Actor/comedian Donnell Rawlings is speaking out against those criticizing the content of director Quentin Tarantino’s hot-button hit “Django Unchained.”

Rawlings came to the director’s defense after several high profile black artists, including Katt Williams and Spike Lee, savaged Tarantino for fusing slavery with a homage to spaghetti westerns.


We shootin’ white people in this movie. The black dude leaves with his girl into the sunset. There can be no happier movie than that.


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  • Ulick

    The jokes that resonate the most with an audience are those jokes that the audience can relate to. Black comedians keep telling “killing white people” jokes about Django because they know that many people in their target audience, fellow black people, can relate to that desire. Speaks volumes even if they are allegedly just jokes.

    • blight14

      They are NOT just jokes, I can assure you. The collective hatred of our people by these hordes of lessers is palpable…..

      • Liberalsuck

        It’s not jokes when these blacks actually are beating us and killing us.

        • Pelayo

          You forgot the raping .
          Absent any protection for us by our Government whose main job is to protect us, the day is coming when we have to go to Defensive Condition 1 thereby requiring us to use deadly force to protect OURSELVES. The f—ing joke of a government and by that I mean BOTH of the so called “parties” whose number George Wallace got years ago when he said “There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans” has no intention of putting down the violence and now with the recent rash of mass shootings by White F—nuts of predominantly other Whites, ( have you ever wondered about that? I refer you to Rahm Emmanuel’s statement about never letting a good crisis go to waste. IS it possible that science has advanced to the level that they can CREATE such crises?) they have their excuse to relieve us of the only method of self defense left to us. Handgun ammunition is on six month back order at Sportsman’s Guide and at Cheaper Than Dirt. Practice at the Range is limited due to the inability to replenish it should conditions reach a crisis point.
          Look at the media and it’s ever increasing presence of Blacks in programs and in commercials. An uninformed person might conclude that the population of the US is predominantly Black. Toyota has a commercial now whose opening image is that of White parents driving their lovely, blonde Reece Witherspoon type daughter and her date to what appears to be the Prom. She and the date who is a tall Black male are sitting in the back casting flirtatious glances at each other. Where is the outrage?

          Liberalsuck, these are the people who are without a doubt ” Out of touch with reality”. The commercials get more daring each week. Perhaps in the next Toyota commercial the image will be of the Prom couple boinking in the back seat. There is a auto insurance ad (Nationwide?) that portrays a nerdy, verging on effeminate White guy who has apparently rear ended a Black guy. Of course the Black guy has been smart enough to be covered by whatever company to which the ad belongs while the White guy is totally clueless about his coverage because being White makes him too stupid to see out a good auto policy. Now that is MY inference. Maybe I’m crazy. OUr kids watch these commercials and between that and the BS they’re being force fed in school, they’re being played like a fine Stradivarius.
          How many people have heard about the Redondo Beach stabbing of a 13 year old boy and girl by a big Black male outside the theater showing Django. Their only crime was sitting on a bench outside the theater while White. THen there was the Woman in Atlanta who shot the Black guy who broke into her house. When she heard a noise she took her two kids up into the attic and he went up there. His obvious intent was to do them harm, She fired all six rounds at him striking him 4 or 5 times. IF he survives he’ll be charged with burglary and due to his injuries will do little or no time and will be back on the street looking to settle the score. IT should have been obvious years ago when this campaign of murder, rape and punch outs of Whites began, that there is a definite agenda that is being carried out while our government looks the other way.

          • saxonsun

            That Toyota commercial shocked me–I thought, “did I just see that?” There’s another with 3 white men in revolutionary war outfits; they are confused and portrayed as dumb. Then a black man in the same clothing sets then straight. Historically inaccurate and entirely offensive.

          • Pelayo

            Yea. That image flashes on screen so quickly that it’s almost subliminal. the first time that we saw the commercial my wife said, ” Did you see that?” I had to admit that I didn’t but noticed the second time it was on. I don’t think that I’ll ever buy another Toyota.

          • Pat Kittle

            Yes these anti-white commecials get more blatant by the day.

            And it would help if we could frankly discuss the motives of those who control Hollywood.

  • Conan

    This is good. The sympathy that the left manufactured for blacks in the 60’s and 70’s with historically illiterate sob stories like ‘Roots’ is coming apart at the seams as more and more whites are seeing black American’s seething hatred in all it’s glory.

    Things will only get worse and the true nature of the African will become more and more apparent to even the most liberal of whites. When that happens, the myth of ‘da po’ po’ downtrodden black’ will go and so will white’s sympathy and tolerance for them.

    Time is on our side.

    • guest

      I hope so. Unfortunately it seems like so many liberal whites are too brainwashed and too far gone to come to their senses that they find this anti-white garbage to be humorous. Only time will tell how many more whites will wake up to this.

