‘Knockout Game’ Perp Shot, Killed

Colin Flaherty, WND, February 19, 2013

Tiffany Thompson got her wish: Demetrius Murphy met the “Right Person” and he will not be playing the Knockout Game any more. Ever.

St. Louis homeowner shot Murphy dead late last week during a burglary. And a whole lot of people in St. Louis feel relieved, if not safer.

Murphy was a member of a group that is credited with making the Knockout Game a St. Louis tradition, then a national pastime.

The rules of the Knockout Game are simple: Begin with a bunch of black people. Anywhere from three to 30.

Find a white person, but an Asian will do. Alone is important. Older is better. Weak and defenseless even more so.

Without warning, punch that person in the face as hard as you can. You win if you score a Knockout.

If not, keep punching until your arms and legs get too tired to continue. Or the person dies.

You can play anywhere, but “vibrant and culturally mixed” neighborhoods are probably the best. That is where the victims are: Asians, “gays,” artists, yuppies, seniors, college students—people who won’t fight back.

Over the last two years, hundreds of people around the country have become victims. Some say over 100 in St. Louis alone. Some died. Others, like Murphy’s victim Matt Quain, suffered broken bones in his face and jaw.


Murphy and his friends were arrested in November 2011 when police found a 13-year-old girl who witnessed the Knockout Game assault on Quain. The charges were dismissed after she failed to show up. The mayor of St. Louis said there was no doubt in his mind the witness was intimidated and too frightened to testify. The mother of the witness said the same several months later.


The pace of the Knockout Game picked up in other places with other victims. That is when Tiffany Thompson made her wish at a news site reporting the results of the latest St. Louis victim:

as a black woman i will say this, i wish they would run into the right person who is armed to defend themselves with a firearm…i bet we will see a drastic decrease in violence in our city. it is embarrassing and shameful—the image these losers portray of blacks in st louis. i do not and never will reside anywhere besides the suburbs of this city, because no one is safe among these savages. do not get angry when people call them thugs, because that is exactly what they are and no excuses can be made for this barbaric behavior! it’s disgusting!!!

That “right person” was a St. Louis homeowner who found Murphy and a friend in his backyard at 1:30 a.m.


Murphy was 15 years old.

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  • Vanessa

    Guess he lost the game.

    • HamletsGhost

      He got knocked the f**k OUT!

  • MekongDelta69

    8… 9… 10… “Yerrrrrrr out”

    Bye, bye Demetrius. No one will miss you.

    On second thought: Maybe NoBama, Hold-Em-Up, Sharp-Tone and Hi-Jackson might. Well, they’ll pretend to – for a minute or two. And if there’s no money in it for them, not even that long.

    • Hirschibold

      Demtrius’s saga is not over. He will voting, probably more than once, in the 2016 national election.

      • CoweringCoward

        Early, often and even from the grave. That is the DemonicRat campaign motto for sure.

  • prettycelticwarrior

    …..and this is why we must fight for our 2nd amendment rights. If this woman wasn’t armed to defend herself and home we would be viewing a news story of how she was brutally raped, beaten and robbed. They probably would have viciously murdered her as well! This guy will never hurt another person again thanks to the brave actions of this woman!

    • Robb

      It was a man who shot him.

      • prettycelticwarrior

        excuse my error. I am glad the innocent white man had the legal weapon and killed the violent black perp!

        • Johnny Clay

          I get a “thrill up my leg” when a bantu yoof gets killed in self-defense.

          • Luis

            My heart sings with the joy of a thousand trumpets.

    • tarvon martins

      a 28 yr old white man shot this tarvon

      • stewardofthemystery


        I see what you did there.

    • This happened just yesterday morning, not way too far where the events in this story happened:


      And you’re right about Amendment the Second, for this reason: St. Louis City’s Police Department plays this stupid whack-a-mole game called “hotspot policing,” (which, if you’re watching and listening to the media buys for the Mayor’s race going on right now, St. Louisans, you’re hearing and seeing a lot of.) What “hotspot policing” means in reality is that in a black part of the city where blacks are being unusually rambunctious (read: criminal), they’ll swarm that given neighborhood with cops for a few weeks. But all that winds up accomplishing is chasing the thugs to other ghetto or marginal parts of the city waiting for the heat to stop, and “mysteriously,” all those other parts of the city suddenly suffer from a dearth of cops for some odd reason.

      Which means that if your neighborhood isn’t a hotspot when there is a declared hot spot, you’re pretty much own your own.

      The Knockout Martin Luther King incident in April 2011 that killed the elderly Nguyen couple happened because there was a declared hotspot going on in another part of the city. The cops were swarming in that hotspot, leaving the “colder” spots vulnerable.

    • Non Humans

      No we wouldn’t be viewing that news story if this guy was unarmed. The Ministry of Truth would bury it like they do nearly all of the other black crime.

  • Justice for Matthew Quain. At least a little bit.

    Murphy’s friend will be facing a Murder-Two charge because the homeowner had to defend himself against both their actions.

