Professor Blames Mass Shootings on ‘White Male Privilege’

Kyle Olson, Townhall, December 19, 2012

Some opinions only get attention because they come from people with advanced degrees who make their living on the taxpayer dime. That’s certainly the case for Hugo Schwyzer, a history and gender studies professor at Pasadena City College.

He has a history of blaming white men for most of the mass killings that take place in the United States. Friday’s tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut gave him a great opportunity to spout his nonsense once again.

Less than 40 minutes after the events—while (woefully inaccurate) news was still breaking—he tweeted, “MEN committing acts of Mass Violence is an epidemic that the U.S. needs to immediately address!”

About 16 minutes later, he re-tweeted a statement that came from his children’s pediatrician: “If there is anybody on Twitter who thinks we do not need gun control, go f**k yourselves.”

Minutes later Schwyzer tweeted, “F**k You, Guns…”


Back in July, just after the movie theater shootings in Colorado, he wrote:

“Are white men particularly prone to carrying out the all-too-familiar mass killings of which last week’s Aurora shooting is just the latest iteration? Is there something about the white, male, middle-class experience that makes it easier for troubled young men to turn schools and movie theaters into killing fields? In a word, yes.”

He then goes on to disprove his theory, by pointing out a Korean student killed 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007 and a Muslim killed several people in Fort Hood, Texas.

But never fear, those psychotic criminals were also men, so that’s close enough.

{snip} Schwyzer has some professorial answers, paid for with your tax dollars:

White men from prosperous families grow up with the expectation that our voices will be heard. We expect politicians and professors to listen to us and respond to our concerns. We expect public solutions to our problems. And when we’re hurting, the discrepancy between what we’ve been led to believe is our birthright and what we feel we’re receiving in terms of attention can be bewildering and infuriating. Every killer makes his pain another’s problem. But only those who’ve marinated in privilege can conclude that their private pain is the entire world’s problem with which to deal. This is why, while men of all races and classes murder their intimate partners, it is privileged young white dudes who are by far the likeliest to shoot up schools and movie theaters.


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  • Some opinions only get attention because they come from people with advanced degrees who make their living on the taxpayer dime.

    They also come from people who deliberately want to say stupid and outlandish things just to draw attention to themselves. For much the same reason these mass shootings happen.

    • liberalsuck

      The whites (or people who look white, I should say) whine about ‘white privilege’ yet they usually live a lavish lifestyles: nice car, nice house, probably live in a majority white area, never lived in a mixed/nonwhite setting, etc. The money they have was probably what they inherited from their dad or grandfathers’ own sweat and tears; or they got some nice cushy job because of their connections and aren’t expected to perform well to keep it. Only privileged whites who don’t have to compete with nonwhites for resources chide working class whites all the time; the same working-class whites who do all the work, keep the machinery going, serve in the armed forces and whose taxes go to support all the socialistic and liberal and anti-white agendas. I really can’t until the system finally collapses and these self-hating whites are in for a rude awakening; they can ask for sympathy from the prowhite people who will have the upperhand in the future, but I hope they don’t get any help.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Just more of calm, reasoned responses we’ve come to accept from our “academic betters.”

    The “F-k you, guns” comment is especially enlightening.

    And guess what?

    The good prof looks exactly like you’d expect him to.

    • Puggg

      A gamma male.

  • i am

    How about blaming the constant bullying of white males since birth, or the endless funding of illegals and a specific foreign country instead of helping our own people first.

    • guest

      Anything bad that happens, no matter what, vermin like this professor will always find a way to hold whites responsible, even if whites had nothing to do with it. Bullying whites since birth – they’ll say those whites deserve it since non-whites are always victims of racism. Endless funding of illegals and another country instead of helping our own – again, it’s all about “white privilege”. Now more than ever, there is more of this anti-white discrimination coming from these self-proclaimed “experts”. We cannot let ourselves be fooled by them and we must rid ourselves of this political correctness that is destroying our freedoms and ruining our lives.

      • Joseph

        A privileged-white commits a crime: obviously, the privileged-white guy is responsible for the deed. A black commits a crime: obviously, privileged-white oppression is responsible for the deed.

        See, perfectly logical consistency in the liberal mind; it’s always the fault of whites. This is the stuff advanced liberal arts degrees are made of-

    • Ryan shot his mother Nancy in the face indicating (to me) an intense hatred for her. Whether it was justified by her treatment of him or it was something he constructed in his own delusion mind we will likely never know.

      Regardless of what people tell us about Nancy Lanza, we don’t know how she treated her son behind closed doors.

      53% of children who are murdered by a parent are murdered by their mother so not all mothers are saints. Mothers and fathers often chose a favorite child and most kids in a family instinctively know who mom and dad like best.

      People are talking about guns and mental health. A third possibility is the mother/son relationship. It’s something most people don’t contemplate because most people have iconic loving mothers. Was Nancy Lanza a saint with a pure of heart and motives or was she something else to her son when no one was looking?

      • i am

        I don’t think we will know the truth because the people who have all the information don’t want us to know. They want to make up a reason and solution that benefits their goals (ban guns or throw whites in mental hospitals), and they want us to believe it without exception.

    • Liberalsuck

      He’s another typical white liberal who chides other white people for being rich or ‘privileged’ or not living around blacks, yet he has a nice car, lives in a predominately rich white neighborhood. Do their followers not even question them? It’s almost like the old muslim terrorists who suggest their young muslim followers need to kill themselves to be a good muslim without asking, “Well, wait, if dying is a such a good thing, why are you still alive?” hating white people is pretty much a religion; and a very prosperous one for the ones who peddle it.

    • John

      There is nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, more nauseating that witnessing a self-loathing, conditioned, and emasculated White male espousing hatred of his race and betraying his race purely for personal gain.

      Of course, White women who engage in miscegenation are extremely digusting and appalling as well, but a self-loathing White “man” who betrays his race for personal gain is even worse.

      Race-traitors are contemptible and disgusting!

      • C_C_Conrad

        Hold on just a second, Hugo Schwyzer? He might be a nice Jewish boy, oi vey.

  • StillModerated

    Maybe the shooters have been forced to listen to politically correct college-level pabulum from dubious professors like Schwyzer, and it’s enough to push a once-sane mind over the edge.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    They have to latch onto this because this is just about the only type of crime in which whites are significantly represented ahead of other races.

    • Liberalsuck

      Yep. Anytime a white guy goes out and kills a lot of people, suddenly we have calls for gun control or more ‘hate crimes’ laws. Blacks kill blacks (or other groups of people) and we never hear about it.

  • The__Bobster

    Spabooks can’t shoot up their skoos because they already look like prisons, complete with metal detectors and armed guards.

    • Puggg

      Most of the worst ghetto teenagers have already dropped out of school, as well.

  • fakeemail

    “F– U guns! F–U white men!” Shows the borderline retard intellect that is “teaching” college students. If there were in fact anything racial to do with spree shootings, it would be related to the OPPRESSION committed against the white male not his “privilege.”

