Federal Welfare Spending to Skyrocket 80 Percent in Next Decade

Daniel Halper, The Weekly Standard, January 15, 2013

Federal welfare spending will skyrocket 80 percent over the next decade, according to new analysis by the minority side of the Senate Budget Committee. Here’s a chart, provided by the committee, detailing the growth in spending:

“This chart displays projected federal spending on federal welfare programs over the next ten years, based on data from the Congressional Research Service and Congressional Budget Office,” the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee explains. “These figures do not count state contributions to federal welfare programs (primarily on low-income health assistance) which brought total welfare spending in FY2011 to more than $1 trillion—dwarfing any other budget item including Medicare and Social Security, and totaling enough to mail every household in poverty a check for 60k each year.”

Currently, 95% of spending on means-tested poverty assistance falls into four categories: cash assistance, health assistance, housing assistance, and social and family services. Welfare spending has increased on a year-over-year basis regardless of whether the economy has improved or unemployment has declined, and is projected to continue this dramatic rise indefinitely. Spending on these poverty programs will rise approximately 80% from FY2013-FY2022, representing a total cost of $11 trillion—roughly one quarter of cumulative federal spending. Slowing the growth rate from 80% to a still massive 60% would thus result, according to standard congressional budget accounting, in a $1 trillion savings over ten years.

Part of the large increase in welfare spending is driven by a series of controversial recruitment methods that include aggressive outreach to those who say they do not need financial assistance. Recruitment workers are even instructed on how to “overcome the word ‘no’” when individuals resist enrollment. The USDA and Department of Homeland Security also have promotions to increase the number of immigrants on welfare despite legal prohibitions on welfare use among those seeking admittance into the United States.


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  • Fiscal cliff? Nobody cares. And nobody will stop it. We will just keep kicking the can down the road until we’re out of road.

    • nobody special

      The largest purchaser of T-Bills is not the Chinese or the Saudis. It’s the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Bingo. And as long as Bonkers Ben has a printing press (or a computer terminal) they will keep on doing it.

    • Kostogotov

      When no one wants the dollar as a reserve currency anymore is when we’re truly doomed. China is already pushing the yuan as a reserve currency, we don’t have much time left. No one is really trying to do anything about our huge national debt, our “leaders” have either given up or are too deranged by loony-left fantasies to take any action. We are going down and it will be a very hard landing.

      • kjh64

        . Just a thought. Maybe when White America gets poor enough and things get bad enough and the Blacks can’t get any welfare because there simply isn’t the money, they’ll rise up and demand the Mexicans go home and the Mexicans may very well go home of their own free will if things are better in Mexico, after all, they are only here to use us.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          I like the idea, but am not holding my breath.

      • As far as the Yuan goes, the reason why it isn’t quite ready for prime time is because everyone knows the Chinese government is keeping its value on the world market artificially low to keep Chinese exports cheap on non-Chinese retail shelves. Sure, China wants Yuan-as-standard, but it can’t have its cake (Yuan-as-standard) and eat it too (fiat devaluation to help Chinese exports sell at Wal-Martinez). If some sort of economic reality changes that to where the Yuan has fair valuation, it will hurt the Chinese economy in the short run, but make the Yuan more credible in the long run and Beijing more powerful on the world stage in the long run.

        Also, it’s not as if we’re toilet-bound right away, because at least for awhile, there are very few places but the Yankee government to get anything close to a decent short term return. Governments are strong arming markets to keep interest rates bottom basement low in all-but-government (see LIBOR). We “gun nuts” are making America more stable by buying all these guns and ammo, thereby making America in general and ironically the American government in particular that would really like to disarm us a more attractive place to invest because of marginally increased stability and domestic tranquility.

        But math is math, nobody is stopping the debt train willingly. By Labor Day, we will reach a point where half the national debt run up in the history of the American republic has been run up since January 3, 2007, i.e. the day Nancy Pelosi became Speaker.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          “Sure, China wants Yuan-as-standard, but it can’t have its cake (Yuan-as-standard) and eat it too (fiat devaluation to help Chinese exports sell at Wal-Martinez).”

          And why not? Seems to me that all the countries are trying to do the same with their international fiat currency devaluation competition. Eventually, the Chinese will let their currency float. They will then buy up every last ounce of gold. Game over.

