Jamie Foxx has revealed that he finds himself facing racial challenges in everyday situations of his life.

The African American actor explained during an interview with Vibe magazine that he is always sensitive about his skin colour.

Jamie, 45, admitted that ‘Every single thing in my life is built around race’.

He told Vibe magazine: ‘Cause as black folks we’re always sensitive. As a black person it’s always racial.

‘I come into this place to do a photo shoot and they got Ritz crackers and cheese.

‘I’ll be like, ain’t this a b***h. Y’all didn’t know black people was coming.’

In the same vein he explained that if he turned up to the photo shoot and there was fried chicken and watermelon, he would also be annoyed at the stereotype.

Jamie also admitted that he feels that he must act and talk in a certain way around white people and in his day-to-day job as an actor.

He told the magazine: ‘But the minute I leave my house, I gotta put my other jacket on and say, ‘Hey, Thomas, Julian and Greg.’ And I gotta be a certain person.

‘But when I get home my other homies are like how was your day? Well, I only had to be white for at least eight hours today, [or] I only had to be white for four hours.’

Foxx was speaking extremely candidly alongside Django Unchained co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington, who all defended the Quentin Tarantino directed movie.

The project attracted a lot of negative reactions from prominent African American entertainers such as Tyler Perry.

DiCaprio, 38, who plays a murderous plantation owner said he knew that the film would create controversy because of its slavery themes, but stands by the project proudly.

He said: ‘It is Quentin’s re-creation; this character doesn’t exist. There’s nobody that is documented to do what Jamie’s character has done at the time.’

This is not the first time that Tarantino has been criticized for his use of the n-word, as Spike Lee took issue with its use in the 1997 film Jackie Brown where the controversial director allowed it to be used 38 times.

The latest film, which will open on Christmas Day, focuses on the partnership between a former slave who becomes a bounty hunter who enjoys killing white people in his pursuit for his captured wife.

A screening of the film on Tuesday led to reviews that warn of extreme violence and excessive cursing.

‘Quite naturally, given the historical setting, the N-word gets a heavy workout, by whites and blacks alike. But much more forceful is the cruelty dispensed by the Southern whites, both as punishment and whim,’ a review in The Hollywood Reporter says.

Among the scarring acts are instances when attack dogs are released on a man, and black fighters are forced to fight to the death in an ornate drawing room simply for the entertainment of a white plantation owner.

Foxx has some personal connections to the racial prejudices shown in the film, and during one press event he said that he was frequently faced with the n-word while growing up in Texas.

‘Being called a n***** as a young kid by white people was something I had to deal with,’ Foxx said.

‘Having that done to me I was able to grasp what was going on in the script. When a project becomes magic and special it means that at certain points in the script it parallels your story.’

He is not the only prominent African American to have embraced the sensitive material, as the actor said that a number of his friends including Oprah Winfrey have seen the film and, because they came in braced for the typical Tarantino level of violence, they enjoyed it overall.

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  • falsedawn

    ‘As a Black Person It’s Always Racial’
    Sometimes, I’m not so quick on the pickup. But now I finally get it about blacks. With them, there’s nothing else in the world except their race. People could be talking about anything in the world – crabgrass problem with their lawns, and somehow a black will think it’s racial. That’s all we’ve got to know about them.

    • I think they’re fixated on it because they’re so furiously resentful of it. The more race is discussed, the more people wake up to the very real differences (primarily black pathologies) between races and what’s required to establish some false semblance of equality, which is, of course, trillions (?) of dollars of white tax money and decades spent trying to push a rope; but constantly bringing up race and hurling that omnipotent RACIST! accusation is the only strategy they have to avoid just being relegated to the second-class citizen category. It’s a kind of catch-22, and it’s just making them more and more belligerent, which is slowly waking whites up to the realities of the aliens living in our midst.

    • Brian

      So its true. The one-time Lunatic Black fringe has become the mainstream.

      People who’ve observed Blacks have noticed that Whites read Science magazines, newspapers, gossip magazines. Blacks almost always read something racial, when they read anything at all.

    • and they will be remembered and lampooned for it for centuries to come.

