Basketball Bandits ‘Blindside’ Hofstra University

Jeannie DeAngelis, American Thinker, December 4, 2012

Hofstra University in Garden City, NY just found out that The Blind Side, an inspiring movie based on true story where a rich woman adopts a poverty-stricken boy and mentors him to NFL success, if put into practice, more often than not delivers disappointing results.

Hofstra University is an elite private academy that charges, give or take, about $200K for four years of college.  Star basketball players Dallas Anglin, Jimmy Hall, Shaquille Stokes, and Kentrell Washington paid nothing to attend Hofstra, because all four were on full athletic scholarship.

The four men’s prowess on the hardwood made them popular on the Hofstra campus.  In turn, the hoopsters used that status to systematically burgle Apple products from classmates to later sell on Craigslist for extra pocket money for things other than textbooks.

The Basketball Bandits had access to dorm rooms, where they executed their schemes.  For example, while Jimmy Hall queried whether a female co-ed would “be down to have some fun with [him] and [his] teammates” by having group sex, Shaquille Stokes was busy stealing her laptop.

Basketball Bandits

The bandits were eventually caught when a female friend of point guard Shaquille Stokes remotely activated her stolen Apple device’s internal locator, which had been re-registered to her buddy.

Presently, the stolen items exceed $10,000.  However, according to Nassau County Police Detective Lieutenant Raymond Coté, the total far exceeds that amount, but the police won’t know for sure until the actual number of victimized students can be ascertained.

Renowned basketball coach Bob Hurley, Sr. of St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, New Jersey took Jimmy Hall under his wing . . . and then twice last year was forced to suspend the 6’7” player for undisclosed conduct violations.  After hearing about Hall’s legal troubles, Hurley said he felt sorry for Leigh Anne Tuohy . . . oops, I meant Jimmy’s mother Noreen Wiggins.  Hurley claims that Ms. Wiggins has “tried to do the right things for her son.”

Hurley also feels bad for Hofstra basketball coach Mo Cassara for “giving [Hall] a chance and this turning out to be where it is right now.”  Which means that Hofstra, like all the Americans who fund able-bodied individuals enjoying perks they’re ungrateful for, is being majorly played.

Fatherless child Jimmy Hall claims he stole because he was hungry.  Hall told authorities, “I needed some money,” which in share-the-wealth circles justifies robbing even head coach Mo Cassara, who fought for and believed in Hall despite Hall’s questionable record at St. Anthony’s.

Jimmy said he used the cash from the stolen property to “pay his phone bill, buy food and for other expenses.”  Instead of using their spare time for group sex and thievery, to exhibit some gratitude, couldn’t Hofstra basketball jersey #1 and his three accomplices have gotten a part-time job between classes and basketball practice?

After his arrest, Hall, the season’s Hofstra Pride second-leading scorer, even admitted that he and his technologically discriminating buddies were angry after stealing a Sony laptop because “it wasn’t a MacBook.”

According to court records, the repentant freshman also told cops, “I know what I did was wrong and I am very sorry for what I got myself involved with. I am willing to pay back these people for my losses. I will never do this again.”  The question here is: where will Jimmy get money to pay back the people he stole from if he had to steal money from them in the first place?

Anyhow, it was Shaquille Stokes who received a “hardship transfer waiver” from the University of Hawaii, which allowed him to start playing for Hofstra Pride without waiting a year before transferring.

Stokes did have a heartwarming story to tell.  Seems Shaquille received that waiver because Hawaii was too far from Harlem, and he wanted to be closer to his ailing grandmother.  In addition to being closer to Grandma, the waiver ensured that Stokes was able to assist three other “hardship” cases in pawning stolen property to finance Adidas sportswear.

According to court records, none of the defendants had prior criminal records.  However, getting $200K worth of basketball stardom is heady stuff.  Add to that a bunch of “rich kids” with Apple computers living in the dorm alongside you, and it’s only “fair” that if group sex is out of the question, purloining a “piece of [Apple] pie” is certainly justifiable.

It was reported that when arraigned in Nassau County Supreme Court, the men were “sullen.”  Shaquille Stokes’s lawyer, Frank Whelan, appealed to the judge to let the basketball player go on his own recognizance, citing Stokes’s “community ties” and “status as a scholarship athlete.”  The judge rejected the request, and Shaq was ordered held in lieu of $25,000 bail on five counts of felony burglary.  Short-on-Cash Shaquille should be relieved, because in prison food is free, and no one has a cell phone bill.

