Georgetown Jogging Attack

YouTube, November 5, 2012

Police are searching for a suspect they say sexually assaulted a 27-year-old female jogger on the Capital Crescent Trail Wednesday evening.


U.S. Park Police say the woman was in DC and jogging toward Georgetown when the suspect snuck up behind her and began choking her. {snip}

Police say the woman fought back, but eventually lost consciousness. When she woke up, the man had pulled her pants down and was fondling her.

Authorities say she screamed, and the man took off in the direction of Fletcher’s Boat House, which is about a mile west and north of Georgetown off of Canal Road NW.


Park Police say the victim got a description of the suspect:

Black Male, Medium Skin

Height 5’8 to 5’11

Approximately 180 to 200 pounds

Muscular/Fit build

Dreads—3 to 4 inches long

Light scruffy beard

Wearing a white shirt, possibly a tank top or cut off sleeves

Wearing long jersey type black shorts



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  • Detroit_WASP

    I wonder if he attacked the woman on his way home from voting?  Wonder who he voted for?

    • bubo

      The bigger question was who this young white woman voted for.  

      • Epiminondas


        • The__Bobster

          A young single White female? I’ll give you one guess. Oh, and she’ll forgive the rapist, too.

          • Up to my neck in CA

            and blame Whites for this attack.

          • 5n4k33y35

            And she will receive an award and an honorary degree for blaming white men.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      Well, he certainly wasn’t on his way to or from work.

      • Zorro

        Sure he was. His job is givin’ it to the man, and dat be Whitey.

    • Zorro

      I didn’t see any mention of the victim being White or black. If she is White, is she a Diversity loving Church of Multiculturalism going believer, or is she a solid Conservative with no dilusions about our current state of affairs? If she is a Liberal, then she basically begged for this to happen. So when it does, why are they surprised?

  • Gracchus123

    Let’s hope that taste of diversity cures the woman; she surely wasn’t showing very good sense and was more than likely another single, liberal female who may very well have voted for her attacker’s dad.

    • Zorro

      Well, they all look alike, so who can tell which is related to whom?

  • ed91

    she will probably not make the connection to the black crime wave.

    that would be politically incorrect.

    It was a male………….  bad male.

    • Right.  She won’t open her eyes to race realism; she’ll just turn to lesbianism.

      • Epiminondas

        If she wasn’t already there before.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Scissoring Feminist lesbians, climaxing to the fantasy of the White Patriarchy in decline. 

  • Dan

    I’m sure he was just celebrating the Obama victory.

    • TeutonicKnight67


    • Zorro

      So was her attacker, in his own special way.

  • Both of them were Obama supporters, and I suspect the woman still doesn’t have a clue to what it’s all about.

    • rebelcelt

      Damn, get off this womans case! Hell she has the right to go jogging. Maybe niave but a lot of white single women  voted against Obama.  You guys are making big assumptions. 

      • Zorro

        I made no assuptions, but said “What if?”.  

  • Puggg
    • Zorro

      The blacks should be buying frozen pizza from their Grocery Stores. No White person should deliver anything to them. It isn’t worth your life.

  • Another one of Obama’s sons on the loose.  Better get used to it, white America.

  • This is an older story but I hope someone who keeps track of these things can use it.

    It involves a Hispanic rapist-murderer, Altemio Sanchez:

    He was ultimately convicted of rape and murder of three white women and the rape of at least 12 other white women.

    He was originally a suspect but his Hispanic uncle lied about Altemio borrowing his car. Because of this lie, an innocent, mildly retarted white man was wrongly sent to prison for 22 years.  (Imagine how this would have been national news if the innocent man had been black).

    What was never brought up during the investigation and trial is that all his victims were white and he is Hispanic.

  • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

    It’s becoming difficult to feel sorry for healthy, fit White girls who expose themselves  to the Diversity Reach. 

    Why was she alone?  Everyone knows that D.C. is Diversity Enriched, everywhere.