      • refocus

        Yesterday, two young women talking heads on local network TV in Houston remarked.

        # 1: “It is really sad that more people do not realize what is happening with respect to the new tax situation”.

        # 2: “The real sadness is that they do not care enough to have any interest in the subject”.

    • falsedawn

      Like I keep saying, all we have to do is just keep sharpening our shooting skills. Once the blacks and hispanics loose the little control they have of themselves now and come after us, we’ll be ready and waiting for them.

      • And keep sharping the blade on the “buck knife”. Some are “too good” for a bullet.

      • Yes, the blacks and mexicans have been used for decades as tools by the freaks in charge. But the great thing about blacks and mexicans is the fact that they are blacks and mexicans– as soon as you need them in a pinch, when you count on them, they fall apart faster than a chinese motorcycle. They fold faster than Superman on laundry day. When your evil plans hinge on an army of people with 70 IQ’s (I’m feeling generous because it’s so close to the holidays,) then your plans will amount to nothing.

        • Liberalsuck

          yep. If only I could get my white neocon friends to be proactive instead of alarmist by saying, ‘We will be a minority by (fill in the blank).” I tell them, “A lot can happen by then. Blacks, mexicans and Asians fight with each other at time. maybe there will be a massive race war between them that will strongly reduce their numbers. Maybe lots will move back to Mexico and Asia. Maybe we will suddenly have a lot of white refugees from Europe and South Africa here. Maybe parts of this country will break off into seperate countries: one for blacks, the southwest for mexicans and the midwest and northwest for whites.”

          • blight14

            Thank you LS, I too quickly tire of the lame retort ‘we will be a minority by….’ Not if we DO something about it we won’t! Thomas Chittum wrote the book ‘Civil War 2’ and I firmly believe that’s where we’re headed…..

          • Liberalsuck

            What gets me more is these white neocons will say “muslims are all over Europe now.” Does it strike them as odd that this multiculturalism is only happening to whites? Do they think it wasn’t planned somehow? Do they think other racial groups would tolerate what’s being done to us right now? Do they think pandering and kissing up to blacks, mexicans and muslims will ever win them any favors?

          • blight14

            Indeed it was VERY planned from the beginning…..a certain phrase ‘Never Again’ comes to mind……

          • Pelayo

            The CHinese would exterminate them. The Japanese don’t even want Koreans as permanent residents. The Viets have certainly had their full of Foreigners, Chinese, French and Americans, interfering with their lives. Ho Chi Minh wanted the French out but considered the aftermath of the French leaving with the invasion by the Chinese which in his mind, would be the case. He said something to the effect that it would be preferable to have to sniff French s–t for a few more years than to eat Chinese s–t for perhaps the next hundred. Back in the late 50s he practically begged the US to intercede with the French to leave Indo-China.

          • Yep. If only I could get my white neocon friends to be proactive
            instead of alarmist by saying, ‘We will be a minority by (fill in the

            You mean there’s a neo-con somewhere actually worried that whites will become a minority in America by fill in the blank? Most of them don’t care, or are nonchalant about it, or are actually cheering it on, and calling us bigots for caring.

          • bluffcreek1967

            Good point! I have actually heard some of my neocon friends say that people are the same worldwide and it doesn’t matter if whites are replaced by other races so long as they have ‘conservative values.’ I immediately correct such notions, but it’s hard to get whites to think in terms of their own racial interests. This is the biggest obstacle that we as whites face – just getting white folks to wake up and see the world as it really is!

          • Pelayo

            That’s the result of a carefully planned agenda to marginalize the White race. We need to forget about the Government. It ignores the slowly increasing racial cleansing being carried out by the “useful idiots” as Lenin would refer to them except that these idiots are Black, with a wink and a nod from our DOJ.

          • Jackryanvb

            Well said. Don’t give up and don’t preach gloom and doom.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Bravo. Bravissimo! Too much ” gloom and doom”. It screams “RESIGNATION” ! IF you think you’re beaten, then you are.

          • No all whites will kill themselves by then , they shoot up schools and theaters then attempt to belittle people on the Internet , not to mention crystal meth …… Very bad time for whites tisk tisk

        • Anders

          Absolutely. I wouldn’t rely on any of them to run a simple errand for me; you know, the sort of errand that might involve purchasing a couple of items from a store, returning a book to the library and bringing my car back to my place without major panel-damage. Lord knows how they’d manage with anything more pressing than that.

          We can apply an old Australian proverb to the above mentioned people:
          “They couldn’t grow a choko-vine over a sh*t house”.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            At the risk of sounding totally stupid, I’m taking the risk anyway. Here goes!
            What is a choko-vine?

