Limbaugh: We’re in Midst of Designed ‘Race Wars’

Joe Kovacs, WND, January 23, 2013

One day after President Obama delivered his second inaugural address to the nation, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed the political powers in office have designed “class and race wars” to pit Americans against each other.

“I don’t say this lightly. We’re in the midst here of designed class and race wars. They’re brewing out there,” Limbaugh said Wednesday afternoon.

Referring to Obama’s speech, Limbaugh said, “The president of the United States was filled with venom for his political opponents, and there are 60-some-odd million of them who voted against him. It’s not just the Republicans in Washington. There are 67 million Americans who voted against Obama and he declared war against them, too. He declared war against Republicans and, by extension, anybody who voted for them.”


Limbaugh noted: “We’ve got the biggest domestic challenge this country’s faced in a long time under the guise of fixing all of these horrors that went on in our past. We’re heading right back to them. We are reconstructing those horrors under the guise of fixing it all finally. There is a giant deception taking place. But my point here is that it has never worked and it isn’t going to work here.”

“This country breeds people who want to be good, to be the best, who want prosperity. It breeds them,” Limbaugh continued.

“And at some point, people are going to awaken and demand better and realize that it’s gonna be up to them. And the longer this goes on … the more it’s going to be demonstrated that all these promises are empty. And all this talk about everybody getting a fair shot and hard work, it’s not gonna happen. And it’s gonna get uglier before it gets better. But it’s what was elected.”

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  • David Ashton

    “What if one day race war and class war combine to finish off the white world?” (Oswald Spengler)

    • Mike

      As the White World goes, so goes the world.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Wow, suddenly so many posters on Amren are making such short and to the point statements! My regards, and I will try myself!

      • storibund

        It stuns me how many non-white lefties are all about getting rid of the whites, until you manage to press home to them how the whites are the source of all their goodies.

        Then…resounding silence ensues, while they repair to their dark corners and chew on their cuds.

    • OlderWoman
      • CharlesFinley

        I noticed on that page, it says, “We are PASSED the age of judging whites by the content of their character…”

        • OlderWoman

          They’re organizing these murders of whites and posting them as if they are reparations. Wonder if the SPLC has recognized them as a racist group.

          • Xerxes22

            Only if they also target Jews.

          • iconnergarrett

            From the SPLC:

            “The NBFSN also has been much discussed on white nationalist hate sites. Members of Stormfront, the Web’s largest white racist forum, seem to agree with Mills’ theory, while posters on the racist and anti-Semitic Vanguard News Network believe the blogs are created by Jews as a way to foment tension between blacks and whites.

            “These theories seem dubious at best. Far more likely, judging from the scant evidence available on their websites, the people who make up the NBFSN are drawn from the world of racist black nationalism.

            “In fact, it seems very likely that they include many of the hundreds of Nuwaubians who largely disappeared from view after their leader’s imprisonment. They also may well include former followers of Yahweh ben Yahweh, a terrifying cult leader who was convicted of conspiracy to murder white people as an initiation rite at his Florida-based Nation of Yahweh, which reportedly once owned properties around the country valued at $100 million. Since his death in 2007, hundreds of his followers in the U.S. and Canada have dropped out of sight as well.

            “:Whether they are active Nuwaubians, people drawn from other black supremacist cults like the Nation of Yahweh, or freelancers who have created an entirely new concept, the National Black Foot Soldiers Network has brought Dwight York’s apocalyptic hatred of whites into the 21st century. York, whose release isn’t scheduled until the 22nd century, would be proud.”


          • anonymous

            Yep. Like the Occupy Movement. Oh, it was fine with the media for the Occupy people to say white males were privileged or for a black male to tell a white man to “shut the f–k up about racism if you are a white man” or a black guy saying he wanted to kill whites, but as soon as someone said ‘jew’, then the media and the neocons were all screaming anti semitism.

          • Daisy

            I heard there were a number of sexual assaults that occurred in the Occupy Movement, and one has to wonder how many were black-on-white.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I suppose you could fantasize.

          • StillModerated

            I went to an Occupy protest in Chantilly last June. The only bantus were there is search of loose liberal women. The young White guys were all pretty angry with our elitist leadership, and Ron Paul was their preferred choice for President. Not to worry, the MSM would never let that cat chew its way out of the bag.

          • Actually, yes. Then the SPLC says that they fight hate from both sides.

            They’re already ahead of you on this one.

            Now ask the SPLC if “tick-tock, tick-tock” talking about people’s hearts stopping is “eliminationist rhetoric” even when it’s about White people even when it’s Tim Wise saying it.

          • OlderWoman

            I understand “eliminationist rhetoric” but don’t understand the rest of your question.

          • The SPLC only “fights hate” of extremist black kooks only in a perfunctory sense, and only because some members its largely elderly rich Jewish donor base recently picked up on the hypocrisy of the SPLC saying nothing about Farrakhan, NBPP, etc. and their overtly anti-Semitic rhetoric.

          • Gerónimo Anónimo

            Well the day of reckoning is coming soon, very soon. Aim small, miss small.

          • Pelayo

            Instead of posturing, posing on YouTube with weapons and screaming obscenities, it’s just going to happen. It will be the REAL shock and awe. And then it’ll be over.

            RIP Channon & Christopher.

      • ed91

        wow, that is some kind of message

      • Sim Cart

        I wonder if they voted for Mitt?

      • rebellisMMXII

        Wow…just visited the site…a repulsive view into the black view of the world that whites should come to understand is reality.

        • OlderWoman

          It IS reality about the black race. That’s why I trust none of them for they have a policy of not turning against each other when Whites are part of the equation.

          • Pelayo

            Well it’s come to this. As civilized as we consider ourselves to be, we have to face the fact that if this violence against us persists, we are going to retaliate defensively. Each Mau Mau who attacks us must be
            “neutralized”. To paraphrase Don Corleone, if they fear you, then they’ll respect you. Respect engendered by fear is good enough when dealing with the Afros.

      • ATBOTL

        This group is not real, it exists only on the internet. It’s a hoax. Some white man is behind it, for unknown purposes. The SPLC was duped like a lot of WN were.

        If you search my posts on Stormfront(same handle), you will come up with more discussion of this.

        Please, let’s stop giving credence to this silly hoax.

  • Problem is, “El Rush Bo” doesn’t want us to fight fire with fire.

    • Xerxes22

      No, the problem is that “El Rush Bo’ works for our enemies not us. The man is a two-faced opportunist not to be trusted.

      • Bill

        Correct. For 20 years Limbaugh has been a neo-con puppet. Even if he was seriously warning white Americans of the coming race war, he isn’t talking about defending ourselves in the way necessary, let alone taking the fight to the enemy. He is merely implying that people need to fear the Dems and vote for the Repubs.
        As if we haven’t noticed the neo-cons aren’t our enemy also, and have enabled this all to come about with THEIR treasonous votes.

