Resettlement Contractors Should Bear More Costs

Don Barnett, The Tennessean, January 23, 2013

Refugee resettlement was once the work of self-supporting charities that invested their own resources and were directly responsible for outcomes. Today, it is the work of federal contractors who spend public resources and have no responsibility three months after the refugee has been “resettled.”

A July Government Accountability Office report, “Refugee Resettlement—Greater Consultation With Community Stakeholders Could Strengthen Program,” is critical of refugee contractors and how they place refugees in local communities across the U.S. In particular, the report cites lack of adequate consultation with local “stakeholders” before placing refugees in a community. The agencies that resettle refugees are compensated from 17 different federal programs tailored to refugee resettlement, as well as from numerous nonspecific grants and programs at the federal and state levels.

The largest resettlement contractor is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which resettles refugees through its affiliate, Catholic Charities.

As the GAO report notes, a network of contractors, known as “voluntary agencies,” “selects the communities where refugees will live. . . .   Voluntary agencies consider various factors when determining where refugees will be placed, but few agencies we visited consulted relevant local stakeholders, which posed challenges for service providers.”

The report found that “ . . .  most public entities such as public schools and health departments generally said that agencies notified them of the number of refugees expected to arrive in the coming year, but did not consult them regarding the number of refugees they could serve before proposals were submitted to the (U.S. State Department).”

Since striking a deal in 2008 to manage the federal dollars for other, smaller refugee contractors in the state, Catholic Charities of Tennessee effectively runs refugee resettlement in Tennessee. Today, only 35 percent of its annual budget is dedicated to nonrefugee social services. As the GAO report notes, for organizations such as Catholic Charities, “funding is based on the number of refugees they serve, so affiliates have an incentive to maintain or increase the number of refugees they resettle each year rather than allowing the number to decrease.”

Sure enough, resettlement in Tennessee went up dramatically after 2008. In fact, since 2009, Tennessee has taken an average of about 1,450 refugees per year, a 62 percent increase over the average number resettled from 2004 to 2008. The total number of refugees resettled to the U.S. actually went down at the same time that Tennessee’s number of resettled refugees went up.

More refugees mean more government services, since the contractors assist the refugees for only three months or less in the vast majority of cases. Most refugees go into TennCare for varying periods of time. TennCare and other welfare programs such as Families First are used by refugees at much higher than average rates and are partially supported by state taxpayer dollars.

Refugee resettlement is very profitable for the nonprofits. There is a reason why refugee resettlement is Tennessee Catholic Charities’ biggest mission. All of its non-refugee social services are smaller, less lucrative and almost all are shrinking from year to year. Ironically, its national motto is: Working to Reduce Poverty in America.

USCCB took in an astonishing $72.1 million in revenue from refugee resettlement alone in 2011, 97 percent of which came from government contracts, grants and earnings from federal refugee programs. A significant portion of this money does not have to be shown as having been spent on refugees. In other words, millions flow to the contracting agency with no strings attached. {snip}


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  • I’d like to know where the ACLU is to sue based on Church-State interference, of a religious institution being so intimately involved in a political issue.

  • The__Bobster

    Do you remember when the sponsors of immigrants were actually responsible for them?

    Well, the same rule should apply to these charities. Instead, they MAKE money on these wards of the state, which they dump as fast as they can.

    • shattered2012

      Yes I do. What happened?

    • Brad

      Bobster, I’m sure it seems funny or even a lie that these money grabber call themselves CHARITIES.
      They are little more than hucksters with a Free No Tax Pass.
      I was raise Catholic and they are the worst in my estimation, telling us we don’t do enough as the Pope sips wine from a $30,000 Gold Goblet.
      Your comment was right on target (as usual)

  • OlderWoman

    Flooding America with Catholic immigrants. This enriches the church.

    • Gnome Sayin’?

      I am steamed that they use the term “Catholic” in its title. There is nothing “charitable” about this either. Ask the people of Maine if they wanted all of the fun-loving Somalians invading their pine-tree lined pristine wooded areas and rustic scenery. I believe I read that thefts, rapes, assaults all increased tenfold in a couple of years after the first wave of Africans hit the East coast. And not the neon-sign, hardscrabble fast paced multicult arm pits known as Filthadelphia, New York, and Baltimore.

      I am a proud catholic, as is my wife and daughter. I was always calling for the imprisonment of pedophile priests, for the use of IVF using husband’s semen and wife’s egg, and these two things were a large part of my disagreement with the Church. But I also am a patriot as well. I actually believe in taking care of our wounded American soldiers, putting aside funds and jobs for them. And not just some $8.00/hr Wal-Mart jobs w/o benefits. Let the Africans, Haitians, Mexicans, Egyptians, Middle Easterners etc fight their own battles. God knows we have enough of our own problems in our own back yard.