  • Tim

    He just got “postponed”… LOL It`s as bad a case of timing as the guy who wanted to open up his St. Valentine`s Day Massacre wall the day after RFK was shot…

  • AutomaticSlim

    ‘But when I get home my other homies are like how was your day? Well, I
    only had to be white for at least eight hours today, [or] I only had to
    be white for four hours.’

    So that’s his problem? There’s a simple solution. He can move back to Africa, where he can “be black” 24 hours a day.

    Why in the h*ll would Foxx or any other black think that we should accommodate them? Oh, I forgot…coddling White libs and the civil rights movement…

    • John

      You’re absolutely right, my friend. I strongly agree with you on all points.
      I would only add that the Hollywood leftists are very hypocritical to wail and cry about their radical anti-gun agenda and their desire to erase the Second Amendment. Note that the are doing so while simultaneously promoting their new movie that glorifies Blacks using guns to kill Whites, en mass, and encourages mass genocide of Whites at the hands of Blacks with guns!

      • Pat Kittle

        Is “Hollywood leftists” a euphemism for that which must never be spoken, by anyone no matter what?

      • Pat Kittle

        Could “Hollywood leftists” be a euphemism for that which must never ever be said no matter what?

      • Pat Kittle

        “Hollywood leftists”… it seems we can’t be any more specific about that on this website.

        Great work you do, Jared.

        Why so squeamish about this? I think many of us would like a candid explanation.

    • Anti whites have given them a sense of unwarranted self importance that they wear on their sleeve like a badge of honor. It is only until whites disappear by force or flight will that “specialness” wear off and they will be begging for these “EVIL WHITES” to come back and make them feel special again.

  • I believe what he says, and I believe it is true for all blacks, because blacks don’t have the intellect to move beyond race. The limited IQ of blacks has prevented them from advancing. In this sense they are not much different than chimpanzees, who have more developed brains than other mammals, yet never do anything much beyond being chimps.

    • Make no mistake that blacks have found that it’s ALWAYS race because it works and whites–and specifically the government, will cave to avoid appearing ‘racist’.

      Making ANY issue involving blacks–or minorities for that matter, shames too many Whites into cowering and over-compensating to ‘prove’ they aren’t ‘racist’.

      They’ve got the ‘racial’ guilt strategy ‘down to a science’; time to hold them accountable and NOT fall for this BS excuse.

      • razorrare

        Ever watch that new game show hosted by Howie Mandell called “Take It All?”
        If a White contestant is paired against a black contestant at the end of the show to “take it all” the black contestant always wins for the very reasons you have stated.The black contestant will invariably shed a fake tear like obama while explaining to the White contestant they are completely satisfied to keep what they have instead of “taking it all”…black contestants pray they will end up with a White contestant cause they know if their challenger is another black contestant chances are they will both lose it all…

        • Pat Kittle

          And what “race” might Howie Mandell be?

      • Liberalsuck

        Maybe I’m too optimistic, but I think more and more whites since ‘O’ has been in office are losing their racial guilt and their fear of the ‘R’ word. I’m coming across less and less guilt-tripped whites. Hell, I was talking in private with an older friend about the black and Hispanics fighting and killing each other and he said, “Honestly, I really don’t give a f–k what they do each other. They’d do the same to us.”

        • I think your just optimistic from what I have seen in university the guilt is being passed around like a stogie.

  • Puggg

    Good news: Django got temporarily delayed.

    Bad news: Not b/c it’s anti-white, but b/c of Newtown.

  • Jamie Foxx has revealed that he finds himself facing racial challenges in everyday situations of his life.

    He could, of course, free himself of this torment and outrageous justice by moving to a majority black nation but that will never be considered by Mr. Foxx.

    • Liberalsuck

      He could also give back all that money to those “racist whites” who have supported him, too. God, I’m really sick of this ungrateful, hateful whiny attitude from blacks. I’ve grown to not have any sympathy for them, be it a poor black man asking me for change or an educated black man or a rich celebrity. There is a high chance they hate me and want me dead and think I owe them something.

      • After consistent exposure everyone loses sympathy. The mind can only take so much false victim hood and unwarranted self importance before it does a complete 180 and turns sympathy into antipathy.

  • Robert Binion

    I hope Tarantino doesn’t make the attack dogs bloodhounds. While relentless and sagacious pursuers, upon finding prey, they generally sit amiably or sidle over to be petted. I hate stereotypes when inaccurate. People should be more careful about what they say.

