Europe’s New Fascists

William Wheeler, New York times, November 17, 2012

One evening in September 2011, Ali Rahimi, a 27-year-old Afghan asylum seeker, was hanging around with friends outside his building in central Athens when more than a dozen Greeks approached. Several men set upon Mr. Rahimi, one with a knife. Panicked, he fled into his apartment and fought back, managing to push the men out the door. He found blood gushing from just above his heart, one of five stab wounds in his back and chest.

Mr. Rahimi survived and is staying put for now. But his friend, Reza Mohammed, who was also injured in the attack, is considering what was once unthinkable: moving back to Afghanistan, which he feels would be safer than Greece.

Greece is the major entry point for Asian and African migrants and asylum seekers headed into Europe; there are about one million of them in the country today, thanks to the failure of successive Greek governments to establish a functioning migration or asylum policy, and a European Union regulation that allows member states to return asylum seekers to the country where they first entered Europe, which is often Greece.

Parts of Athens feel like a war zone. Racist gangs cruise the streets at night in search of victims. Themis Skordeli, a member of the group that is accused of stabbing Mr. Rahimi, ran unsuccessfully for Parliament on the ticket of Golden Dawn, a fascist group that is currently the third most popular party in Greece.


By exploiting a security void and rising xenophobia, the party won a seat on the Athens City Council in 2010. In Greece’s election earlier this year, the party capitalized on widespread anti-immigrant sentiment and contempt for a political establishment that brought the country to the brink of economic collapse. It won almost 7 percent of the national vote and 18 seats in Parliament.

Recent polls show that its strength continues to grow, and its support runs as high as 50 percent among police officers, who routinely fail to investigate growing numbers of hate crimes.

Far-right ultranationalist groups are exploiting old enmities and new fears across the Continent. Although this is not the Europe of the 1930s, the disillusioned citizens of countries like Greece and Hungary have turned increasingly to simple answers, electing parties that blame familiar scapegoats—Jews, Gypsies, gays and foreigners—for their ills.


Beneath the looming basilica of Athens’ largest church, middle-aged men and women in black Golden Dawn T-shirts were busy one bright September morning distributing food to needy Greeks. Kids ran across the courtyard, which was painted with the party’s unofficial platform: “Get foreigners out of Greece.” Clusters of fit, stoic young men in dark glasses ringed the perimeter.

Nikolaos Michos, a square-jawed Golden Dawn member of Parliament with the build and tattoos of a heavyweight boxer, leaned against a bloodmobile watching. He wore a black polo embossed with the party’s Swastika-like logo. “We’re fighters and we’re not going to back down,” he said, referring to death threats from leftists and the burning of a Golden Dawn office. “But they’re not striking fear into us because every center they destroy, we’ll build new ones,” he added.

Maria Chandraki, 29, an unemployed beautician, hadn’t heard of Golden Dawn until the last election. “Their positions may be extreme,” she said, holding plastic bags of food she’d just received. “But the situation is extreme as well. So we need extreme measures.” She went on, “We can’t have so many nations and so many different sets of values and ideals under the same roof.”

A few blocks down the street, a crowd was leaving a mosque after Friday Prayer. At the mention of Golden Dawn, immigrant men began lifting their shirts to show their scars. A short, sullen-looking young man with a cut across his nose and freshly sutured cheekbone, was pushed forward by the crowd. Just the night before, he said, he was beaten and cut with a knife by “fascists.”

“Go into the Omonia police station,” said another man. “You will see how violence is going on.” Several blocks away, I walked into just such a scene. As I stepped out of the elevator at the police station, I saw an officer screaming at a black man and backhanding him hard across the shoulder.