Dallas Anglin walked free after posting $2,000 bail.  As for the other two, the pressure is off for a spell, because bunking in Nassau County Correctional Center is sort of like having a full college scholarship: room, board, and specialized education are all on the house!

Kentrell Washington’s lawyer vowed that his client “will fight these charges because this will have an effect on [Kentrell’s] scholarship status.”  Apparently, in the world of entitlement, burglary shouldn’t preclude getting more free stuff.

In the end, the lesson to be learned is that there is no surefire recipe to change entitlement junkies into appreciative human beings.

Four ungrateful athletes were given something paid for with other people’s hard-earned money, and for them, it just wasn’t enough.  Or maybe the explanation is that the Basketball Bandits attended the Presidential Debate at Hofstra on October 16th and learned firsthand from Barack Obama that for some people, pilfering your “fair share” is perfectly acceptable behavior.

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  • Dr. X

    I once worked at a college where I served on an ad hoc disciplinary committee regarding the case of two Bantus with criminal records who, the week before classes started, were caught stealing textbooks from the college bookstore and pawning them at a nearby used bookseller.

    I voted for expulsion, but the committee decided to give them one-year suspensions. The lone Bantu on the committee voted for no punishment at all.

    • The__Bobster

      I knew they didn’t steal the books to actually read them.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Every teacher at Hofstra will soon force their Whitey students to sign a pledge stating that “while we do not endorse what these promising young men did, their desparate voices call us into a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of poverty and inequality, and we must do more to hold White privilege accountable for ongong discrimination and disparate impacts, and we demand that the rich start paying their fair share”.

    • dukem1

      That is so true, and so sick….you ill!!!!!

    • Tim

      I refused to swear and sign a diversity oath at our University. It helped that I was well over forty and the “professor” about 29…. I told her I only swear an “oath” for either courtroom testimony or military induction. Later on I asked her in front of the class fi she had my $800.00 She stammered and sputtered, “What $800!?!” The refund on my tuition for making my class time your political ad!!’ When the class guffawed, and chortled, we both knew I had won….

      • You Are Now Enriched

        You should have negotiated. Drew up your own Diversity Oath that holds her accountable to her own rehtoric, which will be impossibile, of course, and demand that she sign yours if you sign hers. It’s called “dialogue”.

  • MekongDelta69

    Hey – I’m feeling “sullen” right now, just reading this article.
    AND I also have “community ties”.
    Can I get an ROR too?
    Wait… Nope… I just looked in the mirror. Not enough melanin… I’m getting remanded.

  • Puggg

    You’re seeing more and more young black men with the name “Shaquille” show up in crime blotters. If a black man with a unique first name becomes a celebrity or a star, then 15-16 years later, you’ll start seeing that name show up in crime blotters.

    • Francis Galton

      Try 15-16 months….

  • Can a scorpion not sting?

    • Sloppo

      If you cut it off.

  • So CAL Snowman

    At least they had the decency to “ask” the co-ed about having group sex instead of just raping her outright.

    • Hirschibold

      They did not have the decency to “ask.” They had the decency to ‘axe.’ I believe one year that Chris Rock hosted the “Oxers.”

      • Sloppo

        It’s kind of interesting they way they pronounce certain words. I remember hearing a boxer named Tommy Hearns say that he wanted to be an axer or an endorxer after he retired from being a boxer.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    It’s the current political climate in miniature.

  • Pelagian

    Hofstra is an extremely liberal school, fyi. So … they got burnt.

    • couldn’t have happened to a nicer school. I feel sorry for the students though.

  • Greg Thomas

    These pavement apes should be giving a full scholarship to Haiti, because that is where they belong. These are the animals you are sending your White daughters to school with, (and paying close to a quarter million dollars for the privilege), so they can engage in group sex with this filth.

    I feel dirty after reading this garbage.

    • Dr. X

      Unfortunately, the white girls can’t get enough of it, either.

      • Sloppo

        In many cases, I believe that is true because many girls learn more from the idiot box than they do from their fathers.

