White House Eases Path to Residency for Some Illegal Immigrants

Brian Bennett, Los Angeles Times, January 2, 2012

The Obama administration eased the way Wednesday for illegal immigrants who are immediate relatives of American citizens to apply for permanent residency, a change that could affect as many as 1 million of the estimated 11 million immigrants unlawfully in the U.S.

A new rule issued by the Department of Homeland Security aims to reduce the time illegal immigrants are separated from their American families while seeking legal status, immigration officials said.

Beginning March 4, when the changes go into effect, illegal immigrants who can demonstrate that time apart from an American spouse, child or parent would create “extreme hardship,” can start the application process for a legal visa without leaving the U.S.

Once approved, applicants would be required to leave the U.S. briefly in order to return to their native country and pick up their visa.

The change is the latest move by the administration to use its executive powers to revise immigration procedures without Congress passing a law. {snip}


Until now, many immigrants who might seek legal status do not pursue it out of fear they will not receive a “hardship waiver” of strict U.S. immigration laws: An illegal immigrant who has overstayed a visa for more than six months is barred from reentering the U.S. for three years; those who overstay more than a year are barred for 10 years.

The new rule allows those relatives to apply for the waiver without first leaving the U.S.

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  • ArmenianWN

    Meanwhile in an alternate universe white Republican president Barry Obama is condemned nonstop by democrat politicians and liberal media for:
    – Giving amnesty to Illegal aliens
    – Pandering to Islamic supremacist groups like CAIR
    – Destroying American economy
    – Spying on American citizens
    – Murdering U.S. ambassador Chris Stephens in Benghazi
    – allowing the continuation of racist policies of affirmative action
    – etc

    • This is why Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) always votes Republican for President, “because at least the media will do its job and hold him responsible when he rides roughshod over civil liberties.” However, the Bushes (both of them) were big into affirmative action and amnesty, and the media didn’t exactly hold them accountable.

    • wattylersrevolt

      Do you really care about Chris Stephens..who cares?…he was carrying out the policy of the very nasty fat-ankled bull-dyke Hilary Clinton who is married to the War Criminal and serial Rapist Bill Clinton. Chris Stephens was one of Hilary’s acolytes from hell.

  • David Ashton

    A question from the UK: What is the range of these presumably lawful “executive powers” that can bypass Congress and public opposition? It seems to me that the clear and present danger is in your White House itself.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Executive orders have no constitutional basis, so to actual conservatives (like AmRen readers) and libertarians (like Ron Paul) none of these orders have the legitimate power of law. But of course as you know, what matters in society isn’t what laws are on the book and if they are legitimate or not–but only the laws which the government decides to enforce or ignore.

      With a cowardly opposition party (although to be fair there are many House conservatives who are as irate as we are right now), Obama will continue to push his left-wing agenda as far as it will go. And because front-door amnesty (i.e. passing a bill) would rile up 70% of Americans who rightly understand that rewarding law-breaking is actually punishing to American citizens, back-door measures are the way to go.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Please don’t mention Ron Paul. Paul is an evil race-replacement enthusiass. And he gave us the creepy Rand Paul an evil race-replacement enthusiast and war mongerer. And I hate Reverend Chucky Baldwin for all the years he has worshipped his god..the evil race-replacement enthusiast Ron Paul.

    • The__Bobster

      I believe they violate his oath of office and thus should result in his impeachment.

      • Major

        More than that. No way is this fraud, this interloper will ever be impeached by the traitors in the Senate that hold the power. They and their traitorous racist thugs…will never let go willinging…nor will they ever respect the peoples vote…unless it’s the vote of the 12%…the porch potatoes…and the real anarchists and traitors.

    • kjh64

      His “executive order” IS illegal but despite this he manages to get away with it. Yes, the clear and present danger is the White House. I’ve haven’t heard a word of this from the news media, on here is the is the first I’ve heard of it. Of course not surprising, the media massively covers for Obama.

      • Major

        Once upon a time…Americans had a way of dealing with treason and illegality like this. Once…we had a “party” that was concerned with the well being of American citizens and Americans alone…not the concerns of illegal filth. It seems to me….that the 10th Amendment had better take on some steam. Otherwise I suggest that secession or civil disobedience is the only resource available.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    The worst thing about the recent “fiscal cliff” deal was not that it passed. Regardless of what bill passed or didn’t pass, the economy is going to continue to stagger along as government spending, welfare dependency and demography follows recent trends.

    What is a problem was that 80 or so Republicans caved under the self-fulfilling logic that the Democrats had “won” therefore resistance was futile. Of course these idiots must be unaware that *every* House seat was up for election last November with the Grand Old Party winning a decent-enough majority of seats–certainly enough to be an opposition party and fight for the interests of its constituents.

    So expect more Obama “executive orders” and unconstitutional maneuvers. Apparently enough Repubs in D.C. so are scared of the Washington Post or Harry Reid calling them names that they will agree to tax hikes and spending *increases*, even though they supposed deal was supposed to balance the budget.