  • falsedawn

    Don’t even listen to this liberal slob…

  • The__Bobster

    The worst thing is that there are a lot of YT’s who like his war against YT.

    6. The Unbearable Whiteness of America: Misoleukanthropy

    I first came to the U.S.A. in my late twenties, already an adult with a
    fairly solid set of working assumptions about the world. This put me in somewhat
    the position of an anthropologist observing a newly-discovered tribe.

    One thing I noticed (and many others in similar circumstances have also
    noticed it—the historian John Lukacs, for example) was the plain hatred that
    many American blacks obviously felt towards whites. This didn’t surprise me very
    much; given the history of slavery and Jim Crow, and the invariants of human
    nature, I suppose it’s what one should expect. What did surprise me was
    the lengths to which white Americans go not to notice it.

    White Americans who did betray the fact of having noticed suffered
    severe social ostracism. A case in point was journalist Amity Shlaes, who in
    January 1994 wrote an article titled “Black Mischief” for the London
    Spectator. In the article she described exactly what I had seen: the
    everyday hatred that black Americans nurse towards a white person like

  • Triarius

    This is the end result of all multicultural nations, everything balkanizes, even the US. If only the US was still 90+% white. Where would we be as a nation? Cure for cancer? Mars? I’m sure nothing compares to what multiculturalism has given us whites.

    • Jefferson

      If the U.S was still 90 percent White, our public school students would have easily been able to compete with public school students in places like Singapore and Hong Kong for example, when it comes to math and science.


        I have always gotten the feelings that:

        1. Many other countries find ways to factor out their slow students to boost their own countries’ averages,

        While paradoxically:

        2. We actually find a way to over-sample our black and Hispanic dummies, because there is now an “achievement gap-industrial complex” that needs new raisons d’etre.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          That’s right, but it’s much more endemic and thoroughly imbedded now than that.

        • Triarius

          China is notorious for only testing their top students from urban cities. They don’t go out to the countryside and include the semi-literate farmers that don’t have electricity or running water in polls or studies.

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            Our resident asiaphiles need to understand that there is one overriding imperative in asian cultures – saving face. The only thing that matters is how something looks. A good illustration is when two-year-old Wang Yue Yue was cranked by a van and a truck in a Foshan street in 2011, left to die in a pool of her own blood by eighteen pedestrians who saw her and did nothing; the scandal in China was not so much the callousness, but rather how it looked in the international media. The driver of the van, when asked if he felt bad about his decision to hit the gas and finish her off with the back wheels said no, because it was not my child. Only because I speak/read enough Mandarin did I find this out; the international press demurred on reporting it, saving their face when in fact no shame was felt. Indeed, hardly anyone batted an eyelash in China about his remarks, but when the BBC picked up the leaked video, only that caused a wave of angst and breast beating. Blame was dumped on the parents for not watching their child closely enough, not on the people who walked by and did nothing. Is this what our asiaphiles want in America? We watch The Vice Travel Guide to Liberia on YouTube and see the Third World, but Third World behaviors come in many flavors, friends.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            My wife’s great-grandfather did something a little different in 1944, but then he wasn’t Chinese. Sayaka said at the time of that terrible traffic murder in China that Chinese don’t love their own children and that Chinese are no better than “niguros” for that. That poor little girl! I saw the video and wish I had not.

            Perhaps the Japanese were right to be as cruel as they were to Chinese. Anyone who would run over a little girl in that fashion is certainly not a person.

          • Snickle

            This kind of story simply underscores the fact that there is something very, very special about Whites.

          • Jefferson

            A Chinese person from the country side, on average would still have a higher I.Q than the average Mestizo and Black student from one of America’s inner city public schools.

  • melvin polatnick

    The race war is only about whites being chased by blacks whom are after their Smart Phones. There is no sense running away from a fast phone snatcher, you will be caught and ass whipped. The best defense is to smile as you surrender your hard earned possession.

    • MekongDelta69

      “The best defense is to smile as you surrender your hard earned possession.”

      Oh Hell No – the best defense is to pull out your Colt or S&W or Glock, etc. and grease the guy.

      THEN you can smile.

      • Mike

        Well, that put a smile on my face.

      • CharlesFinley

        National Grease-a-Groid Day
        24/7, 365 White!

    • bluffcreek1967

      Good Lord, I hope you’re not serious?! The truth is, the blacks are not content with only your phone, wallet or jewelry. They want to take your life as well. Whites need to STOP playing the victim and fight back!

      • Anonymous

        I think that the best defense is to blow the bastards away as you’re handing them you wallet and phone. Have a knife to plant on the corpse just in case.

    • Snickle

      You are a part of the problem.

  • I wouldn’t call it a war. One side isn’t even fighting back, plus half of its people are fighting against their own kind.

    • C. C. Conrad
    • Tim

      A Debacle?!?…

      • More like the frog in the pot of water set to boil. Most whites don’t realize they are the frog.

        • Topper

          Checking on the internet you will find hundreds of black attacks on whites yet these are never mentioned in the media. On the other hand you would be lucky if you could find one such attack as this by Whites against blacks.
          If blacks murder, rape, torture a white couple as in Tennesse or Witchita it is apparently not considered news but if a white accidently steps on a blacks toe it is a headline for months.

          • Bob

            It appears the media is our major enemy. At the very least our enemies control it. Alex Jones has stated that the Muslims are in control of Hollywood and our mass media. Muslims appeared to be too radically modest to have anything to do with the filth in Hollywood.

          • Daisy

            I’m thinking it’s actually another semitic tribe that’s disproportionately influencing the media…

          • Snickle

            “Alex Jones has stated that the Muslims are in control of Hollywood and our mass media. ”

            In which case, Alex Jones is certifiably insane.

          • Or just too scared to go there.

            If there is any minority starting to make inroads in Hollywood to compete with the obvious one associated with Hollywood, it’s Indians (dot, not feather). That’s also happening on Wall Street.

          • Snickle

            Do you think the “dot” problem is an improvement?

          • You’re talking to someone who has never had a permanent accounting job because so many dot Indians and other sorts of Asians (mainly Filipinos) are being imported with H-1B visas as cheap labor for the accounting industry, and you’re also talking to someone who managed a chain of gas stations/quickie marts in 2010 but lost that job because the owner sold out to Patel scammers slinging SBA loans.

            Believe me, I RUE the day the first English speaking white person set foot on that subcontinent.

          • rebelcelt

            Welcome to the misery. I used to place I.T. workers until we were overun by H1-b programmers. Ya know the very low qulified that were used because the corps just could not find americans to do the job.
            Hell, I could find them. I was good at it. The corps just wanted cheap labor.

          • They claim they “can’t find Americans to do the job.” That’s because they advertise the job in media that native born white Americans are expected to read for about 0.1 second, or if they do advertise the jobs for extended lengths of times, they bid the job at such low salaries that they know no NBWAs will apply. Or they try other tricks and workarounds and context clues to promulgate the subtle message that NBWAs need not apply, e.g. “must be bilingual,” or advertising an obviously American-based job under the conduit of the company’s branch in India or The Philippines.

