MN Social Studies Curriculum Emphasizes American ‘Racism,’ Removes ‘Patriotism’

Tony Lee, Breitbart, December 23, 2012

Last Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Education held public hearings to approve its new social studies education curriculum that leaves out “patriotism” as a civic virtue and teaches that America’s rise as a global power from its agrarian roots led to “institutionalized racism.”

History Standard 20 for the period 1870—1920, in the new social studies/history standards, says:

The student will understand that as the United States shifted from its agrarian roots into an industrial and global power, the rise of big business, urbanization, and immigration led to institutionalized racism, ethnic and class conflict, and new efforts at reform.

John Fonte, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, wrote that “nine years ago a group of history professors from the University of Minnesota sent a letter to the state’s education department” complaining that Minnesota’s social studies standards “presented American history too positively.”

These academics wanted Minnesota’s children to learn that the story of American “primarily meant slavery for African Americans, genocide for American Indians, subjugation for women, xenophobia for immigrants, and exploitation for poor people.”

The 2012 standards also include “no references to 9/11, the Taliban, Osama bin Laden, the Iraq War, the war in Afghanistan, the Gulf War of 1991, or terrorism itself.”


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  • Puggg

    Minnesota Social Studies Syllabus, for High School Seniors

    UNIT 1: Slavery

    UNIT 2: Segregation

    UNIT 3: The Holocaust

    Term Project: Something involving glue and sprinkled glitter

    • 48224

      I love glue and glitter.

      • And macaroni art.

      • Puggg

        You might, but I know you don’t think glue and glitter is the way to get college ready. I actually read on AmRen a teacher from New York state that it’s common fare in his school to warn Hispanic high school seniors named Francisco to use the kiddie pool plastic safety scissors when he does his “poster board and glitter” term project so that he can be “college ready.”

      • OlderWoman

        Colored popcorn glued on paper in the shape of a thanksgiving turkey.

      • Anders

        Me too. And segregation, I really love segregation,

    • Andy

      You forgot Native Genocide with advanced 15th century knowledge of chemical warfare.

    • Aspara Gus

      That’s it in a nutshell there. Not much left to say. Symptom, symptom, cause.

  • fakeemail

    Ever wonder how your life story would be told if it were form the POV of your worst enemy? Let’s find out!

  • fakeemail

    Hey, kids! Wonder what it’d be like if your life story was told from the POV of the person who hates you most? Let’s find out!

  • David Ashton

    Just for John Engelman: This is the “race, gender, class” syllabus aka Cultural Marxists at work. Many more similar examples in the English-speaking “education” world.

  • RJSNS16

    The evil men at the Frankfurt School (Marcuse, Adorno, Horkheimer, Greenberg, Gramsci, etc) were truly prophetic & planning DECADES ahead.

    From their graves we whites can now hear them boasting, “Game, set, match…you lose!”

    • Maurice

      The primary difference between the two groups is that whites
      build, and Jews get. People tearing down can still be getting. It’s been a long

      • Kostoglotov

        You should tell your little story to the Israelis who struggled and fought for generations to make the desert bloom and bring forth a first-world democracy from the surrounding Islamic darkness. Of course, you’ll just claim that they did it with gold stolen from the Federal Reserve by UFO-piloting Freemasons at the behest of the Elders of Zion, or some such brain-dead nonsense.

        • Nathanwartooth

          If they want to fight the crazy Muslims over “the holy land” they can all day long. The only problem I have is when Whites get dragged into it and start fighting endless wars to destabilize Muslim countries to support that first world democracy you are talking about.

          When Ben Nuttyyahoo showed that picture of a bomb to the U.N. I was thinking “and who’s problem is this again?”. Oh wait, it’s America’s problem. Since we are going to have to go to war with Iran, spike oil prices and kill our young people just so the Jews can have their precious piece of dirt in the desert.

        • chrismalllory

          I guess the Palestinian owned olive and citrus groves that the Israelis are constantly bulldozing don’t count as blooms in the desert.

          Why would they steal gold from the Federal Reserve? They own it lock, stock and barrel. They stole the money from the American taxpayers.

          • OlderWoman

            ‘I guess the Palestinian owned olive and citrus grove…’ I doubt the Palestinians planted them. I’d be willing to bet that the Hebrews planted them. Hebrews had to give up their greenhouses and gardens to the racist Jordanians in Palestine.

        • gemjunior

          Don’t forget all the money from innocent U.S. taxpayers whose paychecks have not been entirely their own since the day the creature from jekyll island was let loose upon us by some of your kith and kin.

    • Alex

      I remember reading about Gramsci and being absolutely shocked and surprised he was not executed under Mussolini.