  • wattylersrevolt

    If the Kenyan Foreigner manages to pull-off a full blown adminstrative amnesty, we will arrive to the catastrophes that were further away in the future..they will arrive here much sooner. An administrative amnesty will result in hyper-exponential population growth…within 25 years the “US” population will explode to one billion..and it won’t stop there…exploding for decades. The exploding “US” population will cause the ecological collapse of the “US”. The minority Native Born White America Population will be wiped out. Think about the the severe droughts in American South and the American West this past two sumers. It will be even wose the summer comming. Millions of Native Born White Americans do not see the ecological collapse comming..but it is here for all to see. Unfortunately millions of Native Born White American “Males” are consumming enormous quantities of sports entertainment pornography.

    Affirmatve action will not magically disappear with the official announcement by the Census Bureau that Whites are offically a racial minority. Affirmative Action will kick in with a viciousness that has never been seen or experienced before. Young Native Born White American Males will be..by the millions… economically disenfranchised and redundant. From this:1) a violent race revolt by young Native Born White American Males or 2)young Native Born White American “Males” can sit home with Pops watching ESPN sports pornography all day as their Sisters and Mothers are gang raped in the Kithchen…the hindu male gang rape epidemic in India is practice for the day the demographic shift is complete in “America”.

  • JackKrak

    “…illegal immigrants who are immediate relatives of American citizens to apply for permanent residency…”
    I’m guessing that many of those relatives got their citizenship through the last amnesty & that “immediate” will be defined as “anything up to fourth cousin six times removed”.

    • Greg Thomas

      The majority of them will not need to go that far back. Their anchor spawn will do the trick.

  • So CAL Snowman

    I love how the number is always 11 million illegal ALIENS! We all know that there are 11 million illegal alien invaders in mexifornia alone.

    • tickyul

      They have been trotting out that fake number since the 90’s

      • David Ashton

        The numbers trick has been a familiar feature re immigration in the UK since the 1960s, but that is another issue.
        How could you impeach the POTUS over this latest treachery?

        • tickyul

          Impeach……haha, not going to happen. A huge percentage of the population supports out Islamic President…..Mr Hussein.
          This is the most corrupt/insane country in the world…..we are reaping what we sow.

    • OlderWoman

      In the Bible, the number eleven stands for ‘disorder’.

      • steven

        “Jesus Christ” has eleven letters. What are you suggesting?

        • OlderWoman

          What I posted has nothing to do with ‘Jesus Christ’. If you had the intelligence you would know that Jesus is His name and Christ is his title. It would be Jesus the Christ. My comment stands on it’s on.

  • Dave4088

    Neither the executive branch nor the unelected bureaucrats of DHS have the authority to unilaterally make immigration law, but since we now live in a banana republic anything goes. Does anyone honestly think wimpus Republicanus will try and stop Obama and the DHS from riding roughshod over the wishes of real Americans?

  • What is obama’s plan? to encourage as many sham marriages as possible?

  • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

    If the geniuses in the GOP ever want to win another election they will drop their grotesque social agenda immediately. They should run a platform based on economics, military, and (stopping illegal) immigration ONLY. Their aversion to gays is particularly dumb, and hypocritical, given that they claim to hate government intrusion into their lives. What could be more intrusive than the government telling you who you may, or may not marry? Since I am feeling in a charitable mood, I will draw up a game plan for you guys.

    1. Stop opposing marriage equality
    2. Stop opposing science (environmentalism and to lesser extent, evolution)
    3. Stop opposing contraception (abortion)

    The Dems gave up on gun control (before the Sandy Hook tragedy) because it was costing them too many votes. Perhaps the GOP could learn a lesson in compromise. I personally could not care less if the GOP dies. However, I know some Amren readers probably waste their time with trivialities like 1-3. You could of course choose to ignore my advice, and continue to alienate people (women, gays, and environmentalists) for no good reason.

    • You’ll pardon me if I chalk up your advice to concern trolling. Which you all but admit you’re up to.

      BTW, the Republican elite have already done those things you want for the most part, and how’s that working out for them? I contend the Democrats are more seriously for “gun control” than Republicans are pro-life. And what, pray tell, do you mean about “opposing science?” I think by that, you mean “science” in terms of embryonic stem cell research and Glow-Bull (not) Warming. Yes, we should support science…race science.

      You act like women, gays and environmentalists are the only people who are allowed to vote.

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Stem cell research is currently the most promising development in medicine. The reason for this is patently obvious, stem cells can be manipulated to become virtually any human tissue. There is NO upside to hindering stem cell research. As far as climate change, that is not my speciality, but I find the proposition that thousands of scientists from all over the globe are engaged in a massive hoax to be unlikely.

        The only way the GOP is going to win is if they secure a few more white votes [white women (abortion), white gays (marriage equality), and environmentalists (climate change, clean energy, etc.)]. There is no strategy that will earn the GOP the Hispanic vote, but there are plenty of ways to steal white liberals from the Democratic party. Of course, if you have a better (practical) strategy to halt illegal immigration I’m all ears.

