Pine Bluff in Arkansas might seem like any other struggling town in the United States.

But after soaring crime rates and the economic downturn, it has been dubbed the most dangerous little town in America.

Last year there were 18 murders alone in Pine Bluff, which has a population of just 49,000 – seven times the national average per capita.

Two people have already been killed this year and recent figures ranked it the second most dangerous metropolitan area in America after Detroit, which has a population of 1.8million.

‘To have 18 homicides is just an outrageous number for a town this size,’ Police Chief Jeff Hubank told The Independent.

‘The reality is, the little old white lady with the kitten on her lap is perfectly safe in this town. But if you are slinging dope on the east side, you are looking to pay with your life.’

Pine Bluff was once a thriving place to live where there were plenty of jobs.

It survived the great flood of 1927, the Great Depression and even the racial tensions which gripped the south during the 1960s.

But now it has all the hallmarks of a town falling into disrepair and in the last 30 years as many as 16,000 people are thought to have left the area.

Failing schools and poverty are all contributing to the town’s high crime rates and the area is crippled with gang warfare fuelled by drug related crime.

Main Street is a parade of boarded up shops and the once mighty Hotel Pines, which opened in 1913, is crumbling away.

Factories which bustled in the 1940s have now been taken over by gangs which strip them for wiring and use the money they make to buy drugs.

Those who are murdered in the town are killed because they are caught up in drugs.

‘Pine Bluff has just sort of faded away,’ said police office, Rick Buntin.

And it is not just the gang members who make themselves targets for violence.

It is dangerous for police officers too.

Captain Kelven Hadley, a police officer, had a gun pointed at his head in 2011 by a man who held up a petrol station.

Footage caught the incident on film which showed the two men shoot each other at exactly the same time.

The suspect died and Hadley survived thanks to his bullet proof vest.

But for some police officers it is the danger of Pine Bluff which attracted them to join the force in the first place.

Chief Hubank retired after 27 years but was called back when the town’s new mayor fired his predecessor.

He is now hoping to adopt a different approach to policing in a bid to cut crime rates and to make the town a place where people want to live again.

Detroit topped the 2012 list of America’s most dangerous cities.

The Motor City is crippled with gang-related violence.

Violent crimes, which include murder, rape, robbery and assault, fell 10 per cent but are still running five times the national average, according to Forbes magazine.

[Editor’s Note: According to the 2010 Census, Pine Bluff is 75.6 percent black and 21.4 percent white.]

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  • The__Bobster

    I was waiting for the punch line, and finally “Bingo!”

    Editor’s Note: According to the 2010 Census, Pine Bluff is 75.6 percent black and 21.4 percent white.

    Nuff said.

    • Hirschibold

      But if you go to the original article, you will see that they dutifully used a picture of a white man in order to keep their readers from reaching the correct conclusions.

  • Lewis33

    Yeah, I wondered about the demographics as soon as I saw this a couple of days ago. The mail would have use believe these were hilljacks being so violent, which is what anyone thinks when they see the words “small town” and “Arkansas” in the same sentence.

  • ‘The reality is, the little old white lady with the kitten on her lap is
    perfectly safe in this town. But if you are slinging dope on the east
    side, you are looking to pay with your life.’

    That’s just what they tell “little old white ladies” to keep them from moving out of town. In reality, they’re not safe. True, most murders and violent crime in a black town are black on black, but back those out, and you still have a whole lot of black on white crime.

    • Pelagian

      That is like the Libertarian myth that the house next door can be the biggest dope house and it won’t “affect” the “property rights” of the person next door.

      I can promise you, you would *not* want to borrow a cup of sugar from any of these “East side dope slingers”. Their “mess” is going to affect you in myriad ways. The only thing to do if you live in Pine Bluff is to, in the words of the Poltergeist, “Get Out!”.

      • To be fair, most libertarians, for all their problems, don’t find the local enforcement of certain quality of life ordinances to be out of bounds, as long as the ordinances and enforcement thereof is Constitutional. However, many libertarians project they way they were in their younger days (relatively docile doobie rollers) onto every person that is involved in the illegal drug trade. There is a MASSIVE difference between a white teenager that rolls doobies then grows up and “cuts it out,” and black crack dealers and drug gangs setting up a crack/whore house.

        • Nathanwartooth

          Many libertarians, including myself have a big problem with illegal drugs. Drugs being illegal causes many problems. The least of which is a police state type agency that can spy on your house to make sure you aren’t growing weed.

          • jambi19

            “Drugs” what “drugs” are you saying. Marijuana is the only illicit drug that has any rational purpose for being legalized. When you say drugs it makes the argument weaker.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Even if they were legalized, you’d still have age barriers as we do for alcohol and cigarettes. Here in Washington state, we just passed a law that will make possession and use of small amounts legal, and growing it commercially is going to be a legal, licensed activity. But one stat I learned during the debate is that the usual user is aged 17-23. The new law will still make it illegal for more than half the users, and that will support plenty of black market crime.

          • Do I think we need a drastically different drug policy? Yes.

            Do I think some drugs currently deemed “illicit” need to stay that way? Yes.

            There is no black-and-white either-or paradigm here that we’re resigned into accepting.

    • JohnEngelman

      Whenever there is a lot of black on black crime over drugs and gangs there is a high rate of muggings, armed robberies, burglaries, and rapes. No one is safe.

    • CharlesFinley

      Definitely. They have no regard for the lives of their own kind. Give them a chance at a European-American citizen, and…well, it’s just that much worse.

