VP Biden: Hispanics “the Center of this Nation’s Future”

FAIR, January 7, 2013

Seeking to consolidate support from Hispanic lawmakers ahead of an all-out amnesty battle, Vice President Joe Biden last week called Hispanics “the center of this nation’s future.” (Politico, Jan. 3, 2013) The Vice President made these remarks in a speech at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) event held to welcome Hispanic Members of the 113th Congress.  (CHCI website, Jan. 4, 2013) Biden was joined at the inside-the-beltway event by other Administration officials, including Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis.  (Id.)

Pandering, in his speech Biden touted the strength of the Hispanic community and its many accomplishments.  He celebrated the record number of Hispanic lawmakers in the 113th Congress; he also noted that Hispanics now make up a quarter of U.S. school children.  “What’s finally happened is the American people, the American people have finally begun to understand . . . the awesome potential, future potential of the Hispanic community . . . . Now the nation—and I might add the hemisphere—understands the Hispanic community must be courted,” said Biden.

The Vice President also predicted that Republicans would cave under pressure to pass amnesty legislation.  In the face of significant Hispanic support for President Obama in the November elections, Republicans, he said, have had a “rapid epiphany” about immigration reform.  (Politico, Jan. 3, 2013)

Biden encouraged the audience to get the Hispanic community mobilized to push for amnesty legislation.  ”It’s no longer about what can be done for the Hispanic community,” he said. “The question is what the Hispanic community is going to do to take this country to a totally new place.” (CHCI website, Jan. 4, 2013)  Republicans, he said, need to know that “[if] you ignore the needs and concerns of the Hispanic people, you will not win, you will not win.”  (Politico, Jan. 3, 2013)

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  • Nathanwartooth

    “Republicans, he said, need to know that “[if] you ignore the needs and concerns of the Hispanic people, and concentrate on Whites you will win, you will win.” (Politico, Jan. 3, 2013)”

    FTFY Biden

  • Jefferson

    If Hispanics are the future of the U.S, than this country is screwed. Hispanics in the U.S on average are underachievers compared to East Asians, Anglo Saxons, and Jews.

    There is a reason why the vast majority of Spanish speaking countries in the world are not fully developed nations.

    • Triarius

      We will be the next Brazil. A white elite with a Mexican underclass and a black underbelly.

      The best thing you can do is make sure your kids are white so they live in the fenced-in towns. Either that or move. I’m young and trying to transfer to Europe in my company, but it would probably be to Amsterdam, which isn’t much better, imo.

      • dukem1

        Try Estonia.

        • pcmustgo

          Moldovia is the poorest country in Europe. Watched a documentary about it yesterday.

          • NM156

            What’s a Moldovia?

          • IstvanIN

            Used to be called Moldavia.

          • Joseph


        • I met a young lady from Estonia a while back. Probably the most refreshing and sincere attitude I’ve come across in a long, long time.

          • convairXF92

            One of my profs (1980-era) was from Estonia and I sensed some influences from Marxism and psychobabble. Don’t generalize about the country (though they may have improved since this prof’s school days). –>Eastern Europeans, trying to be “modern”, may absorb the wrong ideas/trends from the West. I’ve noticed this particularly with Bulgarians in the US.

      • NYB

        The Brazil or India model is exactly what the financial elites want to do to all white countries.
        A plurality of squabbling ethnicities is easier to manipulate, control, and play off against each other, ensuring nationalism will not threaten their status quo.
        It’s a genocidal master plan against whites, and, like docile concentration camp inmates, we shuffle meekly to our doom.

        • Tucker

          This is why the left, lead by the 3% ethnic group who invented the cancer of liberalism and Cultural Communism/Marxism, are not wasting any time – post November 6th – to try to come after our firearms.

          With those firearms in the hands of White European Americans – there is still a chance that we can stop this Brazilization / white genocide agenda and use the threat (or reality) of using physical force to win our White Ethnostate.

          Dig in, fellow White people. Do not surrender our firearms.

          • Liberalsuck

            Lots of Americans–white, black, brown, yellow–are buying firearms and ammo left and right. The more the government and the politicians are pushing on the American people, the harder the Americans pushing back. The Americans are trying to tell their elected officials something. Our government really isn’t taking a hint, are they? It’s like if a little kid were teasing a big dog, and the dog showed some teeth and growled. You would say, “Stop it, he will bite you.” The little kid ignores your warnings and the dog bites attacks him. You feel sorry for the kid, but you say, “You were warned!”

    • wattylersrevolt

      Native Born White Americans would be just as screwed if all the immigrants comming to American were asian. If you want to live among asians pack your bags and go live in Korea. Asians are not our kind.,.they are a racial-fifth column…I, along with many other commenters over the years on AR have presented enormous evidence and examples of asian aggresion against our people. By the way, your comments are example of why I so loath Pat Buchannan’s and most recent book…at the end of the day, the policy wonk mad calibrators push the immigration moratorium to get the predatory asians in through the back door where they can continue apace with growing their voting block which votes in every presidential election for Native Born White American racial minority status within the borders of America.

      • pcmustgo

        Less screwed in terms of them needing affirmative action, more screwed in terms of them dominating certain fields and pushing whites out.

        In a way, the Latinos will “need” whites more to do things like run businesses, just as down in Latin America, many of the hotels and industries are owned by whites and asians, etc.

        • wattylersrevolt

          You are so wrong about this. Over the past six years, there have been many stories of asians demanding affirmative action preferences. And since affirmative action=legalized racial discrimination against Native Born White Americans…when Native Born White Americans are reduced to an ever dwindling racial in the nation they founded and created, the asians will enforce highly discriminatory labor market and school admissions policies against the Native Born White American Minority..it is already happenning.

          One week before the Supreme Court made its decision on the U of Michigan affirmative action case about Jennifer Gratz’s…3.8 gpa in math….denial of admission to the U of michigan law school…I remember seeing the national news stories of student protests on the U of Michigan campus..lots of hindu princesses holding signs about evil whitey and his-her anti-affirmative action preferences…life is great in “America” for the hindu princesses that arrogantly prance around university campuses built and paid for a 90 percent majority White America…life is great for the arrogant daughters of the imported hindu doctors that Native Born White America could have managed without…very easily..we did it for years.
          Just a reminder:a lone chinese legal from china released a pregnant asian snakehead fish into the Potomac River setting into motion the ecological destabilization of the Shenandoah Valley’s Riparian ecosystems..there have been many introductions of asian snakehead fish by asian immigrants in the past ten years..destabilizing many more of America’s precious and majestic Riparain Ecosystems.
          The asianphiles who post on AR are truly repellant.

