Will Lame-Duck Republicans ACHIEVE Amnesty?

Tom Tancredo, Daily Caller, November 30, 2012

Ever since the November 6 election, we’ve heard a chorus of Republicans insisting that Romney’s loss was due to his “tough immigration stance,” which supposedly hurt him among Hispanics. The same chorus insists that the GOP should address this problem by embracing amnesty.

Establishment Republican after establishment Republican has repeated this mantra, and now we have the first piece of post-election Republican legislation: the ACHIEVE Act—a GOP version of the DREAM Act. The ACHIEVE Act was introduced by Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Kyl, both of whom are about to retire and therefore can’t be primaried.

Like the DREAM Act, the ACHIEVE Act would give legal status to the most sympathetic illegal immigrants: those whose parents brought them here as children. While I don’t blame these so-called “DREAMers” for their predicament, I have always said that the fault is with their parents for breaking our laws, not America for having laws. I oppose the DREAM Act because it rewards the parents by making them harder to deport and giving them an eventual path to citizenship (through their children). Moreover, the DREAM Act punishes young Americans, who are already struggling to cope with high unemployment and rising tuition costs. The DREAM Act will make things even worse for them by forcing them to compete with millions of more people their age, many of whom will benefit from in-state tuition and affirmative action.

Is there anything in the ACHIEVE Act to assuage these concerns? No. Like the DREAM Act, the ACHIEVE Act does nothing to prevent future illegal immigration. It does not bar illegal immigrants from in-state tuition or affirmative action. It does not prohibit them from eventually sponsoring their parents.

There are a number of cosmetic differences between the two bills. Unlike the DREAM Act, the ACHIEVE Act does not allow illegal immigrants to access federal student loan programs, and it requires them to have some basic knowledge of U.S. civics. {snip}

There is, however, one major difference between the DREAM Act and the ACHIEVE Act. The DREAM Act puts illegal immigrants on an immediate path to citizenship, while the ACHIEVE Act grants the illegals a “permanent non-immigrant” status. The phrase “permanent non-immigrant” is an oxymoron. A “non-immigrant” is an alien who is not going to stay here permanently, like temporary workers and tourists. A “permanent non-immigrant” is apparently an illegal immigrant who will be able to live and work in this country indefinitely but will not be able to apply for citizenship except through already existing channels. This means they can eventually get citizenship, but it could take a long time, as the wait lists for green cards from Mexico, where the majority of illegal immigrants come from, can be over a decade, and that assumes they have someone to sponsor them.

By delaying the naturalization process, the ACHIEVE Act would temporarily prevent the DREAMers (or are they now ACHIEVErs?) from voting. The Republican establishment is dead set on this provision because they know the ACHIEVErs/DREAMers will vote overwhelmingly Democratic. Yet according to the propaganda from the panderers, if the GOP would just support amnesty, Hispanics would start voting Republican.


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    What does this mean? On the one hand, they tell us that our economy just can’t get on without these “DREAMers.” On the other hand, these “DREAMers” can’t cough up the unconstitutionally levied $465 application fee to apply for Obama’s unconstitutionally enacted DREAM Act end-around executive order. Therefore, Montgomery Commune, People’s Republic of Maryland will pay it for them.

    But there’s a catch that might amount to a slightly happy ending for our cause. You see, while this is also the Era of the Illegal Alien, this is also the Era of LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH. Montgomery Commune, People’s Republic of Maryland is ground zero in the battle over giving the “T” people in that acronym (transgender/transsexual) the “right” to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their chosen identity rather than their biological identity.

    Put the two together, and what does all this mean? This means that big tough macho Hispanic man (for whom using a condom is an affront to his manhood, where the Federal government will fund programs to teach Hispanic girls in Houston how to do “condom negotiation” with their boyfriends), will have to take open showers in front of women pretending to be men. Soap it up, amigo — Butch Napolitano in drag wants to watch you wash your schlong. You wanted a DREAM world, and now you’ve got it.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Oh come on QD you know that the Hispanics/Latinos will protest this in the streets and demand to have their own hispanic facilities free from transgender people because it upsets them and is insulting to their culture. And as we all know Mexican culture must be preserved at all costs.

      • Then there will be a transgender Hispanic woman-pretending-to-be-man that comes along.

        I guess what we have here is the same thing that presents in the story about gender versus religion from Ontario: The classic irresistible object vs immovable force paradox. Who wins when two politically correct titans collide?

  • David Brims

    The day after the election, Sean Hannity suddenly had a conversion, he wanted amnesty for immigrants ! So he’s got no convictions, he’s a phony.

    Hannity reminds me of a banana, they start off green, then they turn yellow, and finally, end up bent.

    • Heinrich24

      Hannity has been a phoney right along – absolutely NOTHING new here!