    • “Among the scarring acts are instances when attack dogs are released on a man, and black fighters are forced to fight to the death in an ornate drawing room simply for the entertainment of a white plantation owner.” As long as Tarantino was making up “atrocities” that simply did not exist back then, he should at least have had the courage to introduce an anachronism or two, such as fire hoses. That, certainly, would have been entertainment.

  • Francis Galton

    If Jamie Foxx is so concerned about the racial implications of food, then may I suggest a compromise–chicken and waffles.

    The chicken can be deep-fried and heart-attack inducing, and made with the utmost soul. The waffles should be Belgium and made with vanilla-flavored batter.

    Oh wait….


    • Haven’t you heard coal is now racist. Nothing is off limit to the diversity pushers in terms of how evil and hate filled whitey is. I just think there is a crisis on their hands. What will all these useless anti whites, civil rights losers, “anti-racists”, and liberals do once their hated enemies(whites) are gone? An entire generation of useless people will be out of employment and no longer receiving any accolades for their “brilliant” contributions to our glorious multicultural society.

  • MekongDelta69

    Did you ever get so sick of reading thousands after thousands of articles of the kind which have been known for 48 years (and posted since the Net age), that for at least one day, you have nothing to say, as you watch the the amazing country in which you grew up, turn to utter insanity? Today is my day…

    • Notice all of the sociological explanations for prejudice merely state that the being which holds prejudice is fucked up, raised wrong, irrational, or paranoid. They never take into account the real or perceived behavior of the out group conflicting with the interests of the in group( the most rational and logical explanation for prejudice)
      We can thank the frankfurt school of cultural marxism for those grand 48 years of cultural pessimism, racial warfare, and slow death for the glorious, diverse, totalitarian society we now live in.

  • storibund

    ….ritz crackers and cheese is… offensive??

    What am I missing here??

    (as an aside, can you just imagine a major white actor saying these exact same things? “Every single thing in my life is built around race”, “As a white person it’s always racial” – I believe the blast of outrage and indignation that would set off would leave a crater bigger than Hiroshima)

    • Canis Lupus

      Upon reading these things about jamie foxx lately, I always wonder what it is like to be white and have to work around this guy. Especially the people who have the lower end jobs. He stated himself that he sees race in everything.
      He also stated he has to act white for 8 hours a day. Let me get this straight, he can go on a late night comedy show and talk about killing whites with glee, but he has to “act white”? None of what he says makes any sense. Also, with his money and star power, you would think he can act however he wants.

      • storibund

        Haha, he absolutely knows he *can* act however he want, knows he *can* get away with anything… but with his skin color, he can also be a whiny, entitled, racist diva while doing it 😉

    • LaShaniqua

      The nuclear bomb that detonated over Hiroshima was an airburst – it didn’t leave a crater. Get it straight, storibund.

      • storibund

        I wasn’t giving a history lesson.

        Get a sense of humor, LaShaniqua 😉

    • Pat Kittle

      I agree, but there are a couple problems with your Hiroshima metaphor:
      1) The air blast didn’t leave a crater.
      2) It was arguably a result of actual white racism.

  • Grey

    Hey you can always migrate to Africa, then you wouldn’t have to be “white” at all.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I wish all the blacks who complained about being around whites all the time would move to Africa. But they know just as well as we do that all-black nations are dysfunctional, desolate wastelands. That’s why rich blacks don’t live in majority-black neighborhoods, even in America. They know the proportion of blacks in an area is directly correlated to how nice it will be to live there.

      • Well why would the dependent class separate from the providing class?

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          Yep, they will never voluntarily leave whites, no matter how much they say they hate us. For a large proportion of them, it would literally mean death. We are their only means of survival.

  • guest

    why in the HELL, is EVERY F….. …comment preceded by a copy and paste of a paragraph i just read in the original F…… article?? why must i be forced to read the entire F…… ….article 6 times? REALLY F…………. ANNOYING

    • The__Bobster

      So you know what exactly we’re commenting on. It’s fine with me as long as the quote’s separated from the comment.

