Expert: Bipartisan Immigration Reform Plan Will Cost Trillions

Caroline May, Daily Caller, January 31, 2013

Robert Rector, a senior research fellow with the Heritage Foundation, expects the bipartisan immigration reform proposal, which includes a path to citizenship, will end up costing taxpayers more overtime than the trillion-dollar calculations he testified to during debate over the 2007 immigration reform bill.

“[The proposal] seems to be virtually identical to the 2007 bill and would be extremely costly to the U.S. taxpayers,” Rector told The Daily Caller in a Wednesday interview. “Granting amnesty or legal status to illegals will generate costs in Medicare and Social Security alone of $2.5 trillion above any taxes paid in.”

According to Rector, the majority of the undocumented immigrants who would eventually be legalized by the legislation are largely uneducated, and therefore more likely to be dependent on government assistance. {snip}

“It’s not like they pay in a lot when they are young, and they take it out when they’re old. They are in fiscal deficit every year of their lives,” Rector explained. “For example, the typical household headed by someone who does not have a high school degree, as I said in that paper in 2007, got back then $30,000 in benefits and paid $10,000 [in income and consumption taxes]. It’s a net cost of $20,000. That would be significantly higher now.”


“We don’t know how many there are,” Rector said of the 11 million undocumented immigrant figure. “You can say all these costs will be significantly higher in this bill than in the 2007 bill.”

Rector added that he is currently working on a follow up paper to bring the 2007 numbers up to date.

“Basically, the figures from 2007 are just under counts now,” he said. “Everything now has gotten more expensive. Obamacare increases the costs considerably. One of the tricks is they will do things like say, ‘They will contribute to the Social Security Trust Fund.’ Well, you can’t compartmentalize these costs that way, because it doesn’t do the taxpayer any good if they contribute to the Social Security tax fund $2,000, but they take $20,000 out of general revenue. Right?”


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  • The__Bobster

    It’s just part of the ongoing war on eeeevil White seniors. Obongo hopes they die soon so that they can be replaced by “right-thinking” brown creatures. But how will he keep them under control when eeeevil YT’s money runs out?

    • jfly

      bobster, I don’t know what a YT is? Can you explain without upsetting the monitor.

      • So CAL Snowman

        YT = Whitey

      • Don’t worry about the moderator here. YT = “Whitey.” Say “whitey” really quickly. Sometimes it could mean “YouTube.” Depends on the context.

    • liberalsuck

      he or they will kill white people. Next question?

  • Triarius

    It’ll cost more than trillions. The price tag is the most prosperous country in world history (to date).

    • NYB

      Those who prosper in a Ponzi scheme know the scheme will eventually collapse.

      Their response: They’re buying gold, and preparing to own everything which is left after a collapse by ensuring the perpetuity of property rights .

      Case in point, after Europe was devastated by World War II, Jewish interests began methodically hunting down properties and chattels which Jews hastily sold or abandoned early in the war. To this day, 65 years later, there is still an office which carries out this task.
      Should the U.S. and the world be shattered by a financial collapse, rest assured the first priority of elite financial stakeholders would be to establish an agency to reassert their control over wealth, using the deeds and titles they are presently amassing.

      • Felix_M

        Another reason to protect our 2nd amendment rights.

      • shmo123

        Under what name does this office operate?

        • NYB

          World Jewish Restitution Organization, Its head office is in Jerusalem.

          Goals of the WJRO:

          .”The planning and establishment of a computerized property file, in which all the information regarding Jewish communal and public property in the different countries will be compiled. Research is being conducted for the relevant material in national and local archives and land registration offices, in countries where such access is possible.”

          ” the return of properties of communities, associations, organizations and heirless private properties, to the Jewish people, as the legal heir and successor of the extinguished communities and annihilated people;
          b. to arrange payment of full compensation in cases where restitution is impossible and,

          c. to advance the restitution of private property and compensation to Holocaust survivors. The organization is regarded as the legal and moral representative of world Jewry in regard to claims for the recovery of Jewish properties”

          • NYB

            The member organizations of the World Jewish Restitution Organization: (this initiative is taking on a renewed vigor. Of late, they were still adding new members.)

            The Jewish Agency for Israel
            The World Zionist Organization
            The World Jewish Congress
            The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
            The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
            B’nai Brith International
            The American Gathering/Federation of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
            The Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel
            Agudath Israel World Organization,(joined in 1994)
            EJC/ECJC Joint European Delegation,(joined 1998)
            AJC, American Jewish Committee (joined 2009)
            CER, Conference of European Rabbis
            NCSJ, National Conference on Soviet Jewry
            A casual observer would see this evolving from a post-war relic to a contemporary legal backstop against future uncertainty.