  • The__Bobster

    Leftist loons are sooo tolerant:

    The cynical campaign to demonize all armed men and women as monsters must not go
    unanswered. What’s most disturbing is that the incitements are coming from
    purportedly respectable, prominent, and influential public figures.

    Consider the rhetoric of University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis. He teaches
    “U.S. environmental history, the Civil War, late 19th and early 20th century
    America, labor history, and the American West” in the university’s history
    department. Online, however, Loomis is a militantly unhinged foe of all things

    This week, the nutty professor took to Twitter to rail against
    law-abiding gun owners and the National Rifle Association. “Looks like the
    National Rifle Association has murdered some more children,” Loomis fumed. “Now
    I want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick,” he added. (LaPierre is executive vice
    president and CEO of the NRA.) Loomis was just warming up.

    “F*** the National Rifle Association and its policies to put crazy guns in
    everyone’s hands,” Loomis tweeted. “You are g**d*mn right we should politicize
    this tragedy. F*** the NRA. Wayne LaPierre should be in prison,” he spewed. “Can
    we define NRA membership dues as contributing to a terrorist organization?”

    If all that wasn’t clear enough, Loomis also re-tweeted the following message
    from a fellow left-winger: “First f**ker to say the solution is for elementary
    school teachers to carry guns needs to get beaten to death.”

    • Joseph

      People the likes of him are the very reason that peaceable people need access to personal defensive weapons. Had something of such a threatening nature been sent to HIM, he would undoubtedly demand the FBI investigate the “terroristic threat” but it’s a one way street, isn’t it.

      Remember Ted Kaczynski? This Loomis sounds like the type who would commit some sort of false-flag atrocity to gain leverage and bears watching.

    • Kostoglotov

      Nice to see that prominent Liberals believe that people who don’t agree with them should be beheaded or beaten to death. Sure doesn’t sound very peaceful / tolerant / inclusive / open-minded / respectful of the differences that make us stronger to me.

      The only time that Liberals tell the truth is when they’re enraged by something and inadvertently blurt out what they really think. This is yet another reason why you must shy away from the use of reason or logic when “debating” them (if they had an appreciation for reason and logic they wouldn’t be Liberals in the first place). Insted, fight dirty. Play with their heads and do everything you can to make them absolutely infuriated. Only then will they drop their guard and show you – and everyone watching – what they’re really made of.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I do this myself. It’s pretty fun coming up with stuff that makes their head spin. Use emotional appeals instead of logic.

        Talk about how women are oppressed in the USA and Europe by Muslims who immigrate here. Then watch as they go nuts trying to defend Muslims oppressing women.

        • Liberalsuck

          Liberals and nonwhites aren’t against oppression, provided that it isn’t white males doing it to them.

  • Puggg
  • ncpride

    What utter hypocrisy and nonsense!. Black males shoot each other (not to mention, innocent bystanders) every single day in this country. Just look at the violence in Chicago this year alone. This nutter conveniently ignores that fact while trying to convince us that gun crime is exclusive to White males. I suppose as long as black males pick each other off one by one, it’s not as terrible as mass shootings, even though in the end, dead blacks far outnumber mass shooting victims every year.

    And no, I’m not making ANY excuses for mass shootings, but lets be honest and fair here. Oh- Never mind….. we’re dealing with loony liberals.

    • Joseph

      You forget; the NRA is responsible for all of the guns AND drugs in the ‘hood. This has already been asserted by the left so it is now a fact.

      • Liberalsuck

        Blacks claim they are a strong race of people and that we are “weak evil white people”, and yet they are always claiming that we are holding them down. How can they be superior, yet be held down at the same time? I’ve asked them this question on Youtube and they get pissed. Black guys always respond with violence or with threats of violence or how “all your white women want us cuz we got bigga dicks, yo.” They are incapable of arguing and debating the way a mature, white (conservative) person would. The white liberals aren’t much better; it’s always pulling the race card or trying to get you fired or your business boycotted, etc.

        • johnbull88

          Violence does work. Look the way Hitler destroyed the jews in europe. Does who want to debate are the real liberals.

    • Shawn_thefemale

      Last night in nearby suburban Atlanta, a black male high school freshman foo-ball playa was shot to death by someone who broke in his home in ‘an upscale neighborhood’ for the “youth’s extensive collection of expensive footwear.” Merry Christmas.

  • Robert Binion

    “Homer Nods, or How the Dog Ate Professor Schwyzer’s Homework”–order now to receive before the Christmas carnage.

  • William Rooks

    Actually, professor, the 2nd Amendment was included SPECIFICALLY to deter the government from seizing the citizen’s arms. No other reason. You should know that as a professor. A very good secondary reason to honor the 2nd amendment is so that every citizen, if necessary, can protect themselves and their families FROM idiots like this nutball who was allowed to roam free by liberal psychologists, steal guns from the mother he killed, and enter a “gun free zoned” public school knowing nobody would be armed to stop him, all thanks to libtard laws and policies. And even more so, to protect themselves from criminal blacks 1/3 of which have served some sort of jail time. If you want to know WHY these things happen, it is the confluence of all the stupid liberal policies, pampering of kids telling them they are the center of the universe, short sightedness when it comes to de-institutionalisation, and feel good miss the point laws the liberals have enacted. While you mental midgets ponder why this clown entered the school and did what he did, you are producing ten more in every school with your coddling libtard emphasis on feelings rather than God and responsibilities and respect for life.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Perfect summing up. Best post of the day.

    • Joseph

      Talking to one of these people is akin to teaching circuit analysis to your dog in terms of success.

      • liberalsuck

        It never ceases to amaze that for how academically smart most liberals are (or claim to be), that they are so ignorant of history. Don’t they realize that in European history we have conquered and defeated enemies who greatly outnumbered us or overpowered us? Don’t they know that things don’t continually head in one direction forever and ever and that the pendulum swings? Don’t they know that you can’t fire people or suppress ideas or jail opponents or execute all their opponents forever?

  • David Ashton

    “Professor” S couldn’t be another of John Engelman’s non-existent “cultural Marxists” could he? Would his textbooks include, I wonder, Bertell Ollman’s “Social and Sexual Revolution”?

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Mass shootings of this nature are more often done by Whites and always done by males, leading me to believe that intelligence (and the ability to plan) plays a factor. When a Black is angry or disturbed, he reacts violently rather quickly.

    Having said that, the former is very rare, and the latter a common occurrence–particularly when one thinks about demographic numbers (Whites still outnumber blacks by quite a bit).

  • Svigor

    I blame feminism and libtardism. They gave us no-fault divorce (father’s influence might’ve prevented this tragedy), easy alimony (she bought her gun collection with alimony), single mother-hood (libtards and feminists love single motherhood), etc. And the pharmaceutical industry.

    See, it’s easy to exploit a tragedy (something only forbidden to conservatives, apparently) for your own political purposes.

