TIME Picks Man of the Year, Now WND’s Turn

Bob Unruh, WND, December 19, 2012

Time magazine may have named Barack Obama Man of the Year for 2012, but in a first-ever honor, WND today named Patrick Buchanan as the WND Man of the Year, honoring the stalwart of conservative thought for his incisive and insightful contributions to the America of economic, military, political and social influence.

He has been adviser to three presidents, a two-time candidate for the Republican presidential nomination himself, served as the presidential nominee of the Reform Party in 2000 and churned out six straight New York Times bestsellers, including “A Republic, Not an Empire,” “The Death of the West,” “Where the Right Went Wrong,” “State of Emergency,” “Day of Reckoning” and “Churchill, Hitler and The Unnecessary War.”


This year, something happened to Pat Buchanan that was different than his broad-ranging experience in media and politics for a generation. He was fired by MSNBC because of the tough positions he took in his newest book on the changing demographics of America. He had been a regular fixture on American television since the early days of CNN and its “Crossfire” program. Suddenly, in 2012, Buchanan, who is saying nothing he wasn’t saying and writing 40 years ago, became a media pariah.

“What stood out to the panel of WND judges was Pat’s steadfast commitment to principle—even in the face of losing a lucrative TV gig,” said Joseph Farah, editor and founder of WND. “Pat is unflappable. He’s honest. You may agree with him or disagree with him, but it’s hard to deny he has something important to say to the American people and deserves a platform to say it.”

The award was designated for the man who during the year 2012 did the most to represent goodness, perseverance, manliness and character. The recipient should be someone prominent enough to have had an impact on wider American, and global opinion. Their successes and failures for the year are to be weighed and considered.


In an exclusive interview with WND, Buchanan said the U.S. remains for now the first power on earth, militarily, economically, culturally and in terms of influence and global reach.

But it might not be for long, he warned.

“There’s no doubt in relative terms, America is in decline,” he said. “China is a tremendous rising power. … And Western civilization has passed its apogee.

“If you take a look at where we stood in 1912, a century ago, Western power ruled almost all the world. But now all the great empires are gone, the great armies and navies are gone. The U.S. remains a superpower, but all the great nations of Europe have lost colonies, all are undergoing invasions of formerly subject peoples, and Third World peoples.

“The West clearly is long past its apogee,” he said.

Buchanan, who was an assistant to Richard Nixon from 1966 through 1974, White House communications director for Ronald Reagan 1985-1987, and challenged George Bush for the GOP nomination in 1992, said Western civilization, America, and the GOP, the organization he believes represents the best of the best attributes of those influences, all are on parallel declines, more or less.

Regarding America, he said, “I think this is not the country we grew up in.”


“We saw it in the European Union, an effort to create one Europe, the United States of Europe, the U.N., the World Trade Organization, Kyoto programs, Treaty of Rome, all of these movements to create supranational institutes, on way to creating a single world order.”

That, however, has fallen by the wayside, too, to the influences of ethnonationalism, the loyalty to ethnicity, which now is “tearing countries apart,” he said.

Buchanan, who won the New Hampshire GOP presidential primary in 1996, said people simply are identifying with their ethnic or ideological group, rather than their country.

“By 2025, I wonder if we’ll really be a country as we [were],” he said. “I don’t think we’re [ever] going back to being one country.”

The U.S. may remain one unit politically, but there will be sections and factions that have their own loyalties. For one, he said, the rising Latino population in the Southwest soon will create a de facto merger with Mexico for that part of the nation.


Then will America rebound or return in any way, shape or form?

“The American people are very resilient people. I think we’re going to go through some very difficult times, economic certainly, we can’t continue running trillion-dollar deficits indefinitely,” he said.

“And I think a lot of people woke up after the [2012] election.”


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  • Some Guy

    My vote is for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County AZ. A true American!

  • JohnEngelman

    In one of his books Pat Buchanan wrote about the tendency of unbridled capitalism to destroy settled communities and said that conservatives, many of whom support unbridled capitalism, should consider what it is that they are trying to conserve.

    • Germanacus

      Pat was against NAFTA which, as he correctly predicted, ended up sending American jobs to Meheeco. Lots of ’em.

      • JohnEngelman

        I supported NAFTA at the time, but the arguments against it have been verified by subsequent events.

