New Child Soldier Fears in Central African Republic

Boston Herald, January 4, 2012

The U.N. children’s agency says it’s concerned about a growing number of children being recruited by armed groups in Central African Republic as President Francois Bozize’s government faces a rebellion in the north.

UNICEF said Friday it has received “credible reports that rebel groups and pro-government militias are increasingly recruiting and involving children in armed conflict.”


UNICEF estimates that even before the latest crisis here some 2,500 children were part of armed groups in the country long plagued by rebellions. Rebels have seized 10 towns in a month’s time.


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  • WmarkW

    Our Secretary of State has been telling us for 20 years, that it takes a child to raze a village.

    • Anders

      I think there’s a few spare rooms in Emma Thompson’s mansion…

    • SintiriNikos


  • Phooey. “Child soldier” = Junior gang banger.

    • Oil Can Harry

      And they “gang bang” in more ways than one. The child soldiers often engage in horrifying gang rapes of women and children.

      To be fair, the child soldiers themselves are often sexually assaulted by the adult guerrillas when they’re recruited in order to make them more brutal.

      The men of Africa should be made honorary members of NAMBLA.

      • AutomaticSlim

        And the blacks in America, given their prison activity, are not far behind.
        I’ve said it before and will say it again, blacks are the most homosexually/bisexually inclined males on the planet.

        • IstvanIN

          Nope, they are, for the most part, just sexual, not homosexual, not heterosexual, or even bi-sexual, just sexual. When a female isn’t available they mount a male, no male available, then a goat or chicken will do. They don’t have the same sexual “orientation” we do, like so many aspects of their innate personalities they are very alien compared to whites.

          • Luis

            Yes, I believe Amren carried stories of Bantu men in South Africa mounting livestock, especially goats.

            Then, there’s this tribe in Central Africa, called the Dinka. One of the “rites of manhood” of of a boy of the tribe. is he must put his mouth on the anus of a (four-legged) cow.

          • Skincognito

            Here in the US, they treat their womenfolk worse than most agrarian Whites treat their livestock. Nevertheless, among blacks the pernicious myth exists that pedophilia is “White boy s***.”

      • Gereng

        In some accounts, espcially in the Sudan and Congo, boys are made to execute their parents as a test of willingness to kill others on command. Since ‘love’ as understood in the west is an alien concept in black Africa, I don’t believe it takes much more than the promise of a good meal of meat and a gun to carry to entice these boys to shoot their parents.
        Later, when these same boys learn they are the objects of pity and money and maybe immigration to America, they weep and blubber about the awfulness of it all.

  • EndTimesComing

    Blacks start young HERE too. It’s a black thing. Allowing blacks to have guns is like giving a monkey a machine gun. Difference is the monkey might be smarter and better behaved.

  • IstvanIN

    When the average life expectancy in the CAR is 45 how old do you want someone be before they are drafted into the army? The average American male lives to almost 80 should he wait until he is 55 or 60 to serve in the army? Seems like 10-12 is an appropriate age for the CAR.

    • HBD. A “pure” black African young man at 12 years old is about as “mature” (relative to the life cycle of a black African man) as is a young white man at 16 relative to white men. “Child soldier” is the hobby horse of oblivious SWPL white libs who won’t accept HBD and racial differences.

      • Except for sports ….

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The youngest known US service member of World War Two was 12. He was discovered only after he was wounded while serving on battleship South Dakota. Germany drafted lots of boys that age in 1945, and Russia had done so in 1941. My paternal grandfather enlisted in the US army when he was 15 after his mother died; his sister was taken in by relatives who also doctored his birth certificate. These things, while not nice, are actually fairly common.

      • Youngest American Vietnam casualty was 15.

        Think about what IstvanIN said above. If you’re a “pure” black in black Africa, and you’re a young man, you are sexually mature and you’ve topped out in your intellectual development by the time you’re 13. For less than “pure” American blacks, add a year or two. So what are you really to do? Astrophysics is out of the picture (the Zambian space program notwithstanding). So it’s time go to out and fight the tribal wars / gang bang. Which are pretty much the same thing, only in black Africa, you’re defending the territory or some base economic interest of your tribe, while in ghetto city America, you’re defending the exclusivity of territorial ground level dope distribution of your gang/set.

  • PesachPatriot

    I think there are some “child soldiers” acting as lookouts and gang bangers in training on the streets of Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, West Palm Beach, LA and Philly….I guess the grown men are too busy raping to fight.