    • kjh64

      I don’t blame “white male priviledge”, that’s just dumb but neither are feminism and liberals to blame either. That’s equally as silly. No-fault divorce( which I support as sometimes two people can’t make it work) was given to us by both men/women, not feminism. Both sexes wanted liberalization of divorce laws. Single motherhood is due to a lot of men walking out the door as well as rewarding single parenthood financially, again not feminism. Nor is the pharmaceutical company to blame. Alimony was not given by feminism but in pre-feminist days when husbands were made to support women as they couldn’t find work to support themselves. In this shooting situation, her ex gave her a lot of alimony because she wanted to stay home and care for her nutty son, who chose to cut off all contact with his father and brother..She earned the alimony by her work having and raising the kids and taking care of the house and foregoing her own career outside the home, so she had the right to buy guns or whatever as she earned it. However, I would have kept those guns away from my nutty son. She was trying to, rightfully so, commit her son to a psychiatric hospital which is why he went ballistic and started killing.

      • Nathanwartooth

        It was a joke. He was showing how easy it is to blame bad things on the things you hate.

    • connorhus

      You’re right on the money Svigor. This latest Conn. shooter was forbidden contact with his father who was also forced to pay up some 200K a year and guess what? That time was coming to an end unless of course Adam (the shooter) could be declared mentally unstable and under the care of the mother. Then we find out the mother was special friends with the Principal of the elementary school and the Psychiatrist who were the first casualties the shooter took out at the school.

      These facts will be downplayed because the current Liberal/Feminist/Multi-Cult religion simply can never see the damage they are doing and the blowback they are causing. It is especially prevalent within the education sphere where labeling young White boys as “mentally ill” is these feminist shill’s preferred method of attack.

      Bottom line Adam’s mother wanted the sympathy and support of her close education friends and made up this whole mental illness thing with their help and the stamp of official approval for the whole sick Feminist agenda we live under. If she really felt her kid was dangerous (without her prodding him along anyway) she would have never had firearms for his easy access.

      Feminism/Liberalism/Multi-culteralism they are all one and the same and the ultimate cause because White boys finally know they have nothing to lose.

      • Joseph

        I think that killing 27 people mercilessly qualifies as psychopathy in most circles.

        If you think not…

        • i am

          This is a fallacy. Not all serial killers are psychopaths, and not all psychopaths are serial killers. This is well know in “competent” psychological circles.

          The problem with this society is that people throw around the term sociopath and psychopath without any knowledge of what it means. Having psychopathic traits does not mean you are a psychopath. A dog has 4 legs, a tail, and is covered in fur, but so is a cow, a horse, and a cat.

          How many soldiers in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, and now the Middle East kill other people? Are they all psychopaths?

          • Le Gaulois

            You lecture others about logical fallacies while comparing a reclusive nobody slaughtering 27 unarmed civilians in a school, most of them CHILDREN, to supervised soldiers killing enemy combatants during war time ? WHAT ?

            My God, no wonder this world is going nuts !

          • i am

            Supervised? What a crock. You are no doubt a psychopath yourself. As long as your group says it is OK to kill, than it is OK. Reminds my of the Salem witch hunts.

            What do think about your supervised soldiers bombing unarmed children in Iraq and Afghanistan, or Dresden, or Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, or Vietnam? As long as the psychopath benefits, it is OK to kill. You are the reason why this country is messed up and going down hill. I am sure you are titillated that the US and Israel will kill another 100,000 children in Iran. Do you have a picture of William Laws Cally in your wallet?

      • 5n4k33y35

        The first thing I asked was, where was the father? Who initiated divorce?

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Forever disallowed firearms ownership, convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List, ex- NRA member, and fanatical lover of individual freedom, I always feel almost as physically sick at the commentary on events like this one as at the massacres of children themselves.

    The article included “…crazy guns in everyone’s hands…” There’s no such thing as a “crazy gun”. Firearms are inanimate objects with no volition of their own and thus can not go “crazy”. The NRA has been championing responsible firearms storage (gun safes and trigger locks) for as long as I have been an adult. My main complaints about the NRA were that I didn’t want to read endless articles about skeet shooting in “American Rifleman”, or hear them whine about sudden “emergencies” like the ceaseless dumb-o-crat assault, when they had spent all their money promoting trap-shooting and duck hunting and then beg me for more money.

    • Liberalsuck

      Don’t you love the hypocrisy with liberals? When conservatives fight for their rights or want laws enacted, it is “knee-jerk paranoid right-wing fearmongering” but then liberals react to a tragedy and want more gun laws or more ‘hate crime laws’, suddenly they are ok with that.

  • falsedawn

    Just another scalawag White we’ll settle accounts with soon enough.

  • Triarius

    I blame the fact that I have to pay ridiculously high taxes and work twice as hard to keep my job on “black privilage”.

    • That’s even if you can get a job in lieu of much less qualified, incompetent, affirmative action hires.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        This diseased White girl has figured out how to jump to the head of the line:

        White privilege is the term for the accumulated benefits white people receive at the expense and degradation.

        Racism is systematic and oppressive. The U.S. has a dark and ugly history with this subject and we are no better than we were at our nation’s inception. We believe as white people, that we are not privileged, that everyone is in the same boat. This is disturbing, as the evidence clearly states otherwise.

        I don’t know how to best articulate my thoughts on the subject of white privilege. I have never seen another white person in a youtube video address this subject seriously. I know that I am awkward and not too organized in my presentation of my experience, yet I must speak now lest I grow silent.

        I take this subject very seriously. I will provide more videos on the subject in the future. For now, I just want to get it off my chest that I can accept the reality of this power-hierarchy. I am privileged. My benefits and safety comes at the loss of benefits and safety of people of color.

        What do I do next? Who is with me?

        • If that poor girl has an original thought in her head, then I’m the King of England.

        • Dr. X

          If she feels so guilty about her “white privilege,” why doesn’t she just go hang herself and let the Bantus inherit the earth?

          • i am

            She is not white. She is from a group that is only white when it benefits them to be white.

        • i am

          I watched only up until she said “we.” She is not white. She is not a part of my group and I am not a part of hers. She is looks tribal, or tri-bull.

        • Liberalsuck

          If she feels so bad about her white privilege, by all mean she should give up her job to a mexican, donate all her money that she earned (not inherited from her dad or grandpa) to a black organization, and should transfer the deed of her house or car to an Amerindian and pay the expenses on it. If that still doesn’t cure her of her white guilt, then she can move to a predominately nonwhite country and try to survive there.

        • tsbgs

          It’s a bit rich coming from a Jewish girl.

        • Integration Anxiety

          What do I do next? Who is with me? Well young lady, self-immolation or the less graphic but just as effective overdose of sleeping pills would be a start. Who is with you? Not this self-described White privileged child of the decadent ’80s & ’90s.

        • 1XXX

          You’re on your own.

          Perhaps if you offer your body to as many negroes as you can find you may find the peace you seek.

          As for me – I’ll continue to enhance the privilege of those that appreciate it. That obviously excludes you.