  • JackKrak

    “It survived the great flood of 1927, the Great Depression and even the racial tensions which gripped the south during the 1960s.”
    That’s nothing – no city can survive being 75% black.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      “No city can survive being 75% black.” You could make millions selling that on t-shirts and bumper stickers.

      • stewardofthemystery

        Not a chance. The thought police would pull you for having a bumpersticker like that. You would be arrested for a “hate crime”.

    • shmo123

      Makes me wonder what the tipping point is and what percentage of blacks in one city makes it unlivable. I’d say somewhere around 35-40%.

      • CharlesFinley

        Too many blacks may cause Guam to “tip over and capsize”.

  • concernedcollegekid

    Is there a single person who has read this article and not immediately correctly guessed the cause of Pine Bluff’s problems?

    Seriously. Is there ANYONE who looked at this and was like “What kind of small town would have a high crime rate? Sure beats the hell out of me! I myself have never before noticed any patterns regarding places with high crime rates!”


    • Pelagian

      AR Post of the Day! Good work concernedcollegekid. You oughta post that on the Original Article site.

    • Nathanwartooth

      I scanned the whole article looking for the demographics and saw the editor nicely put them at the bottom.

      We all knew the reason, there really couldn’t be another one.

      • concernedcollegekid

        The comments on the original article are pretty great. “Twenty five percent of the population is white. Damn whites. They go around causing all kinds of trouble.”

        • Nathanwartooth

          Yeah I enjoyed them as well. That website always has good comments.

        • BonusGift

          Let me make a wild guess here, that portion of the town that
          is “21.4 percent white” has significantly lower crime rates than the
          violent, crime ridden part where we will just not mention the real cause. Hey, unrelated, does anyone care to guess what is the problem with Detroit? I read somewhere on AmRen that they are having “financial problems”, and oh, yes, some crime as well. It’s funny, it was once called the “Paris of the West” (almost 100% white in those days) and up until the point it began to accumulate a large and growing black population (now the inner city is 90%+ black) it seemed to change to some, well, something more akin to Haiti or some sub-Sahara African hellhole. Also, obviously unrelated, I wonder why “American” international test scores have gone down relative to countries with relatively homogeneous populations (even though the scores of American/European American students have not)? Medical costs … You get the idea, yeah, we better not mention the true causes, it’s sure more important that we just make the problems worse. Also, and clearly unrelated to the media cover up of such things, who again controls the six major media organizations that furiously suppress such truths as blacks destroy what others have built and always degenerate into hellish collections of animals? No, must not be important; and clearly the solution to any problem in cultural Marxist America, that is run for the benefit of the parasites and to the detriment of real Americans who are forced to subsidize the filth and savagery directed against them, is to double down on the cause of the problem, then triple down, etc. until all the hosts are immersed in a Pine Bluff, Detroit, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Atlanta, … and then and only then will the media and finance parasites consider leaving for Israel and leaving us alone (for only Israel is allowed to deny Africans their “rights” to be parasites on whites).

          • LaSantaHermandad

            I beginning to question the veracity of the Black population figures.

            They seem to be everywhere. They generally don’t cooperate with the census people. I had a relative who worked in Killadelphia with the public assistance program and who visited housing projects to update records. He told me that the Blacks frequently would move kids from one unit to another to increase their reported number of children; thereby increasing their welfare allowance, He was fooled at times but not always, Blacks assume that Whites think that all Blacks look alike and that the social workers wouldn’t be able to distinguish one from another.
            I have a feeling that the Black population is much larger than is officially reported.

          • eavesmac

            Thats ok; that means their deaths will be unreported also.

        • Pat

          That article drew the highest number of American comments that I have ever seen in this paper. The natives are getting restless! It is time more of us woke up.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            They’re starting to awaken for sure but there is the question of the disappearance of ammunition. None of the online stores has any of the most popular calibers in stock.
            Was it really an “ammo run” by worried gun owners or another diabolical government caper?

    • Barrack Osama

      I for one envisioned a bunch of lanky white kids and mormons loitering around street corners shirtless.

      • concernedcollegekid

        I imagined gangs of Norwegian youth wearing those hats with the horns and generally behaving like typical uncivilized Vikings.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        My first thought was a bunch of Scottish youths with their kilts sagging, blasting bagpipe music and free styling Scottish jigs.

        • GerónimoAnónimo

          That would be a REAL “flash mob”. Love those bagpipes!

        • 48224

          Bag-pipes and kilts…..pure madness! No wonder the crime is so high, plaid will do that to a man.

    • Berl Goetz

      Not just old white ladies, but tourists are also mostly safe. Pine Bluff has a terrific railroad museum at a large old locomotive shop.

    • JohnEngelman

      “The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.”

      – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”

    • JohnEngelman

      In the U.S., Blacks are less than 13% of the population but have 50% of all arrests for assault and murder and 67% of all arrests for robbery. Fifty percent of all crime victims also report their assailants are Black, so the arrest statistics cannot be due to police bias.

      Blacks make up a large share of those arrested for white-collar crimes. About 33% of persons
      arrested for fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and receiving stolen property, and about 25% of those arrested for embezzlement are Black.

      – Professor J. Philippe Rushton , from RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR

      • GerónimoAnónimo

        I seriously doubt the “less than 13% of the population” claim. The regime doesn’t want us to know what their REAL numbers are until they’re ready to loose them upon us wholesale.

      • Roninf9

        13%? Its much, much worse than that. Black males aged 14 to 55, the group most likely to commit these crimes, are about 2% of the US population and a good many of them are in prison or overseas in the military. Do you realize the implications of this?

