Obama: Time to “Seize the Moment” on Immigration Reform

Sandra Lilley, NBC Latino, November 14, 2012

“I’m very confident we can get immigration reform done.” 

These were President’s Obama’s words when Telemundo’s Lori Montenegro asked the President this afternoon about the prospects for immigration reform during his first comprehensive press conference following the election.  President Obama said he had predicted before the election that Latinos would support his re-election, in part due to immigration, and that this would result in “reflection” on the part of Republicans.


The President cited four components to reform: securing borders, making sure companies hire legal workers, ensuring a pathway for undocumented citizens to become legal, (he mentioned paying taxes and learning English) and supporting the Dream Act. The President said conversations are happening now.


Obama also spoke about the Latino vote.  ”I am encouraged to see a significant increase in Latino turnout,” he said.  The President added that Latinos have historically voted in lower rates, “but that is beginning to change.” Obama said the Hispanics’ sense of empowerment and civic participation is powerful and good for the country.


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  • EndTimesComing

    If Republicans are stupid enough to go along with this, they have signed the death warrant for their party, and sadly for the United States as we knew it. And yes, I fear they ARE stupid enough to do so. UNLESS we, as last time, raise holy hell and send in millions of emails, letters and phone calls saying NO. Let’s face it, when half the nation voices strong and vocal objection and rejection all at once it scares the pants off the establishment. It did last time with Bush and the last major attempt to force through a general amnesty.

    • I have already started by emailing my Senators and telling them that any amnesty plan should be opposed by the Republicans. I also told them if the Republican party supports some compromise measure on amnesty that I will never vote for their ticket again. We need to make sure they understand that they will lose more white conservatives than they will gain Latino voters and we need to be very clear about it.

      • William_JD

        Exactly. We need to tell them plainly that a vote for amnesty is a vote for the end of the GOP. The amnestied illegals will never vote for you, and neither will the Republican base.

  • potato78

    Well, Republicans are forced to go along with Obama, Because they know if this time not go along with Obama, next time election, they will be doomed just like this time. Sometimes, you have to follow the trend and waves.

    • Not really; there’s more to be gained for Republicans, both with whites and minorities, by arguing the truth about the dangers of open borders–which they didn’t do at all in the last election ( http://www.vdare.com/letters/a-reader-says-that-pandering-will-never-work-for-the-gop-dems-will-always-outpander ). Even if Republicans were to get their clocks cleaned for a few elections if they stood against open borders, they would start getting the votes in later elections after the problems of having open borders materialize. We may just have to lose a few battles (elections) in order to win the overall war.

      Besides, the GOP won’t get any Latino vote by going open border because Latinos primarily vote Democrat due to affirmative action benefits (like blacks), a topic unrelated to immigration.

  • “Seize the Moment.” Or also, “Seize the Day,” or as the Romans said, especially power-hungry Roman emperors, Carpe Diem.

    Translation: Look for an executive order. Soon.

  • fakeemail

    Check and mate.

    Gotta give it to the Dems; they wanted it more. For all their lies and conniving, they actually
    *believe* in their madness and right to power.

    As someone else wrote, the Democrats hated America more than the Republicans loved America.

    The Repubs were just interested in cheap labor and capital gains taxes and that does not a nation make.

    • Your argument that the Dems “wanted it more” doesn’t hold water. The Republican party is just as culpable in the destruction of America as the Democrats. The only difference I see is that the Democrats are quite vocal in their hatred of White America, while the Republicans go about their hatred for White America in a much quieter way, via support for cheap immigrant labor and out sourcing production and jobs to Asia. The Republicans may even be worse because they are seen as the “White” party. The only thing White about the Republicans is that they have the decency to stab you in the heart instead of the back.

      • fakeemail

        That’s exactly my point. The Republicans didn’t really love America. Certainly not near enough.

        They wanted to believe (for their own interest) that a country could be built solely on the dollar.

        • Fair enough, I just don’t see how you can say that the Repubs “didn’t love America enough.” That just sounds ridiculous in my opinion. Furthering your own self interests at the cost of the Nation does not sound like love. To me that sounds like outright hatred and treason.