        Yes, I am concern trolling. I think loose immigration is the most deadly threat to American prosperity.

        • There is NO upside to hindering stem cell research.

          Other than the fact that you’re subsuming the very existence of human life and procreation to the convenience of people that are already living, no, no reason at all to place any limits on it.

          As far as climate change, that is not my speciality, but I find the proposition that thousands of scientists from all over the globe are engaged in a massive hoax to be unlikely.

          It wouldn’t be the first time that (what passed for) science was pressured into being obedient to powerful interests. I’m thinking of some old guy with a beard who turned one of them new fangled telescopes on Jupiter and found heavenly bodies orbiting it rather than the Earth.

          white women (abortion)

          “All white women care about is abortion.” Nice way not to be a misogynist.

          white gays (marriage equality)

          “The only thing homosexual white people care about is being able to garner a legal marriage certificate.” Nice way not to be homophobic. When I thought “marriage” was merely an outmoded institution we had to repudiate.

          environmentalists (climate change, clean energy, etc.)

          Try worrying about overpopulation, except the big name environmental groups have been BAPF not to care about immigration.

          There is no strategy that will earn the GOP the Hispanic vote

          Now you’re starting to make sense.

          but there are plenty of ways to steal white liberals from the Democratic party

          Doubt it. I don’t think white liberals matter that much. To think that all elections begin and end with the white liberal is to presume that no Republican has ever won a national election in recent times. I happen to think that your somehow thinking that white liberals matter that much is merely a temporary circumstance of your time and place. Of course a Ph.D. candidate on a college campus is going to come away with that conclusion. A Baptist preacher thinks that Baptists decide all elections. Hispanic marketing consultants think that Hispanics are the crucial swing demographic in elections. If there was an association of Zoroastrian midgets, its leader would claim that Zoroastrian midgets are the crucial swing demo on which all elections hang, ergo pander to Zoroastrian midgets to win elections.

          Of course, if you have a better (practical) strategy to halt illegal immigration I’m all ears.

          Sure, I do, Mr. Perot. Actually and openly promise to do that, and the white people staying home on election day because they have no dog in the fight will show up to vote.

          Do you mind me asking? In which field are you a Ph.D. candidate? I won’t ask which school, but I will ask you generally in which region of the country is your school.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            I don’t believe women and gays are one issue voters, but I am sure limits on health care options and marriage (both mostly pushed by the GOP) certainly are annoying to many of them.

          • dumb liberal white scum

            Its Phd you phony fake idiot faggot retard. Get it right liar. Get lost. Do not reply to this type bogus slime who will die the death in good time. This is a white liberal pos obviously without a job and mooching off taxpayers with free checks. Scum.

          • Except I am not aware that anyone, GOP or otherwise, has actually pushed for real limits on “health care” marriage. And even if they did push limits on “health care” (read: contraceptives), there is a SCOTUS decision that predates Roe v Wade that construes the right to purchase contraceptives either health care-wise or pharmacological-wise into the privacy clause of the 4th Amendment.

          • Nathanwartooth

            “It wouldn’t be the first time that (what passed for) science was pressured into being obedient to powerful interests. I’m thinking of some old guy with a beard who turned one of them new fangled telescopes on Jupiter and found heavenly bodies orbiting it rather than the Earth.”

            Just wanted to correct a point here. The astronomists of the time were pretty much all in agreement that the Sun was the center of the Solar System. It was more of a wink wink, nudge nudge kind of thing. You just couldn’t write about it or proclaim it in public.

            The astronomists also used calculations that accurately showed the movement of the planets that were at odds with the Earth being the center of the Solar System. But the Church didn’t care as long as you didn’t tell anyone. But Galileo wrote about it, I believe in a personal letter and that is what got him in trouble.

            About Global Warming:

            “Two months ago, James Lovelock, the godfather of global warming, gave a startling interview to msnbc.com in which he acknowledged he had been unduly “alarmist” about climate change.”


            Basically the climate hasn’t been changing as fast as scientists predicted and the ocean isn’t rising fast enough to be a threat to anyone right now. But for me this goes under “who cares” because even if it’s true by the time it affects us America will be lost and there will be no one in power around to care anymore.

            It’s all about turning America around in time to save it. Nothing else really matters much to me.

          • Greg Thomas

            white women (abortion)
            “All white women care about is abortion.” Nice way not to be a misogynist.”
            That comment was not a knock against all women, it was a slam against “White” women!

          • Most voters aren’t single issue voters with one track minds. I don’t know if I’m the one who put my foot in my mouth or the Ph.D. student put his foot in his mouth, in your opinion.

        • SLCain

          There might be some ways of stealing some white liberals away from the Democratic party. I think there are certainly ways of getting a lot more white democratic voters who aren’t that liberal. If the GOP showed some genuine concern for white blue-collar people, by opposing “free trade”, in-sourcing, out-sourcing, and affirmative action, it would help them electorally, I think. I don’t expect them to ever do that, however.

