Muslim Accused of Beheading 2 Christians in U.S.

Bob Unruh, WND, February 19, 2013

Authorities in New Jersey allege a Muslim man beheaded two Coptic Christians, burying their bodies and heads and hands in separate graves near Philadelphia, bringing the horror of the persecution of Christians in Islamic nations to the United States.

According to New York’s WABC-TV, the Muslim was identified as Yusuf Ibrahim, 28. He was taken into custody after the bodies were found.

The report said investigators alleged Ibrahim killed the victims then severed their heads and hands, and buried the remains in the back yard of a home in Buena Vista, N.J.

The report said the victims were from the Coptic Christian community in the area. One of the victims had come from Egypt not many years ago.


Pamela Geller, who blogs about Islam at Atlas Shrugs, said it “appear have been a ritual killing, religious in nature.”

“The victims were Coptic Christians and the murderer was Muslim (and we are painfully aware of the status and treatment of Coptic Christians under Muslim rule in Egypt),” she wrote.

“The killing evokes this passage in the Quran: ‘When thy Lord was revealing to the angels, ‘I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them!”—Quran 8:12.”


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  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Yeah, muslim immigration, that makes loads of sense!

    • The__Bobster

      Coptic immigration doesn’t make much sense either. However, letting them in and then letting in their persecutors is insane.

      • JohnEngelman

        You do not see Coptic Christians behaving this way in the United States or in Egypt. Immigrant groups should be evaluated on a group by group basis.

        • David Ashton

          That should have been the case, but there are just too many would-be immigrants of all sorts. The Coptic Christians are much more acceptable than most, whereas most Muslims are actually or potentially unacceptable.
          But displaced or persecuted people must be temporarily housed as near as possible to their own homelands, and preferably among compatible or friendly cultures. The western world could reasonably contribute to such an arrangement rather than accept multicultural masses from the world over, until our own homelands resemble the rest of the world in racial, cultural, religious and linguistic confusion – and endless brutal conflict.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I suppose we let the Copts in because we supported the various and sundry “Arab Springs” which bought their persecutors into power.

      • Anonymous

        Then don’t let them it. But remember, the U.S. funds Egypt and other Islamic groups around the world who kill Christians when it suits them.

  • PBL

    Christians are asking for this. They need to regain the Crusader spirit, and start doing unto Muslims. That, and that alone, will end the horror being visited upon them.

    • crystalevans

      They should try to convert some of them.

      • Alex


      • Tom in MI

        You mean they should deport all of them.

    • NYB

      This is Arab on Arab violence. It should have nothing to do with whites.

      Don’t interfere when your adversary is destroying himself.

      • Alex

        The Copts are the native Egyptians and have little Arab blood. The Arabs were the invaders and if the Arab men mated with the locals then their children became Muslims. I spent a month in Egypt and the Copts are very pro- Western and pro-European. They don’t act at all like the Muslims.

        • The Arabs killed all the white men and took the white women into their Harims. The Copts were abandoned by the West because oil is more important and no one wants to offend the Muslims.

      • zimriel

        No, and in fact Copts aren’t even Semites (although they’re distantly related to them).

      • Beppo

        The Copts are almost as Arab as they are Martian.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Of course the Copts are Arabs, or at least descendants of “Original People” in Egypt. They’re just Christian Arabs.

          • I think it’s absurd to compare Copts to the Islamic immigrants.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            One of my neighbors is an Arab Christian. He’s not what I would call “white”, even in the way I appear, but is certainly Caucasian. He was a convert from Islam.

  • The__Bobster

    Oh, he’s not a foreign muzzie, he’s a “Jersey man”.

    • MekongDelta69

      He’ll be the new cast member of “Jersey Shore”.

      • jane johnson

        Talk about a situation! Anything at all from Chris Christie? Crickets.

        • Yes:

          1. He ate a doughnut…ergo his approval rating is now 74%.

          2. He said that he and Andrew “Kill-a-Deer” Cuomo agree on 98% of all issues. There are two people who might be “opponents” in the 2016 Presidential election. Meaning that if they’re both nominated, we’ll spend months upon months bickering over a 2% marginal difference self-admitted between them.

  • MekongDelta69

    I didn’t realize Philly had moved to the Middle East. I really should keep up with the news.

  • a multiracial individual

    I recently argured that a “great race war” is never coming. It appears that Islam is going to make avoiding WWIII difficult. Islam will not win of course. There are two possibilties.

    1. Europeans awaken from their slumber and stop the problem.

    2. Europe remains asleep and becomes Eurabia. If that happens, Islam will look East. They will find that PC is something the Chinese don’t do. They will find their cultural aggression will not be tolerated.