Nikos Katapodis, 69, can see the crossroads where his family has lived since 1863. A bald, chain-smoking funeral-home owner, Mr. Katapodis describes the Greek government with a string of expletives. The flood of immigrants over the last decade created ghettos in central Athens, he explains. Crime rates rose, property values dropped and bars appeared on second-floor windows. “It looks like a prison,” he said, nodding to the street. “Today it reminds me of the late 1940s,” he adds. “You see people scrounging for food in the trash cans.”

Although he didn’t vote for Golden Dawn, he sees it as “the only party that is actually doing things for the Greek people”—a cross between the welfare state and the Mafia. If he needed an escort to walk down the street or help paying for his cancer medicine, he’d call Golden Dawn. “They’re doing what the politicians should be doing,” he said. “There’s a hole, and they fill it.”


Unlike Greece, Hungary has a history of fascist groups, including the Hungarian National Front, an anti-Semitic, anti-Roma group that established an annual international neo-Nazi event and regularly holds paramilitary training exercises on a former Soviet military base (“an incubator for the Breivik-type people,” says Mr. Domina, referring to the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik). Since Hungary’s economic crisis began, new extremist groups have emerged and the Hungarian National Front has gained national prominence.

In 2009, Jobbik, a self-described “radically patriotic Christian party” with an affiliated militia, entered Hungary’s Parliament. {snip}

While Jobbik has traditionally tried to distance itself from more extreme groups, its true colors were on display at an August rally in the village of Devecser, where a Jobbik member of Parliament delivered the opening address. Subsequent speeches from other groups grew increasingly violent, climaxing in a tirade about “how the Roma people have to die and you have to kill them and we have to clean out the country,” as one witness recalled. The crowd eventually began throwing stones at Roma houses, chanting “you will die” and vowing to return.

Hungary’s ruling center-right party, Fidesz, is eager to win back some far-right voters it lost to Jobbik, so it won’t push back. {snip}


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  • Greg Thomas

    Maria Chandraki, 29, an unemployed beautician, hadn’t heard of Golden Dawn until the last election. “Their positions may be extreme,” she said, holding plastic bags of food she’d just received. “But the situation is extreme as well. So we need extreme measures.” She went on, “We can’t have so many nations and so many different sets of values and ideals under the same roof.”

    Maria is absolutely right. Where can I get a Golden Dawn T-shirt?

  • Meanwhile, in the rest of Europe, Muslims and Africans have declared open-season on the natives. Native Europeans are being beaten, murdered and raped at alarming rates – and there is no New York Times article describing this. If things were really so bad for immigrants in Greece, they would be leaving in droves.

    • brian

      The same was true during the ‘evil’ Apartheid years in South Africa. If things had really been that bad compared to the other countries around them, Blacks would have been fleeing in droves, doubtless to Western aid centers, and many doubtless to Western countries thereafter.

  • StillModerated

    Tito Perdue’s character, Lee Pefley, told Africans begging on New York City streets, “you’d be much happier in Alabama. You could have a small garden, and some hens.” Why Greece, Spain, France and Italy need to suffer this foreign riff-raff is a complete mystery to me. Those countries must be run by nation-wreckers.

    This comment is neither racist nor anti-semitic.

    • Uh, if you say anything good about White people, you are racist and anti-Semitic.

      You live, therefore you are anti-Semitic.

    • The__Bobster

      It’s the truth. Therefore, it is.

      • blight14

        And I REALLY loved the Emperors new clothes……stunning to say the least………

    • 1Forced_Registration

      The EU is indeed a group of nation wreckers who have absolutely no respect for the cultures, and groups that actually built the European societies into the decent places that they are. For the EU multiculturalism is like a religion, as is anti-nationalism.

      • GM (Australia)

        GD seems to be part of a wider movement within the EU seeking independence and a return of sovereignty from the evil empire that they have created. I also understand that that all of these newly emerging nationalist groups have been likened to King Henry the 8th who sought independence from the Roman (Catholic) yoke some 400 years ago. Henry VIII has been called many names but I don’t think fascist was one of them, I would even suggest he was a true nationalist.