          • NM156

            Asians complain about disparate impact measures that displace them from elite US universities, but affirmative action for Asians that excludes whites remains in full force at the great majority of US universities and in the workplace.

          • Doppleganger

            Asians don’t benefit from any affirmative action. In fact, affirmative action has actually protected whites by saving seats that would otherwise go to Asians. Why? because all the Asian stars are universally compared against each other, at an even higher standard than whites are.

          • Caracal

            “asians don’t benefit from any affirmative action.”…Here we go again !

            Huh, yes they do. Ethnic filipinos, vietnamese, cambodians, and pacific islanders get plenty of direct AA for college admissions while east asians get plenty of scholarships just because of their race, unlike any White student:


            Moreover, ALL asians benefit from affirmative action just because of their race in GOVERNMENT OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS, TRAINING PROGRAMS, JOB RECRUITMENT, MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT, FEDERAL CONTRACTS as well as from all federal contractors and subcontractors.

            Whites, especially White men who aren’t veterans or disabled, get none of these racial quotas, and it’s about time that this recurring myth that “asians don’t benefit from any affirmative action” dies on Amren once and for all.

            Chinese or Affirmative Action:

          • Tucker

            Doppleganger just doesn’t appear to ‘get it’. Let’s review the November 6th election results and voting patterns:

            Black voted 93% for Obama
            Asians voted 72% for Obama
            Latinos voted 71% for Obama
            Jews voted 69% for Obama

            Whites voted 59% for Romney

            Obama and the entire Democrat Party are the face of affirmative action, the face of anti-white hatred and anti-white, white taxpayer exploitation and parasitic plundering, the face of anti-white, white genocide promotion of: race mixing, homosexuality, aborting inconvenient white fetuses, open borders, chain immigration, the face of minority set-asides, the face of removing Whites, especially White males, from as many government jobs as possible and replacing them with minorities – which include Asians, Dop.

            And, despite all this clearly anti-White, discriminatory behavior by the Democrat Party, despite the clearly and openly declared race war that the Democrat Party and it’s non-white constituencies have chosen to wage against the White European majority – the very same Asians who you are now trying to make excuses for decided to overlook all those transgressions against Whites and voted for Obama at a rate of 72%.

            Which tells me and anyone else with a brain bigger than a golf ball that they support that anti-white agenda and want to enable Obama and the Democrats with the opportunity to do more of it.

            News Flash: Asians are not our friends or our allies, pal. Whites are standing alone in this battle and we have only ourselves to rely upon.

            This is why White race treason has to be completely eliminated from our ranks and why anyone who engages in it must be shunned and ostracized with the highest level of scorn, contempt, and shame.

          • anonymous

            All races stand together. The blacks, Hispanics, Asians and whites will never get along with each other in large numbers. We will always be at each other’s throats for resources, for jobs, for property, for whose culture rules, for how laws are to be enforced, etc. Multiculturalism doesn’t work in any society. Not necessarily because of the difference, but because when you have different groups you will have different outcomes and you will get politicians publicizing the differences to spark ethnic conflict.

            I have a motto, “Stop the hate and segregate.”

          • NM156


          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Well stated. Your best comment yet, especially your last line.



          • Joseph

            Besides the which, the Asians are overwhelmingly Democrats. One need only look to Hawaii and Calif. to see what Asian politics is all about. Next from the usual suspects we’ll be told that Asians are “natural Republicans”.

          • George White

            Yup, they overwhelmingly vote dem.

          • Liberalsuck

            the Asians in Hawaii don’t like whites either. From every white man I know who has been to Hawaii or lived there has told me they walked into places and were called anti-white slurs or challenged to fist fights.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone here for opening my eyes about asians. When I first started visiting AR around 2007 I was pretty much an asiaphile, but now I’m a committed white nationalist. So while the debate must be pretty tedious to engage in, it is not useless. I wish I could remember the names of the posters who had the greatest effect on me and thank them individually.

          • pcmustgo

            I don’t like Asians either- boring, frigid, clannish.

            Great food though!

          • liberalsuck

            The Chinese in parts of Canada only do business in Chinese and are buying up property there. Tell me again how they aren’t trying to impose their will and culture on us?

        • Whites are going to have to learn to be as aggressive as Asians. They need to learn to see Asians with the same hostility that Asians hold toward whites. Enough of this “we are all brothers” stuff.

          • saris1

            Blut und Boden.

            Asians have NO connection with the Americas as a homeland. So, for them it’s make money, make money! Use who you will but make money!

        • saris1

          Affirmative action benefits mostly two groups in the U.S — The Handicapped and Asians. I’m not against the former, the latter, ehhh.

          • pcmustgo

            But mostly, so far, to white women…

        • liberalsuck

          Asians will take over good paying sector jobs. The blacks will gang up on you, rob you and kill you. The Hispanics will take jobs from the low-paying, unskilled/blue-collar white workers. Either way, we are all screwed in a multicultural society. I don’t want any race but whites to be the majority here. I want a white nation with white rulers with our own laws with our own tax dollars being pumped back into OUR nation with only productive white taxpayers dictate how the country is run.

      • razorrare

        I read Pat Buchanan’s latest book ‘Suicide of a Super Power’ and no where did i read where he promoted a policy of more immigration of asians or any other racial group…By and large it was an excellent book,so excellent it got him fired from MSNBC.If i am wrong please give the page number that reveals this information…Thankyou.

      • saris1

        There are but three American blood lines in my opinion. — Native/White/Black. That is our story, our history. Everyone else came in when the going was good, very good. Like Jews.

    • saris1

      “If Hispanics are the future of the U.S, than this country is screwed. Hispanics in the U.S on average are underachievers compared to East Asians, Anglo Saxons, and Jews.”

      The JEW is the problem, it’s ALWAYS been the problem.

    • jeffaral

      Would Mr Biden state about his beloved Israel that Palestinians are the center of Israel’s future??!!!

      • If he did, he would be just as demographically correct about it as he is in saying that Hispanics are “the center of” America’s “future.” Not that either demographic replacement is desirable. But for obvious political partisan reasons, he cheers it in our case.

  • Great. Our nation’s “leaders” are going to take us from being a 1st world country to being a 3rd world one. We’re soon going to be México Norte. How I wish I had taken a picture.

    • dukem1

      The southwest, and California, already are.
      Hispanic accomplishments? Mexico has been a nation of some type for like 150 years, and can’t even produce a glass of water fit for human consumption.

      • America First

        Mexico has been independent from Spain since 1810. It is a country rich in natural resources. Nothing of value has been produced since the Spaniards left. It’s the crappy culture – abetted by the white elite – that perpetuates its failure as a nation and a people.

        • anonymous

          ” It is a country rich in natural resources.”