          Also, welcome to the board, and best of luck with your studies.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            What about those Whites who are mostly socially liberal, but still are troubled by illegal immigration and still respect the free market? Thank you. I know discussions can get quite heated around here.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Would I vote for someone who was going to bring back jobs to America, stop Affirmative Action, ship out all of the illegal invaders and stop immigration but on the other hand made abortion illegal and stopped gay marriage?

            That would be an interesting poll to do for Americans. I would of course vote for them but I’m not sure about other socially liberal people.

            Also I have started to hate calling myself a libertarian because I have to throw on all of these prefixes to it like “closed borders” or “race realist” because libertarians really make me mad about the open borders one world crap they spew. I have Reason TV subbed on YouTube and I have to skip many videos because of this.

          • I don’t know what those five people will do, politically, in our modern climate. I do know that if Melinda Jelliby (search AR archives) is ever on any of my election ballots, voting for her would be a really easy choice.

        • bill france

          Multiracial is abomination to the Creator who demands purity and cleanliness of race and mind. Ye are of your father in hell named Satan. Begone you twit faggot pos of the 666 beast similar to the mutt in the WH dog face dog eater.

        • Joe Mama

          “Climate change, that is not my speciality, but I find the proposition
          that thousands of scientists from all over the globe are engaged in a
          massive hoax to be unlikely.”

          So when did you jump on board , after the 1970’s global cooling, ” we are all going to freeze to death if we don’t act immediately “?? Or the 1990’s global warming “we are all going to fry to death if we don’t act immediately “??
          How about the latest so there is no confusion “climate change” ….

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Ph.D candidate would be very generous. I have just been admitted to a program. I attended a “West Coast Ivy” for undergrad. I majored in a traditional social science (not oppression studies). I am a new poster of this site and look forward to disscussions with everyone.

        • Stanford is the only place to which that is usually applied.

          • SLCain

            It is sometimes applied to some of the more prestigious state unis, I believe. Let’s not peg the guy. He probably desires some anonymity, same as most of the rest of us.

    • Charity from a lib…… How much is this going to cost me?

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        A well thought out response. Thank you sir.

        • Wooden nickel’s worth of free advice: Don’t judge that book by the cover of his Disqus avatar.

          Or, rather, I dare you to start arguing economics, finance and banking policy with him. I’d love to see a good body slam tonight.

          • I just finished The Flaming Sword by Thomas Dixon today (Notes and Introduction by John Davis Smith version 2005). And I must say the last 100 pages (2/9 of the book) took me by surprise. I was not expecting historical fiction interspersed with historical fact on economics, government, and communism. And I was definitely not expecting (earlier in the book) to find US immigration policy wasn’t much different then than it is now, take garbage countries garbage but deny Europeans.

        • David Ashton

          May this English MA graduate comment on social liberalism, &c?

          In a free society consenting adults must be permitted to behave as they like in private, but if they spread disease or have babies their activities become a matter of public interest; it is also the right in a free society for other individuals to criticize certain behaviors on medical, social or religious grounds.

          On homosexuality, for example, I am not personally religious, but still consider barebacking, felching, lavatory cruising and teenage recruitment harmful (as well disgusting) practices, and believe that writers like Robert Gagnon have made an excellent case against those who think homosexual acts are compatible with Christianity. However, I regard homosexuality as largely a minority biological misfortune (uterine hormone dosage and/or genetics). I have homosexual relatives and acquaintances who are an asset to society. Those who wish to live together on a lifelong contract, in the UK a “civil partnership”, should be permitted to do so and they can call their act of unity a “wedding”. But this is not matrimony and the law should not be altered by government to change the meaning and traditional status of marriage for the majority. Historically marriage is a social institution that sanctions and supports men in caring for their own children and the wives who bore them; like it or not, it has a reproductive and heterosexual parenthood dimension, which applies symbolically even to men and women who are unable to have children, in a way that cannot apply to “gays” or lesbians. It is therefore possible for people, including homosexuals and “homophobes”, to unite in opposing “gay marriage” legislation by government.

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        I hear you’re not completely unschooled. I don’t view myself as a liberal. I thought I was more libertatarian. Can you help me out? Do you have some questionnaire for me?

        • A Multiracial Ph.D Student


          • For Libertarianism to succeed, an assumption must be made that there will be some level of virtue and morality to be practiced by the population of a society. Without it, libertarianism becomes hedonism.

            I am a fan of Ayn Rand, but without the influence of religion, could she have held the values she did and assume they were values around which to base an atheistic society? I do not think that is possible. So while she may have been an atheist, she was influenced positively by religion.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Except that the bible doesn’t give you any moral lessons that aren’t insanely obvious. Don’t kill people, don’t steal, don’t cheat on your spouse these are all very obvious things.

            If you need a book to teach you to not do bad things to others you are in serious trouble.

          • Luca

            What is insanely “obvious” is mostly what you were taught from birth, even before you can remember. You were taught or observed as a toddler what not to put in your mouth, what not to touch, what not to do. You were rewarded when you did the right thing and punished when you did a major wrong. These are lessons we can’t remember, which started when we were about 18 months old. Most of our incredible learning occurs within the first 5 years of life.