    • blight14

      Was that last sentence REALLY necessary? Perhaps you should lead every comment with it in full caps so we KNOW for sure that ‘nation wreckers’ are invisible aliens from Groggordk…………

  • Bill

    Seems fascist these days means anybody who does not embrace the multi-cult failure and the willful destruction of European culture and identity. This article comes across as rather hysterical to me. Certainly one sided. Which, I interpret to mean, the “fascists” are winning and changing hearts and minds away from the multi-cult invasion and destruction of Greek pride and identity. Good for them.

    • Anonymous

      Remember, this was published by the ultra-leftist New York Times.

  • THANK GOD for Golden Dawn.

    I support them 100%. 100%. Greece is for Greeks and Greeks are WHITE people.

    Damn, this makes me so happy.

    We need a White Dawn here in the US and what keeps up my moral faith is in knowing we will have it, soon.

    If there were any intelligent Blacks, Haitians, Mexican, Arabs, Jews, Chinese, etc. they would leave now while they can sell what they own and peacefully go back to their homelands since EVERY SINGLE one of those groups HAS a homeland yet those very same GROUPS deny my people from having a homeland.

    This will not stand

    What is coming is not the fault of the White People. It is the fault of you others.

    • 1Forced_Registration

      I don’t agree with everything they are doing, but I do get a warm fuzzy feeling for the Golden Dawn just the same. Unlike a secessionist movement, a movement like the Golden Dawn cannot be as easily geographically isolated, and thus is not subject to the type of area weapons (chemical, nuclear, radiological, biological, artillery) that the former is. This makes a GD type movement less subject to above board retaliation (that doesn’t mean there wont be retaliation – even in Greece there is).

      The best hope for the Golden Dawn is that they get to be the majority party and can then free their people that are being locked up.

  • The msm is keeping Golden Dawn very quiet. But in the not too distant future, Golden Dawn will take over in Greece. Then it is really going to hit the fan when they start expelling the illegal aliens. Nato troops may even invade Greece.

    • White_Prime77

      I would not be surprised if Obama would write off on such a move.

      Another harrowing thing to think about, if Nato were to move against a Golden Dawn governed Greece… the largest nearby Nato country is Turkey… The thought of millions of Islamic Turks invading Greece is very disturbing….

  • NorthernWind

    “Mr. Rahimi survived and is staying put for now. But his friend, Reza
    Mohammed, who was also injured in the attack, is considering what was
    once unthinkable: moving back to Afghanistan, which he feels would be
    safer than Greece.”

    Good, now get moving and take your friends with you. It’s really unfortunate that it takes a stabbing for these people to get it. Hello?! The Greek people want you out. I kinda feel bad for those who are viciously attacked but then again, my empathy is numbed by the fact that they are unwelcome and some immigrants have raped and murdered innocent Greeks.

  • The more I read about Golden Dawn the more I appreciate what they are doing. Fight On!

  • Luca

    Muslims are the facists. They want a theocratic dictatorship to rule the world. They would stifle free speech, freedom of religion, women would be second-class citizens, they use violence against innocents and gays are stoned to death. if that’s not facism what is? And yet the liberals support and encourage them. The liberals need to be defeated before the world can ever achieve balance.

    • rightrightright

      The Greeks know a thing or two about muslim rule. They only fought their way out of the Ottoman Empire in the 1830s. Been there, done that and shan’t do it again.

  • Enough is enough

    Every 12th person in Greece is an illegal immigrant, 1 million out of 12 million people. Illegal immigrants, these are people who commit their first crime by entering Greece and often it is not their last. Greece is overrun without a declaration of war, so what do you expect from the Greek?

    • IstvanIN

      Welcoming illegal immigrants is akin to forcing your daughter to marry her rapist. Rather than punish him you punish her. We white westerners are rape victims and the immigrants are the rapists.