        • SLCain

          You have also sounded off here in support of I.F. Stone and Barack Obama.

          Engelman is a communist. I would suggest ignoring him.

          • JohnEngelman

            I was delighted when President Obama was reelected. I respect I.F.Stone. Stone did much to expose the immorality of the War in Vietnam.

            In your initial comment you wrote, “Engelman is a communist. I would suggest ignoring him.”

            Why don’t you ignore me? The reason my comments are disturbing to you is because you are afraid that what I say is true. Otherwise you would be able to disregard me and what I say. People do not get angry at opinions they know to be mistaken.

            I become irritated by anti Ashkenazi and anti Oriental comments. They do not anger me, because I know that the Ashkenazim and the Orientals are superior races, and I know that those who condemn them know it too. They resent those people because they achieve so much.

          • SLCain

            “I was delighted when President Obama was reelected.”

            He recieved the endorsement of the American communist party, so I can see why YOU would like him.

            “I respect I.F.Stone. Stone did much to expose the immorality of the War in Vietnam.

            I.F. Stone was a propagandist and an agent of influence for the Soviet Union. He was a lickspittle of Stalin, and helped cover up the bolsheviks’ reign of terror in the 30s. And you are a commie troll, whose opinions are of no interest here.

            ” The reason my comments are disturbing to you is because you are afraid that what I say is true. Otherwise you would be able to disregard me and what I say. People do not get angry at opinions they know to be

            Really? So, if I said that your mother is a whore, that would not make you angry? And if it did, does that mean it’s true.

            People get angry when exposed to mendacious deceit of the kind you routinely peddle here.

            I would like to ignore you – you could help by disappearing. I wasn’t really talking to you anyway, meat puppet. I was attempting to alert others here to the fact that you are an enemy, masquerading as an ally.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have known and liked members of the American Communist Party. Unlike you they were civil towards those who disagreed with them, as I did on important issues. Once I took a seminar given on Das Kapital given by a member of the American Communist Party.


            During the 1950s I.F. Stone visited the Soviet Union, and reported on it. Before leaving for the United States he wrote, “This is not a good society, and it is not run by honest men.”

            I.F. Stone condemned the Soviet crushing of the Hungarian Uprising of 1956, and the Prague Spring movement of 1968.

          • dhs

            Communists were civil toward those who disagreed with communism, when it advanced the communist agenda to do so. They killed those who disagreed with communism, when it advanced the communist agenda to do so.

          • JohnEngelman

            The American Communist Party has never been much more than a Marxist discussion group. Communist Party members are nice people, but they have difficulty starting a meeting on time, much less overthrowing the government of the United States.

          • SLCain

            “I.F. Stone condemned the Soviet crushing of the Hungarian Uprising of 1956, and the Prague Spring movement of 1968.”

            Your statement is deceitful.

            This is like saying that Albert Speer was an anti-Nazi because of all those critical things he said about Hitler in the 1960s.

            Who cares what Stone did in the 50s – what about what he did in the 30s?

          • JohnEngelman

            If you can quote what I.F. Stone wrote about the Soviet Union during the 1930s, please do so. Name the publications, and the page numbers.

          • SLCain

            I’m not your lackey, you red. Look it up yourself. You might start with the Venona decrypts – his code name was “pancake”.

          • JohnEngelman

            When I make an assertion I substantiate it. When you make an assertion that is your responsibility.

          • SLCain

            No, when you make an assertion, you “substantiate” it with any old crap that you scavenge off the web, like a high-school debate squad member – just find an argument, any argument, it doesn’t matter if it’s right,

            And how could you talk about I.F. Stone, and neglect to mention that he was a Soviet agent? Becuase, like all commies, you are deceitful and argue in bad faith.

          • JohnEngelman

            Quite a few websites I have used here to substantiate assertions I have made on American Renaissance have come from this website. These are several:

            Science Refutes Orthodoxy — Again
            Racial differences are real and increasing.

            “Asians Lead U.S. in College Degrees: Census”

            “Why are Jews so successful?”

            Some Asians’ College Strategy: Don’t Check ‘Asian’

            A conversation with Arthur Jensen

            I discovered American Renaissance by reading Jared Taylor’s “The Color of Crime.”

