No, It’s Not ‘Christians” Fault Obama Won

Domenico Montanaro, NBC News, November 16, 2012

The outspoken Rev. Franklin Graham claimed today that the “majority of Christians” did not vote.

“We know that from of the statistics that I’ve heard that the majority of Christians in this country just did not vote for whatever reason,” he told the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody. “The vast majority of evangelicals did not go to the polls.” He added, “God is in control, and if Christians are upset, they need to be upset at themselves.  We need to do a better job of getting our people- the church to vote.  Now, I’m not trying to tell you how to vote, you can vote, but vote, my goodness, and vote for candidates that stand for Biblical values.”

But Graham’s assertion—and implication that had white Christian evangelicals just showed up in bigger numbers, President Obama would have lost—is off base.

In fact, white evangelicals/born-again Christians made up the same percentage of the electorate as they did in 2008—26%. They voted for Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon, by a wider margin than they did for Sen. John McCain four years ago.

And, they made up a larger share of the electorate in 2012 than in 2004, when the Christian Right supposedly fueled George W. Bush’s reelection. They also voted for Romney with the exact same margin as for Bush in 2004, 78%-21%.

Not to mention, Obama won the 48 percent of the electorate that was Christian and not Protestant or Mormon—50%-48% among Catholics (25% of the electorate) and 50%-49% of “Other Christians” (23% of the electorate).


They did decline as a share of the electorate in North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin. But the drops in states like North Carolina (Graham’s home state) and Virginia likely have less to do with apathy and more to do with demographic changes—transplants in North Carolina’s Research Triangle and growth in the Washington, D.C., suburbs of Northern Virginia, for example.

The fact is, Virginia and North Carolina are looking less and less like the Old South and more and more like Mid-Atlantic states.


Evangelicals make up 26 percent of adults in the country, according to a major 2008 Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life survey. They matched that this election.



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  • I become angry and sick at Mass and when I pass a Catholic Church knowing that over 60 percent of Catholics voted for Obama and that does not include Hispanics who have a separate count.

    • Xerxes22

      Not true. According to Pew, White Catholics voted for Romney 59-40%. That’s better than McCain did Among White Catholics in 2000. This NBC report says that all Catholics voted for Obama 50-48%.

    • Brendan

      Uh… it does include Hispanics and other nonwhites.

  • More Catholics voted for Obama last week than voted for Hitler making him Chancellor of Germany. Catholics are against God and He knows it.

    • behemoth

      When did this place become goofy Evangelical central?

    • Brendan

      One-third of Catholics are nonwhite too.

    • joeg2

      Did you tell God that Catholics are against Him, or did He figure it out for Himself? How did you and God come to the conclusion that Catholics are out to get Him?

  • jeffaral

    Taking into account that the vast majority of Christians are non-White, they will always vote against the interets of Whites.

    • The__Bobster

      The majority of Christians in America are White, but a lot of them will still vote against the interests of Whites.

  • My wife is Catholic and I’m her auxillary helper (actually putting my hands on work – most religious don’t ever do actual work that calls for any type of physical effort) in the church groups she belongs to. I don’t know much about the voting habits of the church membership, but you can bet your bottom dollar, the clergy voted 97-99% for o’bama.

    • The__Bobster

      Of course. They intend to fill their pews with Mestizos to replace the White that are leaving.

      • David Ashton

        Europe is the Faith (Belloc)!!!!!

        • jeffaral

          Christianity is from the Middle East, also it’s originally an Arabic religion.

          • danlieb7

            Arabic? Not really, more like a Jewish religion. Jews are NOT arabs. Jesus Christ was Jewish NOT arab!

          • StillModerated

            I know plenty of Christian Arabs. Their families have been Christian since before mohammedism hit the scene.

          • danlieb7

            I believe you are referring to Lebanese Catholic Maronites, Syrian Orthodox, Egyptian Coptics, and the Arab Catholics of the Palestine territories (West Bank & Gaza). In Israel, we have a small Christian minority, mostly Arab But even a few Jews who converted.

            Nevertheless, Jesus Christ was a Jew, both by ethnicity/ race as well as religion. He was NOT Arab.

          • razorrare

            Jesus Christ IS a Jew who rejected Judaism…unlike those of your ilk who claim to be jewish but are fake jews(proto turk Khazars).Benjamin Freedman as well as other prominent Ashkenazis came to know that truth as well…they were no more jewish than the 85% fake Zionist jews(Ashkenazi)who inhabit and rule Israel today.

    • Brendan

      I wouldn’t be surprised… the seminaries have been hotbeds for liberalism for decades now. I have no idea what conservative Catholics have been doing all these years.

      • Me neither, When my wife brings the “Monitor” (Catholic newpaper) home, I just about tear it to pieces it’s so left wing. I’ve written a couple of letters to the editor to it and they’ve even printed one of them, but with a full page editorial note saying my letter was a disgrace.

