LAPD Records: Fugitive Christopher Dorner Had Troubled Tenure

Eric Hartley, Daily News (Los Angeles), February 9, 2013

Hundreds of pages of court records, which include confidential Internal Affairs reports, detail a pitched struggle between Christopher Jordan Dorner and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Almost from the beginning of his employment the seeds of Dorner’s 11,000-word manifesto, which details his grievances against the department, were sown.

His troubles began as a Police Academy recruit in February 2006. It was then Dorner filed an official complaint, saying two other recruits had made “ethnic remarks,” an investigator wrote. The department found one recruit made such a comment, but the other had not.

The court records outline Dorner’s attempt to overturn his 2009 firing from the LAPD for lying about another officer’s conduct. Dorner himself said the failure of those appeals led directly to last week’s rampage.


He told a colleague he wasn’t happy with the outcome of the complaint he filed as a recruit. Dorner, who is black, said he believed the LAPD was racist and planned to sue the department once his probation was over.

His 2007 accusation against another officer led to an investigation, an internal hearing and court appeals that together spanned more than four years.

The court records not only outline Dorner’s legal case and his complaints about racism, but hint at his trouble fitting back in after a year of military service in Iraq.

Dorner, a naval reservist, spent just four months on the street after graduating from the Police Academy in February 2006. He was called to active military duty that July and served in Iraq before returning to the LAPD in July 2007.

Because of his military duty, his probation was extended, and he was assigned to ride with a training officer, Teresa Evans.

Not long into their time together, Evans told investigators, Dorner started crying while they were in a car and asked to be taken back to the station. He had asked about “reintegration” training given to officers returning from military duty, Evans said.


About a month after rejoining the police force in 2007, Dorner made a complaint about Evans, saying she had kicked a suspect during an arrest. Evans said it was untrue, and witness reports were conflicting.

That August 2007 complaint sparked an internal investigation that led to Dorner—not Evans—being brought up on internal charges.

Dorner was accused of making a false report.


After Dorner returned to duty in July 2007, he wasted little time telling Evans, his training officer, about his problems with the department.

Evans told another officer about “an unusual conversation she had with Dorner regarding the fact that Dorner seemed preoccupied with the race of officers and the suspects they arrested,” the internal report says.

“Dorner continually tried to solicit information from Evans regarding whether or not she saw any racist behavior or if she had been treated badly by the Department,” the report says. “At some point within the first week, she told Dorner that their relationship and conversation needed to be geared toward training and not personal matters.”

He seems preoccupied with race in the manifesto, too, criticizing some white, black, Hispanic and Asian officers for their own forms of racism and calling them “high value target(s).”


On July 28, 2007, within Dorner’s first month back on the force, he and Evans went to a San Pedro hotel for a report of a man causing a disturbance. The man, who had schizophrenia and dementia, didn’t listen to officers’ commands, and they took him to the ground and used a Taser to subdue him.

Dorner later said Evans kicked the man three times, but told him to leave that out of the report. Dorner wrote a report that doesn’t mention the kicks.

He never reported the kicks until almost two weeks later, Aug. 10, when he told a sergeant about them. That sparked the Internal Affairs investigation.


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  • connorhus

    So the Asians, Hispanics, Whites and whatever other ethnic group was represented in this guys story (I think he managed to hit them all) are all, every last one of them, racist towards poor little Mr. Dorner, the Black man.

    Even if his allegations of the officer kicking the suspect were true and covered up, costing him his career with the force it is still racism by White men? No.

    What this guy has come up against is the ceiling of the socialist/Liberal movement. He has found out some animals are more equal than others on the farm and Public Service Union Female members trump Black men every time.

    We will see more and more of this type of thing as the various anti-White/male groups begin to fight over the ever shrinking pie. Most of them, like Dorner, will be too stupid and indoctrinated to look deeper into the rabbit hole and figure out what is really going on so they will fall back on the standard Liberal/Feminist battle cry of Old White Male Patriarchy as the culprit.

    But the times they are a changin.

    • Xerxes22

      No, White women do not trump over Black men. Race is the alpha and omega of the left. It is everything to them and Blacks are at the top of the totom pole. They are above Hispanics, Asians, and Gays. White women are at the bottom of the totum pole, just ahead of White men.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        I don’t know if that’s true at all. I recall seeing several stories both as news spots and hearing one on NPR about how white women have been the big winners in the AA, Equal Rights game. From what I see, that;s true.