          • OlderWoman

            I used to listen to Alex Jones. This was five years ago. Back then he was saying the Freemasons and Yakuzi were running Hollywood.

    • falsedawn

      Correct, but when the fighting starts in ernest, our enemies, white traitors and minorities combined will see that we’re the best of our kind in no uncertain terms.

      • Torshammar

        “When the fighting starts in earnest”?

        It seems that states, counties, and cities are (by design) infiltratred, divided, and conquered. I’m talking about demographics.

        By the time “fighting starts in earnest” we may find ourselves in isolated pockets and therefore easily managed. That also appears to be by design.

        • D. Bag

          What most tend to forget, and what I find simultaneously comforting, is that when the fighting actually does start in earnest, the powers that be will be putting all their resources into saving the morons who thought it a sign of solidarity to live in the cities amongst the underclass.

          The same people they hoped would accept them will be robbing, raping and killing them while they beg the government to come to their rescue. Call me cruel for thinking this way, but you reap what you sow, and if you’re foolish enough to trust those who have shown to detest you, don’t be surprised when things do not end up well.

        • falsedawn

          Sir, If you look at the situation closely, it’s the minorities who’re located in the isolated, easily managed pockets (cities). As for those race traitor Whites, it’ll be a pleasure finally dealing with them.

        • Dr. X

          They quite obviously want to make sure that Whites are disarmed before “the fighting starts in earnest.”

    • bluffcreek1967

      That’s a great way of phrasing it. Sad, but true.

  • Don

    If only we could send every African with an IQ under 130 to Alaska…

    • IstvanIN

      Why ruin Alaska? Why make the Eskimos suffer?

    • Johnny Clay

      Retroactive resettlement to their native land.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The moon seems to me like a good place for them.

      • Then they will be happy…until they realize that Africa has no welfare.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      No, no, no, south, much more to the south and across an ocean.

      • Don

        Lmao hilarious!

    • OlderWoman

      Send them to Los Angeles and Oakland/San Francisco.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Why? They’re already there! In fact, they’ve taken over!

        • shmo123

          They might’ve taken over in Oakland but not in San Francisco, where they were priced out of the market years ago. Even the formerly black neighborhoods like the Fillmore only have a smattering of blacks left. .

          • OlderWoman

            Maybe they should be sent to Sacramento…to Jerry Brown. Actually I’d love it if they could move into Beverly Hills and Malibu…but that could never happen.

    • CharlesFinley

      …or perhaps…
      N igeria
      I vory Coast
      G hana
      G ambia
      E thiopia
      R wanda
      S enegal

    • storibund

      Let Mexico have ’em. Solve two of our problems at once.

    • StillModerated

      Now that women can fight on the front line, we can invent a war in Africa and send our very own Africans over there in a massive US Army airlift. There’s already an Africa Command with a fabulously corrupt tinpot 4 star general in charge.

      After that we clear out our imprisoned black felons.

  • Conrad

    “This country breeds people who want to be good, to be the best, who want prosperity. It breeds them,”

    Who said that the Lib’s are the ONLY ones that have pie in the shy pipe dreams?
    Jack’s War

    • OlderWoman

      You changed your name from C.C. Conrad.

    • Tucker

      I used to listen to Scumbaugh, back during the years when Clinton was poisoning the White House, but got fed up with him once I figured out that he was nothing more than controlled opposition.

      One thing I used to notice about him was how he would constantly shower all sorts of glowing praise on his listening audience, repeatedly reminding them how ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’ and ‘super savvy’ they were, as opposed to the left or, I suppose, to anyone who might be conservative but who didn’t waste their time listening to his radio show.

      In truth, anyone who did listen to this guy, but who never managed to figure out that he was controlled opposition – was the exact opposite, i.e., dumber than a box of rusty hammers and politically clueless regarding the Big Picture. But, as I was in the process of waking up to the game Scumbaugh was playing – it dawned on me that he was using this technique of flattery to set the egotistical hook in the jaws of his loyal listening audience. People liked having their ego stroked, and it tends to make people who are otherwise insecure and perhaps unsure of themselves and a little uncertain about their political positions feel more confident. This creates a psychological addiction between the listeners and the obese guy in their radio who strokes their ego every day.

      Conclusion: Be very wary and suspicious of any radio talk show host who uses this technique on their listening audience. If they are constantly praising their audience as being the smartest and most intelligent of any other radio show’s audience, they are using the same technique that Scumbaugh uses and are trying to create a psychological addiction between you and their radio show – and this can never be healthy in the long run. Invariably, this sets people up to have manure (disinfo) of some flavor shoveled into their brains.

  • storibund

    There HAS been a race war on for decades. Many of our cities have been ethnically cleansed of whites.

    It’s just now, when the ethnic cleansers are taking their mask off and going national and whites are awakening to it, that the alarms are being sounded.

    Well, you know what? Too f-ing bad. Bring it on.

    • Tucker

      And, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Mike Bloomberg, Carl Levin, Alan Dershowitz, Mark Potok, Heidi Beirich, Abraham Foxman, Sheldon Adelson, Rahm Emanuel, George Soros, are all members of the gang who have been funding and sowing the seeds of this race war against White Europeans – and these same individuals are now trying to disarm White people, so as to deny us the ability to defend ourselves once this race war does go ‘hot’.

      Oh, and for anyone in the AmRen community who might be a tepid fan of the Second Amendment, but who claims to see no reason why citizens (whites) should need to own semi-auto rifles that have full capacity magazines, may I suggest that you add these two movies to your Netflix list and watch them as soon as possible?

      Zulu (1964)

      Zulu Dawn (1979)

      • liberalsuck

        I’ve seen Zulu (the last scene) and it gave me hope. If 200 white men, half of them injured, low on ammo, having some of their guns stolen and armed only with single shot rifles could face off 5000 Zulu African warriors and win the battle, imagine what whites here in the US and everywhere can do?

        • StillModerated

          The Battle of Rourke’s Drift was 5,000 bantu against 85 British soldiers. They were not even regular infantry, but engineers. I cannot watch Zulu often enough. In one scene they sound retreat but actually advance the front line. It’s amazing what disciplined White men can do.

        • Gerónimo Anónimo

          They weren’t the same White men that exist today. Isandlwana was a massacre due to bad strategy on the part of the Brits. The Soldiers of the 24th Regiment of Foot fought gloriously at Rorke’s Drift. The Brits weren’t subjected to marginalization and demonization by their own government.

      • Remington

        I see your point, but the Zulus won the Battle of Isandlwana because they vastly outnumbered the Brits (1,800 v 20,000), and single-shots rifles would have been enough otherwise.

        If a race war was to occur, this time it would be Whites who would outnumber every other single race in the US, and there’s no way hispanics would ally with blacks…

        Buy your “semi-auto rifles” as you wish, but Whites would be much better off learning about being marksmen and snipers in the first place…

      • Dave4088

        The aforementioned are all “white” liberals, right?