      • Triarius

        I got my MBA from Ross with a 3.8gpa less than a year ago. It took me almost 7 months to find a job. I know 2 black guys that failed out of business school and got job offers from Big 4 companies.

        • plato102

          How is it you know such intimate details about the lives of these 2 black guys? Did someone in the business school divulge the information, which would be highly inappropriate. Or, because you’re friends with the 2 black guys(not likely given you’re an AmRen associate), they voluntered the information in a moment of intimate ‘show an tell’ between pals?

        • GrowingAnnoyed

          AA hires and students are almost worse than the ghetto trash because they actually think they’re smart.

          I knew a black coworker who almost certainly got into business school under AA. In meetings and the like he would use business terms like growth, projections, operating capital, brand positioning, etc, but it soon became apparent he didn’t know what he was talking about. It was like watching a parrot repeat words–it can pronounce them competently enough, but is clueless as to their meaning or connotations.

          These are people who probably have an IQ of 100, 1 sD higher than the mean for their group. Your average white with the same IQ would probably not get into most good schools and would certainly not be admitted to an MBA program. Yet when blacks are able to walk and chew gum at the same time without stealing, assaulting or impregnating something, they are showered with praise by naive White self-righteous do-gooders, so they get into business schools and are eventually given cognitively demanding jobs without the requisite skills. Their whole life, such blacks are treated with undue respect and given undue awards. They have essentially the same intelligence of the average white, but they think of themselves as in the same league as people with 110+ IQs.

          It was pathetic and contemptable watching my black coworker pretend he was a business man. He screwed everything up. When setting sale prices, he just pulled numbers out of his hat; they were not based on anything. He routinely made spelling mistakes in important emails. I could go on for days.

          But, of course, his incompetence must ultimately be due to White racism, after all.

  • If more than 1% of the black population(anti-White liberals included) gets paid for doing actual honest, intelligent work that stands up to professional scrutiny, I’ll be your personal servant for the next year.

  • Freethinker

    I think that we need to look at the racial aspect of it. Whatever the motivations or reasons behind such mass murder, it seems that white men are definitely more predisposed than other races to kill on a mass and wanton level. From Hitler and Stalin who, on the grand scale, were responsible for the liquidation of tens of millions to the small time spree and serial killers like the child killer Adam Lanza and the cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, there is something about white males’ psyche that is truly disturbing and sadistic. We should investigate whether the root cause of such depravity is genetic for our own good.

    • No, the predisposition only seems apparent because our own capabilities of media, information and reporting at least made it to the 18th century. Does a 3 month span in Rwanda get mentioned at even 1/1,000,000th as much as the big bad Nazis?

      An estimated 800,000 were killed in Rwanda in less than 100 days. Beat that.

      • ncpride

        Let us also debunk the myth that most serial killers are White males. Any internet search will prove that pack of lies patently false. The obvious reason for this deliberate misinformation is lack of any reporting on these black serial killers. How many people can honestly say they have ever heard of, (just to name a few,) these black killers…? Franklin, Bird, Sowell, Crawford, Gilyard or Travis.

        Not many I’m sure, but we certainly know who Dahmer, Bundy and Gacy are.

        • The names you mentioned plus Thomas, Watts — just to name a few.

          Most people don’t recognize these names because they don’t make for good made-for-tv movies unless the serial killers are unsuspecting White guys that you would never suspect.

        • UK Expat

          Strangely, I was listening to the radio the other day in the car. Someone was suggesting that perhaps the reason why it tends to be whites who commit these mass shootings is because they usually have a robust family support system (compared to blacks …) and therefore they keep it together longer before they snap. Part of the reasoning behind this was because there is very little mental health care support available to the family who is desperately trying to support the disturbed individual. In the case of blacks, they act out much earlier with lesser crimes because they do not have this family support system and therefore wind up 1) incarcerated, 2) in gangs, or 3) perform series of crimes which in total would be about equivalent, or a combination of the three.

          In addition to this, black crime is under-reported in the media … the Witchita Massacre, of course, would be classed as a mass murder had a white committed it.

          • There are probably several factors at work. One major factor is the way serial killers and mass murders are reported. The media does not want to report about a bunch of people getting killed by blacks. They especially don’t want the story getting major attention if it is black-on-White. They will give a story attentive, descriptive details if the killer is supposedly a White guy; but they will phase out the story rather quickly if the killer is found to be black. You can see that they are obviously prone to this kind of reporting just by looking at the way they treated the Duke Lacrosse scandal, so the proof is in the pudding.

            The other major factor is that White serial killers tend to be much more charismatic than their black counterparts. This alone creates a huge difference between a story that simply reports the story as a tragedy then has to move on because that’s all there was, and a story that attempts to dramatize a series of events because it does have depth beyond what the victims might have provided. Blacks, on average, do not supply this depth. They are simply big dumb idiots who kill things. The White serial killers, being much like other White people in many ways, have jobs and careers, hobbies, friends, and many times seem as normal as everyone else.

            Another factor in the perception of White people being more prone to being serial killers is that it does take a certain amount of intelligence to avoid being captured when you’ve entered the realm of mass/multiple murderer. Let’s face it, on average black people are dumb as dirt compared to White people. Many of their potential mass killers are probably caught after their first or second killing because they bragged about it to someone, or just didn’t have the intelligence to cover their tracks.

        • I once maintained a list of black serial killers.

          In the universe of serial killings, blacks commit them at about their percentage of the general population. Therefore, the only reason why SKs “seem” like a white crime is that it’s one of the few where blacks aren’t massively disproportionately represented as perpetrators.

        • razorrare

          In Amrens archives you can find an article titled,”Rise of the Black Serial Killer” which is a title of a book authored by Justin Cottrel that is the definitive study on black serial killers…the original article is here…

    • Maybe we could have some good genetic or serious personality or mental health research on why a few of our own go berzerkeley (California) from time to time. But we can’t have it because the same research would also show why so many blacks are impulsively violent on a whim. Maybe we could have a real mental health system, not the current backwards one we have now, but we can’t have it because so many blacks would be committed.

      One thing we probably won’t have ever again is the 1935-65 “gentlemen’s agreement” media that didn’t talk about these mass shootings and the nuts that pulled them off 24/7 in order to keep the perps from becoming infamous celebrities and therefore begging for the next nut to pop open.

      • That’s how the domino effect of media/mass murder conspires against society. The media exploits the tragedies for ratings and pushing of agendas, the next psycho has delusions of grandeur and going out as a celebrity…. the media exploits the tragedy, the next screwball steps up to the plate….

    • Jaego

      Don’t forget the Jew, Trotsky, aka Lev Bronstein. Or how about Mao and Pol Pot? Left’s face, you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Robert Binion

      OK, Freethinker, I’ll bite: Though beset in Neanderthal, I abide in the cave neither warm nor cold. An underground spring roils nearby; I shall befoul it not. Patient, I know here the enemy will come. Deeming me weak, he is unaware that soon I, too, shall erupt in righteous and unspeakable fury.