    Otherwise, here is how Knockout Martin Luther King began:


    The lesson of this is that recreation centers breed black crime, not prevent it.

    And also:


    • AnalogMan

      Thanks for the link; interesting read. No doubt there is a lot of celebration in St Louis today. Including the policeman who was quoted in that report: “The captain gleefully imagines the teens one day picking the wrong target, maybe an ex-Marine ready to fight back.”

      I had to laugh at the reporter’s prose:

      “Fanning Middle School sits just behind the Carpenter library. It resembles a Norman Rockwell image of a school, a two-story blonde-brick building with soaring windows. Polished hardwood gleams in the main hallway, just beyond a metal detector and guard.”

      How did Rockwell manage to miss that detail?

  • The__Bobster

    As in the Bernard Goetz case, the savage behavior of spoonies eventually catches up with them


    In March 1985, soon after being released from the hospital for the treatment
    of his gunshot wound, James Ramseur falsely reported to police that two men
    hired by Goetz had kidnapped and attempted to kill him,[70] but was not
    charged in this hoax. In May 1985, Ramseur held the gun while an associate
    raped, sodomized and robbed a pregnant eighteen-year-old woman on the rooftop of the Bronx building where he lived, and in 1986 was sentenced to 8⅓ to 25 years in prison.
    According to the New York State Department of Corrections[71] inmate
    search site, Ramseur served his sentence and was released in July 2010. Ramseur
    was found dead of a drug overdose, in an apparent suicide, in a Bronx motel room
    on December 22, 2011, the 27th anniversary of the incident on the No. 2

    Barry Allen committed two robberies after the shooting, the first a 1986
    chain snatching in the elevator of the building where he lived.[58] The
    second arrest, in May 1991, brought him a sentence of three and a half to seven
    years for probation violation and third degree robbery. He was released
    on parole in December 1995.[71][74][75]

    After a number of minor arrests for petty offenses, Canty was ordered to
    undergo an 18-month drug treatment program at a rehabilitation center, which he
    completed in 1989.[75][76] He was later charged with assault, robbery, and resisting arrest in an altercation with his common-law wife in August 1996 but was not convicted and did not serve time.[77]

    • AutomaticSlim

      And the crippled black stayed crippled.
      4 for 4 for Bernie Goetz.

      I was in college when this happened, and I worked at a job where there were
      many blacks. Believe it or not, the older ones seemed to be happy that Bernie blasted these creeps.


        “Believe it or not, the older ones seemed to be happy that Bernie blasted these creeps”. <- Too bad the so called "older ones" of our day didn't have even a fraction of such a spine to display, in our very own modern day Bernie Goetz case with George Zimmerman and Traybone Mauton! Even the black president who was elected because of his race, not in spite of it. Had no problem with playing the role of race baiter in chief rather than playing the role those few blacks you spoke of had the fortitude and brief flash of honesty to play back then.

  • fakeemail

    Being knocked out by a non-white is culturally enriching.

    • stewardofthemystery

      It’s probably the best thing that can happen to someone who isn’t “awake”. If a hard right hook from some ghetto bantu isn’t enough, then there is no hope for the person.

      • Thor Bonham

        Yeah, but some still find a way to blame their own, WHITEY …
        Like the lib woman that went to Africa to “help out”, got gang raped but stayed there to “help out” and found it in her bleeding heart, to blame whitey for the way these blacks raped her .. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid ..

        • Nate Higgers

          It’s all our fault that the world is so technologically advanced today, and yet the africans haven’t invented anything since the stick. All our fault, clearly.

        • AnalogMan

          Sounds like the tale of <a href="http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2010/04/23/amanda-kijera-liberal-human-rights-activist-raped-in-haiti/"Amenda Kijera, only it was in Haiti, not Africa, and it wasn’t a gang rape. Yes, she learned nothing from the experience.

          One wonders whether Amy Biehl learned anything from her African experience, but of course we’ll never know, since she didn’t survive the lesson. Certainly, her parents learned nothing.

          Is it stupidity, or is it insanity?

          • AnalogMan

            Let me try that again… Moderator, please delete my previous attempt

            Sounds like the tale of Amanda Kijera, only it was in Haiti, not Africa, and it wasn’t a gang rape. Yes, she learned nothing from the experience.

            One wonders whether Amy Biehl learned anything from her African
            experience, but of course we’ll never know, since she didn’t survive the
            lesson. Certainly, her parents learned nothing.

            Is it stupidity, or is it insanity?

    • Nate Higgers

      Great for some free target practice, though.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    If knocking unsuspecting folks out is funny, being shot dead by an intended victim is hilarious!

    Demetriuous wins and retires as the Knockout King!

    • Morris Thecat

      it made me laugh

    • Oil Can Harry

      This goon’s granddad was right to compare him to St. Trayvon- they were both violent teen thugs killed in self-defense.

      • Justin_Igger

        Always great news to hear about another one of these worthless blacks get what’s coming to them. We need to all be armed and ready to do God’s work to remove these parasitic, subhuman africans from our lands forcibly.
        Happy hunting!