        • connorhus

          Of course it’s true. White women are what give the Left actual numbers and voting power. The Feminist groups like NOW continuously ally themselves with every White Male hating group they can find and the feminist media backs it up by promoting White female with brown and black males as much as possible. The Left knows who butters their bread and gives them power the Liberal White Feminist Female and they will always get the best of any internal Liberal group conflict.

        • Jefferson

          If White woman are the big winners, why did most liberal voters vote for a Black man over a White woman in the 2008 Democratic primaries ? Xerxes22 is 100 percent correct that no demographic group in America trumps the Black man, in the eyes of liberals.

          Look at all of the Black men in the media that liberals worship. Christopher Dorner, Trayvon Martin, Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Jamie Foxx, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Morgan Freeman, LeBron James, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Sean P Diddy Combs, etc.

          Even in Hollywood films and commercials, Black men are portrayed as being more intelligent than White women.

          • connorhus

            That is simply the brand the Feminist have been pushing it has nothing to do with who wins in the work place competition.

  • The__Bobster

    As for the murder of one LAPD officer and attempted murder of other officers, while it is possible that one of the targets was Dorner’s former training officer, (then-Officer, now Sgt.) Teresa Evans, it is not clear, even in Sgt. Evans’ case, what Dorner would have been avenging.

    One day after then-Officer Evans gave then-probationary Officer Dorner a
    negative evaluation, he charged her with having used excessive force against an
    emotionally disturbed person (EDP) two weeks earlier, by kicking the EDP twice
    in the collarbone and once in the face. However, while the EDP’s nose did have a
    bloody scratch, there was an innocuous explanation for that (a struggle with
    Dorner and Evans in some bushes). Moreover, the EDP was wearing a white shirt at
    the time, which had no dirty shoe marks where Droner said Evans had kicked him
    twice. As a result of those circumstances, Dorner lost his case before the LAPD Board, again in court, and a third time, in appeals court.

    While it is not an open-and-shut case, as to whether Dorner or Evans told the
    truth about what transpired with the EDP, even if Evans had perjured herself
    under oath, that still would not justify Dorner’s wave of terror against

    • mike

      Bobster, you and I realize from the time we are in kindergarten there will be those who lie about us and cause us grief in life. We fight back, live with the consequences and move on. Evens may have lied but other uninterested by standers back her testimony and the appeals process had no choice but to follow the weight of the evidence. In that situation we may have been angry at Evans but as I said we would move on knowing the system isn’t perfect. But with blacks if the system isn’t perfect dealing with them it has to be Racism. Not only because that card has worked so well for them but in their magical thinking of how the white world works they really do expect the white man to be perfect, so any failure is Racism.

    • There were also several witnesses to the encounter/arrest of the EDP, they all said neither officer ever kicked the EDP.

  • Room101

    I’m amazed the department was able to actually fire this guy. It seems he took this job merely to win the ghetto-lottery, filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the taxpayers for “racism”.

    At least straight white males won’t have to work with these government mopes since governments hire based on the color of skin and not education, qualifications, record, and content of character. Government doesn’t recognize any longer normal white people as part of the human family with any rights that need be respected.

    • liberalsuck

      “”””Government doesn’t recognize any longer normal white people as part of the human family with any rights that need be respected.””””

      Yet they sure don’t mind taking our money, though, do they?

  • SoCal LoCal

    I knew it! This guy is not the leftist anti-racist crusader he makes himself out to be. He is merely a crafty psychotic/psychopath with a well crafted manifesto. He targeted the media as well as his victims.

    The MSM seems to be hedging its bets, hoping for the best. In the above piece I see someone making a case for PTSD, aggravated by ambient racism. All Mr. Hartley has for evidence of racism is one “ethnic remark” by a fellow recruit–and a string of false accusations by Mr. Dorner. But given the prevailing bias, and Dorner’s easily warped personality, proving him a racially harassed PTSD victim should be easy.

    For us the line ought be, “just another easily roiled angry black, only this one was given military and police training.” Fortunately he left evidence for this view, and not just corpses and bombastic false statements, there is a least one ex-girlfriend who trashed him online at the time they broke-up.