  • kjh64

    I like the way anybody who is opposed to mass immigration is labeled “far right”, “xenophobic” or “facist”. No, what is facist is that the citizens of Greece, just like here in the USA or other Western nations were NEVER asked if they wanted mass immigration of alien peoples. Such mass immigration DOES cause many problems, a rise in crime, balkenization, use of welfare by foreign peoples, overcrowding and the taking of jobs. It causes many problems. It’s the facist far Left and their government enables and the media who DEMAND people put up with this and bully them into silence with the tired old accusations of racism.

    • katzkiner

      Estimates vary, Illegals in the US. cost the states and the Feds between $100 and $300 BILLION a year in social services. INSANELY
      stupid of us to tolerate.

  • Hoppy

    It’s a simple math problem. When immigrants who as a group fail to possess the intellect and discipline associated with native groups are allowed to achieve political equality in the lands upon which they are moving to, the invader’s presence creates a net cost on the native community due to their lack of productivity.

    When the funny money goes away, as in the end of German welfare for southern Europe or the destruction of the American currency by those guys, natives feel the pain and might hypothetically react. In my opinion, this hypothetical reaction is Natural, justified, and probably just getting started.

    • GM (Australia)

      Re “Funny Money”. My Greek connections tell me that after the Euro it was possible to sell previously worthless real estate back home such as old fishing cottages and olive groves to Germans for hugely inflated prices. Real money, hard currency. Did much of that money stay in Greece, no way! The Eurozone is totally flawed, Greece must get out and become it’s own nation again.


    None of these parties is anymore “right wing,” “racist” or “extremist” than the current government of Israel. That should be our defense when nationalists in Western countries are criticized. There were race riots in Israel this year in which black people were pulled out of their cars and beaten and immigrant owned stores were burned down. The NYT’s response? It published an op-ed endorsing the rioters goal of driving African immigrants out of the country. If Israel can’t take third world refugees, why should Greece or any other Western country?

    • One member of the current ruling coalition of the Knesset, of a right wing party but not the same party as Netanyahu’s own party, (but a necessary part of the coalition that made Netanyahu the PM), called black Africans “a cancer.” (Gee, where would he get a silly idea like that?)

      • ATBOTL

        Some other PM or official said something like “Israel is white man’s country” too.

        • The Jew of Old

          There’s nothing wrong with that. I am a Jew and I fully support both Israel and US/Canada/Europe being free of foreign invaders. It is extremely hypocritical when Jews condemn anything resembling the white nationalist movements across Europe, Golden Dawn I can understand because of the similarities with the brownshirts and such but I still support them 100%.

          • Periapsis

            At last, there is one among your people who sees the folly of what other Jews are doing to us. The Muslims and darkie hordes in general regard whites and Jews as one and the same, and that is PREY.

          • Good, when we Whites have a homeland, we will put your name as one “RIghtieous among the Nations” since you supported the White race.

          • 5Sardonicus

            To say that Israel is surrounded by enemies bent on her
            destruction is not paranoia, but an acknowledgement of fact. As the United
            States becomes less European and more Third World (Latin American) support for Israel will decline to outright hostility. Do left wing politicians like Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and Castro support Israel—their anti-Semitism is palpable. Rabbi Prager ( National Review) has stated that for too many Jews “Liberalism” is their religion, while Judaism is their ethnic identity. He is rightly concerned that this atheistic neo-Marxist leftism is dooming Israel and much of the West

          • “Golden Dawn I can understand because of the similarities with the brownshirts and such but I still support them 100%”

            If Jews don’t like GD’s “brownshirt” similarities then they are welcome to leave Greece. I’m glad to see you support GD, however.

          • Steve

            Jews have been in Greece for more than 2000 years. Look up Romaniot Jews; they are not Ashkenazi Jews. They speak an ancient Greek dialect. They have been living in Greece longer than many Greeks who came from elsewhere in the ottoman Empire. After 2000 years, they are not there at sufferance. They are more concerned with the deterioration of Greece and the horrifying invasion of Muslim migrants than you can ever be.