      There’s a gentleman named Yuri Bezmenov who was a KGB agent who defected to the United States and he describes in detail on how the Soviet Union was bringing in this cancerous thought to our country and how the useful idiots ate it up with a spoon. Joe McCarthy was right all along.

  • jay11

    I work in a school. In the social studies dept, all six teachers teach nothing but ‘black’ or ‘indian’ exploitation issues. I mean ALL the time. The posters in the room are 90% MLK, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, various feminists of ages past and, of course, Che.

    • Joe

      And white taxpayers are happily funding all of this.

      We need to get more stuff on Youtube and get liberal taxpayers to watch it. I think even serious liberals might be taken aback if they saw some of the on-the-ground reality of what goes on.

    • Andy

      At my charmer of a school system we studied the virtues of Louis Farrakhan. (And this town had three or four Hispanics and maybe seven black people.) My AP US History class started with a chapter on how all of the inventions that made it possible for Europeans to explore the world were stolen from the Arabs or the Asians, and then went on to describe the “technological innovations” of the North American Indians (arrowheads). Now I am lucky enough to be in a school of education learning how to indoctrinate my future students against white people, Christians, men, America, and Europe. The capstone of my recent class on teaching reading was the Multicultural Literature project. When I finally reach the classroom, I intend to give my students a full and accurate account of history, including the history of neglected or misrepresented parts of the world. There will be no stories of egalitarian, peace-loving natives in my classroom, unless we are reading fiction.

    • Tim

      I subbed at an extremely well off 95% White district. They had a “Timeline” going around the room. The picture of Ike was the size of a quarter and the one of MLK the size of a dinner platter.

      • OlderWoman

        But, they would never have lived in his neighborhood.

  • The Ice Queen

    At the end of the semester when I turned in my last paper in my high school Social Studies class, the teacher asked me what I thought of the class. So I told him. It was the mid seventies, I was a quiet student, not very vocal. I surprised myself and him when I answered him very honestly with this: “I didn’t like that white people were blamed for every wrong in our country and the world, as if we were all bad, and that everything was our fault.” (That was the gist of it, I elaborated a little more, but can’t remember word for word.) The teacher was stunned. He didn’t say a word. He just looked at me. I turned in my paper, collected my things and walked out of the room. I’ve always wondered what he thought.

    • The__Bobster

      If he was anything like the libtarded social studies teachers I’ve encountered, you’d have received an F on that paper.

      • The Ice Queen

        I can’t remember what my grade was, it was so long ago. He was pretty young, had a pony tail, and judging from his comfort with the anti-white material, he was no doubt a liberal. I did have a liberal teacher kick me and a friend out of a class simply because she didn’t like our religious beliefs. We were sent to ‘study hall’ so we could not join in class discussions. She was clever enough to give us both an A. I don’t know if she suffered any consequences when administration found out.

    • The Verdict of History

      Sir you were very brave.

      I think any Honest HISTORIAN, who cares to adhere to the example set forth by the GREAT Herodotus himself (the father of history), is well aware of the contributions of European peoples to the advancement of the formally lowly and backward condition of Non-white humanity….

      We are the pioneers of invention, development and progress.

      The American experiment only went awry when whites started feeling sorry about their history and accomplishments…

      Cultural Marxism is grounded in the intellectually dishonest project of shaming whites by distorting our historical role in transforming humanity, and in presenting it as some sort of curse for the world.

      Celebrations of Western primacy – as exemplified by the Industrial Revolution, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, Telecommunications revolution and Digital and Information age – are downright politically incorrect because they fail to conform to the narratives of white guilt and self-hate….

      How wicked and destructive of the these charlatans to inculcate self-hatred and guilt into whites at such a young age!!!

      This is indescribably evil.


      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The American experiment only went awry when whites started feeling sorry about their history and accomplishments…

        The American experiment only went awry when Whites were made to feel sorry about their history and accomplishments…



        • Tim_in_Indiana

          So white people are just a bunch of puppets? Sorry, I disagree. You cannot excuse the former white majority for the responsibility they hold in their own dispossession.

          • Dr. Möbias

            A lot of the destruction of White America happened in the bad old days before the Internet when the ONLY means of mass communication was the three White-hating networks and the White-hating national media.

            Read this:


            And then come back and tell me the destruction of White America was something we did to ourselves.


          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            I stand by every word I wrote.


    • Tim

      You should have asked what he thought. You might have found a kindred spirit.

  • NYB

    The period of 1870—1920 was a time of great debate about immigration, culminating in the Immigration Act of 1924.

    This included the National Origins Act and Asian Exclusion Act, which sought to limit the annual number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country who were already living in the U.S. in 1890.