    • redfeathers

      I hope lots of the newly legalized move to Long Island and Hannity runs into them, often. Maybe their kids will go to his kids’ schools. Hannity supports school choice and school vouchers. Let HIS tax dollars support these “dreamers” and “achievers”.

  • The only thing these poor slobs are going to “achieve” is bringing on a war and the breakup of the republic…

    • i am

      This is what happened before the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, albeit a little slower to fool the boobs. Same group of people – different generation.

    • Of course. But don’t you imagine the break-up of the republic this is precisely what many of the mult-culturalists are really trying to achieve?

      I wonder if some “conservatives” aroused by their fantasies of a “North American Union” are also trying to achieve the country’s destruction. (If bringing Mexico up to the level of Canada and the United States is an insurmountable obstacle to acheiving a North American Union, then bring the United States and Canada down to Mexico’s level.)

  • The__Bobster

    These Republican “conservatives” were nothing but a bunch of neocon sleeper agents waiting for the time to strike. They need to be dumped in the next election.

    • Not to worry. The neocons will leave as soon as they recognize the republican party is no longer the better party to advanced their aims. They became “conservatives” not because of any core beliefs, (that most Americans share), but like a tick looking for the juiciest dog, the GOP at the time met their needs.

      • Joseph

        Which needs are the unswerving loyalty to the terrorist parasitic government of Israel.

        They have also done their utmost to either silence or co-opt the Tea-Partiers.

  • libertarian 1234

    Leftist radicals everywhere seem to be oblivious to the fact that jobs are getting scarce and every indication is that unemployment is not going to improve….especially with non-skilled, uneducated workers….. with the strong likelihood that conditions will worsen after the first of the year.

    • JohnEngelman

      Employers expect to hire 13 percent more new college graduates from the Class of 2013 than they did from the Class of 2012, according to NACE’sJob Outlook 2013 survey.

      Employers in pharmaceutical manufacturing; computer and electronics manufacturing; retail trade; finance, insurance, and real estate; management consulting; and professional services anticipate double-digit increases in hiring.

    • kjh64

      “Leftist radicals everywhere seem to be oblivious to the fact that jobs are getting scarce and every indication is that unemployment is not going to improve..”
      That is because most of these are “champagne socialists” ie. Michael Moore” types in the media and government who don’t have to live with these policies yet. The only way they’ll wake up is when THEY hurt.

  • John

    Our country is hopelessly lost, my friends, with virtually no chance of recovery. Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same evil coin. Conditions will become far, far worse in the years ahead as America devolves. The guaranteed outcome can be likened to spiking the punch bowl with a shovel-load of dog feces and continuing to serve the ruined concoction to guests as though it were as normal as the sun rising each morning. That is literally what the affirmative action charade amounts to. The question is, how do we save ourselves now?
    One tactic that I’ve engaged in lately is asking to speak to the owner when requesting home services, like the installation of new gutters. I boldly told one man recently that I only want Whites coming onto my property, because I have a problem trusting non-Whites due to past experiences. He laughed and hung up in my face. I repeated the same line to his competitor who calmly said, “I completely understand, sir. May I send someone over for a free quote?”
    The latter company earned my business. See how easy that is? Blacks make no apologies over the Congressional Black Caucus barring Whites from their organization. Likewise with Mestizos in their Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Moreover, Obama has no problem with launching and advertising “African-Americans for Obama” and “Latinos for Obama”. Why should I be any different in my approach to life? The answer is that I won’t be any more. It’s past time to take a bold stand, my friends. Request to speak to the owner and request to deal only with our fellow Whites. Encourage others to do the same, my friends.

    • C_C_Conrad

      I so agree! When I was getting quotes for a new roof one company sent two Mexicans to measure the roof. The next morning I called the company & asked the fellow how many Mexican INVADERS he was planning to send to do the job. After he made his lame excuses I told him that I’d get someone else. It cost him an 8,000 dollar job. I got word back that he was real pissed about that.
      Jack’s War

      • John

        I completely agree with you on all points, my friend.

        Of course, there will be some who decry or tactis as “racism”. Nothing new there.

        When that (and the name-calling) unfolds, calmly tell your detractors that you will reconsider your position as soon the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Caucus begin to allow Whites to join their organizations.

        Likewise, when the misguided egalitarians are seething with anger and screeching “racism” at you, calmy remind them that you are following President Obama’s lead in his practice of forming and leading “African-Americans for Obama”. Let them get angry, but insist on only conducing business with Whites. Stand your ground!

        My wife and I only go to restaurants that obviously have a Whites-friendly hiring policy. For the past couple of years, I also call ahead and speak to the owner or his White manager in his absence. I let him know that I’m coming over to dine and prefer Elizabeth (or whomever we like) to serve us at our table. I don’t even have to tell him why. Suffice it to say, we like Elizabeth and we will tip her accordingly. If she isn’t available, we simply do not go; however, I make it a point to ask when she will work next, and let I him know that I will be dropping by on that day.

