Universities should treat white, working-class boys in the same way as ethnic minorities, said David Willetts.

The Universities minister wants them put in the same category as students from disadvantaged communities when it comes to recruitment – meaning universities will have to agree to improve access for them before being allowed to charge higher fees.

Critics fear the move could lead to universities discriminating against middle-class students at independent schools.

Mr Willetts said the university access watchdog, the Office for Fair Access, already looked at disadvantaged groups ‘when it comes to access agreements’.

‘I don’t see why they couldn’t look at white working class boys,’ he said, in an interview with The Independent.

He said he put forward a plan to include white, working class boys as a target group for university recruitment in a forthcoming meeting with the Offa director Professor Les Ebdon.

More girls entered university every year than the number of boys who had submitted an application form, Mr Willetts said.

Figures show applications from men this autumn were 13 per cent down on the previous year – four times more than the drop in women applicants.

Dr Wendy Piatt, director general of the Russell Group, which represents 24 of the most selective universities, said: ‘Universities cannot solve this problem alone.

‘The root causes of the under-representation of students from disadvantaged backgrounds are under-achievement at school and poor advice on the best choices of A level subjects and university degree course.’

In an article to accompany his interview in the newspaper, Mr Willetts reveals there will be a £1.1billion increase in universities funding for teaching over the next two years – led by income from the higher tuition fees. He claims this will improve teaching standards and cut class sizes.

He also plans to remove the cap on student numbers, which currently means universities face stiff fines for breaching their targets.

And he sets out plans for a drive to target parents to explain the new fee structure. He said parents ‘reportedly understand the details of the student finance system less well than their children – for example, no eligible student has to pay upfront fees.’

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  • ‘The root causes of the under-representation of students from
    disadvantaged backgrounds are under-achievement at school and poor
    advice on the best choices of A level subjects and university degree

    And also: The fact that white gentile heterosexual men aren’t given human status on college campuses.

    • Puggg

      Unless they’re great at a revenue-generating sport, then they’re at least third class citizens. Except British universities don’t do sports, I don’t think.

    • YoungWoman

      As a current college student, I can confirm this. Every single time a professor gives us something to read written by a “dead white male” they always apologize for the fact that it was written by a white male and promise to give us some diverse authors soon. And this isn’t just one professor, this is pretty much all of them.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Remember to mention how offensive and unprofessional you find this on the professor’s evaluation at the end of the course.

        • liberalsuck

          I would ask the professor why just focus on bad things Europeans have done, but not about bad things that have been done to Europeans or bad things that have been done to Europeans by non-Europeans. The liberals that control academics have distorted history and culture.

          • Diamond_Lil

            Indeed they have. Carry on the good fight, sir.

      • Oh, in school I was taught how horrible the Nazis were, and I believed it. Now– not so much.

        • Vanessa

          Hitler has been accused of more vile and ludicrous garbage than anyone else in history. Yet there is lie I have heard tossed at him by anyone – because it would sound absurd. To my knowledge no one has ever accused Hitler of being a sellout to the white German people. I’ve never heard it said that his whole racial ideology was just an act, put on for show and that in reality he was just as corrupt and greedy as all the other politicians and never gave a damn about the white race? Now could you make this claim about any other political leader of the 20th century except Hitler? Certainly. We could say that about 99% of the politicians in this country today even the so-called good ones sell out white people in America every day. But not Hitler. Not even on his worst day did he ever forget who his constituents were. He never forgot who he represented. Not once did he ever intentionally try to screw over a working class German, not for fame or money or for anything else. Is that not a form of integrity? So the man wasn’t all bad. Maybe Hitler wasn’t the evil monster we all are taught on tv and classrooms.

          • YoungWoman

            Luckily I once had a good history teacher who emphasized how completely hopeless and destitute the German people were when they embraced Hitler. Other teachers I had pretty much implied that every civilian German who joined the Nazi party was morally on par with child murderers, but at least I had one who was honest enough to say that the Germans were prone to turn to a radical leader because they were as broke and hopeless as a country could get. Hitler made sense to normal people at the time. I wonder if they had known then what Hitler would do to the reputation of white people in the future, they would have thought differently about embracing him.