    • John

      Demetrius dead. Detroit’s former mayor in prison. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife heading to prison. Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin heading to prison soon! The news is looking up lately!

      Regarding Demetrius and his ilk, it’s a shame that this desirable outcome doesn’t happen a few thousand times a day when unprovoked violence from Blacks breaks out.

      Regarding the corrupt Black “politicans”, I would love to see the statistic on the percentage of Black elected officials (mayors, senators, representatives, councilmen, etc.) who end up in prison. The leftists always like to point out non sequitors such as “Whites commit crimes too”, with no regard to proportionality. It would be like someone from Florida telling someone from blizzard-hit New England, “Stop complaining! It snows in Florida, too!”

      The logical responses are, “Yes, you moronic idiot, it snows in Florida, too, about 1/1000th as much as New England,” and “Yes, you leftist imbecile, Whites commit crimes too, anywhere from 1/2 to 1/20th as much as Blacks, depending on the crime.”

      Imagine how much better our society would be without the deleterious effects associated with the presence of Blacks and Browns. Would it be ideal? Of course not… it would simply be much, much, much better.

      • brengunn

        Stop complaining! It snows in Florida, too!

        Perfect analogy. I may steal that one!

        • John

          Thanks! The FBI UCR chronicles crime across 27 categories. Blacks commit the largest percentage of crimes, relative to their total population, in all 27 categories, year after year. My Heavens, if the population of Blacks were any larger, the USA would have to be under constant martial law! I am completely serious. I’ll post a graph a bit later! Watch this space! 🙂

      • Justin_Igger

        Arm yourselves, the government has left the task to our own hands to remove this vile african filth from America. I am ready.

      • i like zimmerman

        also national black power radio host warren ballenting just arrested 10 million dollar real estate fraud show cancelled this guy is good friends with ovomit

    • Ed_NY

      I am LOL, another black made good!

    • Dan Reardon

      Wow! Just imagine the money this gun owner has now saved the American taxpayer!

  • Robb

    For those of you that normally do not read the original article, I highly suggest this one. Quick read and lots more head-shaking facts.

  • Pelagian

    Can we flay his body and hang it from the Arch as a lesson to other n’er do wells? The Arch was just made for a-hangin’.

    Seriously, about the only thing that penetrates the cranium of these thugs is fear. So there is really no “crime prevention” without it.

    • C_C_Conrad

      How about the Golden Arches? It’s black history day there ya know.
      Jack’s War

      • Integration Anxiety

        And now Dead-Metrious is knocked out. For good. Man, if I was still drinkin’ I’d pour out a little whiskey for little Dead-Meatrious. Light a cigar, flip the ash and piss on it, wishing it was the remnants of, you guessed it, Dead-Meatrious. Karma is a b… And the knockout king is history. The end

      • Integration Anxiety

        Ahh, come moderator. Was it something I typed? Was it Dead-Meatrious? Come on… This guy deserved it.

        • bigone4u

          Don’t feel bad. The moderator knocked one of mine out tonight dealing with McCain. I’m not sure but I think it had to do with the way I phrased his name while commenting on his support for Israel.

          • Pelagian

            The moderator knocked out my original post about the St. Louis Gateway Arch, which was simply a remark about the role that fear plays in crime and punishment, yet allows much more incendiary personal attacks against the character of blacks as a race. I wonder if Mr. Taylor is moderating this moderator?

  • Bernie

    More if this if you want to stop black racist crime.

    • Pelayo

      Absolutely. It’s all about the body count.

      • Nate Higgers

        17 under my belt so far…do I get an honor badge or a trophy yet?

    • Justin_Igger

      Much, much more. Now.

  • Don

    Finally, a happy news story. This put a smile on my face. Where go Demitrious mommas? My sun was a good ol boy. He juxt gots lost an was tryin to ax fo darection. Why dat man has to shoots him!? Dis is raycisss! Call da poleeece.

    • She is already on record that her son just happened to fall in with the wrong crowd. We do know for sure that he did just that and was indeed part of a really large wrong crowd that played a “game” of Knockout Martin Luther King against Matt Quain. Had that witness showed up to juvenile court that day, he and his whole “wrong crowd” would still be doing time in the city juvie lockup.

      • Justin_Igger

        The wrong crowd = blacks. If you’re born black, you’re automatically born into the wrong crowd, with a target naturally painted on your head.

      • I love the “fell in with the wrong crowd” excuse. No, LaQueesha, your little piece of filth IS the “wrong crowd.”

        • Joseph

          At least he got “…his life turned around”.

    • CharlesFinley

      “Where go…?” Yes!!!

  • Pelagian

    What? He didnt accidentally hit his girlfriend going to the potty? (-:

  • Luca

    Demetrius knew the rules of the knockout game. He just didn’t know the rules of the First Amendment.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      You mean 2nd Amendment.

      • Luca

        Correct. Thanx

    • Tom UK

      Sounds like the tagline of a movie I’d love to watch.