          • Felix_M

            Now someone please tell us that it isn’t a cult/multi-generational crime syndicate.

          • NYB

            It is interesting: “The organization is regarded as the legal and moral representative of world Jewry in regard to claims for the recovery of Jewish properties”.

            In the course of historical events, many people have lost title to properties.

            It is unprecedented that one people would collectively organize a global registry to make sure they keep a racial grip on their self-described collective possessions.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Millions exterminated in Nazi Europe and Soviet Russia and yet the Rothschilds still prosper.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Indeed. Not the most prosperous for much longer it would seem

  • third wave

    Amren should have posted a story about Oscar Pistorious — the white South African double-amputee who allegedly murdered his girlfriend. The story would have certainly been the first one on here had Pistorious been black.

  • WmarkW

    No one’s explained to me yet, what our country or economy needs with 10 million high school dropouts.

    • wayne

      More like 20 million. After the deed is done the leftists will be gloating about the “underestimation” by 15 million or so

      • kjh64

        More like about 35-40 million.

      • Triarius

        It was estimated 12-20 million when I was in high school, that was about a decade ago.

        • tickyul

          Yes, it is funny and pathetic how the Scumaticians have been rolling out that phony 11 million number for the last 10 years.

        • saxonsun

          You’re right. I see these invaders everywhere. It’s scary how fast they’ve infiltrated our nation. They are truly an infestation in every sense of the word and all of its ramifications.

        • Nobody

          Just wait until you see how many it is a decade from now.

    • Ron

      The Democratic Party needs 10 million high school dropouts to be registered to vote, hope with enough of them in Florida and Texas that no Republican will ever win president again.

      • StillModerated

        Their wish has already come true. I’ll never vote GOP again — unless their candidates pander to the White vote. They can start by announcing that YT needs to be protected from the mongroid horde.

    • StillModerated

      True that. My father came to the US in the mid-60s as part of the brain drain. Now we import lawn mowers and bus boys. Had it not been for feminism and abortion, YT could have bred its own underclass. However, it did seem like a good idea at the time. Now we’ll have to start over.

      There is a way that seems right to a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death.
      The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Puggg

    Funny, they tell us we need all these Hispanics to pay for SS and Medicare. Now we know for sure it will cost the SS and Medicare system more than it would otherwise. What I think, but don’t know for sure, is this: How much less revenue would the SS and Medicare system be getting at the same time because cheap labor means less SS and Medicare taxes being paid? It’s actually a double whammy.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Even if companies don’t plan on hiring any illegals it still gives them a great bargaining chip.

      “Memo to all employees: We will be cutting all of your wages down to minimum wage. Don’t like it? Well there are 35 million new people wanting to take your job.”

    • George

      Lower wages affect SS and Medicare taxes in two ways: Less tax paid by the worker, as these taxes are based on his wages received, and less tax paid by the employer, for the same reason. Lower revenues received, plus higher expenses incurred, does NOT equal ‘saving’ Social Security. It instead means ‘hastens the death of the programme to which working people contribute over the course of their entire careers’.

  • David Ashton

    Who cares so long as the employers make a quick profit and the leftists then make a long-term revolution?

    • Oil Can Harry

      The Democrats have the same philosophy as the UK’s Labor Party: Who cares if we destroy our country as long as we win more elections?

      • Xerxes22

        The Republicans have the same philosophy. Only they don’t win elections.

        • Liberalsuck

          They only chance the GOP will have is local or state elections, but as far as national elections, like winning the presidency? Forget about it. They say the Democratic Party takes the black vote for granted. I say the Republican Party takes the white vote for granted.

  • Sam

    For the Democratic party, $2.5 trillion is a small price to pay for (at least) 10 million new Democratic voters, especially with one million of them in Florida. It works out to only $250,000 per voter, which is actually zero per voter because that $250,000 per voter is paid for entirely by white Republicans.

    We’re paying $250,000 per voter to get people in here who hate us, want to tax us and take away our rights and our jobs.

    • George

      You meant ‘paid for by white Republicans…and their great-great-great-grandchildren’, I think.

      • Felix_M

        Sadly, a lot of republicans are going to support this crime.

        • JohnEngelman

          Don’t be surprised. The Republican Party exists to benefit the employer – investor class. These people benefit from a high rate of immigration. It reduces wages and raises profits.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Yes, this is the mistake that will trigger the deluge. Prepare.