    • anonymous

      That’s why they are pushing harder for disarming the mostly white population and taxing our ammo and guns to death. I just ask my fellow patriotic whites that when they come for your guns or force you to do something you know is not constitutional…what are you going to do? These enemies of ours will destroy us and will not fight fair. Again, I ask, what are you going to do?

  • JohnEngelman

    Rush Limbaugh’s commentary is tells more about the mentality of those who find it appealing than it does about objective reality. Limbaugh’s lies have been documented as early as 1994. He had not become more honest since then.…1c.1.gjAcCO7wASU&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.41524429,d.dmQ&fp=c4a6a840dc754efa&biw=597&bih=518

    Also, the average age of a dittohead is 67 years.

    I do not want to sound guilty of ageism. I am nearly that old myself. Nevertheless, a movement of grumpy, grouchy old white men will not change the country.

    • Also, the average age of a dittohead is 67 years.

      Old people involved in politics? Whodathunk?

      Answer: Me. Ever since I cut my teeth in politics, I knew that politics were old people’s games.

      “Senate” comes from the Latin word “senex” meaning “old man.”

      • JohnEngelman

        I was active in the anti war movement during the War in Vietnam. Some of us who were in that movement are pushing the big seven oh. It is distressing for me to think that the Tea Party is shaping the image of our generation. They don’t make baby boomers like they used to.

        • It doesn’t matter the generation or the times. Upper middle aged to early elderly aged people are the most politically active, bar none.

          People generally don’t get interested in politics until their early to mid 40s, if they get interested at all. Why is that? For one, their own kids are starting to be able to take care of themselves somewhat, so middle aged adults have more time on their hands. Second, people start entering their peak earning power years in their 40s (or at least they used to back in the days when we had a real economy) — We’re talking Rush on a Rush thread — He himself has repeated the axiom that I always heard that “they” won’t let you really make any money until you’re around 40 years old, if you ever really will make real money. Now, we both know that there’s no singular cigar munching fat cat on some top floor of some high rise building somewhere pointing my way, saying, “Bwahahahahaha, he doesn’t turn 40 for another 4 years 2 months, that QD, not a penny goes to him until then!” The point of that statement is that if you’re trying to make money in this world from the perch of not having inherited it to begin with or not being gifted it, you’re going to have to prove yourself to it, and you’re going to have to accumulate a track record of proving yourself worthy of being entrusted with enough of someone else’s power and wealth such that someone or some firm will pay you relatively big sums of money for that trust. And, the line of demarcation is around 40 years old. The fact that a man’s “tank” really starts to empty out at around that age is not a coincidence.

          The only chance that our society had to change that social paradigm in recent years was shot to hell with the bursting of the dot com bubbles. Nobody with any serious money is ever going to trust a 20-year old with any serious sums of money ever again, after that debacle. Especially since the 20-year old dot commers blew money on Ferraris. Meanwhile, the 40-year old would rather have a minivan.

          But…if you get to and pass 40, and start really making money, then you start getting acutely aware of the political process.

          I knew when I got into the political “game,” so to speak, the rules and the time of day, and that for a long time, I’d be a young oddball.

          • JohnEngelman

            Question Diversity,

            Yours is an interesting and wise post.

            I have read that people keep most of the political opinions they had when under 30 years old. I have become disillusioned in my youthful enthusiasms. Nevertheless I remain shaped by watching my country blast Vietnam to kingdom come and back for years for no good reason.

          • I think the better analogy is that, at the very least, people’s scaffolding is fully in place by age 20-25, but the bricks won’t fill in until later, if ever.

            Personally, I was mostly “scaffolded” by the age of 17, but all my bricks weren’t in place until I was 20. And by “bricks,” I mean holding to a clear and definite racialist worldview. Everything since then has been nuanced adjustments based on learning and observing, or, to extend the metaphor, tuck-pointing work.

          • odious liberal

            Yes run the run US in the ground but remain silent about the vietnamese re-education camps and pol pot. You are a hypocrite of the highest order.

          • JohnEngelman

            The vast majority of the Vietnamese supported Ho Chi Minh. If we really cared about the Vietnamese who opposed him we would have evacuated them and settled them in the United States. Abandoning anti Communist Vietnamese boat people to the Thai pirates was shameful.

            The genocide of the Pol Pot regime was not ended by the United States, but by the same Communist Vietnamese Army that defeated the United States.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            We took 300 heavy shell and artillery rocket hits on our batallion position in eastern Slavonia on some days in 1991. Nobody sent me, and I still don’t hear very well. Where do you draw the line? Belgium again,where the non-Nazis shot civilian hostages starting in 1915? I got up and vomited every damned morning in September and October and November of 1991 because I knew what was coming, and you were worried about being mugged back in the day.

            Shame on you! I was terrified, and I got up and did it, and I urinated in my pants before every firefight because I knew I was going to do it anyway. Shame on you! Go to Canada.

          • JohnEngelman

            Did you kill any one? Why were you fighting in the first place? The horrors of war should not be used to justify a war.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I fought for Western Civilization, which Slovenia and Croatia were, as part of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. I fought for freedom, which under Article 51 of the UN Charter, everyone is entitled to: like British Falkland Islanders and even Slovenes and Croats. It was hard work, convincing some of the Canadian Croats that they needed overhead cover on positions.

            As for your question about whether I killed anyone in battle, what business is it of yours? My FBI file says “ex-mercenary”, and we are expressly not protected by International Humanitarian Law, UN regulations, or the traditional laws and customs of land warfare; it can be prosecuted as murder when we do it. I’m also not about to provide any vicarious “war porn” to someone who never had the guts to saddle-up himself.

          • JohnEngelman

            How does any of that justify the American war effort in Vietnam? The overwhelming majority of the Vietnamese supported Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam was unimportant to America’s economy or security. Why was the War in Vietnam worth my life or the life of anyone I may have killed there?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I found an interesting story in the book, “The First World War, a Complete History,” by Martin Gilbert (Churchill’s official biographer). Ho Chi Minh was a 25 yo dishwasher in Paris during the Armistice talks. He approached Woodrow Wilson with a petition to support the independence and democracy for Vietnam. “The French criticized the idea, calling it “a bomb,” but the Vietnamese hailed it as a thunderbolt.” Ho Chi Minh real name was Nguyen at that time. His submission was refused. Fifty years later, he was fighting the same government he had tried to petition for independence.

            Interesting historical note, I thought.

          • JohnEngelman

            Toward the end of the Second World War Ho also made an appeal to Franklin Roosevelt.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I have read that too. FDR died and so we can’t know if he would have supported our move to help France re-occupy Vietnam. But my bet is that he would have as Eisenhower did later.

