Posted on November 15, 2012

Obama: Time to “Seize the Moment” on Immigration Reform

Sandra Lilley, NBC Latino, November 14, 2012

“I’m very confident we can get immigration reform done.” 

These were President’s Obama’s words when Telemundo’s Lori Montenegro asked the President this afternoon about the prospects for immigration reform during his first comprehensive press conference following the election.  President Obama said he had predicted before the election that Latinos would support his re-election, in part due to immigration, and that this would result in “reflection” on the part of Republicans.


The President cited four components to reform: securing borders, making sure companies hire legal workers, ensuring a pathway for undocumented citizens to become legal, (he mentioned paying taxes and learning English) and supporting the Dream Act. The President said conversations are happening now.


Obama also spoke about the Latino vote.  ”I am encouraged to see a significant increase in Latino turnout,” he said.  The President added that Latinos have historically voted in lower rates, “but that is beginning to change.” Obama said the Hispanics’ sense of empowerment and civic participation is powerful and good for the country.