    • alex

      Unlike Hitler and Stalin, blacks can’t plan ahead.
      Have you ever heard about Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, genocide in Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda, Congo, Sudan and Nigeria? Mass rapes and hacking off limbs during civil wars in Africa? Necklacing?
      Cannibalism still exists in Africa.
      22% of serial killers in the USA are black. It means that they are overrepresented in the ranks of serial killers by a factor of about 2. Blacks are more likely to be serial killers than whites.
      Now go troll somewhere else.

      • StillModerated

        The reason blacks don’t shoot up primary schools is that they can’t read the signs that say: Gun Free/Drug Free Zone.

      • Pelayo

        I think that there’s a connection between the marginalization and demonization of WHite males from the time they reach High School. They are propagandized about their evil ancestors while other races are sanctified. No mention of the reciprocal butchery between the American Indians and the horrendous atrocities committed in the inter-tribal fighting in Africa that’s still going on today nor the “honor killings” in the Islamic culture.

        I used to see the anger in the faces of White boys as they watched White girls letting Black males put their hands all over them while the girls giggled with flirtatious delight. One kid said to me, while watching a particular girl” I asked her to the Prom and she turned me down for him”
        He appeared to be on the verge of tears of anger. I wanted to say something to him but I realized that any gesture of empathy could be a career ender. THis Black kid was the stereotype of a ghetto thug.

        The next day I was in a Formal wear rental place for a Tuxedo for our Prom. I volunteered to Chaperone. A red Corvette pulls up driven by a strikingly attractive young Reece Witherspoon type blonde (of course) High School girl from one of the other local HSs that was having it’s Prom on the same weekend. She was accompanied by this disreputable looking Mau Mau with the long corn rows, pants below the glutes. The entire scene. He had this permanent arrogant look that only they can wear. The employee measured him for the tux and with that the girl took out a checkbook and paid for the TUX. They left the store and took off in the Vette. The guy who was doing the measurements looked at me at shook his head in disgust. I returned a nod of agreement. A lot of these girls tell their families that they’re going to the prom dateless and hang out with their girlfriends. That is sometimes true but it’s also a way to fool their parents when their date is a boy who would NOT have the approval of their parents. The High School that the “blonde” attended is predominantly White with some Asians and Blacks. The Blacks are usually transients who are living in Section * rentals. I would not want to be a White teenage boy or even a single, twenty something White male today.

    • Triarius

      We’re sadistic now? Look up the Wichita massacre and the Knoxville horrors. Nothing is more sadistic than a black with a chip on its shoulder.

      If you look hard enough you can find the court transcripts and read the testimony of the lone survivor in Wichita. Sickest thing I ever read and I don’t flinch at surgeries or gory horror movies and am a fan of dark humor novels. And it’s not just the things those men did to those couples before executing them, but what they made them do to each other. Jeffrey Dahmer would blush.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I would be willing to participate in such an experiment. I’m a white male, and apparently extremely frightening when provoked beyond reason, but one should carefully examine the responses of other people and non-human apes in similar circumstances as part of the project.

  • MekongDelta69

    Hugo Schwyzer, a history and gender studies professor at Pasadena City College

    In other words – as we used to say – he’s gayer than a three dollar bill.

    He’s also a mentally diseased leftist – but I repeat myself.
    However, ladies and gentlemen, just like every other mentally retarded ‘professor,’ he DOES use colorful language he learned in the schoolyard when he was obtaining his valuable major.

    • Unperson

      According to the links provided above by Biff Maliboo, entitled “THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE, the prof “lives with his wife, daughter, and six chinchillas in Los Angeles.”

      An anti-hetero-male hetero-male, in other words. Not to mention, a hateful lunatic.

      • Biff_Maliboo

        Oh, those poor chinchillas…

  • AmRen friend

    This really makes me angry. It’s bad enough we have black, Mexican, and Asian racists who spew their hatred of white people, and can get away with it. But to me, this guy is even worse. I think he is an extreme left-winger and a white self-hater just like Keith Olbermann and Tim Wise, who believe that white people, especially white heterosexual males, have a patent on everything that is evil in the world. Just the fact that he curses private gun ownership would but him in league with Stalin’s NKVD. How much you want to bet he’s a true Marxist and Communist at heart?

    • IstvanIN

      Are you aware of “who” ran Stalin’s secret police?

      • Joseph

        That’s just a coincidence.


      • Colonel Flagg

        And the Doctor’s Purge was so brilliant because it consisted of this conspiratorial “who” attacking the conspiratorial “who”, i. e., itself – what better way to draw attention away from the fact that they have secretely controlled the world for centuries? It was a plot inside a plot, just like the so-called Holocaust.. The Soviets found Hitler’s tinfoil jockstrap in the Command Bunker with the whole plan written out on it in tiny Squid letters but they chose not to believe it. And 44 years later, the USSR was history. Coincidence? I don’t think so, Comrade.

      • alex

        Lavrentiy Beria-Mingrelian. Nikolai Ezhov-Russian, before him. Their Jewish predecessor, Genrikh Yagoda was executed.
        Don’t believe everything David Duke says.

    • Liberalsuck

      If Wise is on a radio show, find out when and tell us. Let’s call in and say, “Hey, Mr. Wise, why is it that you live in an area that is 96% white and you have made a lot of money, yet you won’t live in a predominately black or Hispanic area or donate all your money to the less fortunate blacks and mexicans?” This is the stuff we need to do. Constantly expose these people to their followers.

  • Nicholai Hel

    “Are black men particularly prone to carrying out the all-too-familiar gang killings of which last week’s Chicago shootings are just the latest
    iteration? Is there something about the black, male, lower-class
    experience that makes it easier for troubled young men to turn funerals
    and neigborhoods into killing fields? In a word, yes.”

    • ncpride

      Excellent post. That’s exactly the point I was trying to get across in my earlier comment. It’s more shocking when it’s mass shootings, but blacks kill even more over time where the results are the same, and that shouldn’t be ignored and gun crime should not be considered a ‘White thing’ by nutters like this guy.

  • AB7

    Blacks would similarly engage in mass killings but their impulsive nature leads them to engage in spur of the moment attacks against often totally “random” people, rather than take the extensive mental effort and time required to plan and carry out a mass attack. The freak who killed the kids at the school even smashed his computer hard drive before venturing forth on his evil mission.

    • When the Beltway snipings were happening in 2002, I, like everyone else, presumed white, because of what seemed to be the meticulously planned nature of the snipings.

      • liberalsuck

        I did, too. Being that you brought that up, I suggest buying a copy of The Rise of the Black Serial Killer by Justin Cottrell. Good read. Please help our prowhite advocates by buying NEW copies instead of used so they get the royalty directly for it. The only time I will buy our enemies books (like if I had to read a book by Tim Wise in college), I would get a cheap used copy so they don’t get a new royalty. Support our advocates as much as you can, and make it harder for our enemies to keep getting our resources.