      • Nate Higgers

        Starring Denzel Washington as: that one worthless african that got shot dead.

  • The knockout game is infinitely more dangerous when Smith and Wesson are playing.

    • Luis

      When that happens, the knckout is permanent.

    • Joseph

      Remember when Clinton’s “vibrant” Surgeon-General Joycelyn Elders said “We can make safer guns. We can make safer bullets.”? This is why she wanted them.

  • razorrare

    S.I.E…..Sqirm in Eternity—Murphy

  • American Patriot

    Tears at the White House for another fallen son.

  • zone

    Reformed for the remainder of eternity.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Or, “made good,” as they say.

    • Nate Higgers

      The only remedy.

  • bigone4u

    The knockout game offers a true picture of black behavior for universities to bring up during Black History Month. Of course, what with celebrating MLK, Rosa, Jesse, Obumbler,etc. and castigating whites for racism, black crime and racism will NEVER come up. State legislatures should defund Black History Month unless it tells the real truth.

    • Justin_Igger

      If I ever am forced to compose an essay on black behavior in my studies, I promise this will be the topic.

  • Unperson

    Black female StL resident Tiffany Thompson said:

    i do not and never will reside anywhere besides the suburbs of this city, because no one is safe among these s*vages.
    Dear Tiffany: Although we admire your brutally honest understanding of the harmful nature of your fellow blacks, we don’t really want you in our suburbs either.

    • Pelagian

      And the blacks who play knockout King are not just “losers”, Tiffany. Maynard G. Krebs as played by Bob Denver was a loser. These guys are vile vermin.

      • Tom in MI

        Actually Maynard G. Krebs was a pre-hippie beatnik. Ask Dobie Gillis.

    • Plenty of St. Louis suburbs are unlivable and heavily if not all black, many city neighborhoods are very livable and mostly white. The trend in St. Louis is actually D.C.-ish — Slowly and quietly pushing the blacks out of the core city.

    • mikey

      I bet she still voted for Obama though.

    • whiteyyyyy

      Exactly, its not the chinese breeding these things.

    • libertarian 1234

      “Dear Tiffany: Although we admire your brutally honest understanding of the harmful nature of your fellow blacks, we don’t really want you in our suburbs either.”

      Yes, Tiffany, you might have your head on straight about this issue, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be out marching through our neighborhoods trying to get the school board to dumb down the curriculm, so your little La Keisha and Le Shawn can keep from falling so far behind.

      Have you priced real estate in the Republic of Liberia? They speak English there.

      • Justin_Igger

        We don’t take kindly to any africans or any other subhumans aroundh here… They don’t last long at all.

      • Eric

        Have you priced real estate in Europe (where your ancestors came from) They speak english there

    • Justin_Igger

      We don’t take kindly to her primitive species around here. If there’s only one thing we have in large quantity, it is rope.

      • a multiracial individual

        You have an interesting moniker. What does it mean exactly?
        As many people around here know, IQ and race are highly correlated. However, IQ has other correlations as well. Frequent use of racial slurs is associated with low IQ, as is a taste for violence. Isn’t that interesting?

        • Sherman_McCoy

          “Frequent use of racial slurs is associated with low IQ, as is a taste for violence.”

          And upon what do you base that? I frequently enjoy exercising the use of “racial slurs” and have an IQ of 135. And no, I’ve no way of proving it here. As far as having a taste for violence goes, I’m sure it is a taste that will be easily acquired by many intelligent whites as the Bantus up the ante in the streets.

          • blight14

            Well stated Sherman…………..

          • refocus

            Dats why youse gwanna looose yo guns. Den dem Bantu comes ouw fo yo a$$.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I have a taste for violence already, as well as 79 US and foreign patents awarded. As far as racial slurs go, I am an almost quarter-breed blanket head.

          • Nate Higgers

            It’s hilarious how the worthless africans always attempt to make the claim that we must be ignorant to be racist, when the fact is it is exactly the opposite. Maybe we, with our above average IQ’s, are just intelligent enough and pay enough attention to detail to see that africans cannot logically be considered human beings, even on a low level.

            Notice how, the higher your IQ, the higher your overall earnings, and the greater the distance from primitive africans you will be? Ironic.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            True that, Nate. Say, that wouldn’t be your distant cousin Justin there below, would it?

          • a multiracial individual

            Is a white person with an IQ of 70 a human being?

          • CharlesFinley

            Ditto! (Taggart)

          • a multiracial individual

            I never said you have a low IQ, merely that you are engaging in an activity that mostly low IQ people engage in.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Then why bring it up? You seem to imply that engaging in the use of “racial slurs” as you put them, is a bad thing. I see it as economy of expression.

            Moreover, you’ve still not supported your statement with any evidence, whereas there are plenty of documented occasions where intelligent people used so-called “racial slurs” when they believed the microphone was dead.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            You sir, are stereotyping!