            Many cultures teach their children that killing innocents, voodoo, bathing in urine, pedophilia, and other aberrations are perfectly moral. Amer-indians hardly had a concept of property or ownership and thought nothing of taking things that were not theirs (stealing). Some cultures think nothing of giving a visitor his wife or daughter for the evening. This is their morality.

          • Nathanwartooth

            So are witch burning’s moral or not? The bible says it’s OK and White people used to burn witches. So by your logic we should start hunting witches again.

            You are naming societies that never got off the ground in respect to building real cities. Rome predates Christianity and somehow they had laws against doing bad things to each other.

            When you have a nomadic society anything goes. When you have a society that is building cities you need laws and politicians to make them. When you have this kind of society you also have philosophers and a lot of people with common sense who have decided that doing bad things to other people is, well you know, bad.

          • David Ashton

            I too have studied Ayn Rand and wrote an essay on her for the English conservative “Salisbury Review” (which was editorially mangled). She was an atheist who like many intelligent people over-estimated the rationality of others. Conservatives are attracted to her because of the value she attached to personal heroism and productive achievement.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            This is my major beef with Libertarianism I guess. It assumes a certain level of nobility and intelligence among the general population (a level which might not be possible). Most smart people think that everyone else is interested in reasonable solutions to problems. Unfortunately, many people are merely interested in bashing your skull in.

          • I’m of the opinion that pure libertarianism is necessarily a self-defeating proposition. In that pure libertarians will always do that which ends up defeating libertarianism. Yes, there were/are libertarians that get race — Hans-Hermann Hoppe is probably the most openly racial of the most famous libertarian writers, and even his ideological forefather, Ludwig Von Mises himself, wasn’t loath to crypto-racialism.

            But even not counting race, (and adopting racial mindsets is anathema to most modern day libertarians), the private morality necessary to make libertarianism at least functional is anathema to most libertarians, who most definitely don’t want “moral preaching” delivered to them as a public imperative (i.e. with the force of government), and try to run away from its private imperative — Most libertarians run to libertarianism to begin with because they don’t want to be “restrained” by “stuffy old morality” at all.

    • SLCain

      The Republicans have offered almost no opposition to immigration, legal or otherwise. Some of the biggest boosters for unlimited immigration, including an amnesty, have been Republicans: G.W. Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham.

      And, in case you hadn’t noticed, the GOP has almost completely capitulated on the gay agenda (and that is one reason why conservatives oppose it – it is a gay agenda, not our agenda).

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Forgive me for appearing obtuse, but what is their agenda besides wanting to get married?

        • SLCain

          They want to normalize homosexuality (“gay marriage” is part of that) and they want to normalize homosexual behavior. And I don’t think that liberals should act so surprised about objections to homosexuals wanting to get married. Marriage, as an institution, understood as a legal and spiritual union of a man and a woman, predates written history. It’s not as if they’re toying with some new fad, rather they are interfering with something that is an integral part of human society – an integral part of being human.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            Given the prevalence of homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom. same sex intercourse almost certainly predates marriage of any kind.

          • SLCain

            Cannabalism is not uncommon in the animal kingdom, yet we do not make a sacrament of it (well, we don’t – I suppose some cultures have).

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            I suppose I could see the day coming in which consensual cannibalism will be legal. Since there would be no victim. Which I suppose is the hallmark of liberal thinking, “No victim, no sin.”

          • David Ashton

            And leaving your corpse for necrophiliacs to enjoy?
            A wonderful world beckons. Somehow I prefer the stuffy old 1950s.

          • SLCain

            And do you honestly think that we would be the same society – that we would in any way be a good society – if such a thing came to pass? Look at other societies where cannabalism and human sacrafice were (are) practiced. do YOU want to live there?

            But this is all rather far afield from the original point. What is the homosexualist agenda (i.e. the agenda of those on the leading edge of their organizations) is at issue. Perhaps, as you are young, you are are unaware that gays did not use to push for gay marriage, as recently as fifteen or twenty years ago. When faced with the charge that they had a secret agenda to bring about gay marriage, gay-rights advocates would laugh off such claims: gay marriage? Absurd. That’s just a canard brought up by homophobes.

            So what else do they want, that they aren’t telling us now? Mandatory instruction in schools on homosexual practices? Lowering the age of consent? This may come as a surprise to you – because it goes against the official propaganda line pushed by Holloywood – but not every homosexual is a swishy, fabulous friend and confidante to women. A lot of homosexuals are aggressive misogynists, who want to prey on young men, even boys. Who do you think will end up taking over the homosexual movement? Effeminate men, or agressive men? Who usually ends up taking over things? The effeminate or the aggressive?

            By the way, the only case of “consensual cannalbalism” I am aware of happened in Germany between – guess! – two homosexuals. So is that the kind of social progress we can expect from the gay rights movement?

          • Mandatory instruction in schools on homosexual practices

            Already demanding it, for kids as young as kindergarten.

            Lowering the age of consent?

