Feiglin Urges Giving Arabs a $500,000 One-Way Ticket

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, Israel National News, January 2, 2012

Likud Knesset Member candidate Moshe Feiglin, indicted for trying to prostrate himself in prayer on the Temple Mount, wants to pay each Palestinian Authority Arab $500,000 to leave Israel.

He unveiled the proposal at a “Sovereignty” conference sponsored by the Women in Green and which is discussing ideas for Israeli annexation of Judea and Samaria or part of it and for removing it from military control, as Israel did with the Golan Heights and areas in Jerusalem that were under Jordanian occupation before the Six-Day War in 1967.

“The country pays 10% of its gross national product every year to maintain the ‘two-state solution’ and the Oslo Accords,” Feiglin said.

He explained the money is for the security fences and checkpoints, Iron Dome missile defense systems and guards whom he said are posted “at every café.”

Feiglin said the same money could be used to pay every PA Arab half a million dollars to leave Israel. This idea was broached several weeks ago by columnist and political scientist Dr. Martin Sherman.

A long-time thorn in the side of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Feiglin is not alone in the Likud party in stating strong nationalist views.

Several Likud MKs told the conference they support annexing all or part of Judea and Samaria and abolishing the Oslo Accords, whose content, as a matter of practicality, has little meaning outside of diplomatic circles, especially since Mahmoud Abbas ignored them in his recent unilateral request for UN recognition.

Reports, generally not disseminated by mainstream media, have shown that thousands of PA Arabs leave for other countries every year. Feiglin said polls of Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza “show that 80% in Gaza and 65% in Judea and Samaria want to immigrate” and that paying them to do so is the “perfect solution.”

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  • Paid to leave? That’s only going to encourage more to sneak in.

    • EndTimesComing


    • Morris Thecat

      they don’t have porous borders anymore. Besides, it’s easy to keep track of who was already paid to leave so that there are no double dippers.

      • 1. There are always fake IDs

        2. What you have to worry about is the first time dippers that only want to dip once

    • MCPH1

      You are right. Additionaly: with 500000 you can buy a lot of perfectly looking new false passports and reimmigrate to israel, than take your next 500000

    • seems like to many people with bright ideas are too lazy to look two or three steps ahead

    • Ulick

      Seriously. I’m considering catching the next flight to Tel Aviv and adopting the name Mohammed El Ulick.

      • Major

        I’ve always liked Abdul Kareema Wheat myself.

    • Tattoos any one …. if anyone has thought of it, it would be the Israelis.

      Hell American blacks would be tempted to pull this scam.

    • SintiriNikos

      Post of the day!

  • The__Bobster

    Of course we know what nation is going to provide the $500,000.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I’m afraid you might be right. Would that Sheldon Adelson could find it in his heart to pick up the tab. I agree with Jared Taylor’s sub headline, that $5,000 per head would probably work. That’s my starting rate on American blacks to be sent to Africa and hispanics back to points south (I realize I’ll have to go up, but I want to give myself room to move).

    • EndTimesComing

      Nope. That evil cabal running this country wants MORE Palestinians in Israel, and would more likely pay Israelis to deport. They won’t need to do even that though. With Obongo’s support of Muslim Brotherhood uprisings throughout the middle east, there soon will be a coordinated jihad from all directions. The intent will be to kill Jews and drive them either in to the sea, or out of the country through fear. Criminally stupid and short sighted marxists like Obama never understand that supporting people who hate you is a bad idea. They will soon turn on YOU. That goes for people who think Palestinians are your friend simply because they dislike The Tribe. NO Arab country will accept Palestinian immigrants. Every one that has tried has seen the Palestinians try to overthrow their government and commit terrorist acts in their borders. They are the perpetually aggrieved semitic version comparable to the perpetually aggrieved black trash that inhabits ethnically European nations.

      • Brady

        “They will soon turn on YOU.”

        They’ve already turned on us. That doesn’t mean I have a problem with them having their own state. Even Congoids are allowed that.

      • Morris Thecat


    • Sean

      Israel seems alright to me, they’re Nationalist, advocate strong borders and a healthy dose of ethnic consciousness. The tribesmen in the USA at the top of the media ladder are anti-EVERYTHING it seems. The ultimate nihilists in a nation that was built on optimism that seek to leek their brand of disintegration that has destroyed every state it has gained a foothold in.

  • Morris Thecat

    Gee, they conquered the land in ’67 and they don’t talk about annexing it for 45 years. They have a part in creating this problem. They could have ended all ideas of a Palestinian state at the very beginning. They are victims of their own liberalism. They could not annex the land and still claim the moral high ground on the basis of being victimized in Europe. They also have intentionally kept the hostilities going in order to prevent assimilation into the mid east.

  • I think we should offer to commute the sentence of every black in jail/prison, give them $5,000 and a one-way ticket to their glorious motherland. Of course they surrender their US citizenship.