    • Luca

      Blacks readily participate in tribal activities. They are conditioned to hunt and gather in small or large roaming groups. Rarely do they undertake large projects alone, whether they be good or evil. Robbing a liquor store alone is a rather simple process and even then they will have one or two accomplices to help figure things out. Ever notice a lack of black quarterbacks in the NFL? All that planning and execution can be confusing.

      • Puggg

        Starting NFL QB is probably the most demanding position in professional sports. You have an entire offense going through you almost 100% of the time, you’re often the face of the franchise, if you’re a good enough QB (Peyton Manning) you’re essentially the offensive coordinator, the entire fan base of a team pins their hopes on you, and it can go so far that you’re the sometimes face of an entire metropolitan area.

        Point is, merely having a good physical skill set isn’t good enough.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    We are so burdened by our White privilege that the Diversity helps heal us from our psychic trauma by preventing us from getting the jobs we’ve earned but would feel guilty having.

    Thanks to Diversity, we avoid the guilt and thus can focus on racial healing and reconciliation.

  • IstvanIN

    I don’t think we can blame divorce, feminists, gays, diversity or Jews (or whites and guns in general) for this crime. This was the result of a mentally disturbed young man whose mother didn’t have the sense to not keep guns where her son could get at them.

    • Triarius

      Once again, I agree with you. If we shift blame we are no better than them, in fact worse since we are white. We must own up to it, and not give some crazy conspiracy theory for a reason like some of us do.

      But yes, he did seem disturbed and you can almost be guaranteed that he was a libtard.

      • liberalsuck

        I am in agreement with IstavnIN and Triarius. While I agree that those groups you mentioned are responsible for putting out the propaganda and for instituting policies and laws that have detrimental to the white race, we are ultimately responsible for where we are and where we are going. It’s like that saying, “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool you twice; shame on you.”

        • Rosebud

          I believe the correct phrase is, “Fool me once, shame on YOU. Fool me twice, shame on ME.”

  • Athling

    Mr Schwyzer is the true Alpha female.

  • Vance

    To a certain degree,I agree with the professor.

    • Chris

      I do to, but in a certain way. It would be interesting to see an unbiased (if that’s possible) non-partisan study on how the anti-American, white hating school curriculum affects vulnerable, emotionally/psychologically unstable white students. After years and years of hearing nothing but how evil whites are, how bad western culture is, how bad white privilege is, it seems that would have a cumulative impact on the mentally unsound young white male. Liberals create their own problems.

      • Pelayo

        The bottom line is that we don’t need gun control. What we need is “NUT control”. We are raising a generation in which there are increasing numbers of kids who have personality disorders. In addition we have become a society of strangers. I walked passed cafeteria tables and saw students sitting across from each other texting each other instead of talking. I saw long lines of kids outside nurses’ offices waiting for their Ritalin. It’s known that Ritalin can produce psychoses that can manifest themselves in suicidal or homicidal tendencies. Weren’t Harris and Klebold on RItalin? There are more disturbed people in this society than ever before. These mass shootings (excluding organized crime killings like the St. Valentines Massacre) are becoming a part of everyday life in this country. The media certainly have a share of the guilt. TV is getting more and more violent and graphic as are the movies. I stopped watching Criminal Minds because I couldn’t take the ever more ramped up graphic portrayal of horrible violence against women.

        Our kids are obsessed with Zombies and Vampires. The line between imagination and reality is becoming more and more blurred. Even the music they enjoy is dark in its messages.

        Mrs. Lanza knew that her son was suffering from some disorder, Did she seek help or did she go into denial?

        In the Cramer Hill section of Camden NJ in 1949, a veteran of WWII named Howard Unruh went on a rampage of killing of his neighbors. He had made a list of all his intended victims, dressed up in a fine looking suit and a striped bow tie and methodically shot them on his morning stroll. His victims were men, women and one or more children. His weapon was a Luger 9mm pistol that he had brought back from the war.( It was learned that he also kept a detailed account of every German soldier that he had killed and how they looked after he had killed them.)

        One victim had a .38 Calibre revolver and managed to get one shot off, hitting Unruh somewhere in the thigh, Unruh shot him dead as well and actually didn’t even realize that he’d been hit until he was finally arrested by the police without resistance. He was declared incompetent and sentenced to a psychiatric facility until he died in 2006 (?). His victims numbered around 16. Pretty efficient job considering that he didn’t have an “assault rifle”.

        This incident was the first recorded mass shooting spree and it’s all been down hill since then.

        One of the great puzzles is that these people always target other Whites with non-whites being collateral damage. We can’t decry the killing of Whites by other Whites. That would be racist!

        I used to laugh at the conspiracy theory about implants due to the fact that several shooters claimed that voices were telling them do commit these horrors. It sounded crazy but it IS food for thought. We are gradually descending into chaos . I’m not laughing at the conspiracy crowd anymore. The clarion call for gun control has been sounded.

        “Ah was crazy back when bein’ crazy meant somethin’, Today,EVERYBODY’S crazy”. Charles Manson – Interview from San Quentin conducted by Geraldo Rivera.

  • Chris

    He forgot to mention Amy Bishop.

  • IanJMacDonald

    Poor Huge Schwyzer is a rather troubled individual.

  • K.K.

    I blame Professors like him, who make schools and Universities into anti-White bastions.

  • ViktorNN

    Since 1982 there have been a little over 1 of these mass murder Newtown/Columbine-style incidents per year. To generalize from such a tiny number of incidents to an entire white male population of tens of millions of people is simply retarded.

    Hard to believe this guy is an educator. Well, actually it’s not a surprise – academia is full of the feeble minded, sadly.

  • LHathaway

    “White men from prosperous families grow up with the expectation that our voices will be heard. We expect politicians and professors to listen to us and respond to our concerns”.

    If this is true – it’s likely true because aggrieved groups, every person who isn’t a white man, are constantly being given a platform telling the world how underprivileged they are (and by implication how privileged white men are). So basically it is the author himself who is responsible for whites expecting their will be done, and for feeling superior and privileged. Surely the author isn’t in favor of giving a platform to whites where they discuss their problems? We can all expect more of the same, because telling the truth, truly dealing with ‘social justice’ in the United States, waking up white men, and facing facts, why, that would be dangerous, and would no doubt lead to ‘hatred’. It’s Ok to mislead the entire population of the United States concerning endless tiny details (and forming incorrect world-views?) but to ‘mislead’ white men, suggesting they might have even One tiny problem or difficulty, that would be a no-no.

  • blindsticks

    Have black people stopped shooting up dance halls then? Because nobody told me. Have black people stoped doing ‘drive byes’ ? Because nobody told me. Have blacks stopped carrying guns at carnivals and funfairs? Because nobody told me. Have blacks stopped dealing guns? Because nobody told me. And how come the great White Hunter Schwyzer, omitted to mention this one: The Hartford Distributors shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on August 3, 2010, in Manchester, Connecticut, United States. The location of the crime was a warehouse owned by Hartford Distributors, a beer distribution company. The gunman, former employee Omar Shariff Thornton (born April 25, 1976)[1] shot and killed eight people before turning a gun on himself.
    And his victims were all whitemen, who were also blamed for his shooting spree – because they were racists , you see.