    • Triarius

      What’s the difference between a leftist anti-racist and a psychotic/psychopath?

      • Joseph

        One is paid by a university.

        • Triarius

          Lol. Too true, too sad.

  • Triarius

    I could have told you he had a troubled tenure the second he started playing the race card. It’s only used when their competence and/or ability is questioned. Of course he probably wouldn’t have been hired if he was white.

    This is the end result of blacks suing when they fail entrance exams for the PD and FD.

  • NorthernWind

    Give me a break. Black criminals almost always make derogatory remarks about the race of White cops. This guy is nuts.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I read one site that said Larry Elder was discussing the truth about Dorner. Apparently Dorner entered training for the first time and failed because he shot himself in the hand. He later entered a different training class and graduated. (we know this was affirmative action.) I missed the Elder broadcast, but the commenter who mentioned the broadcast said Dorner was a troubled officer in the LAPD.

  • bigone4u

    When I was growing up we explained the behavior of coworkers who couldn’t get along as having a “chip on their shoulder.” Dorner’s chip is a boulder, inflated by the black predisposition to exaggerated self-esteem (I am the magic Negro phenomena) and is nothing unusual. What is unusual is putting his ego in writing, then going nuts with a gun.
    Dorner’s actions clearly expose a black cultural issue that makes them less desireable as employees. Unfortunately, most people will assume that Dorner is a surd–meaning an outlier. In reality, he is typical of a number of blacks I have observed in the workplace.
    Wake up, America. Dorner’s exaggerated sensitivity and paranoia are being taken seriously, while he is being declared a hero. Don’t let em get away with Dorner worship.

    • Joseph

      Again, James Watson was correct which is why he was fired within the day.

      Watson said that he is”…inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the
      same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really.”

      And while he would like to think that all people were equal: “…people who have to deal with black employees find this is not true.”

      The rantings of a black thug trump the opinions of a white genius every time.

      Very disheartening.

  • affirmative action psycho serial killer, gee i guess they’re not all just whites after all.

  • Luca

    When I worked in City government, I’ve seen his type before either as an employee, a manager, a vendor or citizen, etc. There may be a clinical term for his type but I call it a “hyper-black personality.” Everything from dawn to dusk and from womb to tomb revolves around his racial grievances in life caused solely by White (you guessed it) racism. If he didn’t get the job, the promotion, the contract, the recognition, the award, the commendation, the high score, if there was a hair in his soup, etc & ad nauseam, there can only be only one reason. Never can it be his shortcomings in life based on his lackluster achievements, or attitudes, it’s always the big “R”.

    He was probably raised by a single mother and weaned on anti-white animosity and entitlement mentality. He went to school where he was taught to be a victim and that his shortcomings in life were never his fault. He felt empowered by Leftist-Hollywood Django type propaganda. Affirmative Action was simply proof that racism was everywhere and he needed special treatment to overcome it. The cult of political correctness carried out in the media has only furthered this psychosis.

    This is the black poster boy for the New Liberal World Order. This is what we have to look forward to unless and until Liberals and political correctness are eradicated.

    • Room101

      All the white “liberals”/Leftists are gushing over this POS.
      I hope he kills them next without pity or mercy.

      • blight14

        Hmmmmm, a hypothetical ‘Day of the Rope’ perhaps? Allegedly………..

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I think many whites are beginning to be made into “hyper-whites,” including me. I get hammered for being white daily and everywhere I look and go and every time I turn on the tv.

    • Joseph

      “hyper-black personality.” I like that.

      How about: HBPD -“Hyper Black Personality Disorder”. Seems to be genetic etiology.

      • saxonsun

        Excellent, just excellent.

  • StillModerated

    If Dorner isn’t hiding out with homeys in South Central, swilling down Steel Reserve, smoking fat blunts, and harping on about evil YT, then he’s South of the Border in Tijuana, doing the same thing.

    • Ted

      My feeling now is that he’s already expired, either self-inflicted or from the elements. I seriously doubt someone with these types of emotional problems could devise a ‘master plan’ to evade authorities seemingly at will.

      • Joseph

        I thought the same. Remember the lunatic last year or so who killed a ranger in Ranier nat’l park and was subsequently found frozen to death? A prelude?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Dorner is a twisted, cowardly POS who is becoming a folk hero among the low information crowd.