          • Pelayo

            Apparently Ho Chi Minh made overtures to Pres. Eisenhower hoping that he would influence the French to leave Indo-China. He also feared that a vacuum would result in a Chinese takeover. He was quoted as expressing that he would prefer to sniff French s–t for a few more years than to eat Chinese s–t for a hundred.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Communist Army of Vietnam responded well to an invasion by the Army of Communist China during the spring of 1979. The Vietnamese killed 20,000 Chinese soldiers in a few months. That is just one illustration of how unnecessary American involvement in Vietnam was.

          • Kblankenship7

            Good for you! i hope someone thanks you for your service!

          • OlderWoman

            ‘My FBI file says “ex-mercenary”

            Were you with Blackwater?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            No; this was back in 1991.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I lived in Slovenia, was married there in 1999 and was a witness to the Kosovo Campaign. I was invited to an unofficial meeting of UN Peacekeepers and the elite university intellectuals in 1999. It would be interesting to talk to you about these issues.

          • Puggg

            Does this mean I’ll really start making money starting at some point this year?

            Yoohoo, cigar muncher with a big office on the top floor of a high rise building somewhere! Look over here! Norm in Arnold, Missouri with three pugs turns 40 this year! Raising my hands really high.

        • odious liberal

          Yeah John, and some of us went and did our duty instead of whining and sniveling and protesting. You are and always will be a coward.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            With all due respect, odious, I served my time and did my “duty” and I have long ago joined the camp of those who see Korea, Vietnam, and all our Middle Eastern adventures as, at best a tremendous waste of blood and treasure. If someone protested the Vietnam “war” because they saw it as not being in America’s best interest, then one could certainly not call them cowards. I will gladly lay down my life for my family. To stroke some politicians’ egos? Not so much.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Geneva Agreement of 1954 scheduled elections to be held in July 1956, said that the division of Vietnam into north and south was to be temporary, and forbade foreign troops to be introduced into either part of Vietnam.


            This is why the United States did not sign and honor that agreement::”I have never talked or corresponded with a person knowledgeable in Indochinese affairs who did not agree that had elections been held as of the time of the fighting, possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader.”

            Source: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mandate for Change, 1953-56 (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Compnay, Inc., 1963), p. 372


            The United States provoked a war in which at least two million Vietnamese were killed in order to prevent the ascension of a leader as many as 80 percent of the Vietnamese wanted.

          • Kblankenship7

            Some of you “boomers’ still don’t get it. Your day is over. You made a mess, and are expecting us all to clean it up. I don’t know Mr. Scott, but while he was defending the Slovenes and Hrvatski, what were you doing? You “boomer” think the rest of us will put up with your childishness forever. You forget the generation you abandoned and aborted, You were not “special’ … your lot and its collaborators got us into this this mess.

            Have you ever read “Vietnamese Gulag”? All you ‘boomers’ know is take,take take and ‘pay attention to us”, Whenever i see footage of So-called Woodstock I want to puke.

            i specifically exempt all our Vietnam vets from the “boomer’ category.

          • ed91

            we might have witnessed a mess being made but many of us had about as much to do with it as we do with supporting obama—– none at all

          • Kblankenship7

            Agreed…I was mostly addressing the ones who seem to have transitioned seamlessly from terrorists and culture-wreckers to ruling class. i know a lot of good folks in the so-called “boomer” demographic. Also, there were some who grew up.

          • Guest

            The boomers were the first generation to receive a full dose of mass media brainwashing in their formative years. Where were the parents, pastors, etc.? Many boomers have recovered from this, as best they can, and are trying to correct it.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            The parents were essentially lazy, relying on schools as baby sitters and church as a mundane ritual that did not answer mounting questions. The Greatest Generation were kids when they went through the Great Depression, and very young during the war. There was a kind of conceit and self-satisfaction that could not be challenged. They typically, smoked one to two packs of cigarettes day, consumed quantities of coffee, did not regularly exercise, and regarded everywhere a garbage can. They mostly used corporal punishment and harsh methods of parenting. During the Vietnam war, they were so proud that they could accept as many as 200 dead sons a week rather than admit the obvious. They were typically hypocrites that were simultaneously intolerant of any idea but their own. This is why many rebelled. But they were also used in their rebellion by other “GG” figures; Timothy Leary, Allen Gingsberg, William Boroughs, even Charles Manson, along with many others, who were not Baby Boomers at all, but fed on their nativity and youth like the worst of all vampiric beasts.

            But it wasn’t just them, the government used them. They used them for cannon fodder, among other things. If you or any here are interested in this period of history and would like to read a very well documented (by CIA files released in 1976, among others), find a copy of “Acid Dreams, the Complete History of LSD, the CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond.” Used copies are cheap on Amazon.

          • David Ashton

            Eisenhower was referring to a supposed contest between Ho and Bao Dai.
            Diem might have been a different proposition.
            The mass-murder of opponents and innocent victims (not including western or South Vietnamese soldiers) by Ho and his followers made quite a total too.
            US intervention and departure may or may not have been a historic mistake, but the important thing now is the future of the west. Maybe the US needs its own indigenous nationalist movement to oppose foreign occupation today.

          • JohnEngelman

            There is no reason to believe that any Vietnamese would have defeated Ho Chi Minh. If Ngo Dinh Diem thought he had a chance he would have allowed the elections scheduled for July 1956 to be held.

            If he thought he had a chance of being elected in South Vietnam he would have held elections under the aegis of the United Nations.

            There is no foreign occupation of the United States today.

          • Guest

            Would the correct term be foreign control? Alien occupation?

          • JohnEngelman

            If non whites are in the United States legally they have as much right to be here as you do. The only Americans who have the right to complain about genocide and race displacement are American Indians.

          • Guest

            This “right” you speak of. I’m assuming is given to them by the foreign controllers? It was certainly was not given to them by the American public who can be considered non compos mentis due to mass media brainwashing. The game is up.

          • Dave4088

            Wrong John. Whites were never given a chance to vote on massive legal immigration from the third world. Also, the stronger American Indian tribes murdered and displaced the weaker tribes and quite probably a small number of ancient caucasians before the white man arrived. American Indians have no special, exclusive right to North America nor can they claim moral superiority over the white man.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I am 3/16 Amerind, John, so I would like you to leave on the next jet to Germany.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            NO they don’t. Or at least they shouldn’t. Doing this has changed this nation so much that it is on the brink of Balkanized collapse.

          • Guest

            Umm, no they don’t. The game is up Johnny boy. It’s only a matter of time.

          • David Ashton

            Ho never had free elections in the area of Vietnam under his control. There is abundant documentation of his terrorism and his infiltration of terrorists into the south. Substantial references on request, comrade.

            Former Air Force Secretary Tom Reed writes: “Accepting defeat, the French agreed to a partition of Indo-China…. In the ensuing bloodbath – a replay of communist take-overs throughout the twentieth century – thousands of anticommunists in the North were executed; millions of refugees fled to the South” (“At the Abyss” [NY Ballantine, 2004] p.144).