      • concernedcollegekid

        Seriously, thanks for this! Now I have something to say to leftists who, when I complain about black violent crime rates, say “But what about WHITE COLLAR crime? Is a poor black man who steals someone’s wallet worse than Bernie Madoff?” (seriously, leftists will raise “objections” like that when you talk about black crime, at least in my experience)

        • JohnEngelman

          Whenever the topic of black crime is raised liberals will try to change the topic to white collar crime, or to “non violent drug offenses.”

          Whenever one speaks of “non violent drug offenses” it is easy to think of some gentle soul who is serving ten years at hard labor for possession of several marijuana cigarettes. Most of these “non violent” drug offenders are drug dealers. Drug dealers are very violent men.

    • 48224

      Benton Harbor Michigan, a lake side community with the same exact problem….”high crime” LOL

      • Pelagian

        I always like to engage the reluctant liberal in this hypothesis.

        “So you say you don’t have any idea what race might be prevalant in Pine Bluff? OK I’ve got a child hooked to an electroshock machine. You save him from getting a jolt if you guess what percentage black within 10%.”
        “75%”, the liberal quickly shouts.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, any liberal.

    • HarmsTorheit

      ancient native american burial grounds?

  • MekongDelta69

    Once again (as ALWAYS), do you see the word black in the article?

    Me neither…

    • Luca

      I do, and it doesn’t take much imagination either. When I see the words: crime, drugs, murder, gangs, poverty,.. I see the word “Black”.

  • Pelagian

    I can just see a team of academic Sherlocks arriving in Pine Bluff from all over the world to investigate this. “Gee, whatever can be the cause? Strange, strange [as they collectively pull on their beards]”

    • I see the point your making, but these liberals would never go to any black area. And they all know what the problem is. They are just trying to force the rest of us to unjustly offer this things jobs and tax dollars.

    • JohnEngelman

      A number of years ago I was reading one of these scholarly inquiries into the race gap in academic achievement. After considering every possible cause but the obvious one the author said that the reason for the race gap was an unsolvable mystery.

  • Whirlwinder

    Pine Bluff can be added to other cities with the black majority pushing the crime stats – Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, Savannah, Memphis, Oakland, Gary, Camden and although Chicago is not black majority yet, their black population is driving the murders there.

    • dsc

      Would that be Camden, AR?

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Camden, New Jersey….one of the worst diversity hellholes in the US.

    • A great camden joke “People from newark visit to feel good about their city”

  • Luca

    Clearly, the problem is lack of gun control and underpaid teachers.

    • JohnEngelman

      If only the unmarried mothers of these criminals had gotten bigger AFDC checks and more food stamps those young men would be pillars of the community.

      • jambi19

        They’d all be heart surgeons and architects of course.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          and Onnah Stoodints too.

  • paul

    I live in Arkansas and have been to Pine Bluff and Little Rock enough times to know the black people there do not like white people. The last 2 times I was in little rock I had random black men yelling at me that they would beat my ass while I was pumping GAS

    • brengunn

      The last 2 times I was in little rock I had random black men yelling at me that they would beat my ass while I was pumping GAS

      Sounds like a metaphor for what they do to investors.

    • Ulick

      I live in a city with a large black population. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve had black people call me “white boy…” in a derogatory manner and how many times I’ve seen black people direct similar anti-white rants at white people. Yet I’d have to rack my brain to think of a single instance of seeing a white person going off on an anti-black tirade to a black person. Yet, somehow, minorities, white Liberals, academics, and the media have all convinced themselves that white people are the face of racism. They certainly don’t let facts get in the way of their opinions.

    • bigone4u

      Neighborhoods in Houston around I-10 are all black. If driving cross country do not stop for gas in such a place, even if the station is convenient. I now realize I could have been shot. Never let yourself run out of gas in an all black area either. The tip off you’re around such an area is the famous MLK Drive nearby.

      • Viv Jasper

        Loop 610, southeast of downtown — that’s the big no-go zone in Houston. That’s the third ward area, which my husband and I like to refer to as the “third world” area.

      • Daisy

        A year and a half ago, I got stuck sharing a floor of a house in the ‘black’ section of an otherwise ‘nice’ ‘diversified’ suburb of NYC in NJ. It was only meant to be temporary, and I took it thinking I could survive a couple months. I have a sensitivity to machine noises and my bedroom was actually semi-quiet by summer standards. A crazy Cuban woman had her name on the lease of the floor of a house owned by hispanics, the only such house in an all black section…on the border of Irvington which is a small satellite of Newark!

        The cuban princess sociopath set me up; on the first night she started texting me and demanding I buy her things at Shoprite, etc. She delighted in telling me stories about Ivy Hill, the famous Irvington apt. complex some blocks away where hispanic men had recently killed and beheaded a woman who rejected one of them. So sad the mother couldn’t find the head to bury the victim. Cubana’s father ‘killed five people,” etc. Could I drive her around Newark to get new tires after her ‘new citizen’ ex’s boss slashed hers one weekend?” etc. etc. I didn’t realize it at the time but besides constantly harassing and demanding attention from me, the female Battista was messing with my head on purpose to instill a constant state of fear of not only her and the hispanic owner but of the whole ‘diverse’ ‘community.’

        One night, she harassed me into going to buy paper products at 11:30pm in the only open drugstore – in Irvington. So I go, survive the ghetto parking lot and, being a bit confused…take the wrong street home. It is not the semi-main artery, but a side street. Ohmigod.

