Norway Forgives All of Ivory Coast’s Debt

Yahoo! News, November 16, 2012

Norway has cancelled what remained of Ivory Coast’s debt to the country, taking debt relief it has granted to the world’s poorest nations over 15 years to nearly half a billion dollars, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

Oslo wrote off $33 million owed by Ivory Coast as part of a June deal by the Paris Club of creditor nations, having already forgiven around $52 million since 1997, the ministry said.

The west African country also recently agreed a deal with commercial creditors to make coupon payments that had been missed on a $2.3 billion bond that is itself a restructuring of debt on which Ivory Coast had previously defaulted.

Tiny Norway has been among the most charitable nations in the world, regularly giving more than one percent of its gross national income in foreign aid and also providing debt relief to over a dozen of the world’s poorest countries.


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  • Puggg

    Hark. What have we here?

    International gibsmedat.

  • Just a thot . . .

    When the Eurosphere is destroyed,
    there will be no more billions in aid for Africa.

    The golden goose will be dead.

    • BIG DEAL

      They knew the Africans would never pay what they owe. Now Norway can lend them more money. America is never going to pay off what they owe either, maybe Norway and the Chinese will cancel their American debt.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    With a population of five million, this debt forgiveness works out to $100 per Norwegian. I’m sure the taxpayers there are delighted.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Nothing says “We are passionately committed to UnDoing our UnFair White privilege” like giving away half a billion dollars to voodoo Diversity.

    • Brendan

      Appropriate remark, since Ivory Coast is one of the source countries of Voodoo

  • Svigor

    This is a great example of the evil wrought by stupid, preening liberals. It’s a really simple story:

    1. Stupid, preening liberals send money and goods to Africans.
    2. This creates false wealth among Africans who then breed like rabbits, increasing their population size far beyond what they themselves can sustain (unlike people who have to earn it themselves who create real wealth, the Africans have done none of the things that lead up to, accompany, and follow real wealth creation; real wealth almost always accompanies a drop in fertility to sustainable levels).
    3. Largesse from stupid, preening liberals inevitably dries up.
    4. Massive die-off among Africans.

    All so liberals could preen. Hey, have fun guys, hope you’re proud of yourselves when the fit hits the shan.

    But don’t try claiming no one could have foreseen this, or that no one tried to warn you.

  • Without this ‘crushing debt’, we can expect to see Ivory Coast flourish.

    Tiny Norway has been among the most charitable nations in the world,
    regularly giving more than one percent of its gross national income in
    foreign aid and also providing debt relief to over a dozen of the
    world’s poorest countries.

    When this debt forgiveness fails, watch for a transfer of people, not funds.

  • laager

    If Norway was really smart they would undertake a forensic audit and check how much of their gift aid actually made it to the coal face for which it was intended.

    I recently had a discussion with a Catholic Nun who has dedicated her life to working amongst the poor in Tanzania. Part of her return visit to the UK was to raise funds for building class rooms in schools in Tanzania. She proudly listed the number the church had built during her time in this country. I then asked her how many the Government had built. She sheepishly replied “not many” as they were very corrupt and did not take care of their own people and expected the church to do so.

    Wake up people. Africa is not poor. Africa is corrupt.

    Let these idiotic liberals continue to throw good money after bad. Maybe they will eventually see the light of day and wake up to their folly. In the meantime they deserve to donate themselves into poverty for their stupidity. In due course they will no doubt show up at the European Parliament cap in hand asking to be baled out of their own poverty.

    • Wake up people. Africa is not poor. Africa is corrupt.

      Too true.

    • OnGuard

      I have a similar story. My husband had served in the Peace Corps in Liberia, Africa. He worked with a USAID (US Aid for Internat’l Developmnt) auditor. She was checking on the many rural “bush”schools we were funding, to educate Africa out of poverty. Africa was asking for more money, saying more kids were comiing to the schools. But, many of these schools DID NOT even exist! Local “bigwigs” took the money, bought themselves luxury cars and weapons, and became the local warlords! The locals, seeing the US dollars being spent, hated America for the warlords we produced; not knowing the money was meant to educate their kids! Blacks stealing a better future from their own black children!

  • The__Bobster

    I don’t know why nations even use the term “loan” when dealing with the turd world. They’re never paid back, so they might as well call them grants.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Historically we had a different word for this: “tribute”.

    • brian

      Those few people who are friends with Blacks learn the hard way NEVER to loan them anything, especially money, because they will NOT repay.
      If they loan them tools or anything else, if they ever get them back, they’ll inevitably be damaged in ways the owner didn’t think possible.

      So why should Black Governments be any different?

    • Periapsis

      No, they’re gimmie dats. That is all any so called loans to Africa really are, theft of wealth from white Norwegians to black warlords who starve their own people.

  • NorthernWind

    It’s not like they would ever have been repaid. It’s unfortunate that they will continue to loan and give however. It’s a complete waste of money.