      • liberalsuck

        They will come after us, but they will too busy killing each other off first. Like you said, keep buying all the firearms and ammo while you can, keep saving your money, keep storing away long-term resources (food, water, gasoline, etc) and never give in. The black bigots and illegals are waking up a sleeping giant. I don’t see whites striking back, but they will when they finally just take anymore. Whites are growing angrier by the day. I feel it whereever I go anymore.

        • Diamond_Lil

          You are right, Pelayo, my children and other white children are their target, ultimately. While they are taking themselves off, we are teaching our children survival techniques and self-defense and mind-weapons. May I inquire as to your name?

          • Pelayo

            Pelayo was the King of Asturias now a province of Spain. He is believed to be the one who started the Reconquista ( Reconquest) of Spain) that drove out the Muslim invaders who arrived in 711 AD. IT went on for 781 years. The Muslims were finally expelled from Spain during the reign of Fernando & Isabel (Los Reyes Católicos) in 1492. Unfortunately they’re making a comeback. Bin Laden often talked about retaking Al Andalús, the Arabic name for Spain.
            Heroes like Pelayo, El Cid ( Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar), Charles Martell, Aleksandr Nevsky et al aren’t being conceived in Europe anymore.

          • Pelayo

            BTW I can’t find the original post to which you referred vis a vis them coming after our kids. Perhaps it was deleted. Some times I tend to get a little too passionate about my feelings.

          • Lol you misinformed idiot not one black person died at sandy hook and Obama won
            Blacks – 2
            Inbred racist white bigots -0

        • Here’s interesting but perhaps wrong-in-the-long-run speculation on my part: With the news that guns and ammo flying off the shelves, and perhaps with Eurozone falling down and going boom some time soon, the United States of America might at least temporarily become the place to park big money, because we’ll be stable and Europe won’t be.

          • Liberalsuck

            True, you don’t know. All this gloom and doom is getting on my nerves to be honest anymore. I feel guilty when I just want to rent a nonpolitical movie from my childhood days (like The Goonies) when all this SHTF is going on, but you just can’t consume yourself with it all the time. it drives you nuts! Be prepared, questions things, spread our message, but don’t constantly live in fear or negativity. You know? It’s not healthy.

      • Nate

        You American’s are such gun-totting pussies, you and your John Wayne/wild west mentality. Why don’t you people fight with your fists.

        • falsedawn

          Why should we listen to anything an Irishman says? Haven’t the Irish always got their butts kicked by the English going back to the time of Cromwell?

          • Conan

            Nope. In fact they were successfully driven out of the majority of the island.

      • Nate

        Why don’t you people endorse the Irish mentality and fight like a man, only insecure ghetto inner city buffoons ‘fight’ with guns.

      • Obama will take your guns then you gotta fight , and we can count all the great white boxers with a single finger

    • dave

      but they already won the white house and taking over everything whites will realize too late once their daughters become Kardashians white women making black babies

    • pcmustgo


      It’s a known fact that white guilt is shrinking and more whites feel oppressed. 40% overall, and 60% among 20-30’s (age group) feel whites are treated to more racism than the other groups.

  • Biting the hand that feeds you is traditionally supposed to be a stupid move.

    • storibund

      But the hand has been so well trained.

    • Frans Duncan

      Problem is, they’re too stupid to figure that out.

      • liberalusck

        I know! It’s so pathetic hearing how ignorant and arrogant they are about “taking over” when it never occurs to them that they can’t even run countries and neighborhoods where they already are a majority; that they are too busy fighting with each other to unite effectively against whites; that there are a lot of armed, pissed off whites these days; that a lot can happen between now and when they think they will be in control; that they only have the goodies they have because they live in a majority white setting; etc. Blacks and Hispanics who talk tough and anti-white are like a little 10-year-old running up to a big muscular man with a squirt gun and thinking he’s hurting them by squirting him with it.

        • Pelayo

          I wouldn’t discourage them from “fighting with each other”. Nature tends to take out its own trash. It also means that we will conserve more ammo. I hope that it never comes to that. I still hope for a massive “Back to Africa” program to which I would happily contribute my tax dollars.

      • refocus

        Who? The whites or the blacks?

      • bluffcreek1967

        Blacks are too foolish and consumed with anger to realize that if they simply treated whites nicely and respectfully, whites would stupidly fawn all over them and practically worship them (they almost do already). But since a good majority of blacks constantly show their contempt for whites, it keeps many whites in fear of them and distant.

        The truth is, the biggest recruiter for white racial consciousness are blacks – not the KKK or any neo-Nazi group! Because blacks conduct themselves the way they do, it contributes greatly to our cause in helping whites to care for their own racial self interests and to see black folks as they really are. Put simply, it’s blacks themselves who cause so-called ‘racism’ and ‘prejudice’ to rise among whites. Whites are very altruistic and, due to white guilt and liberal indoctrination, are not inclined to dislike or mistrust blacks. But the black undertow continually provokes whites to get real about racial matters and give up their racial indoctrination they’ve had since elementary school.