          Sounds like Africa. full of natural resources, yet it is only the white people who were able to utilize them and prop up those countries for the time they were there and were in charge.

  • JohnSmithStats

    Obviously, Biden and numerous other Whites profess to believe that, but where’s the proof of their alleged convictions? When Whites such as Biden and Leno attack their own race from their thrones of White privilege, I am forced to wonder why don’t they lead by example. They could start by relinquishing their positions and insisting that a Blacks and Hispanics replace them?

    For example, how many Hispanics is Biden holding down by enjoying his White privilege? How many Blacks is Jay Leno holding down by enjoying his White privilege? What is the most obvious remedy for their “crimes”?

    Why don’t Biden and Leno resign and follow up by donating every penny of their wealth to Hispanics and Blacks and serving out the remainder of their days in soup lines helping to feed Hispanics and Blacks? It would make their incredible nonsense so much easier to believe.

    • edwina

      Latin americans of indian ancestry…….. what you’re refering to as hispanics,
      are all about race, their race.
      They will dump biden and other white politicians like a steaming cowpie.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I am reminded that many old White democratic politicians in California said the exact same thing Old Biden just said — three decades ago.

        –All of their seats are now occupied by racist, marxist, ethno-centric mexicans.


  • The__Bobster

    VP Biden: Hispanics “the Center of this Nation’s Future”


    Fixed it.

    VP Biden: Hispanics “the Center of his party’s Future”

    • Triarius

      I was going to say Hispanics “the Southwest of this Nation’s Future”. But I like yours better Bobster.

    • How does one say Baby-mommy in Spanish?

      • So CAL Snowman

        moma de bebe?

        • SoCal LoCal

          Mamacita del bebe.

          • GM (Australia)

            How do you say “Welfare parasite” in Spanish or is it the same in any language?

          • robinbishop34

            I think it’s welfare-o parasite-o.

      • Xerxes22


  • JackKrak

    “Pandering, in his speech Biden touted the strength of the Hispanic community and its many accomplishments.”
    “Accomplishments” like helping to make spending on food stamps explode? Necessitating the hiring of legions of bilingual teachers and teacher aides? Making me feel like a visitor to San Juan or Tijuana when I go anywhere? Filling maternity wards in border towns with anchor babies? Dragging down education stats in all the places where blacks hadn’t already done it? You mean stuff like that?

    • saris1

      Mexicans are not Americans, they never will be because they are Native to this continent and are a little jealous that they received [Sioux, etc] rights that they were never given by the Spanish. That creates a lot of animosity since our experiment turned out better than that of the Spanish. The language issue is mind boggling, I went to a fast food restaurant … No english, NONE.

      • anonymous

        Lots of American Indians don’t like the hispanics. When I had a kiosk job a few years ago, it was a slow working day and a man of American Indian descent was just chit chatting with me. Somehow the subject of immigration came up and he–the American Indian–said this about the illegals, “I think somebody should just f—ing shoot them, man.” I was kind of shocked, kind of laughed and said, “uh, you said it; not me.”

  • HadEnough

    This reminds me of the Dutch Progress Party’s proposed defense policy in the 1970s: to abolish the Dutch military and place tape recorded messages saying “we surrender” at every border crossing. What Biden is saying is no different. It’s stomach turning.

  • SoCal Local

    If so, America’s future will bear the tag, “Made in China”.

    • jay11

      Wait until all those mexican and central american indians start ARMED rebellions here, just like they do in ALL countries of their origin. In 20-30 years we will have a version of the Shining Path, Che guerillas, FARC and other latino indian terrorist groups operating in a town near you. Do not even try to say you don’t believe it will happen here.
      Our stupid white liberals will be their logistics officers.

      • pcmustgo

        Interestingly, many of those Mexican gangsters, the higher-ups, look WHITE… THAT’S RIGHT, CARLOS ESCOBAR AND OTHER HIGH-UP NARCO RUNNERS ARE WHITE LOOKING… Perhaps the brown ones aren’t competent enough to even do that?

        • pcmustgo

          Escobar was the famous Colombian drug king-pin

      • SoCal LoCal

        It has happened here, only small scale thus far.

        And to be technical, it is “Indio” or “Mestizo,” depending on purity.

      • anonymous

        Those armed mexicans and other latins will be dealing with a well-armed white population and an armed black population and armed Asians and each group who is only in it for themselves. As far as the white liberals? I suspect some might be waking up more seeing their taxes being raised and think “Oh? So you mean more of my hard-earned money has to support these illegals and socialist government programs that I voted for? That’s odd. I always thought systems, corporations and taxes were just created out of thin air. I didn’t know the taxes and goodies came from the sweat of working Americans until I had to see it for myself.”

    • Bill

      It already bears that tag on pretty much anything.

      • David Ashton

        Including John Engelman, unfortunately.

  • cecilhenry

    So white people, who founded the nation and are responsible for everything it has become, are irrelevant?

    Ridiculous, and moreover hateful and supporting genocide by displacement.

    A contemptible attitude.

    • jay11

      Ya, I keep thinking, “Did anyone ask us if we wanted to be pushed out of the land of our forefathers?”

  • wattylersrevolt

    It is an open and deliberate policy to race-replace the Native Born White American Majority. It is an open declaration of a race war against Native Born White Americans. The open intent is to harm millions of Native Born White Americans. The whole point of having national borders is so that different racial and ethnic groups will not have their fate put in the hands of hostile foreigners.

    And don’t forget the very serious ecological consequences of wiping away of America’s borders:hyper-exponential population growth…all of it completetly generated by the importation of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites who are breeding like a well known insect pest. All of the environmental and ecological amenities that make life bearable and worth living now have a very high probability of being paved over…anything green and alive will be paved over with the dark hellish asphalt…the concentrated toxins of the last great extinction of life on Earth….there is another mass extinction in the making.

    Biden is utter sociopathy incarnate..and unadulturated.

    The Democratic-Republican policy of race-replacement will at some point in time provoke a violent race-war..a totally predictable outcome of forcing different hostile racial groups to compete for the scarce resources of the former America…especially when you consider the fact that the US is in the early stages of ecological collapse.
    Can’t wait for the ogalla acquifer to go dry.
    I blame the Catholic Church for the ecological catastrophe known as hispanic immigrants. I am a ex-Catholic..completely… the Catholic Church is a treasonous cabal of filthy wierdo Irish Catholic and Italian Catholic priests…

    • Socal LoCal

      You forgot the German and Slavic priests

      • wattylersrevolt


        I’ll leave the Slavic Priests out for now..especially when you consder that Joe Biden was a vicious cheerleader for the slaughter of the Serbian Civliian population on the basis of complete fabrication of atroticies..Srebenica and the rape of Bosnia.