  • Barrack Osama

    Who cares how much it costs? Our finances are in tip top shape.

  • a mutiracial individual

    The GOP will reach out to Hispanics when they should be reaching out to white liberals. Such a stupid party.

    • Young Man

      I agree 100%. Romney actually won with white women under 30. Imagine how much better he could have done if he had reached out to liberal/centrist whites.

      • Young Man

        And I’m a conservative libertarian by the way…

      • He would have gotten the same results, because that’s all he did in reality, was pander to liberal/centrist whites.

    • Felix_M

      The GOP should try winning back the Reagan democrats. They stand to lose the conservative white vote and they’ll never win the “Dame-eso!” cholo vote.

  • Jss

    Well hey no price is to high for diversity. We have gone from give me liberty or give me death to give me diversity or give me death.

    • Oil Can Harry

      More like “give me diversity which will cause my death”.

  • fakeemail

    Illegal aliens are a massive NET LOSS to the American economy no matter what the WSJ tells you.

    • kjh64

      Correct. They(illegal aliens) only benefit a very small amount of Americans, maybe 5%. They benefit politicians and those Americans who hire them for cheap labor. They are a huge net loss to the other 95% of Americans, just like Black slavery was.

  • IstvanIN

    I can prove that diversity is a NET benefit to society by pointing out all the accomplishments of diverse nations. If you look at the whole of the western hemisphere the only two third world countries are the US and Canada, and that was because they were mostly white. Once you get south of the Rio Grande you can see all the benefits a diverse society provides. If you look at the nations with the most advanced health care, the finest transportation systems, the nations that put telephones, radios and television in the most homes, the nations that had the highest percentage of middle-class people, the highest literacy rates, the people who put men into space and satellites into space, those were NOT white majority nations. All those accomplishments, and more, could only be made by diverse groups of people living in diverse cultures.

  • bubo

    I don’t see things ever getting any better. Probably time to start looking elsewhere to live. I’m looking at the Baltic states. Perhaps Estonia.

  • IKantunderstand

    The bottom line is this: A people is the culture. Blacks have lived in this country for over 200 hundred years. They did not invent Christmas. They did not invent Halloween. They did not invent Valentine’s Day. They did not invent Easter.They did not invent Fourth of July. Let’s face it, not only did they have nothing to do with our Independence, but they were incapable of declaring independence on their own. They had plenty of opportunities to gather together and fight slavery. They were as successful as the Blacks in Africa were. These people didn’t even know they were being colonized, until White people told them. Wow, and we are are going to allow them to rule our lives. WHITE DAWN!!!!

    • StillModerated

      Colored people did not even invent MLK Day. Liberal whites did. And the statue of their hero was made by Chinese.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Even as slaves they were more successful than blacks in Africa because of US!

  • bigone4u

    Obama is a carnival barker and his schemes are a shell game. Remember, the barker puts a pea under one of three shells and moves the shells around a bit. The rube always picks the wrong shell because the game is rigged against him. Don’t play Obama’s game. Bombard every forum and your representatives with info such as in the article above. Demand deportation.

  • KenelmDigby

    This gives the lie to that oft-repeated falsehood that somehow uncontrolled third world immigration will ‘boost’ or even ‘save’ the US economy from the ageing of the White population.
    This falsehood, which one hears repeated on a daily basis, by ‘authorities’ and other people who should know better is manifestly untrue.

  • mobilebay

    I wonder how the administration plans to hide the cost of our “new citizens,” as Rep. John Conyers calls them, even before the magic wand is waved over the invaders?

  • Jackryanvb

    We must now “out” the traitors supporting this mass amnesty:

    Lindsey Graham
    john McCain
    Paul Ryan
    Rand Paul
    Marc Rubio
    Eric Cantor

    With Lib Dems, the White public knows what to expect on immigration treason, these traitors who pose as being somehow “conservative”, for “national defense” they must be outed, punished, made examples of. Don’t let Neo Con traitors try to distract the public with some war talk against Iran.

    • jane johnson

      Paul Ryan AND Rand Paul?! Say it ain’t so, and if it is so…how do you know? I really am surprised at these two, especially Rand Paul; the others…not so much. Ron Paul?

      • First off, Paul Ryan has always had a lethargic immigration record.

        Second, Rand Paul has always been trying to find an average halfway house middle ground ideology between his father and lamestream conservatism. Since his father denies race and lamestream conservatives deny race, any halfway ground between the two would also consist of race denial. While Rand Paul does advocate a moratorium, that by itself is not good enough anymore without both real physical mass deportations and drastic reductions in legal immigration. Rand is closer to us on immigration than Ron ever was…but not by much.