            It was on this website that I learned about “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR,” by Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who spoke at six American Renaissance conferences.

            I have quoted “The Color of Crime,” and “Race, Evolution, and Behavior,” extensively on American Renaissance.

            I value American Renaissance greatly, and believe that Jared Taylor deserves to be a nationally renown political commentator. As more as learned about the human genome, more scientific evidence accumulates about the validity of race realism. This is particularly true after the failure of No Child Left Behind, and the persistence of high rates of black crime and illegitimacy.

          • SLCain

            And which website was it that neglected to mention that I.F. Stone was a Soviet agent?

            You needn’t be so encyclopedic in your responses. I don’t care what you write or what you say, you foul meat-puppet. You are a lying commie rat.

          • JohnEngelman

            I don’t care what you write or what you say, you foul meat-puppet. You are a lying commie rat.

            – St.Cain

            If you don’t care what I write, why do you keep responding?

            All you seem capable of are puerile insults a seventeen year old high school dropout who could not pass ninth grade English and who reads at a fourth grade level, could compose.

          • SLCain

            “The reason my comments are disturbing to you is because you are afraid that what I say is true. Otherwise you would be able to disregard me an what I say. People do not get angry at opinions they know to be mistaken”

            Nonsense. If someone told you they think that your mother is a whore, would you not be angry? And if you did get angry, would it mean that they are right?

            And by the way, I don’t believe anything you say is true.

            I dislike you because you are an enemy posing as an ally.

          • JohnEngelman

            I value American Renaissance. You make it easy for the enemies of this website to dismiss it.

            Also, what have I said that is not true? Quote me, and explain why it is not true.

          • SLCain

            ” You make it easy for the enemies of this website to dismiss it.”

            YOU are an enemy of this website.

          • JohnEngelman

            If I am an enemy of this website, why are the news stories that I submit posted here? American Renaissance can advance causes that it can win on, or it can be a place haters like you come to let off steam. It can not be both.

            You contribute nothing of value to this website: no facts, no insights, only hatred and anger. Please stop posting here. You would feel more at home on Stormfront or Chimpout.

          • SLCain

            “If I am an enemy of this website, why are the news stories that I submit posted here?”

            Probably because they are obvious stories that anybody could easily find from the web. If the editors place any stock in your opinions, then they aren’t of much account. Did any of the editors of this site thank you for convincing him to vote for Obama?

            You ARE an enemy of everyone here, you loathsome, sniveling weasel.

          • JohnEngelman

            The only reason you are so hostile to me is because I post facts about the racial superiority of the Ashkenazim and the Orientals.

            I am pleased to be your enemy. There is no point in my using negative adjectives to describe you. Any decent person can see what you are.

          • SLCain

            The reason I am hostile to you is because I wish to see you driven away from here.

            And YOU are not a decent person – you are a lying communist pig. Go away, little man.

          • JohnEngelman

            I wish you would go away. You give this website, which I value highly, a bad image. An opinion is only valuable when it is fact based, logical, and expressed in a civil manner. The comments you post here seldom come close to achieving this. They are not revelations of a well endowed, well educated mind. They are motivated by hatred, anger, and fear.

            I can only guess at what has poisoned your personality. What I suspect that you lost a job to a more capable Jew or Oriental. Hostility to Jews and Orientals is sewer socialism. It combines the politics of envy of the left with right wing xenophobia. Jews and Orientals earn their achievements and their prosperity.

            Awhile ago you suggested to other posters here that they ignore my comments. When I clicked on your profile I found that of 25 of your comments going back for a week 23 were attacks on me.

            If you think you can drive me away with your jejune insults, you underestimate me. The only thing I fear is for one of my arguments to be rationally refuted. That would require someone to prove that one of my arguments includes a premise that is not true, and/or that I use a logical fallacy.

          • SLCain

            “What I suspect that you lost a job to a more capable Jew or Oriental. Hostility to Jews and Orientals is sewer socialism.”

            I hold no hostility towards jews or orientals. I get along with them just fine, and admire many of them. I think of them no differently than any other group.

            It is just you that I dislike, you crapulent piece of filth, for spreading malicious propaganda, and undermining the intent of this site.

          • JohnEngelman

            How do you perceive the intent of this site?

