Seminar on Succession Planning

Diversity Inc, November 27, 2012

In our Dec. 4 web seminar, diversity leaders from CVS Caremark, IBM and Kaiser Permanente—as well as DiversityInc Executive Editor Barbara Frankel—will explain how talent-development programs focused on more diverse talent can build a sustainable senior-leadership pipeline. [Register Now]

Succession Planning

Date: Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012

Time: 2 p.m. EST

People can only develop their true potential if there is proper organizational support and commitment—and that support and commitment has to begin at the top.

•    Does your company factor diversity into succession planning for the top levels?

•    Why is it important to have more diversity at the top?

•    What internal and external sources can you use?


David CaseyVice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity OfficerCVS Caremark

Susan AuteraDirector, Business and Technical LeadershipIBM

Shivani KathuriaBusiness and Technical Leadership TeamIBM

Christine TalbotVice President, Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente

Barry MyersDirector, National Leadership DevelopmentKaiser Permanente

Everyone who registers will be emailed a downloadable presentation of the web seminar. If you can’t attend, you can view it any time after Dec. 7 from the web seminar library on Click here to see if your company has a subscription or to find out how to subscribe if it doesn’t.

Best regards,

Luke Visconti

Chief Executive Officer


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  • Puggg

    “Develop their true potential.”

    Straight out of a PR department.

    I so want to go to this shin-dig, but I volunteered for an unneeded root canal that day. Every try to do dentistry work on a pug?

  • MekongDelta69

    I’d like to be AmRen’s Chief ‘DIE-Versity’ Officer.

    It’ll be a completely useless, make-work job; but don’t worry – I only charge in the mid six-figure range.

    I’m worth it though – I’m very good at what I do.
    My specialty is making sarcastic posts to the insane ideas promulgated in these articles. (Look – I even used a ‘kollij’ level word. Boy, am I good.)

  • JackKrak

    The entire “Diversity, Inc.” industry is the biggest sham in corporate America & it makes me ill to think of all the half-wit shakedown artists who have very comfortable lives from jetting around the country telling whitey how awful he is & how he owes little D’La’Quantariouz a shot at the CEO chair.

    • MekongDelta69

      You spelled that po’ lil’ black boy’s name wrong. (You were close though.)


      • Right? Everybody knows there is supposed to be a dash and not an apostrophe between the La and the Q.

      • Michael_C_Scott


  • nathan wartooth

    “Why is it important to have more diversity at the top?”

    Besides immunity from being called racist, why is it important? Please share. I would love to go to this just to know the answer.

    • Reductionism

      You have not yet figured it out ? the adjunct to this racket is the shisters who have to be bribed for frivilous lawsuits via settlements. Better to have a diversity figurehead for 200K a year than risk an astronomical jury settlement

  • Francis Galton

    And people wonder why I don’t want to get a “better job” (working retail now) and use my college degree–among other issues, I would have to deal with this garbage all the time, and pretend to be happy about it! Sorry, but at this point I just can’t stomach this type of BS and stay silent. Also, why compete and work yourself to death when you’re going to have die-versity roadblocks thrown at you every step of the way? No thanks….starting an online small business is the way to go.

    /rant over. (sorry!)

    • Try getting a job in the government. They’ll give you all kinds of incentives to come in, but once you’re there, you have to fight against AA hires and other “protected groups” if you want to move up. If you have ANY military service, you can also kiss your chances of upward mobility good-bye.

  • dd121

    I thought most business hired their obligatory blacks knowing they’re not going to get much production. It’s just a cost of doing business. Try to keep the warm and happy so they don’t sue, but most of all keep them out of the way so they don’t do too much damage.

  • JohnEngelman

    Diversity is fine as long as it is earned. Jews and Orientals do not need “talent-development programs.”

    • They do have talent development programs. It’s their genetics coupled with parents who actually raise them.

  • jay11

    We will replace you, whitey, at all levels, because you are the oppressor. We never did no harm to no one, ever, in any period of history. How do we know that? Because we said so (and also because we never paid attention in history classes expect when they talked about big bad whitey.)

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Anyone want to predict the date of the unavoidable mass outbreak of White John Galtism?

    • gemjunior

      I’ve been waiting a long time for this unavoidable mass outbreak. I hope and pray that it comes soon because the longer it is put off, the more damage is done. Less white babies born, more white elders dying, more whites assaulted and raped, murdered etc. I’ve come to see (since my awakening about 2 years ago) that we are extremely necessary and absolutely precious people who are an endangered species. We’re rare and despised for it in spite of all the good we’ve done the world. I absolutely support this event and will do my part as well as be a type of cheerleader to other white people who simply don’t feel confident about declaring themselves the unapologetic defenders of their people. We really need each other — probably so much more than we realize.