            Already demanding it, or in some cases, wanting the AOC laws eliminated.

            A lot of homosexuals are aggressive misogynists, who want to prey on young men, even boys.

            Actually, I think the bigger gender enmity in that community is to be found among lesbian women, who by and large are misandrists, and are opposed to the concept of women engaging in heterosexual relationships with men or any kind of relationships with men. This is why as Sailer notes, gay men think they only speak for gay men (if that), while lesbian women think they speak for all women.

          • Guest

            I was always taught we were better than animals. Do animals form long term homosexual relationships? Do they nest together? The argument that animals do it won’t win you many adherents in civilized society.

          • David Ashton

            It is not “prevalent”.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            Homosexual behavior has been documented in approx. 1,500 species if I am not too mistaken. I guess that is not prevalent given the millions of species that exist on this planet.

          • Sternenlicht

            Yeah, Yeah. So has killing for amusement and cannibalism and other behavior been witnessed in the animal kingdom that is meritorious of disapprobation. That doesn’t mean society is better off by having the government actually advocate homosexuality in our schools and workplaces.

            You would have sounded more intelligent if you had stated that society was wrong to assert that homosexuality was simply a mental disease or a choice to be per se immoral. As humans, we can choose to try to advocate a more productive lifestyle.

          • Luca

            There is a major difference between a homosexual act and a homosexual.

            Homosexuals are attracted and aroused by the same sex.

            Heterosexual males in prison will engage in homosexual acts because it is all that is available, is better than masturbation and helps them gain power. If there were coed prisons, you’d see a different scenario played out.

            A male puppy may hump my leg or another male puppy simply out of instinct and immediate gratification. Surely it is not attracted to my leg. Most homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom is probably borne of confusion, immediate gratification or for lack of an opposite sex partner at the moment of the urge.

            In any case, homosexuality is clearly a birth defect. We all know that perpetuation and survival of the species is a driving force of nature. This is no different than a mammal being born sterile or deaf.

          • EndTimesComing

            I call you on that lie. Been used over and over again, and it’s just not true. Moreover, by using that example, are you trying to say humans are nothing more than animals, and should have license to ACT that way, hmmmm?

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            We are not merely animals, but we are a highly developed species of primate, yes.

          • You ever witness all these supposedly homosexual animals b.f.’ing each other? What about a well endowed squirrel in a park giving it to some “bottom” squirrel?

            The only homosexual dogs I have ever seen are two dogs in Chicago that never get out of their house or concrete courtyard.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            It isn’t just that they want to normalize homosexual behavior. They also gain the power to litigate over perceived slights whenever they are “offended.” I believe homosexuals should be able to have the same civil rights as heterosexuals via civil partnerships, which is really all a civil marriage is. If they can find a “church” willing to solemnize their vows, then they can call their relationship whatever they want. But don’t try suing me for training my kids in accordance to our religious views that such a relationship is sinful (again according to our belief system). It is my constitutional right to bring my children up in the way I see fit. Why do you think so many Christians are home-schooling their kids? They don’t like what is being forced sown their children’s throats.

            So, politically, I don’t care what gays do among themselves, as long as no one is trying to convince my kids that it is normal. Have I trained my kids to hate my gay friends (I have two, who know and respect my views, as I do theirs)? Of course not. We love and pray for both of them, but that is a purely personal matter, not something for the government to legislate. The only problem with my gay friends i that they ARE, in fact single issue voters, though both are economic conservatives. The other problem is that they, like many others on both side of the political aisle are more than willing to swallow any slop fed to them by their political leaders.

          • Jared D

            Ok seriously,, in what ways do homosexuals ( who mind their own darn business, which they almost always do) affect white nationalism or conservatives in this nation?

            It is called freedom of association and liberty, just as you would love to build an altar and worship your guns and bibles!

          • SLCain

            Homosexuals are free to associate with each other. They should not associate themselves with an institution – marriage – that throughout history, by tradition, and by its religious underpinnings, has nothing to do with them.

            By the way, your “worship your guns and bibles” line just identifies you as a callow liberal, so steeped in your left-wing biases, that you can’t even be bothered to understand conservatives. Oh, and that bit about homosexuals minding their own business was rich. You mean, like these homosexuals:


        • Luca

          I believe that in addition to the other comments here, like all minorities they first want equality and when they attain it they keep their protected status and want more.

          Another issue is the fact that homosexuals can’t reproduce and begat more homosexuals because clearly homosexuality is an aberration of nature much like a birth defect. Therefore they need to “recruit”. They want programs in schools teaching that homosexuality is normal or mainstream. It is not.

          I believe in anti-discrimination but the gays, enabled of course by liberals who want their votes, are pushing the envelope as far as it will go.

          This is all a big charade to consolidate political power. The by-product being, the complete dominance of the Democratic Party and the destruction of American values and culture while also toppling the builders and icons of power in America: White, heterosexual, Christian, males.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I’m not sure you realize how genetics work.

            Two heterosexuals can produce homosexuals. There will ALWAYS be 5% of the population that is gay. Even if you banish them all the next generation will be 5% gay again.