            I see this site as a medium for publishing facts that are suppressed because they are politically incorrect. Specifically, genes matter. They are responsible for differences between races and individuals.

            Jared Taylor has never posted anything here that I think is factually incorrect. If he had, I would say so, documenting my assertion. Where we may differ is that I appreciate different cultures, although I do not think they are of equal value.

            I am even fascinated by Australian Aborigines. By studying them we can learn what our ancestors were like over ten thousand years ago. Nevertheless, what I have read about them indicates that their crime rate is even higher than that for Negroes, and their average intelligence is lower.

            You accuse me of “spreading malicious propaganda.” What have I said that is not true?

            You also accuse me of “undermining the intent of this site.” That is for the moderators and Jared Taylor to determine. Articles that I submit are sometimes posted here. Your comments are occasionally deleted.

          • SLCain

            “What have I said that is not true?”

            Your shameless defence of I.F. Stone, for example. What you wrote about Lincoln, another example. You often lie by omission. You often also just ignore legitimate criticisms of your poss, then claim that you are some kind of Solon, moved only by reason. What a crock.

            As to the rest of what you wrote – I don’t bother reading most of the the crap you post, nitwit, anymore than I carefully inspect the contents of a toilet before flushing it. So give your keyboard a rest.

            I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. I think that you are a dishonest bolshevik creep. And you operate under the delusion that you are not.

          • JohnEngelman

            “The New York Times”

            “Defending I.F. Stone,” by By D. D. GUTTENPLAN, November 20, 2008

            “Stone’s justly famous 1956 report from the Soviet Union — “This is not a good society, and it is not led by honest men” — was actually an answer to those, like Isaac Deutscher.


            Abraham Lincoln was perhaps America’s most admired president and needs no defense from me.

          • SLCain

            You are not a decent person, you lying commie rat.

          • JohnEngelman

            “lying commie rat” is the insult a poorly educated, and rather stupid crank would use.

          • SLCain

            No, it’s the kind of insult one uses when addressing a lying commie rat.

            Like you.

          • JohnEngelman

            Once again I ask: what have I said that is not true?

          • SLCain

            I was posting here long before you showed up, you pustule. YOU go away.

          • JohnEngelman

            In all that time I doubt you have posted anything that reveals intelligence, erudition, literacy, or even simple humanity.

          • SLCain

            And what does your humanity consist of, you foul meat-puppet? Telling white men that we should just suck it up, trade in our civilization to other people, make do with a society which is hostile to us. Revere socialist thugs, such as the one you voted for?

            You are a vile piece of human garbage.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have never said that white men should “just suck it up, trade in our civilization to other people.” I do think we can learn from other civilizations. On several occasions I have said that the Chinese refusal to learn from other civilizations after they expelled the Mongolian conquerors in 1368 is the major factor Chinese civilization lost ground to the West.

          • SLCain

            Yes, you did.

          • JohnEngelman

            That’s just the way you interpreted what I said. And why do you even care? You are projecting onto me beliefs that you have, but which you cannot accept. In this regard you resemble a repressed homosexual who is known publicly for his hatred of homosexuals. It is you who think Western civilization and the white race are finished, and soon to be overtaken by Jews and Orientals.

            You keep claiming that my opinions mean nothing to you. I have obviously gotten under your skin. You tell others to ignore me, but you can’t.

            I love Jews, Judaism, and Israel. When posters here say that their prominence in any field requiring superior intelligence is due to some sort of chicanery I do not become hysterical. I know it’s not true. They know it’s not true.

            It is the same way with Orientals. They don’t get places by cheating. Like the Jews they get places through superior intelligence. Everybody knows it.

          • SLCain

            You reply to these posts with lengthy treatises at 4:50 a.m. on Christmas Morning?

            You really are a pathetic loser.

            I take two minutes tops to reply to (and insult) you. You obviously take a great deal of time, crafting your worthless replies. So who is obsessed with whom? Don’t like what I write? Ignore me, then.

            And by the way, way to go with the repressed homosexual smear. But, case you hadn’t noticed, you’re the one who writes like a little girl.

            Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          • JohnEngelman

            And by the way, I don’t believe anything you say is true.

            – St.Cain

            Then why am I able to document so many of my factual assertions from articles I read here, as well as the writings of Jared Taylor, J. Philippe Rushton, and Richard Lynn?