    • JohnEngelman

      Moslems are good at acts of terrorism against civilian targets. Their armies are unimpressive on conventional battlefields. It if comes to a war of annihilation we have atomic bombs. They have petroleum, which we desire. They should not be provoking us.

  • Jss

    This really upsets me. Christians being beheaded in America. Who thought the day would come? And dead silence from trayvon media. This why I genuinely hate Muslims and their white Western admirers. Who does stuff like this other then them? According to the media White Christians do stuff like this.

    War is peace
    Ignorance is strength
    Slavery is freedom.

  • fakee

    You’ve just been enriched!

  • concernedcollegekid

    Imagine if the headline were reversed. “Christian accused of beheading 2 Muslims in the U.S.”

  • joesolargenius

    Just be grateful the afghans are too poor and uneducated to come here for every time we are engaged in a conflict some where those with money come to America and continue doing the same crimes here that they did where they came from !

    • SnowQueen

      My neighborhood, in a large suburb of Denver, is easily 30% Afghani, HUGE families, and the men seemingly all drive passenger airport vans. Apparently, it is easy as pie to pass a security background check if you are foreign, Muslim and need to access a secured international airport 24 hours a day.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Has Denver really descended so far?

  • kjh64

    Now we all know that if a White, American christian beheaded two muslims, it would be front page news all over the nation with screams of “Islamaphobia Takes a Deadly Turn” on the front pages of every newspaper.

  • bigone4u

    “Religion of peace” my a**. Everywhere in the West muslims go there’s religious based harassment and violence aimed at nonbelievers. They even murder their own daughters and wives when the women get a bit too Westernized. Feminists, where do you stand on violence against women when it’s not white men doing the dirty deed? With the pro-immigrant crowd? I thought so.

    • JohnEngelman

      Everything secular liberals detest about the religious right and the Bible Belt is far more true of Moslems and Moslem societies. By defending Moslems secular liberals reveal their hostility toward the Western civilization that made secular liberalism possible.

      • Anna Tree


        Pro-islam means anti-West as much as pro-diversity means anti-white.

    • GM (Australia)

      Feminists are totally silent when it comes to Islam. Islam is probably the most effective challenge that feminism has ever faced and because it is not white/male/Christian they are probably not even remotely interested.

  • guest

    Does anyone else still think Islamophobia is a bad thing? What more proof do people need to know that muslims are against us and our culture and they will never assimilate peacefully with us?

    • GM (Australia)

      At a local level we have a woman telling us that it is our “Christian” duty to make Muslims feel more welcome in Australia and this same woman has accepted a fellowship grant to study the causes of Islamophobia. (I am also confronted by big posters telling me how evil Islamophobia is every time I walk past the community center near the train station.)

      Also at a local level we have the Coptic community calling for more Egyptian Christians to be allowed to come to Australia to flee Muslim persecution. Is it really Australia’s or America’s responsibility? As much as the Coptic Orthodox Church is an interesting and ancient branch of Christianity these people will never be Australians or Americans.

      We should be protesting loud and long about the persecution of Christian minorities in all the countries affected by the so called Arab Spring, this includes the Syrian Orthodox Church. Instead, the silence is deafening and unfortunately too many Christian leaders are just so busy protesting for the rights of homosexuals or combating Islamophobia and most of our politicians dare not even think offending the Muslim world. No wonder we are in such a mess.

      • guest

        It’s so disturbing the way people like that would rather live in some make-believe fantasy world of equality rather than acknowledge something for the problem that it really is. In this case, Islam. People fear being called racist or islamophobic more than they fear getting a life-threatening illness like cancer. The muslim lovers always call us islamophobic when they see that unlike them, we’re not suckered into believing that Islam is a religion of peace and that muslims can integrate peacefully in our society.

      • Monica

        How dare you suggest that Copts will never be Australians or Americans. My obstetrician is a Copt and he has delivered thousands of babies in Australia and trained thousands of students. I’m sure he pays treble what you do in tax. There are many others like him who contribute to the community.

    • neanderthalDNA

      Check this out. Reality…

      Some cute quotes…

      “The radical British Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary was secretly filmed poking fun at fellow Muslims who work in 9-to-5 jobs by pointing out that several revered Islamic figures hardly work one or two days a year”

      “He mocked people who work in 9-to-5 jobs, suggesting that Muslims would have more time to plot holy wars if they live on state benefits.”