    • Uh, mostly it is meant to let you know, specifically, which part of the article the poster is referring to. No one is forcing you to “read the entire F…… ….article 6 times?” If you don’t like reading block quotes, skip them. Don’t let the white man keep you down by forcing you to “read the entire F…… ….article 6 times.” That would be racist.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Can you imagine a White actor publicly saying such things? Not only would he lose his career, but he would be made to endlessly grovel before all the media darlings. Yet, a Black actor can say such things and everyone laughs and gets a good kick out of it!? We are living in strange times.

  • tremendouscoast

    The average clueless, utopian white liberal would be absolutely SHOCKED to learn that black people HATE them and white liberals REALLY REALLY want black people to like them.

    • liberalsuck

      They wouldn’t believe you if you told them they hated you and/or they would say, “Well, can you blame them?” or some copout. I hate white liberals. They are the most ignorant, arrogant angriest people I’ve ever met. It’s a waste of time arguing with them or pointing out their double standards.

    • i am

      White liberals will go even more out of their way to destroy white civilization just to appease the ungrateful negro.

  • mobilebay

    Relax, Mr. Foxx, it sn’t always about you. Learn how to live in your own skin and if you need a few lessons, take them from Denzel Washington. Now there’s an actor. No adjectives – just a fine actor who doesn’t spend his time whining about “poor me.”

  • The__Bobster

    Odd. I never wake up thinking about being White.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Maybe you should.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I come into this place to do a photo shoot and they got Ritz crackers and cheese….

    So now Ritz crackers and cheese are examples of racism? What did he expect — watermelon and fried chicken?

    Does anyone here remember what happened to Fuzzy Zoeller when he mentioned he hoped Tiger Woods didn’t ask for fried chicken at a Masters Champions Dinner ??

    Jamie Foxx is a multi-millionaire thanks to a system created and built by white men but he’ll never acknowledge that fact. He hates us Whites so much he is moving to Thousand Oaks, CA, bought a 40-acre, $10.5 million dollar property in an exclusive area that is .04 percent black.

    What a tough life little Jamie has had in this racist racist country!! Someone needs to tell little Jamie that there isn’t a white with a hood behind every tree. It’s time he learned we could not care less.

    Give him an EBT card and let him get his own damn food.


    • storibund

      But… but… some people called him names when he was a child! NAMES!!!

      • which is undoubtedly a complete fabrication that reflects the creator a complete fabrication of what is supposed to be a human being.

  • Don

    I love how famous blacks always say they were called a ni663r when growing up. That word is the single greatest weapon, for blacks, in the World.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Progressive Jews made it so. But it took Evangelical Christians to wash the feet of the anti-white blacks and anti-white Jews.

      • Progressive Jews merely tinkered and planted the seed the blame lies with the modern roll over and smile, take it in the ass while apologizing, feminized, modern white male. Quite possibly the most despicable traitorous creature god created.

  • Pelayo

    I was the one of three Italo-Americans in a predominantly Irish- American Catholic elementary school. I was called:”guinea”, “wop”, ” dago” and “greaseball” every day. It wore off after a while because I never gave them the satisfaction of seeing me angry. We eventually became friends. This situation resolved itself because in the end, we were ALL White!!

    Stop your goddamned whining. You’ve got the world by the pistachios. We work, you get the “free sh-t”while we support you and you beat, rape and murder us. Sooner or later we’re coming for paybacks.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I was beaten up mainly because I was short, skinny and very smart in a wealthy, predominantly Celtic/German neighborhood in a university town. Eventually, I was tall, skinny, very smart, and very, very mean.

      Crackers and cheese are good quick snack food. I’ve been around a bit, and a dry sliced French loaf with runny Brie and smoked salmon is better than “Ritz”. Open-faced French Provencal tartines with black olives and smoked oysters. I make these at home; what did this racist African barbarian want?

      • NoWhiteGuilt

        Sounds delicious! I just added it to my recipe files.

      • 5n4k33y35

        He thinks that he personally is too good for Ritz crackers. He thinks he’s such a big star, they ought to have gone to Whole Foods to find something more “artisanal”.

      • Robert Binion

        Keep the recipes coming, Michael. I made your pizza with tortillas but substituted thin-sliced plum tomatoes for sauce and added fresh rosemary from my garden. Delicious.