  • 48224

    Speaking of Chapelle, before Obama leaves office we can look forward to reparations being paid.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Well, I suppose it would be one way to jack up the economy, for a while.

      And yes, that was a very amusing skit, thanks.

  • Yet, black talking heads are complaining that “Django Unchained” is anti-black.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Because they are right, Tarantino calls them n-words all the time and makes them look like the savages they are. This is a satirical movie, only most people do not realize who is being played (hint: everyone is being played by Tarantino)

      • It amazes me that few black have ever caught on to the fact that rap videos are nothing but modern-day minstrel shows with their shufflin’ and jivin’.

        • Non Humans

          I think that you are giving them a bit too much credit in the critical thinking department.
          In the black perception of being on TV, all they see is large Gibmedats, I get to look “Koo” on publicized media, and show off “Muh Blackness”. They don’t care about how stupid they look and act. They severely lack a healthy sense of self-awareness/perception.
          In their mind, each one of them are the pinnacle of blackness. To us, and others who can see and call it as it is, they are the epitome of stupid, greedy, inconsiderate, and violent. Apparently, they are proud of those vices, as well.

      • Even though blacks aren’t getting that message. They’re flocking to see DU because it glorifies black people killing white people:

        • Great movie !! I watched it twice I love when he says ” now y’all get away from these white people ” and smokes their asses , poetic justice

      • josh

        Agreed. But I wish Tarantino would play US and make a movie about a white man who avenges himself on blacks for crimes committed against his family.I would happily accept being told,while cheering wildly as the white man dispatches one blackazoid after another,”this movie only parodies your white mans savagery!” Yes how sad. Lets see it again!!I’ll buy da popcorn!

    • Liberalsuck

      God, these ‘people’ amaze me. You ignore them, and it’s because you are selfish and blinded by your white privilege. you help them out, and now you are suddenly engaging in white supremacy by imposing your ‘white values’ onto them. The thing with blacks and hispanics is like being in a relationship with someone you don’t want to be with anymore but you can’t leave them.

      • Rick

        What’s even more amazing is that blacks as a group probably don’t have the intellectual capacity to conceptualize that deeply either way. Blacks are reactionary, inflamed by DWL vampires who derive their life force from fomenting conflict between groups in order to destroy societal stability whereby they can rebuild society into their utopian fantasy land. Blacks, and to a lesser extent Latinos, are but tools to be used for that purpose and then ultimately discarded.

      • Pelayo

        It shows their ( Schwarze) depth and complexity. We’re just too stupid to “fathom” their depth.

        Seriously, when it comes to helping them out, we’re FORCED to do it. What we need is for every White person to refuse to file an income tax return this coming April. They can’t jail all of us!

  • Shrewsbury

    I hate to see things like this because the 98% of blacks who hate whites give the other 2% a bad name.

    It’s time we all joined hands and came together and realized that both white people and black people have the same problem – black people.

    • Brent

      Just like many of you posters on this website who hate Blacks and in some case, other non-Whites

    • Pelayo

      That’s great! May I use that line?

  • pcmustgo


    Oh, btw, apparently his target audience is young/college-aged white males.

    • pcmustgo

      Like Spike Lee, Chappelle is one of those blacks most blacks don’t care about…

      • liberalsuck

        Many blacks are like them: thugs and hate whites.

        • White Patriot

          The fact is that most of us hate Blacks, so I don’t care what the bantus think of us!

    • Some of the skits are very funny because they’re true.
      Keep in mind, his co-writer was a white man. This white guy was using Chappelle to perform an act no white man could do because he’d be denounced as a racist. The skits are funny because we know they’re true. And remember, they were written by a white man.

      So he used Chappelle as a proxy to show blacks as they truly are.
      At first it was funny (and lucrative) to Chappelle. He thought he was crossing the PC line and pushing the envelop.

      Eventually he caught on and realized these skits weren’t funny but true and showed the black man as he really is. He broke off his relationship with his writer,
      Neal Brennan.
      The problem blacks have is “keepin’ it real”. If blacks keep it real, they showcase themselves as the stereotypes they are. If they don’t, they’re seen as acting white. So they’re stuck. Either play and perpetuate the stereotypes they are and get paid good money (minstrel and cooning ) or play white. Playing white leaves the zero “cred” in the black community.
      Watch any rap video and you’re looking at a modern day minstrel show. The only difference is now they have the ‘civil right’ to have slutty white girls pawing themselves.

      • Xerxes22

        That show did a great parody on McDonalds 365 Black nonsense. They nailed it perfectly. This might have been Brennan’s work. Overall, the Chapelle show did have some gems in it.