      The Telegraph reports that Choudary, who has four children, claims more than £25,000 a year in benefits. The Sun claims the sum Choudary receives is £8,000 more than the take-home pay of some British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. Figures The Sun claimed it obtained in 2010 showed Choudary received £15,600 a year in housing benefit to maintain his £320,000 house in Leytonstone, East London. “He also got £1,820 council tax allowance, £5,200 income support and £3,120 child benefits — equivalent to a taxed salary of £32,500.”

      32,000 pounds a year for nothing? Wow.

      Wake up, whitey.

      • This is where Cloward-Piven meets Jihad.

        • jane johnson

          The Road to Serfdom

    • Anna Tree

      islamophobia is a disgusting and manipulative term. A phobia is not rational: our dislike of islam is very well founded: it is rational to dislike an ideology that wants you dead or slave and that killed and enslaved hundreds of millions since its creation, and still do.

  • ZB

    Looks like it’s time for Christians to go “Medieval” on some deserving folk…

  • jack ryan

    Maybe this was another government inside job, designed to make Muslim immigrants look violent and hateful.

    Remember Islam is a religion of peace and it’s only America’s pro Israel foreign policies that make Muslim mad, do things like burn down sections of Paris every New Year’s eve.

    Also the 700 year invasion and occupation of Spain by Arab Muslim Moors, also a CIA/Mossad false flag operation.


  • IstvanIN

    While I certainly do not condone this behavior, since this was two Arabs who were killed it isn’t really my problem, other than my tax dollars will be spent prosecuting and jailing the perp. I am too tired to care about anyone who isn’t white. If they had been left in Egypt where they belong this wouldn’t have happened here. The two Coptics would have eventually brought in hundreds of relatives.

    • Jss

      I usually agree strongly with your posts istvan but Copts do not consider themselves Arabs at all. I have to admit I am not at all an expert on Coptic culture but if they are still Christian after all these years they can’t be all bad. Look at how fast many Christians in the Balkans converted to Islam as soon as the Turks showed up just so that they could have an easier life under the invaders. The Copts have managed to survive for well over thousand years under Muslim oppression. I am not saying lets open the door to all of them, but I still find this crime pretty upsetting. Christians should not be under threat of being beheaded in America.

      And again I’m not an expert but I don’t think the Copts are anymore Arab then the Hungarians (in assuming your Hungarian) are Huns or Mongols. Sure there has been interbreeding and you can see it in the women sometimes (I think it’s quite attractive though) but Hungarians are still Hungarians. I would assume the Copts are still Copts.

      But however you feel about th ethnic background of the victims here I think the medias silence on Christians being beheaded is outrages. They will scream about islamaphobian in a second but not a peep about this on any major network. That is criminal.

      • IstvanIN

        Not only did I see pictures of the victims but I have worked with Egyptian Coptic Christians. I can not say a bad thing about them, at least in my limited experience, but they are ethnically Arab, or middle eastern and certainly not white. And I agree it is admirable that they have resisted giving up their Christian faith, but my sympathy or empathy for non-whites has run out. Egyptians are most certainly non-white, regardless of religion.

        That being said, about Hungarians being interbred with Mongols, how much of that is ethnic myth and how much is reality? The genetic studies seem to indicate that we are pretty darn European, not that I find the “Hun” myth at all upsetting. In fact, as a kid, my grandfather used to regale with stories of how brave the Huns were way back when. My great-grand father was an expert, decorated horseman in the Austro-Hungarian cavalry. I used to love to read about the Hungarians. I was outraged when Jimmy Carter gave the crown of St. Stephen back to the communists. My confirmation name is, surprise, taken from the first king of the Hungarians. But like the myth that so many white Americans have Cherokee blood, I pretty much think the whole mongol/Hun thing is myth. And for a people who have been overrun for most of their recorded history by the Turks, Austrians, Germans, Russians, etc. I think I can forgive a little ancient boasting.

        Am I Hungarian, no, I consider myself and ethnic American who happens to be of Hungarian ancestry. My generation has all pretty much married out at this point, even I married a half-Irish/half-Hungarian girl, and other than an uncle who has put together a pretty complete family tree, no one other than me takes much interest in the “old country”. And that is how it should be, assimilation and acculturation, without forgetting ones forebears.

        Thanks for the thoughtful and polite answer to my post.

        • Jss

          I knew who some Copts who ran a jewelry store when I was growing up and they looked sorta Turkish or Lebanese. And they hated Arabs, okay people over all. But it sounds like you have more direct experience then myself. Plus I did some google image searching and I concede they do look pretty Arabic.

