Newsom Memorial Draws Loved Ones, Strangers Alike

Hayes Hickman, Knox News, January 6, 2013

Now six years on, Hugh and Mary Newsom have yet to find justice for their son.

As they faced yet another anniversary of his death Sunday, though, loved ones and strangers alike gathered around the couple to help bring them, perhaps, a moment’s peace.

Christopher Newsom, 23, and his girlfriend, Channon Christian, 21, were kidnapped while out on a date, then tortured, raped and killed.

The horrendous crimes continue to dominate the lives of both the Newsom and Christian families—and hold the attention of the larger community. Four suspects were convicted in connection with the January 2007 slayings, only to have the verdicts thrown into question when the judge who presided over the trials, Richard Baumgartner, later pleaded guilty to misconduct in a prescription painkiller scandal.

In appreciation of the community’s ongoing support, the Newsoms chose to invite the public to this year’s graveside memorial service Sunday. In response, more than 100 attendees came to pay their respects at Woodhaven Memorial Gardens in Powell.

“It’s humbling to have everybody out here to honor Chris and to honor us and be here to share this day with us,” said Mary Newsom. “It means an awful lot.”

Gary and Deena Christian, who also attended the service, similarly have invited the public to attend a memorial in remembrance of their daughter at 5:30 p.m. today at Highland West Memorial Park, 9913 Sherrill Blvd.

Halls residents Frank and Karen Orick had never met either family, but felt compelled to pay their respects Sunday.

“We just felt it was our duty as a community to support them, because they need all the support they can get,” said Karen Orick. “It’s really affected us, just thinking, ‘What if that was our child?’ “

On Thursday, Senior Judge Walter Kurtz is set to consider a motion for retrial for Lemaricus Davidson, the accused ringleader in the slayings.

The Newsoms said that Sunday’s turnout gave them a renewed strength to face the next hearing, which they noted it will be the 291st court date the victims’ families have attended.


They also remembered the minute details of Christopher Newsom’s final day, which began with a round of golf.

“Six years ago today, he finished the golf game, came by the house, took a shower, put on his favorite blue sweater, came downstairs. … There was big smile on his face and he said, ‘I’ve got a date with Channon,’ ” Hugh Newsom said. “We never dreamed that that was the last time we would ever see Chris.”

[Editor’s Note: See here for AR’s feature article on the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom murders.]


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  • Did I read that right, 291st court date!? Really pathetic indignation for a family to have to suffer through.

    This is in Tennessee; we have plenty of fine timber for a few new gallows. Round the boys and girl up and we can take care of this in one fell swoop.

    • 291st court date because there is apparently not one state level trial level judge in the Knoxville circuit who isn’t either a lush or a dope fiend. It might take Diogenes and a whole lab full of substance tests to find one who is clean and sober long enough to hear the case while being and clean and sober such that the Bellcurviuses’ defense lawyers can’t use it as grounds for appeal.

      • Pelayo

        Most important is that Hizzoner’s drug problem didn’t alter the validity of all the evidence. There was no reason for a new trial. Who knows down the road, they may get invited to give Commencement addresses at Harvard, Yale, Morehouse, or Tuskegee.

    • dukem1

      5 years…291 court dates…talk about cruel and unusual.

      President McKinley was assasinated and 45 days later his killer had been tried and executed…that was justice, swift and sure.

      If there is a word that describes being both sad and furious over something, that is how I feel whenever I hear about this tragedy…
      Where is Eric Holder? Someones civil rights have been extinguished in Kentucky.

      • Spartan24708

        They aren’t “his people” as he is so fond of spouting.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      I truly wish that someone would take out those two f–ks as they’re entering the courthouse. You could include the “pongidess” that helped them. I don’t use the relative “who” because that indicates a degree of humanity of which these animals are totally bereft. None of them deserves to draw another breath. Send them to the depths of Hell.

      The list of names of the innocent that have fallen prey and the thought of those who have yet to fall prey to these absolute monsters are more than I can stand.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Mr. Newsome would be 29 now.

    When I was 29, I was shopping for the townhouse in which I still live, and had bought my first (and thus far only) new car. I was already the best research chemist in the world in my old field, and was thinking about going back to graduate school. I had my own lab at work and my bosses utterly trusted my judgement as to what I could accomplish for them – and how quickly – with the equipment there and available materials.

    I didn’t golf, but shot high-powered rifles almost every weekend: military antiques, for which I made the ammunition myself, usually involving case-forming. I was also involved in World War Two battle-reenactment, as both German and Russian, and did a lot of camping when the weather was decent or cross-country skiing when the weather was not.

