California’s Berkeley to Give College Scholarships to Illegal Immigrants

Mary Slosson, Yahoo! News, December 11, 2012

The University of California’s Berkeley campus announced on Tuesday that a private foundation has given $1 million to fund scholarships for illegal immigrants.

The scholarships will go to nearly 200 students who are not eligible for federal grants, government-backed loans or work-study positions, the school said.

The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, a private family foundation, provided the scholarship grant. It is the largest scholarship for undocumented immigrants ever given to a U.S. university, the foundation said.

“These motivated, hardworking and inspiring students are an asset to our state and our country,” the fund’s president, Ira Hirschfield, said in a statement. “Now that it’s legal to do so in California, we encourage other foundations and private donors to consider providing funding to help undocumented students achieve their potential.”


Last year, California signed into a law a bill dubbed the California Dream Act that allows illegal immigrants to receive privately funded scholarships to attend the state’s public colleges and universities after attending at least three years of high school in the state.


Critics say the California Dream Act gives illegal immigrants a false promise because their status will not change after graduating from college and they will remain unable to find legal employment.

But that reality may well be shifting. President Barack Obama will push for comprehensive immigration reform during his second presidential term, his spokesman said in November.


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  • Frank

    Soon the feds will be giving these same beneftts.

    • deep_enough

      It should, I think, be pointed out that funds of this sort are really ways for people who inherit large fortunes to avoid paying taxes on their investment income. Which effective amounts to saying that the feds are already paying a substantial percentage of this…

  • The comment on the original article are quite similar to what you would read on AMREN.
    Don’t blame the Democratic Party, blame the Republican Party for going along with it.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      blame both

  • So CAL Snowman

    I like how the SELFISH liberals never have a problem with draining the best and brightest from the third world so we can make “our” country better. Well stupid liberals how is the third world supposed to develop if you insist on taking all of their smartest people? (Yes I know it doesn’t matter, the third world will always be hell, but it’s fun watching liberals squirm out of that one).

    • The__Bobster

      I doubt that Mexico is losing any Nobel Prize winners. Have they ever had one in the sciences?

      • IstvanIN

        Pre-Columbian Meso-American Studies.

      • Dude

        There are White Mexicans.

    • i am

      What do you mean by smart?

      Being able to see a sucker (the US) and take advantage of them?

  • NYB

    “The Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund… the fund’s president, Ira Hirschfield”

    These names don’t sound Latino.

    A quick fact-check reveals the family are Ashkenazi Jewish heirs to the Levi Strauss clothing empire. The trust supports many causes which could be classified as inherently hostile to nationalism and nativism, because almost all ‘humanitarian’ ‘equal rights’; and immigrant-friendly gestures are.

    You would not, I expect, see the trust supporting the cause of white identity anytime soon. As far removed as an Ashkenazi Jew is from a Mexican, he still identifies more closely with him as a fellow immigrant.

    • Xerxes22

      No, they don’t identify with Mexicans at all, just as they don’t identify with Blacks. They don’t want to live near these two groups. They don’t want their children to go to school with them or date them or marry them. However, these two groups are useful as weapons to be used against us.They just habour a blind hatred towards us which motivates all of their actions.

    • GSJ

      Not true necessarily. The temptation to sweep all of the Ashkenazi under the Cultural Marxist banner is both tempting and easy, there is a lot of evidence to support it as well. The problem is that it is the opinion of MOST Ashkenazi within the US, but you could find a good 15-20% who would fit perfectly on amren. Outside of the US this number among Ashkenazi is much higher due to a much more up close experience with non-whites in the forms of rocket attacks, harassment and rape by Africans and Muslims.

      I do my best to spread the common ideals on here to fellow Jews and any non-Jewish whites willing to listen because the non-white rulers will not distinguish between Jews and whites when they have control and will no doubt treat us both like prisoners, this process is beginning now already.

      • NYB

        It is my impression that most Ashkenazi Jews vote for liberal socialism, for two reasons. It is the short-term solution to liquidity problems in the economy – more cash is dispersed for consumer spending, which they have a market interest in.

        The second reason is that they feel more secure in a plurality of ethnicities, where they are favourably ranked.

        • GSJ

          I don’t agree with the first reason but agree with the second for most Ashkenazi in the US. We (it’s hard for me not to say they, I truly detest liberals of any race or religion) don’t actually vote Democrat because of liquidity issues from my understanding, it isn’t about controlling or that type of thing, it is a belief in the idea that socialism is a GOOD thing and would benefit all Americans including themselves. That is why many who are for example pro-Israel still vote Democrat even though the Republican line is more pro-Israel, they disagree with the economics and support Obamacare.

          I do agree though that they feel more secure with these foreigners around instead of being just around whites, even though white Americans have treated Jews very well compared to most other peoples. I went to a town an hour north from where I live a few times, it was all white, it was like heaven, no joke. Everyone is so friendly, so many cute blonde girls and no thugs going around.