          As for the Hungarians I’m not claiming I’ve done any legitimate research, just my observation is that there maybe something to modern Hungarians having some Asian blood. Weren’t the Magyars supposed to have been Asiatic? The only thing I am basing this on is many Hungarian women (including the one I wish i could spend the rest of my life with) do have slightly almond shaped eyes and have tight compact bodies that could be seen as “Hunnish” for lack of a better term. In any case like I said in my earlier post I find it attractive in an exotic way and I agree whatever the case may be that Hungarians are still 100 percent European.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Magyars were originally central Asian horse-nomads.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I knew to about 90% certainty just reading your name, which translates as “James” in English. I think the Spanish version is “Iago”. Am I Scottish? I still have an old claymore, but my ancestry is also Irish, Welsh, German, Cherokee and Tuscarora. I’m an American, or “Septic Yank” if someone prefers.

          Magyars have an Asiatic body build, tending to long torsos and short legs. I have the same, but that is because of another branch of Siberian ancestry. This is a cold-weather adaptation, and I suspect much human evolution occurred in central Asia after the glaciers started to retreat. Yes, we mated with Neanderthals in Europe, so Eurasian people have 1-4% Neanderthal DNA.

          Being partly Asiatic is the least of our worries.

  • IKantunderstand

    All bow to our new religion! The Church of the Secular. For unto us all beliefs are equal, (although espousing no belief is slightly higher).Ignoring laws of the land: No problem. I am truly pi–ed off that our White society has turned their back on Christianity. What the h-e double hockey stick are you thinking? The entire foundation of Western civilization (not Greek or Roman, although it counts for a great deal) is based on Christianity. Notice, I do not say: Judeo/Christianity. Judeo has pretty much nothing to do with it. We made soaring Cathedrals, magnificent artworks, sculpture, literature, music, and pretty much everything else that counts as CIVILIZATION. We White Christians invented everything worth inventing. The Jews, (who are so smart, or the Asians who are so smart) invented pretty much nothing in comparison. They also didn’t venture forth in sailing ships. Neither did the Africans. Nobody did, except for we White people. The adventurers and explorers and risk takers and the smartest people of the world, are we, the people, we the White people.Seriously, if Darwin is correct, we are on our way to becoming extinct. All White nations are admitting in non White immigration. We as Whites are not allowed to say anything about this policy, or be branded with the “R” for racist. Darwin, will in fact be proven correct: Whites, though superior, have done themselves in, deciding to grant control to sub species. If we don’t do something, Darwin could in fact be right. Do we as White people really believe that we are at the end of our DNA possibilities?

  • JohnEngelman

    According to the Pew Research Center 84 percent of Muslims in Egypt, 86 percent of Muslims in Jordan, 76 percent of Muslims in Pakistan, and 51 percent of Muslims in Nigeria favor the death penalty for Muslims who leave the faith.

    • a multiracial individual

      I have quoted this study many times as some liberal sites. I was called an Islamophobe, they did not counter my point of course. These numbers should horrify any sane person.

      • JohnEngelman

        The numbers should horrify anyone. They should dissuade those who think the United States should be encouraging the spread of democracy among the Islamic world. It is in our interest that Muslim countries be governed by unpopular, incompetent, and corrupt dictatorships. It is also in our interest that Muslims direct their lethal animosities against each other, rather than against more civilized groups of people.

        When you are called names in a political argument smile condescendingly. Point out that everyone who has read or heard the exchange knows that you won the argument. You might add that while many do not like what you have to say, they know that what you say is true.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          But all people deserve to be free to choose their own governments, yes? What Islam needs is a form of Protestantism.

          • Anna Tree

            Protestantism was to go back to the scriptural sources of Christianity. If this is what you want for islam, then al qaida, the talibans, boko haram etc are exactly going back to the islamic scriptures, the koran, the sahih ahadith and the sira rasulallah: muslim “extremists”/radicals/terrorists are exactly following the orders of allah in the koran and the behavior and teachings of “prophet” mohamed.

            If you mean by protestantism, a reform movement that moderate islam (that is not what Luther or Calvin Protestantism was about), then that would mean to contradict mohamed and allah.