    • Liberalsuck

      This was a few years back in my younger, clubbing days: I went into the city with my friend a few years back to go clubbing. We went into the white ones and it was safer; they didn’t need to pat people down. We went into a black area, they had security at the doors and patted us down. Even getting pass security, I still didn’t feel comfortable being around a large group of blacks. A black guy came up to us and said something like, “What? You players ain’t bumpin’ up with no bitches? Get out on da dance floor, man.” I laughed and said, “We don’t come here much, man.” My friend–liberal one too–said, “Great, why to promote the white stereotype. ‘We don’t come here often.’.” Then followed by a whisper to me of, “Dude, let’s get out of here.”

  • bigone4u

    What a nasty little twerp the professor is. I have my own theory about mass shootings that I think refutes his BS.

    When a story about senseless mass murder breaks and dominates the news for days, it’s almost always a young white kid who is the shooter. Adam Lanza is just the latest in a long line of disaffected white youth. Why do whites take this route and why are so few black perpetrators involved. Here are my theories:

    1. Successful mass murder requires careful planning and preparation. Blacks are too unintelligent to be successful mass murderers because they can’t plan and prepare well. Their murders are like Chinese water torture … drip, drip, drip … that happens when they chimpout and take out another black or two–crimes of opportunity, which is why I carry a wooden tee ball bat with me at all times.

    2. Whites have been brainwashed into thinking ill of themselves. If you’re white, you’re supposed to hate yourself. Thus, whites become enraged and suicidal. Many of the white mass shooters kill themselves after telling our antiwhite society by their violent acts to go blank itself.

    3. Blacks on the other hand are exalted by the media and idiot professors as a noble persecuted race, a race of “Magical Negroes,” like Barack Hussein Obama. I think this lie may undermine any black male impulse to go out and kill in mass numbers. It certainly would logically have the effect of making blacks less likely to commit suicide.

    4. Blacks are less likely that whites to be on the “meds” that the establishment is using to control whites and impair their thinking. Big Pharma is evil.

    5. Having sex enhances your self esteem. Too many of our young white boys are no longer able to get themselves a sex partnerr since it is the black man who is worshipped for his alleged sexual prowess. Adam Lanza, like many of the mass murderers was surely a virgin. How many young black males can say that?

    Anyway, this is my analysis.

    • falsedawn

      I asked my absolutely beautiful niece why she didn’t have a boyfriend? She told me because they’re all home playing video games. I guess she knows what’s she’s talking about.

      • anonymous

        Or maybe lots of pretty young white women today just don’t want white men in general. They won’t date me, yet I am a young man, am told I am good looking, am a taller man, I work, I am responsible, am not shy to talk to women, am polite with all people, am not a manwhore, don’t use drugs, am not an alcoholic, don’t have any drama or baggage, don’t have massive tattoos or piercings on my body…yet I am still single. Sometimes I think if I looked like a ‘gangsta’ or a whigger or had a fancy nice car that these same pretty younger white women who often say “oh, I just can’t find a good guy” might date me.

        • falsedawn

          Maybe so. All I can see when I look at my niece is a beautiful young women. Obviously, She’s not going to act around me like she would you. I don’t know what goes on one way or another. But from what I know, she’s never had anything to do with a black or spanish guy.

        • WHITE HORSE

          You are “boring”. Young women want excitement since they live a bored insecure life.

          They are also not smart enough to know what is worth marrying (traits you have) and what is worth partying with. Those are 2 different types of men.

          Women are not taught to think. They are encouraged to “feel” and to follow their feelings. They may like you and think your “nice” but that is not going to thrill them in bed. You will not make them FEEL like a woman as well as a cool, hip, aggressive Black guy that the media tells her she should want.

          Folks, there is a real concerted effort to wipe out the White Man. It is real.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Arrange for yourself to be loaned to a partner company in Japan.

  • falsedawn

    I don’t know why my post was erased. All I said was at some point we’re going to settle accounts with bums like Schwyzer. What’s wrong with that?


      You are being too honest. Stop it.

    • anarchyst

      Almost any criticism of those of the “tribe” will get your post deleted here on Amren. I wish things were different, but we have to be “creative” when talking about the foibles of the “tribe”. . .

  • razorrare

    I would like to hear Hugo’s thoughts on abortion,especially those abortions that have been performed where the baby is “partially” born or the deaths of innocent children who have their lives ended when a nation decides to drop bombs on another nation…perhaps he could sound off on Hollywood & the music industry that glorifys violence and the gangsta way of life…it only stands to reason that those who would implement and support policies that dont lead to a healthy respect for life add to the lack of respect for life which in my opinion helps create tragedies like the latest school shooting,at least in part…many other factors contribute which other posters here have offered…

  • Steve

    The notion that “most serial killers are white males” is trotted out constantly by the MSM as a way of refuting the idea that violence is our society is an overwhelmingly black/hispanic phenomenon. But what exactly do they mean by “serial killer”?. If they mean a Jack the ripper style looney who randomly sneaks into houses at night and butchers people then yes they are mainly white. But if they just mean people who commit murder against multiple people then that honour belongs to the sons of Africa.

  • Liberalsuck

    Let me get this straight: So when (rich) white males commit crimes, it’s because of white privilege. When poor blacks and Mexicans commit crimes, it’s because of a lack of opportunity. Do I understand that correctly?

  • Why is it when I read an aricle on here about black folks cmmiting a crime, almost everyone in the comments section talks the perp in the article is the representitive of all blacks everywhere, but when white folks commit a crime like this one, they are always mentally disturbed or a crazed loner?

    • MikeofAges

      Because white men, in general, are depicted as mentally disturbed (nerdy, passive types) or crazed loners (red blooded, he man types). In reality, both black and white men who commit crimes are depicted as representative of their “type”. So are Hispanics (savage, emotional meltdown prone) and Asians (amoral, treacherous). Jeez, where does anyone get these ideas anyway?

  • Steve

    The media never told the truth about Columbine. The two kids were alleged to be white supremacists when in actual fact they were supremacists who belonged to a different kind of tribe.

  • Here’s an interesting article comparing gun violence in the US to gun violence in South American countries. Is this ‘white male privilege?:

  • scutum

    I went to this twit’s blog and he had posted a picture if himself. He looks like a typical
    gender studies, black studies, chicano studies, etc. type. Someone who knows
    absolutely nothing about firearm, but who will none the less pontificate on how
    guns, and white male culture are responsible for all our shooting deaths. How about the fact that there are no fathers in many of these homes. How about the fact that a single mother was struggling to get this kid committed, but couldn’t because of the legal minefield erected
    against involuntary commitments by the ACLU? We are living under a marxist government and this twit, like most of our educational establishment, is responsible for the transformation of our republic into a communist dictatorship.