            Also I hate to tell you this but gay people can reproduce in the same way everyone else can. They do it when a gay couple wants to have kids but they don’t want to adopt. They either find a sperm donor or a woman willing to carry their child.

          • Luca

            You read me wrong. Homosexuals can biologically reproduce but they can’t begat another homosexual as a guaranteed outcome. Odds are overwhelming that they will produce a heterosexual child. I believe some homosexuals are created through psychological ways such as abuse, trauma, upbringing and indoctrination. They can’t increase their populations naturally so they are recruiting through indoctrination.

    • Nathanwartooth

      I think the Republicans are sunk no matter what they do. Even if tomorrow they announced they were all pro gay marriage and pro abortion it wouldn’t matter. Democrats would just accuse them of opposing them anyway or talk about how they only care about rich people, etc.

      But I’m not sure why people are so obsessed with those things anyway. It’s like arguing about gay marriage while your house is on fire. Putting out the fire should be your first priority.

      Once Rome stops burning we can all argue about gay marriage.

    • impure cursed genetics

      You have the cursed Ham race genetics and are an abomination and an IQ of retard level regardless of the phony Phd lies and BS. You are an inferior mutt species from hell. Read the ancient Shemite jews in Genesis for your history. Impure and unclean.

    • wattylersrevolt

      You are demanding that the Republican Party become they party of social and and cultural degenerates and the Party of race-replacement through legal immigration. Well, the Republican Party is moving in that direction..and its the reason why it will expire as a Political Party.
      The Democratic Party is a bizarre and fragile coalition of social and cultural degenerates and high fertility post-1965 nonwhites..who just happen to be socially and culturally conserative. The White Liberal social and cultural degenerates..the nonbreeders…are very much a minority within the Democratic Party..to be hoisted over-board at at time convient to the high-fertility socially and culturally non-white breeders in the Democratic Party. In the event of the breakup of American into race-based warring nations, the social and cultural White Liberals will truly be a people without a nation. The highly racialized nonwhite nation states will boot you freaks out..the highly racialized White Nation will boot you out…or worse.
      Honestly, in the future, North America will cleansed of the White Liberal social and cultural degeneates. You creeps are a black hole of pure and adulturated filth…most definitely the Schwarzchild radius has been reached in the filth realm.
      There were no economic,demographic,cultural, and ecological reasons for the passage of the 1965 Immigration Policy and its post-1965 incarnation. These days the open intent of post-1965 immigration policy is to reduce the Native Born White American Majority to small and violently persecuted racial minority.
      But you are also a moron:with the inevitable demise of the Republican Party…a political vacum will be created. And with 100 percent certainty the poiltical vacum will be filled..and it will be filled with a higly racialized White Identity Politics. A hyper-rational rootless cosmopolitan such as Noam Chosmky can’t see this comming…but its’ a comming Ladies and Gentlemen…yee ha!!!
      The croaking of the Republican Party would be a gift to a highly racialized grassroots organic Native Born White American Patriot movement.

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Of course the Republican party’s demise will create a vacuum. I know that many of you think that this will generate an opportunity to establish a (viable) White Nationalist party. I really do think that you guys are dreaming on this one. Here is a small list of people who would NEVER join an explicitly White party: Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and the immense majority of all other White Republicans. Most White conservatives are not interested in race, in fact they brag about not being racist. They see Democrats as soft bigots toward minorities.Your only hope of course is to resurrect the GOP and find a way to push a White agenda, without making it appear you are pushing a White agenda.

        • wattylersrevolt

          The situation can not be reversed through the election cycle. Your strategy is the strategy of the Republican Party..anemic implicit White Identity politics. We have a situation now where with each passing month Native Born White American Males are going to be subject to vicious taunting and the inevitable violent assaults. The only option is for something organic and spontaneous to emerge. The Republican Party is taking orders from Corporate Central..Corporate Central will never tolerate a place for a highly racialized Native Born White American Politics..the very thing required to reconquer lost Native Born White American Living Space lost to predatory post-1965 nonwhites.

          I can’t wait for another severe drought this summer in the American South and the American West. Nature will keep sending powerfull signals to Native Born White Americans…eventually there will be an ecological collapse and an irreversible if the signals from Nature are ignored for a long enough period of time.

        • Luca

          Whites will not band together based on race. A party of inclusion, but based on values would be the way to go.

          If I were a landlord I would never say I will not rent to blacks or hispanics. But I would write a legal contract that stated the renter must have good credit, no criminal background, limits on pets, limits on parking cars, limits on noise, limits on occupancy, no smoking, no illegal activity and a high yet reasonable deposit, etc etc. In other words, weed out the riff-raff with no mention of race or any other protected status.

        • I’m going to agree with you, in that when you play with fire, you never know who is going to get burned. If the Republican Party disappears, and that’s all that happens, what replaces it could be even more left-wing. Or, the remaining Democrat Party splits apart and becomes two or more competing parties that are all left-wing in one way or another. The old joke is that in the country, there seem to be two parties but only really one, but in many big American cities that are multiracial enough, there seems to be only one party but there are actually two parties: The black Democrats and the white liberal Democrats.

