european females.

          • LastBastionOfHope

            No Italian dominated area is unsafe…the only one you may hear is Howard Beach in Queens. The neighborhood itself is fine, but there is mafia activity still relevant there. However, as long as you don’t get in their way, they leave you alone. They only go after their own and others who get in their way. This is why John Gotti was actually considered a good guy in his neighborhood. He actually threw parties for his entire block and paid for everything while giving children gifts and getting to know people on the block personally.

            Howard Beach is one of the last areas in the US where whites will actually have the balls to kick out blacks they don’t want. The Italians there have been involved in many altercations with blacks and usually drive them out.

          • Daisy

            I can only say even an italian realtor warned me at one point that a prospective apartment was in the italian section of town; when I pointed out the hypocrisy he replied, “Well a lot of people don’t want to live with them. I’m just doing my job.” I don’t want to belabor this too much as I’ve mentioned horrific anti-northern european experiences with italian men in NJ before and it’s probably not good energy for the site. But your assertions are flat out untrue about NJ and the italians generally plain and simple. Fair northern european females are not safe around them as a group. This comes from someone who has ten half italian first cousins.

          • LastBastionOfHope

            Also, Daisy…all one has to do is take a quick look at the video and you see a black man with the girl.

            You are just flat out wrong in your NJ assertion. Saddle River’s biggest ethnic group are Italians and it’s arguably the richest, safest town in the entire state of NJ probably even rivaling the richest areas in NY and CT as well.


          • saxonsun

            She has a point. A Scandinavian friend of mine hated Italy because she was assaulted there.

    • saxonsun

      My grandfather came from Greece with 11 cents and no coat in the dead of winter. Yet he got a job as a waiter and saved enough to open his own restaurant. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • Snowhitey

    A problem just as bad as black crime is the mainstream media and its intentional manipulation of the news and, even more so, the truth.

  • Ed_NY

    Where is the outrage from the black leaders. They put Trayvon, a thug on a pedestal but yet not a peep on 4 White women who were executed by blacks. If the new pope is black, he will probably make Trayvon a saint.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Black leaders secretly applaud them. They kill because they are natural born killers. I’d imagine all black men think about killing a White as they certainly do commit a lot of crimes against us. Their black mommas probably teach them it’s moral to hate Whites.

      • Ed_NY

        You are right, blacks are raised to hate Whites! There is no doubt about it. They are told from birth that all of their problems are caused by Whites.

  • Sloppo

    I can’t remember the last time I saw a story like this. It’s so unusual. There are many black on white murders covered by the news these days, but this one is special because it wasn’t reported by a bantu reporter. What is the world coming to?

    • TiredOfTheWhining

      Name one case of black on white murder covered by the media. Yeah, you can get information from a local rag, but that is about all. Most of the time, you actually have to troll to find out that the victim was white. The only case in recent memory is still going on now with that ex-cop in LA.

  • RisingReich

    Tulsa apparently needs another race riot.

    Tulsa Race Riot

  • If you can still find the FB pages of the “victims”, you’ll see that they liked “hangin’ wif da homies”. One or more had a mulatto. For Whites, especially White women, associating with Africans is like playing Russian roulette with 5 rounds in the cylinder. Odds are, it will end badly for you.

    • well said, I’m more discussed with having to act like blacks actually care about whites. Wild pets will turn on their owners.

    • Triarius

      Then let them be a warning. I will not mourn the enemy. They would have grown up hating the establishment and white men if that is what they do socially.

      Their kids would have been awkard and anti-white, just the same.

    • Robb

      Live by the black, die by the black.

    • dhs

      Many many white women think that black sex is worth the risk.

  • bigone4u

    It’s an amazing testament to the stupidity of black thugs that they usually declare their intentions to numerous third parties. Smart criminals do their best to keep their role in crimes secret. Not blacks, though. Some even post their guilt on Twitter and Facebook. On the bright side, it makes it easier to solve the crimes.

  • Jeff

    The article leaves out many important issues.