        I get about five blocks down the side street…a smattering of loosely congregated young black males starts to form a pack…I must get home and keep driving until… a truck of some kind, maybe large pick up, blocks me right in the middle of the street, as a large black man screams “Move it out B****!” as he leers into my car. There is nowhere to go.

        I’ve noticed bravery is easy when the choices are simple. Panic, and die, or remain calm, and live – maybe. I had locked the doors already and as my blood turns cold, I drive in reverse for the six blocks to the main artery. The first three are densely silhouetted with black male bodies but I cannot hear them, I can only stare down the path stretching behind me…knowing that the slightest brush with any even inanimate object means…

        I’ve wanted to tell this story because I’ve had a few semi-flashbacks to this event lately… I didn’t know who Channon Christian, Hugh Newsom, Eve Carson, Autumn Pasquale, etc. were before coming on here. But the hardest part of this minor PTSD is self-reproach, which after confronting what was done to these innocent people, becomes self-loathing,

        I have as I’ve written light orange hair and blue eyes, white skin and a celto-germanic face. Don’t hate your white sisters. Don’t blame them for being white, ‘stupid’ ‘naive’ or even ‘liberal’.

        Welcome them home; not into another hell of *our* own making.


        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          We welcome any white women who are willing to be remade into white women who support white men as white men, not try to put their learned, wimmen’s rites politics into the mix. Some unlearning is often necessary in order to arrive truly “at home.”

          • Daisy

            Those black men were of a like mind, wanting to unlearn and remake me, take me home. You sound no different.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Absolutely unfair comparison Daisy. He was using Standard English not pops, clicks, grunts and Ebonics.

        • Pelagian

          I hear you loud and clear. Sympathize and even like you.

          But you’ve got to be open to Jesus Christ and the institution he left us lest we be orphans. Our Lord established a new law, a Logos, which contains the right ordering of humankind, INCLUDING an exalted role for women, under the mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who received a preferential option from God, bravely did what had been commanded of her from all eternity (by saying, “Fiat”, essentially) … becoming the mediatrix of all graces (from a cooling breeze on a hot summer day, all the way up to and including heaven itself).
          Race-based misdirection, chaos or even war is contrary to Logos.

    • bubo

      A face full of unleaded will take the starch right out of a hyped up buck.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I have understood that Arkansas has always had very liberal gun laws. I think I saw a report a while back about the “Old West” feel of one town where people wore guns on their hips in public as a regular routine. Was this Pine Bluff? What can you tell us about this?

  • Pine Bluff provides cradle to grave services for it’s inmates:

    The Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) operates its headquarters in Pine Bluff. The ADC headquarters moved to the Pine Bluff Complex in 1979. The administrative Annex East is on Harding Avenue in Pine Bluff, south of city hall. The Diagnostic Unit, the Pine Bluff Unit, and the Randall L. Williams Correctional Facilityare in the “Pine Bluff Complex” in Pine Bluff. The headquarters of the Arkansas Correctional School system are within the Pine Bluff Complex. – Wiki

    • Howard W. Campbell

      At least it saves money on travel costs.

  • Unperson

    ‘Pine Bluff has just sort of faded away,’ said police office, Rick Buntin.

    Yeah, it’s faded to Black.
    Get rid of that certain 75% demographic and watch “troubled” Pine Bluff turn into Mayberry.

  • bigone4u

    Liberals, democrats, college professors, feminists, Marxists, et. al. attribute black crime to a “legacy of povery” or a “legacy of racism.” Funny how poor whites, looked down on by snooty liberals, democrats, college professors, feminist, Marxists, et. al. (it’s their style of racism) and denied special government handouts, don’t turn to crime, but to hard work to get ahead. If the “useful idiot” college professors were right the Appalachian Mountain region should be the most crime infested area of the US. Lexus driving, Starbucks drinking, Birkenstock-clad, environment-worshiping, anti-white socialist professors can go to Hades as far as I am concerned.

    • guest

      Those snooty anti-white idiots want “more diversity”, and this is what they’ll always get – higher crime rates. The more diversity a city gets, the more dangerous it becomes. But since many of those liberals, democRATs, college professors, etc. most likely live in safe all-white areas, they will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to these facts. They never even point out one very diverse city that is not so crime-ridden.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        It’s because they were brainwashed as children in their schools, churches and by the media. There is NO diverse city that has not seen its crime rate increase. The conceit seems to be that if they can cleanse out the racism by bringing in more races and ethnic groups they will somehow cancel one another out in a magical Marxist way that has never happened anywhere in the world. Their foolishness is the childlike belief that if they are “nice,” everyone will eventually become as “nice” as them. In this way, Socialism and Christianity have been spliced together to create a very difficult to escape psychological trap for whites that everyone else sees plainly and is happy to exploit.

    • Nimadan

      “Lexus driving, Starbucks drinking, Birkenstock-clad,
      environment-worshiping, anti-white socialist professors can go to Hades
      as far as I am concerned.”

      When the economy collapses, they will. Their black & mestizo demi-gods will take care of the actual details starting about 24 hours after the EBT cards fail.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        See, here’s a good example of the problem. Check the boxes…, limiting those who would otherwise be great allies. I can tell you that of the group of pro-whites I am part of here in the Pacific Northwest – I mean we meet and support one another, all of us, we all care about the environment, we are educated enough to understand the problem overpopulation and its abuse has caused, etc. We don’t see that as in conflict with our shared racial interest. In fact, be a nature conservationist is in line with being a racial conservationist in the line of logic and the idea that we want to conserve our race and our land. I am convinced that it is the loss of the bond of whites with their land (first in Europe) via the loss of their indigenous spirituality has led to their sequestering as a race. They themselves don’t seem to know the way back, but must instead walk in lockstep with a set of very poor identifiers such as the ones listed here; Own a Lexus, out, drink Starbuck coffee, out, wear strange footgear, out, care about the environment, out. I can check two of these, we actually own a Lexus and we care about the environment, having grown up on the West coast where the vivacity nature is a big part of our daily lives. (My wife inherited the Lexus from her mother, who was a lifetime Republican and very conservative, so there you are).