  • Tim

    I have a little game I play with anyone that talks about Africa, donates to Africa or goes to Africa. I ask them with feigned and exaggerated interest, “I see the children at two years old holding up food bowls. Then I see them at ten years old holding up rifles. What`s going on between the two pics?!?” The length and fervor of their patient explanation is how I determine a winner…

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    A soldier is a soldier at any age. Our own culture once knighted males at the age of 16. Other cultures urge their kids to become soldiers at the traditional age of apprenticeship for us – FIVE YEARS OLD. The term “child soldier” is a red herring,

  • falsedawn

    Years ago, when I served in Vietnam, i remember going into a ville and there were some village militia there. One was a kid who looked to be about seven. He had an old M1 carbine with Gi shorts sinched up tight near his chest smoking a Camel cigarette, big smile on his face. I remember thinking how he’d kill someone in a second. Showed no fear. What better soldier could anyone want.

    • Anders

      That kid is probably the old Vietnamese guy that runs the local bakery.
      Every bakery in my neighbourhood is Vietnamese owned.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Humph. Where I grfew up, all the good bakeries were run by Italians (and they had pastries and goodies and rolled pizzas for $2 and things, they were awesome, and I miss them.)

  • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

    I really wish some billionaire philanthropist would step up to the plate and help create a bright future for Africa. I mean imagine what Bill Gates could do if he was honest about IQ. He could buy large portions of land and begin the largest non-violent eugenics project of all time. Imagine a country in which the only way to get a visa is to be an African with an IQ of 115. Jews acquired 15 IQ points in only one thousand years.

    • They had IQ tests a thousand years ago to test jews? Those amazing jews. What can’t they do??

      • A Multiracial Individual

        Of course it cannot be verified with 100% certainty. However, being herded into high IQ occupations coupled with genetic isolation from the larger European population for several centuries caused mutations in the Ashkenazi genes. Tay-Sachs and higher IQ among them.

        • Remington

          Right. They were so genetically isolated from the larger European population that’s why so many of these Ashkenazi ended up with fair skin, blue eyes and/or blond hair compared to all the other dark Jews of the world. Makes perfect sense !

          Well, here’s a reality check from

          “The researchers were able to estimate that between 35 and 55 percent of the modern Ashkenazi genome comes from European descent.”

          (Source: Analysis of Ashkenazi Jewish Genomes Reveals
          Diversity, History:

          Gee, what a coincidence !

          • Runciman

            You don’t read. Please see the above. as stated above, Most scientists believe the Ashkenazi population was founded by Middle Eastern Jewish males and European females – that would be 50%. the question is how did they manage to raise their IQ over the European average. The answer is provided above – selective breeding for 1000 years.

      • Runciman

        Ashkenazi Jews were isolated genetically for about 1000 years – during that time they somehow raised their average IQ to about 115. Assuming they started at the European average around the year 900, it is a 15 point rise. It is possible that the very small founding Ashkenazi population (believed now to be only a few hundred middle eastern males and European females) had this already high IQ but most social scientists believe it was the equivalent of selective breeding. After the small initial founding population was established, there was almost no intermarriage. The brightest male scholars married the daughters of the most successful merchants and those couples had the most children – for 1000 years. That would do it. Ashkenazi accomplishment follows the high IQ. There is an incredible average three standard deviation IQ gap between an Ashkenazi Jew and a sub-Saharan African in Africa.

  • pcmustgo

    Blacks/Africans not only have a tradition of using women for heavy labor but the children too…

    Black women are known for having their children “get this, and get that” for them. I’ve seen this in the Caribbean too. They have children do certain jobs while sitting around on their butts.

  • JohnEngelman

    War Before Civilization convincingly demonstrates that prehistoric warfare was in fact more deadly, more frequent, and more ruthless than modern war. To support this point, Keeley provides a wide-ranging look at warfare and brutality in the prehistoric world. He reveals, for instance, that prehistorical tactics favoring raids and ambushes, as opposed to formal battles, often yielded a high death-rate; that adult males falling into the hands of their enemies were almost universally killed; and that surprise raids seldom spared even women and children. Keeley cites evidence of ancient massacres in many areas of the world, including the discovery in South Dakota of a prehistoric mass grave containing the remains of over 500 scalped and mutilated men, women, and children (a slaughter that took place a century and a half before the arrival of Columbus). In addition, Keeley surveys the prevalence of looting, destruction, and trophy-taking in all kinds of warfare and again finds little moral distinction between ancient warriors and civilized armies. Finally, and perhaps most controversially, he examines the evidence of cannibalism among some preliterate peoples.

    What is happening in Africa with the child soldiers, the cannibalism, the mass rapes and so on is only shocking to those of us whose ancestors have evolved in response to several thousand years of agriculture, and several more thousand years of civilization.

    This is the way those people have always lived with the exception of several decades when European nations imposed civilization onto them.

