Minorities Donating Little to Presidential Races

Jack Gillum and Luis Alonso Lugo, Yahoo! News, November 3, 2012

Americans living in predominantly wealthy, white neighborhoods account for nearly all the sizable campaign contributions in this year’s presidential election, according to an Associated Press analysis, even as the presidential candidates have aggressively courted Hispanics. Latino voters are widely viewed as pivotal for victories in some battleground states Tuesday.

The disparity in donating particularly affects Latinos. About 16 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic, but not even 4 percent of the more than $1.3 billion in 3 million-plus itemized contributions came from mostly Hispanic neighborhoods this year, the AP’s analysis showed. More than 90 percent came from majority white neighborhoods.

Hispanics, by at least this important measure of contributing to a candidate whose views they support, are remarkably disengaged in the election yet represent a significant ethnic group for President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney.


Even among the poorest neighborhoods, non-Hispanics contributed far more regularly to the campaigns and the political groups that supported them. The trend similarly holds true for campaign contributions from mostly black, Asian or Native American neighborhoods.


The AP analysis did not consider the sources of contributions of $200 or less per person because, under federal law, political groups are not required to disclose any identifying information about such donors, even their names. About 65 percent of donors supporting Obama gave more than $200, compared with 85 percent for Romney.


Median household income for Hispanics was $37,759, but for non-Hispanic whites it was $54,620, according to 2010 census figures. {snip}


The AP analyzed contributions to candidates’ official campaigns, their political parties and “super” political committees that support them. Federal data do not include demographic information about donors, so the AP mapped donor addresses with demographic data for each census block. {snip}

Donations from majority Hispanic neighborhoods account for only 3.5 percent of itemized donations through mid-October. That correlates with about 2.7 percent from majority black neighborhoods and less than 1 percent from Asian communities.

The gap is even greater among neighborhoods with fewer whites. About 2 percent, or $26 million, of the contributions came from neighborhoods in which 75 percent of residents identified themselves in the 2010 census as Hispanic.

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  • That’s
    because all their money went back to their beloved mexico in the way of remittances. Everything
    is free for them in this country, including politicians groveling at their feet
    for votes.

  • Puggg

    About 16 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic, but not even 4
    percent of the more than $1.3 billion in 3 million-plus itemized
    contributions came from mostly Hispanic neighborhoods this year

    That doesn’t mean that Hispanics made those contributions.

    Hispanics are interested in money and politics in terms of getting money from government, not spending money to influence government.

  • Why would the 47% “takers” suddenly become “givers”? Hell, they don’t even donate organs.

    • Detroit_WASP


      They are used to RECEIVING and not giving.  It  is the rich stupid liberal like Ted Turner that give all the cash.   This is why this party cannot survive.  It makes no economic sense.  The left cannot exist without the right to pay the bills for them.

    • IstvanIN

      There should be a law that only tax payers, that is people who contribute more to the treasury than they take, should be allowed to vote, with the exception of the elderly, one shouldn’t be punished for paying into Social Security and enjoying retirement, and members of the military, since defense is vital to our overall survival.  People who are a net drain on the treasury shouldn’t be allowed to determine the fate of a nation they only take from.

  • I don’t donate …. but then why would I want to finance even more commercials.

    • And those commercials would likely be in spanish!

      • IstvanIN

         The only commercials I see for “Senador” Menedez are in spanish, and I only watch English-language TV.

  • It’s not their country. Of course they feel no desire to invest in it. They just drink their Cerbezas (ha ha I spelled it like a mexican says it,) and dance to their salsa music. Oh yeah, and hump (a LOT). I’m so happy to have them here!!!! They’re sexy too!


    • shmo123

       Nice picture Darryl. I was thinking of getting the same tats, just to increase my employment prospects.

  • They don’t need to. Democrats, and a sizable percentage of Republicans (referring to elected officials) love going to work every day for the people who don’t contribute the taxes to pay their salaries.

  • IstvanIN

     I haven’t donated to a Republican since Pat Buchanan.

  • JDInSanDiego

    Did they count the anonymous donations from China and the Arabs as minority donations?

    I also liked this statement: “The disparity in donating particularly affects Latinos.”   What does this even mean?  Reminds me of the fake problem known as “income inequality”  which assumes that a group of people making (or donating in the above case) different amounts of money needs to be corrected because there’s something unfair going on.

    • IstvanIN

      “The disparity in donating particularly affects Latinos.”

      It means taxpayer funded campaigns so that Latinos can run for office on the white man’s dime.

  • The link to the original story doesn’t exist. Yahoo seems to have pulled the story. But it can be found here:


    A quote from the original article:

    “Not being a major source of financial contributions and not having a
    tradition of contributing to candidates complicates our development as a
    political community. Even if the candidates deny it, the reality is
    that donors are those who enjoy the best access to candidates.”

    There is no shame in Hispanics declaring themselves a “political community”, and they worry about their development as such – but whites are not even allowed to be a political community. Wealthy whites don’t give two flips about other whites per se; they only care about wealthy people. That’s their ethnic group: The wealthy.


    • I see it a little different Ruben. There is absolute shame in hispanics declaring
      themselves a “political community” when millions of them are here
      illegally. The problem with hispanics is they do not distinguish between those
      here legally and those here in violation of our immigration laws as well as sovereignty.
      To them, it’s one big raza and they use those numbers to their advantage, legal
      or not.


      What do
      they get for their efforts? They get representatives in Congress who specifically
      push their agenda to the detriment of Americas.

      • IstvanIN

        In general the Hispanics are an invader, not immigrants in the classic European-American sense.  Their goal is our dispossession, and in the case of La Raza, our literal death as a people.

        • I agree Ivan. What I neglected to mention is that if there are enough hispanics to form a “political community,” we have too many here to begin with. Their political interests are always to the detriment of White Americans.

          • IstvanIN

            There political interests are at odds with what is best for America as a whole, not to mention what is actually best for American-born Hispanics.  Universal suffrage: scourge of the west.

  • Wil

    Then the white Americans gave more to the black liberal
    president. I am terrified.

  •  They’d have plenty of money if they’d give up beer.