        Such off-the-cuff labeling, vilifying dismissals are for the shallow, lower IQ who are joining in dragging along baggage from a long accumulation of misinformation and political manipulations that do nothing but hold us back from finding the way forward as concerned whites.

    • Dr. X

      Liberals, Democrats, college professors etc. are not true intellectuals. They’re sophists striking an academic pose which coincides with their political beliefs. Every one of them professes a belief in evolution and genetics as proven scientific fact but none of them will apply that science to explain the universal inferiority of blacks vis-a-vis whites. If you breed 100 generations of blacks in Africa, and 100 generations of whites in Europe, you’re going to get two different populations with different characteristics, including intellectual and behavioral chracteristics — just as if you bred 100 generations of horses or cattle or rabbits or dogs in different subpopulations. It’s plain as day. A Yorkshire terrier behaves differently than an Alsatian. But try saying that in so many words on ANY college campus in the entire country and you’ll probably get physically attacked or arrested.

      • bigone4u

        Sophists is a good description. For the record I used to be a college professor, just not a liberal. My views were often not popular. I learned that it is futile to try to reason with most of them, as you suggest.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Yes, it is amazing to watch the polarizing going to extremes. I doubt that there will be any easy way back to “normalcy.” But like it or not, we’ve got to depend upon making a good case to liberal whites, especially young ones, for changing their minds. I think a certain amount begin their conversion everyday, as they experience life in our increasingly Diversified society.

        • Dr. X

          They are exactly like the sophists and false intellectuals Socrates did battle with in the dialogues of Plato — the ones who succeeded in getting Socrates executed.

    • Jefferson

      Black America has a higher per capita murder rate than 3rd world Asian countries like Cambodia and Laos for example.

      How do self hating White liberals explain that fact ?

  • brengunn

    I grew up in a country town maybe half the size of Pine Bluff. I can’t recall how infrequent murders were, probably less than one a year, they were so infrequent, they would dominate conversation for weeks or months afterwards. Actual premeditated murder was even more infrequent, as some deaths were caused by drunken fighting, basically accidents.

    Eighteen murders for such a small town, that is shocking.

  • Francis Galton

    Here’s a little secret: East Saint Louis, Illinois, is WORSE than Pine Bluff and easily qualifies as America’s most dangerous municipality, period. And yet, it almost never receives mention in these types of crime publications; I really don’t understand why, though.

    For example, in 2010 ESL had a population of 27,006, and boasted crimes such as 21 murders, 74 rapes, 276 robberies, 1,091 burglaries, 1,271 aggravated assaults, 644 stolen vehicles, and 58 cases of arson.

    Oh yeah, and this charming little town is just shy of 98% black, for what that’s worth. Just imagine being one of the 241 White people who live there (!!!)


    • Just imagine being one of the 241 White people who live there (!!!)

      I know such a white person. He lives in a part of ESL that is technically in the city limits, but separated from the “main” crummy ghetto part of the city by an interstate highway, and it’s on a group of streets where you have to be deliberately going there to get there, that you just don’t “happen” to “find” your way there. He tells me there are about 100 white people who live in that patch. And that while it’s theoretically under ESL PD jurisdiction, it is, as I said, so “out of the way” that St. Clair County Sheriff is really the primary LEA patrol of it, and it just so happens to be in a different fire protection district than the “main” part of ESL mainly because this “patch” sits to the east of Interstate 255.

      But…while the houses are cheap, (school district is still ESL 189, in spite of its being out of the way), the property tax rates are sky high.

    • ESL might be too small to make the cut. PB has almost twice the number of residents.

    • Pelagian

      One percent are down and outs/crack whores. But the other one percent are decent people who live in a section of town that sits on a bluff and you’d think is a part of Belleville and not East St Louis, called Signal Hill (because of the TV /radio towers).. The white police chief used to live there, so the residents felt comfortable.

  • NYB

    “It survived… even the racial tensions which gripped the south during the 1960s.”

    How many towns didn’t?

    The author had to throw in a little myth-making, implying that whatever blacks have done recently to Pine Bluff, 1960’s ‘racism’ had to have been worse.

  • IKantunderstand

    Maybe one of the other things we can do as Whites in America, is to use our charitable dollars to remove Whites who are poor from dangerous Black neighborhoods. Screw Habitats for Humanity! Screw Black oriented food banks! Let’s give our charitable contributions to remove White people who are constant victims of crime in neighborhoods which were once White and safe that have become crime infested cesspools of Black malfeasance. Form a group in your area, if this applies, and help out White people. If someone says to you.”That’s racist!” Reply “So”.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      What a concept! Keep your money WHITE!

  • ‘The reality is, the little old white lady with the kitten on her lap is perfectly safe in this town. But if you are slinging dope on the east side, you are looking to pay with your life.’

    Do you really think she is safe? Really?

    Even when Trayvon’s, regularly, after getting their fixes on, espy the little old white lady with the kitten on her lap removing her housecoat and getting into bed and then realize they hadn’t got their mack on yet. …….