        There is no law that dictates how we spend our money. There may be nonsensical raced-based laws that force us to conduct business in certain ways (for those of us who own businesses), but there are not any laws that dictate how we as consumers or patrons must engage in commerce. As for me, I’m seeking solutions that benefit me and my race, similar to how Obama, CBC, LaRaza, and their ilk overtly act to benefit their races, exclusively. As for my business, I am a one-man operation as a consultant.

        Whites had better wake up and become wise to the world around us, my friends. We’ve had enough of seeing the world through Polly Anna’s eyes and harboring the empty hopes of egalitarians.

        • C_C_Conrad

          These are good points. For me however, I try to avoid giving an opponent an argument. I stick to a simple point that puts them on the defensive by saying: “In your opinion, I’m a racist, you’re only saying that because I’m white. Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.”

          This way I reduce their accusation to a personal opinion and then reverse their charge. This is a very good tactic because it puts them on the defensive & everyone near to us can learn this method as well. Any good sniper can tell you the number one rule to staying alive – shoot & move.

          Jack’s War

      • Kudos. Other whites need to do the same. When you economically reward one company for hiring illegal Mexicans, the pressure is on the law-abiding companies, who hire Americans, to do the same.
        If the GOP wants to “reform” immigration, then crack down hard on Americans how hire illegal aliens. That would win back some of their white voters who’ve gone over to the democrats.

  • iam

    “Ever since the November 6 election, we’ve heard a chorus of Republicans
    insisting that Romney’s loss was due to his “tough immigration stance,”
    which supposedly hurt him among Hispanics.”

    As tough as a wet piece of toilet paper.

    • JohnEngelman

      Mitt Romney lost because by a small margin most Americans realized that tax cuts for the rich do not lead to jobs for the unemployed, and that they to do not pay off the national debt.

      • StillModerated

        Mittens lost because he is a liberal. Had the GOP chosen a real conservative, instead of letting the gutter press select the worst possible candidate for them, then conservative voters would have gone to the polls in droves. As it stood, they preferred to stay home. They should have cast votes for the Constitution Party candidate as a shot across the bow of the establishment.

        • JohnEngelman

          Mitt Romney won the Republican primary because he was less kooky than the others. Those conservatives you mention could have voted for someone else in the primary, but they did not.

          Your comment reminds me of those liberals and radicals who after 1968 thought that Robert Kennedy could have beaten Richard Nixon in the general election.

          If one feels something strongly it is easy to over estimate the number of people who feel the same way, and easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.

          • StillModerated

            I think the numbers don’t lie, fewer voters went to the polls in than in 2012 than in 2008. And speaking of kooky candidates, how about that McCain fellow?

            John, you neocons don’t belong here. Go away!

          • Mitt Romney won the Republican primary because he was less kooky than the others.

            In a room full of drooling lunatics, the person suffering only from suicideal depression is the sane one.

          • JohnEngelman

            I think the drooling lunatics in that room were the best the GOP had to offer.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Just another good reason for the Globalist Bankers to have Romney “lose” the “election.” Now the “White party” will have to become multicultural and diverse, just like the Democrats. Damn these guys are good.

  • C_C_Conrad

    The truth is that the Republicans and Democrats alike are more than willing to give America to the Mexicans, Africans and everybody else just as fast as they can. The march toward white genocide continues unabated.
    Jack’s War

  • razorrare

    Here it is…still fuming from this…

    Newy Gingrich on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno…


    • David Brims

      Newt Gingrich is always droning on about the Founding Fathers as if he personally knew them.

      • StillModerated

        Eye Of Newt was not even a real Georgian — he invaded from Illinois.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Am I the only one who understands that the House is still majority Republican? I think the best way for any House Repub to lose his seat is to support such nonsense. The Senate is perhaps the most corrupt institution in American politics, but House members must at least pretend to look out for the interests of their constituents.

  • JohnEngelman

    Toward the end of his life William Buckley wrote a column that was refreshingly candid. He said that a high rate of Hispanic immigration enables employers to reduce wages. This, he said, is good.

    Nevertheless, the great majority of Hispanics vote Democrat. Moreover, they tend not to rise economically the way earlier waves of immigration have. He concluded that when Hispanic American citizens realize that their grandchildren will have low paying jobs like they do, they will move further to the left, and come to support confiscatory taxation on upper income people.

    Years ago Thomas Sowell wrote that Hispanics who vote Republican do so for different reasons than most Hispanics vote Democrat, and that Republicans should reinforce those reasons.

    • kjh64

      “He said that a high rate of Hispanic immigration enables employers to reduce wages. This, he said, is good. ”
      Not if you’re the one having your wages reduced.