        • Justin_Igger

          Maybe that’s why the vast majority of blacks have sub-70 IQs, which is officially mentally retarded by human standards, and why all blacks are inheritly racist and hate ALL Whites without question?
          I wasn’t raised or taught to be racist towards blacks. I’m 32 with an IQ of 115, you want to know what made me racist? Blacks, via their inferior intellect and all of their crimes against humanity made me racist. If one single group causes the great majority of all problems in your country, you have full right to look down on ALL of them.
          There is no hope for blacks, they will not magically evolve into even a low level of humanity, their genetics won’t allow it. We need to stop babysitting the apes, and let nature take its course for once.
          To clarify: technically, I am not a racist, I love all human beings. I do hate blacks, though, as anyone would hate and avoid primitive, violent animals.
          Blacks are not human beings, we need to stop pretending that they are. If they were, then why do they simply lack the ability whatsoever to even act in a dignant manner that is expected, and demanded, by all human beings?
          They do not earn nor deserve any defense for anything that I have just stated.

        • Nate Higgers

          What’s even more interesting, is the fact that the great, great majority of africans in America have sub-70 IQs, which means that they are officially mentally retarded, by our human standards.

          My IQ is 115, by the way, too high to be foolish enough to defend any worthless african. I’m much too wise to see their daily filth to be fooled into believing that they are human beings and that they are “just like us”.

          I’m sorry you’re not intelligent enough to see the glaring truth…you must be pretty low on the scale if you believe that these worthless, simian, primitive africans are worth defending. I pity you.

  • HadEnough

    Yaaaay! I’ve had a crappy day, but this has cheered me up no end.

  • RHG

    And of course the “knockout game” isn’t considered a “hate crime” activity by law enforcement and I don’t see the Revrum Al organizing marches to end the hate.

  • MikeS

    “”Knockout Game” Perp Shot, Killed.”
    Now that’s what I want to hear!

  • guest

    I’m happy to hear about the outcome of this particular “knockout king”.

    Unfortunately I read the comments from the original victim of Demetrius:

    “Ya know, I’m not happy that somebody died,” he (Michael Quain) said Monday. “I just wish there was more that people could do to put an end to it. Whatever it takes, more cops, whatever.

    “There needs to be more grassroots support to help people keep kids off the street. Involvement with parents and all like that.”

    Remember, this guy had his jaw broken as part of a “game”. It wasn’t a bruise or a scratch, it was a broken jaw. Yet another self-hating liberal white guy who can’t come out and say, “Demetrius was a thug who finally got what he deserved, and his friend is getting murder 2 and he deserves that too.” Why can’t a white who is a victim of some horrible black crime come out and say something like that? Why do they always say things that try to excuse, forgive or justify the perpetrators?

    • NotYourTypicalBlack

      He said what he felt he had to say while the attention was on him. He doesn’t actually believe what he said (and neither does anyone with common sense).

      • guest

        Look at what Mr. Quain looked like after the attack. I don’t think any white person would fault him for expressing just a hint of anger over what Demetrius did to him.

    • Joseph

      This guy probably has to mind his p’s and q’s because if it ever sounds like he was “rayciss” or pleased with the outcome, they will still find some way to bring criminal charges or a lawsuit against him. He probably can’t say what everybody knows.

  • Who says there’s never any good news?

    • George

      Unfortunately, his mother wasn’t introduced to Planned Parenthood in time…

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Which reminds me! Folks, be sure to give generously to your nearest inner-city chapter of Planned Parenthood.

        And if you are Pro-Life, be sure to give to any “abortion alternative” centers which cater primarily to white neighborhoods.

        The life you save might be white!

        • Justin_Igger

          51% of all black babies are aborted in America, before they can grow up to victimize any human being. The question is, how can we increase this crime fighting technique even further?
          Blacks get everything handed to them for free, because mentally they are eternal children and cannot fend for themselves. Why not just start giving them abortions for free across the board? This is, of course, if they don’t already receive abortions for free already.

      • CharlesFinley

        Nor was Stanley Ann…

        • Joseph

          What kinda white jackass names their daughter “Stanley” anyway? Even the part of Soeterobama’s history which isn’t secret is screwed up from the get-go.

  • Tact

    I’vesaid it before and I will say it again: Yes we hate them. But hey make us hate them.

    • Ah, I used to, but then I came to the realization that it’s in their nature, and it’s like hating a pride of lions for killing a zebra or an antelope. Kinda. You just have to warn folks and avoid the lions territory and defend yourself when necessary.

      • jambi19

        Avoid the “lions” territory? Like in South Africa where whites live in enormous security compound with walls to avoid the africLION’s territory? I am a free man. I walk where I want when I want.

        • Yeah, I should’ve said, avoid contact with the lions, if possible, and CCW.

        • PesachPatriot

          This is a very good point. I remember at some point back in the 90’s I read a time magazine article about how there were parts of white america where no black person could walk and parts of black america where no white person could walk. Today blacks feel comfortable walking and driving and blasting rap music just about everywhere that doesn’t have a gate around it but no white, or even non-black person would go for a stroll after dark in one of their neighborhoods….