    I think 29 was a great age: old enough in my case to have done a lot of really good work, and still young enough and free enough from some responsibilities to have a lot of fun on my own time.

    What a damned pity!


    • Pelayo

      I can’t get Channon and Christian out of my mind and I fear that this kind of savagery will be repeated over and over again until we bring it and its perpetrators to an end.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        My wife and I can’t, either. The misery inflicted on these innocent people is why I carry pepper spray and a box cutter.

        The new judge has another option – to drop all charges against Davidson and release him, so we can hold court on the streets. I don’t mind doing these things the other way.

        I try not to read about the Knoxville Horror, because I can’t do anything about it.

        • Persona Non Grovel

          You bring up a good point. The lefties know that if this thing is ever let out, he migh not make it too long. I came to the realization years ago that life without parole usually protects murderers from vigilante justice. Yes they can be “made good” in prison (dying violently), but if they are in a single cell with one hour a day outside of the cell under supervision, who can get at them? The horrendous murder of young people (innocents in this case) would light a fire in me that would never burn out, until I or the perp was deceased. Time does not heal all wounds.

          • I say parade the feral monkeys so everyone can have a good look at them.
            I saw the news broadcast over the net on todays deliberations and was amazed at how well fed that monkey looked. All at our tax expense too.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Lemaricus Davidson’s mother has been sending him money for commissary.

      • I mention these murders to DWL’s and the massacres at Wichita, KS that received no adequate reporting. Patrick Buchanan wrote about it in his book entitled The Death of The West. The massacres in Wichita, KS were also very gruesome. Black savages murdered about five white young adults in a hideous savage manner that the biased MSM did not see fit to print because of their biased ways. I am beginning to see their biased ways as being very anti-white.

  • The__Bobster

    Outside of the immediate area, most of America knows nothing about this outrage, but they sure know about the thug named Trayvon Martin.

    • Lygeia

      If I see one more picture of Trayvon Martin as a little eleven year old boy bundled up to go skiing in his little blue coat (before adolescence and the testosterone kicked in) I am going to scream. They had this picture up at a few days ago.

      The mainstream media needs to show the picture of sixteen year-old, 6 foot 1 inch Trayvon with his gold teeth and grills in his mouth (and perhaps we could see the picture of his infant daughter by his baby’s mama). Show Trayvon as he was the night he bashed George Zimmerman’s head into a concrete sidewalk, trying to kill Mr. Zimmerman because Mr. Zimmerman suspected Trayvon of attempting to burglarize a home in Mr. Zimmerman’s community.

      Oh, and Trayvon had burglar tools with him.

      As for the “iced tea and skittles” that Trayvon walked 2-1/2 miles in the rain to buy at a convenience store that night, apparently, there is some kind of drug you can make from Arizona Iced Tea and Skittles due to mixing up all the artificial ingredients that are present in those two convenience food items.

      Sorry for highjacking the thread.

    • I’ve mentioned this very fact to other people. I learned of this crime only last year! I had the unfortunate joke put upon me by our disdainful media, however, on the pain inflicted upon poor little skittles that very afternoon! Poor Trayvon Skittles Martin. Now the media would NOT let that go and all the flack and wrath that certain members of the black population were certain to spew on all us white people became very clear. No joking here, even though the alleged perpetrator was no less than a very dark South American looking latino, and none-to-white. But our media had to pain him a WHITE MAN no less who goes out looking for a poor innocent angels who are black to kill.

  • Don

    Every time I hear about this case, I just think about had this been reversed. Could you imagine? I’m pretty sure the blacks would still be rioting to this day. Disgusting.

    • Pelayo


      You can take that to the bank. The angry Sapphist Rachael Madbull would be on that like stink on scat.

      • Rachael Maddow (I love Madbull, brilliant) did surprise me once I have to say. Google Rachael Maddow and NDAA and it will surprise you. But I agree, if it’s a crime committed by whites, it’s all over the news, the other way, nah, not a thing.

  • ZB

    This whole tragedy is immeasurably and unspeakably sad, to say nothing of the paltry media attention it received. The families involved have conducted themselves far better than I would have. They are models of humility.

    What makes things worse is that, whatever your perspective, even among those who are concerned about the preservation of Western culture, “race realists”, and whatnot, compare the number of comments this story will receive even by regulars on amren, to those concerning dimwits Kim and Kanye. You have to wonder, where are our priorities?

    • Pelayo

      Many of us HAVE no priorities. Some tell me that they just don’t want to think about these things. My response is “When in HELL are you going to think about it? When they kick in your door and rape, sodomize and murder you and your family?

