Welfare Recipients Take Out Cash at Strip Clubs, Liquor Stores and X-Rated Shops

Kate Briquelet, New York Post, January 7, 2013

They’re on the dole—and watching the pole.

Welfare recipients took out cash at bars, liquor stores, X-rated video shops, hookah parlors and even strip clubs—where they presumably spent their taxpayer money on lap dances rather than diapers, a Post investigation found.

A database of 200 million Electronic Benefit Transfer records from January 2011 to July 2012, obtained by The Post through a Freedom of Information request, showed welfare recipients using their EBT cards to make dozens of cash withdrawals at ATMs inside Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn; the Blue Door Video porn shop in the East Village; The Anchor, a sleek SoHo lounge; the Patriot Saloon in TriBeCa; and Drinks Galore, a liquor distributor in The Bronx.

The state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA), which oversees the “cash assistance program,” even lists some of these welfare-ready ATMs on its Web site.

One EBT machine is stationed inside Club Eleven, an infamous Hunts Point jiggle joint known as much for its violent history as its girls in pink thongs.


Welfare recipients receive food stamps and cash assistance under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Both benefits are accessed through an EBT card, but only cash assistance—meant for housing, utilities and household necessities—can be accessed at ATMs.

A single-person household could receive a maximum $200 in monthly food stamps plus $158 in cash assistance. A family of four could get as much as $668 in food stamps and $433 in cash.

The food-stamp program prohibits the purchase of booze, tobacco and lottery tickets with an EBT card. But with the cash-assistance program, users can blow money on strippers or a six-pack and to tap welfare dollars from liquor stores, casinos and adult-oriented establishments.

The Post found dozens of pubs, nightclubs and tobacco shops where welfare dough was dispensed—and presumably spent.


Legislative efforts to crack down on sinful spending have fallen short.

State Sen. Tom Libous (R-Binghamton) passed a bill in his chamber in June that would outlaw welfare withdrawals at gambling dens, strip clubs and other venues of vice, but the measure is gathering dust in the Democratic-controlled Assembly.


The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, signed by President Obama last February, requires states to prohibit sinful welfare spending by 2014. If they don’t, they’ll forfeit federal cash.


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  • starlight

    But not on escorts?

    • The__Bobster

      The Post got this information through the Freedom of Information Act. Escorts don’t have good paper trails.

  • A multiracial individual

    Making welfare comfortable is never going to motivate people to get off if it. Food, clothing, shelter, k-12 education. No more cash. You will recieve a monthy shipment of rudimentary items.

    • Magician

      Yeah, also a great way to get rid of the surplus items that hard working American companies happened not to be able to get rid of.

      • So CAL Snowman

        I wonder what the “freshness” dates are for packs of cheetos, doritos and mountain dew in the ghetto.

    • vladdy1

      Shipment? With that government cheese, you had to go pick it up yourself — in your own container. And no transit passes, either.

    • Yep, they should get enough cheese, beans, rice, powdered milk and powdered eggs to last the month, based on number of people in the fambly. Of course allottments would be made for baby food (formula, rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, etc) as needed for lil’ sprogs. Run out before the end of the month, tough. Let the adults starve and let social services take the kids.

    • Yep, they should get enough cheese, beans, rice, powdered milk and powdered eggs to last the month, based on number of people in the fambly. Of course allottments would be made for baby food (formula, rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, etc) as needed for lil’ sprogs. Run out before the end of the month, tough. Let the adults starve and let social services take the kids.

  • Andrew Cuomo’s New York: 15-round clip bad, 15 grams weed good. 32 ounce sodas bought with your own money bad (*), EBT card financed smut good.

    Notice how the legislation to stop this sort of thing is said to be “gathering dust” in the Democrat-run legislature?

    * – Yes, I know that’s New York City only, but I’m stretching the truth to make a point.

  • Andy

    When I was growing up, I didn’t know anyone on welfare. I thought it was a pretty good idea. Now I am acquainted with a lovely gentleman who is not bothering to look for a job and hiring a maid with his unemployment check, along with a handful of people who are perfectly capable of working but draw disability because of alcoholism or drug addiction and work under the table to further finance their drug use. They need to start handing out healthful, non-luxury food parcels weekly at special warehouses, and give out clothing vouchers that can only be used at secondhand clothing stores. And if you are on welfare, you should have to account for ALL your finances. No covering food with welfare so you can blow your money elsewhere.