    • Liberalsuck

      Yeah, I was in college back in the early 2000s when Chappelle Show came out. Back then I thought it was funny and was consumed with white guilt, so I “could understand and condone jokes and hatred directed at white people” but somewhere along the way I came along a debate in 2002 between Tim Wise and Jared Taylor and I am where I’m at now ten years later. I went from quoting Malcolm X’s hatred at whites to having no tolerance whatsoever now for the slightest anti-white comment or historical guilt trip they put us on. I’ve had a big racial awakening over the past ten years let’s just say.

      • pcmustgo

        Exact same ditto for me… I think a lot of whites can get into “fight the power”… until they realize “the power” means them, and taking them out personally. Whites have to have this race stuff personalized… until then it’s all just one big morality game where “poor blacks” are always the victims.

        Yes, my transformation took about 10 years in total… but really the first racist/hostile encounter I had with some black women was enough to turn me conservative… and each additional one just pushed me further and further.

        • josh

          Ha ha I went to YouTube after verading this comment and listened to the Isley Brothers “Fight The Power”. Its a geat song!”Time is truly wasting…theres no guarantee..fight the powers that be.” Good points!!

  • Brian

    There’s a pretty good chance this crime happened as a direct result of this movie. Note the double stabbing took place right outside the cinemas.

    • Non Humans

      So which will the libtards try to ban this time? The Knives, the Movies, Theater Entrances, the Third Story of Shopping Malls?

  • bigone4u

    Some of the white college students I have known would be willing to be sacrificed (burned to death or ritualistically shot) to expunge white guilt. Black hatred of whites they see as justified until whites have been made to pay for the next thousand years or until whites have been bred out of existence..

    • Non Humans

      Those are the ones that lack first-hand experience with them. Let them have a run-in with your garden-variety gibs-me-dat black, and they’ll be a believer in our cause in a hurry.

    • Libearlsuck

      Those white college kids are young and naive. I was just like many of them about ten years ago when I was their age.Most of them don’t pay their own bills. Most of them have never had to work at a job they hated just to get by. Most of them with positive views on blacks are gauging that based on knowing one or two in a predominately (conservative) white setting. Most of these whites have never lived in major cities where they see large groups of blacks and mexicans attacking them because they’re white or having to compete with them for jobs. Most of them are totally unaware of the black on white violence or the displacement and attacks of whites in South Africa. They say “oh, they probably deserved that because they’re racist.” I point out that these blacks even kill little white kids and end it by asking, “Do those kids deserve that, too? What if blacks attacked someone in your family or your girlfriend or boyfriend? Would you think they ‘probably deserved’ that as well?” These whites are in denial. remind them of that.

      • Johnny Clay

        That’s like the “if we be nice to them, they’ll be nice to us” BS I was fed in school. All it did was encourage the ghetto thugs to be more aggressive towards whites because that attitude only conveyed fear.

        • Pelayo

          That’s called “Feeding the crocodile in the hope that it will eat you last.”

        • Liberalsuck

          The blacks who hate whites and/or who pull the white guilt trip do that because they know it’s effective at getting what they want and they know a majority of whites won’t physically stand up to them like we used to. Giving in to blacks who hate you is no different than giving in to Islamic terrorists or bullies at school, etc.

  • Dr Doom

    Yes, now that there’s a knee-grow in charge, the HATE comes flying out faster than a South African Election Campaign! Instead of “Kill the Boer” they’s be singin’ “Kill Whitey”.

    I think the Sheeple might have a problem with that, which is why GUNS are flying off the shelves of Gun Shops. Come and Get It BOMBAATA!

    Gun Ban = Civil War II. This time ALL THE WHITES are going to be on One Side!

  • Kyle

    I am White and I thought that the skit was funny. It was meant to be funny. Nothing more, nothng less. It as no different that the Amos and Andy skits of the 1940s when two White men portrayed Black men and poked fn at Black culture. Some of you need to lighten up.

    • Puggg

      Yep, Amos and Andy joked about killing black people all the time.

      • Pelayo

        Some of these people are totally out of touch with reality.

        • Liberalsuck

          Really? What are we ‘out of touch with’, Pelayo? The whites getting murdered in South Africa? The violent black on white crimes that get no media attention? The fact every majority black/Latino city, neighborhood and country is a cesspool of crime, poverty, corruption and civil unrest? Why is it that you liberals can never debate without calling your opponents ‘uneducated’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘full of hate’ when it’s quite apparent you leftists don’t even know what you’re talking about?