      • Dr. Möbias

        I’d like to know where you get the rabbit you keep eating. Frozen in the supermarket? Or do you raise your own? I too enjoy reading your food-related comments, in fact all of your comments.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I shoot rabbits with my air rifles: 45-degree crossing shots through the heart seem to work best. The area is so full of rabbits that the Homeowners’ Association discussed having them exterminated. I just wasted more of them for food after that, so the HOA seems to have forgotten about it.

  • ncpride

    ‘Being called a n***** as a young kid by white people was something I had to deal with,’ Foxx said.

    Well, boo hoo ya whiny wuss. Try being physically attacked by black thugs AND dealing with racial slurs nearly daily as a young kid because of your skin color.. That’s what thousands, if not millions of us, have experienced as Whites but you won’t hear stories like ours told in the media and movies. No sir, that just might make the White guilt trip lose it’s effectiveness somewhat..

    • 5n4k33y35

      Yeah, no joke. That guy whines about being called a name. I’m ready to bring back all the racial slurs.

      • falsedawn

        I always come on with the skit about “Some of the finest, loving, caring, most wonderful people I know are racists.”

    • Liberalsuck

      Most blacks don’t have a problem getting called a ‘n****r’ or getting killed or getting fired from their job or being ‘discriminated against’ or being enslaved, provided those things being said and done to them aren’t perpetraed by white people.

      • ncpride

        Exactly right, liberalsuck and i am….

        The very idea that racial harassment is exclusive to blacks is absurd, and a lie that needs to be exposed. I’ve read many accounts from people with stories like mine, and those who say they were NEVER ‘racist’ until coming into contact with blacks who taught them who the REAL racists are.

    • i am

      Yet him and his hommies call each other n****rs every day without a second though.

  • Luca

    Poor lil ol Django feels discriminated against and cries all the way to the bank. Then cries some more because he just knows the bank teller looked at him a certain way, or didn’t look at him a certain way or he got slow service.

  • Ulick

    Foxx is correct — to suuceed in a white society, or any society, it helps to act white. In Foxx was really that worried about having to act white, then he could move to a nation that’s nearly entirely black. Of course, Foxx wouldn’t be a multimillionaire then because black nations are poor because their people act black. Therein lies the irony of “the white man is out to get us” crowd. They could easily escape the myth they have created in their head, but then they would be dirt poor and have no fabricated excuse for their failure.

  • bigone4u

    I used to talk to a young black male employee in our university computing center. He said it all when he said this, “Sometimes I tinks yo white people iz debils.”

    • storibund

      – I gotta know: did he ever say why?

      • bigone4u

        Discrimination. He thought whites hated blacks and were responsible for keeping them down. That made us “debils.”

        • I would of said Thou’s race doth protest too damn much.

  • Carney3

    So the film is “controversial” because it has “ni88er” in it, in other words it’s not pro black ENOUGH? And not because it gleefully slanders Southern whites and is a genocidal fantasy in which Foxx’s character gets to, as he said on Saturday Night Live to a round of applause, “kill all the white people”?

  • guest

    It’s always going to be about race for people like Jamie Foxx and those who still cling to the idea of how “there’s only one race – the human race” need to stop kidding themselves. Nobody really believes that because if it were true, there would be no need for affirmative action, quota systems, and these corrupt hate crime laws that protect non-whites and punish whites. Now more than ever, race has become a major issue and no diversty training or any other brainwashing can sugarcoat racial reality.

    • 5n4k33y35

      “There’s only one race – the human race” – That’s just something they tell the young white Eloi. Among themselves, they’re thinking about what spices and vegetables to put Into the Cannibal’s Pot.

    • One thing I really like to steer away from is using genetic dialogue. We only merely have to use the anti white’s playbook against them. They claim race isn’t real therefore it’s only an identity and that everyone is one but, why hasn’t that happened? Since this profound “discovery” took place did blacks suddenly adopt the same identity as whites and vice versa? No blacks will always look black and whites will always look white there is no changing that. The beings will automatically react to difference and categorize themselves as such. Therefore the “race isn’t real” theory(junk science) is a complete moot point. It doesn’t matter because according to their own logic environment which leads to identity are the only things that matter. So what kind of environment will we be able to raise children and all of humanity in a color blind non racial setting where privilege and punishments won’t be doled out based on race? Oh a racially homogenous environment where difference doesn’t exist therefore these differences can’t be used to form racial identity’s everyone will just be the same in terms of birthright. No more false victimhood, racial warfare, discrimination, diversity training aka brainwashing, race quotas, or civil rights community agitators waging war. Just a normal healthy society that doesn’t have to think about or use their race as a sword or shield.