      • OlderWoman

        Counter Reformation by the Society of Jesus.

        • Alex

          It is so ironic too because they used to be known for staunchly defending orthodoxy i.e. “The Pope’s soldiers”

          • OlderWoman

            They are the military arm of the Vatican. The founder Ignatius Loyola was a soldier.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            They are not a military order Ma’am. Loyola was indeed a soldier before becoming a priest and founding SJ. He did also apply a military order and discipline to the society. Without getting into some sectarian squabble (which is detrimental to White Nationalism) I think we can both agree that today’s Jesuits are a a far cry from the original concept. The “social justice” drivel that is peddled by these phonies is leftist in origin as are most of societies’ modern defects. The Catholic Church, like all White European institutions has been infected with “liberal” thought for quite some time. Jesuits are certainly a big symptom of this problem.

          • OlderWoman

            I’ve read books from Loyola Publishing that say specifically that Society of Jesus IS a military order. They were also organized to bring the world and all it’s religions under the arm of the Vatican.
            They are also authors of Liberation Theology by way of a a Sandinista priest in Nicaraugua. Furthermore, it is they who are forcing Redistribution of Wealth (Rerum Novarum) on us. obama is just the figurehead.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          No. Communism Resurgent through Social Justice

        • Frank

          You are correct, these so called charities are all controlled by Jesuits and bringing in third worlders is all part and parcel with The Tenets of the Council of Trent in the Jesuit war against white Protestants and the wealth and freedom they acquired in being free from Romanish Popery.

          Creating chaos, crime and impoverishing the WASP middle class is part of the Jesuit game plan.

          Who do you think is bringing in all these Somalis?
          Google JRS and Somalis.

          All these American politicians, although most are not Roman Catholic, including both Bushes,(controlled by the Cardinal of NY), Clinton (controlled through Jesuit Georgetown University) and LBJ (puppet of Cardinal Spellman) and his Great Society nonsense are and were controlled by Jesuits once you cut to the chase and go to the source.

          The USA has been controlled by Rome since 1868.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I’ve read many books on them, both THEIR books and books that expose them. THEIR books admit they were organized to bring the world under control by the Vatican. They despise Protestantism and especially the King James Version, and started the rumor than King James was a homosexual, which is, of course, a lie of Satan. I also read Malachi Martin’s book “The Jesuits” and Charles Chiniquay’s book “50 Years in the ‘church’ of Rome.” I have a number of other books that expose them. People on this site dispute the fact it’s the military order of the Vatican…I’d say Adolpho Nicholas title as Superior General is a good clue as to who they are. I believe the Pope is the actual head of the UN and the NWO. I know he has power over the Monarchs of the world and the Illuminati which is evident by the Jesuits appointment of Adam Weishaupt to organize it. There is much evidence but Catholics have knee jerk reactions to it. They should research this information and read about Vatican II. Then they would know what has happened to their church and find out how it has committed many sins against it’s own people.

          • Frank

            Protestantism was long ago hijacked and infiltrated.
            World wide ecumenism is fostered by Rome for its own purposes.

            Even the word “Protestant” denotes a child throwing a temper tantrum to father Pope and this is his way of “protesting” as if he needs the father’s approval as he still lives in father’s house. Protesting from what to be exact?
            Real Christians should have move on long ago, right after Martin Luther

            The KJV Bible and more so the Geneva Bible of 1599, favored by the Puritans as it was not tainted with Jesuit controlled Freemasonry as the KJV Bible is what the Great Republic of America was founded on and was an anathema to Rome and had to be controlled and it was.

            The real Bible is a hated document by Rome as following it sets you free even to this day. Any remnants of real Bible followers have to be destroyed according to Rome and that is why there is an influx of Catholic Mexicans and Muslim Somalis in the hijacked “Rome on the Potomac USA” as they will be used to do Rome’s dirty work in finally ridding it of real Bible believing Christians.

            Remember, Abe Lincoln was killed by Roman Catholic conspirators ( a fact that was in American history books till 1900) signed off by the British Empire with the original order coming from Rome.

      • Jackryanvb

        Isn’t there anything more solid Catholic Americans can do about these terrible anti White corruptions of Catholic Charities?

        Are there any good Catholic protest wb sites online?

        At the bare minimum Catholic charities should work to flood the USA with Somalian Muslims.