    Christopher Dorner’s former girlfriend described the police officer-turned-fugitive as a ‘severely and emotionally disturbed person’ in court documents filed after they broke up 2006.

    Williams posted information about Dorner on, an online site sometimes referred to as a relationship “credit check” for women, court documents show.

    Anyway just be careful because this guy is a police officer and he will probably think that he can get away with anything. He is super paranoid always thinking somebody’s out to get him. If you value your sanity, stay away from this guy,’ she wrote.

    Forgotten in all this are the 3 people Corner gunned down, one of whom was Michael Crain, 34:

    Crain, a police officer with the city of Riverside, was mortally wounded on Feb. 7 in an ambush shooting as he sat in a police car at a stoplight.

    Crain, 34, leaves his wife, a 4-year-old daughter and a son, 10. They remain under police protection until Dorner is caught.

    According to the department, Crain loved attending dance recitals with his daughter, coaching his son’s baseball team and restoring his 1970 Chevy Nova.

    His funeral is scheduled for Wednesday.


    • Joseph

      Should we expect another “candlelight vigil” in the ‘hood on this one?

      • Guest

        I will put money on it. The black people of this nation judge a person by the color of his/her skin. If the skin is black, they judge him good no matter what that person does, if that person’s victims are any color other than black, then that person is a hero. Perhaps people have not been noticing but they keep pushing their aggression further and further. WE will see, right here, when they will riot because white people dared to stop a black person from killing white people, they will riot because white people dared to bring a black murderer of white people to justice. They will push it to the point where no white liberal is insane enough to support them. This is the point of no return for black America. They back this man and they will forever lose the unwarranted moral upper hand that the media has given them. In short, the jig will be up, the shuck and jive will be exposed.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    There’s a one million dollar reward offered for his capture. Not sure if it’s dead or alive, but I bet a huge number of ex-special ops guys and hunters are taking to the hills around Big Bear!

  • LHathaway

    This is crazy. blacks can say whatever they want to about whites. even the worst things they say will often be considered ‘funny’. whites have to watch every word to the point of sounding like robot idiots. and even that does not please blacks. it’s funny sometimes to watch whites try and talk to blacks as if they are ‘equal’. Most whites do this. They apparently think they are special, and not just one of the masses. frankly, they will only be happen when whites are not allowed to speak at all.

  • Jefferson

    The cons of multiculturalism is that it produces a large number of Nonwhites and White liberals that sympathize with Black killers like Christopher Dorner, Lovelle Mixon, and O.J Simpson and see them as national heroes.

    There is a large segment of the U.S population that worships Black criminals and kisses the ground they walk in. This segment of the U.S population is a cancer.

    • Luca

      You forgot two more high profile black murderers. Hurricane Carter and Wesley Cook or as the adoring Leftist media calls him Mumia Abu Jamal. Both guilty as sin.

    • liberalsuck

      I wish us normal whites could separate ourselves from the cancer.

  • Zapp Branigan

    I knew immediately that as detalis of his service record came out this guy would have a very troubled past with LAPD, and there’s got to be a reason the Navy didn’t retain him after 10 years service. The military does not release an officer from duty at that point does unless there’s a serious problem.

    What I find most distrubing is the ratio of positive comments by the public on youtube, etc. There’s an enormous number of people that praise Dorner as some kind of hero.

    O, Tempora ! O, Mores !

  • Joseph

    Ah…the richness of diversity.


    This loser negro has been nothing but a angry problem-child his whole miserable life. He whines and complains about “racism” yet his criminal behavior and miserable hate-monger attitude spawns that same hatred against him by generally good fair minded people. However this miserable excuse for a human being does not realize this simple fact because he has the body and brain of a ape. Dorner had no business being a cop and the LAPD knew it! No doubt that totally discriminatory activity called “affirmative action” has come into play here. Many people have died because of Dorner and many others live in fear while liberal Marxists celebrate the destruction of America.

  • just call him “blaze”

  • Jefferson

    This is what most Christopher Dorner supporters look like.

  • Unperson

    Dorner started crying while they were in a car and asked to be taken back to the station. He had asked about “reintegration” training given to officers returning from military duty, Evans said.

    “Reintegration”? Now they want to RE-integrate? But it was integrating that got us into all this trouble!

    No integration = no mentally-ill blacks Going Django on whitey. Ever.