    My feeling is that one or more of these white women were buying drugs from these bantus. One of the bantus said that one of the women knew him, hence the need to kill her. He didn’t select the target at random. The bantus were caught with a bag that included drugs. Adding these hints together, and I bet one of these white girls was buying drugs from one of these bantus, and maybe was “friends” with him. Maybe more than friends, to get some “free” drugs and exciting action with an exciting black drug dealer.

    Somehow all the street-level drug suppliers seem to be black, and it lets them make connections to many people who should have no connections with them at all. In this case, some white woman’s casual drug buys lead to her and three others being dead.

    Buyers tend to pretend to friends with their dealers. I also notice that attractive white women are “friends” with ugly black bouncers at clubs. These types of relationships make me sick. I assume that many pimp-hooker relationships also begin with a charming black guy supplying drugs to a white girl.

    Once again we find that even a casual connection can result in a world of harm. Once a predator (drug dealer) finds out he can get something from his victim, he’ll think of more and more things he can get.

    I’m not saying I don’t feel bad for these ladies, but take it as a lesson: she got connected, at some level, with the worst type of predator, and paid a terrible price. Be careful who you hang out with. Be careful who you say hello to, or who you let know where you live.

  • 1776is1984

    of course your never hear about this in the ‘lamestream’ media, I dont think even Drudge reported on this heinous murder.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Drudge stopped carrying articles like this after he was accused of being racist.

  • razorrare

    If poverty causes crime then please explain why so many professional black athletes or black gangsta rap artist are criminals…

  • TiredOfTheWhining

    Please. Another case of Black on White crime where there is no outrage. Two of the dead women were white. You wouldn’t know it though. Yet, even though there 100 cases like this for every ONE Trayvon, it is Trayvon who gets the coverage. Doen’t this hypocrisy bother anyone? Ever?

    • SmithandSmith

      Yes. It bothers me and Millions of Others too. We’re just biding our Time right now because we have no choice.

  • 5n4k33y35

    I wish I could cut their heads off.

  • SmithandSmith

    I can’t help but wonder, how much more?

  • Felix_M

    Out of Africa. No surprises here.

  • LHathaway

    “why black men rape white woman at over 4000 times the rate of a white male raping a black”

    not 1%? not 10%? but 400,000% more often? because whites are racist, that’s why? Whites are afraid of blacks and blacks are not afraid of whites – a shockingly racist situation (moment of sarcasm). It could be because an average white man may be physically incapable of raping black women without the use of a gun or knife. .

    • katzkiner

      Try quoting stats to these idiots and they would have slapped you with
      “Racist”. And not many white men want to rape women. That is more of a “black thang”, dog.

    • Sloppo

      Don’t you know the interracial rape rate disparity between blacks and whites is caused by black poverty? That’s right. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that black criminal violence is just something that caused by black poverty (which is caused by racist whites of course). I have responded to the presentation of that idea by suggesting that perhaps black criminals should be given lots of money to solve their poverty problem when they’re caught instead being arrested, but usually the conversation doesn’t go very far after that point.

    • Xerxes22

      Who would be holding the weapon, the White man or the Black woman?

  • KenelmDigby

    Doubtless, there was some ‘mudsharkery’ involved on part of at least one of those White women – why else would the black gang be involved with them?
    When will White women ever learn?

    • Yes, if you look at the FB pages, at least one had a mulatto, and judging from some of the photos on Kayeties page, she was a real class act too.

  • Jack Krak

    Two black brothers with the same last name?

  • MarcusTrajanus

    “A 3-year-old boy was also found inside the apartment, unharmed.” I wonder why they didn’t kill him. Is the boy a mulatto?

  • LHathaway

    “It’s even worse when you take into account that black men are not more than 7% of the population”

    If you point out that affirmative action arguments are bogus, because people of color can never be expected to be equal ‘represented’ and ‘role models’, or expected to have the same average income, because people of color have an average age closer to 18 whereas whites have an average age closer to 40 (a working age – with higher average incomes). . . Ok, no one ever points this out. . . . but if you do point that out you gotta be fair and point out that people of color will always have higher crime rates because most crime is committed by younger people.

  • LHathaway

    The news actually showed they were white women. I guess sensitivity training doesn’t extend as far as had been thought. More training is needed, making sure video’s like this don’t end up places like AmRen.