          • Doesn’t matter. Gypsies have been in Europe for thousands of years. Other non-Whites have lived in Europe for a very long time. Greece isn’t an anti-White proposition country; if Jews don’t like the methods Greeks use to defend themselves and their ethnic interests then said Jews need to pack up and move to Israel or whatever other stupid country that’s foolish enough to tolerate an ethnic fifth column.

      • OBSERVER

        Not from the Anti-Defamation League.

    • NYB

      Jewish-owned news sources are harsh on Greece and soft on Israel for doing essentially the same things.

      In Israel, the government is acting the role of Golden Dawn.

      • rightrightright

        The Israeli government is doing what an elected government should do. Is all.

        • OBSERVER

          Correct. The Jewish people learned a very valuable lesson.

          Ein Volk. Ein Reich.


        • That doesn’t change the glaring doublestandard where the media largely turns a blind eye to Israel when Jews do what would get the media to relentlessly smear Whites as Nazis and fascists.

          • It is not a double standard when the same people own the media…………..

    • blight14

      Be careful ATBOTL, certain discussions are verbotten here….hypothetically……

      • ATBOTL

        I know. I’m probably one of the most frequently censored.

        • OBSERVER

          No. I am.

          • blight14

            Submit or else!

        • blight14

          Not toeing the ‘line’ got me disabled on Facebook…..merely posting article that weren’t considered subservient…… warning, gone…..I’ll refrain from typing my feelings about the issue on this website…..

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Yeah, I got banned for participating in “Draw Mohammed Day”.

            Can’t get a new account, as I don’t have a damn cell phone (don’t need one, either.)

          • blight14

            Hmmmm, that’s surprising, generally there is just ONE group that will get you booted……And I can’t mention the group here on AmRen…..

      • NYB

        If Golden Dawn were elected to run Greece, their members would no longer have to take to the streets. When government steps in and fills a void, citizens can step back.

        As we see in Israel, when government agencies are rounding up Africans and other illegal immigrants, citizen nationalists don’t have to do it.

        The same void exists in the United States, Britain, Australia and Europe. Nationalists are waiting for their governments to become more like that of Israel, but the media, significantly owned and editorially operated by Jews, is reluctant to draw comparisons or lead the call for a renewal of nationalism.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Israel also exported about 50,000 blacks back to Africa.

      • I am surprised they didn’t send them to America. We can’t refuse them.

        That would be racists.

        • ATBOTL

          One Israeli MP, in conjunction with Jewish community leaders in Australia, recently suggested that Australia take Israel’s African immigrants.

          • blight14

            Ah, their famous ‘never again’………..dilute the host with 3rd world cretins and work 24/7 to squash any inkling of nationalism…………..

          • blight14

            That is a typical MO for them……….flood western nations with vermin……..

  • IstvanIN

    Interesting how the Greeks are pilloried for wanting immigrants removed from their very small and poor country but South Africa and Zimbabwe are never criticized for the murder, torture and dispossession of their native, white, wealth creating populations. Can anyone explain the world wide anti-white agenda? And don’t blame the Jews, they may be clever and are certainly not our friends, but we out number them greatly and certainly are under no obligation to follow their marching orders. There is a world wide white mental illness going on.

    • Pelayo

      I hate to keep ringing this bell but no one was prosecuted for calling in public for genocide against Whites and their babies.

      • katzkiner

        You missed the latest installment from Obama’s Civilian Defense Force, they advocated blowing up nurseries to kill white infants. The Tampa chapter, NBPP radio.

    • HamletsGhost

      Numbers don’t mean everything. Whites once controlled Rhodesia even though they never comprised more than 5% of the population.
      Remember the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”. A modern equivalent is “The TV is more powerful than the gun.”

  • ViktorNN

    The same old smear job from the _ew York TImes.