          • razorrare

            A snake calling itself a snake deserves some modicum of respect, while a snake who says its better than a snake while proving by its actions it is not better than a snake but actually lower than a snake deserves no respect.Both modern day political parties have proven themselves to be lower than snakes.

  • dukem1

    All this blither and blather about immigration reform, Hispanics, Latinos, illegal immigrants, blah blah blah….
    Stated simply, there’s just too many Mexicans…that’s it, that’s the problem.
    Fix that and there wouldn’t be enough to talk about for five minutes on the subject.

    • Allwyn Mayer

      Actually, I think the problem with America for over 200 years has been, TOO MANY WHITE PEOPLE !!! As a percentage, the higher the percent of a majority, the more the minority is likely to be harassed and discriminated against. That’s axiomatic. America’s dwindling white majority heralds a period of prosperity(well-deserved, not handouts) for its umpteen minorities. The “whites-only” affirmative action that has been in place since the early 1600s is drawing to a close. We’ve had over 350 years of affirmative action for whites in this country. Don’t the minorities deserve at least half that to help them climb out of poverty ?

      • toldev

        Do you think that a few hundred years is long enough for them to climb out of poverty? They had 100,000 years in Africa and couldn’t even invent the wheel.

      • Dan Reardon

        If you feel so strongly about them then sell all your earthly possessions and send the proceeds to a minority group. Don’t try and force me and my family to suffer over your self loathing.

      • Anon 12

        You are another troll or just plain stupid. Or maybe both?

        • Michael_C_Scott


      • kjh64

        “Actually, I think the problem with America for over 200 years has been, TOO MANY WHITE PEOPLE !!!”

        Well then you should leave. Go to Mexico and tell them Mexico has too many Brown people, then see what happens. Whites created and built America and we have EVERY right to keep it mostly Whites just like Mexicans have the right to keep theirs Brown, China has the right to keep it Chinese, etc. As far as the Indians, they only occupied 1 percent of America and the rest was not owned or occupied by anyone, so it was not “stolen”. Black slaves working for 5 percent of the population in a few colonies picking cotton didn’t build America either. WHITES DID. All races and nations engaged in horrible behavior in the past. America was created by Whites and built up by Whites with NO affirmative action. It was built through our own blood, sweat and tears. You are an anti-White bigot who is for the ethnic cleansing of Whites.

        “That’s axiomatic. America’s dwindling white majority heralds a period of prosperity(well-deserved, not handouts) for its umpteen minorities.”
        Can anybody be this naive. America became a success BECAUSE of White people. It is Whites that CREATED the prosperity. Non-Whites, over the past 3 decades, came here for a “better life” because they were unable to create prosperity in their own 3rd world countries. As the Whites dwindle, the prosperity they created will dwindle too. Then non-Whites will end up poor and living in the new 3rd world USA. Look at California. It went from White and successful to Brown and broke. The only thing that holds it up is the rest of the USA. When Whites go, America WILL be 3rd world and broke because the non-White parasites will outweight the White hosts.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    234 Republican House members to 198 Democrats.

    Repubs need to quit being so defeatists. Every House seat was up in the election last week just like the presidential race. The country voted in a split government. It is the job of the opposition to oppose.

  • nathan wartooth

    The Republicans should start a propaganda campaign targeted at Blacks saying that the Hispanics are going to take all of their medicare, food stamps, section 8 and welfare.

    Start a campaign saying that the politicians will stop caring about Blacks and give the only money left to the Hispanics. Also affirmative action will stop helping Blacks and only help Hispanics.

    Since Blacks hate Hispanics and immigration already, getting them vocal about it would be great. Getting the Blacks on board would make it alright to talk about in public. Since anything Blacks say can’t be racist it would be a great opening.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Of course it will go through, because the GOP has just dedicated itself to the Hispanic vote, which it won’t get, and it won’t get ours either. Dem super majority forever…

  • NM156

    I have yet to see any evidence the House will budge, even though the House was willing to negotiate in CIR in 2006/2007 had their conditions of border security et al. been met.