        ONLY a true white nationalist or ethnonationalist will have the proper mental and ideological underpinnings to have an immigration plan that we need.

        • Jackryanvb

          Sorry, Rand Paul is much worse thàn that on immigration as his key supporters are Reason Magazine style Libertarian true believers who demand complete open borders immigration, unlimited in size or racial, ethnic makeup it’s all supposedly about free market labor markets.

          Vdare writers are slamming Rand Paul as being clearly the worst on immigration of Obama, Rubio, Rand in the State of the Union address.

          Listen to this nonsense spoken by Rand Paul, but obviously scripted by some race denying, Libertarian true believer:

          “We’re the party that embraces hard work and ingenuity. Therefore we must be the party that embraces the immigrant who wants to come to America for a better future. We must be the party who sees immigrants as assets, not liabilities. We must be the party that says ‘if you wanna work, if you wanna be an American, we welcome you’.”

          Jack comments:

          Rand Paul’s insane, treasonous comments on immigration are simply consistent with the race denying Libertarian cult, Garry Johnson pushed this, Ron Paul pushed this, Ron Paul got called a racist in the 2008 campaign and he backed down big time, went so far as to embrace the Islamic terrorist attack on e US on 9-11-01′ said it was all our fault and the Muslims had the right to build a Mosque on aground Zero to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the attack.

          The key is to just get out/away from the Libertarian cult. Sure, Libertarians will be running Rand Paul or some other libertarian idiot/traitor in 2016. That’s life.

          The rest of us should learn to throw eggs, or learn how to runoff idiots/traitors.

          • First off, I don’t know if Rand is still for a moratorium of any sort.

            Second, even if he was, an immigration plan with a moratorium isn’t good enough anymore if it also doesn’t include serious real physical deportation and very serious real border security (involving fences and troops) and very serious real reductions in legal immigrant visas, the scant few we allow are for white people only.

            Third, even if he’s not for the moratorium anymore, it would put Rand right in the middle with all the other immigration plans being bandied about. The only reason you interpret Rand as “much worse” is because you had higher expectations of Rand, at least compared to Ron, and maybe overall. Turns out we should not have.

            Fourth, Rand’s stupid comments are simply consistent with ALL race denying cults, both liberal, conservative, libertarian, authoritarian, capitalist and socialist.

            Fifth, the object lesson from all this that it’s white nationalism or ethnonationalism in the blood-and-soil tradition or bust. ONLY a WN or ethnonationalist has the mental moxie to propose, lobby for and deploy an immigration policy that keeps America identifiably American. We can’t just “get away from the libertarian cult,” we also have to get away from the conservative cult, the liberal cult, or any cult of any abstract ideology.

          • Jackryanvb

            Question Diversity writes:

            “Fourth, Rand’s stupid comments are simply consistent with ALL race denying cults, both liberal, conservative, libertarian, authoritarian, capitalist and socialist.”

            Jack responds:

            I agree. But the solution is to effectively oppose, or modify, change all of these race denying cults. I’m focusing on the Libertarian race denying cult, because few if any potential Amren readers are falling for race denying cults of international Communism, UN international socialism etc.

          • jane johnson

            Whew! Almost, but not quite, sorry I asked. I saw the “hard-working immigrant” schtick of Rand Paul’s after I posted the question about him and Paul Ryan, and I was surprised, to say the least. How can an obviously intelligent White man, and a doctor no less, fail to see the disaster of open borders? I thought that defending our borders was one of the few things that libertarians
            considered a legitimate function of the federal government.

          • One more thing: Rand will never be President, so you don’t have to worry. The more “purist” Ron never mounted a third party run in 2008 or 2012, so why would the more “pragmatic” Rand staking out a semi-libertarian semi-conservative triangulatory worldview run as a Libertarian in 2016 when he’s not even a pure libertarian? Once he realizes that any Presidential run will be fruitless because his father’s people won’t give him money from getting too far away from his father, and lamestream conservatives won’t give to him because he still has his father’s last name and have other “real” lamer cons to give money to in 2016, he’ll announce he’s not running. If he does run, he won’t last long because he won’t have any money to sustain a deep run.

            Question, Jack: Why do only libertarian race deniers bother you? Why don’t conservative or liberal race deniers bother you? One of these days, I will get you to admit at the very least that you have some personal animus or axe to grind against libertarian (-ish) people. Because that’s what it comes off as to me — Maybe victim of some kind of scam that some libertarian type was running, or a relationship that went bad that involves a libertarian somewhere in the narrative. It’s something, and not just political.