    • The__Bobster

      Keeley cites evidence of ancient massacres in many areas of the world,
      including the discovery in South Dakota of a prehistoric mass grave
      containing the remains of over 500 scalped and mutilated men, women, and
      children (a slaughter that took place a century and a half before the
      arrival of Columbus).

      Strange. I’ve always heard from libtards that the eeevil White man taught the savages the fine art of scalping. Apparently not.

      Certain tribes of Native Americans practiced scalping, in some instances up
      until the end of the 19th century. According to Haines and Steckel
      (2000), “Probably the most dramatic skeletal example of prehistoric
      violence in North America comes from the Crow Creek site in central
      South Dakota.

      Archaeological excavations revealed about 486 skeletons within a fortification
      ditch on the periphery of the habitation area. The site represents the Initial
      Coalescent period and dates to about 1325. P. Willey’s analysis revealed that
      90% of the individuals had cut marks characteristic of scalping.”[8]

      • JohnEngelman

        The image of the noble savage comes largely from Rousseau, who knew little of American Indians, and less of Bantus living in Africa. Rousseau was a great writer, but a poor anthropologist.

      • Luis

        I was told that the British troops actually invented scalping in North America, and their North American aborigine allies soon copied the practice.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The Iroquios originally collected skulls, rather than scalps.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      It amazes me how folks forget what war REALLY is, and impose our modernistic ideas and Geneva Convention in places and times where that does not apply. Not every nation is even signatory to the Convention even now.

      They will call something a “war crime” when that concept doesn’t even exist for the people involved in it.

      Fictitious example: World of Warcraft recently advanced its story by having the Horde mana-bomb an Alliance fortification sitting basically in the Horde capitol’s back yard. What a mana-bomb is, is the magical equivalent of a nuke, which reduces everything to atoms _in all timelines and all dimensions_. There were civilians there, some of whom apparently did not or could not leave. Ally players are screaming about this “war crime” – yet Azeroth, a planet with MANY sapient and semi-sapient species HAS NO CONCEPT of “war crimes” – there is no Geneva Convention, and neither side has signed any treaties with the other. I’m just glad the developers have a sense of what “war” really is, and I have no problem killing unarmed human peasants with my zombie-cow Death Knight who are just doing their job, because that job supports the Alliance war effort. Some folks actually feel weird about doing this to a bunch of pixels.

      I like reading those threads, because it says a lot about modern western human mentality. If we’re “racist”, it’s only in expecting EVERYONE to behave like us, and IGNORING THE VERY DIVERSITY that the left likes to go on about.

      Why should we expect these people in Africa to play by OUR rules?

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I know what war really is. My FBI file says “firearms expert, explosives expert, chemist, ex-mercenary”. My adventure through the looking glass (really the back door to Hell), in the words of the mainstream media “combined World War Two weapons with medieval savagery.” I never raped, and I did not kill noncombatants, but other men did, the REMFs, who never had to stand heavy artillery and rocket fire on their positions. I was always too tired, but nobody on either side ever took many prisoners. Every time I see war memorial statues from any conflict, my first thought is “they don’t look too exhausted to even be scared anymore.”

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          I’m sorry for you. I know better than to pry vets, but it sounds like you had an … interesting time, and I’m always willing to listen to any veteran who wants to talk it out.

          I want to give you contact info, but I don’t wantg my mailbox full of spam.

          And yeah, those soldier statues always look like they are looking steadfastly into the distance, as if they are simply on the drill square.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Don’t be sorry for me. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into, but I accepted the risks and was badly wounded within three months and then discharged via Zagreb and went home.

            Rocket artillery is the worst thing, as it all lands on one’s position pretty much at once. No registering shots. Cluster bomblets are the worst with rockets, as some of them explode everywhere, but they don’t all go off at once.

            The Canadians were all-volunteer during WW-2 and were tied for the second-best with Scots among British Empire soldiers, after only the Australians.

            Here’s a curious bit of military versus civilian thinking: why is it acceptable to think that a British platoon would need a lot more heavy shells on their position to merely make the stop shooting than would be needed to scatter an Argentinian battalion, and that national combat effectiveness values are ethnic and racial, but nothing else is? I wonder whether the old Soviet army took this into account; for their norms of fire missions, would they allocate more for a German unit than similarly-equipped Belgian version?

            Of course race and culture matter.

          • Brian

            Michael, did you once upon a time visit the NM site? I fondly remember chatting with a former military gent with your experiences who was a goldmine of knowledge on military matters, hunting, deer stalking etc.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Probably not me, as I never did much deer hunting.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Glad you read it.