  • Sloppo

    Before we get all judgmental and start saying that Pine Bluff has a “problem”, we should put this into the proper perspective. Are the crime rates there any higher than it is in Liberia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, or Detroit? To me, this article seems like it’s just describing another normal African town.

    • JohnEngelman

      Here is a list of international murder rates by country. Southern Africa tops the list.

      • Jefferson

        The per capita murder rate for Central American countries is extremely scary. What a very violent culture those Spanish speaking Brown people have created.

        • JohnEngelman

          The closer a racial group is in generations to a paleolithic way of life the higher the murder rate is likely to be. Warfare among paleolithic hunters killed a much higher percentage of people than it has since, even during the two world wars. The best hunters and warriors had several wives, and many sons who inherited their lethal talents and inclinations.

          The neolithic way of life consisted of primitive agriculture, but no cities. This too was more violent than urban civilization.

          Negros and American Indians began agriculture much later than whites and Orientals. Until the twentieth century few Negroes lived in cities.

          Hispanics are a hybrid race composed of whites, American Indians, and Negroes. This is why whites have lower crime rates than Hispanics, who have lower crime rates than Negroes.

          I have not been able to learn much about the rate of violent crime among Australian Aborigines. I suspect that it is higher than the Negro rate because Australian Aborigines never developed agriculture.

    • sbuffalonative

      It doesn’t matter where in the world you look, Haiti, Congo, Rwanda, Detroit, black behavior is universal.

  • Interesting that the source article features a photo of a white man with a gun.

    • Xerxes22

      The source article also doesn’t mention that Pine Bluff is 75% Black. They are clearly implying that the violence is mostly from redneck Whites. The British press is just as anti-White as the American press.

  • JohnEngelman

    According to Neighborhood Scout, Pine Bluff, Arkansas has a crime index of 1. 100 is safest, 0 is most dangerous.

    • Jefferson

      No predominantly Black city in the United States has a crime index anywhere close to 100.

  • JohnEngelman

    One of the few social experiments that has worked in the United States has been the tripling of the prison population since 1980. Since then the crime rate has declined by one third.

    The way to reduce the crime rate is to scrape the criminals off the street, and shovel them into prison. The high cost of incarceration can be reduced by the thorough exploitation of prison labor, and an end to educational and recreational facilities. Criminals are not victims of social and economic injustice. Society owes them nothing. They have debts to pay society.

    • Tyrone Ooks

      Go to the groi or some other black site. You are not doing any good here.

      The way to reduce crime would be for blacks to act as parents. Or preferably not conceive a under developed criminal.

  • jambi19

    I have decided I am going to play your little libertarian games. A “do gooder”. Do you know what “do-gooders” are capable of in your society? You don’t grasp what people like me would do to those such as yourself in a world where I can open up my very own legal recreational methadone clinic. Pharmaceutical companies lobbying to prevent competition from third world street drug dealers? They’d be employed in my McMethadone’s drive thru working minimum wage. The kids are what I am thinking about? huh? Try your mortgage, your grandma’s T.V., your youngest daughter of breeding age. That’$ what I am thinking about. I would have a Oxy-cola machine in your school, church, sporting event. Big Pharma raping your wallets? Big Pharma would love your society.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Good comeback to dumb arguments by people whose obvious goal is to go on getting high. I might add that drugged out whites are of no use to white survival, advancement. Somehow, whites have done well enough within a culture of beer, wine and even harder alcohol present for hundreds if not thousands of years. Drugs quickly destroy, that is the obvious and historically demonstrable fact.

  • bubo

    I’ve heard from Europeans that they get a heavy dose of propaganda against white Southerners over there from the media. An article like this which does it’s best to hide the rampant black violence and make believe that it’s actually whites that are to blame seems to be the norm.

  • Fishers, Indiana has had one murder in 25 years. Due to white privilege, no doubt.
    Population: 76,794
    When Indy’s mayor gets public transit flowing to the ‘burbs, that will change.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      There is an old Nickle Plate RR line that runs through Fishers and is used once a year for the “Fair Train”. The people who are salivating at the idea of public transportation in Indy can’t wait to turn this into a light rail line. Even Castleton Square Mall which is not far from Fishers has had its moments with the undertow. Makes you wonder why Malls are built near Noblesville (next town up from Fishers).

  • I don’t care about murder statistics if the victims are black.

  • cali

    Funny. The picture on the original article shows a white man with a gun, but that’s o.k., some of us know the truth no matter how much the media attempts to hide it.

  • Luis

    The writer is about 60 years behind when it comes to Detroit’s population. Detroit HAD 1.8 million people – in 1950.
    Talk about sloppy journalism>

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    “Those who are murdered in the town are killed because they are caught up in drugs

    I love that expression “caught up in drugs”. As if drugs are a net and some innocent aspiring rapper-astrophysicist just walked into it like a tuna fish into a fishing net. In reality, he used his welfare check to buy a quantity of drugs and then got shot while trying to sell those drugs at profit. That doesn’t sound as nice as getting “caught up” in something he has no control over. If there were no drugs in the town he’d be “caught up” in his educational pursuits of course.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Very well said. We didn’t have a “drug problem” in the country until they were made illegal. It’s not about safety or protecting the children, it’s about control, plain and simple.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Not true. I am amazed continually at how ignorant so many are of history. We had a huge problem with many drugs by the end of the 19th century and into the 20th century. That is the reason laws to control their availability were passed.

      • ncpride

        True. I saw a documentary on the subject, and was totally shocked at how bad drug abuse was that far back. However, I think they honestly didn’t realize (at first) how addictive they were and the harm they could cause.