          The least bad situation going forward is if TPM-sympathetic Republicans split away and actually form a real party called “Tea Party” which would be a third major party in American public life. Now, you may ask, we already have two race-denying parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. So what use would a third race-denying party called Tea Party do? The answer is that it wouldn’t do us any “good” in terms of getting the ball closer to the goal line. But even with our almost phony “two” party system, pure partisan jealousy and self-interest prevents a lot of bad legislation or bad stuff in general from being adopted, NOT because anyone is interested in refraining from doing the wrong thing, but because they think the wrong thing is the right thing, and the red team doesn’t want the blue team to get the “credit” for the “accomplishment,” and vice-versa. A third party called Tea Party would be “beneficial” to us in that it would be just another major party acting on partisan interest to gum up the works to keep bad stuff from being implemented.

        • David Ashton

          You need the game without the name, not vice-versa.

    • wattylersrevolt

      You are pushing the politics of Libertarian Ron Paul worshipping Vermont-Maine Log Cabin Republicans…obviously a very large voting block whose political platfom goes like this:1)incursion into heterosexual social and cultural space by degenerate sodomite nonbreeders;2)busting of White Workers Unions via right to work laws and legal immigrant scab labor and 3) extermination of millions of Native Born White American fetuses(which is not to say that I wouldn’t support abortion in certain situations such as rape,incest, life of mother).

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Of course, work visas harm Americans as well. We have plenty of people here that could be trained in any job that a foreigner could do. Abortion is disproportionately a minority method of birth control.

        • Aborticide race statistics are notoriously unreliable, IMHO. They’re so “all over the map” on the matter of which race gets them that I believe none of them. This is why I’m not yet down with the Freakonomics theory that legalized aborticide in Roe v Wade necessarily resulted in a crime wave reduction 15-20 years later.

    • Joe Mama

      Contraception is abortion now ?? PPffft you libtards are really amazing ..

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Abortion is a grisly form of contraception, yes. I find the practice to be beneath me or my family, but I am certainly not going to legislate my views on others.

    • Watchdog


      Stop being useful idiots to this phoney who has hijacked AR and has already posted dozens of posts just the last 48 hours to propagandize the usual anti-White agenda.


    • coward phd fake

      Get lost half breed faggot if thats what you really are. You in the wrong place hiding behind your keyboard like a coward.

  • kjh64

    In other words, every illegal who has an anchor baby will apply for and get residency and then citizenship. In other words, amnesty.

    • Grim Jim

      Expect a huge wave of anchor droppings in nine months, beyond the huge pile of these “blessings” which have already polluted our soil.

  • tickyul

    Why even call The USAtard a country anymore……laughingstock!

  • BAW

    You mean to tell me our government found time for this, but not addressing our financial issues?

  • IstvanIN

    There must be some way for Congress to invalidate his “executive” orders. When did a President of the US get more power than an Arab Emir?

    • David Ashton

      The powers of a King in a Republic?

      • IstvanIN

        Kings don’t have much power, if they did Sweden, Norway, Spain and the UK might actually survive.

  • bigone4u

    When they leave to go back home to pick up their ObamaVisa, wanna bet the feds don’t throw some cash at them to pay for their travels.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    There’s no possible way that only 1 million illegals are the immediate relatives of an anchor baby. That has to be a serious undercount.

  • mobilebay

    I haven’t seen this much concern for reuniting our military with their families. Bring them all home from that Godforsaken middle east and let them take care of our border for a change. Seems that’s the one that needs protecting.

  • dog face dog eating mutt

    There is an half breed illegal in the WH so what else is new and the main reason the 3 races were distinctly and remotely separated post flood 4500 yrs ago so this interbreeding would not occur. The real danger is the cursed Hamite and the blessed Shemite as the Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde mutt becomes the most dangerous half man half beast on the planet.

  • EndTimesComing

    I can’t help but notice that this article and most posts (prior to the PhD guy jumping in) were about illegal aliens and defacto amnesty. Gay guy shows up, and the entire thread afterward is about gays. This is a very typical liberal trick and is fallen for far too often – divert the discussion down a rabbit trail. Moreover, this was about another Obama fiat amnesty NOT about gays, yet the gay guy made it about gays. And they don’t have a single minded agenda??? Really? They don’t view everything through gay glasses? I don’t see anybody posting about how heterosexuals feel about illegal alien invaders and stating that if only we appealed to more heterosexuals we’d have more votes against amnesty and the continuing illegal invasion. The SUBJECT is illegal alien invasion. It harms ALL of us here in this country. That should be enough without dragging in various “victim” groups and appealing that IF we’d bow to victim group agendas we’d get more votes for stopping illegal alien agendas. If I have to FIRST condescend to your victim group’s agenda to get your vote, then you aren’t serious about the stated problem and your vote could not be counted on anyway. An new troll has appeared.

  • More and more he seeks to destroy America