          • It’s obvious that there are parts of black America that are no-go zones for whites. But do you honestly think that vice-versa actually exists? If it did, the DOJ would be all over it like ducks on a june bug. This fiction that there are white areas where black people can’t go is a dreamed up media fiction as a fake faux false flag “counter” argument to the REAL black-area “no go zone” for whites.

          • PesachPatriot

            oh i know…the sundown towns ended with the civil rights era…I said that I read the article, not that I necessarily agreed with it.

      • AnalogMan

        This is why we no longer have lions roaming free in civilized countries. What worked for lions will work for other feral species, too.

      • Bill

        OR, if “lions” get to be a real problem and are invading civilization to prey on villages or such, a better solution is to decimate the lion population and push back their habitat until none are found except on established, guarded reservations so folks can see a lion or two and what they looked like before their extinction. Why should civilization have to give up territory?

    • a multiracial individual

      You raise an interesting point that I feel needs to be addressed. Many people feel that different races have different natures. If one believes that, then rage toward said group(s) makes no sense. You know that a grizzly bear would think nothing of thrashing you to pieces. Does this raise rage in you toward grizzly bears? I suspect not. Why does this scenario change when we are talking about homo sapiens instead of Ursus arctos horribilis?

      • Sherman_McCoy

        For once, you and I might just be on common ground. Perhaps the bantu simply cannot help itself when it comes to rapin’ and robbin’ and rappin.’

        The difference is that the bear is either in a cage or out in his natural habitat, far from posing a threat to me and my family. And, there are no “bear rights” groups castigating me and mine for having kept the bears down. Or blaming the depredations of bears on me and mine.

      • Den

        the “uncanny valley”. also, grizzly bears don’t rape white women.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Bears also don’t rape little girls on Okinawa.

          • Luis

            Nor do bears riot if one is shot by a hunter or park ranger. They do not riot, loot or set fire to cities, either, Michael C.
            Come to think of it Michael, neither do giraffes, wart hogs, elephants, Cape buffalo, hyenas and all the other fauna of the Bantu’s mother continent.
            So why does the Bantu?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            They’re orcs. At the risk of seeming like our friend Nathiel, they’re just orcs.

    • Nate Higgers

      I cannot possibly fathom that there exists a people of this world that do not hate them, themselves included. They are at least aware enough of their own mental, social, and moral depravity. They know that they’re worthless.

  • Good riddance you foul, rotten, little scumbag.

  • Morris Thecat

    looks like demetrius wont be a denny’s for breakfast

  • Morris Thecat

    demetrius is now gawn turn into detritus

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I’d love to see a grenade thrown at a group of these thugs.

    • Morris Thecat

      wait for da foonerahl

  • Morris Thecat

    so much WIN!!!!

  • TiredOfTheWhining

    He got the final TKO of his career. Justice is served proudly again by cold lead. Thanks to the homeowner.

  • PesachPatriot

    I guess demetrius murphy will now be playing the decomposing and being eaten by worms game…When will these aspiring athletes start playing the knockout game at the Daytona 500, hockey games, st. patty’s day parades, and heavy metal concerts? Its far too easy to beat up the gay couple, the asian math whiz, or the senior citizen who fought in WWII….why don’t these gangsta wannabes try swinging on the first guy they see in an outlaws club jacket, or an old Pantera tour shirt if they really want to earn some street cred?

    • bigone4u

      Bottom line is they’re cowards. I once observed a group of loud obnoxious blacks in a movie theater. A big white or Hispanic off duty cop just wanting to enjoy the movie walked up to them in the darkened theater, with the beginning of the movie unspooling, and harshly and loudly let them know that their misbehavior would not be tolerated. Although there were six or seven of the “youfs” no one challenged him. Cowards.

      • PesachPatriot

        Yeah I know…your story is why even before I had a kid I pretty much stopped watching horror movies in the theatres….I don’t need to hear half the hood screaming at the monster or talking on their cellphones. I have noticed that when a group of aspiring rappers are misbehaving they always seem to pull up their pants, quiet down and get out of the way when they see older white guys with bike club jackets, rebel flags, beards and visible black and gray tattoos.

        When I worked on the ice cream truck in the hood several of them tried to “test” me on numerous occasions….I had heard stories from friends about how incredibly superstitious many of them were, so I simply mumbled some words in hebrew and told them I had put a hex on them and an evil spirit would be coming, to claim their souls by the end of the month, I couldn’t believe that it actually made them run away….they were crying and begging me to lift the hex by the end of the week…

      • Justin_Igger

        Blacks are inheritly cowards, they know full well of their own inferiority and subhumanity.

  • Even elderly black people have fallen victim.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Elderly blacks were the first victims I saw in the Knockout Game. The gang punched out an old black guy in Denver, who went into convusions, I told my wife, “We’re in the stew, honey”. I held my ground and held onto one of my foes, tripping him and, whacking his face against the curb until his friends got him away. His face was totally ruined, and there was more blood in my hair than there was hair.