      • jambi19

        Coca-cola put cocaine in the original ingredient. Anyone ever read about the opium wars?

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Humans have always used drugs and always will. How have all these laws worked out? I can make a phone call and get whatever I want delivered to my door faster than a pizza. I drive downtown an see young girls on the street corner selling their bodies for crack and heroin. I refuse to believe that these idiotic laws have improved the situation.

        Did we have drug gangs armed with military rifles back in the day? Did we have cartels taking over national governments with drug money when drugs were unregulated? How about no knock home invasions by heavily armed government enforcement officers? It’s about control, nothing more.

        The only thing that is shown to actually reduce drug use is treatment centers. Even with the best treatment some people will always have a problem with drugs, it is a fact of life. However, the government prefers prison and police state measures, even though it has been proven that these are ineffective.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      No, we didn’t have a drug problem in the country until the “snivel rights movement” and massive hispanic immigration.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Can we find any black majority community where whites have fled that has even maintained it’s former prosperity?

    Any? Would like to know…

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    “lity is, the little old white lady with the kitten on her lap is perfectly safe in this town. But if you are slinging dope on the east side, you are looking to pay with your life.”

    And the problem withis scenario is…?

    Really, the body of the article is unnecessary. The headline and the editor’s note are all you actually need.

    Put them in reverse, and they could be a clue on Jeopardy. “I’ll take ‘Things Everybody Knows But You’re Not Supposed to Say’ for $1,000, Alex!”

  • Hi, Pine Bluff is my hometown and I wrote an article for the Daily Mail in response to these stats – My story of growing up in the ‘most violent small town in America’ ….so rough our pit bull got stolen! I welcome comments and feedback. This discussion needs to happen…

    • Pelagian

      Nicely done,

      And … pleased to have you on our humble little message board.

      It must have been heartbreaking to have seen your old house like that. You don’t look that old… so the destruction has apparently happened in a relatively short period of time.

  • SintiriNikos

    When I came across the word ‘petrol’ I knew it was a Daily Mail article. Again, why do we have to go to an honest English publication to get news on towns in our country?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    You sound just like a leftist, drug addled political commentator. One sign is the use of words like “vile” and the extremes of emotional appeal for justifying drug use and availability. And saying that alcohol is worse than heroin, meth, or even cocaine is ridiculous, as is the argument that if some people abuse alcohol and legal prescription drugs, your favorite illegal drugs and its abusers are justified as equal partners in your democratic world of substance abusers.

  • Daisy

    Right on. My mother is an alcoholic and has done far more damage to more people’s lives than any drug addict I’ve ever known has. Alcohol is associated with more inter-personal violence than any drug. Big Pharma is terrified of legalizing drugs for a multiplicity of reasons but all come down to $ and power. The ‘war on drugs’ is one of the biggest drains on our society and economy, and I can’t even stand to smoke pot.

    • jambi19

      Daisy. I am sorry about your mother and I mean no disrespect. Drug addiction is a disease that has hurt me personally as well. You need to understand these synthetic drugs (not marijuana that are solid arguments for recreation) are far more addictive, lethal and debilitating than alcohol.People think they can be used for recreation when in all fact they are designed as tools to be used by physicians when there is no other recourse. Please step back and analyze what you are saying. Think of the consequences. What happens when you mix legal alcohol with legal oxycodone? What would happen to your mother or any alcoholic if she did that?

      • Daisy

        It would have saved my life in some ways! I’ve just read that alcohol is the ‘drug’ most linked to violence, in terms of how often its use is a common denominator, as compared to real drugs. And I notice alcoholics are better able to hide their addictions and nurse them for years and that they are actually more prone to inter-personal violence than drug addicts, who more often resort to it in the act of procuring funding. In general, I just think the Netherlands, for eg, do a better job of not wasting such resources on ‘the war,’ but perhaps that’s due to our respective geographies. They only legalize pot I think? I’ve also come to the conclusion that prostitution should be legalized even though it’s repulsive to me; I still think society would be better served and safer for all.

  • Aaron Porter

    I live in Hot Springs Arkansas and Pine Bluff is full of blacks. I never go there.

  • Shattered

    The racial makeup of Pine Bluff, Arkansas is 65.85% Black or African American, 32.30% White, 0.17% Native American, 0.73% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 0.19% from other races, and 0.72% from two or more races.

    For more information, see ‘Banging in Little Rock’.

  • neutral observer

    Over the past fifty years of growing up, school and work, I’ve had to move numerous times and lived in all sorts of cities. Based on my observations, a city acquires certain characteristics depending on the percentage of blacks living within. I’d offer the following observations:

    Below 5% Bantu: some of the nicest, cleanest, safest, most liveable places in the U.S. Nice shops and restaurants, low crime, well maintained neighborhoods, schools your kids can go to and learn. Only downside is HS basketball teams suck. Ex: Santa Barbara, CA, Bend, OR. .

    5%-15% Bantu: Danger zone. Schools start to deteroriate as large, uneducable blacks disrupt classes and prevent learning; white flight from select neighborhoods creates mini-ghettos. Still manageable if City government is tough on crime and adopts policies to keep out Bantu in migration (e.g no low income housing). Basketball team improving. Tacoma, WA, Providence, RI

    15% – 30% Bantu: Full on downward spiral. Inner city retail dries up because of crime, decay, menacing, and general chaos. White flight accelerates, city services impaired as tax money dries up and heavily black city workforce starts to take control. Some areas still liveable, but schools marginal at best. Local street renamed MLK Blvd. Ex:Oakland, CA, Charleston SC.