          • Tim

            I was watching a Hitler documentary where the College Professor “Expert” gives his take. He started talking about “Blood and Soil” in a high pitched mocking tone of voice. And I went, “Wait a minute!!” If we substitute Scarlett O`Hara`s plantation or the Old Mans birth place of Nanty Glo for Germany, it not only makes sense, it`s the only thing that does!!! Right then I knew, moustache man was right and they were wrong. funny thing too, no one ever said WHY “Blood and Soil” was criminal or what the real true values were…

          • Anders

            No doubt about it Tim! If everyone would just think deeply about such things for an extra minute or so…

          • Liberalsuck

            I would point out that the communist dictators didn’t care about equality or ‘stamping out greedy rich people’ but were simply interested in transferring those resources and goodies to themselves and their party leaders. Same with the leftists today.

          • Yes, Hitler had some good ideas. History’s view of him will change for the better.

          • charlie brown

            lol – onlys if we win hon. If we lose, then you can be sure your granddaughters will be sex slaves for some fat turd.
            Sorry for the horrid imagery. But that’s the reality. That’s the real.

          • joesolargenius

            It’s true that Hitler did have a fixation for tall blonde haired blue eyed men and also considered quite impotent when making love to a woman , once you take into consideration him being a short dark haired suspected homosexual the possibility of him doing what he did to create fantasy lovers for the gay community is quite feasible. The Jewish community may have been targeted for their strict anti homosexual views as much as for being wealthier than the average non Jewish German .

        • YoungWoman

          I don’t really understand how you could say that what Hitler did to Jews wasn’t wrong, but I think the actions of Hitler and the Nazis are a big part of why white people aren’t allowed to have racial pride. No, the double standard white people face in that regard is not fair to modern white people who were never Nazis, but I think it likely exists because of Hitler and the Nazis. And also because objectively, white people have more concrete things than other races to be proud of (inventions, etc.) and a lot of white people, rightly or wrongly, feel bad about all their race’s accomplishments because they truly just don’t want to make minorities feel inferior. I understand this; I don’t have a particular desire to make minorities feel bad either. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think we need to take the biological reality of race way more seriously in white-created societies, and it doesn’t mean I think people who would give up a lot to live in a homogeneously white country are bad people.
          One thing I don’t get though is why Hitler is so over-talked about compared to other people who were as destructive or more destructive. And I hate how calling someone a “Nazi” is used in the same way calling someone a “racist” is – to try to refute the person’s argument without explaining why it’s wrong.

          • robinbishop34

            It is true that the National Socialists interned many Jews during WW2 for the following reason, which is detailed by the International Committee of the Red Cross… “the Report distinguishes the second type as “Civilians deported on administrative grounds (in German, “Schutzhäftlinge”), who were arrested for political motives because their presence was considered a danger to the State or the occupation forces” (Vol. 111, p. 73). These persons, it continues, “were placed on the same footing as persons arrested or imprisoned under common law for security reasons.” (P.74).”

            It’s probably safe to say that most Jews that were arrested were Communist subversives and not targeted because they practiced Judaism.

          • Dude

            [reply censored by Canadian law]

          • mobilebay

            You can’t be serious. Do you not believe that Jews and many others were murdered by the monsters of Nazi Germany? I was a teen ager when the war ended and vividly recall the pictures of the many concentration camps, the ovens, the few barely alive wraiths who stumbled into the sunlight when the American military rescued them, the pictures of starving children and babies who were torn from their mother’s arms, the numbers tattooed on arms, the yellow stars that denoted the “Juden” – Jews. The camps – Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Austwitz and Treblinka. Believe! It happened because a madman named Hitler wanted the world “cleansed” of Jews and anyone that was not Aryan. I cannot fathom anyone who denies history, as horrible as it was.