    • Puggg

      How do we really know what this mother was or tried to do? The media got so much wrong and wrong again relating to this matter that I don’t believe anything anymore about this case. Remember the first “confirmed” fact was that the shooter was a 20 year old father of a student in the school, which would have made the shooter/daddy no older than 15 when his “son” was born.

      But you’re right about mental health. There was an article on CofCC just last week that shows the problem is that involuntary commitment is very hard to get done, instead the paradigm is for all these designer “disorders” and “phobias” to be invented out of thin air for almost the expressed purpose of selling SSRIs, NDRIs and other drugs.


        Look at the number of this killers who have been taking these drugs.

        ALso look at the killings. You have a young white guy, on these drugs, who kills a bunch of people and then calmly commits suicide. All of them

        Pattern, anyone? Almost like robots. Almost like some form of conditioning. They all have guns the know how to use, are calm enough to load 50 to 100 rounds, go about the killings like a machine, and then kill themselves.

        Sorry, but something is odd here.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    He also failed to note Marc Lepine was not a Frenchman, but a Muslim with a completely different birth name, which would explain his hostility to women being in college.


      He needs to address the Black man’s lust of White women and the massive number of rapes performed by Black men.

      ALso the shooting and murdering of fellow blacks by blacks. Did he mention that?

  • White on White violence is news; Black on Black violence is so widespread that it isn’t news.

  • pcmustgo

    He shows a lot of sympathy for the Mentally ill….. I guess mentally ill white people deserve no sympathy. Not like I condone what these killers did.

  • PesachPatriot

    This incident in connecticut says a lot more about the moral rot in this country than it does about guns. The North American continent has been armed to the teeth since the 1700’s but no one ever took a musket into the old one room school house. Even during a cruel and brutal civil war neither side deliberately shot up a schoolhouse full of the other sides kids. During the Great Depression there were hunting rifles in almost every home in America and plenty of “normal” crime in the cities but even the criminals of the 1930’s wouldn’t have considered shooting a school full of kids. Even columbine, which was tragic, at least had some sort of motive(bullied kids want revenge) This professor is an idiot. This incident also made me question why I brought a kid in to this world and makes me want to home school.

    The liberals who stereotype white male gun owners as potential school shooters have often never handled a firearm in their life or even seen one other than TV, movies or video games and think the basic human activity of hunting is barbaric, evil and cruel because grocery stores exist now. They don’t realize that most people who own guns legally don’t want to do anything that would screw up their right to own and carry legally. Convicted felons in the inner city don’t care about gun laws whatsoever and simply buy stolen weapons that can’t be tracked. The average responsible, law abiding gun owner prays that they never need to be used for anything other than hunting or stress relief at the range.

    I find it interesting that the mall and school shootings both happened in blue states not renowned for having the most pro-2nd amendment laws. When i first heard about the shooting in Portland I was amazed anyone there had an AR-15….Its amazing how these kind of incidents almost never happen in armed to the teeth Texas. when liberals in these states demonize inanimate objects and make them a source of terrifying mystery they make kids insanely attracted to them. Kids who grow up using guns for hunting real animals have a much firmer grasp on the reality and deadly seriousness of firearms than the blue state kids who play countless hours of vice city and call of duty. I’m honestly surprised heavy metal music hasn’t been blamed yet for either one of these incidents. I have spent countless hours listening to evil heavy metal music and played tons of violent video games and watched tons of gory horror movies, yet for some reason I can still tell the difference between right and wrong.

    Many liberals actually are becoming more pro 2nd amendment because of this. Even my wife and mom now think giving teachers who are ex police and military concealed carry handguns might be a good idea….its easy to want to be a hippy and idealist with other peoples kids lives but their kids better be protected by something more substantial than a coexist bumper sticker. I wish we could all just mourn a tragedy as americans, instead of instantly falling in to political squabbling….no politician left or right will be raising those kids from the dead.

  • ImTellinYa

    In the wake of the Lanza school shooting there has been a lot of embarrassing, overwrought posturing by the usual Leftist candle burners and finger pointers. Given the immoral and rather brutal nature of the Left, I would be tempted to think that they are striking false poses. Some might be. Their leaders perhaps. Certainly someone like Obama, who is quite comfortable with the Fast and Furious style of murder, wouldn’t really feel anything at all except eagerness for an opportunity for crocodile tears and a power grab.

    But I don’t think most Leftists are knowingly striking false poses. As sanctimonious twits, they are doing something that makes them feel good and that’s all it takes to validate, to themselves, whatever hogwash they care to project. If they like doing something, Leftists will always rationalize it so that they can present it as a morally superior stance when really their rationalization is a lie. What they actually are doing is using the deaths of these kids as a weapon to attack their political and social enemies; Christian White people who insist on having the means to defend themselves from violent attack.

    And, as we all know, most violent attacks against Whites are by lively, vibrant, diverse savages, so the Leftist twit is also striking a blow for our enemies by insisting that Whites disarm.

    Because of one mad man, Leftists would persecute legal, responsible gun owners. This is another crime that the Leftists will have no problem rationalizing.

    From what I’ve read, the Left is to blame for the shooting in several ways. The shooter was an extreme misfit. He was just the kind of loser that the Left has redefined into a transcendently superior being: (Alienated, sullen, afraid, resentful).

    These losers and misfits are told all their lives that the winners are to blame for their own misery. That they are losers is not even a little bit their fault.

    They are taught by the Left and its ally, the entertainment/media industry, that to lash out at their perceived oppressors is heroic and fine. What this Lanza was doing was probably just what it appears to be. He was killing his mother (she’s to blame) and all the kids who used to laugh at him because THEY are to blame for his misery. The Left tells him so every day.

    But whatever his personal motives, you will notice that ALL of these school shootings by Whites are done by the losers and misfits who are striking back just as the Left has told them to do. And even insane people are strongly influenced by what goes on around them.

    And then the Left blames the winners among White people.

    The Left also essentially ignores the daily massacres among nonWhite kids. It doesn’t fit the Leftist narrative, so it is redefined as just a slightly high homicide rate among those who have been damaged by White racism. Another lie. Another rationalization.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “We expect public solutions to our problems.”
    “[…]conclude that their private pain is the entire world’s problem with which to deal.”

    This sounds much more like Diversity than whites.

  • This ‘professor’ sounds like a self-loathing White who has obvious disdain for his white skin.

    Make NO mistake, find him walking down the street some night–even in Pasadena, his self-loathing attitude won’t save him if ‘diversity’ on the street decides to violently attack him..

    In reality, IF that happened, he’d feel he ‘deserved’ it.

  • GrowingAnnoyed

    It’s amazing, isn’t it? Every bad thing in the world is the fault of white men somehow. I just read an article on vice by some Muslim essentially arguing that whites and especially White Christians need to be more understanding, appreciative and sensitive towards Islam; that White Westerners need to stop criticizing Islam and Muslims.

    Give me a bloody break. In the context of terrorism, honor killings, grotesque mysogeny and a