Man Arrested for Threatening to Blow up CTA Bus

CBS Chicago, January 9, 2013

A man was arrested in the River North neighborhood this week, after threatening to blow up a CTA bus during the evening rush hour.

Police said 23-year-old Caleb Russell has been charged with making a bomb threat, after he allegedly threatened to blow up a bus he was riding near Chicago Avenue and Orleans Street on Monday.

Officers on patrol saw the bus stopped in the middle of the intersection, and when they investigated, passengers told police Russell had been yelling derogatory remarks, and threatened to blow up the bus.

Russell also allegedly yelled racial slurs at the officers, and said he was “jihad against the white devil,” according to police.


Caleb Russell

Caleb Russell


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  • AutomaticSlim

    Now that’s some kind of mug shot!
    He will be right at home in prison, in his element, where he belongs.
    And if/when he is released I am certain he will do some type of crime to ensure he returns as quickly as possible.

  • Sue

    He threatened because he’s not bright enough to make one.

    • Integration Anxiety

      Exactly. I always chuckle when I read a story where a black person threatens to blow something up. It must be the Hollywood syndrome these people are afflicted with. They think they saw Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger make an explosive device & how easy it detonates on tv/big screen. Then they figure anyone can do it. Or maybe they see YouTube videos of Muslims overseas making bombs to fight the Israelis and they figure they’ll make one and blow up Whitey. Usually that scenario ends in disaster. See the African black from Christmas ’09 at the Detroit international airport. He couldn’t even get his underpants to blow! Mission aborted. Meanwhile at the control center in Somalia or Kenya, the Arab mastermind cursed him out as “Kaffir!’. So predictable.

      • The__Bobster

        The Fruit of the Loomer Bomber?

  • Puggg

    Smile for the camera.

  • Morris Thecat

    another crazy monkey

  • Dutchman

    Let me guess, he saw “Django Unchained” the night before.

  • I asked rhetorically in a few places today: All these states that want all the “gun control” laws they can dream up (California, Illinois) are states where there are so few prison spaces that they’re letting out real thugs. Where are they going to find the prison space to house all us “gun criminals?”

    Then I remembered. The man taken from us way too soon (eight years next month) coined the phrase: Anarcho-Tyranny. If the Illinois legislature prohibits more than 10 round clips tomorrow, and on Sunday I cross over the river with just my empty 15-round pistol clip and nothing else, and cop nails me, I know I’ll spend more time in an Illinois state prison for that “crime” than this pleasant looking gentleman ever will for what seems to be terrorist threats against a public transit system. Furthermore, someone will find a way to blame me and my clip for what he did.

  • falsedawn

    sure thing, that guy gould make a bomb…

  • Bill

    Cool. I’m going to print that pic out and use it on my target range. Fine tune my head shot abilities.

    • It will be the cover art for the tome/series, Decline and Fall of the American Empire, written about a thousand years from now. (Probably written in Chinese.)

      • Barrack Osama

        Remember the controversial commercial from the election cycle where the Chinese sit in a lecture hall and reflect on why our empire fell, and then proudly proclaim “Now they work for us!” and everyone laughs? If only they had the guts to print the real reason in that commercial.

      • Job

        A thousand years? “Decline and Fall of the American Empire” is more likely be written within the next four years.

  • PesachPatriot

    Is this guy related to the other one who attacked the girl with the sock full of feces a few weeks ago? I see a resemblance…So glad i live no where near chi-congo or detoilet.

  • Brantley

    The headline is hilarious considering CAIR’s recent campaign to remove the negative stigma from the word jihad. They’ve even run advertisements asking people what “their jihad” is…as if it where some kind of peaceful quest or new year’s resolution …”what’s your jihad?”

    • StillModerated

      What’s your sign? What’s your bag, man? How’s your jihad hanging?

  • StillModerated

    From what I’ve seen of Chimpcago buses, he’d be more likely to commit jihad against bantus!

    • Pelayo

      SHHHH! Don’t spoil a good thing. He might be reading this.
      BTW does anyone know what became of Colin Ferguson?