          • robinbishop34

            History is but a fable we a agree upon.

          • PesachPatriot

            Thanks for standing up to the Adolf enthusiasts…this failed artist is responsible for the downfall of the british empire, millions of white casualties from the US, France, Britain, Russia and Poland and giving Germany(a very advanced and civilized nation of poets, artists, philosophers and industrialists) a bad rep that will probably last forever. One of the reasons most of the jews of eastern europe put up such little resistance was because during WWI the german army was far more humane and disciplined in its conduct towards civilians than the Czar’s russian army. I will say that history’s greatest tragedy was not allowing hitler in to art school…his landscape paintings are actually quite nice but because he couldn’t draw people very well he was denied admittance to some art academy in vienna. This is what drove him in to politics and the german nation in to disaster.

            I agree that he is vilified because he lost. Stalin was equally monstrous but because he won he gets a big pass for his mass murder. That said, perhaps Josef Stalin was a necessary evil. If Germany had won WWII there would be Hitler statues all over Europe. He may have been the worst german in history, but luckily america had a great german american military genius named eisenhower to deal with him. If i recall history correctly General Eisenhower specifically instructed his troops and the accompanying media to photograph and film the inhuman conditions and piles of bodies in the camps that were liberated because he said that in a few generations people would simply not believe that an advanced nation in the 20th century would be capable of this level of dark ages barbaric cruelty. It is beyond depressing that his warning should be so true even before the last victims and perpetrators have left this world. It also seems that mankind has learned absolutely nothing from this chapter of history.

          • robinbishop34

            I fail to see anywhere in my comment above that suggests I’m an Adolf enthusiast. In fact the verifiable contradictions in your post backs up my implied assumptions that not all dead bodies are counted equally.

          • kjh64

            Hitler was evil and I’m certainly no fan of him. He killed a lot of people and caused a lot of destruction and was a monster. However, if Whites today could just have a normal leader that stood by them and looked out and did what was best for Whites in Western nations, the same thing that non-Whites do, that would be great. No need to kill or invade or supress people, just do what’s in our interests, such as halting 3rd world immigration etc.

          • robinbishop34


          • You know what I’ve come to believe? Every few generations you have to embrace your darker side and just take care of business. The Crusaders swept through and wiped out muslims left and right. There has been no weeding down in that part of the world for generations, and hence, all the whacky loons running around. Do you think all the illegals in this country are going to leave if we write them a strongly-worded letter? Ask them nicely? Give them a moving stipend? Hardly. But, as I’ve said before, you have to go for all the marbles, hit hard, scream at the top of your lungs, ride the winds of anger and you’d better win. If not, you have to sit in the penalty box for decades.

          • YoungWoman

            I am on the edge of my seat with regard to what people will say about Anders Breivik in 50 years or so. I don’t excuse what he did, but what will people in the future say? How many more like him will there be?

          • Liberalsuck

            I would agree with the white nationalists that “Jews” are behind a lot of the liberalism and things that are bad to whites, but I am not a fan of Hitler or what he did. (Yes, I do believe he rounded up millions of people and executed them, sorry.) Even if you don’t believe he murdered millions of people, it is a fact that Hitler imposed socialism, nationalized health care, nationalized companies, didn’t allow free speech, disarmed the public and both world wars killed millions of white people and destroyed great European empires. Nothing I’m a fan of. I want to keep my guns. I don’t want the government meddling into the affairs of the private sector or telling me what I can and can’t say. I am prowhite, for sure, but I don’t want to feel like me being proud of being white is akin to death camps and fascism.

          • Dude

            Hitler made it easier to get guns. He also wasn’t really a fascist. Do you even know what fascism is?

          • Maybe some strongly worded letters to the editor of the New York Times are in order. Or how about ABC? Just kidding

          • Hitler is vilified because he lost. He went for all the marbles and took a huge risk and lost. The gang in hollywood are very vocal and control what most people see/hear/smell

          • saxonsun

            Hitler was a monster–you defend him and, baby, you lose all credibility. We all know how good he was for the German economy. That achievement is utterly wiped away by the Holocaust. and please don’t say it didn’t happen. Please. And I am half-Greek. That piece of crap did things in Greece no Greek can forgive.