    According to the U.S. Department of State the purpose of the act was “to preserve the ideal of American homogeneity”, by limiting Jews, Middle Easterners, East Asians, and Indians.

    Proponents of the Act sought to establish a distinct American identity by favoring native-born Americans over Southern and Eastern Europeans in order to “maintain the racial preponderance of the basic strain on our people and thereby to stabilize the ethnic composition of the population”.

    The Act was opposed by in the House by Jewish representitive from Brooklyn Emmanual Cellar, who fought for its repeal for the next four decades. In 1965, he succeeded.

    • The__Bobster

      He succeeded, and within two generations, Traditional America ceased to exist.

    • Vonhauer

      The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (aka the Hart-Cellar Act) was introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R. 2580 by Rep. Emanuel Celler (D-NY) and co-sponsored by non-Jewish white Sen. Philip Hart (D-MI).

      The Act passed in the US Senate with overwhelming support of non-Jewish whites on September 22, 1965 (76 – 18).

      The act Passed in the US House with overwhelming support of non-Jewish whites on September 22, 1965 (326 – 70).

      Non-Jewish white Ted Kennedy heavily supported the Act and did everything he could to ensure its passage.

      The Act was signed into law by non-Jewish white President Lyndon B. Johnson on October 3rd, 1965.


      Emanuel Celler was a Jewish rat whose actions helped toward bringing about a non-white America. Philip Hart was a non-Jewish white rat who co-sponsored the Act.

      In fact, Emanuel Celler was helped every step of the way by non-Jewish white rats and given the votes in the US Senate and House of Reps., it was non-Jewish white rats who passed the Act and a non-Jewish white rat President that signed the Act into law.

      This is the problem I have with sites like O.O. and the conspiracy nuts out there who actually damage our cause. Jews are not above criticism nor should they be. Their Leftism is well known but to ascribe all our problems as being due to the amazing powers of Jews is absurd. Leftist non-Jewish whites far outnumber Leftist Jews in the US and THEY are responsible for our current immigration policy.

      I hate all Leftists. Jew or Gentile. Period.

      • Vonhauer

        BTW, don’t get the idea that I am defending Jews. I’m not. We need clear and intelligent thinking. Let the truth be told then let reasonable minds make reasonable decisions based on all the facts.

        • Le Gaulois

          Yes you are. And for “clear and intelligent” thinking, that certainly explains why the US is the only “White” government that constantly vetoes unanimous resolutions against Israel by the U.N. Security Council, hmm ?

          Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…

      • MerlinV

        Yup. Thats true. Some 98% of the entire U.S. government was in complete control of Gentile Whites in 1965. They gave us our current immigration policy. Not Jews.

        This is the thing for me, take Hollywood for example. Look at the garbage thats put out as entertainment largely by Jews. But then look at who laps it up in droves — Whites. Hollywood wouldbstop producing anti-White “entertainment” if their productions failed at the box office i.e. lost millions of dollars. But no, Hollywood is rewarded for it financially by Whites.

        Jews only have the power to suggest. Its Whites who then make the final decision.

        • White Libertarian

          I wouldn’t use the term “suggest.” From an economic standpoint, producers produce everything under the sun until they make a profit. Then they simply rinse and repeat. The main choosers, as you rightly point out, are the white consumers. I would say the Jewish Hollywood machine is merely “responding” to their consumer desires. Jews are very adept at discerning and producing for a profit. It’s not their fault that their customers are largely ignorant saps without the attention span necessary to understand the issues.

          • gemjunior

            I don’t think that Jews are simply responding to what white consumers wanted. The changes that have come about in the last 50 years in TV and movies didn’t just happen naturally – that is – whites didn’t suddenly develop a crave for raunch and plastic consumerism. They were led by the nose to it as Hollywood put out ever more increasingly gross, anti-family, anti-white stuff. I know that many whites were and are dismayed by what passes for entertainment, but the more simple of our race are unfortunately easily led. I don’t blame Jews entirely because our problem is due to traitorous whites, not Jews. If we were more ethnocentric, less altruistic etc., whites would have squashed any of the Jewish schools of intellecttualism that have been good for Jews and ruinous for whites. But they are far from blameless because all the new “Jewish-led” trends toward white apocalypse have been deliberate in order to promote Jewish power into the cohesive monolith it is today. For instance the promotion of non-white immigration into white nations only is disastrous for us and Jews are at the forefront of that movement (Barbara Lerner Specter, Alan Shatter, Ronit Lentin, and many more Jews are leading anti-white darkening of Europe. Their names are out there and are easily searched). They are simply involved in too many areas of influence for it to be coincidence.