        But your right about the German Catholic Priests…one of Pope Ratzinger’s young priests who are part of his inner circle was caught in the act on video!! And Pope Ratzinger looks like an old queen who likes to dress up in frilly outfits all the time. And then there is that 95 year old Old Queen Ted Hesburg former President of Notre Dame who recently came out on favor of the legaliztion of homosexual marriage. But what did every one expect?… The Old German has been a close friend of Norman Lear for close to forty year!!!!. Then there was Notre Dame’s late weight training coach Father Lang and his boys in the weight room. If you take the idea that Jesus created the whole Universe..and beyond.seriously….well, why are the Catholic Priests so deeply involved with promoting such frivolous stuff..and gratuitously violent….as college football? Obvious answer:when you are in church you are most definitely not in contact with a superintelligence who created the universe and beyond. After mass, millions of devout Christian “Men” start to immediately indulge in Sports Entertainment Pornography for the rest of the week. I mean, if you believe that a superintelligent being exist…Notre Dame sports entertainment pornagraphy is blasphemy against the Creator.

        • convairXF92

          I think it was Richard Hofstadter’s *Anti-Intellectualism in American Life* that paid special attention to the over-emphasis in Catholic schools on team sports. My guess on this was that the priests considered sports a “neutral” area where young people could be competitive and warlike, without running afoul of Christian pacifism and Christian aversion to competition in the economic arena (entrepreneurship, finance). Like, football re-routed young men’s energies away from business hopes and Wall Street hopes, as well as intense academic competition. If Catholics rank lower economically and intellectually than the “3% not to be named”, wonder how much the sports culture in Catholic schools, especially in past generations, contributed to that.

    • Joseph

      The Roman Catholic church, like many other denominations has become a hideout for> 1. collectivist social reformers and> 2. religious “merchants” who are desperately trying to remain relevant and keep the money coming in. This is no general indictment of Christianity, but the whore astride the scarlet beast that now includes the majority of “organized” Christendom.

      • wattylersrevolt

        I am quite happy to live in a Christianity based Society. Christianity as a cultural phenomena is so fundamental to the cultural mileu that formed my personality. I don’t want to live in a sihk-hindu-buddhist-muslim conext. My view of Christianity is the same as English composer Raiff Vaughan Williams and the English physicist Martin Reese. Both are agnostic but prefer the Anglican Church Christian Context of England.
        What I don’t accept is the claim of a supernatural presence in Church. I mean, just look what millions of Native Born White Americans do after church…eight hours of sports entertainment vapidness..and then fantasy football for the rest of the week.
        Collectivist social reform is obviously a bad thing if you think the eight hour work day, abolition of child labor, and Medicare are great evils in modern society. Libertarians are hostile to the idea of common good and common interests because Libertarians have no concept of a common good and common interests.Libertarian blatherings about Liberty are a codeword for extreme ruthlessness and hyper-individulism…the kind of stuff that can be found in a certain extra-physical realm whose residents include Carniege,Fricke, and the Rockfeller Family’s deceased Patriarch…yes, that’s right: hell itself.

  • Jefferson

    Predominantly Hispanic border towns like El Paso and Laredo have some of the highest poverty rates in the country. If in the future the racial demographics of America as a whole will resemble that of Laredo, than I weep for this nation.

    • But if the Democrats keep getting elected and control all the high ground, who really cares about poverty? They sure don’t.

      The problem with American politics is the Republican Party. It needs to be eliminated totally. Necessity is the mother of invention.

  • jay11

    Interesting, now if I was a Republican strategist, I would plaster an image of Joe Biden on every billboard in America with the following two quotes:

    Vice President Joe Biden last week called Hispanics “the center of this nation’s future.”
    (- for posting in all black neighborhoods.)

    “The question is what the Hispanic community is going to do to take this country to a totally new place.” (- for posting in all white neighborhoods.)

    But the Republicans are not that clever anymore. I miss slick Willie….

    “What’s finally happened is the American people, the American people have finally begun to understand . . . the awesome potential, future potential of the Hispanic community . . . . Now the nation—and I might add the hemisphere—understands the Hispanic community must be courted,” said Biden.
    —— When I look around at the 95% plus latino neighborhood I work in, and see all the garbage on the street, the shiftless young men on the corners and the teenagers with 2-3 kids in tow, I am not all that enthusiastic about being race-replaced by Mexican indians, dominican blacks and salvadoran gang members. One BIG problem is that both the Dems and Repubs interact with only 2 types of latinos: 1) the ‘white’ ones and 2) the little sweet brown domestic workers who seem so wonderful because they smile so much and do any unpleasant job for cheap. Behind their backs they hate all of us.

    • pcmustgo

      Do you really think hispanics hate whites as much as Blacks? I live in NYC and generally find Latinos, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, the whole lot, kiss up to whites and smile at me a lot, the women included…

      • pcmustgo

        Which doesn’t make them ideal immigrants, I’m just wondering. I find very few hate whites. Please elaborate.

        • Krpt

          As an Asian, I feel the plight of majority inhabitants (Whites), but I don’t think any immigration control is going to work at this point. I think the conservative states can follow the Arizona model and reduce some of the illegals but a lot needs to be done to make it more efficient. There’s no hope for the liberal ones though. Here’s my tip, start letting in people from Eastern European nations like Yugoslavia, Latvia, Lithuania etc. I know there are lot of youngsters trying to get out and find jobs in distant lands, and because they are not married or committed to anything, they can easily travel to far away lands. I say relax the immigration laws for other Whites to come in. I know a lot of Whites from South Africa and other East African nations are dying to get out of there. Make sure they don’t have any Communist/Socialist party affiliations. Some of the EU nations have made it impossible for low/mediocre -skilled people from non-EU nations to get into them. The youngsters from Eastern European nations are not like the effeminate spoiled rich Caucasian kinds you find nowadays in America or UK. They can deal with any minority threats with relative ease, which makes them a viable alternative. So start taking some proactive measures to counter these issues. Stand up for your own kind, just like the minorities. Don’t come up with the “I’ll lose my job for being a racist” excuse. I say lose your job, time over these issues. Also make sure to carry out all these protests in a peaceful manner. Oh, also try to get the attention of mass-media and I know most of them are liberal but I’m sure they won’t neglect to report on mass protests.

          • jay11

            I have experience living around ‘white ethnics.’ Many of them are really low class people, from the standpoint of traditional American middle class values.
            Low morals. The girls are loose, the older women are tacky. The young men ape ghetto rap culture and have the cajones to be tough while doing it. The men are mostly dishonest and corrupt. We are not getting the better classes of people from those countries by and large.
            Like most immigrants from everywhere, we are attracting mostly the lower classes who want the welfare and freebies we recklessly extend to all the minute they arrive legally or illegally.