    • I agree.on the low-ball price because they are inmates. Do what countries have been doing to us for years, dump our garbage on them.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Call me Mohammed Bin Snowman- Check please!

  • David Ashton

    Read this after watching a British TV documentary on arrogant ultra-rich Saudi Arabian brats who have colonized pleasant neighborhoods like Chelsea in London to enjoy the booze and the girls they cannot get at home. A local English resident complained to a policeman about their driving expensive and very noisy cars well above the speed limit along our roads at night. Pc Plod replied that he had noticed that himself, but we must remember the diversity and money brought into the area. There are regulations about what you can say with reference to race, religion and culture, he added.

  • Gep

    It is not enough that the Edomites invade the Middle East and claim they are “coming home”, now they want to cleanse the area by forcing the natives into Europe where they will receive favor over, and ultimately displace, the Whites.

    May God break this evil plan.

  • NM156

    I’ve said this about the illegals in the US. Giving them $25,000 payouts to leave and stay out permanently under threat of a long prison term is a cheap deal for America.

  • clean house

    Rent a jumbo for all muslims would be cheaper. Do the same in America for blacks with a one way ticket back to Africa.

  • PesachPatriot

    Its a good idea in theory, but it won’t happen…most israelis and palestinians with the money and brainpower and talent to succeed elsewhere in the world have already left. The people who are left are definitely bitter clingers to guns and religion…No arab country will accept the palestinians…kuwait actually expelled its entire palestinian population after america restored their monarchy after the first gulf war in the 90’s…amnesty international and the pro-palestinian lefties in the US an Canada were pretty quiet about that.

    I also doubt the palestinians would want to move to a place like Syria were this years death toll of 60,000(many of whom were unarmed women and children) surpassed the casualties of every arab country vs. israel sandbox tantrum since 1948(which i think reached about 20,000 with 2006’s conflict in Lebanon). The arabs of pre-67 Israel know exactly where their bread is buttered and even though they might make the standard litany of complaints to the media they realize that arab muslims in Israel(and even the west bank to a lesser extent) have longer life spans and a much higher standard of living than in any sovereign judenfrei arab league state.

    The irony is that outside of that troubled part of the world jews and arabs tend to get along just fine. In London, New York City, New Jersey, Los Angeles and many other places in the western world we live directly next to each other with never so much as an unpleasant word. The gas station in my town was run by palestinians whose family had fled from their home in Galilee in 1948 and I always just thought of them as normal americans just like myself. They even helped organize charitable aid after 9/11…Our conflict is as silly as that between indians and pakistanis…your average middle american would be hard pressed to tell a jew from an arab if we are both in blue jeans and collared shirts and not the traditional old country religious gear. Some of my friends joke that if it said Mohammed on my license and I had brown eyes I would have a tough time getting on planes.

    • Morris Thecat

      wow, you live in a world of self delusion! All over Europe moslem arabs are attacking and killing jews. Every palestinian lives with the hope that Israel will be destroyed. They don’t care a wit about the prosperity or the lifespan of arabs inside Israel, The arabs INSIDE Israel cheered the rockets as they were fired into Israel during the gulf war. The arabs are more than willing to die in suicide attacks against Israel, do you think they care that they will have a lower standard of life if Israel was destroyed? Arabs in the US are not always moslem so your friend from galilee may not even be part of this discussion. Any business owner in the US who is not a fool does not drive customers away. He may be smiling in your face al the while hating you and your attempts to be friendly with inane conversation.

      • PesachPatriot

        I am under no delusion about the threat of Islamic radicalism…its an insignificant annoyance compared to the financial and ecological disasters we have inflicted on ourselves…64 years of constant idiotic and poorly planned moslem violence has failed to throw tiny little Israel into the sea. I’m not particularly concerned about Bashar Al-Assad sending the syrian navy to conquer the port of Miami or the new joker(Mosry i think?) in Egypt mounting a land invasion of western europe. The only arab country with real power and influence on the world stage is Saudi Arabia because of the oil. Their fate this century is probably to become pawns of china. The people who owned the gas station in my town were definitely muslim as I often came in to pay for gas or snacks when one was on on prayer break….

        The overwhelming majority of both sides in the Israel/Palestine region are sick and tired of senseless bloodshed that has been going on since the start of the british mandate after WWI….there is nothing cool or glamorous or romantic about kids being killed in bus bombings or missile strikes. The problem comes down to the small bitter core of fanatics on both sides who really think they can get some sort of absolutist victory by wiping out their adversary like it was the bronze age. The medieval fanatics on our side (thankfully they are pretty small in number) will never get to rebuild the temple without burning down the neighborhood and possibly the world. The muslim fanatics will never achieve their wish and over run Israel and destroy her people and stuff.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    It only really costs between ten and twenty cents apiece.