  • weshallprevail

    I’ve retold the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom story to convert several fence-sitters to our cause. Talk about it. Never stop speaking their names. Speak the names of the perpetrators who committed this unspeakable crime against two innocent young people. Do not omit the horrifying details. Make sure people are forced to confront it. But talk. Talk about it.

    Our people are sleeping, blindly stumbling, sleepwalking…it’s upon us to wake them. Crimes like this rouse people. Talk about it! Never sleep, never rest, and don’t let our people sleep any longer.

    Talk about it. Name names. Describe it. It is incumbent upon us to be the dash of cold water in the face of a sleeping white, Western society. We must wake our brothers and sisters, or die. It really is that simple.

    • Pelayo

      I sometimes wonder if there IS a way to awaken them. Today’s White American is not the “sleeping giant” of whom Admiral Yamamoto spoke. (He was a very smart guy), Too many years of Progressive brow beating and too many years of self indulgence, reality shows, NFA, MBA and gated communities have made turned Whites into passive robots. Anyone r
      who read the details of Knoxville, Wichita, Anne Pressley, Amy Willard, Amy Biehl (although it didn’t occur here in the US) and not be moved to want vengeance has lost his/her soul.

      • Pelayo

        I meant NBA,

      • gemjunior

        Totally agree – how do we wake them? I think the key is your last sentence – “Anyone who read the details of …….” That is the main problem – the media will absolutely kill any story that presents white people being victimized. I think it rubs such salt into the wounds of these parents to know the crime that killed their children has literally been hidden from most people in the country. Meanwhile every American has an opinion about the poor little innocent Trayvon the Martyr. But nobody has heard of the young man who had his head smashed in with a hammer 13 times so that he was unrecognizable to his father. What a nightmare this is. But I just keep on doing everything I can to wake people up and have hope – people like Ramzpaul and Amren, VDare, etc. are catching on with a lot of people. I don’t like all the liberal gloating about the future of America being Mexican and all that poppycock because we are down but not out. So it isn’t time to count us out just yet.

        • Pelayo

          I remember the interview with Gary Christian talking about how Channon would snuggle up to him and call him “Daddy” even though she was a grown woman. It broke my heart for sure. I think that if I were him I’d…. well perhaps I shouldn’t express what I’d do. The 1st Amendment doesn’t apply de jure to White people anymore.

          I’m sick of the use of the word “closure” how can there be closure when your child Channon/ Christopher is kidnapped, raped, sodomized, mutilated and then murdered? The images that must haunt him of Channon’s life slipping away in a trash bag while those f—ing pongid beasts sat eating breakfast. These are things that could challenge what went on at Auschwitz/ Birkenau! This has got to be up there with some of the most hideous crimes in history. The Loeb and Leopold kidapping and murder of bobby Franks was characterized as “The Crime of the Century” . This far surpasses that in it’s savagery.

          You’re right! We may be “down” but we’d better get the Hell up. Our primary “weapon” should be our wallets. Boycott, boycott, boycott. Especially anything the involves the enemy. There IS life after football and basketball. Stay home White people. Don’t buy tickets and TV sports packages that feature animals just like LeMaricus and Letalvus, The Carr brothers, Arthur Bomar, George Goins , OJ SImpson and scores of other millionaire thugs. The society has marginalized us but we’re the ones who support all this crap. I haven’t set foot in a movie theater in years and don’t intend to. I didn’t see Lincoln and don’t intend to.
          Look at the pathetic portrayal of Whites in the media and it’s getting worse with each passing day.

          White have nothing for which to feel guilty. Most of us can say that our ancestors came here at the beginning of the last century or at the end of the preceding one. We had no part in slavery nor did we enjoy White “privilege”. What we enjoyed we EARNED with hard work and responsible behavior and proper family creation and child rearing.

          “Poverty and hopelessness.” They’re the excuses for “enemy” violence for the last 60 years while billions of dollars were expended for hundreds of social & educational programs, Affirmative action, entitlements and other “free s–t” as it’s characterized by its beneficiaries, and nothing has changed. Well, actually it HAS changed. It’s gotten worse. Assaults and punch outs in public, abduction, gang rape, sodomy, mutilation and murder occur on a daily basis and it’s cleverly hidden by the media.
          Those of you who use Facebook. Be careful of expressing your feelings and opinions. IF you want to reach out to people do it by posting the links from some of the “original articles” found here at AMREN. Let them read the articles and form their own opinions. And don’t share too much personal info. The enemy uses FB as well. I took my page down and intend to leave it that way.