          • saxonsun

            No surprise there–that’s what settled this nation, low-class.

          • Remington

            Who asked you, “Asian” ?

            White racialists don’t need to be lectured about what to do from asians who are currently invading the US just the same to milk our system while snatching lottery school seats, high paying jobs, college admissions, and entire White neighborhoods away from us.

            You neither belong nor is it your place here.

            New Asian immigrants to US now surpass Hispanics:


          • Krpt

            You lash out at me, like I’m in control of all Asian people. Heck, if I was, I wouldn’t let these people immigrate to other nations. We could use all of these skilled professionals to build our own nations. Unfortunately, that’s not how freedom or democracy works. I hope it reverses in coming decades or so. I travel to distant lands to learn about its inhabitants, culture, food or have a fun vacation, just like any other tourist. Apart from that, I have no intention to settle in other White/Black/Hispanic nations. I’m happy with my business here in my own nation.

            It’s not a sense of invasion, as in replacing the people of host nation (can’t say the same for the Muslims), but it’s either sheer greed or lack of good opportunities, that drives these people to go overseas. Greed is and will always be a part of human nature and whenever there is an opportunity to make more money, people take it. The same applies to the lobbying in your end. Don’t tell me that it’s not greedy corporate profiteers or universities who’re pushing for the relaxation of legal immigration laws.

            Nobody asked me to comment here, I just did it because I have a sense of
            fairness and justice, and when those things are violated, I feel like
            addressing those issues and do whatever to change that. However, that doesn’t mean I address or interfere in everything that’s troubling White people. I only look for the ones where I can provide some input (whether useful or not). Last I checked, this still is an open forum. Either you deal with it or pretend you didn’t see my comment. Another thing, these are some of the blogs I care to visit, because I have lost my faith in mainstream media and so take this as my source to know about what’s happening in your countries.

            Now, instead of whinging at me and my kind for stealing your high-paid private sector jobs or bringing investments, just try to change the system from your end, sir. And if the so called “White racialists” are doing something about it, now would there be a need for a website like AMREN? We wouldn’t even be throwing these diatribes at each other. Anyways, good luck!

          • anonymous

            I’d take in all the destitute white South Africans any day over blacks, mexicans, asians or white liberals. They would make better racial and immigration polices that would benefit whites and they would not tolerate any BS from black gangs or black militants.

        • George White

          Come to Los Angeles! Oh, here you go…go to youtube and check out Ron Gochez videos. He’s a Mexican activist. That will give you a taste of the sort of insanity we are up against.

          • Liberalsuck

            The whites in California will have had enough of the anti-white Mexicans there, the gangs, the crime, the high taxes, the gun control laws and they will flee to whiter states where they have lax gun laws and lower taxes. They’re already doing it now. Let those Southwestern states go to Mexico and let them support those states on their own.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Latino students cheer and laugh during World War II films when the American troops are killed. I’ve seen that on so many occasions, it makes me ill.

        • curri

          You should contact Abe Foxman about your experiences. I’m sure his suggested remedy will be even more Holocaust-that’s Holocaust, not Holodomor-education demonizing white Christians.

        • Tim

          Lil my own eureka moment came during the Ft. Hood shootings. as the TV coverage played I walked outside and told the mostly Mexican roofers about it, asking if any had kids stationed there. They laughed at me and said, “why should THEY care if Americans were being killed. I walked inside red faced and withdrew their cold water, bathroom and parking needs. Since I didn`t hire them I couldn`t do the same for their jobs.

        • saris1

          I’ve seen the same twice… and yeah, it does make one sick to his stomach.

        • Dave4088

          I attended a high school football game in a southwestern state a couple of years ago and when the national anthem was played about six mestizo students turned their back on the flag and folded their arms. These are people that Biden and many screwball Republicans tell us deserve a path to citizenship.

          • Tucker

            I’m white, and I’d do likewise. The National Anthem is a sick and increasingly obvious ‘joke’, Dave. It’s nothing more than another Cultural Marxist ‘tool’ designed to set the hook in the gullible, clueless jaws of sentimental White morons and keep these numbskulls clinging to this ‘patriotard’ nonsense that makes them think that the nation of their White ancestors still exists.

            It doesn’t. It died as a consequence of what the Stupidest Generation did during World War 2, Dave. The outcome of that war was the death knoll for White Western Civilization. Every single aspect of the virulently anti-White, White genocide craving Cultural Marxist enemy agenda can be directly traced to our having destroyed Germany.

            Case in point: That American Flag that I see so many IQ challenged, sentimental, gullible and clueless White numbskulls flying or worshiping has been used for toilet paper by every single president – of BOTH political parties – who’ve occupied the White House for the last 100 years, at a minimum. These politicians who have wrapped themselves in that flag and pretended to be a super patriot in order to project an appealing image – have been conning you, fellow White people. The elitist snobs of BOTH political parties have been working day and night for the last 100 years – as a tag team – to erode and destroy the concept of a sovereign nation, because these elitist snobs are craving to create a One World Totalitarian Government. That’s why they keep our borders wide open, Dave. They understand the concept of what Reagan once said – that any nation that does not control its borders will not remain a nation for long. And, even Reagan didn’t really believe in the wise words he occasionally spoke – he was an actor, and he was simply delivering his lines.

            Thus, whenever I see the American Flag – I find myself feeling sick to my stomach.

          • Dave4088

            I mostly agree, Tuck, but the mestizos dis the flag for very different reasons than the ones you cited. They see the anthem and flag as the symbol of white man and all the imaginary crimes committed against them and their beloved meh-hi-co (sic). They certainly aren’t objecting to the U.S. led destruction of National Socialist Germany and the continued demographic warfare the U.S. government wages against it’s majority white population.

          • Liberalsuck

            Any white person who wants illegal immigration should be forced to support housing facilities on their own dime for illegals and should be forced to on their own dime to pay for their children. I say, “You like blacks? Then YOU live in a black neighborhood and leave your money to a black organization. You like illegals and feel sorry for them? Fine. Then YOU give up your job to them or find them housing accommodations on your own dime and feed them on your own dime. Quit pushing your white guilt onto others.”

        • Tucker

          Since Mexicans and mestizos seem to be far more ‘wise’ to the machinations and evil committed by that certain tiny group of aliens who constitute a supposed 3% of our nation’s population than are most Whites, they might very well be laughing in those movies about WW2 over how gullible and embarrassingly naive and stupid White American troops were to be fighting in a war to rescue the very same group of people who are now showing their gratitude by engineering the genocide of White European people all over the world, using their weapons of mass white racial destruction of open borders and poisonous multiculturalism.