    How soon will she go back out alone and say, “No matter how dangerous blacks are, being scared of them is worse”.

    • EndTimesComing

      Isn’t it strange how the places you need the right to carry the MOST forbid it?  Forbid even possessing a gun in the home?  Chicago, D.C., etc.  Not that this woman would have carried.  As most surmise, probably a liberal female staffer who would never admit to herself or anybody else that blacks are predatory, dangerous,  and never to be trusted.

      • All Our Tomorrows Are Worse

        Let’s pray that the White prey was an Obama voter, and full of guilt for shameful Jim Crow and her unearned racist White privilege.

      • The__Bobster

        The libs don’t want you shooting their pets. They only want their pets to shoot you.

      • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

         you have the right to carry, just put a pistol in your pocket and carry it …

        • sarah stein

           They usually prey on people in places where there are no police or witnesses, which will work to your advantage because you can just shoot your attacker and jog on home with no one the wiser.  The attackers are too stupid to realize that and end up cold cases.

          • Pelayo

            Look into the Public Defender snub nosed revolver from Taurus International. It has a extended cylinder that chambers either .45 cartridges or .410 shot shells or a mixture of both, The .410 can blow a respectable hole in an attacker. I believe that it doesn’t have an external hammer which makes it easier to access by eliminating the danger of the hammer snagging on a purse or a pocket when drawing it.
            I am astounded by the number of women (mostly White with some Asians) as young as 15  and up to 65 learning to shoot with their husbands, fathers or boyfriends in South Florida Shooting centers.  I was also impressed with how quickly the women took to the shooting skills once they got over the fear of the noise and the recoil. Every woman should learn to handle a firearm safely and efficiently. More tactical shooting courses should be available to civilians.

          • Zorro

            Bond Arms has a line of Derringers that handle .45 caliber or .410 shot shells, too. One called the “Snakeslayer” comes right to mind.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            One of these little pistols could easily be rechambered for 45-70, though I doubt the lockwork would stand more than a few shots.

          • Zorro

            Unfortunately, the way it would work out for you is that the Gas Station or Bordega would have a cheap CCTV Security system hooked up, which would catch you using your Second Amendment Righ to Keep and Bear Arms, during your exercise of Self Defense, and the search would be on for you, the White Gun Owner, and Victim, not the black or brown predator. Think about what happened to poor Bernie Goetz when he tried to defend himself.

        • Zorro

          Well, don’t go through a pat-down in the wrong part of the country, or you will be locked up with these animals for approx. three years. You would be better off in a Tiger cage.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    How does she know he was black?  He probably was a white Republican in disguise.


    Voted for Obama.

  • Black Male, Medium skin.  Personally I prefer my blacks with small or extra large skin.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

    32-year-old man is fighting for his life after being the victim of what
    appeared to be an unprovoked attack in downtown Baltimore in broad
    daylight on Friday.
    said John Mason was walking near his home around Howard and Lombard
    streets when four men converged and started beating and kicking him.
    Mason was rushed to Shock Trauma with skull fractures. Surgeons noted
    footprints on his face, according to Mason’s aunt, Christina Jasi.Mason is currently in a medically induced coma.
    a life-or-death matter at this point. We don’t know if he’s going to
    survive. If he does survive, is he going to have the quality of life
    where he can live by himself again? Would he need us to take care of
    him? We don’t know,” Jasi said.

  • kjh64

    It was a Black male, shocking I tell you , shocking! I’ll bet the victim was a White female too. Of course nothing racial about it. Image if White men were attacking Black women at these rates? Of course we don’t have to imagine do we?

    • ed91

       many white females just do not understand reality.

      and will die or be raped rather than be politically incorrect.

      • sarah stein

         And that’s why men need to choose their wives wisely, as they will be taking care of the children when he’s not around. 