    It’s also morally repulsive to me because they could use that money in order to stimulate the (real) Norwegian birthrate. But no, those hack politicians and bureaucrats would rather blow the money on sustaining the third world’s failed states and despots.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    The simple solution to this would be making it a felony for any banking executives to loan money to a Third World government or to purchase any bond or other financial instrument from one.

    • Wouldn’t that just make money laundering and mafia control a bigger problem? The ultimate solution is to make it “uncool” to help Africans, and ridicule those who do.

      • mobilebay

        Jess Jackson is gonna getcha!

  • Barrack Osama

    Wonder if anyone will forgive our debt?

    • rightrightright

      Whites are never forgiven anything. We didn’t build anything either.

  • David Brims

    Giving money to Africa is like throwing money down the toilet.

    Since 1960 the West has given $ 1 Trillion dollars to Africa, what have we got to show for it, except for fake scam emails from Nigeria ? The corrupt African political class are called the ” wahbenzi ” tribe because of their love for Mercedes Benz cars.

    Whites are pathologically altruistic, while blacks are selfish and narcissistic.

  • David Brims

    It’s strange why the oil rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia don’t give money to Africa, I wonder why that is ? it’s left to the uber liberal, guilt ridden white nations like Norway to throw away their cash.

    • mobilebay

      Oil rich Saudi Arabia is too busy counting their money from us. Why do we continue to give money to the countries of the Middle East while our own debt grows every day? It’s insane. It would be called extremely irresponsible if the head of a family sent his money to another family while his own was in need. Our representatives deserve to be voted out and replaced with those who understand finances. Those in government now clearly do not. Or maybe it’s just that they don’t care.

    • kjh64

      Not stange at all. Ever notice that when there is a famine in Africa or some natural disaster anywhere on the planet, 95% of the time it’s evil, racist White people coming to the rescue. I see only a few Blacks, Lations, Asians and Muslims doing or giving anything.

  • IstvanIN

    Debt forgiveness should have meant repatriating all of Norway’s Africans, regardless of where they originated.

  • ncpride

    Funny I should see this article now. My daughter had her first NHS meeting at school today to decide what service projects they would work on as a group this year. No surprise that the usual ‘help Africa’ came up, but my daughter put her own 2 cents in. How about we help people closer to home this time? Why not focus on the needs of the people in our own country, and in fact, our very own state for a change, she asked? The families of Appalachia could really use the help, and there is an organization that would gladly accept donations from any fundraisers and food drives they conduct.

    The idea was met with great enthusiasm, thank goodness. We Whites are so trained to ‘pity’ the poor non whites, we forget that there are plenty of our own that suffer as well. Besides, I’d bet ‘money’ we’d get a better return on our investment. No doubt about it.

    • Winston_Jack

      Good on your daughter and you! It’s heartening to see kids being raised with good common sense values.

  • Jeff

    Norway, that’s a good step. Why don’t you take the next logical step and give everyone there Norwegian citizenship and set them up with homes, food, and free healthcare in Norway? All that diversity will make you so much stronger, and will pay off much more than the debt forgiveness you lost.

    • David Brims

      They’re already doing that, the socialist Labour government have let in 400,000 African and muslim immigrants into Norway.

  • bubo

    Imagine that. Just like the black kids in grade school that would demand to “borrow a dollah” during lunch knowing full well they would never pay you back.

  • laager

    For readers with a detailed interest in Norway’s folly just GOOGLE; Norway aid to ……. fill in your topic. It is all there including the support given to the “freedom fighters” to bring down white rule. Interestingly there are also articles on how Norway is now withholding aid from countries like Uganda to stop the corruption and theft of these funds. Slowly but sure an awakening is taking place.

  • fsagas

    Wars have been started over less then this.

    If someone owed me money and didn’t pay I wouldn’t just “forgive” and let go (of course depends upon the amount).

  • Korean guy

    To be honest, when a prosperous European country forgives an African country’s debt, I find that a lot more acceptable than bringing in thousands of muslim immigrants who will forever live on the nation’s generous welfare system and commit unspeakable crimes to the young local native women.

    That is also what the Swedish Democrat party, which emphasizes “Keeping Sweden Swedish” is willing to do. Immigration to Sweden must be strictly controlled, but giving less prosperous countries aids of various types is acceptable.

  • kjh64

    “Tiny Norway has been among the most charitable nations in the world, regularly giving more than one percent of its gross national income in foreign aid ”
    This should read “Tiny Norway has been among the most gullible nations in the world, regularly throwing more than one percent of its’ gross national income down a black hole”.

  • So typical, all confiscatory taxes are high in Norway, and, as usual, white taxpayers are used to fund black and African negro lazyiness, incompetence and mayhem. Funding any african nation always results in failure, despite africa being richest in natural resouces. Why, the race; its a failure.