          As for myself, I can no longer watch movies about WW2 without feeling enormous nausea in the pit of my stomach. It is not easy, being a member of the dumbest and most easily snookered race of determined suicidists in world history.

        • liberalsuck

          The hispanics dont like us either. They are trying to tell us what we can and can’t say. They are trying to get the anti-illegal alien shirts banned. They are trying to forbid you and I from saying the word ‘illegal.’ They boast to whites how they will “be the majority” and how they will be the “future workforce.” Does that sound like somehow who likes you would talk to you? Hello!

      • George White

        Maybe because they are not the majority? In Los Angeles they openly hate whites.

        • Tucker

          Mestizos are following the example and using the same technique that blacks once adopted, prior to the middle 1960s. When in the presence of Whites, pretend to be respectful, cordial, and agreeable – and non threatening. This technique results in Whites lowering their guard and relaxing their level of racial awareness. So, instead of realizing that a given minority is a racial competitor who poses a threat to your continued existence – whites begin to believe that minorities are their friends and confidants.

          For those in the Amren community who are avid readers, let me recommend a great book by Robert Ruark titled: Something of Value. I read this book twice as a kid and it was a story that discussed Africa and it touched on the Mao-Mao uprisings in the 1950s. Many Whites who lived on and who ran big farms in Africa made the grave and fatal mistake of lowering their guards around their black farm worker employees, who were secretly allied with the Mao-Mao butchers – and as a result of that mistake, scores of Whites were massacred by the black workers who they had thought were their friends and who they had previously had cordial relationships with.

          This technique of disarming Whitey’s racial survival instincts appears to be a well known tactic which is understood and practiced by all non-white minorities, even those who have relatively low IQs.

          Hence, my advice to all Whites is to never lower your guard and always keep a sharp eye out for potential treachery and betrayal. This rule is especially important to remember whenever you are around your fellow Whites who have Obama stickers on their cars.

          • anonymous

            What I tell my white friends who live in predominately white societies and who say they feel sorry for illegal aliens or say “those Mexicans are good people and they work hard, do you wanna pay more for lettuce, blah blah blah” or who say they ‘hate white supremacist racists.’ I tell them, “You know, I used to have those liberal attitudes on race too, that was until I left my predominately white community I grew up in and moved to a multiracial city and was exposed to the crime rates, competing with them for jobs, seeing them attack white people simply because they were white, seeing the neighborhoods where they were the majority in were dangerous places to be in. Unless you live in that environment, you will have these feel-good white feelings. Unless you are aware of how violent blacks are towards whites, you will have white guilt. Unless you see how nonwhites have treated Europeans when they invaded European countries, like Genghis Khan or how whites in South Africa are treated now, you will have white guilt.” The only whites who have guilt and who hate themselves for being white have only lived in predominately white environments where they don’t see the gangs or crimes or racial violence. It wakes you up and makes you appreciate the predominately white environment you grew up in.

      • Joseph

        “The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.”

        • liberalsuck

          I would rather someone show me a hate stare to my face than one behind my back.

      • saris1

        You’re right, but that’s why I don’t like Hispanics. They are kiss asses until they have the upper hand. Negroes on the other hand have a defensive hate which I can understand. But, they are indeed loyal to friends, I have experienced this myself a few times. Never with Hispanics though, never.

        • anonymous

          I try explaining that to a white friend from Wyoming who said this to me about the Hispanics he loved so much, “Oh, they are so nice! You won’t find a loyal friend like a Hispanic/they work hard” or they will tell me about this nice black family they know. I say, “Those Hispanics are nice to your face because they are in a predominately white conservative environment where they know every white man has a shotgun in his truck or is packing a pistol on him. The black family is minding their Ps and Qs because you are not in Detroit or South Africa or some other majority black area where there’s a lot of crime and where they will physically attack you or confiscate your property simply because you’re white.”

    • razorrare

      Shameful pathetic treasonous White politico’s who will say and do anything to get the hispanic vote…A classic of all time…Robert Dorman,who stated to a hispanic crowd in California that he hated his White skin and his blue eyes and wished he looked more hispanic or words to that affect…

      • Joseph

        And now Dornan is long gone because of the Hispanic vote-fraud. The stupid party.

  • pcmustgo

    HISPANICS ARE THE FUTURE… for better or worse. Mostly for worse.

    • pcmustgo

      I actually find most Latinos to be pleasant in terms of personality… too bad they are under-achievers academically and such.

      • shmo123

        Unfortunately, that seems to be true. Look at Miami. Up until the 60’s, when the majority of the population was white, it worked as a city, much like LA during the same time period. Since then, now 90% Hispanic (I use that term only as the linguistic delineation it is), and despite the educated classes from South America investing, buying and living there, they’ve brought their culture of corruption with them. It is, for all intents and purposes, a dysfunctional city–constantly broke, plagued by crime, and no underlying cultural bond to hold it together. The only thing going for it, from what I can see, is that it still draws a fair amount of South American cash to maintain the facade of glitz–as opposed to LA, which is just one big Mexican barrio.

        • pcmustgo

          Miami (South Beach) also gets WAY more tourism than LA and is popular with wealthy jews and gays… that’s what REALLY holds it together.

          • shmo123

            Miami and Miami Beach are two different places. By glitz in Miami, I meant the high rises, the concert venues, museums, etc, which make the city look prosperous. I agree with you about South Beach and tourism. They’ve got beaches, clubs, bars, (and more phonies than a plastic surgeons office)–places people on vacation want to go and see. LA has nothing; people go to Hollywood, or Disneyland.

          • anonymous

            Doesn’t matter; they aren’t a majority white anglo society and they hate us and they do what’s in their own self interest.

    • anonymous

      The future isn’t written in stone I tell our anti-white enemies. They don’t like it when I say that.

  • kjh64

    “The question is what the Hispanic community is going to do to take this country to a totally new place.”
    Yes, it will go to a totally new place. It will go from being a first world country to a 3rd world Latin American country. Really, our politicians need to be charged with treason.

    • WIRBIW

      Look at Southern California today to find your answer.

  • bigone4u

    From a man whose only observable talent is bullsh*tting. Disgusting POS.

  • Ox Tall

    Silly, stupid rabbits. What aren’t you comprehending? The Northwest Front has the solution, the only solution out here.

    • liberalsuck

      I would agree there’s a full number of whites, but the problem is there are also lots of nonwhites moving there and there are a lot of whites with liberal, white guilt attitudes. Did you know they just legalized pot there? Does that sound like a conservative value to you?