      • JohnEngelman

        Obviously William Buckley did not care about those whose wages were being reduced. He devoted his political career towards advocating political deforms that skewed things in favor of the well to do.

  • white dude

    this is the same Neoconcredo that states race has ‘nothing whatsoever to do with immigration, and still wants ‘legal’ immigration from the 3rd world. more stench from the bench.

  • Dave4088

    The Republican party is so f*cking stupid it’s almost beyond words. Nearly 70% of the country and probably 85-90% of their largely base would be diametrically opposed to such a measure and yet the stupid party marshals on towards amnesty lite.

    If the stupid party worked half as hard at capturing the hearts and minds of the white majority as they do in pandering (or hispandering) to non-whites than they just might win more presidential elections. Methinks there is are certain members of an little unmentionable ethnic group that’s advising the Republican party to steer the ship into oblivion, but I digress.

    It’s pretty sobering to think that racially conscious whites have absolutely no political representation nor are we likely to in the foreseeable future.

    • StillModerated

      That’s why the late Sam Francis called the GOP “The Stupid Party.”

      • Xerxes22

        The Useless Party might be a better name for it.

        • Or the dick-less party.

    • carocaput

      These people are not stupid! They know what they are doing and are culpable traitors. Quit giving them a pass, we will never get anywhere if you continue down the stupidity route.

      • Dave4088

        I mostly agree, but think it’s a combination of stupidity of some Republicans and outright duplicity among others. There’s also a behind the scenes aspect as I mentioned in the second sentence of the second paragraph of my post.

  • http://tigersophia.blogspot.com/2012/11/why-i-spending-ton-of-money-and-time-to.html

    Amy Chua’s Chewish daughter explains why she voted for Obama. How the children of the elites think.

    • i am

      She defiantly has the face of someone that hates whites, and herself.

  • miami dade

    The law says you sign up and wait in line like everybody else and the 14th amendment wasmnever meant for illegal spics trying to junp ahead of the line and get everything free in the Obama Banana Republic where some radical illegal impostor was smuggled into the WH by Chicago Marxists and given the keys to the bank. Surprise Suprise. After just one term Santa Claus has overspent 6.5 trillion of what was taken in from mostly white taxpayers which is more than all the other 43 presidents spent since 1789. And noone knows where the hell it all went unless in some off shore island bank account in his wifes name.

    Was anybody surprised that the thief impostor bank robber with the keys would spend such a colossal never before seen amount and then tell you in advance he was coming back for more and wanted the rich to pay more after he cant pass the buck in his 2nd selected term while also saying he will get amnesty for 50 million spics to jump in line ahead and break the law making him a criminal enabler and guilty of treason for aiding abetting a foreign nation who killed 50k Americans in 1848 when peasant Lincoln enlisted for a short period but deserted to go to Springfield to enter politics the same year Marx published his Manifesto.

    Anybody with half an IQ who believes all this was not rigged from the pits of hell needs a fucking new brain.

  • mobilebay

    We haven’t had a patriot since Dwight Eisenhower. He had the courage to send illegals home. There was no hue and cry at the time, but now all we hear are the traitors who say, “We can’t deport 12 million people.” How about 20-30 million? That is a more realistic number. And, I’d like to hear anyone give a reason why we can’t deport all illegals? Couldn’t be because the biggest contributors need cheap labor, could it? Or ,perhaps the anti-American organizations like La Raza will vote for those who continue to import or allow the third world to come here. Why even repeat the hogwash about being “humane?” Just tell us you are trying to replace Americans with those who’ll work for less and who’ll eventually vote for you when they become the “New Americans.” If there is anything left of this country by 2016, I have some suggestions for that administration – How about Kris Kobach; the author of the above article, Tom Tancredo; Sen. Jeff Sessions; Rep. Lou Barletta, and those who would like to see this county rid of those who laugh at our laws. Feel free to add names of anyone who doesn’t consider it the “right thing to do” by rewarding criminals.

    • IstvanIN

      I wouldn’t be too sure about Eisenhower. He allowed the slaughter of thousands of unarmed German POWs after the Germans surrendered.

  • White_Prime77

    This is it!

    I am totally through with the traitorous Republicans (who have also refused to back good candidates like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul)

    A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans


  • IstvanIN

    We (whites) are our own worst enemy.

  • kjh64

    Legal or illegal, we do not need anymore immigrants. We do not have a population shortage, we also have millions of Americans out of work. Legal immigration should only be allowed under special circumstances ie. someone opening a large company, a genius etc.

  • redfeathers

    Tonight on Brett Baier’s show Krauthammer was at it again…immigrants are natural conservatives. Thankfully, Tucker Carlson basically said not all immigration is good, many from certain areas use welfare programs, we don’t need these unskilled people. Baier looked like he was going to have a heart attack. Guest Nina Easton didn’t seem happy either. Good stuff.