    30%-50% Bantu: Chocolate City! Tax base almost gone, no more movies or supermarkets in town; schools little more than holding pens for hoodlums-in-waiting. Politicians mostly black and in it for the graft. HS school team makes it to state finals! EX: Newport News, VA, Philadelphia, PA

    Over 50%: Done. Black hole. Say hello to Camden.. Legit economic activity ceases; only drug sales along with a few pawn shops and liquor stores remain. Men mostly hang out on the porch all day smoking cigs and listening to rap music. Politicians all black, mostly ministers and all, constant whining all the time about how whites caused all this. Vast need for State money to keep the party going. But the good news is a couple of local lads made the NBA! Ex: Detroit, MI. Birmingham, ALA, Camden, NJ

  • Ralph

    We watch movies about space aliens attacking us, yet few of us see the metaphor that reflects the reality that we Whites are being attacked by alien (to us) non-Whites and especially Blacks. In the moview we fight back, because we can clearly understand that the space aliens aren’t our kind and that they’re trying to wipe out our kind.

    In America’s cities, Blacks are attacking Whites and forcing us out. Do we fight back? Not often enough. We all know why: the law will perscute us; the press will call us “racists,” and our White still asleep White neighbors will shun us–also as “racists.” So our children die. Our homes are invaded. Our streets and schools are no longer safe for our White kind.

    We must start looking out for ourselves alone. We gain nothing by mixing with Blacks, nothing, nothing, nothing. So, in economic terms, why invest even one second of your time trying to judge the content of the character of any Black? Just shun them all. Even the ones who won’t attack you don’t offer anything worth investing even a second of your time in.

  • As a Pine Bluff resident, I would like to share with you all this interview with our Interim Police Chief on what is being done to combat our crime figures.

  • Pine Bluff >75% black
    Arkansas >80% white

    Pine Bluff has been decimated by a plantation mentality, where immoral, racist whites horde the few crumbs available for themselves. Our crime rate is almost always lower than Little Rock’s, yet our own leaders blow it up bigger. We have twice as many cops per citizen as the average US city and the new Mayor and Police Chief ran on that same old “Get Tough on Crime and Drugs” platform while exaggerating and advertising the stats. The racist whites (not all of us, btw, just the majority) maintain control via the Good Old Boy system of kickbacks while blaming the blacks for everything. In fact, due to our high concentration of good Christian white racists, a terrifying proportion actually believe that God is favoring them. “The blacks are lazy. They don’t want to work. They are dangerous.” Old hype, really old. Read all that talk about how dangerous Pine Bluff is in the earlier posts here, then explain this.. All the violent crime is black on black, so what are whites afraid of, just look at the numbers?!? They are afraid because they have been told to be afraid by a corrupt media and politicians controlled by well-healed city “leaders” who run the banks, etc via the almighty Board. Instead of realizing that taking away peoples money, dignity, education, and political representation creates problems, the racists just want to get drunk and chase booty at the Country Club while saying “If only we could go back to the good old days..”

    1 in 3 US black males will be incarcerated in their lifetime. Know what the statistics are in Pine Bluff? No one does, because our District Court won’t release race data. Wanna know the big secret?!? Most convictions aren’t related to drugs or violent crime, they are over warrants for unpaid bills. Sure, you can get rich off poor people getting high (rich people get high too, from “legal” doctor prescriptions) but you can far more money off unpaid bills. Our hospital, JRMC, bills through Mid-South Adjustment. Sure, they send you a bill regularly, till they “forget.” If you don’t catch it (as if poor people are known for being on top of their bills) they turn you over to the collection agency which happens to be… Mid-South Adjustment. Only those in the know can trace it from their because between who owns what and who gets appointed where, that Good Old Boy system takes over from behind the scenes. I haven’t verified it yet but someone told me that one of our judges is an owner/partner/something at…drum roll please, Mid-South Adjustment. But don’t hate on the racist whites too much, they don’t even realize they are doing anything wrong. After all, God is on their side!

    So there you go…
    Pine Bluff’s real problems are all the damn racist white people in and around it. I mean really, think about it? If you won’t give 75% of your community jobs, you crush the education system, rebuild the city over in White Hall (known to white racists as the place to move to for decades now) and let Pine Bluff fall down on itself, what do you expect? It is sad that so many people have been conned. Even the wanna-be rich folks have been fooled. As long as they have more money than all the blacks, they’ll call it victory and just keep turning the screws.

    So go ahead, jump all over me for just saying the truth. Stand up for human rights and decency and get pummeled, whatever. But here is a question for the future haters..

    If I talked about white bank robbers, would you be personally offended? How about white pedophiles? White acrobats with marginal skills? Of course you wouldn’t be.

    So ask yourself, why are you so personally offended when I mention white racists? I always offer to meet people and discuss these issues on our Court House steps, in front of our community but gee, no one ever takes me up on that. How can you be so proud and yet embarrassed of the same thing? We must either learn to work together or the elected criminals will ensure that we all suffer.

  • I grew up in Pine Bluff. It was nice in the 80s. The town was always pretty segregated even then. Simply a cultural divide. White families moved away from the city as black and minority families moved into their neighborhoods and simply to own some land. The town still had several nice houses and wonderful communities, but the tide has turned. Even the century-old church I grew up in sold their property to a black congregation and moved outside town where the families lived. This story is a tragedy. We travel the world to root out terrorists but abandon communities like Pine Bluff to thugs no better than the Taliban. Sad indeed.


    as a former resident , right on the money

  • John Smith

    Never buy defective farm equipment.