  • EndTimesComing

    Catholics were apostate from the beginning. Priests as intermediaries. Tons of idolatry in their churches. Penances. Popes. Pagan holidays adopted as Christian holidays. Pagan practices adopted in their litany and ritual. Heck, the Catholic church was FOUNDED by two pagans, ya know? The list goes on. It was always Satan’s reply to what Christ taught and offered. So it’s no surprise that Catholics seem to vote for liberals, world order, abortion, homosexual marriage, and Democrats who push Satan’s agenda further down the road. They are lost. Some may be saved, but if they truly are, they soon leave the Catholic church and seek true bible believing churches.

    • David Ashton

      The Catholic Church opposes abortion and same-gender “matrimony”.
      I am not religious but we can do without denominational wars among white patriots, especially long discredited canards against Catholics. It was the Roman Catholic authorities that finally decided what should go in the Bible, which is a collection of books not some Self-contained Single Textbook dropped from Heaven.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The Society of Jesus in Nicarauga ‘invented’ Liberation Theology. It’s being taught in their schools to blacks. This is where Black Liberation Theology came from. Of course we know that the White Pope preaches one thing, the Black Pope preaches another. It all the Hegelian Dialectic, create the problem, create the opposition then synthesize it into the solution. Catholics in general don’t know what’s happening in their churches. Presently the Vatican is engaged in the Counter Reformation to bring the world under her control.

      • danlieb7

        “Black Pope”???

        No offence, but you nonfactual and irrational rants actually make you sound like a neurotic maniac. All these conspiracy theories of the Catholic church is not based on any solid evidence except anti-catholic myth makers of BS!
        Oh and it was the Catholic church which gave the world the Bible. If not for the Catholics, you clueless protestants would never have had your beloved Bible.

        And before I get the usual retarded anti-catholic canards, please know that I’m neither Catholic nor protestant. I’m Jewish!

        • Bravo, danieb7, bravo! I’m a Marrano descendant, and I’m Catholic. You’re absolutely right about the Catholic church being “more legit, balanced, and rational”. The Protestant church was founded by Luther, who was bi-polar, and by Calvin, who was an outright psychopath. No sane, sound person would want to be a Protestant if he knew the real history of this movement.

    • carocaput

      Christian culture in Europe started dying with the protestant revolt. The most progressive protestants, such as those in Holland, even today are the most satanic, progressive, and secular. You are utterly wrong and at best an heretical Christian as Christ founded the Catholic church not a biblical society. Don’t put the cart before the horse!

    • Brendan

      Protestants like you were the original leftists. We’ve heard all this stuff before… quite frankly, it’s Protestants like you who are the reason the United States is so slavishly pro-Israel and Zionist.

      • ZB

        Good thinking, Brendan. Protestantism is a step towards Judaism, theologically. Look at their aversion to images, as one instance, which anyone who carries a picture of their loved one knows is merely a reminder of someone—-it is not “worshiped” as a “graven image”.

    • Son of Sambo

      (Agnostic poster gets his popcorn ready)

    • Alexandra

      Exactly. What came to be known as the Catholic “church” today was started in the fourth century by Constantine, who was a sun (not Son) worshiper. So I roll my eyes when professing Christians whine about the “war on Xmas.” I say “winter break” without batting an eyelash.
      Meanwhile true Christians had to go underground.
      I also have to marvel at the RCC’s “official” anti-abortion stance when convents have been known as brothels for priests, the resulting babies “baptized” then murdered.

      • David Ashton

        Not Maria Monk again!

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Conservative, pro life Catholics are having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that non white Catholics voted on racial lines, and didn’t care a bit about Obama’s abortion mandate.

    Faith in anti white racial voting trumped religion.

    • jeffaral

      You forget that these same White conservative Christians are the same people who employ and exploit millons of illegals.

  • jack ryan

    We just have to go for the White working class vote, White Ethnic Catholics, Reagan Democrats. Nixon did this – won. Reagan did this – won. Buchanan did this – scared the crap out of the establishment. Hitler did this… Hitler did lots of effective things, stopped inflation, reduced unemployment, ended Communist terror in the streets. So go with the good things AH and others like him did/do – go with the working class, time to get awau from Libertarian economic conservatism, Bain capital doesn’t sell to the working class.

  • ZB

    Obama did not win the Catholic vote; Obama won the “Catholic” vote….there’s a world of difference between the two.

    • danlieb7

      Sorry but you make no sense.

  • Joe Walker

    Romney won the white Catholic vote while Obama won the non-white Catholic vote. And, of course, Obama won the Jewish vote by a huge margin.

    • Xanthippe2

      But Jews are less than 3% of the population and therefore cannot control anything.
      (Just thought I would add that for fun as so much “old stuff” is coming up in this thread.)

      • jeffaral

        If a minority of 3% is good positioned, like in control of the FED and Hollywood, then they have the upper hand!

      • The Verdict of History

        Jewish vote can make all the difference in Florida.

        Jewish cash central to Democratic party.

  • tampa nugget

    The Vatican in Rome immediately came out with anti-Obama statements saying the Catholic Church would never recognize wither homosexuality or that sodomite perversion style of same sex marriage.