    Always the emphasis on right-wing violence – the big leftist boogeyman.

    Never mind anarchists and communists wreaking all kinds of property damage in riots, and getting in violent pitched battles with police, inflicting casualties on them. Never mind illegal immigrants entering and squatting in Greece illegally, against the will of the majority of Greeks, raping Greek women, committing petty crime and overall degrading the quality of life. Never mind the violence of a sort that international bankers have perpetrated on Greek society.

    These are all kinds of violence which have damaged and worked to ruin Greek society – but as usual, the hypocritical left leaves out this larger view of the real situation.

    See, for the left media, “right-wing violence” is a special thing worthy of special attention. If GD continues to rise in power, “right wing violence” will be the centerpiece of all reporting by big media. It’s how they will try to discredit GD. They’re already trying to do it, as this article proves.

    The average, casual reader will never hear much if anything about GD’s platform, lest they hear something they agree with.

    • blight14

      Well stated Viktor……..

  • Kronolog

    If drastic measures have to be taken in Greece, then I believe that they would be better of with a military coup instead of electing the Golden Dawn; let them have a new Franco rather than a new Hitler. If you need to be ruled by an iron fist, you’re better of if it belongs to a rational man rather than to an ideologue.

    • blight14

      Golly, I wondered how long it would take for the requisite reference to AH…….yawn….

  • KenelmDigby

    For the life of me, I simply cannot understand why a young Afghan ‘asylum seeker’ (ie an immigration fraudster), would choose to target bombed out, Orthdox Christian Greece whilst ignoring the ultra wealthy opportunity laden umma in Dubai or Saudi Arabia.

    It simply does not make sense.
    Perhaps it’s got something to do with the fact that Greek citizenship confers EU citizenship – and instant access to northern European welfare states.

    • rightrightright

      The oil Arabs regard their guest workers from non-Arab islamic lands as sub humans, as slaves. They are dreadfully abused, have to work long hours often during the hottest time of day, are paid a pittance and live in filthy conditions. Their passports are confiscated so they can’t leave.

      Even the most dirt poor European country is better to hit on than anywhere Arab. But I have no sympathy with the Afghan illegal. He should be at home, trying to make his own country viable, not leeching off Europe.

  • lily-white

    “The unholy alliance of the bankers, the media, corrupt politicians and the
    educational system are vehemently attempting to extinguish all traces of
    Hellenism — past, present and future — through poverty, historical
    revisionism, media distortions and third world immigration,” the party said on
    its website. “Golden Dawn is the only party that truly recognizes the problem
    and has the solution,” it said.

    boy… what “fascist” concepts…

  • Unperson

    “Reza Mohammed, who was also injured in the attack, is considering what was once unthinkable: moving back to Afghanistan”

    Please tell me, O Great Intellects of the Paper of Record [TM], why exactly is it “unthinkable” for an Afghan illegally in Greece to return to Afghanistan? Isn’t that where he’s from? Isn’t that where he BELONGS?

    If the Great Intellects of the Paper of Record [TM] were forced to live even ONE WEEK in Athens’ Muslim-African ghettos — getting robbed and raped and assaulted and murdered by foreigners named Mohammed — these Timesmen would find the explusion of foreigners named Mohammed a whole lot more “thinkable.”

    The rise of the Golden Dawn would suddenly become a lot more “thinkable” to them, too.

    • GM (Australia)

      Unthinkable to return to Afghanistan. Interesting comment considering that America, NATO and even Australia are spending Billions to make that nation safe and establish the rule of law. Every time an American or Australian soldier dies in the Afghan conflict we should be deeply offended by these remarks. Perhaps by “unthinkable” Reza means that there is no welfare available in Afghanistan unlike the EU. (Or Australia where these illegals also arrive by the boatload)

  • Jeff

    Like others who have been assaulted, Mr. Jafari is also contemplating returning home to Afghanistan. “There, maybe someone has a bomb hidden on his body that he detonates,” he says. “Here, you don’t see where the knife that kills you comes from.”