  • As a white man, I’m never seeing another Jamie Foxx movie. I will not support a man who’s highly paid to promote the culture of the street n****r.

    • IstvanIN

      I am glad I never did.

    • NoWhiteGuilt

      I don’t watch anything from Quentin Tarantino or the black Hollywood stars.

  • gemjunior

    He represents typical black mentality, despite his success. Victimhood is seemingly bred in the bones of black people. That is something no one in this world can ever respect. Not an admirable trait for any group. It’s almost as if the blacks themselves are reinforcing that no matter how they change circumstances they are still helpless, needy, NOT self-sufficient boons at heart, no matter what. Like you can take one out of the jungle but can’t take the jungle out of the negro. This is just; you can take the black out of ghetto but can’t take the ghetto out of the black which is completely what jamie foxx is all about. You can shine it up with as much polish and paint as you want but it doesn’t change the utter worthlessness of it. And the really unfortunate truth is that on the whole, they are worthless. There is a net loss always. And until further evolution takes place that’s how it will remain.

  • IKantunderstand

    NEXT: Women of Islam stage an open rebellion against their Saudi Masters, with of course the help of gay and transgendered whatevers. That Quentin, what a genius! Who cares about facts! Let’s re-write the history books according to Quentin.Hey, asshole, if we can go back and change history by the magic of bullshit moviemaking, I got a few changes I’d like to see made. Call me, seriously, call me, Quentin.

    • They have been rewriting the history books for over 50 years now. It’s called afrocentrics. Now thanks to the wonders of afrocentrics we now know that Hannibal Barca, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Socrates were black. You disagree your a racist bigot. You say the ancients disagree? They were stupid bigoted evil old white men who just stole history from the more accomplished black race.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Jamie Foxx, please keep talking! White children need to hear genuine Diversity spread the message of enrichment.

  • ‘It is Quentin’s re-creation; this character doesn’t exist. There’s
    nobody that is documented to do what Jamie’s character has done at the

    Obviously Leo has not read the history of Haiti

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Funny; I’m almost never racial, even though I post here every day. I think about my family a lot, and good food to make for us, and hobbies like woodworking or what my mother will need me to fix at her house next and what tools I should bring there. I think about the weather in the next few days and where I last left my glasses. I think about whether we have enough veggies and Spanish clementines and eggs and bread and tomatoes. I think about USS Idaho and USS Mississippi against KMS Bismarck in 1941, though I have a few chuckles about that one: US AP shells were much more effective than the British variety during WW-II.

    I think about reverse-engineering my favorite restaurant dishes from places I’ve been. I think about my favorite songs the future of my country, and the poem I started the other day. Even married to a Japanese gal, only posting here on a day-to-day basis am I reminded that I am white, or something close enough as makes little difference.

    • Ductos Exemplo

      Maybe you should think about Pearl Harbor too and all the fellow White soldiers who died because of. you know, the JAPANESE.

      The irony of some posts here just boggles the mind, and it’s becoming more and more obvious than tons of posters are only here because they are deep down insecure of being mixed or emotionally attached to a member of the other races.

      Nice job at defeating the purpose.

    • He is trying to tie this to his movie. His movie will undoubtedly send shivers up white spines and be a vehicle of guilt, humiliation, and self hatred over the legacy of slavery that foxx and every other african american is “suffering” from to this very day(I know it’s that gay and cheesy)

  • White Libertarian

    Well, in poor Jamie’s defense, imagine if you walked around in a first world, wealthy society and knew deep in your bones, or rather had some kind of feeling that your kind was mentally inferior to them, and you just couldn’t grasp many of the things that they were talking about.

    You’d be like some regular math student that was forced against his will to take an advanced calculus class, and all the advanced students tried to pretend you were one of them and were always talking advanced formulas at you.

    You’d naturally be a bit resentful. Cognitive dissonance generally precludes humans from realizing that our stupidity is the source of our problems.

  • rebelcelt

    People eventually tell you what they believe. Just…listen.