          • Yes, they try to do that. But still, back to squaring the circle, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. A real reserve currency for international commodities trading is going to need credibility, and the Yuan just doesn’t have it yet, and we’re quickly losing it. When the US$ loses reserve currency credibility, the job will probably fall to CDN$, AUS$ or Swiss Franc, or maybe some contrived index relating to the value of two of the three or all three or maybe also involving some other stable currencies. But it won’t involve American funny munny and certainly not St. Paul of Krugman’s trillion collar coins with Oprah’s face on them.

      • It’s not just the left. It’s the economic theorists. They create economic models and economic theories out of thin air to make it appear the system is working.
        Greenspan and others have already said that the deficit is meaningless and as far as a government is concerned can be limitless.
        Granting illegal aliens legal status so they can come out of the shadows and pay taxes is another economic theory.
        These guys are beyond basic, house-hold math (earn a dollar, spend a dollar) and are working on ever elaborate economic models to forestall the inevitable.

        I often wonder how we survived as a people before the advent of modern economic theory.

  • The__Bobster

    Gubmint workers actually get paid to INCREASE the number of people receiving free benefits. what’s wrong with this picture?

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      … Increase the number of MINORITIES receiving free benefits.

      I can not get benefits as a white man.

      • Dave Trader

        Yep, if English is your second language or your an immigrants. Benefits for life, they also go work under the table and don’t pay into the system. Being white myself they will laugh when you are down on your luck and apply for any help.

  • pcmustgo

    I assumed welfare spending has gone way down since the 80’s and that “it’s really hard to get on welfare now” and they force people to work part-time for their checks…

    “Part of the large increase in welfare spending is driven by a series of controversial recruitment methods that include aggressive outreach to those who say they do not need financial assistance. Recruitment workers are even instructed on how to “overcome the word ‘no’” when individuals resist enrollment.”

    Yes, I would see bus ads that say there are over 1 million New Yorkers that qualify for Food Stamps that aren’t even on them.

    Then again, I do feel sorry for people who work and earn less than $800 a month, and therefore qualify for food stamps. I’m not against such types getting it… so long as they work.

  • falsedawn

    “welfare” is the new American dream…

    • American welfare is the new mexican dream.

  • NYB

    Federal welfare spending lines the pockets of the rich.

    Every time a welfare dependent buys a bottle of soda, he’s transferring money to one of the global conglomerates who own the food chain. The growth of consumption is worth billions to the corporations, so it only stands to reason they want both generous welfare and open-border immigration policies.
    To this end, they invest a fortune in lobbying efforts to get more of each.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Every time a welfare dependent buys a (c)rap album, he transfers white-earned money into the hands of a Bantu, who becomes wealthy enough to afford a premium white woman. And every time an idiot white sports fan buys a ticket to watch his favorite African team to play against someone else’s favorite African team, he also enables the Africans to defile even more white women.

  • Nathanwartooth

    In the coming years say hello to just massive tax increases to pay for this.

    We are talking a 40-50% federal income tax for those making 40,000 or above. I don’t see another way to pay for this.

    The 100,000 and above will be in the 75% range. Essentially making everyone poor.

    Those on welfare will live better than people making 100,000 a year. This is coming. There is no other way to pay for this.

    • bigone4u

      Living better in a monetary sense, then I agree with you. However, those on welfare will never experience intelligence, pride in a job well done, or any of hundreds of subtle positive emotions that middle class whites experience on a recurring basis.

      • dave

        do the blacks care for pride except the Malcolm X type.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I don’t even agree that it is living better monetarily. Eventually, the first world becomes the third world, and we’ll all be living like the brown hoards.

    • dave

      it already it is, i live next to the projects see “under privileaged minorities” walking around at all hours of the day or playing basketball

    • Eagle_Eyed

      As Mark Steyn said, you can’t have a Swedish-style welfare system without Swedish-style tax rates.

      • Ulick

        And the Swedish welfare system is getting strained more-and-more by the number of immigrants that Sweden is letting in. Their system worked better when it was by and for Swedes.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Exactly the point. A socialist economy can only work with an industrious, relatively intelligent homogenous (i.e., white) population. Import a flood of useless Africans (oops, being redundant there) and watch the whole system crash.

          • Mr Bork Borksson

            Africans are still a relatively small drain on the Swedish welfare system. The bulk of the immigrant related costs, both social and economic, are from mediterranian/west asian caucasian immigrants.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Apologies if I am incorrect, but I was under the impression that the rapists of Malmo were largely Somalian muslims.

          • Mr Bork Borksson

            No, they are mostly mediterranian/west asian caucasians – arabs, kurds, turks, albanians and such.