  • RisingReich

    IBM is THE WORST discriminator against White people. When I graduated from college with an info systems degree, my first cousin was a relatively high level manager. He wanted to help me find a job so he went to HR to submit my resume with his recommendation attached.

    The HR lady flatly told him, “Well, I can accept it, but we don’t hire those type of people here anymore.” He said, “You mean MY type of people?”. Her response was to repeat, “We don’t hire those type of people here anymore.”

    He retired from IBM – sad, with a heavy heart. I, for one, will never forget the look on his face as he told me the above story.

    • gemjunior

      IBM be out of business soon, or else completely North Asians. How can they possibly continue? It’s amazing how all these successful companies built by white men have thrived turn crazy. Ford and Disney for example – both are diversity-mongers now. How soon until everything white people ever did is destroyed by diversity or turned over to the Chinese? Sometimes it’s hard to know where you are.

  • IstvanIN

    You can either develop diversity or the government will do it to you. Look what what they did to the Stephen Girard Trust and Girard College.

  • seek

    Almost every corporation now touts its commitment to “diversity.” Example: At Booz Allen Hamilton, all employee performance evaluations are based in part on promotion or celebration of diversity.

    Diversity Inc., by the way, is a truly rotten publication. I’ve read a few issues.

    • Strider73

      The same thing is true in the military. According to current and former service members who have posted here and elsewhere, unit commanders have diversity quotas for promotions and awards that they must meet — or else. Worse, they don’t dare discipline blacks who engage in crimes or other misconduct. An accusation of “racism,” however false, is an even bigger career-killer than a DUI.

      Compare that to the USAF in which I served during the 1980s — no quotas, no dumbing-down or race-norming of promotion tests, no racial preferences or accommodations of any kind. In fact, the system weeded out those who thought being a minority meant a free ride. Not surprisingly, everyone got along quite nicely and racial awareness had to wait until after I left. Heck, if I hadn’t already been married I might have found myself in a highly intense relationship with a black co-worker who claimed I was about the most gorgeous guy she had ever set eyes on, her ex-husband included.

      If there’s an upside to this diversity-mongering, it’s the outcome if Tom Chittum’s Civil War II prediction of a racial crackup of the military comes true. Then the black units will be full of poorly trained, undisciplined troops under the “leadership” of incompetent officers and senior NCOs who made rank solely due to their color. The white units — their numbers no doubt including angry ex-soldiers who had previously left in disgust — will quickly destroy them.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Your last paragraph is the telling one. The only team sport I follow is armed conflict, and I always bet on the side with career NCOs.

  • JohnEngelman

    Once I had a black co-worker who was paid twice what I was, and who was obviously not doing his job. When I mentioned that to my boss he told me that when he was given his supervisory position he was told that he would be evaluated by his ability to attract and keep blacks, and that he was to expect less from them.

    How is that sort of thing supposed to reduce racial prejudice?

  • Annis

    I was just thinking that OUR LEADERS, all of the people, all of the nationalist websites, should all combine forces and begin thinking about what to do about our futures.

    Everyone should have been supporting the American Third Position Party but sites like VDare and Stuff Black People Don’t Like, David Duke and other sites are still pimping for the hopeless, repugnant Repubicrat party. All of these people need to join forces and stick together and think about the future and work toward the same goals. How can we bring this about!

    How do WE the founding stock of America, work as a nation within a nation? Things our leaders need to be planning and working on.

    1. What to do if a state secedes.

    2. How eugenics for Nordic White people will work.

    3. How to get rid of non Whites in Western states around the world.

    4. What are we doing to groom future leaders (Youth for Western Civilization should be involved, its a place to start)

    5. Others should add to the list, spread this list around to your other sites that you read everyday, suggest that they seek out others and join forces. Everyone from Lew Rockwell to David Duke to CODOH to Darkmoon to Occidental Observer etc etc etc. We need to join forces, put aside differences and get together. We should even network and plan with the British National Party, the national parties of all of the European nations. We need to do this.

    We can’t just read about what is happening everyday, we have to do something, we have to plan, organize and fight back.

  • rightrightright

    Anything with the words “diversity” and “sustainable” in it and I just turn off. There is so much to read and so little time and no time at all for socialist blather.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    When I was a chemical engineer in the microelectronics industry, I trained my own replacement before I left for Australia for grad school, but I insisted that he be a married, native-born white English-speaking Yank.

    They got some guy from Michigan, descended from Sir Francis Bacon. They have the same nose! Unfortunately, I chose poorly. For evidence of real creativity, one needs a sense of humor, and Dr. Bacon was the perfect “straight man”. He was also a probable Democrat, given that he would never come shooting when I took the Japanese engineers – and sometimes their wives – to the rifle range.

    If my bosses had brought in anyone of whom I didn’t approve , I’d have walked out of the office. Even Democrats who don’t want to go shooting need to make a living.