    He feels unsafe in Greece and is thinking of returning home?

    How about this, Mr. Jafari: I’m going to move to Afghanistan. I’m openly Jewish. Will I be safe there? I should be, right? You guys are telling us we should be tolerant of your beliefs and culture, so I expect it to work both ways. I expect to show up in Afghanistan and find a land of tolerance, where I can practice my beliefs openly without hassle, and where the government (Afghan taxpayers) will step up to help me if I can’t find a job there. Ok, I’m booking my tickets now!!

    But seriously, if Golden Dawn is making him think of returning to home, that’s exactly what they are aiming to do. Is it going to be a great loss to Europe if a million illiterate criminal Africans go home?

    • katzkiner

      Christians and Jews are extinct in Afghanistan and Iraq. So much for good outcomes in Muslim societies, zero tolerance!

      • There should be no Jews or Christians in Muslim countries. They are Muslim.

        There should be no Christians of Muslims in Israel. That is a Jewish Nation.

        There should be no Jews or Muslims in Europe or American. They were founded by and for White “Christian” people.

        That is how we all achieve peace. Live with YOUR OWN KIND.

        • katzkiner


        • Michael_C_Scott

          I am an agnostic, so where should I go?

    • ATBOTL

      That’s another argument we need to make. It’s totally unsafe for a white person or any foreigner to walk down the street in many Muslim countries, especially the ones that are sending lots of immigrants to the West like Pakistan, Morocco and Somalia. How can they complain?

  • The golden dawn is the way forward, when the rest of the world is niggerified we will have a few outposts to weather the storm.

  • Jeddermann.

    Since they don’t define what is a fascist I cannot say if Golden Dawn is fascist like or not. I have to have that word fascist defined to me. But they are doing something that IS filling a vacuum. And Greece and the Greeks suffered for 500 years under foreign rule and oppression at the hands of the Muslim, so there is an aversion that is well founded to the adherents of the Islamic faith. Greece is a small nation with only about 9 million citizens and cannot sustain EVER such an influx of outsiders.

  • katzkiner

    Any white nationalist has to endure the Adolf smear. Adolf was a product of WWI and the harsh treaty of Versailles. Reparations were demanded of Germany while German children were starving in the streets. Greek children are starving now. Power to the Golden Dawn! Save your people. Run the parasites out of Greece by any means necessary.

    • I am so used to be called a “racists” or a “Nazi” that it has no effect on me.

      So be it. If that is what it takes to have a White Homeland, then yes. I am a racists and a Nazi.

      The non-Whites made me this way. They will get what they deserve. Anytime they wish to leave and let my kind have a White Nation, then they will avoid what they are going to get. Same as in Greece. The Arabs and Africans have no right to be there (and they know it) so if they stay, and the Golden Dawn rightfully encourages them to leave, then it is the fault of the Arab and African.

      Any means necessary.

      • anarchyst

        As far as I am concerned, we were on the “wrong side” in WW2. Even General Patton KNEW what WW2 was all about . . . nope, it wasn’t about Germany . . . but a “subset” of an alien culture . . .

    • steve

      More money flowed into Germany from American bankers than ever left Germany. And the Germans never paid what they owed anyway. Moreover they had no problem spending vastly – vastly- more money on armaments undr Hitler, without leading to any starvation. Versailles was however an incredibly useful propaganda tool for Hitler, which he did use brilliantly, as still evidenced by your comment. Unfortunately for Greece, the parasites are, in this case, Greek. They want more in benefits than they pay in taxes. They want retirement at age 50. They dont have children but want full social security paid for by Germans. The illegal immigrants make life worse in other ways, but they are not the cause of the economic decline. They are the cause of a decline in safety, cleanliness and morale. For that alone they should be expelled. But they did not cause Greek economic woes and their removal will not solve the problem of Greek non-competitiveness.