          • Flossie

            ” ‘N[-words]’ starts at Calais.”

      • And you can’t have a swedish-style welfare system without swedish speakers.

        When you have Spanish speakers, what do you get?

        • Flossie

          Elotes on every corner.

    • Non Humans

      If taxes ever come anywhere near that, you will see the secession that most true conservatives currently imagine, become a reality. Or that will be the point at which the government becomes enemy #1 in the eyes of the majority of Americans and is done away with. I don’t know of any [Bold]Working American[/Bold], red or blue, that would stand idle in the face of taxation that grand for such a wasted cause.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        I am surprised anew each day by what whites are willing to tolerate. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.

      • Dave Trader

        If your a low income worker. All the fees,taxes,social security, tabs, licenses, registrations, sales taxes, etc. Do take more than 50% of your income.

      • Nathanwartooth

        It will be a slow death. They wont jack up taxes overnight.

        100 years ago people would have said the same thing about the taxes we have today.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      As a 100% income tax on ever falling incomes won’t cover it, expect ever higher deficits and more Fed money printing. Get your bullets, bullion, and beans while you still can, and move to a white enclave somewhere in Montana or Wyoming. I sound less and less like a nut to myself, every day this goes on.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Every time the fed prints money the media should call it “currency devaluation” just like they do when China or Japan does it.

        Currency devaluation works when you are exporting and hurts you when importing.

  • Bud

    Blame the Republicans for not closing the borders. Welfare spending, gun control, speech control, all coming thanks to the Republicans allowing the Democrats to import millions of hate-filled and ignorant third-world voters. The upper class SWPLs who run the Republican party have chosen to commit suicide as a party and participate in homicide against the nation rather than be considered to be racist by the liberal establishment. Many on the right constantly say that there will come some point when the elite will realize that their programs and beliefs have become too much of a threat to them and their ilk and that they will then pull back. But Republican self-destruction is a good example of just how suicidal our elites are – they won’t pull back, they’ll continue the anti-white jihad until the bitter end.

  • bigone4u

    Increased welfare spending must be definition come from either increased tax collections or an increase in the federal budget deficit. An increase in neither of these is in the interest of the middle class. However, Obama has four more years in which to decimate the ranks of the middle class via overregulation and taxation. I keep thinking of the Frenchman depardieu and his rejection of the French government by moving out. The question is where in the heck would a white American move to.
    Then, there is the possibility of the breakdown of the financial order, with preppers and survivalists doing OK and the rest not so OK. That would make these numbers meaningless.
    There is also the statement that every poverty household could be sent a $60k check. Obviously, once the bureaucrats have skimmed off their share, those in poverty receive nothing like that amount. Good old bureaucratic inefficiency and scamming. Bleed the productive dry to sustain the nonproductive.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Perhaps Depardieu’s example of moving to Russia?

  • RisingReich

    Well I always seem to be the one to bring this up, but here goes. Hope I don’t get all the comments blown away but the heck with it.

    Has anyone noticed this farce of a country would have long been done in by this crap welfare spending if it wasn’t for members of the tribe – IE Greenspan and Bernake’s spending. Anyone notice Bernake is now saying the debt limit is ‘an unnecessary irritant’ or something along those lines?

    Mere mathematics would have prevented this if not for ‘bills’ of congress passed in 1913. Yeah – 1965 just accelerated it, but the death star has loomed ever since 1913.

    These incidious imposters want total control now.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Which is why the dollar will eventually go the way of he Reichsmark. One needs real money (bullion) along with the means to defend it (bullets) and be living in a community of like-minded (white) folks.

    • That tribe you mention was largely a non factor 100 years ago when the twin devils of income tax and Federal Reserve (not unrelated) were passed. That was largely the work of “our” tribe, not that tribe.

      • RisingReich

        hmmm ok. I just observe who is continuing the campaign. That’s all.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Don’t worry.

    Our leaders are planning an amnesty of 12 million natural entrepreneurs. See, these worthies will all start small businesses and hire the welfare takers in the ghettoes who just cannot find jobs right now.

    Being natural Republicans with a work ethic and family values, these newcomers would never vote for more government spending and more government programs. They will also shun affirmative action quotas for their own groups, opting instead for the good ol’ American melting pot.

    Haven’t you seen all the TV commercials that show people of every race and religion smiling and shaking hands as they gaze wistfully at Ol’ Glory flying in the background?