  • dave

    google how many white women hes dated, its amazing similar to Russell Simmons

    • Jamie Foxx can add another one to his accolades: Overrated one dimensional actor, B list singer, Liar, Racist, and HYPOCRITE.

  • Well, I only had to be white for at least eight hours today, [or] I only had to be white for four hours.

    That’s exactly right! They only act White[civilized and intelligent] to appease the people that gave them everything, because black entertainers and businesses usually aren’t supported by other black people at high enough levels to create the comfortable life they seek. Take away the White factor, you take away the illusions of education, intelligence, civilty, safety, and anything remotely connected to a civilized society. Really ironic when they believe they can speak candidly, I know.

    • razorrare

      Yep,blacks are capable only of mimicking civility—separate them from the Whiteman they will revert to their natural savage state…Too bad we arent able to view the times that MLK & Obama were able to relax & be themselves getting down with their bruthas…although Ralph Abernathy(MLK’s brutha)gave us a small glimpse into MLK’s primitive incivility in his book “The walls Came Tumbling Down”…as did the FBI but whose tapes concerning such are locked under court decree.

  • mike

    What really bugs him is that no matter how good he is at “acting white” he knows he never will be white.

  • richie

    a message to jamie foxx and all black people who dont like america, do us a favor, MOVE BACK TO AFRICA PLEASE!!!!!

  • Annis Isbell

    I want more than anything to attempt to get some real changes from the upcoming state legislative session in my state.

    One thing we could do is leave black people like Jamie Foxx alone – so they don’t have to kill us. We could simply withdraw from black life, they would be responsible for creating their own jobs and for paying taxes that support black entitlement programs and black schools. That should mean that life would be easier for Jamie and his homies.

    Also, I am trying to find out if it is possible, to write a bill that condemns the monopoly that jews have on the media in my state and make it illegal.

    If we could do that than we could get control of the media and make certain that people get the facts we need to know in order that we may govern ourselves. I wish we could create a bill that spells out how current MSM people should be criminalized as traitors for what they report. At least in my state.

    Also I hope we can make All entitlement programs for illegals as illegal as they are. I propose that we put big Blue arrows on all highways leading out of my state to point the way to the White Liberal Blue states, with the message “White Liberals WANT you, they want to pay for your entitlements so go live in their states and be happy”.

    White Liberals in blue states would then get to live in the world they are forcing upon future generations of White people. Oh God I wish we could do that. I’ve already written to my legislators and governor, asking about nullification and information about how they feel about illegals, wars in the middle east and gun control, expressing concern about the over reach of big government.

    If only there were lawyers who would be willing to write the bills! Perhaps our White Nationalist leaders could help with that.

  • richie

    why is it that black people claim to be discriminated against when america does far more for them than they do anybody else and yet they claim to be the victims of racism when they are the ones who go out of their way to point out the differences between white and black people. they are the ones who talk about race 24 hours a day. listen to black comedians, their whole stand up routine is pointing out what “being black” means as opposed to “being white”, they are the racist ones. black people can get jobs and an education much easier than white people these days, companies always look to hire minorities and colleges have far more financial aid given out to minorities than white people and anybody who claims different is an uneducated moron. if a black man or woman wants to be successful they have every opportunity to do so, america has become racist and sexist, against white non-jewish males. white non jewish males like myself have to work harder than anybody else to get ahead in this country because we dont have any supposed handicaps against us. im sick of it being okay for black people to be racist but not white people, nobody should be permitted to be racist. black people need to stop playing the victim and adapt like my irish ancestors did, or like jews did. many people have been persecuted for a time period and then flourished soon after, why do so many black people still play the victim after all this time. jamie foxx is a multi millionaire and he is given the most amazing roles yet he still complains about being black, god you are a pathetic human being. jamie foxx is a really talented guy too, its a shame he is such a racist scumbag of a person!

    • “nobody should be permitted to be racist”

      So your answer is anti-racism, which we all know is synonymous with multicultural/multiracial societies? No thanks. I’ll be a Racist and ask permission from none, apologize to none, and do it all with a smile on my face.

      • Le Gaulois

        “I’ll be a Racist and ask permission from none, apologize to none, and do it all with a smile on my face.”

        Now that’s the spirit, and with a capital “R” indeed…hats off to you !

