‘Rape-Provoking’ Miniskirts and Crop Tops Banned by King of Swaziland with Offenders Facing Six Month in Jail

Sam Webb, Daily Mail (London), December 24, 2012

Women in Swaziland have been banned from wearing miniskirts and crop tops because they ‘encourage rape’ – and offenders face a six-month spell in jail.

Police in Swaziland, the last absolute monarchy in Africa and an incredibly conservative nation, have resurrected an archaic colonial criminal act from 1889 to stop women wearing clothes that expose their body.

Swazi police were responding to a march in the second city of Manzini last month by young women, some wearing miniskirts, who were seeking equal rights and safety.

In Swaziland women are legal minors and two-thirds of teenage girls have been victims of sexual assault, according to the South African Independent Online.

Police spokesperson Wendy Hleta warned: ‘They will be arrested.

‘The act of the rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women.

‘We do not encourage that women should be harmed, but at the same time people should note acceptable conduct of behaviour,’ she said.

The ban also applies to low-slung jeans and tank tops. However, the ‘indlamu’ costume, a tiny beaded belt worn when young women dance for King Mswati topless and with their buttocks fully exposed, is permissible, authorities declared.

Hleta said this apparel is permissible because police have no records of any maiden being raped while wearing the costume.
The king, who has been criticised for his lavish lifestyle in an impoverished country, already has 13 wives.

Women have also been advised on a way to retrieve dropped objects that will not make them ‘culpable’ in their own assaults by ‘exciting males’.

Hleta said: ‘For females it is polite that when you have dropped something, squat with your upper body still upright and pick up the item rather than bending half your body head first to pick up the item.’

The Swazi police spokeswoman did not say whether a woman not following the guidelines for picking up a dropped object would be arrested or issued with a warning.

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  • Puggg

    Blame the woman for the rape.

    Hello, western feminists.


    • Oil Can Harry

      “Two-thirds of teenage girls have been victims of sexual assault..” Absolutely horrifying!

      But don’t worry. The Western feminuts have a plan to help decrease rape in Africa: by granting millions of visas to third world rapists so they can move to the West.

      That should cause a drop in crime over there.

    • Norman

      Nothing to see here folks, move along!

  • WmarkW

    Without a Western male to boondoggle, feminists aren’t interested.

    Silence of the Feminists
    So many oppressed Muslim women, so few words about them


    • The__Bobster

      Feminists are muzzies are both members on the unholy alliance. Therefore, feminists are as quiet on the issue as they were on Bill Clinton.

    • Joseph

      They actually do make quite a bit of stink about Moslems. You frequently hear about the “plight” of the girls who can’t get an education or genital mutilation. It’s just that most of the public here still don’t care (much) what goes on over yonder.

      They just concentrate most of their efforts here because they are going to get NO traction if they actually go to those places. They’d probably be stoned, whipped, doused in lye or imprisoned.

      If they bitch about conditions *here*, they get a promotion to stop a lawsuit.

      They know what side the bread gets buttered on.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Well, the stink is usually about bans on niqabs and burkhas, over the right to wear such things over public security (If I can’t wear a balaclava, then you should not be allowed to wear a burkha.)

  • Sloppo

    I wonder how soon the “she bent over to pick up something so I had to rape her” criminal defense strategy will make it into a US courtroom.

    • Change the gender pronouns, and this excuse would go over swimmingly in the Castro District of San Francisco.

      • Johnny Clay

        LOL! Or the DuPont Circle area of DC.

      • Luis

        Or the Boystown section of Chicago.

  • Dude

    Women in hot countries should wear nothing but job applications taped over their bodies. No undesirables will check them out then.

    • The__Bobster

      (Stifling another Bill Clinton comment)

  • Jaego

    It’s said rape is a crime of violence not of lust. But these are Blacks – is there any difference for them? These regulations may be quite sensible considering the context.

    • Joseph

      That frayed canard is the creation of feminists. Rape is almost always about sex. The victims statistically match the fertility years and most rapists are males with poor social prospects of obtaining a mate (lower income, poor social skills, poor health, physically undesirable, low intelligence).

      The overlap of these characteristics with certain racial/ethnic groups is not likely accidental.