  • virginia city

    The mutt messiah of the world has caused worldwide 3rd world rejoicing that he will make them all citizens to take all the jobs with free healthcare, housing, food stamps, welfare, and everything else. America will be a 3rd world socialist nation sooner than expected now. Republicans better fight the anti-christ pervert mutt with tooth and nail on this amnesty bill or do the right thing and initiate secession of the Red States and form a new nation before its too late. Forget the Libya sideshow as clearly Obama could care less about 4 whites killed by his own people.

    What has occurred in the pc age is the dumbing down of the white race liberals into the same IQ as blacks who have no care in the world and know that free check will arrive while all have guns to rob and kill at will while breaking into homes and looting.

    Care for what you wish.

    Anytime a white liberal urban jogger is raped or murdered the sensible white race should be satisfied they got what they deserved just like Nicole Simpson and all the ignorant others. Payback is always a bitch and its coming. Criminals dont ask white who they voted for before they rape murder assault rob loot steal do they? U

  • virginia city


    • Michael_C_Scott

      We sure want to. I could even have my guns back in a country free of D.C.

  • asketh

    I read these pages and feel nothing but utter disgust. Not for what President Obama, Mitt Romney or any of the 2 parties do. I feel disgust for white America!

    If you don’t like it, DOWN TOOLS..

    You worry about your mortgage? If you acted as a solid block for your own interest you would clog up the repossession courts and they would be unable to function.

    How will we eat? Pull together you had soup kitchens during the Great Depression people didn’t starve.

    Stop worrying about the Fuc**ng TV, Israel, Communism, Socialism, Racism, and every other Jewish invention going and stand up for yourselves.

    If your old enough to remember Lech Walesa in Poland they DOWNED TOOLS and made a group called SOLIDARITY. It defeated the Soviet Union in that country, and everyone thinks the Polacks are stupid! Look in the mirror at stupid.

    The authorities can’t lock everyone up! And if they start shooting well international condemnation will surely follow, white Europeans are pissed off too, I live here, I know. The elections and the fate of the US was the main focus on this side of the pond as well. Europeans have also lost their guts and a positive move by real American people may also restore their will to live free.

    Like it or not you are a point of reference for all white Europeans in the world, maybe you don’t deserve it!

  • Emy

    As someone else here says, check and mate. Granting 10,000,000 new citizenships to uneducated low-IQ third world immigrants is irreversible. These are people who can’t function in a democracy but they will suddenly find themselves with a vote that’s equal to the vote of everyone here who has a job or creates jobs and has lived here for generations. They will find themselves the beneficiaries of “free” healthcare for life, a first world legal system, civil rights, free food (swipe yo EBT), and all the infrastructure it has taken us 200 years to build.

    It would take a cataclysmic social and political change to undo this, strip them of citizenships and send them home. I don’t think such a change is even possible. Secession is more likely. More likely still is America turning into North Brazil, and whites moving to.. somewhere, Mars maybe our only option left.

  • ageofknowledge

    What’s he going to do, sign a secret treaty with Mexico to bypass Congress?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Only the Senate can ratify a treaty.

  • steve1red

    Corporations wanted cheap labor from Mexico and they got it. They closed down factories in America and sent them to Mexico to take advantage of cheap labor. They force mom and pop stores out of business every day with their never-ending desire to expand. They are traitorous.
    Until we get corporate money out of politics and break their grip on congress, you’ll see more illegals, more amnesty, and more hispanic crime. They also hire blacks as cheap labor and we all know about factories closing and going to China. We don’t need more Wal-Marts crushing small business and we don’t need Monsanto poisoning us with genetically-modified foods.

  • newscomments70

    You are wrong. Not every republican congressman/senator supported amnesty. there were even some democrats who disagreed with it. I emailed my congressman in Southern California about another issue and he sent me a personal email agreeing with me. Some do care. You are grossly generalizing.

  • Anon 12

    Amnesty is what it should be called, not “immigration reform”! Nonwhites from all over the world will now become US citizens. If God does not intervene on our behalf, then the White race all over the world will soon be extinct. Obama and his ilk and the “latinos” will all be laughing at the White man’s folly. I do not believe the TRUE White men are running the GOP…those running it are imposters…..