Welfare Payments to Be Slashed ¥74 Billion to Root Out the Comfortably Poor

The Japan Times, January 28, 2013

Welfare benefits will be slashed by ¥74 billion over a three-year period starting from fiscal 2013, after a government panel found that some people are making more on the dole than the average low-income person who is not spends on living costs, it was learned Sunday.

The decision to lower standard benefit payments by 6.5 percent was made by welfare minister Norihisa Tamura and Finance Minister Taro Aso. The reduction will hit in August.

Since the standard benefit payment provides the basis for determining other levels of public assistance, such as subsidies for school expenses, reducing it may also affect low-income earners even if they are not on welfare.

Tamura said after the meeting that he will implement the measures so the decision does not adversely affect such earners.

The actual amount doled out per household will be slashed by a maximum of 10 percent from the current level, which is based on age, number of family members and area of residence.

Welfare recipients hit a record high of 2.14 million in October 2012 and the state budget for benefits, including medical assistance, stood at around ¥2.8 trillion for fiscal 2012 ending in March.

Later Sunday, the government and ruling parties approved the fiscal 2013 budget proposal, with expenditures in the general account budget totaling ¥92.61 trillion. The Cabinet will sign off on the budget on Tuesday and send it to the Diet.

At the approval meeting, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for the swift enactment of the budget because it “will enable us to implement economic measures in a seamless manner and tackle major challenges, such as reconstruction (from the 2011 quake and tsunami) and disaster prevention.”

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  • pcmustgo

    Was it France or England that is doing this too? Europeans are too funny… they have 15%, 20%, 50 % unemployment in some places and yet still “need” African immigrants to pick tomatoes for them. Work is work at the end of the day… Time to cut the welfare and let some europeans pick tomatoes.

    • Get a Clue

      You mean America is not being flooded by millions of illegal Mexicans who will soon receive amnesty by the recently re-elected Obama in spite of $11.577 trillion in public debt and the worst recession since the Great Deperssion ?

      Americans are too funny !

      • shattered2012

        The national debt will skyrocket just like Obama plans. See Obama 2016 for more information.

      • kjh64

        I knew this comment would be the response. BOTH Europeans and Americans are crazy for having any immigration.

  • SF Seal

    Yes the Japanese are going in the right direction, but Japan is 98% homogeneous unlike the United States. Way too easy to cut off benefits to their own freeloaders than us to blacks, browns, and F.O.B Asians here, don’t you think ?

    C’mon now. Let’s find some relevant links to our situation (ex: Greece and Golden Dawn) instead of constantly praising Asians for doing what we would have done long ago if we didn’t live in a multiracial society.

    • liberalsuck

      If they cut govt benefits, at least they won’t be dealing with all the race riots or racial baiting like we have here.

  • Sam

    Can you imagine how politically impossible this would be in the US?

    Can you imagine the riots we would have if we could do it?

    • AmericanPatriot

      sure there would be riots and THATwould be the time for the citizen militia to put those riots down.

      • bluffcreek1967

        I agree, but the problem is white Americans don’t have the collective will to do such a thing.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      This is why we will eventually have a civil war instead of riots.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      It will happen eventually, when China stops buying our worthless debt. This is why we have to hold on to our weapons because the military will be forced to back up the undertow to take all that we have. Rural Montana is looking better every day,

  • The g Factor

    Down here in Australia they are talking about raising welfare levels for the unemployed – and when there is some reduction in benefits its aimed at the middle class who at least pay some income taxes.

    • IstvanIN

      Stop immigration and let native Australians get the jobs.

  • A Multiracial Individual

    What will they do when the entire world is attempting to get to their shores?

    • Barrack Osama

      Nothing? The people they’d ideally want to keep out can’t erect a two story building, to say nothing of a seafaring vessel.