          • YoungWoman

            I agree with you. Don’t worry.

          • joesolargenius

            Divide and conquer is a major principle of overthrowing an established civilization and has been used successfully for many Millennium , Since Germany was mostly white and quite envious of the Jews it was the obvious choice to blame the Jewish community whom were often snobbish towards the Gentiles in that country.Now the focus is on turning white heterosexual women against white heterosexual men as that group was too powerful to conquer any other way .Unfortunately for those women after all those men were eliminated from the better jobs the heterosexual white women were the next ones to start getting the axe , courtesy of the non white and homosexual alliance taking over the hiring in this country ! . .

        • Anders

          I came across a quote attributed to Hitler recently whilst watching a WWII documentary. When asked about the USA, he replied that he ‘didn’t have much hope for a country so Judaified and Negrofied’ (or words to that effect),
          I said to myself, ‘Did the Nazis have access to a crystal ball?’

          • kjh64

            . I don’t think Hitler ever thought that Germany and Europe would be islamisized.. I don’t think anyone could predict then that so many Whites around the world would go crazy with insane immigration and multicultural policies.

          • Yes. They had access to a functioning crystal ball or similar scrying device

          • Anders

            Why did they stop using it?

          • He forgot that the United States had lots of Good Germans, so many that maybe a third of the white American gene pool is German.

      • Liberalsuck

        If your professor is white (or looks white but isn’t, wink wink), suggest they give up their nice tenured professor job to a black or mexican. Ask them if they intend on deeding over their house to an American Indian while paying the mortgage and bills on it for them at the same time. Ask them if they would be willing to live in a ghetto or third-world nonwhite country is they are so ashamed of ‘dead white males.’ Ask them why they use electricity, speak English, drive a car, use indoor plumbing, believe in gravity and other such creations and discoveries of ‘dead white males.’ I know what you’re talking about; I am a college graduate and the narrative I would hear in history classes and English classes is how whites are racist, nonwhites are innocent, Christianity is an evil religion, etc.

        If they or anyone else calls you a racist, simply turn it on them and ask, “Are you prowhite or antiwhite?” but these liberal anti-white bastards on the spot for once.

    • YoungWoman

      I mean, I’m fine with reading things written from a variety of perspectives, but I think it’s disrespectful to the white males in the class to imply that anything they ever write will have to have to include an apology for being from the wrong group.

      • Been there done that, and it’s been awhile since I was in college. Twice I had profs state openly that, “we’ll get the dead white male (material/lit/writings) out of the way first and (get the misery over with/get past the worst parts/get past the pain).” Both were white, one man, one woman, and neither had either an obviously Jewish surname or appearances.

        • MAJ

          University and college “professors” are part of a crazed liberal pseudo-religion unto itself. Whether self-hating Whites are drawn to the field or simply made into insane race traitors once there is unclear.

          What is clear is the danger they pose. Also, they have too much time on their hands. While the upper echelons are generally well-paid they’ll never be rich. But worse, they’ll never be poor.

          Maybe they’re just bitter.

          • Liberalsuck

            Lots of Jews look like Europeans, which is why they can sway other white people into hating themselves or into accepting liberalism. White people are very group thinking. We don’t want to stand alone or get socially ostracized. In the old days, we would get harmed or ostracized for being ‘witches’ or ‘satanists’ or ‘sinners’ or homosexuals, etc. Nowadays it’s not ‘hip’ to be a ‘racist’ or to no hate yourself for being white, etc.

        • Liberalsuck

          You could tell that Jewish professor that their anti-white bias is why the Nazis and why lots of white nationalists don’t like them. You could point out to them that their bias and attitudes are why lots of people in the Islamic world don’t like them either.