        • TheTRUTH

          I agree with MerlinV. Ultimately, it is our own fault (as a whole). Just look, for example, at how many Whites go to basketball & football games. It’s sickening. They worship millionaires who hate their White guts. Us being our own worst enemy is a BIG problem. How do you “defend” against that? Libs are enemy number one, followed by blacks. For Christ’s sake, our own people are driving around with Obama bumper stickers.

        • OlderWoman

          But, Jews in Hollywood hire Gentile whites and blacks for their anti-white garbage movies. Money talks. The Freemasons are also controlling the entertainment business.

      • Nathanwartooth

        This is why Jared doesn’t talk about the Jew issue at all. He knows that it’s pointless and only harms our interests.

        Ultimately Whites did this to themselves. We have no one else to blame for our problems. Also by admitting this you can know that the solution isn’t to get rid of Jew boogeymen but to unite the White race and fix our mistakes.

        • Athling

          Well said. I agree.

          Jews act in their own interests. Gentile whites do not. This is the root of our problems. Imagine the possibilities if they did. They could have their own MSM and entertainment industries, private schools and universities, and scores of other organizations dedicated exclusively to European Americans. Imagine politicians and lawyers working for white interests.

          Will any of this ever happen? Will whites ever wake up? The answer is yes but only when they feel threatened as a racial group. It would be to our great benefit if whites would racially awaken while we are still the numerical majority in this country. We are quickly running out of time for that to happen.

          The issue will then be will enough whites wake up before they lose the ability to preserve their way of life and themselves as a distinct racial group in large enough numbers to make a difference in anything?

          If whites continue their racial sleep as the current trends and attitudes seem to suggest then America will likely become a racial Brazil in which whites freely miscegenate with Africans and everyone else destroying their genetic/racial identity. This is what Leftists would like to see happen.

          The other possibility is that whites in large numbers racially awaken and begin to Balkanize as a distinct racial group driven by white interests. Taking this path will avoid racial death.

          • curri

            The masses accept what they are fed by the ruling elites. This has been the case throughout history. Sam Francis and other students of “Elite Theory” wrote much about this. Tangentially, the famous father of “public relations,” Edward Bernays, was much influenced by the pioneering student of crowd behavior, Gustave Le Bon who wrote ”
            The Crowd; Study of the Popular Mind.·

            The current ruling elites have to be discredited and then replaced.

      • Le Gaulois

        As if there wasn’t such things as candidate selections, back-door politics, lobbies, special interest groups, bribery, blackmail and all kinds of manipulations and influences that could be used to advance one’s agenda in American politics ?

        I’ve seen your posts before. No genuine White racialist would save so much detailed statistics to deny so vehemently the obvious control of American elections and government branches.

        Nice try again kiddo, but you’re BUSTED !

      • 48224

        Totally agree. As I always say, I would much rather live next door to Mike Savage or Thomas Sowell than a white leftist like Mike Moore.

      • JohnEngelman

        I hate all Leftists. Jew or Gentile. Period.

        – Vonhauer

        Hatred is not a good foundation for one’s political beliefs.

  • PesachPatriot

    Wow…what a shocker…more bs history. I agree that slavery and the conquest of the amerindians are both important parts of this country’s history, but wasn’t it white guys in itchy blue wool uniforms who ate bullets and bayonets to end slavery? Also, as far as the native amerindians go, sure they got a pretty raw deal in the 19th century, but long term things worked out pretty well for them…they were given large tracts of land, their images were placed on gold coins and paper money(check out the 1899 five dollar silver certificate with an image of hunkpapa sioux chief running antelope) and now they get lots of money from casinos. Many places i this country are named for them as well.

    Things worked out pretty well for the descendants of slaves too…they were given the right to vote before white women, and today their descendants get to be multi-millionaire athletes and rappers, instead of starving or dying of disease in Africa. As the son of an immigrant, I love America despite its historical flaws and failings. There are no perfect countries on this planet, but this one comes pretty damn close. Kids should be taught america’s greatness and to love their country, not the PC hogwash that passes for education these days.

    • The__Bobster

      As the son of an immigrant, you should know that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. It was an incidental factor. Irish immigrants from the Union side certainly did not want to free the slaves so they could migrate north and take their jobs.

    • The Verdict of History

      And it doesn’t stop there either!

      Blacks also get free reign to act like complete hooligans, to make fools of themselves without getting called out, to make merry with white women, to be reckless while militantly protected by media elites….

      They also get glorified in the press, popular culture (music, tv, entertainment, performance “arts”), academia (by fawning professors), they receive welfare, Affirmative action…. and an entire social safety net which bends over backward for them…

      Oh and did I mention that they get one of their own occupying the white house??? Moreover they are free to humiliate, attack, make fun of, disgrace and otherwise EXPLOIT AND LEACH OFF OF HARD WORKING WHITES….