            The past, however, is another country. To use “liberal” jargon, lessons must be learned, a line must be drawn under it, and we must move on.

            The present problem for the white western world is whether our future will be “another country” – literally.

          • JohnEngelman

            Ho Chi Minh did not depend on Soviet troops for his power. Ngo Dinh Diem and his successors did depend on American troops. That was the difference.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The governments of The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines also depended on the United States. Probably also China, as the Japanese army didn’t leave voluntarily. Since we absolutely refused to support British reestablishment of control in India, we might claim that one as well.

          • JohnEngelman

            What matters is that the clear majority of the Vietnamese supported the Communists, that Vietnam was unimportant to America’s security or the American economy, and that the United States provoked a war that devastated Vietnam, and killed perhaps three million Vietnamese.

            The War in Vietnam was justified in terms of traditional values. Because the War was so clearly unnecessary and unjust many young people who rejected it rejected traditions that merited respect. One cannot understand what some on this website call “cultural Marxism” without understanding that rejection, and why it happened.

          • Guest

            Foreign occupation is a wonderful euphemism.

        • anarchyst

          “Comrade” Engelman, while you were “protesting”, REAL AMERICANS were fighting and dying. I’ll bet that you were one of those “protestors” that spit on us returnees in the airports. I am sure that you blamed those of us who served for the prosecution of the war.
          It is interesting to note that the “anti-war protests” dried up when the draft ended. Vietnam war protestors were only concerned about “saving their own skins”–NOT concern for the Vietnamese people. . .
          As our resident “communist”, you should be ashamed or yourself. Look at the millions of Vietnamese “boat people that risked EVERYTHING to escape that communist “paradise”. . .
          As for “uncle Ho”, he was not averse to murdering his own people to further the aims of communism

          • JohnEngelman

            Real Americans were fighting, dying, and killing Vietnamese who wanted to be left alone.

            You lose your bet. I never showed disrespect for returning war veterans. I never saw it happen. I never heard anyone talking about it.

            You are right that anti war demonstrations declined in size after President Nixon ended the draft in 1973. The demonstrators for whom I had the most respect were Vietnam veterans, especially those who belonged to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

            The United States military should have saved the boat people by picking them off of the ocean and settling them in the United States. Abandoning them to the Thai pirates was shameful.

            On many occasions on this website I have expressed my admiration for the Vietnamese war refugees who settled in the United States. Nevertheless, anti Communist Vietnamese were not the majority of Vietnamese, or even a large minority. If they had been the expensive American war effort would not have been necessary.

          • Kblankenship7

            What proof do you have that there was no large minority of Vietnamese who were anti-communist? Please provide proof for this contention.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            “Provide proof”. You have him there.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I think you are right here. If my government allowed foreign soldiers into the United States for “peacekeeping”, I’d fight until I was killed. Patriotism is useful up to a point, but hatred and serious alcohol abuse work better.

          • JohnEngelman

            Real Americans were fighting and dying while killing real Vietnamese who wanted to be left alone.

            Real Americans who do not want the United States government to tell them what to do often think the United States government has the right to tell people in other countries what to do, and that it has the right to invade and bomb them if they think otherwise.

          • anarchyst

            Listen pal–I WAS THERE! You might want to look up USMC “Combined Action Program” to see what the Vietnamese thought of us Americans. Of course the people were caught up between three opposing forces–given a choice between being abused by the VC and North Vietnamese and protected by Americans, guess which one they preferred? It seems that all you know about the Vietnam war was gleaned from left-wing sources. In case you were not aware, the USA was INVITED in by a country that did not want to go communist. It may interest you to know that the North Vietnamese communists could not get away with imposing the same controls on the South as they did with the North. I would suggest that you obtain and READ “Our War Was Different” by author Hemingway. You may expand your perspective away from your leftward slant.
            Best regards . . .

          • JohnEngelman

            The United States as invited into South Vietnam by a dictator who lacked popular support. If Ngo Dinh Diem had had popular support he would not have needed American military support. Accepting his invitation violated the Geneva Agreement of 1954. These are passages from that agreement:


            Final declaration, dated July 21, 1954, of the Geneva Conference on the problem of restoring peace in Indochina, in which the representatives of Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam, France, Laos, the People’s Republic of China, the State of Viet-Nam, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom and the United States of America took part…

            The Conference takes note of the clauses in the agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Viet-Nam prohibiting the introduction into Viet Nam of foreign troops and military personnel as well as of all kinds of arms and munitions…

            The Conference takes note of the clauses in the agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Viet-Nam to the effect that no military base at the disposition of a foreign state may be established in the regrouping zones of the two parties…

            the military demarcation line should not in any way be interpreted as constituting a political or territorial boundary…

            In order to insure that sufficient progress in the restoration of peace has been made, and that all the necessary conditions obtain for free expression of the national will, general elections shall be held in July 1956, under the supervision of an international commission composed of representatives of the member states of the International Supervisory Commission referred to in the agreement on the cessation of hostilities. Consultations will be held on this subject between the competent representative authorities of the two zones from April 20, 1955, onwards.


            This is why those elections were never held:

            I have never talked or corresponded with a person knowledgeable in Indochinese affairs who did not agree that had elections been held as of the time of the fighting, possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader.

            Source: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mandate for Change, 1953-56 (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Compnay, Inc., 1963), p. 372.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I disagree with you on many issues, but I must agree with you on the issue of Vietnam and our intervention there. Insisting on it as a just or necessary war is a mode of psychological denial for some who have not reckoned with the well known and documented history of monstrous lies and deceptions by our government at the time.

          • JohnEngelman

            The man most responsible for the War in Vietnam was President Eisenhower. If he had signed and honored the Geneva Agreement of 1954 there would have been no war.

            John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson did what they did because they were afraid of appearing “soft on Communism,” and they did not want to give the Republicans a campaign issue.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I can’t go as far as putting the full blame for Vietnam on Eisenhower. But we supported France’s reoccupation of Vietnam because of fear of both the Soviets AND the rise of Red China. Johnson and our government in general committed atrocious deceptions and manipulations in creating an excuse for our intervention and continued escalations and involvement under him. See, The Pentagon Papers, John Erlichman.

            Remember that Goldwater’s solution to Vietnam was to just nuke out of existence. I know lots of people from back then that voted Dem for that reason alone.

            MLK was a communist and his vision was for black dominated utopia, a far cry from the black nightmare that no one can wake up from today. The Civil Rights Movement was led by a communist undercurrent led by people like Herbert Marcuse and Emanuel Cellar (who authored the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act with T. Kennedy) both members of the Frankfurt School. McCarthy was a drunken idiot, but he was generally right, there were communists in the U.S. and they were hard at work. It was in fact, Emanuel Cellar who stood up to him that day in court and asked him if he had any decency. A smarter, better politician might have saved us all a great deal of trouble. But they saw the good times of the 50s an focused on Civil Rights as the issue for making their attack. They manipulated Southerners with indecency at demonstrations like Selma and set-ups like the so-called Freedom Riders. My point is that the riots would have happened without Vietnam and they may have been worse. It might be argued that Vietnam dispersed some of the violent potential of the Civil Rights Movement.