          • SLCain

            Really? You’re responding at 4:50 a.m. Christmas morning?

            You probably still live in your mom’s basement, too.

            What a creepy little pathetic loser you are.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Pat is an EXCELLENT choice.
    He states the case as well as can be done in the public eye.
    And yes, Sheriff Joe would have been a good choice too.
    And Dr. Paul as well.

    • John

      Two words shalle forever shame and disgrace Pat Buchanan’s otherwise excellent conservative ideology: Ezola Foster.

      • AutomaticSlim

        Yes, have to agree that was rotten idea.

        Not sure what PB was thinking back then.
        I guess he was so riled at the Bushes, he wasn’t quite right in the head for a while.
        But he was in perfect form with “Suicide of a Superpower”.

        • John

          I strongly agree with you, my friend. Pat has written some of the most brilliant conservative commentary, articles, and books over the past couple of decades, but his selection of a Black woman of all people as his running mate calls into question is character. He talks a great talk and is very inspiring, but, unfortunately, he failed to walk the great walk when an important decision had to be made. Think of how many very honorable Whites where passed over when he decided to embrace the diversity bandwagon.
          The best part of the 2000 election, other than watching Gore squirm and gnash his teeth in defeat, was watching the illiterate Black voters as they were interviewed in the Miami-Dade parking lots after voting, as reporters informed them they may have accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan. LOL! I wish I could find videos of those interviews! One Black woman nearly fell down when the news was broken to her. She said, “I would just die if I voted for Pat Buchanan.” Many of them had no idea who they had voted for, which is the ultimate indicator that they have no business living in civilization, much less voting.
          The 2000 election seems like yesterday. Who would have dreamed just 13 short years ago, we would be facing the second term a radical Black Marxist who happens to be an illegal alien African Muslim. Imagine how bad our nation will be in 13 more years. It will become unbelievable bad as the nation morphs into a blend of Africa, Mexico, Islam, and millions of self-loathing Whites who dispossess at gun point. Our nation is completely dead. If anyone has logical evidence to the contrary, I’d love to hear it.

      • ZB

        Why is that? Just read a Wikipedia entry on her. Seems to me that her conservative credentials are unimpeachable. Good God, the woman was even a Bircher for crying out loud!

        • John

          You must have missed the section on her years as a Democrat and attacks on the Republican Party.

          The larger issue is that there were millions of White conservatives to choose from. Why on Earth did Pat take the affirmative action path? It was an unconscionable, preposterous decision that forever tainted Pat in the eyes of millions.
          Having said that, I agree with virtually everything he writes, but I canot take seriously someone who made an affirmative action selection in lieu of a logical one. That was simply bizarre.

          • Token Finn

            I understand and perhaps I’m not right to comment on it since I have not lived in America but I know that Mr. Buchanan is not very a young man and all people become softer with age. The white quality of basic human decency probably had him seeing ‘hope and change’ in the black woman. It must be hard to live with the reality of being forced to ‘hate’ (a word so tainted by the left-wing establishment that I almost shudder to use it) non-whites out of practical necessity but even men of Buchanan’s age had that Disney movie’ish seed of naivety and egalitarianism planted into them, and I cannot blame them. I wish I did not have to oppose non-white takeover but I realize my family suffers from it too. It’s an ugly world and escapism is tempting. Like every other normal white person, Buchanan has a soft spot for non-whites, even if non-whites will kick and beat the soft spot.

  • The__Bobster

    Pat was a far better choice than one of the gaggle of losers that Time came up with. I mean, the illegal alien? Give me a break!

  • Germanacus

    I’ve always liked Pat B.
    I believe it was Pat who coined the phrase “culture war.”
    He seems to be about twenty years ahead of most people in his thinking and is an excellent writer.

    • Rosebud

      Pat’s an okay guy in my book, too. Unfortunately, he appears to be two-faced when it matters most. While Mr. Buchanan is already a great pro-American, he’d be an even greater patriot if only he (and most politically incorrect Americans) could muster up the courage to shatter that damn psycho-social barrier called political correctness.

  • falsedawn

    faughettaboud “awards.” Concentrate on becoming the best marksman you can be.