      It must have looked to outsiders like an “Andy Cap” fight.

    • Nate Higgers

      You can blame them for instilling into their children a pure, evil hatred for all people not black. None of them are innocent, not even the infants. They’re all guilty of crimes against humanity, simply by being born. They are a curse.

  • IKantunderstand

    This game will continue in popularity. Until all Whites are dead. Then, they will move onto the Mexicans. Sadly, for the Blacks, they are outnumbered, due to Obama’s amnesty and the Mexicans take over. The Mexicans engage in “knockout King” due to sheer numbers, they always win.Due to the lack of White people, the entire USA resorts to “knockout King” politics. America becomes Mexico North. Hola Gringos! Excuse me, I meant to say: Adios Gringos!

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Perhaps another Andy Capp fight. How many nukes can Mexico bring?

  • Roddion Raskolnikov

    Hahaha. About time! I live in the neighborhood where this creep beat people up. I actually gave a presentation about “Knockout King” in my English class and had a nice slide showing Murphy with some incoherent ebonics in a speech bubble next to him (not many people got the joke!) but I didn’t expect that he’d get his just deserts so soon! 😀

    • Roddion Raskolnikov

      Also, I may have seen him before. Some ugly youth tried to play “Knockout King” on me once. I was punched in the head from behind before the “youth” ran off laughing.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I had a TSA agent housesitter relentlessly steal from me, and told my court-appointed head-shrinker about it. The shrink seemed concerned that I might decide to hurt the thief, and asked me once. I replied, “There’s no need; I know exactly where he’s going.”

      The thief later received three-to-life with mandatory life on parole for molesting kids. Robert Christopher Rowe has a sentence termination date in Colorado’s DOC of December 31 8888, which means he’s done a bit after his 6913th birthday. You can look him up online; in his mug shot, he looks like he’s dying. I would never have recognized him from the photo alone.

      You don’t have to worry about these people, so long as you can keep yourself and your family safe from them. They eventually take care of themselves. This worked quite nicely in Murphy’s case. Someone who beats up strangers in a country with somewhere between a quarter and half billion privately-owned firearms isn’t a good life insurance risk. As the old joke about Hong Kong Dong goes, “We no need to cut it off. It fall off all by itself.”

  • Garrett Brown

    Hell yes!!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  • Justin_Igger

    The only good n1gger, is a dead n1gger. Job well done, keep up the good work!

    • Nathanwartooth

      Either a left wing plant or a mentally disabled person. Either way it’s horrible.

      • Nate Higgers

        Truth hurts, especially when it refers to your own kind’s moral, intellectual, and social inferiority. Hey, we can’t all be human.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Perhaps you could phrase your rhetoric in a manner more appropriate to your chosen venue. I think the most horrible things about THEM on my best mornings, but we’re polite here, Nathaniel.

          I remember a guy named Nicholas, and he was from town called “Siggers”, but I never did try to discover where that place was.

          We don’t need word-play names here, and now you’re flinging insults at anyone who disagrees with you.

          I agree with you in a way I would never be allowed to explain in polite company, but this is an “adult” conversation, and we must write as adults here.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I tried writing nicely to him or her, but it doesn’t seem to have helped any.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    This is actually normal in the United States. The legal establishment is that there is NO SUCH THING as an “accidental” death during the commission of a felony.

    For instance, if you and I go rob a bank and you are inside the bank and I chicken out and drive away, and run over someone with the car, I have just committed first-degree murder. I could be executed for that. Suppose you get out of the bank and the police shoot and kill you in our getaway car. That’s also murder, and it is also my fault; I could be executed for your being shot by the cops.

    If you rape a little girl and she runs across traffic to get away from you and is hit by a drunk motorist and killed on her way home, I could be executed for murder if I’d had you in my car to help you pick her up or let her go. Especially in Texas.

    There is no such thing as an “accidental” death during the commission of a felony in the United States. These are instantly First-Degree Murder cases.

  • Demetrius beez knocked out of da park.

  • Justin_Igger

    Two down, only about 40 million more to go…

  • SintiriNikos

    ‘Demetrius’? These violent mobs of Greeks must be stopped once and for all!

    • PesachPatriot

      I am often in fear of my life that mobs of greeks in togas will force me to eat baklava, drink ouzo and discuss Homer’s Odyssey and the works of Herodotus at length if I accidentally go walking through a greek neighborhood after dark. Ya’sou to your comment.

      • SintiriNikos

        haha. We are an unruly bunch, that’s for sure. The vibrancy we bring to any neighborhood is usually from breaking plates and lots of dancing. Yasou PesachPatriot!

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I suspect the name is a Romanization of Greek, as per the “ius” suffix. Greeks didn’t wear togas! These multicultural Greco-Romans must be stopped! My daughter has a good, normal Greek name: Ariadne. If we have another, she’ll be “Penelope”. If a boy, “Owen”.

          When I was a schoolboy, then names “Michael” and variants of “Kristen” were done to obsessive extreme. There are plenty of real names from European antiquity that sound nice and are easy for others to spell. Demetrius? (Gag). Why not N’Demetrius?