            But I agree that it is a mistake for race realists or anyone trying to appear knowledgeable to insist on the value of much of what went on then, including the Vietnam War. Doing that makes us too easily debunked.

          • Pelayo

            Can you in your wildest dreams imagine any place ruled by Blacks being a Utopia? If it weren’t so pathetic it would be almost amusing. I challenge anyone to name ONE place that isn’t a chaotic Hell Hole. Perhaps the cemetery?

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Yes, but essentially this was a civil war and we should not have intervened. Our excuse was phony, that is now well known and the Domino Theory was faulty and history proved that as well. Some vets I’ve met said that they believe the U.S. was interested in the oil reserves in the region.

        • Kblankenship7

          Gott sei dank! I hope they broke the filthy mold!

    • ed91

      you are so off as to a waste of time……..

      I was scrolling down reading each comment and yours stuck out like sore thumb.

      then I saw the poster’s name…….. and it made sense……..what a jerk

  • Greg Thomas

    “One day after President Obama delivered his second inaugural address to the nation, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed the political powers in office have designed “class and race wars” to pit Americans against each other.”

    It is more sinister than that. We have 30 million illegal invading hispanics (mostly
    mexican) squatting in this country that have been whipped into a frenzy by this
    administration. Those vehemently opposed to rewarding these invaders with amnesty
    are demonized by this administration as “racists, xenophobes, nativists, and
    mean-spirited.” If that does not amount to treason, then I do not know what

  • Passerby

    Where Limbaugh falls short, way short, is in blaming ‘political powers’ or ‘the liberals’ for all the conflict. He refuses to believe that diversity itself and irreconcilable differences among groups of people cause the conflict. It ‘s true that the people in power incite more trouble but the differences innate in people are the problem. Limbaugh is exhibiting a kind of political correctness himself by trying to dodge racial aspects.

    • IstvanIN

      If he were honest all his radio outlets would drop him like a hot potato.

      • Unperson

        And then the FCC would sue him into bankruptcy. Between the advertisers and the Feds, his career would be not only damaged, it would be DESTROYED. By the time Obama-run DC and the Obama-worshipping corporate elites were done with Limbaugh he wouldn’t even be able to get a ham-radio license.

        This is what anti-Rush (and anti-Coulter and anti- other “media conservatives”) commenters need to understand. A lot of people on here seem to think that Rush et al COULD say everything that’s said on AmRen, VDare, etc, but they choose not to because they might have to cut down a little on their expensive-cigar consumption. Or because they’re “hypocrites.” No. Such truth-tellers would be forced off the air altogether; and would never be permitted to gain a significant media outlet ever again.

        Would I like the MSM “right-wingers” to be more robust in their racial commentary? Sure I would. But let’s not be naive: if there were any way for an uncompromising, AR-type race-realist to have a national syndicated show reaching millions of listeners, and supported by A-list advertisers, don’t you think SOMEBODY would have tried it by now?

        The only way we’ll ever get race-realism into the mainstream, is incrementally. This is the way it will happen — assuming it happens at all, that is. This week, El Rushbo goes a little further than he has before about the racial nature of America’s problems; next week someone else, maybe Ann Coulter, ups the ante by going a little further and saying something even more “unacceptable”; the week after that some other broadcaster brings up some even-more-damning aspect of ghetto culture. And so on. Each one pushing the envelope a little further than before, until the debate has been entirely “reframed”. Eventually, men like Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow start getting more requests for interviews, and finally become seen as the respectable and intelligent commentators they are, rather than as fringe elements to be ignored and/or demonized.

        The Left has been conducting its “long march through the institutions” for over a half a century. They have been extremely successful in their project; that is why we’re in such a bad position right now. It took our enemies decades to get us backed us into a corner like this. And it will take decades of our side “marching back in the other direction” to correct it.

        • Hal K

          If they are saying something designed to reinforce the belief of conservatives that “racism” is wrong then they are doing more harm than good. They are profiting off the a political world view that keeps white solidarity suppressed. We can’t let this go by without pointing out the flaws in their statements.

          • Desert Fox

            Great point! It’s not what they don’t say that will get them tossed, it’s what they do say that is harmful to the cause and unnecessary. That Jesus fella showed us the way to win. He did not compromise, he did not back down. He spoke with authority not in the effeminate “i feel” and “I think” language of surrender. “By their fruits, ye will know them.”

        • Snickle

          Will we have time to execute this “incremental” march back through the institutions? And let’s not forget that these “progressives” who have been so successful in their march through our institutions have had enormous financial backing. We, on the other hand, have no financial backing as far as I know. That in itself will make our “march” much more difficult.

        • ATBOTL

          The strategy that you are advocating has been a total failure. Rush and a lot of others were much more vocal about race back in the early 90’s than anyone is now. The debate on immigration has moved far away from race. Those who are trying to hold the GOP back from the amnesty that its leaders desperately want now only make economic arguments and other non-racial arguments. Back int he 90’s, the debate on immigration was much more racial, with many conservatives openly stating that Americas identity was under threat from immigration and placing much more empaphsis on the racial/cultural aspects of immigration.

          “Eventually, men like Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow start getting more requests for interviews…”

          There is zero chance of that now. Both used to write for National Review and have been blacklisted. They have less of a pretense in the conservative media than 20 years ago. We are moving further and further from having an honest discussion of race in mainstream conservatism.

          The time has come to build our own movement and party like nationalists in Europe have. Trying to piggyback on conservatism and the GOP has been a complete failure.

          The events of the last few months have shown that the GOP and conservative leadership is more committed than ever to “diversity” and anti-white policies. I don’t see any realistic way to change this that doesn’t involve a real collapse of support for the GOP at polls combined with many votes for nationalist candidates.

      • Flossie

        Exactly. If you’re a regular listener (as I am), the more awake you are, the more aware he sounds. But yes, he’s obliged to pull his punches.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I used to listen to Limbaugh every morning on my radio in the lab at work. He called Kurt Cobain a “piece of human debris” for committing suicide while he was high on heroin, and then himself got addicted to Oxycointin, which is synthetic herion. Rush is a hypocrite and deserves no audience.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Don’t forget his Viagra-packed sex tour to the Dominican Republic to mix with some underage diversity. He is definitely not on our side, he only out for himself.

      • PesachPatriot

        I did not hear about this….I love how el rushbo rants about weed smoking hippies and then goes and does oxycontin with abandon. He is a big fat stupid hypocrite in my book, even if I do enjoy his rants about feminazis. As for kurt cobain…if I was married to courtney love i’d blow my brains out too.

    • Joseph

      Heroin is semi-synthetic.