      And they also get the eternal sympathy of global elites and whites who are faint of heart….

      If anything, its European people who have gotten the raw deal!

      An outspoken White Nationalist from the British Isles once quipped:

      1.) Any thinking black man knows that the WHITE MAN was the BEST DEAL he (and other Africans) ever had…

      2.) IF ANYTHING, blacks ought to be paying reparations to WHITES !!!!

  • The__Bobster

    Are there any American institutions left that the socialists haven’t taken over?

  • 1gravity

    Notice that the Social Studies Curriculum set up for the Progressive Era will enable teaching the use of federal power as a societal good. The average teenage mind is not, even if offered the opportunity to do so, sufficiently mature to consider all facets of most issues presented by American history, and will therefore acquiesce in the propaganda being taught. There is little incentive for most adults to reconsider what is taught in the soft sciences in high school, and therein lies the problem.

    • Andy

      When “social studies” was invented, its explicit aim was to mold children into good progressivists, socialists, and humanists. Fewer social studies teachers will admit to such goals now, but there is still a belief that its primary function is to inculcate students with values like tolerance and egalitarianism. I raised a firestorm in ed class by saying that I didn’t think it was a great idea for a government school system to start deciding what social and political “attitudes, beliefs, and values” elementary schoolers should be forming.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The educational system has been going to hell since Thomas Dewey put in his two cents about “progressive education” in 1916!!

        In his 1916 work, Dewey (the ‘father of progressive education’) denounced education that focused on traditional character development and the accumulation of ‘hard’ knowledge (i.e., facts).

        Instead, the secular humanist advocated teaching ‘thinking skills,’ with little concern about what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’ We are still paying the price for such idiocy today, nearly 100 years later.


        PS: You’d better keep your mouth shut in ed school — I’ve read about teaching candidates being booted for not having the “correct” i.e., PC attitude.

        Look, I hated playing the game too — I’ve had to bite my tongue until it bled so many times it’s a wonder I can still use it. I was almost attacked once in a professional development for stating something that was non-PC — the amount of vitriol and hatred is not to be underestimated.

        Be careful friend.

        • Andy

          Thanks for the advice. I’m very careful. “Ability to nurture a diverse inclusive classroom” is one of the things we’re evaluated on before we can do students teaching, and that doesn’t take much translating.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      This is not new.

      The educational-industrial complex has been indoctrinating American children to become mindless Drones of the State for 40 years.

      (and to hate Whites too).


  • PesachPatriot

    Bobster, i know all about the fact that the CW didn’t start over slavery, but the point is that pretty much every other society on earth at the time was pretty much ok with slavery as an established fact of life….It was white people in britain and later america that had the moral problem with the slave trade. The schools love to blame whites for slavery, they should also mention that lots of white guys(many fresh off the boat who could barely speak english) put on itchy blue wool uniforms and suffered and died and got crippled and lost limbs and eyes to end the peculiar institution. I do not suffer from the delusion that the 19th century industrial north was somehow morally superior to the agrarian south. One part of civil war history which will never be taught in northern schools is the 1863 NYC draft riots.

    I have mentioned before that I was in middle school in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s when the traditional patriotic pro-american curriculum was ever so slowly transitioned in to the anti-american blame whitey garbage pseudo history that is taught today. It was stupid then and its even dumber now. I think kids learned more in the one room schoolhouses two centuries ago then they do in the combination minimum security prisons/indoctrination centers we call the american public school system today.

    • David Ashton

      Pattern similar in England. Hardly just “coincidence”.

  • IstvanIN

    A lack of patriotism to one’s nation, or one’s sovereign, as the case may be, is paramount in every modern western nation, from the US to Western Europe to the British Commonwealth, yet they still expect our young men to die for their wars of aggression. Why should they join the military if the countries they fight for, and let’s be real, none of our wars are for defense, are not worth being patriotic for?

  • SLCain

    Public education has become thoroughly anti-white. This is why I now vote against every school bond issue. If public schools no longer support us, we should no longer support them. Starve them of funds. Let them collapse.