    • The__Bobster

      When the food stamp program started, it was sold as a way of getting rid of surplus food such as milk and cheese. It should’ve stayed that way.

      • Bill

        When the food stamp program started that is exactly where they were. Paper stamps for FOOD that could be used ONLY for food and nothing else. Was I the only one that saw immediately what blacks would do with a loaded ATM card in place of the paper stamps????? Was I the only one who realized the politicians who approved that dumb idea absolutely KNEW what would happen, but did it to appease the blacks who keep them in their corrupt positions?

        • Actually, from what I have read, the reason they changed food stamps from paper to cards is because there was so much fraud in them being on paper, and they thought switching to cards would virtually eliminate it.

          • It just goes to show the incompetence of our leadership. But then again, I forgot, there is Poverty Inc..

  • I was standing in line at a grocery store behind a black man. He paid with an EBT card. As I was checking out, this guy went over to the lotto scratch-off ticket vending machine, put a 20 dollar bill in the machine and commenced to push buttons.

    As I stood in line paying cash, all I could think was that I had “sucker” written on my forehead..

    • So CAL Snowman

      This moronic black WASTES $20 on the lotto machine and you think you are the sucker? This black man also probably went back to his miserable section 8 apartment surrounded by tons of black hoodlums, trust me you are better off paying for your groceries with cash.

      • newscomments70

        They don’t live in Cabrini Green anymore. They have vouchers for beautiful places. They live in nice apartments and houses in our neighborhoods.

        • OlderWoman

          Those apartments and houses are being destroyed as we speak, through vandalism or neglect.

          • I love to comment with everyone here. It’s so cathartic. Yes. I too live in a very nice middle to upper middle neighborhood. And it is the same thing. There is a cluster of apartment buildings where these slugs inhabit. I do not make a lot of money, but I do pay my rent and it’s not cheap. I too will spend extra to live in a nice neighborhood. I will NOT live around them if I can help it. I would rather bike in winter then to have to deal with them even on the bus, so it irks me to have section 8 beasts living around me knowing full well that left to their own devises, they would just recreate a jungle out there.

          • a very nice middle to upper middle class neighborhood

      • The way I figure, the state got $20 of its own money back.

        • saris1

          Exactly, the state loses nothing from this program. It goes out and comes right back.

    • …lotto scratch-off ticket vending machine …

      You mean the black invested in his 401K-TM?

    • Last year I was in line behind a black woman who had a cart full of all the good stuff – steak, “skrimps”, all kinds of good stuff for the adults. I of course noticed that the baby food she purchased was low end, the adults get to eat like the flying Egyptian kings and queens they were in a former life and the kids get the leftovers. She also had a package of paper plates in the cart. Her WIC covered everything BUT the $1 paper plates and she got all upset, kvetching at the white teenaged cashier who had been nothing but polite and friendly during the transaction. The orc grudgingly reached into her purse, digging around with her freshly manicured nails, and pulled out the dollar and change she owed for the plates. Of course a pack of cigarettes fell out. Needs gubbymint dollars to feed herself but somehow has cash for smokes. Our tax dollars pay for her entire grocery run save a $1 stack of paper plates and she acted like it was an insult to her to have to come out of pocket for ANYTHING. Yeah, I felt like a sucker, too.

      • lenaopal

        A visit to the nail shop costs around $40; they go get their nails done at least every two weeks.

        • Trollsy

          Try weekly.

    • Ox Tall

      Much like the irony of the white South African farmers who are being killed off by the monsters they literally helped nurture with their food, you will soon find out that we have lots in common with the white South Africans, especially when the EBT cards run dry.

      • There are so many dumb DWL’s that cannot understand this! These people are not harmonious with civil society. Some are, but not many. ‘The Great Society’ put away any hope for black people. For awhile, when we were still an anglo-saxon inspired country with some class, a lot of blacks I believe would have been far better off and have honored this once great nation, but no more, look what PC liberalism of the 60’s has done. I hope that generation really understands one day what they did.