            Because it is allah in the koran who asks for jihad (koran 9:5, 9:123 etc), child marriage (65:4, 33:49), rape and slavery (4:24, 33:50 etc) and more crimes. And it is confirmed by the teachings and behavior of “prophet” mohamed who killed and mass-killed (read about the Banu Qurayza, Asma Bint Marwan, Abu Afiq etc), raped women taken as booty of jihad (Zuwayriah, Raihannah, Mariah the Copt, Safiya etc), was a p ed o &phil (he had se xwith his 3rd wife, 9 year old Aisha), enslaved and stole (Banu Mustalip, Banu Nadir, Khaibar etc…)

            As per islam “prophet” mohamed is the uswa hasana (the model of conduct of excellence), the al insan al kamil (the perfect human), that is THE best man ever, THE guide to follow for all mankind, all time and all places (koran 68:4, 33:21, 60:4, 60:6), therefore whatever he did is islamic and halal, he had slaves, he raped women taken as booty of jihad, he killed Non-muslims who didn’t accept the superiority of islam. It is why true muslims will never say those things are forbiden. Unless they are deceiving, lying to protect islam, doing takiyah… because to say those things are archaic or unislamic would mean to say mohamed was unislamic and the koran not eternal, this would kill islam.

            It is why the sharia allows child brides, jihad and slavery. It is why the muslim countries didn’t sign the Declaration of Human Rights. it is why there are so many terrorists/”extremists” in islam: they are just good muslims, they are not bad apples and don’t give a bad image to islam, they are islam (it is the non-religious muslims like a Trojan horse, who give a false good image of islam).

            islamic “morals” are frozen in the “moral compass” provided by the behavior of a 7th century Bedouin warlord. To denounce or moderate, modernize, reform this moral compass is to destroy islam, that, no muslims will do and they will kill muslims who do that (and they do, even in our non-muslim free countries). Reformed Christianity remains Christianity but reforming islam means inventing a new religion (it was done with bahaism I would say).

  • KenelmDigby

    Wasn’t the pre-1965 USA great, before the so-called ‘civil rights’ bullpoopy and the Teddy Kennedy Act ruined it?
    – In those sane and pleasant days, these horrible people would simply would never have been allowed to pollute American soil (merely by standing on it), in the first place.
    Americans – weren’t your ancestors wiser and better than the present political trash stinking up your country.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    You won’t easily push me back from here, Genereal Woundwort.

    No Muzzie has any place in the USA.

  • mobilebay

    The sooner our country is free of the M&Ms, the better off we’ll be.

  • JoePatriot12345

    more wonderful benefits of diversity…

  • first amendment sux

    G-dfather of the US Constitution James Madison gets the nod on this one with his with his 1789 ratified First Amendment equalizing all religion as the same while opening a can of worms. But then again we know this followed the illustrious Thomas ” equality” Jefferson who was the G-dfather of PC as we know now.

  • kjh64

    There are many men and women who get divorced due to irreconcileable differences. In other words, the two can’t get along living together, have clashing values, etc. It may not be either one of their faults, they just can’t get along and live together. That is how it is with Muslims and the West. The two have irreconcileable differences. Islam is not just a religion, it is a poltical and legal institution with Islam governing both as well as governing the education system, social system and everything else. Islamics are often against women’s rights, gays, freedom of speech or religion and they don’t believe in seperation of religion and the State. The Western world, on the other hand, believes in seperation of religion and state, believes in freedom of religion and speech, women’s rights, rights of gays not to be persecuted etc. The two are simply nor compatible and should be keip totally seperate. Muslims in their own nations living according to their beliefs and the same for the West. To do otherwise will result in endless problems, friction and fighting. You can’t mix oil and water no matter how hard you try.

  • Luca

    Most Arabs have a percentage of Sub-Saharan DNA. Egyptians clock in at about 14%. You just never know when that 14% is going to kick in.

  • William Allingham

    any kind of non-white immigration is bad, people adapt their religion to their intrinsic values so a violent person will behave violently either under Christian faith, Islam, or anything. in fact each faith reflects the character of the people who created it. We see that Christianity of the new testament is very different from Judaism in its doctrine and that the new testament is rarely as bigoted as the old.

    if you are a black Christian probably your faith, in practice, would be almost unrecognizable to the Christianity of a white man even that both are supposed to have the same “rules” and dogma.

    you cannot escape from who you are, no matter what you profess so usually people choose ideologies that reflect their innate character otherwise they will invent one that does, adding in their turn more bigoted religions to the list….

  • Shattered

    More of that Muslim “tolerance.”

  • SintiriNikos

    you won’t see this on the 6:00 news. You have to go to WND or the Daily Mail to dig this stuff up. This is sickening. When people say the Koran doesn’t preach hate, you have to ask yourself, have they even read any of it? I know of a couple other books that preach hate against Christians (or at least against non-subscribers to those books) but I don’t recall any of those folks beheading any of us in our own country.

  • Frank

    Why does the MSM not cover articles like this?

  • Doc Savage

    This Muslim better get the death penalty, or Obama and Politicains won’t have to worry about a race war riot, it will be a riot on killing Muslims if this man gets less then the death penalty.