  • shmo123

    Biden might as well dye his hair piece black, put on a mariachi suit, a fake mustache and strum a guitar singing “La Cucaracha”–he’d be about as convincing. Remember this guy has been in Washington way too long. For politicians like him, no sound bite is too ridiculous, no amount of pandering too low and no statement so stupid he can’t get away with it.

  • Steven Bannister

    Biden: “The question is what the Hispanic community is going to do to take this country to a totally new place.”

    Oh, they’ve already done that Mr. Biden, they’ve already done that.

    • anonymous

      Yes, the Hispanics have done such a wonderful job in Miami and Southern California. Just look at the high crime rates there, the high drop out rates, the amounts of illegitimate children, the overcrowded prisons, the failed schools, the fact businesses don’t want to open there, the fact more and more white Anglos are leaving those areas, etc.

  • MikeofAges

    If Hispanics are the center of the nation’s future, then that means no effort wlll be made to develop any whites who are not already part of the hereditary upper middle class. My advice, as always, is to stop worrying about what happens to the other guys. Work on what is happening to you and center your demands around that issue.

    • anonymous

      If the Hispanics were good at running anything, why is Mexico, Cuba and all of Latin America a third-world cesspool?

  • Yeah Joe, us idiot white folks have been floundering along for the last 10,000 years while the mexicans have been setting the world on fire, thankfully they came here just in time to pull our asses from the fire

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “The question is what the Hispanic community is going to do to take this country to a totally new place.”

    And what exactly, pray tell, was wrong with the place the United States, as the richest nation in the world, was before all this Hispanicization?

    Just further proof that the liberals hate this nation. How much more do we need?

    • And why would anyone think mexicans would take America someplace different than where they came from? Remember, a “new place” is not always a better place, and usually it is worse!

      • anonyomous

        Don’t you just love these liberals assholes? “Progressive.” Well all ‘progress’ means is you are moving in another direction, and the direction isn’t always good. Cancer can always ‘progress.’ You can be ‘tolerant’ as well. How much poison will you ‘tolerate’ before it kills you?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    Wonder how the black community and old civil rights warriors like Revs. Al or Jackson feel about this??

    They and “their people” spent years on the democrat plantation, trading votes for promises of “equality” and “justice” only to find out they and “their people” have been shoved aside for a new favored victim class — 30 million illegal aliens who only had to sneak across to border to be called the “future of the country” by Old Joe Biden, VP of the United States of America.

    Guess there’s not enough votes in the Indian community for pandering:

    You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent…. I’m not joking.

    –Joe “Plugs” Biden


    • Greg Thomas

      That’s right Bon. And they wonder why illegal invading mexicans walk around with a sense of bravado and arrogance that is truly disturbing. It’s because our “leaders” continue to tell these ignorant hordes they are the “future of this country.” The illegal invaders actually believe it.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Hispanics are especially arrogant in Southern California where I believe they are already a majority despite what the government and mainstream papers say. The governmedia want to keep Whites calm until all our wealth and property are handed over — and they’re doing a great job of it, BTW.

        Hispanics remind me of arrogant blacks, who, until recently, thought they ruled the world — they rule exactly nothing in the US and never will — and neither will the Hispanics; they are being used ONLY to displace and rob Whites of our power, wealth and homelands.

        Hispanics are merely playing their part and as pawns in the main, over-riding scheme: A world-wide War against Whites — a war they little understand and will never comprehend due to limited intelligence, education and knowledge base.

        Nor will they comprehend when they too, like the blacks before them, and when their job is done, are thrown under the bus by their masters.

        I may be wrong about all of this…

        But I don’t think I am.


        • George White

          You nailed it.

        • Greg Thomas

          I’m also find myself at the epicenter of this hispanic reconquista, aka Southern California. I couldn’t agree with you more Bon that hispanics comprise the majority (or very close) of this state’s population.
          I also accept as truth the state and federal government misleading the populace, regarding the number of invaders currently squatting on US soil. They realize if the real number were revealed, Americans would be outraged our country was allowed to be invaded without action taken.

          What other conclusion could one come to, especially, since they continue to tout the”11 million” number (it never changes) whenever amnesty is advocatedfor these foreign invaders. There is that many in CA alone! I also believe thatvirtually 100% are here as the result of illegal immigration or byproduct ofn illegal immigration, aka anchor babies.

          Illegal invading mestizos are ignorant enough to believe the party line they are the magical “future” of this country. It only makes these interlopers more aggressive and emboldened in their demands. If one is interested in the “hispanic future” these traitors speak of, come to California
          and see what’s in store once the reconquista is completed.

          • Anonymous

            For people who think whites are over, look at our history:

            -4000 German farmers under Arminius defeated 20000 well-trained Roman soldiers marching into Germany. Circa 9 AD.
            -100 or 200 British soldiers armed with only single shot rifles defeated 5000 Zulu African warriors in South Africa. Circa 1878.
            -9000 Frenchmen defeated 48000 muslim soldiers at the Siege of Malta in the 1500s.
            -20000 German and Polish men united at the Gates of Vienna and expelled 200000 Muslims.
            -300 Greek soldiers united under King Leonidas and fought the Persian Empire.
            -White American men defeated the mighty British Empire twice with nothing but muskets.

            I don’t want to hear the excuses of, “Well, that was different then…” The point was the whites defeated their enemies even when the odds were stacked against us because we had a strong will to win. We were smart and could organize well, despite having small numbers. We knew where our enemies’ weak spots were and struck there. Firearms and being in good shape are always good weapons. But the best weapon of all that whites have always had and always will is between our ears.

          • Greg Thomas

            If we are sosmart, why are we allowing millions of these third world misfits to invade our land in the first place? Are we merely giving them a head start before we act? I once heard it said the best offense is a good defense. So how much are we going to give away before we start to even think about taking some of it back.

        • anonymous

          What will these arrogant racist hispanic in California do once more and more whites leave California, thus drying up their tax base more? Less whites around to pay for their children, to pay the property taxes, to pay for the “Mexican Studies” programs, etc.

  • ImTellinYa

    If this country’s future is anything other than proud, wide-awake White people, then this country will cease to exist. In most ways it already has. It’s a sign of a deep, deep sickness that that affirmative-action parasite, Obama, has been elected to any office twice. That homosexual incompetent isn’t qualified for anything except as a liar, cheat and thief.

    • Tim

      ” A Marxist, a Communist and an Illegal Alien walks into a bar. The bartender jumps up and asks, “What can I get you Mr. President?”…

      • anonymous

        I like the bad joke in Gran Torino told by Eastwood. “A black guy, a mexican and a jew walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Get the f–k out of here.” LOL

  • IKantunderstand

    Umm, could we please get the space exploration to other planets going? Or should I say por favor? I would say “space exploration” in Spanish, but I suspect it would sound exactly the same. (Except with a Spanish accent). Why would anyone with half a brain left in their head want to see this country become a third world country? Oh wait, the operative word here is “left”.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Sorry. That is all over now.