      You do have “SUCKER” on your forehead and the African knows it (and is laughing)

    • So many blacks are shameless. I remember one Christmas four years ago as part of a program the military put out, was to help guide people from the parking lot to a terminus of free gifts for the poor to take home to their children. After a couple of days of that I had so much hatred for these types of people. They all pulled into the parking lot whilst driving their SUV’s and other assortment of motor vehicles to be only seen chatting on their cell phones being held in hands of garishly painted nails and many had ugly dolled up hair to match. Often these baby mama’s would have a number of their chil’run by they sides and all were guided to enter on appointed buses to chauffeur them to a huge drill hall turned into a hall of huge freebies. I mean so many of these baby mama’s cannot even be bothered to wrap a gift much less set it under a tree. Why bother with a surprise even, the kids were there with them. Of course, very few men could be seen of a baby daddies age, but their were a few, and I think they were slightly taken aback by my expression I think. I remember at one point some clueless idiots who were white and NOT very pissed off like I was, commented on how funny that some of the gifts the military was giving away were being resold for a 100% profit on University Ave. in St. Paul. They thought it was so funny. I felt like crying! It made me sick! At one point I nearly sneered at a baby mama who was walking back from the bus with one of her little ones, oh my, you should have seen the joy in their eyes after receiving a brand new bike with butter fly handle bars and the little flashy streamers that protruded from the ends of those handle bars.

      • When they hear the words ‘free give-a-way’, stand aside lest you be trampled in the stampede.

    • SintiriNikos

      Easy come easy go, as they say

  • MekongDelta69

    Same as Katrina. Nothing ever changes – or ever will.

  • guest

    This is what “sharing the wealth” leads to. All of these welfare bums who don’t want to work taking our hard-earned money and spending it on alcohol, strip clubs, and porn.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “State Sen. Tom Libous (R-Binghamton) passed a bill in his chamber in
    June that would outlaw welfare withdrawals at gambling dens, strip clubs
    and other venues of vice, but the measure is gathering dust in the
    Democratic-controlled Assembly.”

    This would actually be beneficial to and help those on welfare but as usual the insanely evil democrats don’t give a damn about their constituents. The dems see nothing wrong with miguel, d’tarvious, and Shanika al mohammed bin hatin’ using their assistance money to gamble and drink instead of spending it on their children and their personal welfare.

    • saris1

      Well that’s because you’re looking at it as a moral person. State is not moral, it has never been. It is in the interest of the State that the money go to lottery/booze. That’s where the taxes are the highest. Oh, and let’s not forget … more booze = more legal problems which equals more fines and lawyers being paid….


      The way to stop this is Soup Kitchens run by churches.

      They can serve breakfast, lunch and diner all day 24/7 and the Negroes can get their food there for themselves and their chillins.

      The idea of giving them any form of “cash” is totally absurd. They hungry, walk your fatass down to a Soup Kitchen and eat your fill.

  • 48224

    I was in a maor grocery store the other day and a brotha walked up to a young white trash looking kid and offered him some sort of deal involving a “Bridge Card” I couldn’t hear every word and am not sure on the details. However the kid went and bought something at the register and then brought it to the brotha.

    These people are very lucky I am not king of the world. I could put a stop to this nonsense in very short order (evil laugh).

  • Michael_C_Scott

    In the meantime, I found a pair of spare casters in the box of spare casters in my garage for a gloriously nice, but otherwise disabled office chair in the warehouse. Two of the casters are broken. I’ll want an offer of first refusal on the chair as a prior condition of fixing it. I save spare parts like crazy old women keep cats, but I get some major mileage out of spare parts. We even have a “parts car” in our garage.

    You folks pay for this.

    • I don’t have room for a “parts car”, but I too keep a plastic bin labeled “pieces and parts”. After my car and my tools it is, to me, the most important thing in my garage.

  • JackReacher

    Last year I was working in an area of Atlanta at which I was a minority. I decided to take a drive from the hotel to a grocery store for some provisions. Located in the lovely strip mall was a sneaker store. I was sauntering past the sneaker store intending to head into the grocery store when I espied a sign advertising that they accepted EBT cards, TANF portion– for popular sneakers. I grimaced and scowled.

    I next headed into a dollar store to see what I could find. The first thing I needed to do was make my way past the gun-toting guard…. in a dollar store. Outstanding.

    Following my dollar store expedition, I headed into the grocery store, made my way past 2 armed guards and purchased some aliment. After meeting some fine Somalian refugees who requested remunerative assistance on the street corner, I drove back to the hotel with sweet memories of the Somalis mentioning how much they had liked Minnesota.

    All told, an outstanding evening!