  • The__Bobster

    I can see that he tried to blow up the bus. His lips are still swollen after getting burned on the tailpipe.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      That’s an oldie but a goodie.

  • MekongDelta69

    Is that his kindergarten graduation picture?

    He sho’ be wun fyne lookin’ brutha…

  • Puggg

    Seven years of public education? $210,000.

    One Django Unchained matinee ticket? $9.

    Skittles + Arizona Watermelon drink + bath salts? $30 (just taking a wild guess).

    There’s some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s the Race Card.

  • bigone4u

    Give him the wires, explosives, timers, and whatever else it takes to make a bomb. Then put him in a large open field somewhere so he can put the pieces together. Boom! His first bomb will be his last.

  • Greg Thomas

    After looking at the mug shot, I doubt anyone was in serious danger of being blown up. Raped yes, blown up, no…..

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I think someone else we now know just made it onto the Terrorist Watch List. I feel offended at having Russell on it with me, and I want to be on a better list.

    On the plus-side, the involuntary civil confinement laws now also apply to nutcases like this one obviously is, even after they have finished their prison sentences, provided they are judged to represent a threat to themselves or others. I wonder if he’ll like the Illinois state loony bin.

    I regret that I was doing more warehouse work this evening – with freezing wind blowing through the open roller door that felt truly vile, in an Antarctic sort of way – or I might have been the first at the “lips burned on the tailpipe” joke. Props to Bobster.

  • MarineSecurityGuard

    “Crack is a hell of a drug…”

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Russell would probably say that the CIA forces him to smoke crack. When I was locked up one of the blacks would explain in all seriousness to anyone who would listen that the CIA had held him down and injected him with drugs.

      Lest that sort of thing seem amusing, there is the quote from Voltaire that addresses this sort of thing: “Someone who can make you believe nonsense can also make you commit atrocities.”

  • gap tooth

    All Ham race negros have that front upper teeth gap. Must be the sign of the beast.

    • IstvanIN

      They are also the most likely to have protruding upper teeth. A very primitive evolutionary trait I would think.

      • Pelayo

        Their upper incisors always have a noticeable gap between them.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    If he attempts to blow up 50 of his own people, so much for a jihad against the white devil. There probably aren’t too many Caucasians on your typical CTA bus.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      White bus passengers in my area tend to be either teenagers who can’t yet drive, very old who can no longer drive, the mentally or physically disabled, and the occasional ex-con waiting to get off parole so he can get his driver’s license back. Not at all what I would consider some sort of elite “oppressor” caste.

  • josh

    another young scholar!

  • jim

    A face only a white woman could love…

  • Gerónimo Anónimo

    Here’s another example of the Dirty War that no on wants to discuss at least in the MSM.

    As usual this was referenced as a “brawl”.tthat’s one of the two terms that the media likes to use to describe attacks on White people Blacks. In the video there is a long haired blonde girl on the ground and is either trying to help someone or she is a victim of Mau Mau who are punching at kicking her.
    I attempted to post a comment but one is required to list their address and phone or else paste on WPVI FB page so that everyone can see your picture and name. That’s a good way to keep White people quiet.
    There is quite a bit of speculation about why the three Atlantic City casinos that are located in the Marina area bring in 40% of the total revenue while the other 9 Casinos languish. How about the inconvenient truth that people don’t want to venture into AC? Going up to the parking garage is like playing Russian Roulette.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I guess it never occurred to this lunatic that if being around white people is such a hideous burden to him, he could simply move someplace where there aren’t any: Mali, Niger or Chad seem to be good candidates in this respect. Of course “no white people” also means no white taxpayers to keep things running.

    It would be very entertaining to be able to listen in court to this oxygen-waster attempt to explain what he thought he was accomplishing, or how his deranged outburst squares with his wanting white “devils” to treat him as an equal.

  • Imagine if this story was the other way around, and a white guy was threatening to blow up the evil black devils… Endless media coverage, 24/7.