        • Zorro

          That’s why your women need to know how to handle firearms. When the kids are all old enough, they need to learn, as well. Pioneer women had to use Muskets and Rifles to fend off Indian raids and Bandits, while protecting themselves and their children. Nothing has changed, except we are not using Covered Wagons, yet. If the gas prices keep going up, we will, again.

  • tickyul

    Urban Americans are and always will be a poor fit for this once fine country.

    And hey, Mr Hussein gets another 4…..this will really fire up the Demorats Urban American Stormtroopers……REALLY!

  • GrowingAnnoyed

    Am I the only one that feels like “taking back the night” with something other than candles and poorly painted signs?

  • JohnEngelman

    I am glad they included the criminal’s race. That seems to be a new trend. 

  • Triarius

    Normally I am not one to criticize fellow posters, but this is a little over the top. While I will agree that I do not care what happens to self-hating whites, we do not know she is one.

    While some claim that she will blame white men or turn into a lesbian is something we’ll also never know.

    But I know this: A white woman was attacked by a black man. He should be executed, imo.

    And I now live in the DC area, previously Detroit, and I will tell others here that young white professionals in their mid to late 20s, like this victim and myself,

  • sarah stein

    Well that’s one idiot that will live to produce idiot offspring. That’s a shame.  It was dark, how could she see that it was a black man.  She’s obviously a racist. What’s funny is those other stupid women will go to another jogging trail unarmed and get raped. 

    • Zorro

      There is no cure for stupid. These last few Elections have shown that.

  • IstvanIN

    Wow, no wonder we are so divided.  So many here blaming the white women for getting raped because she must be a liberal, or a lesbian or whatever.  How the heck do any of you know what is in this young woman’s mind?  This lack of empathy for our fellow whites is mind boggling.  It is OK if the blacks attack a possibly liberal white, or a gay white, or a white tattoo artist?  My God, where are your morals?  Savagery is wrong.  No wonder we have so much trouble getting other whites to our side when so many of us sound like real jerks.  At least the other side feigns sympathy.

    • andreaostrov

      “It is OK if the blacks attack a possibly liberal white, or a gay white, or a white tattoo artist?  My God, where are your morals?”
      yes, it’s okay because liberal whites and Jews do NOT care when blacks rob, rape, or kill us.   you think any jew or white liberal gives a rat’s ass about all the rape and murder happening in south africa?  when blacks attack us, liberals call them ‘teens’.  And when zimmerman shot martin in self defense, the damn lib jews and dwl assholes blamed ‘white racism’.

      oh, btw, the media treatment of the obama and romney was like its coverage of sweet trayvon and evil zimmerman. 

      • IstvanIN

         Ok, let us say it is OK to rape liberal or Jewish women, how do you know she was a liberal or a Jew?  Because she had tattoos?  Many young people have tattoos these days.  I personally find it gross but I wouldn’t advocate someone getting assaulted over it.

        As for the liberal and Jewish controlled media not caring about us when we are maimed, killed, raped or whatever, you are right, they cover up, they ignore, they blame the victim.  But we are at a disadvantage here and have to take the high road on issues like this and point out the simple fact that black males are a poison in our society and that the white female, even if she is a lesbian, tattooed, Jew, was attacked because of her race and that blacks males are overwhelmingly the perpetrators.

    • sandra

       That’s the thing. As a gay white woman, so many of the posters here force me to choose between liberal and conservative. If I am not accepted by my own race because I have the audacity to insist upon my human rights, then I MUST choose the Democrats.

      • Gracchus123

        Well sandra, if you believe in “post-birth abortion”(also known as infanticide), the right to NO self-defense (total gun control), stealing from Peter(me) to pay Paul (welfare queens), centrally managed economy (managed market instead of free market), then go ahead and support bigger government (less liberty), and “choose the Democrats”. 

        But when you crave freedom, all the freedom fighters (the real supporters of human rights) will be hard to find. They will be somewhere “in the hills” still fighting for your human rights though.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I approve of post birth abortion, so long as the baby daddy is black or Mexican.