        • Howard W. Campbell

          It is for this and several other reasons that the idiot box sees little time in my house. I do not have and do not want cable in my house.We will watch some sports and the occasional PBS special, but most of our TV viewing comes from dvd’s checked out of the local library. My kids are approaching middle school. While the district is over 90% white, they have had some minor exposure to the undertow. They are smart enough to realize what a bunch of dim bulbs and troublemakers they are dealing with. There is one kid who is a mulatto (white mom/black dad) that is above average and not a troublemaker. However, his dad owns an office cleaning business and is well above average himself. They are aware that this kid is the exception and not the rule. There are more adopted Chinese girls than blacks in their elementary school and I have never heard of any real problems from this group.

          (All of the adoptive parents of these Chinese girls are whites. A couple have nearly grown children and cannot (safely) have any more kids. Others cannot procreate at all. Having seen one of my brothers go through the nightmare of adoption, I can understand why people go (or went) to China. This brother and his wife eventually adopted a boy from Russia, but from start to finish it was over 5 years and $80 grand. Trying to adopt locally was a descent into purgatory. The adoption agencies were constantly trying to foist of some crack addled or crippled black. Healthy white kids take 5 or more years and there is always the fear that something will screw up along the way. Chinese adoptions are a fairly streamlined process and once the adoption papers are signed, it is a done deal. No judges coming around 3 years later because the father magically showed up on the scene. I’m not trying to sound like a Sinophile here, but if our adoption systems weren’t so screwed up, more white children would be available.)

          To avoid the issues of large numbers of deadbeat athletes at a future college or university, I have moved to the sticks (and may consider relocation to Montana in the future). I warn my kids regularly about the dangers of the undertow. They also have the green light to pursue a trade in the future that cannot be outsourced. Some of the unions are still allowed to impose standards. I guess the judges do not want to see their precious court houses burn down thanks to AA wiring.

  • Smeagol2

    I attended a probably 98% white private university just a couple years ago, with over 3000 students. For four years, I regularly left my laptop in the library unattended, as did many other people, without even thinking twice about it. Basically everyone knew and trusted everyone else. There were very few or no thefts, acts of violence or vandalism, or really any major disciplinary incidents that I was aware of during my four years there, except for a couple very minor things that ended up being perpetrated by not students or faculty by but people coming from off campus. It’s a Christian school, so there was even very little drinking on campus. I really don’t think I could possibly have had a better college experience. My senior year, I kid you not, our President got up in front of the entire student body and talked about how great a place our school was, but how it could be even better with more “diversity,” and that the school’s goal was to have 20% of the students from “diverse backgrounds” within ten years. Sadly, most of the students (including myself at the time) seemed to agree with him. God help us.

    • Greg Thomas

      So much for future generations of students leaving laptops unattended in the library.
      Diversity does not enrich any experience, it taints it.

    • The__Bobster

      This why the young shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • Sloppo

      I went to a small Christian school like that, but there were a couple of black guys there. One turned out to be my assigned roommate. He seemed like a reasonably nice fellow but there was the issue of the way that afro-sheen stuff smelled. Then one day he casually told me that he had stabbed someone at one time, as if it were something he was kind of proud of. Then he showed me this big piece of dried skin that appeared to be the bottom of a human foot. He wasn’t too specific about where he got it from and why he brought it with him to school and kept it in his dresser. I never felt threatened by that fellow, but I was weirded out. I decided that I would not allow myself to be assigned another black roommate. Looking back, the roommate situation was probably the most educational part of my experience at that particular school.

      • pcmustgo

        Blacks have a way of randomly admitting to/confessing certain crimes they have committed… blurting out things, almost confession style, but I guess like you said, ti could have been boasting. I’ve heard it many, many times

    • >It’s a Christian school, so there was even very little drinking on campus. I really don’t think I could possibly have had a better college experience.

      That sounds awesome man. I had a terrible experience in college, all these disgusting girls kept wanting to have sex with me and everyone was offering me alcohol and pot. I would much rather live in a small bubble that conforms closely with my worldview, that way no scary ideas can ever challenge my primitive beliefs.

      • Bill

        Nor would you be required to grow up in your little bubble. Not that you have….

      • Smeagol2

        I experienced plenty of that in high school, and so chose to go to a university like this. If you want to spend all your time hanging out with drunk, stoned good-for-nothings and having sex with everything that moves that’s entirely your right. But we shouldn’t all be forced to abide by the lowest common denominator.

  • RHG

    You can take the boy out of the ghetto……

  • jay11

    Google the St. John’s New York basketball team. The college itself is mostly white with a big asian contingent. But look at the mens and womwns basketball teams! Most schools and universities up and down the east coast are like this now. I wonder why the teams are not more ‘diverse’ and ‘mirror’ the community more! Where are the asians, latinos, arabs, bengalis, and – ahem – the whites?