    If that doesn’t convince you, I’d advise you to look up the columns and newsletters from big thinkers like Newt Gingrich, Jack Kemp, George Will and Bill Bennett. That’ll learn ya.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      If that were only true . . .

      Of course, we know the number is two or three times that. And we know that the majority will go on the dole, either they or their offspring.

      Newt, Jack, George, etc., and other neocons need to be strung up on the same lamp posts as the Obamniacs. All ought to pay for the destruction of what was once the world’s greatest nation.

      • Flossie

        Hear, hear.

    • Dave Trader

      I’m still wondering where all the jobs immigrants supposedly create are?

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Of course they’ll have to still take from those who produce. Disproportionally from whites slaves of course.

    Well. . . since I refuse to become the ultimate cash cow, there’s always the underground economy, expatriation and working off the books.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      This is exactly why my wife and I won’t work regular jobs.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Exactly why it pays to have a tradable skill like carpentry, plumbing, electrician, etc. I rather think that being able to repair small appliances will be very useful in the future.

    • Flossie

      I plan to change my entire lifestyle within the next couple of years for this very reason.

  • anon

    There is a word for when one group of people works all day long in order to provide for another group of people.


  • Whenever you talk to a champion of pro-illegal-immigration, ask them how an illegal immigrant with a family, working for minimum or below minimum wage, can afford to live in a first-world nation. Who is paying for their housing, their food, their transportation, their health care? Do they pay for all these things with minimum wage salaries or even depressed construction job wages?

    Someone is making up the difference.

  • IKantunderstand

    You know, you guys, it’s been made perfectly clear. Our country no longer wants us here. They hate us. So, what are we going to do about it? Retreat into ourselves, like we have always done (at least recently) or FIGHT BACK! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!!! Who the hell are these people in Congress not sticking up for our 2nd Amendment rights? Who the hell are these people who are bending over backwards about illegal immigration? My ancestors came to this country with the shirts on their backs, and they fought their way to economic security, because the choices back then were work, or STARVE! The people of America are not the heirs of wealth. We Whites worked our asses off for everything we have. And yet, the government expects us to hand over our hard earned wealth to illegal aliens. Now they are trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights! Are you f ing kidding me? For God’s sake, the people of France just marched against homo marriage, could we at least march against the attack against our 2nd Amendment? And, while we are at it, against immigration? And amnesty for all the law breakers?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      No citizenry ever revolted as long as they had bread (cheap fast food) and circuses (home theater systems).

  • Sam

    Welfare Spending to Skyrocket 80 Percent in Next Decade

    Is that factoring in Obama’s immigration initiative, or is that going to be extra?

    There have been a bunch of Section 8 voucher riots in the news lately. How’s that going to work out?

    No wonder they are making a last-ditch push to ban semi-automatic rifles and normal capacity magazines. When the Section 8 vouchers and welfare run out, they don’t want anyone to get hurt. Anyone who isn’t white, that is.

  • LHathaway

    “Gubmint workers actually get paid to INCREASE the number of people receiving free benefits”

    Good luck getting government benefits if you are a white male. You wont be getting any unless you’re missing a limb. They’re not trying to increase benefits quite for everyone. It’s all part of their fight against discrimination.

  • shattered

    Taxes are going to skyrocket but wages are going to take a dive. This is modern liberalism. Behold it.

  • Americans are being told we have to embrace austerity and the a**holes in Washington are about to amnesty tens of millions, making them eligible for taxpayer funded benefits.

    My fellow conservatives, don’t look for solutions from Washington. They have no solutions to problems. They ARE the problem. Get them out of the way first and then we the average citizen can begin solving hir/her own problem.

  • me

    After ‘Whitey’ is just as poor as the ‘minority’ races, and the “Caucasian Cash Cow” runs dry, be prepared for the worst. I reccomend that you read the book “Possum Living”, by a person named ‘Dolly Freed’, a gal as wise as Aristotle. Also, read books on the lost arts of container gardening, clothes making, shelter building, trapping, etc. Whites will survive, because we’ve got traits that others don’t have–‘common sense’, ingenuity, delayed gratification towards future goals, future-oriented planning, and an indominatable spirit. And, if you live in a large, urban area–GTFO now!

    • Flossie


  • shattered

    This doesn’t take into account Obamnesty which will probably double it.

  • mike5586

    So, how much of this is due to our increasing demographic problem I wonder? I’m not referring to the aging white population either.

  • Good point, the Republicans call whites moochers but they want to legalized millions of Hispanics that already have their kids on free and reduce lunch programs.