    • Andy

      I wish more people understood this. Older people I know imagine that schools today are like the schools they went to. We grew up learning Columbus was evil and George Washington was suspect, never exposed to accomplishments of white people (and therefore most of our civilization’s accomplishments) but reading about instance after instance of black, Hispanic, or Asian heroism in the face of white evil. In elementary school we studied the Civil Rights Movement every year and slavery twice, but we never managed to hit the Revolutionary War, the pioneers, the World Wars, the Great Depression, or any world history. I was ashamed to be white by second grade, and I did not come to terms with the fact that I am almost exclusively European and partly British until the end of high school. Education programs are the default for unintelligent and anti-intellectual college students, and the only things that are learned in them is how to spread the loathing of whites, Christians, men, and Americans to the next generation and how to spend six hours a day doing “educational” activities without any of your students getting an education (I exaggerate only slightly). Any pursuit that might directly result in knowledge must be discouraged. My theory is that this is a mix of having those who know little and struggle with learning running our education system and the fear that real learning will prevent students from absorbing the appropriate social attitudes. Teachers hate learning. It is unfortunate but largely true.

      • Andy

        I will add that it was the constant anti-white venom that drove me look seriously into racial matters. Otherwise it might have been much longer before I reconsidered the prejudices I was raised with. I know several others that have become doubtful of interchangeable-race theory for the same reasons. It may be that liberals are their own worst enemy in this respect. Teaching white children unjustified self-hatred will only cause racial division and resentment.

    • Tim

      As a child I was heavily vested in vandalism. Don`t know if I was acting out or what exactly. So I read any stories on it with a sort of professional interest. One that stunned me was the sea change in how kids that are caught verbalize their reasons. One nine year old boy nailed it. He said, “I didn`t break windows cause I hate school. I did it because school hates me!!” That was my Eureka moment…..

  • Skipper

    The change in the Minnesota curriculum shows the Marxists are increasing their inroads into primary and secondary education with little or no resistance. When the major emphasis is “racism, ethnic and class conflict, and new efforts at reform”, and removal of “patriotism” as a civic virtue, why not also make the teachings of Marx, Lenin, and Engels mandatory? Does anyone have the courage to stop these Marxists, or even call them out for what they are?

    The orientation of this new social studies curriculum is probably similar to what was taught in the former communist nations of Europe. We can only hope there are enough public outcries over these changes to stop them.

  • SmithandSmith

    I can’t believe this stuff actually gets a pass. And how is this even legal to begin with? They’re not supposed to be allowed to teach lies.

  • LHathaway

    at the education department where i work, one of the bosses pasted a poster on his door, printed up by a special interest group at large university (posing as an unbiased source) – the conclusion to the poster was that ‘the primary goal should be to improve student outcomes’.

    I’m sorry. . it was so funny!

    I guess we have to wait for the rest of the country to wake up from their dream. They’re living in self-delusion. What do we do with them when they wake up? Maybe this one guy will be serving me in the cafeteria.

  • falsedawn

    Actually, this is a bit amusing. I worked up on the Iron Range (north of Duluth) years ago and anyone with even an ounce of common sense knows we didn’t kill all the American Indians. Every ricing season (around labor day) drunk Indians can be seen laying all over passed out. You have to drive real slow so as to not run one of them over. So if we wanted to exterminate them I guess we made a gigantic mess of it.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Haha, yes. Northern Minnesotans (especially those who haven’t been infected with the liberalism of Minneapolis) are sometimes refreshingly realistic, though far too many of them still vote Democrat.

  • ForHomeSchooling

    I have always believed the reason there are so many random attacks by blacks against whites; is that young black students have been inculcated with hatred for whites in public school. Each day these young black students are taught how white people are the cause of all problems in the world and how whites don’t deserve what they own because they stole it. I feel so very sorry for white children who must hear daily about how evil they are.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Good post.

      This is what I have been writing on this forum for 7 years, including posting examples directly from the textbooks themselves — and I mean that ALL of them are specifically, profoundly anti-White — not only history, but English, math, “social” studies, science, etc.

      American kids are steeped in anti-White cultural marxism from all sides from the time of birth — media programs aimed at them, including cartoons, TV commercials, movies songs– that plus anti-White, k-12 Howard Zinn textbooks. It’s appalling.

      As a school teacher who deals with young students and these textbooks every single day I see the pernicious effects of this anti-White/anti-reality brainwashing. Kids are taught anti-White marxist slogans as part of their K-12 indoctrination.

      This is brainwashing used to dehumanize Whites to non-Whites who are being primed to despise, detest and loathe us down to their bone marrow. I don’t wonder why there are so many mindless, vicious attacks and assaults against Whites by non-Whites. They’ve been taught that we are their worst enemy, desiring only to put them back in chains, that our “wealth” was either stolen from them or was taken from their labors, i.e., we’ve stolen everything we have from them leaving them in grinding poverty and misery.

      It is obscene what American children are being taught in the schools – paid for with billions of dollars of White taxpayer monies.

      People who are dehumanized are very easy to eliminate.

      Ask the Ukrainians and Russian Christians.


    • alex

      They don’t have to be taught. They feel inferior without even realizing it. Having propensity for violence and poor impulse control also helps. Besides, Whites are usually easy targets.