    • We have a small chain grocery store in my neighborhood. It’s been here for decades. They never had security until “diversity” began moving in.

  • bigone4u

    Mr. Sunshine and Optimism here has a thought for you: At least the ones going to the strip clubs are not out raping white women and committing other crimes.

    • Bill

      Those things they do on the way home. There IS NO silver lining when it comes to black behavior or their presence among us.

  • jambi19

    What these DWL don’t understand that as a dancer at a strip club, you collect cash from perverts while never reporting it as taxable income. They live on welfare and at the first of every month the dancers take the EBT card to the strip club ATM machine and empty out the cash.


      And 99% of the girls are White. So at least Whites get some of the money back.

      I hope the girls take it all.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This is about social justice. It is discrimination and racism if the poor aren’t allowed to drink, gamble and watch porn. Who are YOU to tell government parasites how to spend your money?

    We need to work harder so 0bama can redistribute our filthy lucre to those who need it more.


    • Sam

      I was curious about that receipt for buying lobster with the EBTs. It is a true story:


      That link has more background about it, including a full-size image and the fact that the guy was buying the stuff for re-sale, and was subsequently arrested for that. His last name was Cuff, not a good name choice for a black guy!

      Who is the sucker here? We who are paying for this, and the 40% of us whites who vote to continue it, are the suckers. We who allow millions more of uneducated non-whites to come in and get access to our welfare system are the suckers. We who don’t demand long-term or permanent birth control as a condition of welfare are the suckers.

  • saris1

    So what? The money is going back into the economy. It would be worse if the cash assistance monies were saved by the individuals. The CAP is more or less a small part of the stimulus. They’re not going to give it to me because I’d put it in the bank, haha.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Since a judge who desperately needs hanging has recently ruled that illegal aliens are eligible, the operative question is how much of this money will be taken as cash advances at ATMs and then immediately wired to Mexico?

    • Some Guy

      I don’t own stock in Cool Cigs, Nike Shoes, FUBU, Cadillac or Olde English.

  • jeff

    I’m not sure what problem the state has with this. You’re giving them CASH. The thing about cash is you can spend it on WHATEVER YOU WANT. That is the whole point of it.
    If you don’t want them to spend it on whatever they want then don’t give it to them.

  • Luca

    The State knows that when they dole out your tax money to these primitive types, much of the money is returned to them in highly taxed cigarettes, booze, etc. Meanwhile, had they kept that original tax money and not done this wonderful benevolent act they would have been seen as overly taxing the working class. So what they have done in essence, is taken your money and given it to malcontents who return a portion of it and in-turn vote the crooked politicians back into office so they can get more freebies. “And the hits just keep on comin.”

    • A couple of years ago the mayor of Milwaukee was assaulted by a baseball bat. Of course it was compliment from one of his fine constituents. It never made big news. I wonder what his political leanings were. I don’t know the politics of Milwaukee at all or where they lean towards. I do know that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in America. I work with a DWL whose actually a former constituent of said city. He was born there in fact. He has been known to lament to me about that very fact, about Milwaukee being so segregated. It made him feel bad. He’s not a bad guy either, works hard and all that, but what really amazes me is that he too is in the health care industry and remains so liberal that it’s truly weird. He sees how corrupt our system truly is and how it is hurtling us on the path to hell, but he is committed DWL, so the truth is verboten! He hates racism more than anything else he says and probably wishes Milwaukee would change it’s ways. Personally, I like segregation and wish there was more of it in Minnesota, but we forced to be nice. Poverty Inc.is big business in Minnesota, but just wait till the other shoe falls off with this economy and soon even my friend may be astonished when ‘hits just keep on com in’ when Deshawn and Trayvon really have some knock out time.

      • P.S. I doubt that that assailant with the baseball bat who hit the good mayor of Milwaukee had any clue as to who his mayor even was.

  • I do not believe, and I would feel for those honestly using EBT, but at this point anyone, anyone, on EBT/welfare must then go to sponsored government stores ONLY. If they need food or clothing, they could go to such places. They should do that as it is all very social, if you know what I mean.

  • fuzzypook

    Ha! hahahahahahahaha! I was a stripper back in the 80’s. I would have taken that welfare money off of a loser!

  • Bwaaahahahahahahahaha! I was a stripper back in the 80’s. I would have taken welfare money from losers in a hear beat!