      • Luca

        Generally speaking, I believe they have a strong sense of tribe and know that wherever they go they will be a minority and must band together and make the most profit that they can from where they are living. To do this they maintain strong control of the media to keep the non-jews entertained indoctrinated and fighting among themselves. This is basically a money-making/distraction tactic that takes the focus off them. I believe this is why they commonly westernize their names to avoid discrimination and fit into society without attracting undue scrutiny. They have loyalty to the prosperity of the tribe and not to any notion of race or country (other than Israel.)

        • GSJ

          Hmm, this has some truthful points but is unrealistic in a few ways. Some Jews do have a paradoxical hive mentality, a decent number of Jews dislike other Jews, but yet when faced with external threats band together. But in the mainstream so to speak there is that strong tribal sense. I do think the media purposefully avoids talking about heinous black-on-white crimes to prevent racial awareness among white people (but I don’t believe this would cause hatred of Jews to begin with), and I don’t think it is a “Jewish” scheme in particular, rather, a Cultural Marxist scheme in which many Jews believe in, because truthfully to benefit the Jews the most, Hispanics and blacks would have to be removed, seeing as they have much lower support for Israel (and most American Jews are Zionists) and actually cost the Jews (and non-Jewish whites also) money in practically everything (healthcare costs, education, criminal justice system).

          • Luca

            The media avoids accurate crime reporting as a liberal “scheme” and most Jews are liberal and there are many liberal Jews in the media. Jews dislike other Jews due to subcultures found within all ethnic/political/social/racial groups. Jews and liberals would never dream of doing away with blacks and browns as they are a considerable voting force, easily managed and they need those numbers to sway elections. They know these voters come with associated costs but because they are a small part of society the cost burden will fall mainly on the middle class.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Typical of UC Berkeley (and the entire UC system) to do everything in its power to undermine the USA, it’s values, its traditions and its immigration laws. They are an utter disgrace!

  • potato78

    California is already a “foreign country” or part of “Mexico People”.

  • potato78

    Democratic Party likes to give away money to Illegal Immigrants.

    Republican Party likes to spend away money to Foreign Countries.

    Both parties never truly care about this country.

    They as a group people, only care about themselves.

    • Stan_Mute

      Amen brother.

  • i am

    These fund or foundations get a tax deduction, so taxpayers are paying for it in the long run.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, you are right about the left they want to further help the illegal immirgant unless it was George W Bush who wanted to give them a house. The right just wants cheap labor.

  • PesachPatriot

    GSJ has a pretty good post…the Cultural Marxist ashkenazim seem to be clustered in the northeast and LA….most of the rest of us in other parts of the country have pretty different ideas about things. The sephardim whether in Israel or here have little time for idealistic left wing ashkenazi nonsense about coexsiting with poor misunderstood africans and muslims. The wisdom of the first generation of immigrants to their children has been largely forgotten “Stay out of politics, be super ethical in business and personal life and do not flash wealth in the face of less successful non-jews….” This is the reason i drive a POS 9 year old junker car….when the EBT riots get started the fancy benzes, jags, hummers and lexuses in Boca will be the first to be incinerated by angry yoofs pouring out of the ghettos of pompano, west palm beach, boynton and riviera beach…I think the jews have the same strain of suicidal altruism that many whites posses…a beautiful and noble trait within civilized societies, but deadly when dealing with the less enlightened.

    The other reason i think so many prog jews sympathize with groids is out of fear….they know that even the biggest meanest scariest looking redneck is unlikely to assault or murder someone simply for having a yarmulke on their head or talking in hebrew or yiddish, but the bantu will attack without provocation because they assume every religious jew male or female (when they can distinguish them from the amish or muslims) has 1000’s of dollars in cash, diamonds or gold on their person. The chance of bubba or cletus from north georgia pulling a strong armed robbery in the diamond district of Manhattan is pretty close to nil, but tyrone and jamal have a proven track record there.

    • NYB

      The problem with amassing a fortune is that wealth has to be kept in motion, or else it will be eroded by taxes and depreciation.

      Philanthropic trusts are part of complicated schemes to keep family-owned fortunes alive for generations. It is easy to forget this when focusing is on the ‘good deeds’ and the awards banquets – these trusts are ways of avoiding taxes and loss of the principal wealth which keeps the wealthy living in a style to which they’ve become accustomed.

      If you look at the registries of charities and non-profits, and who sits on the boards, you will find a class of people who breathe the rarified air of those who are above ‘work’ – they are ‘old money’.

      These people dabble in influence and critique of society, as a hobby, and as shrewd self-interest. They use money to buy politicians and obtain the outcomes they want – more of the status quo – while praising each other for their charitable foundations and ‘helping the little guy’.

  • HeSaid1

    Illegal Alien students have always had access to private funding for higher education. It’s just that now with AB 130, the State spends public funds to administer them.

  • bigone4u

    If a university, which is owned by the taxpayers, can take private money and give it to illegals then that same university should also be willing to take private money and give it to whites only. I’ll bet no university in America would take money with a “whites only” condition attached to it. Likewise, if a scholarship can be established in the name of MLK and such, then why can’t I establish a scholarship in the name of someone race conscious who is white–say George Wallace.