          • Pelayo

            Dude Chill! I was talking about the Whites who are totally out of touch with reality of our position. In the Redondo Beach Patch following the article about the two White kids 13 yr. old boy and girls stabbed by a Mau May as they were sitting on a bench outside the theater where Django was being shown, the only three comments following the article dealt with why people should stay out of those areas. THAT’S out of touch with reality! They think that the solution is to just put themselves under house arrest and never go out of doors again as if the Mau Mau aren’t going to invade their homes, kill them and then rape, sodomize and kill their children. Just as the Bantu do to the Boer families in SA. OH I forgot mutilation. They’re masters at that!

            You must be relatively new to this site. I Liberal? Harry Reid has a better chance of getting pregnant than I do of being liberal. I’m slightly to the RIght of Generalísimo Francisco Franco.

          • Pelayo

            OH I was also referring to the comedy routine about killing whites that some of these poster thought was quite entertaining. I’ve seen White audiences laughing and applauding Black so called comedians who stand there and insult them for one hour straight. Remember what happened to Michael Richards when he came back at two Mau Mau who were heckling him? That was a career ender.

      • Liberalsuck

        You have got to be a liberal considering you couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic. Are you dense? And do you think because you are a white person trying to justify black bigotry that we here are stupid enough to fall for that? You’re barking up the wrong tree here, buddy.

    • The__Bobster

      And some of us (you) need to smarten up.

    • Non Humans

      I always found the Chapelle skits to be humorous and truthful because they exemplify, very acutely, the truths about the excesses, (deplorable) behaviors, and views of the blacks. The humor simply makes it more palatable. His skit “The Mad Real World”, imo, very honestly displayed current Black Vs White close quarter interactions.
      Some of the skits even serve to highlight a lot of the points that we make around here, and other race realist sites, everyday.

      • liberalsuck

        The thing though is a white comedian couldn’t get away with what Chapelle did and lots of blacks hate whites. Many black celebrities are like ungrateful spoiled brats. They hate the very people who buy their movies and music.

        • HamletsGhost

          What most white people refuse to realize is that blacks hate us not because of what we or our ancestors have done, it because of what we are.

          White people, even liberal ones, by their very existence enrage blacks. Doing well in school, making a good salary in your career, and just living a pleasant, well-adjusted existence are achievements that are unreachable to most blacks. So their natural-born envy kicks in with little provocation.

          Blacks hate themselves because they’re black, and they hate us because we’re white.

          • Cliff

            The fact is that many of us who post on this board hate Blacks. So I don’t give a rats a*ss if they do hate us.

          • Liberalsuck

            I tell that to white liberals when they point out something happening bad to blacks–that has nothing to with white people even–by saying, “Blacks hate everyone, even themselves. They are mad they can’t succeed at the same levels other racial groups do. That’s why they are angry all the time.”

          • Johnny Clay

            They probably would succeed if they didn’t get involved in pathological behavior. However, even a lot of the ones who do reach a level of success ruin it by getting involved in said behavior.

    • Thad

      I agree. No big deal here. Just funny/stupid comedy.

      • liberalsuck

        Yeah, advocating killing an entire race of people is really funny, isn’t it? I supposed I should watch some KKK video on youtube with some Klansman talking about killing blacks and just laugh at that, right? I supposed that scene on American History X where neo nazi Edward Norton curbstomps that black guy’s face to the curb is funny too, right?

        • anarchyst

          Of course the jews had to put their “holocaust ™” stamp of approval on “American History X” by having his mother’s “guest/friend” bring it up. I cheered when Edward Norton “took care of business” and was dsmayed when his brother “met his fate”.

          • Liberalsuck

            Well, my point was that if black violence on whites should be viewed as ‘funny’, then so should white on black. Yes, I know what you’re talking about in regards to American History X. Actually, I didn’t feel sorry for those black thugs that Norton killed. If they had been nice, clean cut, nerdy/smart blacks like Steve Urkel who were minding them own business, then perhaps, yes, I would be on their side and against Norton’s character. Lots of those whites on AHX didn’t just have a blind hatred of blacks or mexicans. if you recall that scene at the grocery store, many of them united as a ‘white gang’ because they were tired of being beat up and harrassed by the black and mexican gangs and wanted to protect their own neighborhoods.

    • Liberalsuck

      Oh, but did Amos and Andy joke about killing blacks? What if some white guy said, “We need to kill blacks” or said “I’m glad black men are killing each other”? Should we just tell you to ‘lighten up’?

    • Cowering Coward

      Hey hey, when Amos and Andy was on and intended for whites (people with self control), it was no where near as dangerous for it’s “staring race”, blacks joking about hurting us is NOT FUNNY as they act out EVERYTHING their little minds see.