          As an aside, had I’d been Odysseus, I’d have bagged the mission and stayed with Circe.

          • SintiriNikos

            haha or swum to the sirens and let the men sail away safely. Ariadne is a very nice name. Penelope is great too. True Demetrius is roman-like. In modern Greek, it’s Dimitrios, or Dimitri for short. It’s really a Christian which I doubt existed in antiquity.

            I like some of the ancient names though, like Achilles and Telemachus.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I like Vercingetorix for a boy, but that would be too much of a good thing. Dimitri also has Russian connotations. Maybe Vercingetorix as a middle name. Ariadne’s middle name is Elizabeth, a traditional woman’s name in my family.

            Achilles would be a good name for a white man who really loved flying helicopter gunships. I could go with a son named Achilles, but I couldn’t imagine him doing anything other than flying AH-64 Apaches.

          • SintiriNikos

            There was a time when I was very much into Celtic history and legend. I used to like Vercingetorix and would write it on my desk in grade school. Achilles definitely is a warlike name, and anybody by that name is not likely to become an interior designer, that’s for sure.

            Dmitri is the Russian version of the Greek. The origin is an eastern Saint who is reputed, I believe, to have slain a dragon as is St. George. Of course you must know that the Russian and Greek churches are very similar with some calendar differences, essentially the same in dogma, sacraments, and customs and rites.

          • skara_brae

            Why don’t you and Michael get a room and let the rest of us get back to the subject under discussion?

          • SintiriNikos

            Maybe we will! Anyway, the odd off-topic discussion isn’t gonna kill the overall thread. On that note, a quick scroll through comments shows that both MCS and I have contributed something to the discussion, while you have contributed nothing.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Names aside, the whole knockout “game” is quintessentially stupid. Does beating folks up make these idiots feel “manly”? I feel that way whenever I do good work on a project, around the house. I will bet anything you like that nobody white beat that guy up to make his life so full of hate.

            I am currently repurposing an old East German NVA ammo crate for the parts and tools that go with my air compressor. I am making compartments for it and lift-out trays. Beating folks up doesn’t produce useful results the way this sort of work does. Since the air compressor is red and black, so will be the tool box.

            Work for its own sake has a certain glory in a way pounding unsuspecting persons never will. How shallow could someone’s life be if they wanted to beat up the apparently defenseless?

          • SintiriNikos

            They’re just cowards, that’s all there is to it. No compassion, just plain brutes. And I’m sure they wouldn’t even be capable of doing anything constructive, even if they wanted to.

            If they had balls, they’d try their little game on an alert, strapping man, instead of effete college kids, old folks, geeky Asians, and other visibly vulnerable people. But they have no balls.

  • Nate Higgers

    The world will certainly be a much better, safer, cleaner place once we start forcibly removing these subhuman niggros from it.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Are you really trying to discredit this forum? Nobody else here writes the way you do.

  • Andrea Ostrov Letania

    From Fartin Poother King to Knockout King.

  • Luis

    Hooray for the Second Amendment! It works!

    No matter how hard a punch a Bantu packs, whether it’s Ali, Frazier, Tyson or Holyfield, a bullet will hit harder. A bullet didn’t know this Bantu was the ‘Knockout King”. It knocked him out – permanently.

    Maybe the Obama Boyz street gang will send flowers to this cockroach’s funeral. Heck, maybe Obama will send a wreath, himself.

  • Shattered

    I love a happy ending.

  • CharlesFinley

    Demetrius? Dat dude be dead, dawg…dig? (nigg-alliteration)

  • Luis

    I wonder if the Obama Boyz will send flowers to the perp’s funeral. Demetrius Murphy will sleep with the earthworms. Enjoy your long coldrest.

    • Michael_C_Scott


      • CoweringCoward

        A white man may eat of a fish that ate of a worm that ate of … I am going to be sick.

  • Joseph

    What was the kid’s name…Detritus?

  • Joseph

    “Whatever can go wrong, will.” -and it did.

    Murphy’s law.

  • Another dead predator. Cheers all around. BTW Knockout King.is a ridiculous name for this little pricks hobby. I would call it something that describes the player and the play more accurately . Sucker punching a senior citizen or a woman on the street with a mob to back your play does’nt fit the name. These subhuman, spineless, criminal cowards call themselves Knockout Kings.
    Any suggestions?

  • Rico

    This is why Obama wants to disarm America, so that his favorite citizens have free reign to rape, pillage and destroy. It is all in the name of fairness don’t you know, all in the name of retribution against U.S.

  • Eric

    Whites enslaved my ancestors, repeatedly raped and sodomized the men, women, and children with no mecy. They hunted us like animals and burned pregnant women alive at the stake. America was discovered by the indians, built by the Africans, but claimed by the whites. My point? White people have not accomplished anything in history without raping, robbing, and mudering. But they have the audacity to call us savages? I have grown sick and tired of these people who’s ancestors were neanderthals walking on all fours.