  • bigone4u

    American’s welfare policies amount to what I call racial socialism. You take from one race and give to all other races. Socialism, but not exactly what Karl Marx had in mind.
    When the ones being taken from are tapped out and our masters merely print the money to give to the others (pretty much what QE Infinity is doing), then the resulting end game inflation will cut the purchasing power of those welfare benefits. The race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton will howl and benefits will be raised, more money printed to pay for it, and a vicious cycle will ensue, thus ending the white middle class in an avalanche of inflation, since wages will not keep pace with prices.
    Voting Republican might help slow down this destructive race to obliteration. Not stop it because the Republicans are cowards and held hostage by the banksters and other friendly neighborhood billionaires. I am reminded of the five stages of grief. Currently, we are in the denial stage. Soon there will be anger as economic conditions deteriorate even more and people are forced to cut back on everything. Unlike with grief, economic distress leads to another stage: Revolution. Exactly when revolution, peaceful or otherwise, starts is beyond my reasoning abilities. I just know it must happen.

    • IstvanIN

      If the Republicans wanted to they could really put and end to this foolishness even as the minority party.

      • NM156

        Yes, but they’d have to give up defense or tax cuts for the rich to get rid of welfare. I’m starting to believe the left: the GOP is the party of the rich, particularly the party of the globalist, open borders corporate Wall St. oligarchy living in the US. What good is the GOP? They’re useless clowns beholden to lobbyists. Does a single Republican populist exist in the US Senate?

        • Sherman_McCoy

          The GOP is the party of the rich. As is the Democrat Party. It’s just a matter of identifying WHICH RICH.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      As night follows day. So buy gold, guns, and storable groceries, and move to a like-minded white community out n the sticks. I see no other hope. That said, if the government sends it’s armies of bantus and mestizos armed with the latest weaponry, maybe there is no hope.

      • anonymous

        Which white country? They are all being invaded, have low birth rates, and are fighting with their own governments there. At least here we have guns, that is, if the American whites aren’t stupid enough to give up their guns and ammo here. The whites in each country whether we are a majority or minority are on our own and are being persecuted. It’s imperative for whites everywhere to get a backbone, arm themselves, fight back and have more children

  • Joseph

    74 billion over 3 years sounds like the “slashing” that they do here. Probably amounts to a rounding error.

  • John

    Japanese to their credit are very hardworking and do look down very much on those

    we would call in Australia `dole bludgers` welfare scroungers etc ..
    Also as I have witnessed and to their credit a lot of older Japanese people take part time work(security guards,supermarket check out `chicks` etc) and I think thats a great thing that should be encouraged in all western countries..i.e encourage able bodies older workers to stay healthy and keep working rather than bringing in third world `skilled` or unskilled labor.
    I always have believed too much welfare leads to a hand out mentality which although the norm in the third world ,leads to all sorts of problems in Australia,US and other white countries
    as a lost generation of employed/semi unemployed gives ways to a mass importation of these third world immigrants,their families etc which as we all know leads to all sorts of problems.
    Japanese are also in automation big time and also are aware in a rapidly aging population

    that robots might be a safer bet than hiring thousands of nurses and elderly care workers
    from poorer Asian countries.
    Also as Japan swings back to a more conservative stance on many issues I am sure that as Jared Taylor also surely knows, there is a lot we can learn in the West from how Japan handles ethnic diversity and how this will affect public order and social harmony.

  • Big Zero in the WH

    Like the big “O” in the WH would do that? Big Zero just raised taxes on not only the elite but threw a curve ball and raised them on the middle class too. Did he lower the benefits of his beloved welfare or entitlement 47%? Hell NO.

  • So just how many blacks are in Japan anyway?

    • The__Bobster

      Even one would be too many.

  • Well, years ago the Republican spending on the military lead to a look of good blue collar jobs in places like Califonria. I agree about some of the wars but the Republicans don’t want to rise a dime to save defense spending, sure they get into wars but they want to do them on the cheap. The miltary is going to get slash since the left doesn’t like it and the Republicans want no more taxes Better aerospace jobs than welfare. Some of the Repubicans are against American Aerospace companies like Boeing and want Airbus. When Reagan military spending was ended California went blue because a lot of whites left and Hispanics came in in the ealry 1990’s.