Latin Americans Most Positive in the World

Jon Clifton, Gallup, December 19, 2012

Latin Americans are the most positive people in the world, with their region being home to eight of the top 10 countries for positive emotions worldwide. Residents in Panama and Paraguay are the most likely to report experiencing positive emotions. Singaporeans, Armenians, and Iraqis are least likely worldwide to report feeling positive emotions.


Gallup measured positive emotions in 148 countries and areas in 2011 using five questions. These questions ask people whether they experienced a lot of enjoyment the day before the survey and whether they felt respected, well-rested, laughed and smiled a lot, and did or learned something interesting.


The average percentage of respondents worldwide who said “yes” to these five questions reflects a relatively upbeat world. {snip}



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  • pcmustgo

    Latinos are very colorful and happy people, generally. All of those countries are physically beautiful places in terms of the topography. They’re religious, so that helps. They are also “simple people” and it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Perhaps because they evolved picking low lying fruit they are wired to live for the day and not worry about tomorrow. And why should they worry? When famine or disaster strikes, the White race runs in like idiots to ensure they live on to overpopulate the planet.

    • The__Bobster

      I’ve been to Brazil a few times on company business and they are very happy people who enjoy the simple things of life.

    • NYB

      Local culture has a lot to do with how a person wants to be known.

      If a Haitian reports he is “unhappy”, it means he wants an NGO to do something about it.

      If a Paraguayan tells Gallup he is upbeat, it’s because he feels he is being touched by an outside culture he wants to befriend.

  • What does all this means?

    Happiness doesn’t amount to much or mean much.

  • Blacktavius likes white gurls

    Well to be fair these Latin American countries have relatively low immigration numbers to the U.S. I don’t see Mexico on this list.

  • i am

    Last week blacks were the most positive people. On second thought I would feel positive if all the losers immigrated to another country too.

  • CTYT

    The “Natural Republican” analog to the Jolly Old Negro. Ignorance is bliss, is it not?

    If all your foul actions were dutily accounted for and excused by mud-lovers; and all aspects of your livelihood begrudgingly paid for by white tax payers; would you, too, be happy? The chances are good if you happen to not pass the paper bag test.

    To you, my “Natural Republican” not-so-kinsmen – I’m truly glad you’ve found happiness in your delusional grandeur and apathy, if not joy, in squallid living conditions and intellectual bankruptcy.

    I’m happy for you, but I’d be even happier if you stayed the hell away from me.

  • curri

    Why is Singapore on that list? Lee Kuan Yew took Singapore from a Third World dump to one of the most affluent and orderly countries on the face of the earth.

    Maybe it’s boredom.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Their legal system is very strict on criminals and many things that we would consider normal or a small offence are very restricted there. There are laws against chewing gum, failing to flush the toilet, jaywalking, littering, pornography, etc. This likely puts a damper on their average mood.

      • pcmustgo

        Asians are unhappy, perfectionist , lifeless little drones, that’s why.

        Latin Americans don’t have it as bad as Africans, who normally would be happy, but have too much violence, chaos and famine going on around them to be happy. Both are simple peoples who don’t worry much.

  • IstvanIN

    Hispanics sit around, talk incessantly, laugh and eat, and everything is mańana.

  • mobilebay

    They can Fiesta all day as long as Uncle “Santa” Sam is footing the bill, as we do for most of the world. It’s citizens of this nation who wind up paying for them.

    • aschops

      The US is net debtor. It is the world that is sustaining the US economy, not the other way around. Since we’re talking about Latin America here, you should know that your country owes 200-300 bn dollars to one of the countries of that region, Brazil, and if we sum up all that the US owes to all of the regions’s country, that would perhaps come close to half a trillion dollars.

  • Anon

    One aspect is that as everything in life happiness is subject to the law of decreasing marginal utility: the lower you are in the echelons of life the greater you feel when things improve a little. This is just the case throughout Latin America in recent years. The other might be cultural/ historical: as we are already mixed up racially we don’t fear very much the future as you do.

  • ageofknowledge

    They aren’t too happy here in Los Angeles. They are mean often dangerous people who drag down our schools, social safety nets, standard of living, etc… while pushing gangs, drugs, crime, etc…

  • Chatville

    I guess not having to worry about your heart being cut out by a pagan priest helps a lot. Thank you, Christopher Columbus.

  • tijuana

    Why do they omit the fact that they the lowest scum 3rd world rejected weeded out of their own nations who would otherwise be used for drug running and beheaded byt drug lords after growing their pot or opium? Is this not the same way tribal chiefs weeded and purged their continent 500 yrs ago to get rid of all their runts weakling and undesirables plus pick up some form of payment. Some things never change.

  • mendells-selection

    retarded people are always happy

  • Michigan Patriot

    They all know of Euro-Christian “Gringoes ” excessive altruism for dissimilar , parasitic invaders and exaserbated the leftist media ‘s fetish for Western Civilization’s extinction; the racist bigots.