  • Rosebud

    Indeed, America has a long history of wrongdoing. But so do other nations and, the last time I checked, every race and ethnicity across the globe practiced slavery and “racism” to some degree or other. Yet, for some reason, white/European “racism” is somehow unique as opposed to black/African “racism,” Hispanic “racism,” Asian “racism,” etc. What that uniqueness is, I’ll be damned if I know.

    If we’re to tell and retell American history at all, I say tell it from a purely objective standpoint; emphasizing the bad AND the good. That should balance things out just about, I think.

    • David Ashton

      The “unique” bit is the organized focus on western/white “wrongdoing” in western/white schools and academic literature. Marxism-Masochism.

    • Wayne

      I disagree. At the High School level, as all levels below it, true patriotism, love of country, and honor for out ancestors should be taught. The bad should be downplayed as much as possible…trust me, they are going to get it in college.

  • I watch c-span. They broadcast lectures and book signing.
    There have been a number of books coming out re-defining the American Revolution.
    In the new narrative, out Founding Fathers and other minor characters weren’t interested in freedom and independence. They were motived by self-interest. Many are now being described as crooks and scoundrals.

    • saxonsun

      Well, that’s an OLD story, actually. It is fairly common knowledge that the fathers from the south owed British mechants tons of money they did not want to pay. They joined the revolution to get out of paying.

      • jay11

        Don’t discount the common man, who made this revolution possible, because they were being taxed at higher rates and were forbidden to move West over the demarcation line of 1783. The British also abused the colonials, which is well documented. Humiliation can only go on for so long.

  • gemjunior

    The cultural marxist movement is really emboldened. This is no longer a hidden agenda, but it’s above-board. And if it was proclaimed to the heavens most whites would sit on their fat lard asses breathing through their mouths. This is so enraging to me. Especially since it says the Minnesota Dept. of Ed. held “public hearings” about this. Apparently it’s ok with the people in MN? If I heard anything like this I certainly would have protested very vocally and hopefully many more of my townspeople would also speak out against it. Is it a coincidence that MN is largelly populated by the descendents of Swedes, who handed their beautiful country to savages? Is that occurrence to be repeated in MN? What is happening to this country and what is going on in the mind of it’s founding people?

    • jay11

      I feel the same. It seems as if in the space of the last five years or so that the Left has become triumphalist in nature. “We are winning and will grind you old racist, white dudes in the dust!” This seems to be their attitude.

      Now there’s gays on every TV show. Almost half of all commercials feature blacks only or blatantly ridicule the white guy. Government policies on illegal immigrants seem straight out of a surreal nightmare. White-guy-as-enemy-of-the-state is the growing meme in popular culture. The only acceptable cultural pattern for young whites is the limp-wristed hipster or metro way.

      White girls are EXPECTED in popular media to consider black guys as better mates than all others. Huge swaths of the country now are no-go zones for whites (like all urban cores and now many suburbs). Religion is eliminated. Schollas are indoctrination zones. You can get fired from your job for saying words that are deemed non-PC. The media is like a pack of savage dogs now. I could continue but you get my drift. It is completely out of control. I want my America back.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      “Especially since it says the Minnesota Dept. of Ed. held “public hearings” about this.”

      They did, but it was kept very under-wraps. They did not advertise it in the least, or I would have attended. I can only assume that most of the attendees were teachers and other school functionaries.

      But yes, the people of MN are EXTREMELY liberal and Marxist. The fact that it’s mostly populated by Swedes probably contributes to this. They’ve shown in their home country that they are incapable of understanding the negative effects of multiculturalism, and now they’re bringing it to Minnesota.

  • bigone4u

    I buy old history books in thrift stores because they were written before cultural Marxist PC hit education. The books are also easier to follow, not laid out in the frenetic modern style, with multiple boxes and pics on each page as distractors. In the older books you read, possibly see a picture or two relevant to the events, and then read more. If you have young children I suggest you keep an eye open for such older books and textbooks, and use those to help educate your childfen. The older books in other subjects are also quite free of nonsense and bias.

    • jay11

      Isn’t it the truth! Books written before 1975 or so are so much better! I challenge all readers here to seek out older textbooks on American History and reacquaint yourselves and your families with the America that once was.
      I also recently picked up a science textbook from the 1960s. So much better layout than what I see today.

  • Fredrik_H

    Like in every west european country, american (or in my case – swedish) history is now reduced to one white wrongdoing after another. A swedish popular historian, Herman Lindqvist, refers to it as “historical masochism”.

    • jay11

      I read last year that in France the state approved history textbooks now have a huge section on black slavery. Some people in the article were questioning why 20 pages should be devoted to this when France never imported slaves and their experience with it in their colonies was limited since they lost all of their new world colonies early on.