      Somebody will undoubtedly chime in with some aberrant anecdotal case but these are generalities borne out by years of statistics.

      • IstvanIN

        Black women will sleep with any black male who gives them a couple of plastic cups of Courvoisier. Black males have no lack of sex-partners regardless of how low they are, black women have no standards. As a black female coworker once told me “black women treat their bodies like sewers, anyone can dump inside them”. Nope, black males rape because they are violent, have no impulse control and like to humiliate those weaker than themselves.

        • clip11

          Rape??? Black men??? You must be joking! Since when have black men raped anyone??? Everyone knows white men are the most likely to be rapists! Even in prison white men rape!!! Rape is not a black man’s thing!

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            My white husband has noticed, since moving to a city, young people (espcially females) look away from him as he walks down a street. I warned him about this sort of thing, but neither one of us realized it would be so common.

        • AutomaticSlim

          Courvoisier? That’s a little high brow, don’t you think?

          They most likely go for “Christian Brothers” or “E&J”, the latter of which can double nicely as a toilet bowl cleaner.

        • Joseph

          -But the impulse they fail to control in this case is reproduction and your explanation fails to explain white rape which is also too common, though less so. Rapists are particularly fond of those beyond their typical social status which is another reason that non-whites are much more likely to be raped by blacks than the converse.

  • Joseph

    That’s rich. If I remember this “King of Spades” from Swaziland he is probably responsible for most of the rapes. Isn’t this the guy with some unquantifiable (in Africa) number of wives?

  • clip11

    It’s the legacy of colonialism that causes rape in Africa. Before the white man arrived, the black man had no knowledge of rape. Black men, by nature, never rape anyone.

  • I think all Swaziland women should be paid to wear burkahs (sp?) I will gladly donate to this fund. Free condoms too.

  • PesachPatriot

    rape in africa? I’m shocked…absolutely shocked I tell you. I’m waiting for the outrage from Gloria Allred and Code Pink and all the womyn’s studies majors in american, canadian and UK universities. I wonder when they will have a “slut walk” through swaziland…better pack some good running sneakers ladies.

    • Pelayo

      Remember the Imam who stood up in his Mosque in one of the Scandinavian countries and proclaimed that the indigenous women deserved to be raped because they dressed like whores. Nothing said about impulse control. As for Blacks, it’s the same wherever and whenever you find them.

  • Pelayo

    Looking at the picture of those women in the ceremonial dance. I think they should be covered from head to toe.
    “De gustibus non disputandum est.”

  • 1gravity

    Of course, in Western eyes, the Swazi decree is laughable. But consider that the opposite sentiment underlies the entire big bucks western fashion industry: that lust is solely a male problem. That one sex should have had sanction to insult and taunt the other will some day cause historians of the late European civilization to wonder.

  • bigone4u

    I think American TV should do a reality show starring the king and his 13 wives. Imagine the hilarity of watching a moron run a country, issuing idiotic pronouncements and following citizens around as they comply. And like the US, this moron has one vote in the United Nations. But hopefully no nuclear weapons. YET.

  • EndTimesComing

    I’d say that an ethnic group which is perfectly happy to have sex with cows and goats when nothing else is available or in sight really doesn’t care about the clothes on the object of their impulsive sexual gratification. They rape their grandmothers when they “ain’t gettin’ any”.
    Last time I looked, grandmas and cows weren’t very sexy or attractive. But to blacks?

  • bubo

    I’m surprised that African culture even has a concept of what rape is. It’s just something that the men do, like breathing.

    • plato102

      A wise man once said: “It’s better to leave your mouth shut and let other’s think you’re an idiot than to open it and leave no doubt”.

  • Pelagian

    I have “liked” many of the comments posted here (some of you are very witty) but I want it to let it be known that I am FOUR SQUARE with the blacks on this one. This is basic common decency, self-respect and honoring of God. And the reason that we in the West perhaps don’t see it is the SAME REASON we don’t see other obvious facts like immigration control and race realism.

    • Pelagian

      Let me amend: of course it is “interesting” that the rapes are a problem *where* they are a problem … still, you don’t flout common sense, no matter what continent you are on.