  • dhs

    Not a fan! I don’t trust Pat Buchanan. He was instrumental in destroying the Reform party as an effective political force. I don’t know why Buchanan did it. Perhaps he took a user view of the party, and was indifferent to the long term consequences on the party’s welfare. Perhaps he was a tool being used to destroy the Reform party. I don’t know why, but I know what he did, and I know the results.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Were you a Perot supporter?
      Who would you consider to more pro-White and pro traditional America?

      Pat or Mr. Crazy?

      • Jerry

        The Reform Party was a dead letter after Perot withdrew his financial backing. Pat was going for the matching funds to bolster his campaign. The Reform Party would have died regardless of what Pat did. Thus, Pat didn’t “destroy” the Reform Party.

        Pat is a great man about 20 years ahead of his time.

      • dhs

        I voted for Perot, and I voted for Buchanan. I considered both to be valuable forces in the battle against liberalism. Bear in mind that they attacked liberalism from different directions.

        Perot had a centrist technocratic ideology. He attacked liberal programs for being ineffective rather than undesirable. I liked his views of using pilot projects to demonstrate effectiveness, federalized medical care is a good example of this. Of course, this would prove that liberal programs are at best worthless.

        Buchanan espoused preliberal American values, which many Americans thought far better than liberal values, i.e. WASPish Americans should not change their customs and values to accommodate others who want to live in this country. For this the liberals screeched that he was a racist.

        After Perot left, the Reform party continued to be a force and may have frightened the Repub-Democrat establishment. Especially after flaky Jesse Ventura was elected governor of (then) normal state like Minnesota.

        While I disagreed strongly with some areas of the Reform party’s platform, I think its massive diminishment was not in my interest.

  • IKantunderstand

    I nominate Jared Taylor. Despite the horrific societal pressures against him, the enormity of his personal and professional sacrifices, Mr. Taylor has entered the arena of political correctness, that semi murky world of swirling public innuendo and vicious disapprobation and condemnation and has always emerged unscathed. Mr. Taylor’s weapons of choice? Razor sharp intelligence, wit, and an unremitting adherence to Western chivalric code. In a sane and righteous world, Mr. Taylor, you should have won, hands down.

    • hmmmm… okay, I second that motion.

    • Non Humans

      I’m very new to this site, but I can definitely agree with that, from what I’ve read so far.

      I’m a 3 year veteran of the A T Hell, and the BS that I had to live with down there was atrocious. Ever since leaving that scorched mark on the face of the planet, I’ve been searching for a place to research and contribute against the non-humans, their criminally entitled way of life, and the idiots at the top who persistently enable it.

      It doesn’t take a genius to realise we’re going to have to win on many intellectual fronts to even make a dent. This site, and Mr. J. Taylor certainly has alot to offer in those pursuits.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I must agree. I can tell you how to make almost anything, but I wish I could write as well as Mr. Taylor. I’ve posted here regularly – some might say “compulsively” – for eight years, and I’m always a bit envious whenever I read his articles.

        I mostly write about naval history, and when I’m bored, I make nice toys for my daughter.

        I’ve posted poetry here before, but I’m stuck on the current project. I can’t do it on demand, and it is pain and loss that makes it work.

        On intellectual fronts, we will always win. The left always doubles down on their own proven failures.

      • george00

        What’s A T Hell?

        • anon


  • singlemalt

    I’m only in my mid 20’s but sometimes I like to imagine just how different this country would be right now if Pat had managed to win the GOP nomination in 92 and went on to win the 92 and 96 elections. Can you imagine? A Buchanan 90’s instead of the Clinton 90’s?

    • AutomaticSlim

      I voted for him in the 96 primary (NY).

      Had very high hopes after he won S. Carolina, but the Rs let me down once again…

      • I was a statewide delegate for him in 1996, was one of many that gave him his last statewide victory of that primary and caucus season. PJB for all his positives has a keen way of taking us to the precipice of a major victory then getting scared of his own shadow. Proof of that in ’96 was the fact that once the Larry Pratt nontroversy broke, he dismissed Doc Carter as his South Carolina organizational head. If you don’t know who William “Doc” Carter is, he is a chiropractor by trade who run David Duke’s 1990 and 1991 statewide candidacies for Senate and Governor, respectively, in Louisiana, which got a majority of the white vote in both instances, and ran PJB’s 1992 operations in SC then again in 1996 until Pat got cold feet. He’s a more “me-y” version of me, and twice as smart at least. If I was President, he’d be my hand picked choice to run the RNC: You can guarantee that he wouldn’t use the company charge plates on lesbian bondage boobie bars, comma, Michael Steele.