          Even up to 70 years later.

    • Zqrxpad

      All I’m going to say is that I don’t know that a race realist White woman would ever go jogging around D. C. –  just a thought! 

    • Zorro

      I have absolutely run out of sympathy for those that have been rubbing our noses in Diversity for over 40 years, now.

  • AmericanCowboyX

    As much as I cannot stand the pc bullshite going on today or
    it’s proponents. The woman is not to blame. We white males are at fault. Why?
    We lost our country. Women are natural followers and will tow the line on the
    dominant ideology of the day. Race realist white men or just plain common sense
    does not have the lead. The rich pansy DWL’s who are shielded from the
    consequences of Diversity are the people who set the tone nationally for our
    women to follow. How many white men voted for BHO? I live in affluent Philly
    suburb and my white neighbors all voted for the this anti american mulatto. These incidents
    happen every day all over the country, the smart women know they are vulnerable
    prey to these hyenas, and act accordingly.

    • sandra

       Incorrect. Women are not natural followers. You merely wish to think that way. Once women see outside of the box you place them in…watch out.

      • AmericanCowboyX

        I am watching out and I’m not impressed. Single women outside the box put BHO over the top based on his “coolness” and fearmongering over abortion and birth control while married women voted for Romney. 

        This is a natural evolution for women. Women are peer oriented, if they are single, their views line up with whatever is popular and when they marry their views line up with their man. Reality sucks  huh? Get used to it, it’s not going anywhere.

  • Texan1st

    I don’t care whether she was a liberal, lesbian, or whatever supposedly derogatory title some are attempting to pin on her. Perhaps this experience will awaken her to racial realities and perhaps it won’t. Regardless, a vile creature attacked this white lady and when caught, he should be put down like the animal he is.

    • andreaostrov

      you think a liberal bitch would care if blacks raped your mother?  the hell with liberal bitch whores. 

  • andreaostrov

    the real war against women

    • Zorro

      True. And there is no Media to cover it, coast to coast, like the Duke Rape Case Hoax.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    No woman or girl deserves to be raped, Andrea Ostrov, whether she has weird piercings or tattoos or not, just as no child deserves to be beaten.

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent


    • furiousowl

       What does this have to do with the story at hand?

      You can email these links to the moderator instead of spamming threads with off topic stories.

    • Zorro

      Another poor White soul, who may lose his life, because we won’t demand Justice for ourselves.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Meanwhile at a plant in Fresno CA.

    On Tuesday, in the middle of his morning shift, Jones pulled out a gun and opened fire on four co-workers, killing two execution-style, authorities said. Two others were wounded, and he later died after shooting himself in the head Read more:

    Lawrence Nathaniel Jones, 42, had been in and out of prison since 1991 for crimes ranging from armed robbery to a car theft. A neighbor described him as intimidating, but a co-worker and his boss called him nice and respectfulRead more:

    • Marc B.

      Now I know why my radar went into overdrive the moment I decided to read news reports about the attack. All of the online news stories I read scrupulously left out any indication of the race of the murderer, as in the case of multiple mass-murderer, Roderick Dantzler. Obama is pushing for the ability to block businesses from the ability to legally exclude felons from being hired.     

      • Up to my neck in CA

        I had to g0 to seven diiferent news stories to  finally find his picture.

  • Daisy

    The majority of the comments under this thread explain the reason why whites are so endangered in America.  The unabashed hatred and blaming of this woman for this evil attack against her is the exact reason why we white people are so disempowered: white men blame an innocent white woman for being attacked then wonder why that woman, and others like her (which I can definitely vouch for by personal experience) remain in denial about black/racist aggression towards them.  Because white men celebrate the rape of white women!!!  3/4 of the posters should be ashamed of themselves, you are sickos who deserve whatever the fascist anti-white left holds in store for you.