  • Hopefully they all get hardship transfers to the nearest NU

  • 1gravity

    The arguments for basketball scholarships are that if you don’t offer them, other teams in your league certainly will, with the result that your school consistently runs 2-15 records, garners a home attendance averaging less than 50, can’t pay for its state of the art gymnasium seating 2000, and sees a 50% drop in alumni contributions. Then there are all the jokes on campus about the inept school basketball team, and the problem of finding and retaining a good coaching staff. How about forming leagues in which the member teams agree not to offer basketball scholarships, i.e., in which every player is a walk on? Saves money. There are, BTW, a lot of good non black basketball players out there, who would gladly play on the college level for the same reasons they played in high school: school elan, the challenge of the game, and the thrill of playing on a team. And few walk ons are prima donnas, if you know what I mean.

    • Strider73

      How about forming leagues in which the member teams agree not to offer
      basketball scholarships, i.e., in which every player is a walk on?

      I believe you just described NCAA Division III.

  • JohnEngelman

    Crime is less determined by poverty than by genetic predispositions.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Do you really believe that, Egels?

      • pcmustgo

        It is wrong what they did and stereotypical, but plenty of white kids shoplift, etc… especially as teens.

        There’s that famous saying- If a man steals $100, he’s probably a black man. $10,000 a white man, $100,000,000, a Jew (wall st.)

        Black crime more personally effects people- having a laptop with important info on it stolen is heartbreaking,. Having your home broken into is violating. etc. Violence, etc.

  • Ulick

    The blacks were given a ticket out of the ghetto by getting a free college education, but as the old saying goes — you can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man. Blacks like this remind me of the insect you open your window to let out, only to find out that the insect is too stupid to know that it has been given a ticket to freedom. So, instead, the insect stays where it is not wanted, continues to annoy you, and eventually you have to squash it.

  • Smedley Butler

    The thugs always knew that money doesnt grow on trees.

    They chose to steal because crime was in their nature.

  • IKantunderstand

    Biology IS destiny.

  • The true face of negroism, thye were following in the footsteps of obama.

  • dhs

    Something does not compute, the statement ‘For example, while Jimmy Hall queried whether a female co-ed would “be down to have some fun with [him] and [his] teammates” by having group sex, Shaquille Stokes was busy stealing her laptop.”

    A used laptop is worth maybe $700, most less. In exchange for this the coed gets a threeway or fourway from ~20 year old black athletes. I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong) that this would cost at least $2000. Is the author, DeAngelis, sure that these weren’t gifts in appreciation of their services? What’s the rest this story?

    • ATBOTL

      If you’re trying to be funny, it’s not working.

    • pcmustgo

      I can’t believe these girls were having group sex… damn, some girls are WAY more slutty than I ever was.

  • AnalogMan

    the repentant freshman also
    told cops, “I know what I did was wrong and I am very sorry for what I
    got myself involved with. I am willing to pay back these people for my
    losses. I will never do this again.”

    See? He’s the real victim. He just got involved, entirely involuntarily. Now he’s being victimised again, to pay for his “losses”.

  • Sean

    Blacks and hardcore Marxism. College seems like hell.

    Monogamy is fun and good for the soul (I hope my girlfriend agrees) a prolonged adolescence seems foolish and toxic to any idea of set boundaries and high moral ideals. I would not be comfortable sending my daughter to a place that would destroy any good societal values we have left.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    As an amusing thought experiment, imagine a laptop that has a bomb inside it made out out of a fast smokeless powder like Blue Dot, boosted and initiated with fulminating mercury and set off with an electrical model rocket igniter. The trigger mechanism could be a “throwaway” mobile phone.

    Let someone grab that from you and then make a call from another throwaway phone several minutes later when you are driving away and out of sight.

    Golly, gee; I simply can not imagine why I am on the Terrorist Watch List.

  • pcmustgo

    “Hofstra University is an elite private academy”

    BS… it’s a degree-mill for people with, at best, 1,000 SAT scores.

  • Some Guy

    Imagine if those 4 scholarships were given for academics rather than thugball? Colleges are more concerned with sports and the money they bring in than making the next generation of productive members of American society. This is why the US is no longer # 1.

  • john

    White girls having sex with these pavement apes makes me furious and sickened.Filthy garbage.