          • You are spot on! Brilliant! I love the truth you speak. You are heaven to my ears. And you are correct. Nothing has changed all accept for the worse. They say that the city of Detroit has received over a trillion dollars since 1973. 1973! And what have they to show for it. It looks like a bomb dropped on it! It once again is murder capitol USA. It is not white people killing blacks, it’s blacks killing blacks and blacks killing whites. I believe far more

          • blacks have killed whites in America’s history by an enormous margin than the other way around! But dare not say that truth, or what? I wonder.

    • I also do this and then some. Take note of tv commericals. If the subject matter is negative (vaginal itch, hemmoroids, lice, etc.) the person is ALWAYS white. If a commerical is positive, the “people” are all homo erectus.

    • I’m doing this more and more. I first started reading about the situation in Europe and of their immigrants wishing (along with their sadistic elites) of trying to turn Europe into Eurabia. Read While Europe Slept, How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within. As far as violence against white people is concerned, google gross rape scenes of Swedish woman in Sweden by “immigrant youth”, it will turn your stomach. I have now realized that Americans need to wake up too. We could turn into South Africa which is what our globalist elites are so hard trying to create.
      A lot of white people are in the in-between stage of the waking up period and that of the cowardly stage at this point in regards to facing what is really taking place, but it needs to be known!

  • Angry White Woman

    Maybe this time around they will get a sober judge who has the stones to do what Baumgartnar didn’t. Give all 5 of them the death penalty.

    • Depends on TN law, the jury might decide the death penalty for those convicted of first degree murder, if the prosecution is seeking it.

      • Pelayo

        I can’t imagine what OTHER charge they would seek. I’m not a lawyer but how could they pursue any other charge? A rhetorical question perhaps,.

        • Depending on the state, the prosecution must first file Murder One, then make a separate decision then filing on whether to seek the death penalty, if not then the only possible punishment upon a guilty conviction or plea is life in prison without the possibility of parole. If the prosecution does file for the death penalty, then again depending on the state, the jury might decide guilt or innocence, then the judge decides life or death, or the jury again decides life or death.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            Kill the evil spawn of the Devil now! The fact that they are still alive is an obscene abomination.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I’d do it myself. Lemaricus Davidson needs to go.

    • Pelayo

      A good sentiment but trust me. The death penalty will NEVER be actually executed. The families of the vicitims will be long gone by then

  • bigone4u

    I became familiar with the murders because of this or a similar website. The US mainstream media do not wish to tell the truth and so increasingly I turn to alternative media to learn the real facts.

  • Garrett Brown

    God bless the Newsoms and I hope justice comes swiftly for the pathetic thugs.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…the 291st court date the victims’ families have attended….

    That is sadistic. First the torture and slaughter of the young white couple, then the torture of the families.

    The justice system has been made a mockery of yet again.

  • eavesmac

    Do not take the lives of the perpetrators. They deserve their fair chance at worsening their character before their final judgement with the almighty. PC is on their side, and with any chance they can reap the full benefits from life of their actions.

    • rebelcelt

      No, send them to hell, they will cost us many more millions before they die. I am sure they have earned enough credits for the worst part of hell.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      They’ve already had enough chance to worsen their characters. I’m not keen on holding my breath while I wait for them to come up with something that will top abduction, gang-rape, gang-sodomy, torture and murder.

    • Pelayo

      With all due respect eavesmac. Where IS the Almighty when he’s really needed? Looking at this world, I beginning to think that Satan is the “Supreme Being”. The good things and the good people in this world are quickly being converted to the ” Dark Side” or exterminated by the acolytes (AKA teens, youths, and males in their twenties) of Beelzebub.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Where is the Almighty? It depends. I put in an extra half hour at the warehouse in a horrible arctic wind blowing in. Once I was working hard enough, I felt warm. They knew I would catch them up on their work today and even said it once I had arrived, so I did. We got everything done! I would even take a regular job there if it did not have me away from my family very often.

        The Almighty usually leaves us to our own devices. .

      • eavesmac

        this life is just prep for the next

  • rebelcelt

    I am outraged (again) as a Tennessean, American, and as a human being. Angry White Male yeah that applies.Now Obama wants to take my guns? yeah right. We must teach our sons to fight, with fists knives , guns, bricks sticks etc. Many white males have no fight in them. A black male lives in an aggressive atmosphere where the weakness is hardened.We Whites have become too civil. we must teach our children what happens when you hope for mercy. Do not get in the car because they have a gun in your face. You have a very good chance of surviving a gunshot , but getting in a car with these animals is horrifying.
    I am taking my daughter shooting this weekend, but the most important lesson is what should she fear.Fear what they will do when they get you in thier lair more than what they can do to you in the parking lot or street.