        • OlderWoman

          Somalians are in my city in record numbers. They’ve held a trial here for 23 Minnesota Somalis who crossed state borders with juveniles they were grooming. They were tried for sex slavery. I google for the outcome but can find nothing related to the trial.

      • StillModerated

        God knows we have enough of our own problems in our own back yard. Indeed: Africans, Haitians, Mexicans, Egyptians, Middle Easterners etc.! Quite enough. Now why don’t our so-called leaders understand our problems? Until 1972 they used to budget money for boffins at the Tuskegee Institute.

    • Xerxes22

      The it doesn’t enrich the church. It drains the Cathoilc church which must spend its resources taking care of these people who give nothing in return.

      • George

        I think you might be wrong in your statement
        The church doesn’t support them, it just gets them here then teaches them how to bleed the System and where they can find the church collection plate.
        God is good, God is GREAT but churches have little to do with God, just money and luxury for themselves. Ask the Pope as he sips wine from a 30,000 dollar gold cup.

    • Pete

      I was raised a Catholic and over the years came to realize it was little more than a business, a big high buck business.
      I am sure if HE were to come back he would be ashamed of what they do in HIS name.

      • Katherine McChesney

        There are apostate Protestant churches who do the same. They’re dying on the vine for their corruption and support of politically correct policies. When Jesus returns He’ll separate the sheep from the goats. These politically correct churches are the goats…the beast system represented in the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches. All those churches have sold out to apostasy. They’re too involved in anti-Christian government of barak hussein obama.

        My reformed Presbyterian Church PCA uses the money to support politically incorrect charities, missions in America and six missions in other worlds. We also have our own school, support our large youth organization. It is the most unselfish church I’ve ever known. We are active in working with the homeless and the poor.

  • bigone4u

    I hate the word “stakeholder.” It is so politically correct. I prefer the true words, like “leeches,” “con artists,” and “sponges.”

    • IKantunderstand

      I thought this commie, pinko term referred to what formerly were called “tax paying, law-abiding, land owning American citizens”. I considered it a term reflecting our latest demotion. I don’t know. It seems to have cropped up alot lately. One thing’s for sure, I don’t like it either, Comrade, er, fellow stakeholder(maybe).

  • fakeemail

    Christian herd mentality lives. Nietzsche was RIGHT!

    • Vanessa

      Every WN needs to read Friedrich Nietzsche. He helped me to start to think outside my state-controlled box. I wish Amren would make a recommended reading list.

      • Alex

        I will read Nietzsche to learn more, but it does seem as though we made our power felt when we still had God with us and we also still believed in the basic stages of life i.e. marriage, children (not just 2 perfect ones) and had a foundation for our culture that facilitated us being the best there is.

        Power can only propel us so far and we need to feed our spirit as well as our base impulses (to be dominant over others). Ultimately all the power and control in the world mean nothing when staring at our own frailty and glimpsing into our souls.

        Thank you for the reading tip (not sarcastic). I know what I will be checking out on Amazon.

      • Not that I ever was a racial egalitarian, but reading Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron as an 11-year old (ironically, as a school assignment) planted the seeds.

    • Joseph

      The problem has grown exponentially worse SINCE Christianity was officially condemned in the United States. The church is weaker now by far than it was in the 50’s and look what we have.

      • Katherine McChesney

        World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches has infiltrated churches and changed their doctrine to the Devil’s politically correct doctrine.

  • StillModerated

    The Richmond VA Catholic Charities is pretty much run by left-wing atheists. I reckon somebody has to do the dirty work that self-respecting Catholic laymen will not do on behalf of crooked bishops. The former bishop of Richmond croaked last year. He was pretty much considered a heretic.

    • OlderWoman

      Catholic Charities is left-wing. Society of Jesus is left-wing. Catholic church is left-wing. They can’t be against same-sex marriage when most of their priests and S.J.’s are homosexuals. At least they don’t support abortion.

      • Xerxes22

        How do you know that most of their priests are homosexuals? Do you have any proof of that or are you just spouting some anti-Catholic paranoia?

    • TeutonicKnight67

      The hierarchy of the Catholic Church in North America is rife with Left-wing pseudo-clergy who have little to nothing in common with the laity whom they are entrusted to lead. They are no different from the hideous federal monster that imposes its own vision of what America SHOULD be like. I don’t recall our people ever being asked if they WANTED TO BE OVERRUN BY THE THIRD WORLD!

    • Donner

      Don’t be so hard on The Priests, they are busy training the Altar Boys.