          • Jackryanvb

            Question Diversity wrote:

            “Question, Jack: Why do only libertarian race deniers bother you? Why don’t conservative or liberal race deniers bother you? One of these days, I will get you to admit at the very least that you have some personal animus or axe to grind against libertarian (-ish) people. Because that’s what it comes off as to me — Maybe victim of some kind of scam that some libertarian type was running, or a relationship that went bad that involves a libertarian somewhere in the narrative. It’s something, and not just political.”

            The reason I am focusing on Libertarian immigration treason, Libertarian racial treason is that it is a big problem not. Our side, the fair, pro White side has pretty much succeeded in educating regular White Americans that the “Liberal” media, Liberal/Left political establishment hates regular Whites, and will back virtual anyone anything that insults White Americans, that hurts White Americans.

            Regular WhiteAmericans pretty much know the score that NPR, PBS, Sharpton, Jessie J, the Lib Dem Kennedy family, the Ford Foundation, PC Leftists in Hollywood like Michael Moore are going to lie about racial crime, call Black criminal riots/murders “protests”, air documentaries claiming that the Black Central Park rapists were all innocent and the biggest hate crime in America was White Duke fraternity members raping some innocent Black stripper. OK, so we’ve pretty much accomplished that education task.

            We had a big problem with another type of White traitors, RINO Neo Conservatives like Christ Cannon, Dick Lugar, Arlen Specter, John McCain, the Huckster Mike Huckabee. But most of these Neo Con RINOs have been outed taken, out or taken down a bit lot. True we are still stuck with McCain and Queer RINO Neo Con Lindsey Graham. But, at least most racially conscious, not brain dead Whites know that these Neo Con White pols are not our leaders fighting for us.

            But the racial treason of the Libertarian cult lives on and snares so many of our brightest young White men and women. All Rand Paul and Ron Paul supporters, campaigns are exclusively White. Race denying Libertarianism only ensnares White people. All other races shamelessly work for the group power of their people at our expense.

            I am sorry if I hurt the feelings of so many, nice sincere, fair minded White people who have fallen for the Libertarian cult. But we’re in a serious of brutal race wars in which our side is losing and isn’t even putting up a fight. Instead our “leaders” are trying to help and understand the worst Blacks, worst Muslim terrorist, worst Paki rapists, Latrino gang bangers laRaza, people who promote or excuse Black on White hard porn.

            Rand Paul hasn’t always been calling for anti White genocidal immigration policies, but he is now. And he’s being rewarded for promoting White genocide immigration, by being given prominent access to the anti-White MSM, mainstream media. The MSM does this for race traitor RINOs, Neo Cons like Sean Hannity, so now they think they are rolling White America with another fake White leader Rand Paul.

            Sorry folks, white traitors be they Libertarian, Liberals, RINOs, Neo Cons whatever, they need to be identified, outed and punished, taken down.

            The Japanese or the Swiss would never allow such treason in their countries, neither should we.

            If you or anyone you know has fallen down in to this race denying Libertarian cult, get help, het out!

            And please, everyone. Stop wasting your time with violent revolutionary fantasies involving guns, guns, guns. Learn how to fight with rotten eggs, water balloons filled with vile liquids. Use the effective techniques the Left uses to take control of all our universities, they don’t use guns, but they do use force.

            If Ron Paul and Rand Paul were being attacked by former supporters shouting “traitor” and throwing rotten vegetables instead of being greeting by cheerful, useless White idiots, they would stop their immigration treason, stop their racial treason.

            We took down other Libertarian traitors like Jack Kemp, we can take down or change the likes of Rand Paul.

    • Liberalsuck

      What are the angry whites going to do when amnesty is granted? What, ‘call for a recall’? What are you going to do when both parties start outlawing your firearms, taxing ammo and/or limiting ammo and pounding your door in to get your guns and ammo? What are they going to do? They can keep “moving” to other states, but those too are getting more nonwhite and more liberal. Again, I ask, what are they going to do?

  • Michael_C_Scott

    (Raises hand) I know: We’ll just borrow the money from China!

    I think we’ve all heard this one before.

  • Nobody

    $2.5 trillion? No problem guys. Can you take a check?

    • Check not necessary. Just mint three of those trillion dollar coins (with Morris Dees’s visage), pay for amnesty, and we’ll have $500 billion in change to pay for Head Start and universal Obama Pre School for the next four years.