    • Eric Blair

      It seems as if you plan on obeying any gun-confiscation schemes, or you would not talk about all those other blunt and pointy objects. Either keep your guns and train your children to fight with those too, or take the ‘rebel’ out of your tag.

  • I’m 100% sure that everyone here will agree with me. Had the murdered been negroid and the killers were white humans, this would have been a year long special in every news room in America. Proof in point: the Duke lacrosse “rape”. To date, I haven’t met a single person (except on the internet) that has ever heard of this.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      It would’ve been the biggest thing since Rodney King smoked PCP, ran from the cops and then lunged at them before getting arrested.

    • MekongDelta69

      One slight correction:

      “Had the murdered been black and the killers were whites, this would have been a never ending special in every news room in America.”

    • Yes, the Duke lacrosse hoax that the good Rev. Al Sharpton so talked about, just like he did with Tawana Brawley several years ago. He was also involved in other hoaxes as well, and yet the MSM actually gives him a spot on a national news network. The people in the media are like those in the government, they are actually either incompetent or evil. I can’t figure which one. I don’t watch MSNBC anymore as it makes me ill, even if I know it is all a hoax. I don’t go to movies anymore, watch much TV for that matter, or even watch sports, because they have turned into a great big hoax. White people need to be woken up.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    I wonder if any of the “woods” will “deal” with these animals in prison?

  • MekongDelta69

    Nick Stix has written more about this atrocity than anyone else:
    He also writes for Vdare and various other pubs.

  • Lygeia

    This is the story that woke me up about race and they way so many (some would say most, if not all) black people really feel about us. And I read it as American Renaissance thanks to Jared Taylor. The day I read about what happened to Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian was the day I became a race realist.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I am terribly sorry that is what it took.

      • Lygeia

        I have the “ideal” encounters with blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Indians that our cultural engineers would like white people to have; but I have always suspected they are always on their best behavior because I live and work in an almost 100% white area. They are on my turf when I interact with them and put on their best company manners.

        This story was also kept out of the national media precisely because it would wake people like me up. Be grateful to Jared Taylor for providing a forum where the truth can be told.

  • Teutonic Giant

    In honor of the beautiful white Christian Aryan couple (RIP) slaughtered by savage Africans.

    • Teutonic Giant

      And how did the savage Africans get so belligerent?

      Answer: A certain tribe of people who pass off as “whites” in America created the conditions, aided, abetted every anti-white policy, action & group in the United States for the past century. Their control over American media, banking, political & academic/ public policies have transformed this once great nation into the mess we see now.

      So who are these people, what is their ethno-racial identity? Clue: Adam Sandler, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer lead star), Porn star Ron Jeremy, Zac Efron & Sigmund Freud all share one thing in common!

      • Sarah Silverman, Mayor Bloomberg, the guys at the Federal Reserve, Sarkozy of France, the people who actually own the media in Sweden too, Jack Straw of Great Britain, Diane Feinstein, Jon Stuart from Comedy Central, Tim Wise who goes around the country, hired by cooperations to advise them on diversity matters and who lectures tirelessly on the problem of ‘white privilege’ to college students, Betty Friedman, Gloria Steinmann-you know, the one who famously once coined that “women can do what men can do, but only better”, she also proudly sported a t-shirt celebrating she had an abortion (get it), and the list goes on and on.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        It’s in their Genes. That they way they are and that’s why they don’t belong here. I curse those who brought them here because what they did was cruel and barbarous. To whom? To all of us because they’re greedy sons of bitches who could have made work for the White southerners many of whom lived in abject poverty. What they spent to buy the pongids could have been used to pay workers. Cruel to all the victims of the descendents of these primitive beasts Channon and Christopher being an unspeakable example of what they have wrought upon us. i’m so sorry that I watched that again. I can’t listen to what Gary said without crying. I wish every day to read that those pongids met an end at least as terrible and horrific but preferably even more horriific than what they visited upon those poor kids. Why do entities who could do something like that to two innocent young people deserve to be called “human”?

        They’re nothing but “dog s–t and you know what happens to dog s–t”.
        I only wish that those poor kids had been in possession of a firearm that night.
        Sportsman’s guide has more ammo in stock. Get online before it’s too late. They also have MREs . We may be needing them real soon.
        “Mejor morir a pie que morir a rodillas.”

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I tried watching it and I just can’t. This can not be born.

      • Eric Blair

        Stop hiding.