  • NYB

    Refugee immigrants are no different than other Third World immigrants. They’re all part of the grand scheme by the financial elites to keep increasing the number of consumers, by any means possible, while simultaneously creating the race-less, nation-less, mono-cultural ‘New Consumer Man’.

  • Vanessa

    zog is doing the same thing with immigration that they are with our currency: expanding it to the point it bursts and our nation will collapse. Why else would our government keep adding debt and immigrants like they are? They know it’s going to destroy us, that’s the goal. Then they can abolish the Constitution and permanently establish a totalitarian zionist-controlled Orwellian government. That used to sound far-fetched to me. But now it’s the writing on the wall. Every act of our government proves it. I don’t think the inner circle of our government is as ignorant as some believe. If they were merely ignorant, statistically 50% more or less of their decisions would reflect poor judgement. But in their case it’s more like 97% of all the legislation, judicial and administrative decisions are the exact opposite of good sense. That’s not a statistical anomaly. It’s concerted execution of a well thought out plan. How can anyone believe the arc of American 20th and 21st century history is a series of isolated coincidences?

    • NYB

      Guaranteed there are public and private think-tanks whose job it is to map out a strategy for the next 50 years. You won’t get to see their reports.

      The ‘post-America’ future will require a lot of white men with guns protecting the interests of the unelected wealthy rulers from other whites who are dissatisfied. The current push in Washington against private ownership of military style arms seems consistent with a long term plan to head off a Second American Revolution.

    • OlderWoman

      I support the Hebrews in Israel. The ones I don’t support are the leftists in the U.S.
      I am pleased that the Israelis are deporting immigrants from Africa. They brought crime to Israels shores. It’s good that they want to protect their ethnicity.

  • mobilebay

    Refugees? iIlegal aliens? legal immigrants? Wet foot, dry foot people? STEM graduates? Visa holders? Guest workers? Where does it end? And how in the name of heaven are Americans supposed to get a job when these people are hired for much less than legal, loyal, taxpaying, voting citizens?

    • **BRUNO**

      I hate to say it but it seems as if America is under Hospice Care, just aiting to die.
      Who can explain this to me?
      Chicago has the toughest Gun Control Laws on the books yet murder abound. Over 520 last year alone. Yet in states where the laws allow Concealed Carry the crime rate is the lowest?

  • Alex

    “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.” – St. John Chrysostom

    • TeutonicKnight67

      “Judas Iscariot is the patron saint of ‘social justice’ ” – Archbishop Fulton Sheen

      • Alex

        That man is a genius. I’ve been watching some videos of him on Youtube and am continually amazed at his insight and holiness. He could see the wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting to attack us.

  • aj

    This is all nonsense. The “charities” get paid by the government. If they are forced to pay more the government will just give them more. Taxpayers are going to pay no matter what. It isn’t like the Catholic church is going to pay for the millions of refugees in this country by passing around another collection plate.

  • The disciple asked the Farm Owner (Jesus), “Why are there so many weeds in the field didn’t you use good seed? An enemy has done this.”

    • Joseph

      “We has seen the enemy and he is US” -Pogo

  • shattered2012

    Blatant money mongering.

  • Ralph Z

    A pinpoint in this matter is the lack of effective monitoring of a portion of the Medicare Part D–
    the prescription drug coverage program that kicked in at the beginning of 2006. If it is a preview of what Obamacare is going to be, Obamacare is a mess writ large. There is provision for a
    low income premium supplement to the amounts the various health insurance companies
    charge–Big Blue, and the others. It is worth noting that the typical low income aged recpient
    of such help is most likely to be a majority (white) woman who has given out more in her productive years in work (as a waitress, assembly line worker, etc etc) than she’s ever
    received. Nonetheless, of the millions receiving this supplemet, there are a huge number of
    welfare cheats and general “leeches”. Effective monitoring would in a narrow $en$e pinch the toes of the big insurance companies involved. This may be much of the explanation for the capricious and spotty governance of this program. The typical leech violator is probably not a majority (white) woman and even less likely to be someone who has given out more than they’ve received materially in life. Wish President Obambi could be as indignant about the leeches as he is about grabbing the guns of lawful citizens ( who,when push comes to shove, are likely the first line of defense against a nut with a gun ) What a phony we have as President!! What soap opera make-believe myth peddlers we have under the term “mainstream media”!

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Just saw this on the google news page…

    EDL activities as documented by the “anti-fascist” sympathizing Guardian. Good stuff.!

    • I watched it. It’s nothing but a leftist propaganda piece.