          • Huh? I said neither one of them were Jewish. The woman was a beautiful strawberry red-blonde, too.

          • Liberalsuck

            No, but someone on this thread mentioned most of the liberal anti-white professors were Jewish. That’s why I brought that point up.

  • David Ashton

    Unfortunately there are too many feckless low-IQ white or mixed-race breeders in the non-working class in Britain. Social democracy has done its work.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “Critics fear the move could lead to universities discriminating against middle-class students at independent schools.”

    I guess there is no problem with discriminating against ALL white student applicants. A radical idea: Treat everyone the same, regardless of ethnicity or class. No, it’s racist to not discriminate against whites.

  • steve555

    It’s only poor whites who underacheive. Whites as a whole outperform Blacks and Muslims although not Indians and Chinese.

    • The__Bobster

      The average Indian IQ is 87. Poor Whites thus underachieve Hindu imports who have been skimmed off the top, not the average snake charmer.

  • The__Bobster


    It’s not race, it’s poverty. (By far the most common assertion when black-white gaps in school achievement or criminality are discussed. A third to a half of all race-denial arguments are some version of this. Vast multi-billion-dollar federal programs are premised on it.)

    Of our 40 million self-identifying blacks, 25 percent are on food stamps; of our 268 million
    self-identifying whites-plus-Hispanics-plus-Asians-plus-Amerinds, nine percent are. Put it another way, blacks “commit poverty” at 2.8 times the rate of non-blacks, if we take food-stamp usage as the proxy and ignore the one-in-seven Americans who write “human” or “Klingon” in the census race box.

    So if blacks commit crimes at 2.8 times the rate of non-blacks, then crime-wise it could indeed be that “it’s not race, it’s poverty.” But if the multiplier is much different, then the assertion is false.

    Guess what? The multiplier is way different, depending on the crime. For homicide it’s about seven; for robbery, eight and a half. Even for white-collar crimes like fraud and bribery, it’s in the four-to-five zone. The statistics are easy to find.

    For school achievement, you can remove the poverty factor. Just study test results in an integrated middle-class suburb. It’s been done, years ago. John Ogbu wrote a book about it. Years ago.

    And empiricism aside, pure logic tells us that if the poor are more characteristically X (criminal, low-achieving, addicted, whatever) than the non-poor, three possibilities are in play:

    (1) Poverty causes X;

    (2) X causes poverty;

    (3) Some underlying factor causes both poverty and X.

    For crime I’d guess all three are at work, weighted about 10-20-70, with feedback loops from one to another. (Try getting a job when you have a prison record).

  • Tim

    I still trying to figure out how College went from being the realm of the wealthy and well connected to well…. well.. Let`s just say I can`t see a romantic comedy about Dean Martin or Peter Lawford falling in love with Maya Angelou….I also prefer my debutantes to be over 5’3″ although I am willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis…

  • alas

    This is about time. Back in London I live next to a black family who have one kid and a private education and personal tutors etc. Obviously this is a good thing, and shows progress, but how is it fair for her to have those advantages, and then also have white kids being discriminated against for having the wrong colour skin!

  • valeofignorance

    Governments love “equality” becauase there are so many competing types of equality. This means the government gets to choose what “equalities” rank higher than others. It’s a great scam – perpetually re-arranging sexual equality, racial equality, gender equality, etc. – yet no one seems to laugh at the absurdity of it.
    Maybe these clowns should start asking why there are no racial melting pots in Africa, Asia and other non-White countries. Why is it that all White countries alone have a “duty” to become racially diverse? Yet more racial hypocricy to add to the pile that White people face in almost all situations.

    • YoungWoman

      Liberals don’t know what to do if, for example, Muslims hate gays, or blacks oppose Mexican immigration, etc. I vaguely remember reading an article about French Muslims attacking gay clubs in France and the author concluded with something along the lines of “So, French people have to be less Islamophobic AND less homophobic!!!!” YAAAAY, PROBLEM FIXED!!!!!