      • katzkiner

        American money did support Hitler after he seized power. So did the American press. He was portrayed as a savior. German American “bund” societies were formed in the US. Before Hitler seized power Germany was in shambles like Greece. Blame will not feed the people.

  • pmdawn

    The Greeks, Spanish Portuguese, Italians, Irish etc a.k.a the ‘axis of indolence’ have no one else to blame but themselves for their predicament.

    After years of living the high life on credit, it’s time to pay the bills.That may be the way it all unfolds, nation states themselves disintegrate.

    Everyone in the West is going to get poorer: That’s a given. Services are going
    to reduce. Public sector employment will cease to be an option.
    That is inevitable.

    Left or Right makes little difference. Whether European nations end
    up resembling Ceaușescu’s Romania, Franco’s Spain or Lech Wałęsa’s
    Poland, is more the point.

    Say hello to your new masters; China.

    • White_Prime77

      ‘Everyone in the West is going to get poorer: That’s a given. ‘

      We are being hit by loads of poor immigrants, and also all those Baby Boomers and ’68ers want to retire and WILL NOT negotiate making their ponzi scheme retirement plans more sensible.

      ‘Fascism is not the answer. As a political system it has failed every time it has been applied, no matter the country.

      Left or Right makes little difference. Whether western nations end
      up resembling Ceaușescu’s Romania, Franco’s Spain or Lech Wałęsa’s
      Poland, is more the point.’

      No. Actually fascism was usually destroyed during war-time by either Capitalism or Communist.

      You mention the para-facistic Francos Spain, and that is an example of a kind of fascism that existed for several decades. Heck I would settle for living in Francos Spain right now, given how bad things have gotten….

    • The West is getting poorer since the “leaders” of the West are intentionally killing off the West.

      The West is performing suicide. We let in low IQ negros and mexicans and then proceed to feed them and pay them to have more low IQ children. We then put horrid restrictions on our business but allow them to move off-shore and then bring the very same product back to sell.

      Without these intentional moves (a few mentioned above) the West would be getting richer as we did until the International Banker took over our currency and thus our government.

      The poorness being inflicted on the West is INTENTIONAL. Living beyond ones means is universal. Africans do it 100% of the time along with the Mexicans. It is just that the White man is taxed to death to support these low IQ races. That makes the White race poorer.

      Get these people out of America. Give us GOLD as money and get the government regulation off our backs and what how RICH we White people can and will be. But as long as the hidden rulers do their thing, we will become poorer and enslaved.

    • Steve

      Greek women quit having children and Greeks preferred the easy money from the EU. The whole country decided to go on vacation from life. But there is a way back. Children, a devalued drachma, a temporary decline in living standards and hard work. It may take a generation but as they declined, they may recover.

  • gooberboy9999

    Why should I feel bad for africans and roma getting stabbed, when they’ve probably done the same to countless natives?

    There’s a reason those areas are ghettos, and that reason is the very people groups like Golden Dawn and Jobbik are trying to get rid of any way they can.

    Good riddance, and don’t expect any sympathy from me.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    I think Greece is in the financial state it’s in because of EU rules. When I visited there in 1992, they didn’t even have welfare for their citizens …. but the EU demands its member states support “refugees” (which, somehow, all these middle easterners and Africans somehow fall into being).

    If I were Greek. I’d be angry, too. “What? My grandma had to sell lighters and pens on the street just to get by, but these sand-pounders can come in and get free money? What the hell?”

    • steve

      No one forced them into the EU. No one made them stop having children. No one made them set the retirement age for hairdressers at 50. No one made them hide their income from the tax man. No one made them lie about their budgets. Greeks have been living on borrowed money for a while and the good times are now over. The alien immigrants should go – for many other reasons- but their departure will not solve the underlying weakness of the Greek economy.