  • Armando

    For several weeks leading up to the election, we were told by our Parrish Priest, to vote for candidates who were pro-life and in support of religious freedom. We were even read a letter from our local Bishop, pleading with Catholics to vote for the candidates who supported these important views. It is a fact that the Catholic Church is suing the Obama administration over healthcare mandates that conflict with Catholic teaching. Although no names were mentioned, it was easy to discern the Catholic hierarchy wanted it’s members to vote for Romney. I thought surly we would see about a 70% to 30% Catholic vote in favor of Romney. The sad truth is; about half of all Catholics are very liberal. The moral views of Catholic liberals are closer to Hollywood than the Bible. Even as the Obama administration seeks to gut Catholic Church teaching and religious freedom in general, liberal Catholics cheer their own demise. A liberal Catholic is very similar to a self-loathing white. The liberal Catholic seeks to remake the church into something The National Organization for Women would love.

    • jeffaral

      Most Catholics in America are hispanic, and they are very conservative, Macho culture is predominant among them.

  • Germanacus

    Aren’t most Hispanics, legal or otherwise, Catholic? Why yes, they are. Aren’t most Protestants, the religion of the Founders, white?

    The more revealing stat is simply how much of the white vote Zero managed to claw out. He got very few white traditional Protestants.

    • MerlinV

      Somehow, I would wager he got nearly all the Atheist vote. That stat seems to be missing.

  • Vonhauer

    I think it pretty much breaks down like this in terms of brother Obama supporters:

    1) Those who share his race.
    2) Other non-Whites.
    3) White Christian haters — Hollywood, ACLU types, etc
    4) Those engaged in “alternative” lifestyles.
    5) Those dependant on government services.
    6) Utopians and other brain-washed ideologues.
    7) Impressionable youth who have bought the continual stream of media propaganda portraying the black man as the ideal personification of manhood instead of his true nature.

    • Don’t forget highly educated, and high income whites…which I am guessing you are not one of…LOL

      • Vonhauer

        3 through 6 will cover that demographic. Me? While I am by no means a wealthy man I am fairly well educated. Former math teacher.

    • The Verdict of History

      Members of the Tribe too…

  • Alexandra

    This is going to ruffle some feathers, but it needs to be said: Catholicism is counterfeit Christianity. This nation was founded as a white Protestant nation. Interesting fact: Puritans banned Xmas celebration because it was (and still is) a papal holiday.

    So no shocker that Catholics would vote for Obama. In fact, isn’t the Catholic church accepting of illegal immigrants? Keep in mind that Mexico is predominantly Catholic. So it’s not just about race, but religion as well.
    And Massachusetts is one of the most Catholic states…and one of the bluest, so go figure.

  • Poor Franklin Graham…use to love the drink and drugs, but now he is reformed…Dad thought Mormons belong to a cult, but he scrubbed his website of that nonsense just before his endorsement of Elder Romney…even with all that, still couldn’t push Elder Romney across the finish line. Too bad, now little Franklin is left holding his dog whistle almost two weeks after Obama wiped the floor with his non-Christian candidate…after your dad passes away, I am sure Franklin will still be able to “gravy train” on daddy’s name…let’s hope for his sake its not at Klan rallies…LOL!

  • David Ashton

    Just a few comments: (1) The clergy of many churches rely on non-whites to fill the pews and collection plates because they have lost the allegiance of too many whites; (2) both Protestant and Catholic clergy have moved left politically on various issues, particularly as a result of universal and altruist tendencies in Christianity (as it is now seen); (3) as Christian Zionists give support to Israel against Islam, those Jews who blame antisemitism and the “Holocaust” on the New Testament have had to moderate this condemnation, but it has been eagerly adopted by secular liberals; (4) the Bible nowhere advocates racial crossing or the leveling of nations, and it is possible to quote even some Roman Catholics in support of patriotism, racial preservation and humanitarian eugenics.

  • Ultramontane

    Catholic who voted for Obama are ignorant of their faith and too stupid to prioritize issues and vote accordingly. There are non-negotiable positions the Church holds, many of which Obama advocated. Obama is definitely anti-christian, and the Christians who support him are anti-christian themselves whether they realize it or not. They are christian in name only.

    article on those that voted for Obama:

  • NeoconsNailed

    That is so right about the clergy — what a twisted crowd. That is so ironic about Belloc — no doubt his statement was a mandate, and it’s good he never lived to see what Europe turned into.

  • StillModerated

    50%-48% among Catholics (25% of the electorate) and 50%-49% of “Other Christians” (23% of the electorate).

    For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
    Matthew 24:24

    And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    2 Corinthians 11:14

    There is nothing new under the Sun.

    • danlieb7

      Actually Obama seems more “Christ” like as compared to greedy unchristian (mormons are definitely not christians) leaders like Romney, who flip flops on every issue and lies through his teeth whenever he gives that mephistophelian wry smile to his gullable audience in the far right!

      The conservative almost over zealous fundamentalist christian xenophobic far right who seem to dominate the GOP in the current world disgust me as a secular humanist. They have corrupted the traditional sense of the word “conservative” which used to be the movement I respected when Barry Goldwater was alive. No wonder the GOP and the white christian dominated conservative movement will never rise again!