  • i am

    “I’ll be like, ain’t this a b***h. Y’all didn’t know black people was coming.’

    In the same vein he explained that if he turned up to the photo shoot
    and there was fried chicken and watermelon, he would also be annoyed at
    the stereotype.”

    Proof that nothing satisfies them. They complain just to complain. The are miserable on the inside as well as on the outside, and they want others to suffer.

    • Every interracial interaction examined by the anti white is neither pro black enough nor anti white enough. That is the anti white law it has always been written in stone.

  • Liberalsuck

    Ah, poor, poor black people. Especially black celebrities. Those ‘racist whites’ buy their movies, see their concerts, and even passed all the anti-discrimination laws that screw over white males and benefit blacks, hispanics and women at our expense. Poor, poor Jamie Foxx.

    • On SNL he was talking about how great it is to be black and that black is the new white. Now he is trying to flip flop and tell us how horrible it is to black and that being black is a torment only matched in intensity by the fury of Zeus. He must have been taking bullshit lesson from the president.

  • Don

    I honestly don’t know what it’s going to take for all these African loving white ppl to wake up and realize how much the Africans hate us. Unfortunately, I think a huge massacre, like hundreds of whites being killed by a bunch of dirty savage stinky rude poop eating gorilla ape coon baboons wil start the conversation. Oh and anybody in the San Francisco area want to help me out with a job? I feel like a African not working. Thanks!

  • Guest

    The fact is that Jamie Foxx sounds like many of you on this website. He is obsessed with race just as many of you are.

    • Pat Kittle

      And you.

  • Sylvester

    I am a 63 year old Black man who was small as a child. I was the smallest child (male) in my grade for several years. I was also the only Black kid until I got to 10th grade. I was always getting bullied by certain guys. They made my life miserable. By the time I reached my junior year, things got better.
    My point is that there are cases where Whites have and do bully Blacks as well.

    • Hey, everyone, look: Our favorite Korsakoff’s Syndrome suffering troll is back.

      • Not Politcally Correct

        Why do you some of you posters seem to assume that anyone who takes a contrarian position to yours is trolling? Whether Sylveter’s story is true or not, I don’t know, but I certainly know that there are cases where Whites have bullied Blacks.
        Do you honestly beleive that there are no White trolls on this website?
        Moreover, given his age, his story does sound believable.

        • Because that one is trolling. He does the same thing often: He’ll say that he’s currently a middle aged to upper middle aged black man working in some professional field or some administrator of something. But when he was a wee little lad, 10-15 years old circa, the circumstances described in the AR story in question are exactly what happened to him only in racial reverse. When he complained to adult authorities, they, white might-as-well-have-been-Kluxers, just laughed in his face. But he took the abuse, shrugged it all off, and quickly earned a graduate degree in something. But he’ll always have the scars of the racial abuse.

        • Sylvester

          Thank you Not Politically Correct. The fact is that I have only posted on this website twice. The previous time was in 2009. I responded to the Henry Louis Gates jr.controversy that was in the news at the time. Yes indeed. What I stated was indeed true. I do not know who this supposedly “suffering troll” that Question Diversity speaks of is. Although he seems to spend an awful lot of time on this webite and appears to know alot about various posters on this board.

          • Not Politically Correct

            As I mentioned in my post, I believe your story. We are about the same age.

  • Notice how Foxx perpetrates the all too tiring form of reverse discrimination. Instead of aggressive racism perpetrated by the white majority they always spout this passive aggressive, LOOK HOW EVIL THESE WHITES ARE rhetoric. It’s just as effective and just as filled with hate as the aggressive racism that all whites are stigmatized with. I’m surprised the anti white establishment still has the wool pulled over the white majority’s eyes in regards to this kind of filth.

  • biggie

    i grew up as the only white person in the neighborhood.

  • biggie

    o not know what the hell is going on, i would like to know about my father and his brother, douglas conklin. Doug thinks that i am not in his f amily. kathy

  • Pat Kittle

    Damn I sick of all these never-ending “Save-The-Starving-African-Poster-Child” advertisements.

    This guilt-tripping pompous multi-millionaire & his like-minded spoiled brat homies can donate all their stupid bling if they’re so sanctimoniously concerned about their race.