  • Hal K

    You can’t tell from the text, but it is certain that what Limbaugh means is that the race and class “wars” are just a means to an end for liberals, and their real purpose is to gain control. Mainstream conservatives like Limbaugh think that liberals are all about power and self interest and don’t really care about nonwhites. According to them it is up to conservatives to expose the “real racism” of liberals.

    In other words, Limbaugh and mainstream conservative commentators are full of it. They play up the conservative vs. liberal angle while keeping mainstream conservatives committed to racial neutrality. The function of conservatism is to keep white solidarity suppressed. White advocates should be focusing on conservatives and their mistaken notions about race, not liberals.

    • ATBOTL

      Good post. This statement by Limbaugh is an example of what liberals have been calling “dog whistling” by conservatives.

      A dog whistle is a statement that is meant to appeal to white racial awareness, but which has a level of plausible deniability. The people who make these dog whistles intend to dupe whites into supporting them by believing that their interests will be defended, when in reality, the whistlers intend to sell whites out and take orders from anti-white corporate paymasters.

      If a white man is angry and not reading carefully(no one reads less carefully or is worse at parsing words than a typical anti-intellectual red state type white American man), he may beleive that Limbaugh is somehow endorsing white racial consciousness or suggesting that whites fight back, which he isn’t.

      Your last line is crucial, and is too often ignored by white nationalists. Our biggest effort sould be debunking colorblind conservatism because that’s what has the most potential to win whites to our cause.

      Unfortunately, even many WNs have bought into various colorblind conservative myths(like the idea that blacks were well behaved before welfare).

      • Hal K

        Limbaugh is the worst of both worlds. Liberals think that Limbaugh is being a “racist” when actually he is taking the health impulse towards racial solidarity in white conservatives and twisting it around into “anti-racism” directed towards liberals.

        One reason it is important for white advocates to focus on conservatives rather than liberals is that white conservatives are the ones with the healthy impulses. There is a barrier separating white advocacy from mainstream conservatism, and white advocates should concentrate their efforts in order to break through the barrier sooner rather than later.

        I focus on conservative sites like American Thinker rather than expending energy sparring with anti-whites on liberal sites. I recently got the idea of trying to join my local GOP committee, although that might be asking for trouble. My advice for a young person is to join the local GOP committee and speak up in favor of white identity politics.

      • Except “dog whistling” doesn’t really exist. You could say something in plain language to ten people and still run the risk of all ten people walking away with ten different meanings. The only place where lamestream conservatives are honestly “dog whistling” is in the paranoid imaginations of the liberals you pay way too much attention to, like Stephen Colbert.

  • thoth-ibis

    Thank the heavens for Rush ! I became a “dittohead” in the early 90’s when slimeball Bill Clinton was elected. The left hates this guy for good reason.
    While I don’t always agree with him, I do feel that we need a dissenting voice against the glories of Caesar and the favorable propaganda of the Empire…. CNN, Time Magazine, USA Today, New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, and on and on all have a pro-Big Brother bias and right now Big Brother is Obama.

    • Bill

      I was cured of the Limbaugh forever when he endorsed Shamnesty McCain. You know, the same guy that just said it’s high time our women be put in combat units, and has always, always been for amnesty, and is ALWAYS the FIRST one to talk about “reaching across the aisle” to kiss Reid’s butt. How that guy got re-elected is a real puzzle.

      • “How that guy got re-elected”

        As in Harry Reid?

        Because the NRA semi-endorsed him, and the casino owners and casino employees unions got out in full force to save “their” Senate Majority Leader. It wouldn’t have mattered if Reid’s Republican opponent was Christ Himself.

        As in McCain in Arizona in 2010?

        Because…the Vietnamese tortured him. And because…he promised to finish building the danged fence. And also…J.D. Hayworth once ran a mail order business in the early 1990s, or something like that. Really…in spite of some wins there, Arizona politics are mostly run by various cheap labor lobbies.

  • bigone4u

    “This country breeds people who want to be good, to be the best, who want prosperity. It breeds them,”
    It used to, but not so much anymore. Today the USA breeders are of the gibsmedat mentality.

  • LHathaway

    “Let Mexico have ’em. Solve two of our problems at once”.

    That’s a good idea. How can Mexico get away with avoiding diversity? Your offer is only fair.

    “Those of us in that age group (old age) have a tendency to mistake our decline for that of the United States”.

    This is very true, and what you say in your post is true. While there’s a lot of truth in what you say, I think the power’s-that-be are more concerned with us old folks. Perhaps after a certain age you just don’t care anymore. Or perhaps it’s because older American’s hold more power in workplaces or have more money. The younger generation still believe ‘people of color are suffering victims’. Each generation learns, through personal experience, that this isn’t true. The young may awaken, but we’ve been aware of this for most of our lives and we known this isn’t true already. Experience is a harsh teacher. For whatever reason, ‘they’ are more afraid of us older American’s .

    I think the powers-that-be expect young people to become more racist, or at least to vote along racial lines, perhaps because the young are more concerned with the future. But they fear us old folk, perhaps because of our influence on the young, who knows?

  • SintiriNikos

    This blowhard is in the business of having this kind of thing happen. This guy is on the same side as the MSNBC set, make no mistake, ditto Faux News.

  • anti in the saddle

    Limbaugh knows this is a santanic lying jihadist in the WH who is also called the Anti and who is intent on eradicating christianity aka WMR and the Shem chosen blessed race. Dont buy the PR stunt usind the 2 bibles of Lincoln and King either who were minor players in the sceme of things. Obama is the real deal from the pits of hell with superior white genetics to make him unquestionably the most dangerous evil on earth. The mistake of unneeded slavery is never ending.

  • There has been a race war since the 60’s. Every year it is getting worse. Their crimes against whites are never reported as a hate crime. Thousands have been murdered and even more raped and robbed. Anytime a white person stands up to this injustice, we are called ‘racist’. This is why we cannot bend over because we are accused of being ‘racist’ -as if that is some kind of crime.

  • melvin polatnick

    Purchasing a home owners insurance policy is better than having a gun.
    The home invaders might take your possessions and tickle your wife. But within
    30 days you will be generously reimbursed, even the cost of an abortion for the
    tickled wife was paid.

  • Ben Dover

    The lefty white traitors better come to grips with the reality of what is going to happen to them once they combine forces with the hordes of Mordor to destroy us. If they think the mud hordes are going to take kindly to them or to them ruling over the colored mobs, they had better think again.

  • Dave4088

    Rush flirts with serious racial matters on occasion then backpedals and tries to convince his listeners that there is a Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell in every black person. King dittohead himself and other Con-servatives act as though if Ronnie Reagan were raised from the dead he would unite the witches brew of racial groups now residing in our formerly white republic with trickle down economic policies.

    • Pelayo

      Maybe we need to write to Rush and enlighten him. Don’t tell him that you’re intention is to enlighten him. It will most likely damage his ego.

  • Joe Webb

    “breeds”??? must be a racist in the woodpile

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Hey, everyone, let’s get the racist! Imagine, a racist!