  • C_C_Conrad
  • bigone4u

    At least they are killing each other and not killing whites as far as I know. One of the reasons I question the existence of the God of Christianity is because I am unable to figure out why he created blacks and why they are equal in His eyes.. Why do they exist? I am leaning toward learning more about Odin, et. al. Maybe there is a god whose answers to my questions will be congenial to me.

    • eduard

      In mandelatopia the story goes something like this: Our Heavenly Creator made man on the sixth day etc, and along came Lucifer and said; I can also do that! and out came pinkfoot.

    • IstvanIN

      This is like asking “why do jackals exist”. We don’t live with jackals, do we? God never said invite Africans into your homes, villages and nations”. Left in their natural environment they should be of no concern to us.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Yes. They were put on a separate continent for a reason, and boy oh boy how I wish we had left them there.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Striped African jackals are at least completely monogamous and when a mate is hurt, the other one looks after it until it recovers or dies.

        • Luis

          I believe that’s true of the Asian jackals as well, Michael C. Scott.

          Jackals can also feed themselves – something that can’t be said of many Bantus on the mother continent.

          For what it’s worth, Africa’s termites build sturdier structures than Africa’s Bantus do. Ever see those rocklike structures on the Serengeti; on one of those National Geographic programs? Those are termite mounds.

          Now, compare them to the shacks in Soweto, as well as every other city in Bantuland, and you begin to get the idea.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      We must treat them as equals under our own laws until our laws decide we should stop doing that. God has nothing to say about the laws we create.

      The intellect of Africans was never challenged by their climate, while in stone-age Europe and Asia, things were rather different.

      The result is that Orientals and European whites may go to the stars, or at least terraform Mars and eventually Titan, while negroes would be waiting for the next “Dinosaur-Killer” comet.

      • EndTimesComing

        “Treating them as equals” has two distinct definitions. The original and correct definition was this: blacks had an equal chance to come to Jesus in the spiritual sense and if they did, they were to be treated as any Christian and would see heaven also. In the political sense, blacks had the same right to counsel, trial, and punishment as whites and were to be allowed to vote. The Liberal definition has become blacks must be given equal outcomes no matter what, blacks must be trusted no matter how untrustworthy, blacks must loaned to no matter how lousy their credit, black juries must always nullify when sitting in judgement on a fellow black, etc. My opinion is that blacks are black due to the mark of Cain, that they are the natural minions of Satan, that there is no better practical expression of evil than a black, and that blacks should NEVER have been given the vote, allowed to sit on juries, allowed any position of power, and if we were going to free them, they should have been deported – all of them – back to Africa whatever expense it took.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I would rather they were sent even farther away than Africa, to a destination costs much less. As for “no better practical expression of evil”, I reserve that slot for socialists and Muslims. Unlike those two, African blacks can not help being what they are, so I hold them to a lower standard.

  • Frans Duncan

    These people also have sex with female babies because they believe it will cure AIDS.

  • SintiriNikos

    The UNICEF CEO should contribute at least half his 1.2 mil annual salary to put an end to this tragedy.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      He gots to be haben dem IPods, and stuff like dat dere. Mo money needs to be yours and mine. Gnome sayin’?

  • Gereng

    Nothing unnatural about this trend. US infantry specialists have known for many decades that the younger they are the more likely a young soldier is to get up and charge into withering small arms fire. While older soldiers are more likely to give such an order a tad more thought. I learned this as a youthful Marine. The only reason kids 8, 9 or 12 yrs of age weren’t used in earlier times is simply because they didn’t possess the strength to wield edged weapons. But now? Any kid older than say 8 or 9 can easily lug, load and fire an auto assault rifle. So, why not?
    I saw them staring through the iron pallngs of our residence wall in Kampala, Uganda in July, 1985. Some no older than 8 or 9,,,usually drunk or high on ganja and toting AK 47s as big as they were, I sent our house boy out with plates of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they reached through and grabbed. They seemed least they weren’t shooting up our house any longer.

  • Luis

    How is this news, exactly? Bantu nations have been doing this for decades.

    I just hope this doesn’t lead to knee-jerk reactions resulting in deluded American white women to “adopt” these little Napoleons. That’s worse than adopting puppies from a shelter. If they want a pet from Africa, they should get a basenji.

    • IstvanIN

      The Hollywood “actresses” and certain “Christian” women will go shopping for new family members among the refuse we refer to as African “boys”.

  • StillModerated

    Children in the Central African Republic (Empire) are concerned about how our own progeny are forced to sit in schools being brainwashed by left-wing teachers about living in harmonic convergence, worshiping Obama, and democratic gimmedat programs. They may possibly have fundraisers and bake sales to do something about the problem.