      • Liberalsuck

        Thank you, my friend. Kyle and liberals like him can’t comprehend the fact blacks hate us and want us dead and it is neither funny nor something to be justified. Does he think white kids getting murdered along with decent hardworking white people in America and South Africa is a laughing matter? Only a white liberal or a black bigot would find that funny. I don’t find jokes about killing white people any funnier than I found Michael Richards ‘joke’ (or shall I say breakdown) of telling blacks they would have had a ‘fork up their asses 100 years ago.’

    • OlderWoman

      Perhaps that was radio. On tv Amos and Andy were black men.

    • IstvanIN

      Andy and the King Fish were no different than Lucy and Ethel or Ralph and Norton, or Fred and Barney for that matter, silly schemers who were always getting in trouble and aggravating their poor, beleaguered spouses. Make Andy and the King Fish white and their would be no controversy.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      But the TV series featured an all Black cast. Tim Moore as Kingfish was hilarious. King Fish was married to Sapphire and his nemesis of a MIL lived with them. There were no WHites in the episodes as I remember. Pretty soon there will be no more WHites on TV.

    • Gracchus123

      Your ignorance is appalling.

  • dhs

    It’s instructive that long ago (pre 1940), when blacks really did have legitimate greivances against white society, they kept their anit-white malice to themselves. If they complained to white men, they did so politely, very politely.

    • Liberalsuck

      If they hated it so much even back then, they would have left. if most whites hated blacks back then as they claim, wouldn’t whites have killed them all or shipped them all back to Africa then? Their ‘grievances’ are just reflections of their own laziness, failures and lack of long-term planning. Same then as now. They have turned our nice white cities and neighborhoods (and now states) into negative, filthy crime-ridden cesspools.

  • Tarantino and Jackson have been heavily pushing and promoting this film. They’re either trying to keep the controversy alive for free advertising or they’re being defensive about the criticism. It’s likely the first but I do believe Tarantino pushed the envelope too far this time and is now suffering real criticism and scrutiny of his films.
    If they latter is true, this will be a big hit for Tarantino’s legacy in film because he will now be seen as exploiting blacks and the ‘n-word’ for his own gain.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I’ll never see anything Tarantino produces again for the rest of my life. My family already never sees any movie with Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt in them, and we never will for the rest of our lives. We hate them.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Isn’t this a remake of an old movie or movie series from the 1960s or 70s anyway? I seem to recall being bored once and watching a couple of old comedies about a black cowboy that wasn’t Blazing Saddles.

  • whyilikethisfilm

    I am a black man , and believe me I can’t understand why Spike Lee is against this movie . I have watched it and will watch it again. To me it is another Tarantino classic . It’s blood spilling , slave trading and a western in one . The heroes of the movie are both black and white. Man this thing is an awesome film .

    • Liberalsuck

      Spike Lee has had a beef with Tarantino ever since Pulp Fiction came out in 1994 all because Tarantino used the N word on his movie. Kind of ironic for Spike Lee to have a problem with racial slurs and whites talking about race since he is obsessed with it himself. Then again, this is the hypocrisy with many in the black community. It is ok for them to accuse white people of being racists, yet many of them hate whites, wish ill will upon us, do physically attack us and say the most despicable things about us that if we whites said anything even slightly bad about them, we would be in for a world of hurt.

      • Johnny Clay

        Spike Lee has even griped about the lack of blacks in Clint Eastwood’s movie about Iwo Jima, when the movie’s focus was on the Marines who raised the flag, all of whom were white, save one, who was an American Indian. If Spikey-boy had his way, “The Godfather” would’ve had an all-black cast.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          If Spike had his way, the elves in the LotR movies would have been black, and the orcs white.

        • Liberalsuck

          At least Eastwood told him to shut up then. Good for Clint!

  • jackryanvb

    I ask that every single American Renaissance reader do the simple, local activism that I did on this horrible, “hate Whitey”, extremely violent snuff film.

    Find out where this movie is playing near you. Dress well, go in to speak to the manager in a polite, non threatening manner.

    Introduce yourself as respected member of the community, and say that you have some objections to the extremely violent movies being played at the theater. Then note that the extremely violent Django Unchained is playing at the theater and opened Christmas Day. Say something along the lines that while you are not for “censorship” you think the theater could to a better job of showing more positive movies – there was a time when Christmas time meant the showing positive movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Bells of St. Marry.

    Then introduce the racial aspect of the movie in a calm manner. Say that you note this movie incites Black Americans to hate and murder White Southern Americans and ask if the movie theater would show movies that incite Whites to hate, murder Black Americans, or show movies that incite hatred of Muslims. Then note again this movie opened on Christmas Day and ask if the theater would show extremely violent movies that incited Black African Americans to hate try to kill Jews and open the anti Jewish movie on some Jewish high holy day.

    This is the simple, local, activism we all need to do. Put the word out that your area is a place where you/we stand up for community standards and where we stand up for the legitimate rights of our people and oppose defamation of our people the same as Muslims, Blacks, Jews, various other people.