      The government is no longer interested in space exploration and NASA has been turned into a Muslim outreach organization.

      Hey You!! –psssstttt wanna buy an orbiter processing facility??


      “NASA is advertising a long list of KSC facilities and equipment as available for use, lease or, in some cases, outright purchase by the right business. Among them: Launch Pad 39A, where shuttles were launched; space in the Vehicle Assembly Building, the iconic 526-foot-tall structure first used to assemble Saturn V-Apollo rockets; the Orbiter Processing Facilities, essentially huge garages where the shuttles were maintained; Hangar N and its high-tech test equipment.”

      In case anyone thinks this is a joke or from the Onion:



  • rockman

    Absolutely shameless pandering and groveling by the Vice President of the USA. All but licked their shoes clean for them. What a complete utter ass

    • mike

      Sadly enough Joe Biden has convinced me one does not have to be very bright to be a US Senator or VP.

  • s shadow

    If you see a wide mixture of Hispanics and Whites frequently, without the confounding factor of class selection bias , you will see a striking difference all along the spectrum of socioeconomic status. There is a dullnes and blandness that is pervasive. They can’t maintain a society like ours even if they try. The top 10% or so of Hispanics will reach no more than the mid 20% of Whites. It seems that nearly all of them are on welfare. Ann Coulter said 72%. In some areas it is higher.
    It’s hard to watch the Bush and Obama presidencies make this happen. Somehow we must gain control, but it seems nothing good is happening.

    • anonymous

      They will fail and will blame their failures on ‘white racism’ and will have the power and muscle to force you to give up your property, your job, your business and your wealth to them. That is why we must fight hard now, stay on our toes and try as much as we can to congregate in areas that have the highest population of conservative working-class white people who have a disgust for big government.

  • There is a war against white people in western elite run nations like the UK and the USA. I have come to a conclusion Russia will be the nation of virtue in the near future. They are reclaiming their Christian roots and are becoming healthy in a nationalist way as well as having more babies born than people departing this life. Mr. Putin actually loves his country and is seen in prayer at churches where as Mr. Obango loathes what made the USA great and is beholden to the group of globalists who hand picked him for this, now, bogus job of president of the USA. Think Council of Foreign Affairs. These people in charge, in our media, are all seeming to conspire against us. It makes me sick!

    • Joseph

      Putin is as fake as a one-dollar bill. He cares about Putin. He does this for political coin just like Obama’s sprinkling of “God Bless” and Bible references. To his credit though, he doesn’t kiss Obama’s half-black ass like most of Europeans -and Americans want to.

  • Well, since hispanics are becoming politcally liberal in the states maybe their baby count will drop. Libs usually believe in having less kids.

    • Jefferson

      Only White liberals believe in having less kids. But Obama’s African American and Hispanic supporters still breed like cockroaches.

  • I think Krpt has a good point there are a lot of eastern europans that would love to come herte. In fact if Repubs want guestworker programs eastern european can be included and it might cause some illegals to go home if the Eastern Europeans take their jobs away.

  • Lakeviw Senior

    Joe Biden is a joke. I recall what Jimmy Carter said about Ted Kennedy when the latter was running against him in a presidential campaign. Carter said of Kennedy at that time, that “Ted Kennedy couldn’t find his ass with both hands.” I think the same could be said of Joe Biden.

    • Joseph

      Kennedy’s main strength was finding women’s asses with both hands.

    • George

      But a good doctor with a flashlight could probably find where Biden keeps his sense of reality.

  • When we’re discussing cutting social security payments to seniors who paid into the sytem, it is immoral to amnesty millions of illegals who never paid a dime into the system and most of whom will draw on government benefits, not to even mention continuing to allow into this country legally millions of immigrants who won’t contribute anything vital to American society.
    Continuing to import mllions of uneducated immigrants, most of whose children won’t even help America economically, is an act of suicide.

    • anonymous

      I can see a growing number of aging baby boomers clashing with these mexicans and blacks for their government goodies. I suspect the baby boomers who have been buying guns and ammo will not be too happy. Being older, they would have nothing to lose displaying their anger and hatred with how things are going. Think Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino for an example of an angry older white person with nothing to lose.

  • From the JP. Netanyahu preparing for the next phase of expelling Africans who are in the country illegally. Yet you know who are at the forefront to amnesty the millions of people here illegally.


    • Dave4088

      Oh c’mon. Are you saying the j-word people are hypocrites in the diaspora?

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Does anyone actually lend any credence to what the Vice Nitwit says? Personally, I love to hear him with his mouth open – some of the best comedy routines ever!

    • robinbishop34

      He is definitely stupid. And stupid is definitely scary.

  • Greg Thomas

    America put a man on the moon. Mexico cannot even produce potable water. Some future…..

    • Joseph

      Big deal, the United States placed a few guys on the moon. The Mexicans have placed 40 million Mexicans in the United States.

      • Greg Thomas

        Moreover, they did it without even firing a single shot. I suppose bullets are superfluous when you can quell any defense to your invasion by simply calling those who oppose ”racists.” You are right Joseph, Mexico is an amazing country.

  • he also noted that Hispanics now make up a quarter of U.S. school children.

    Ugh…and the result is…..?

  • Dave4088

    Let us not forget that the “awesome” potential of the mestizos touted by Joey Biden will result in the recreation of Mexico and its multiplicity of problems north of the Rio Grande. Of course, if he meant they are awesome at committing crimes of all sort, school delinquency, and disregarding our laws then he is right on the money.

    • MikeofAges

      Hopefully, Latin American-style petty corruption never comes here. The only fix is to stop all new immigration and let those who are here already assimilate into North American culture. That seems to be at least a three-generation process. Probably more like four. Same for all other groups that have come here since 1970. Even European groups are not fully assimilated in all case almost a century after the main body of European immigration ended.

      • Greg Thomas

        That train has already left the station. Their culture of corruption has taken hold any and everywhere illegal invading mexicans go, including those politicians that pander to these invaders

  • Tired

    They will take this country to an entirely new place. It will make this once wealthy and powerful extension of the Great European civlization into another disgusting Latin American country.

    My brothers and sisters, bound to me by blood and by our fate, do not look to congress to save us. Our loyalty should be to one thing, our race. We it seems.. are a nationless people.

  • Scroll down to “UNODC murder rates most recent year” and notice how many “Hispanic” and Islamic countries have incredibly high murder rates and then ask yourself why the Democrats have been helping them to come here for the last 70 years or so…