  • LHathaway

    “They’re not supposed to be allowed to teach lies”

    They’re allowed to teach hate. . .

  • TheTRUTH

    I taught in the NYC public school system for a few years or so. I can confirm the obvious: Curriculum is geared towards non-Whites and making Whites look bad. I taught 5th grade and in our school we had the “Book of the Month”. I can tell you for a FACT that every single month, the book was about a non-White. Worse yet, it was NOT just about the “culture” of the non-White; it had some form of “racism” in there too. Perhaps worse yet, most (I’d say 90%) of the books were black-based. So, I went to the Reading Coach who was in charge of choosing and distributing these books. After about the 4th month, I said to her “What about other cultures? We keep getting books on blacks. What about Italians, Russians, Filipinos, Asian Indians, etc?”. She said that she will try. I thought to myself, TRY what?? Anyway, the pattern continued. I’m PROUD to say I REFUSED to use the books from that point on and shoved them in my drawer and left them for the year. Of course, I was taking a big chance doing so since the Book of the Month was requirement in our school (though I eventually left teaching anyway).

    Btw, before anyone jumps on for suggesting an Indian or Filipino book, two things. One, my main issue is with blacks. Two, doing it that way also made it more difficult for her to turn my suggestion down seeing I just wanted “more cultures”, not “less blacks” per se. Obviously, that didn’t matter to her.

    On a side note, don’t EVER encourage anyone to teach. Besides the liberal atmosphere, though not quite as bad as you might think, the job is a shell of what it once was. Just non stop “State-mandated” paperwork, etc.

    • jay11

      I teach now in the same place. EVERY book used in the English classes is about a non-white. They do slip Romeo and Juliet in there, but only the cliffs note version (I’m not kidding) and they show the movie. That’s it for white culture. And yes, the majority of the books are about blacks over all other races, but they do try to be exotic with Haitian or West African writers. The social studies dept also teaches 95% about ‘civil’ rights, MLK, slavery, trail of tears, japanese internment, women’s rights, etc.
      The whole thrust of teaching now is the “Facig History, Facing Ourselves” schtik, which basically says: all whites bad, all non-whites noble and oppressed. I honestly believe that today’s young social studies and English teachers follow this non-white curriculum because that’s all they know. They don’t know anything more than what they themselves have been indoctrinated with. Sometimes I tell the teachers tidbits of information about this or that, and they are so surprised. Some of them are hungry for traditional American cultural education, but they don’t know how or where to get it, especially since the peer pressure in their in-groups is so leftist.

      • David Ashton

        We had a teacher in London some years ago who refused to take pupils to see “Romeo and Juliet” because it was “blatantly heterosexual” (I kid you not).
        (“Mumba-Wumba and Jennifer” would probably have been acceptable.)
        Up next: “The Tragedy of King Leroy”.

  • Wayne

    Whatever nation hates itself will soon fail. Let it fail. Discourage any patriotism. I have none left. I lived through the bottom dead center swing of the cultural pendulum, and have no idea how far to the left this thing is going to go, but the momentum is astonishing. There is no sign of slowing. The leftists have come to dominate our society. They are “the man” now. Our ease and relative comfort, luxury and decadence has made us soft, docile, passive. Nobody cared about the Marxist left while the sheeple were getting rich on dot.coms, house flipping, distracted by bread and circus’ powered by toxic dept packages and plastic. Decent people caved on every issue, thinking it would be the last, assuming leftists to be only kind hearted, misdirected, but well meaning Americans, when they hated us, our heritage, our ancestors, our children, and our civilization. There is no going back without open war.

  • Wayne

    Whatever nation hates itself will soon fail. Let it fail. Discourage any patriotism. I have none left. I lived through the bottom dead center swing of the cultural pendulum, and have no idea how far to the left this thing is going to go, but the momentum is astonishing. There is no sign of slowing. The leftists have come to dominate our society. They are “the man” now. Our ease and relative comfort, luxury and decadence has made us soft, docile, passive. Nobody cared about the Marxist left while the sheeple were getting rich on dot.coms, house flipping, distracted by bread and circus’ powered by toxic dept packages and plastic. Decent people caved on every issue, thinking it would be the last, assuming leftists to be only kind hearted, misdirected, but well meaning Americans, when they hated us, our heritage, our ancestors, our children, and our civilization. There is no going back without open war.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I am so ashamed of my state. I don’t even have words to describe my disgust.

  • David Ashton

    “The New Left throughout the English-speaking world has acquired an inordinate degree of censoring power on university campuses and in the media” (Antony Flew, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, RIP).