    We need to get off the Internet and stop whining to each other.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      That’s a good idea, but not one for the likes of me. I’m not that respectable, and tend to lose my temper too easily.

      But when it comes down to it, I’ll happily be your party’s rogue when the war comes.

      • jackryanvb

        Ok, well consider a plan B:

        smoke/stink bomb in the theater (non lethal), maybe an anonymous phone call.

  • obammophone

    hoo got obamaphone??? you need obamma phone???? …….obama gimme phone……….keep opama in president…….

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Mr. Newsome and Miss Chistian won’t get to see this film.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      And to outrage us even more, they’re getting a new f—ing TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Don’t even get me started on that!

  • Major

    If ever you need a reason to arm yourselves against the Bantu assault…here’s one that wil warm your hearts.

  • Major

    If you ever needed a reason to arm yourselves against a Bantu invasion of your home…this will warm your heart:

    This mutt was no Saint Skittles either. Maybe what Skittles would have turned out to be…if he hadn’t been stopped.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    I hope that you’re right about awareness on the part of Whites. Here’s the latest list of the ten most dangerous cities in the FUSA (Former United States of America).

    1. Camden, New Jersey (Population 77, 344) (82% African American & other minority, >10% White) ($27,027)

    2. Detroit, Michigan (Population 713,777) ( 82.7% African American, >10% White) ($25,787)

    3. Atlanta, Georgia (Population 420,003) ( 62% African American & Other Minority, >40% White) ($35,453)

    4. St. Louis, Missouri (Population 319,294) ( 56% African American & Other Minority, >45% White) ($29,159)

    5. Gary, Indiana (Population 80,294) (88.03% African American & Other Minority, >12% White) ($27,195)

    6. Washington, DC (Population 617,996) (62% African American & Other Minority, >39% White) ($55,755)

    7. Hartford, Connecticut (Population 124,775) (82% African American & Other Minority, >19% White) ($20,820)

    8. New Orleans, Louisiana (Population 343,829) ( 67% African American & Other Minority, 33% White) ($24,929)

    9. Richmond, Virginia (Population 204,214) (58% African American & Other Minority, 41.6% White) ($31,121)

    10. Birmingham, Alabama (Population 212,237) (65% African American & Other Minority, 35% White) ($26,735)

    I assume that the figures in parentheses at the end indicate the average income. Does “income” refer to money earned through work or does that represent welfare income as well?

    Regarding St. Louis, I’ve heard that crime statistics from East St. Louis which is actually in Illinois (Terrible place), are included in those of St. Louis, MO. IF that’s true, it’s a validation of the old saying “Figures don’t lie but liars figure”. Does anyone have any info. regarding that stat.?

    • LaSantaHermandad

      I’m replying to myself here. I can’t imagine Phila., Compton and LA and Miami not being on that list. Maybe they’re on the top 15 most dangerous cities.

    • I’ve never heard of the mistake of throwing ESL’s crime stats into St. Louis, except that ESL is so depopulated now and its blacks now moved further east to wreck other Metro East towns that even if you did add ESL to St. Louis accidentally, it wouldn’t make much difference.

      What always gets me are the people who think that “East St. Louis” is merely a neighborhood of St. Louis city proper. Really, separate city, separate state, a river between them. And the river is wide. Not joking, here: Black gang bangers on the East SIde, ESL and otherwise, have gang imagery more like Chicago (Gangsta Disciples et al.) while St. Louis black gangs are more like L.A. (Crips, Bloods). Because East Side blacks cavort with Chicago blacks in Illinois state prison and re-import the Chicago gang branding, while St. Louis blacks largely take their branding clues from movies like Colors.

    • Liberalsuck

      Gosh, I’m sure these cities are the way they are because of ‘liberalism’ or ‘lack of opportunity.’ (Sarcasm emphasized)

  • Gerónimo Anónimo

    Maybe he needs a Fatwah issued on him.

  • The blatant threatening of violence and death towards Whites by negros–often perpetrated as illustrated by the recent incidents of black on white violence that has been ignored by the media and the current law enforcement climate.

    The Obama administration and Holder, by their silence and inaction, embolden blacks to act on their threats–make NO mistake that this ‘joke’ will be taken seriously by some blacks as license to perpetrate violence on Whites…knowing Obama and Holder will do little to punish them.

    Remember, per the SCOUS, LE has NO obligation to protect you or your family, so, best to be prepared.

    It WILL get uglier.

  • LaSantaHemandad

    I don’t know how anyone could sit and gaze at the ugly face for more than 15 seconds.

  • killcracka

  • CityBoy

    Better than blacks shooting blacks….relax it’s just a damn movie. What’s wrong with a role where a black man is like Clint Eastwood?