        Then there’s what happened four years later with Ezola Foster. Massive epic…

    • Joseph

      Pat won in my precinct back then but already there were too many compromisers rooting for neocon/globalist figures like Bush. The fix was in.

      Hey, Duke was running back then too.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    he has something important to say to the American people and deserves a platform to say it.

    Yes, Pat Buchanan has this important message: Barack Obama is a Fabian Socialist and a drug dealer of welfare and deserves a platform to spread it far and wide.

    Listen to Pat; ignore TIME, it is irrelevant.


  • razorrare

    Pat Buchanan was an excellent choice…i will never forget that it was Pat Buchanan that spent considerable time & effort speaking up for John Demjanjuk when no other politico spokesperson dared too…
    In absentia i would of given the vote to the late Sam Francis or Dr.William Pierce…

    • razorrare
    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Jim Traficant too, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio’s 17th district:

      Traficant championed the unpopular cause of John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian-born autoworker from Seven Hills, who had been convicted in Israel and sentenced to hang for having been the brutal concentration camp guard Ivan the Terrible. For almost a decade, Traficant (along with Pat Buchanan) insisted that Demjanjuk had been denied a fair trial, and been the victim of mistaken identity; in 1993 the Supreme Court of Israel overturned the conviction, on the basis of doubt.


      Traficant paid a very heavy price for supporting Demjanjuk.


      • razorrare

        Bon—thankyou for the correction…i should of included him as well.

  • TiredOfLibs

    Barack was also recently selected as “Salesman of the Year” by S&W, Ruger, Colt, Daniel Defense and a host of others.

    At least the award would carry more credence than his Nobel Prize.

  • shmo123

    I believe Buchanan would be a good choice. The one thing that I’ve admired about him more than any other is his warnings of the demographic changes occurring in our country; It’s pathetic to read the debate in the Congressional record concerning the Hart-Cellar amendment, particularly how its supporters swore up and down it would not affect the demographic make-up of the country. I Illustrate it to people this way:

    The next time you watch a football game on TV, and you see a stadium filled with people that holds, let’s say, a fairly conservative 60 thousand remember this: Under current immigration laws, the amount of people your government allows in every year would fill this stadium every two weeks. That doesn’t include refugees, illegals, and all the others who manage to finagle one of the 67 different kinds of visas issued and decide to stay. Think about it.

  • Yes, Pat is an excellent Choice. But perhaps, Brother Nathanael might also be a great choice. His latest video on Youtube/user/ Zionget “When Jews Rule The World” deserves special accolades.

  • Dave4088

    People need to think twice about their admiration for Pat Buchanan. If you carefully read his comments you’ll find that he has no quarrel with a multiracial America. His prescriptions for an American renaissance calls only for tweaks to the current anti-white paradigm such that the so called melting pot can work again and white, black, brown, yellow and Jewish can all sing Kumbaya, or maybe “when the saints come marching in.”

    This is also the same man who, in 1996, publicly insulted then fired several campaign members around the nation who were alleged to be openly pro-white and supporters of David Duke. Then there’s the Ezola Foster debacle in 2000 and what appeared to be the deliberate sabotage of his own campaign. Pat does have his finer points, writes good books and has occasionally defended white racial interests on television. But I often question his sincerity in light of the events I cited.

  • Ralph

    Pat is a great choice!

  • Ralph

    To repeat: Pat is a great choice! However, I have one problem with Pat and also with Rush Limbaugh and some others who are generally on our side of things, and it is that they have not had children. Let me explain. Our problem is less about politics than it is about our genocide. We simply have to have a new morality that puts having White children at the very top of our list and before all else.

    Nature screams out: Make more like yourself or you’ll go extinct! And, nature is screaming that to every individual organism that reproduces as we do. Men can have children very late in life–that’s the way nature (or God, if you prefer) has set things up. A man should not be limited by the way nature has set it up for women, i.e. about one child a year.